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The Globalization of Magazines in India: A case study
Unformatted Document Text:  2 Media globalization has become an established business phenomenon that has seen new markets being developed. Many of these are in emerging markets like China and India that have the promise of high growth. They are growing fast and are predicted to rank among the top economies of the world by 2020 (Johnson & Tellis, 2008). While these countries are increasingly important, their business environments are very different from those of developed countries since ―they are characterized by high uncertainty, governmental interference and limited protection for intellectual property rights‖ (Luo, 2001). Both China and India saw an interest from international cable and television companies in the 90s. Since the early 2000s the print sector, in particular magazines are expanding into these countries. The magazine segment in India, has seen a huge transformation with a steady influx of foreign titles in a variety of sectors. Cosmopolitan and Elle, both early entrants to the market started operations in India in the mid 90s. But it was only in the first decade of the 21st century that international magazine publishers‘ interest in India gained momentum leading to a number of new titles with the promise of more to come. This paper examines the internationalization of consumer magazines in India. Using a qualitative exploratory approach, I examine how Western publishing companies have entered the Indian market and provide an in depth analysis of their globalization strategies.

Authors: Shrikhande, Seema.
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Media globalization has become an established business phenomenon that has 
seen new markets being developed.  Many of these are in emerging markets like China 
and India that have the promise of high growth.  They are growing fast and are 
predicted to rank among the top economies of the world by 2020 (Johnson & Tellis, 
2008).  While these countries are increasingly important, their business environments 
are very different from those of developed countries since ―they are characterized by 
high uncertainty, governmental interference and limited protection for intellectual 
property rights‖ (Luo, 2001). 
Both China and India saw an interest from international cable and television 
companies in the 90s.  Since the early 2000s the print sector, in particular magazines 
are   expanding into these countries.  The magazine segment in India, has seen a huge 
transformation with a steady influx of foreign titles in a variety of sectors. Cosmopolitan 
and Elle, both early entrants to the market started operations in India in the mid 90s.  
But it was only in the first decade of the 21st century that international magazine 
publishers‘ interest in India gained momentum leading to a number of new titles with 
the promise of more to come.   
This paper examines the internationalization of consumer magazines in India.  
Using a qualitative exploratory approach, I examine how Western publishing 
companies have entered the Indian market and provide an in depth analysis of their 
globalization strategies.     

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