Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2013-Mar-21 to 2013-Mar-24

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"American or Muslim?": Using Social Identity Theory to Explain the Complex Ethnic Identity of Muslim Americans
 McKnight, Matthew.

"Discredited" Slenderness: Stigma Management by Recipients of Gastric Bypass Procedures
 Clark, Michael.

"Doesn’t he own a shirt?": Masculinity and the Body in Twilight
 Willms, Nicole.

"Game Over for the Climate": Pain at the Pump Trumps the Environment in Television News
 Wilder, Elisabeth.

"Hippie Baboons and Living Cities: An Undergraduate Perspective on Teaching with Radiolab
 LaBau, Austin. and Halling, Chelsea.

"I Never Thought..." Exploring the Effect of Equine Therapy on Parental Expectations and Possible Selves
 Welch, Melissa.

"Money for Jobs and Education Not for War and Occupation": How the Anti-war Movement Frames Neoliberalism.
 Hardnack, Chris.

"Straight Talk?" Men's Style Blogs and the Negotiation of Consumer Masculinities
 Whitmer, Jennifer.

(Re)Constructions of Gender Intelligibility in Two and a Half Men: A Content Analysis
 Bradley, Kym.

21st Century Program: Comparing Long and Short-Term Participation
 Whitney, John., Warnick, Elizabeth., Ward, Carol. and Lu Qiu, Zoey.

“Breaking Barriers” in the Backcountry: Exploring Outdoor Educators’ Understandings of the (In)Accessibility of Nature and Outdoor Space
 Harr, Bridget. and Mills, Greta.

“Contested Dignity: A Look at the Role of Human Rights in a Global Culture of Contradictions”
 Crookston, Andrew.

“Damn, I Hope I Look Good: A Measure of Appearance Sensitivity among College Students”
 Fischer, Jaime. and Flemming, Shaun.

“Don’t be a Drag, Just be a Queen: An Ethnographic Study of Drag Queens”
 Israel, Centered.

“I Love You Man”: How Early Exposure to Homosocial Intimacy Affects Men’s Interpretation of "Bromance" in Popular Film
 Chambers, Morgan.

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A Case Study on University Union Organizing: Perspectives of Core Union Coordinators
 Cao, Simon.

A Comparison of Educational Outcomes of Military Children with Civilian Children
 Fugate, Mary.

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Native American Identity in U.S. Newspaper on the Cobell Indian Trust Case
 Bond, April.

A Forbidden Fruit? The Effect of Age, Nervousness, and Parental Supervision on Adolescent Alcohol Use
 Sabbah, Karen.

A Humanist Approach to In-Jail Rehabilitation
 Bernhart, Amanda.

A Look at the Availability of Fresh Food in Portland Through GIS
 Chun, Nicholas.

A Multimodal Analysis of Hospice Patients' Transcendence Experiences
 Arnold, Bruce. and Lloyd, Linda.

A Prescription for College: Use and Abuse of Prescription Drugs at a Private University
 Christensen, Sinead.

A Ray of Hope in Restaurant Hiring: The Decreasing Importance of Race and Gender
 Miraglia, Stephen.

A Review of Patients’ Memory and Understanding of a Dental Consultation and its Implications on Patient Satisfaction
 Taimoor, Madiha.

A Study of Conflicting User Profiles on Four Differently Oriented Dating Sites
 Weiss, Michael.

Accounts of Suicidal Behavior: Where God Comes in
 Naphan, Dara. and Elliott, Marta.

Addiction and Street Walkers: Collateral Economic Damage
 Benson, Carolyn.

Administrative Perspectives of Parental Involvement in Schools: Asset or Burden?
 Hutchison, Brent., Hurst, Bryce., Steinacker, Dustin. and Gibbs, Benjamin.

Advancing Identity Theory and Emotions
 Trettevik, Ryan.

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Beating the Odds: A Qualitative Study on Former Gang Members and Their Pursuit for a College Education
 Ruiz, Hector.

Becoming "Hawaiian" on Mainland College Campuses: Labeling, Essentialism, and the Search for Safe Spaces
 Eisen, Daniel., Stevens, Kelly., Laxson, Kaeli., Gietzen, Eric. and Dalton, Sean.

