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The Globalization of Magazines in India: A case study
Unformatted Document Text:  16 overseas. Industry experts question the viability of such editions that do not carry local advertising (Developing story, 2007). In India licensing is the dominant mode of entry which is preferred over all other forms. This is an interesting contrast to China where international firms have no other option but to enter a joint venture. Despite the choices available, international firms find that licensing is the best option. Strategic Alliances International publishers in India have entered into agreements with local publishing companies to reap benefits of their expertise in a variety of areas such as navigating the license process, knowing what content will be marketable and connecting them to a good distribution network. Hearst‘s main partner in India, Living Media is leading publisher in that market with an array of domestic titles in English and is known for having one the best distribution network‘s in the country. It‘s other partner Outlook (also chosen by Time Warner and Dennis Media as a partner), is another well- established and successful publisher. Distribution, in particular, is one of the weak areas in India. After spending considerable time researching distributors, Conde Nast India which had wanted the independence that came with being a wholly-owned subsidiary, decided it needed an alliance with Living Media to overcome weaknesses in the distribution network. (Dhabhar interview, Feb, 2011). Local partners bring an understanding of local tastes and sensibilities that is an important aspect of the relationship (Doyle, 2006) Finding a right partner with local expertise is crucial to the foreign publisher being successful. Cathy Runcimon Time Out‘s international managing editor explains

Authors: Shrikhande, Seema.
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overseas. Industry experts question the viability of such editions that do not carry local 
advertising (Developing story, 2007).  
In India licensing is the dominant mode of entry which is preferred over all 
other forms.  This is an interesting contrast to China where international firms have no 
other option but to enter a joint venture.  Despite the choices available, international 
firms find that licensing is the best option. 
Strategic Alliances 
International publishers in India have entered into agreements with local publishing 
companies to reap benefits of their expertise in a variety of areas such as navigating 
the license process, knowing what content will be marketable and connecting them to 
a good distribution network.  Hearst‘s main partner in India, Living Media is leading 
publisher in that market with an array of domestic titles in English and is known for 
having one the best distribution network‘s in the country.   It‘s other partner Outlook 
(also chosen by Time Warner and Dennis Media as a partner), is another well-
established and successful publisher.   
Distribution, in particular, is one of the weak areas in India. After spending 
considerable time researching distributors, Conde Nast India which had wanted the 
independence that came with being a wholly-owned subsidiary, decided it needed an 
alliance with Living Media to overcome weaknesses in the distribution network.   
(Dhabhar interview, Feb, 2011).  Local partners bring an  understanding of local tastes 
and sensibilities that is an important aspect of the relationship (Doyle, 2006) 
Finding a right partner with local expertise is crucial to the foreign publisher 
being successful.  Cathy Runcimon Time Out‘s international managing editor explains 

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