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The Globalization of Magazines in India: A case study
Unformatted Document Text:  18 the market became more crowded. Vogue, in contrast appears to have benefitted from being a late entrant. Content While the publications retain the look and feel of the parent product, they are customized to local tastes. The global brand is interpreted for a local audience. Covers feature often feature Indian celebrities, with women‘s magazines using Bollywood actresses frequently. Advice columns are handled by local personalities. Control over editorial matters rests with local editors who might decide to draw on content from the parent company if they believe such content will appeal to their readers. Vogue Editor Priya Tanna said rather than looking at content as global or local, she considers relevance when deciding whether to use something from the parent company. (Interview, Feb. 2, 2011) Duncan Edwards, CEO of Hearst International explained that ―while the theme is common the interpretation has to be local,‖(Kohli-Khandekar, 2010). Elle Founding Editor, Amrita Shah said that the magazine took a conscious step of not flooding the issue with international content and instead adapted it to the needs of the local market when it was launched in India in 1996 . Over time international content has increased from 10% to 50% of all editorial content (Rathore, 2009). Men‘s magazine, Maxim replicates the US‘ no nudity policy and is closer in content to this version than to the original British one and uses Indian celebrities on the cover to broaden the appeal among readers. Yet there have been controversies over content that has been seen as culturally insensitive. In its early years Cosmopolitan, especially, ran afoul of the police because of its racy covers and was seized from newsstands in some instances. It struggled to

Authors: Shrikhande, Seema.
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the market became more crowded.  Vogue, in contrast appears to have benefitted from 
being a late entrant. 
While the publications retain the look and feel of the parent product, they are 
customized to local tastes.  The global brand is interpreted for a local audience. Covers 
feature often feature Indian celebrities, with women‘s magazines using Bollywood 
actresses frequently. Advice columns are handled by local personalities.  Control over 
editorial matters rests with local editors who might decide to draw on content from 
the parent company if they believe such content will appeal to their readers.  Vogue 
Editor Priya Tanna said rather than looking at content as global or local, she considers 
relevance when deciding whether to use something from the parent company.  
(Interview, Feb. 2, 2011) Duncan Edwards, CEO of Hearst International explained that 
―while the theme is common the interpretation has to be local,‖(Kohli-Khandekar, 
2010).  Elle Founding Editor, Amrita Shah said that the magazine took a conscious step 
of not flooding the issue with international content and instead adapted it to the needs 
of the local market when it was launched in India in 1996 .  Over time international 
content has increased from 10% to 50% of all editorial content (Rathore, 2009).  Men‘s 
magazine, Maxim replicates the US‘ no nudity policy and is closer in content to this 
version than to the original British one and uses Indian celebrities on the cover to 
broaden the appeal among readers. 
Yet there have been controversies over content that has been seen as culturally 
insensitive. In its early years Cosmopolitan, especially, ran afoul of the police because of 
its racy covers and was seized from newsstands in some instances.  It struggled to 

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