Being “Brown”: The Coping Mechanisms of Minority and First-Generation Students in a Predominantly White School
 Dohi, Ayaka.

Belly Dancing for Jesus: How the Pentecostalism Movement can Bring Social Change to Eastern European Roma
 Edwards, Kimberly.

Best Practices of Nonprofit Academic Outreach Organizations in Southern California
 Coronel, Jessica.

Beyond Risk and Recidivism: Ethnography and the Interactive Accomplishment of Sex Offender Treatment
 Dickerson, Mike.

Beyond the Program Year: McNair Graduates’ Understanding of How Program Participation Impacts Their Experiences in Graduate School
 Restad, Cristina.

Beyond the Rural-Urban Divide: Mapping “Trust in Science”
 Hormel, Leontina., Mihelich, John. and Storrs, Debbie.

Bias Response Systems in Higher Education: What do we know?
 Eichstedt, Jennifer.

Bike Party!: Protestivals and New Social Movement Theory
 DeHaan, Jason.

Bourdieu Goes to College: Notions of Captial and Student Choices
 Asson, Kaitlin. and Scott, Allison.

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Compliance among Foriegn-born Brazilian, Dominican and Mexican Women
 Marcelli, Enrico.

Bridging Class and Gender Analyses of Adult Sporting Lifestyles
 Stempel, Carl.

Bridging College Access and Success for Underrepresented Students
 Rivas, Dina. and Davila, Brianne.

Building Black Communities within PWIs: An Intersectional Analysis of Intra-racial Relations
 Cannon, Christina.

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Campaign Contributions as a Form of Corruption
 Peoples, Clayton.

Can Blackness and Queerness Coexist: A Look at Blackness in LGBT Genre films
 Berry, Rachelle.

Caring in the Hospital: Skill, Control, and Resistance among Nurses
 Apesoa-Varano, E. Carolina.

Children of a Global Age: The Experiences of Undocumented Students
 Yasuike, Akiko. and Ayala, Rocio.

Church, Sect or Cult?: The Curious Case of Harold Camping’s Family Radio Organization
 Sarno, Charles. and Shoemaker, Helen.

College Shaping Religiosity: the College Environment Changing Students' Spirituality
 Korn, James.

College Student Identities and Social Reproduction: Evidence from an Elite University
 Martin, Nathan. and Wisecup, Allison.

College Student's Attitudes Towards Hiring Individuals with Criminal Records.
 Eckvahl, Colleen.

College Students and Food Insecurity
 Sniezek, Tamara.

Commodifying Labour Support and the Struggle for Occupational Legitimacy among Doulas
 Moffat, Amy.

Community Attachments and Severity of Crime: A Comparative Analysis.
 Dupuis, Julie.

Community Needs Meta-Analysis Longitudinal Study 2005, 2008, & 2011
 Martinek, Christina.

Community Resiliency to Environmental Disasters: The Role of Political Capital
 Cramer, Lori.

Comprehensive Analysis on the Effectiveness of Gun Control Statutes on Violent Crime in U.S. Cities
 Thomas, Stanley.

Conflicting Ideals: Capitalism v. Democracy in Criminalizing the Homeless
 Marek, Heather.

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DTCA Prompted Drug Requests: Phyiscian Responses and Patient Satisfaction
 Lewin, Benjamin.

Damage Awards: Jurors’ Sense of Entitlement as a Predictor
 Giewat, Gary. and Wood, Steve.

Dance Like Everyone Is Watching: Elements of Impression Management in West Coast Swing Dancers
 Hickey, Erin.

Data, Computer Programs, Statistics, and GIS; Tools in Applied Research Sociologist’s Toolbox
 Snow, Derrick.

Declining Life Expectancy of Americans with Low Levels of Education: Age, Period or Cohort Effects?
 Stockard, Jean., O\'Brien, Robert. and DeHaan, Tracy.

Defending Homes & Making Banks Pay: California’s Home Defenders League
 Reese, Ellen.

Deinstitutionalization of the American Wedding
 Liebman, Bob. and Wilder, Elisabeth.

Democratic Identity Formation and the Creation of Radical Publics
 Weller, Jody.

Dependent on Food and Shelter? Megachurch Outreach and Moral Boundarywork in the Pacific Northwest
 Adrian, Valerie.

Deporting Denizens: Deportations in a Neoliberal Era
 Golash-Boza, Tanya.

Depression and Military Enlistment
 Schultz, Melinda. and Taylor, Brennan.

Differentiation, Perception and Empathy in Sociological Theory
 McCaffree, Kevin.

Disappearing Latino in Higher Education: The Role of Latino Socialization, Family Expectations and School Support
 Rodriguez, Tomas. and Sanchez, Angel.

Discursive (Re)Constructions of Queer Subjectivities in Portland, Oregon
 Bradley, Kym.

Discussing Internal Context: How Illness Challenges Implicit Sociological Assumptions about the Body
 Wright, Jaime.

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Economic Affluence versus Ecological Degradation —An Empirical Study of Environmental Concern in Twenty-Five Provinces in China
 Hao, Feng.

Economic Growth vs. Environmental Quality —An Empirical Examination of Economy’s Impact on Environment at Global Level
 Hao, Feng.

Effects of Coping with Perceived Discrimination on Mental and Physical Health
 Mitchell, Joanie.

Effects of Pedagogical Approaches on the Success of Minorities in Gateway Courses at a Predominantly White University
 Grant, Alexis.

Emotional Monogamy and the Enforcement of Normative Power
 Maslenitsyn, Dmitriy.

Employment in the Community College
 Tyler, Deidre.

Encountering Memory and Trauma: Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma in Second Generation Cambodian American Refugees
 Kwan, Yvonne.

Enforcer: Lucien Adams, Policing and Politics in New Orleans, 1852-1900
 McGoldrick, Stacy.

Engaging the Latino Middle Class: the Role of Group Consciousness, Generation, and Discrimination in Civic Participation
 Bany, James.

Ethical Approaches to Ethno-Violence: A Team-Taught Multi-Disciplinary Course
 Cortese, Tony.

Ethnic Coalitions and the University: Lessons from UC San Diego
 Evans, Ivan.

Ethnic Nepali Bhutanese Refugees in the U.S.: A Refuge or an Interim Camp?
 Sharma, Nitika.

Examining the Progress of Student Affairs as a Rising Profession within Higher Education
 Davis, Daniel.

Exotic Dancers and Relationships with Regular Customers
 Dahl, Rose.

Expecting Differences: How Working- and Middle-Class Employed Pregnant Women Consider Work and Family Decisions
 Mosseri, Sarah.

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Facing the Glass Cliff: Women and Minorities on the Political Hot Seat
 Maes, Cheryl., Martini, Pete. and Lee, Angela.

Factors Predictive of Transracial Adoptions in the United States
 Lu Qiu, Zoey. and Whitney, John.

Faculty & Social Media @ CSU Stanislaus
 Strahm, Ann.

Faith, Healing, and What Americans Believe about Them
 Tom, Joshua.

Family Influence on Juvenile Probation Outcomes
 Anderson-Facile, Doreen., Willits, Dale. and Pickney, Anne Natasha.

Fighting for More than Titles: How One Non-Profit Boxing Coach Attempts to Save the Neighborhood Kids
 Bernhart, Amanda.

Finding Their Voice: Mentoring Students Who Plagiarize
 Strangfeld, Jennifer (Jey).

Finding the Man Against the State: Guns, Masculinity and Conservative Politics
 Carlson, Jennifer.

First Generation College Students and Critical Cultural Capital
 Nam, Sunghee. and Devenny, Charlynn.

First Generation Transfer Student Identity Negotiations and Experiences
 Cannon, Taylor.

First-Generation Immigrants Living in the United States
 Berni, Marilinda.

Fixing “The Man Problem”: The Ideology of Othering Through Masculine Discourse in Christian Men’s Ministries.
 Lopez, Andres.

Flight of the Millionaires?: Migration and the Taxation of Top Incomes in California
 Varner, Charles. and Young, Cristobal.

Flipped Classroom: What Works and Does Not Work with the I-Pad
 Tyler, Deidre.

Follow the Leader: Reproduction and Persistence of Gender Roles in Salsa Schools
 Takasaki, Kara.

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Gambling and Marijuana Use in The Netherlands: Is Legalization the Best Tool for Dealing with "Naughty" Habits?
 Thompson, William.

Gambling's Normalization and the Decline of the Culture Wars in America
 Dombrink, John.

Gang Membership and Sentencing Outcomes
 Gill-Jackson, Joseph.

Gender Roles:Gender Division within Japanese Internment Relocation Camps
 Montes, Rosa. and Preciado, Jacqueline.

Gender Through the Lens of America in 1964: Seeds of Change
 Bateman, Gracelyn.

Gender and Politics: An Examination of Political Positions on and Framing of Key Issues
 Aschenbrenner, Amy.

Gender and the Mentoring Process
 Sniezek, Tamara.

Gendered Desistance From Crime: Do Children Matter?
 Newell, Summer.

Getting in the Door -- Best Practices on the Academic Application
 Virnoche, Mary.

Ghost Hunters: Identity Formation through Mass Media
 Arredondo, Victor.

Global Cultural Capital and English in South Korea
 Nam, Sunghee.

Global Gender Mainstreaming through Narrative Work: Theory and Reflections
 Arxer, Steven.

Global Panic and Friends of the Devil: Applying the Concept Moral Panic towards Terrorism on a Global Scale and Examining its Implications on Human Rights
 Crookston, Andrew.

Good Luck Chuck: Disrepute Arrives at the Calgary Stampede
 Young, Kevin. and Gerber, Brittany.

Grounding the "New Movements" from Greece to Occupy
 Sitrin, Marina.


Headshots and Handshakes: Xbox LIVE Gamers and How Anonymity Impacts Interaction
 Pyper, Erik.

Heirarchy in the DJ community.
 Morison, Connor.

Here Lies a Fallen God: Identity Commitment and Salience amongst High Status Professional Football Retirees
 Rodgers, Katie.

Hiawatha Goes to Camp: Identity and Performance in a Colonial Encounter
 Montez de Oca, Jeffrey.

Hmong High School Students: MY Perspective, MY Education, MY Aspirations
 Xiong, Chia.

Hooking Up and Dating: Sexual Experiences of African-American Female College Students
 Hughes, Elizabeth.

Household Food Security: How Education Levels and Marital Status Affect this Crisis
 Reynolds, Taylor.

Housing Policies for the Mentally Ill
 Kaprielian, Nicole.

How Far is Too Far? Perceptions of Dating Violence on a College Campus
 Van Dyke, Katie.

How Peer Mentoring Impacts College Success
 Collier, Peter.

How do Queer Women Negotiate their Sexuality in Culture of Heterosexuality?
 Elias, Yolanda.

Human Rights Violations for the Latin@ Community in Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention Centers
 Gonzalez Gomez, Doris.

Human Waste and the Metabolic Rift: A Historical Comparative Analysis of Night Soil Usage in China and England
 Auerbach, Daniel. and Prudencio, Liana.


I Need A (White, Male) Hero: Racial and Gender Inequalities in Superhero Movies
 Luebbering, Jessica.

Identifying Key Indicators of At-Risk Transfer Students to Guide Future Interventions
 Abercrombie, Christy. and Baker, Hallie.

Identity Transformation: Becoming a Welfare Mother
 Luna, Yvonne. and Degher, Douglas.

Identity and Power: Student Perspectives on Classroom Incivility.
 Robertson, Michelle.

Ideology vs. Reality: Policing Minorities Through Stop & Frisk
 King, Sanna. and Ibarra, Alexis.

If We Like to Live as Greeks We Have to Live as Germans
 Kogan, Victor.

Ijime: Educators' Perspectives on Bullying in Japanese Schools
 Tompkins, Karin.

Illiteracy and Structural Violence Against Pakistani Women
 Martinez, Elizabeth.

Immigration Legislation at the State and Local Level: The Perspective of Police Officers
 George, Molly. and Rivera-Rojas, Arely.

Immigration and Crime: Is Public Opinion Pragmatic?
 Zojonc, Angelique.

Immigration and the Effects of the Shifting Color Line on Ogden, UT
 Glass, Pepper.

Impact of Religious Salience on Depression and Disability Following a Cancer Diagnosis
 Nathenson, Sophia.

Implication of Discrimination among the Housing Choice Voucher Participants in the Private Rental Market
 Ziccone, Nina.

In or Out of the Labor Pool: High School Employment and College Graduation Five Years Later
 Voloshin, Irina.

In the Age of Modern Family: How Heteronormative Conceptualization of Childbearing Affects Young People of Different Sexual Orientations
 Fritz, Jenna.

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Japanese Values to Overcome an American Injustice: Japanese Internment in the United States 1941-1943
 Allred, TyaCamellia.

Japanese-American Families' Adjustment to Relocation Centers: Letters from Children of the Camps
 Carranza, Iliana.

Juvenile Delinquency: A Macro Perspective
 Mendez, Jose.


Knowledge Increases Acceptance?: Effects College Gender Courses Have on Students’ Perceptions of Sexual Orientation.
 Murphy, Lauren.

Kooky Extremists? Passionate Effectors of Change? Or…?: Parsing the Dimensionality of ‘Activist’ Identity Politics in Social Movements
 Cortese, Daniel.

Korean Dry Cleaners in Southern California
 Thomas, Ward.


Labels and its effects on Deviance
 Garcia, Tawny.

Labor Hierarchies in the Wine Industry: An Inside Look at Walla Walla Wine Production
 Enriquez, Thais.

Latino Catholicism: An Unorthodox Approach to Promote Parental Involvement
 Velazquez, Diana.

Law Enforcement Concentration and Electoral Outcomes: Does Security Expansion Skew to the Right?
 Aitcheson, Lindsey., Feinberg, Seth. and Crowder, Kyle.

Learning Communities: Engaging Students & Faculty in New Ways
 Atkins, Celeste.

Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis and the Federal Response
 Heddleston, Thomas.

Like a Bicycle with One Pedal: Barriers to Engaging Families of Middle School Youth
 Wright, Sue., Lewis, Lateasha. and Liebing, Trevor.

Living in Different Worlds Shaped by Languages: Multilingual Identities and Social Integration among International Students in American Colleges
 Li, Fanghui.

Living with Depression: A Cross-ethnic Comparison of Meaning Making among Depressed Older Women
 Apesoa-Varano, E. Carolina.

Looking Backward, Looking Forward: Reflections of Aging and Other Life Experiences for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Adults Age 50 and Older
 Muraco, Anna.

Los Angeles City’s Neighborhood Councils: City Hall Competes with the Street for Legitimacy
 Martinez, Cid.

Lost Allies: Activists’ Inaccurate Claims about Ultrasound in Abortion Care
 Kimport, Katrina.


Making it Work: A Qualitative Exploration of Life in a Group Home
 Auernig, Brittany., Berg, Ellen. and Carrigan, Jacqueline.

Male Advocates against Gendered Violence: Perspectives on Feminist Activism
 Moronez, Jessica.

Mapping Student Experience: How Neighborhoods Structure School Ties and Student Outcomes
 Tran, Trinh.

Maps and Models: The Cultural Work of Community-Based Labor Advocacy
 Dasgupta, Kushan.

Marijuana Laws as Social Control: Stigmatizing Race and Gender
 Tollin, Anna Karin.

Marx and Mead's Theories Experimentally Applied to Electronic Memory
 Packard, Noel.

Masculine Embodiment: Matters of Size in Star Wars the Old Republic
 Monson, Melissa.

Mattering and Survival Strategies of Physical and Sexual Abuse Victims
 Duran-Aydintug, Candan., Berg, Sarah. and Goode, Joshua.

Measuring Disaster Magnitude: The Dilemma of Data and a Nebulous Concept
 Prelog, Andrew.

Memorializing Lynch Victims: A Class Project to Illustrate Race and Ethnic Conflict in the U.S. Context
 Bailey, Amy., Leiker, Jason., Larson, Eric., Gutierrez, Andrew. and Mitchell, Serena.

Men's Education and Son Preference in India
 Sabharwal, Rebha.

Methamphetamine: A Geographical Analysis of Precursor Laws and Small Toxic Labs
 Palmer, Doris.

Mi Vida Loca: The Role that Chicano Film Plays in Gender Socialization and Violence in Chicana Popular Culture
 Alcazar, Beatriz.

Midlife Women’s Bodies and Body Work in "More"
 Drew, Patricia.

Mismatch in Higher Education: Neoliberal Shortcomings in Student Consumerism
 Grahn, Jake.

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Narratives of the Absent Student-Fan: Perceptions of Women’s Basketball at an Inland Northwest University
 Willms, Nicole. and Noonan, Patrick.

Negotiating Religion in American and Czech Media: An Analysis of Articles on Sun Myung Moon’s Death
 Belanova, Andrea.

Negotiating and Managing Womanhood: A Case Study of Voluntarily Childless Women
 Shigihara, Amanda. and Sharma, Nitika.

Neighborhood Cohesion, Safety, and Crime in Portland, OR
 Endresen, Kathryn.

Neighborhood Crime: Correlation Between Neighborhood Upkeep and Crime Rates
 Miller, Nicholle.

Neoliberal Multiculturalism in the University and the Effects on Colorblind Racism
 Kreiter, Michael.

New West and Old West: Natural Amenities and Social Change in the Intermountain West
 Krannich, Richard.

No Door to Lock: Homelessness, Citizenship and Victimization
 Cross, Anne.

No Homo: Representations of Homosexuality in the Modern Family
 Yates, Timothy.

Nonhuman Selfhood: Reconsidering Mead in Light of Recent Evidence
 Thompson, Carol. and Young, Robert.

Normalizing Neoliberalism: The Banality of Assumptions Pop Out
 Romero, Sergio.


Of Dogs and (wo)Men: Resident Relations in a Gentrifying Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) Neighborhood
 Lomeli, Monica.

One Less Lonely Girl: A Look at Heteronormative Assumptions and Traditions About Sex
 Ostrikoff, Angela.

Online Education: A Neoliberal Farce?
 Scarritt, Arthur. and Fitzgerald, Jared.

Online Representations of Superheavyweight Lifter Holley Mangold: The Performativity of Fatness on the Olympic Stage
 Morimoto, Lauren.


Palmira Fajardo and the Peruvian Agrarian Reform
 Fajardo, Susana.

Paradigms of Understanding Addiction among Drug Users
 Matthews, Alexandra.

Parental Conflict Dimensions and their Effects on Offspring Emotional Wellbeing
 Monto, Andrea.

Parental Involvement in Schools: Conceptualizing Active from Passive Types of Involvement
 Dunn, Amber., Neilson, Ann., Marsala, Miles. and Gibbs, Benjamin.

Parenting and Pornography: Paternal Parenting Styles as Predictive of Male Pornography Usage
 Hurst, Bryce. and Shafer, Kevin.

Participation in Microfinance and Feminist Identity Construction: Experiences of Donors and Volunteers
 Horn, Terri.

Partisan Biases and the Depiction of Barack Obama’s Skin Tone in U.S. Newspapers
 Kemmelmeier, Markus., Welch, Levin., Erhart, Ryan. and Chavez, Lyssette.

Passion, Power and Personal Transformation: How Roller Derby Can Change Your Life.
 Garelick, Risa., Flesch, Jeffrey. and Trujillo, Marcos.

Perfect on Paper: Memory, Scrapbooking and the Creation of the Imagined Family
 Boyd, Lisa.

Perspectives of Youth/Juveniles
 Varela, Raymond.

Pitfalls and Pleasures of Chairing and Deaning
 Schneider, Beth.

Player Injury, Games Missed and Team Performance in the National Hockey League
 McTeer, William. and White, Philip.

Playing it Straight: Strategies for Legitimating Reparative Therapy
 McGill, Dillon. and Arthur, Elizabeth.

Political Attitudes Across Occupations
 Peterson, Paul.

Political Sociology in a Global Era: The State and Society Today
 Berberoglu, Berch.

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Quantitative Reasoning in Environmental Sociology Textbooks
 Monteblanco, Adelle.


Race Relations in Jails
 Walker, Michael.

Race and Higher Education
 Wollschleger, Jason. and Olivas, Macy.

Race and Neighborhood Experiences: A Qualitative Study of a Middle-Class Neighborhood
 Windsong, Elena.

Race in the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations in the Post-Bellum Period
 Rolison, Garry.

Racial Preference, No Offense: Explaining Attitudes Toward Interracial Dating at a Private University
 Bess, Ylisse.

Racing the Study of Globalization
 Lopez, Edwin.

Rape Myth and Misconception at Whitman College
 Matresse, Katie.

Re-making Men: Gender and Violence in Two Contexts
 Greenberg, Max. and Sacha, Jeff.

Reality and Perception of Sea Level Rise in Ventura County, California
 Van Arsdol, Jr., Maurice. and Constable, Angela.

Reality and Scripted Television Meets Women's Sexual Consumption
 Wosick, Kassia. and Weber, Nichole.

Red States and Blue States: Reconceptualizing Measurement of Partisan Political Power within Legislatures
 Harmon, Mark.

Relations amongst Mexican Immigrants and Indigenous Mexican Immigrants Perpetuate Mexican Social Hierarchy in the U.S.
 Lopez, Jennifer.

Religion, Suicide, and Sexual Orientation: An Examination of an LDS Population
 Huntsman, Stepfan.

Religiosity and Formal End-of-Life Planning
 Burdsall, Tina.

Remembering Mnemosyne
 Miller, Jacob.

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Salva la Iglesia: A Congregation's Fight for Community
 Schwarz, Maria.

San Francisco's Chinatown: How Community Organizations Construct and Maintain Chinese American Identity
 Kwock, Ryan.

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Coverage among U.S.-Born and Foreign-Born Hispanics during the 2009 Flu Season.
 Burger, Andrew.

Sensemaking, Improvising and Organizing: How an Organization’s Growth Stems from Operational Breakdowns
 Ruiz, Jonathan.

Service Learning: Student Preferences in Volunteer Activities
 Rillorta, Linda.

Shifting Shotgun Expectations: How a New Generation is Redefining Postconception Relationship Norms
 Bass, Brooke. and Littlejohn, Krystale.

Shop-talk: A Candid Discussion of the Politics and Pitfalls of Ethnography’s (not so) Open Secrets.
 Yamane, David., Morrison, Daniel., Williams, Damian. and Falcón, Sylvanna.

Short-Term Drug Treatment for Jail Inmates: Reexamining the OUT Program
 Whitney, John., Lu Qiu, Zoey., Bahr, Stephen. and Warnick, Elizabeth.

Shot or Not?: Understanding the Motivations, Concerns and Beliefs Behind Individuals who Refuse Vaccination.
 Sherry, Ned.

Single Chinese Women Negotiating Meanings of Gender, Family and Nation
 Zeng, Xiaoxin.

Small Town Revitalization In Post Industrialist America
 Jensen-Sellers, Teri.

Social Capital and the College Enrollment of First-Generation Students
 Barela, Diana.

Social Contract Conflict: The Perception of Combat Veterans
 Poole, Daniel. and Johnston, Roger.

Social Determinants of Service Utilization for SOS Health Services of Walla Walla Patients
 Houghton, Kelsey.

Social Media's Influence on Social Movements
 Tehrani, Tara.

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Talent Has No Gender: The Experiences and Interactions of Women Tattoo Artists
 Pressey, Sara.

Teachers’ Dilemmas: Advising Regular Kids in the College-for-all Era
 Devine-Eller, Audrey.

Teaching Sociology: Don't be Afraid of Data
 Hoelter, Lynette. and Detterman, Linda.

Teaching Undergraduate Statistics Using Group Work and Mini-Posters
 Hoffman, Patricia.

Teaching Undergraduate Statistics Using the Discussion Board for Deeper Learning
 Hoffman, Patricia.

Ten Things to Know Before You Go Abroad with Students
 Liu, Judith.

Term-Time Work's Impact on Student Success
 Cornwall, Briana.

Test Driving Luhmann's Theory of Society: The Military as a Social System
 Lee, Daniel.

Testing the Healthy Immigrant Effect
 Bassani, Cherylynn.

The ABCs of Dissent: A Comparative Analysis of Strategic Choice in Teachers' Unions
 Pullum, Amanda.

The African American Genocide
 Brotherson, William.

The Autonomous Nurse, Fact or Fiction: Autonomy and Satisfaction in the Nursing Profession
 Manzie, Jovia.

The Baby Factory: The Production of Statistical Significance Under Impossible Circumstances
 Peterson, David.

The Benefits of Applied, Experienced Based Learning.
 Kettlitz, Robert.

The Big Dance and Big Divide: Demographic Differences between Men and Women’s College Basketball Appreciation
 Noonan, Patrick.

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UC Berkeley Student Perceptions of Community College Transfer Students
 Hirsch, Brittany.

Under One Roof: Studying the Effects of Immigration Policy for Mixed-Status Families in Oregon
 Olmos-Garcia, Delia.

Undergraduate Student Leaders in the Classroom: What Are They Learning?
 Wurtzburg, Susan.

Understanding and Self-Advocacy: Students with Learning Disabilities, Unrecognized Talent
 Mancini, Tabitha.

Understanding the Challenges of Being Raised in Kinship Care
 Davis-Sowers, Regina.

Understanding the Voice Behind The Latino Gangsters
 Navarro, Mauren.

Unequal Practices: The Disproportionate Number of Chicana/o Latina/os English Language Learners in California
 Barahona-Lopez, Katherine.

Unintended Consequences of Cultural Competence: How Tailoring Social Services to Native American Children can Improve the System for All
 Freeman, Misty.

University Marketing and Students' Perception of a College Experience
 Church, Jacob.

Unmasking a Sexually Captivated and Gender Influenced Social Control System
 Hopwo, Wade.

Uprooting the Koh Tree: Re-conceptualizing Silence as Resilience in Cambodian Narratives of Survival
 Chhun, Lina.


Veteran's Transition to College: Theoretical Models and Insights from a Community College "Math Boot Camp"
 Burn, Helen., Mulcahy, Michael. and Endicott-Popovsky, Barbara.


Water Polo: The Depiction of Female Players in the 2012 Olympics
 Rowan, Rachel.

Ways to Fatherhood among Minority Gay Men
 Metcalf, T. Ashley.

What Does Race Have to do With it? A Study of Racial Conflict Theory
 Dietz, Elizabeth.

What Happens in College Stays in College: Hedonism, Careerism, Achievement, and College Student Deviance
 O\'Neil, Madeline.

What Is Mentoring? Purposes, Boundaries, and Conflicts
 Riedmann, Agnes.

What Students Want: An Analysis of Expectations and Preferences for Sociology Courses
 Bateman, Gracelyn.

When God Talks Back to College Students
 Davis, Daniel. and Carter, Harrison.

Which Class Matters? Sources of Variation in Undergraduate Economic Outcomes
 Bloom, Nicholas.

While Mom is Away the Kids Will Play: Parental Attachment, Familial Disruptions, and Delinquency.
 Dowd, Kaitlyn.

White Privilege on Campus: Feelings of Exclusivity, Discourses of Privilege, and Constructing Racial Boundaries
 Eisen, Daniel., Basch, Charlotte., Prechtel, Catherine. and Sanderlin, Ben.

Whose Language Is It? How the Political Ideologies of Secondary ELL Teachers Impact Their Students
 Fones, Aliza.

Why Did They Leave? Defining Adult GED Test Takers’ Factors for Leaving High School
 McKay, Pilar.

Women in Power Positions in New Mexico Highlands University
 Ashu, Emerencia.

Women's Enlistment in the Military
 Arvizu, Adrian.

Women's Mobilization in Post-Earthquake Haiti
 Horton, Lynn.

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You Don’t See Race—Really?: Color-Blind Racism and Identity Development among African Americans.
 Weke, Emmanuel.

You're Not Really A Girl: A Qualitative Study on Gender Communication in Online Games
 Tostado, Philip.
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