Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31

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"A Home Away from Home": Youth Construction of Life in High School
 Prior, Sarah.

"Conspiracy Theorists," Right and Left: Deflecting Critiques of Power
 Husting, Ginna. and Orr, Martin.

"Don't Believe the Hype": The Construction of Asian American Masculinity in Hip-Hop
 McTaggart, Ninochka. and O\'Brien, Eileen.

"Enter Stranger, but Take Heed": The Case for Teaching Potter
 Hayes, William.

"Getting dirty, making something, and taking care of yourself": Women and sustainable farming in Idaho
 Pilgeram, Ryanne. and Amos, Bryan.

"Home Schooling is Heaven, not Harvard": The Worldviews of Home Schooling Families
 Webster, Danielle.

"I don't do labels": High school coming out in the post-gay era
 Jungleib, Lillian.

"Is He Going to Be Able to Pick You Up?": Staturized Practices and Naturalized Gender
 Webb, Jane.

"No One Wants a Male Server at a Wing Place": Negotiating Heternormativity and Emotional Labor in a Sports Bar
 Kelley, Taylor.

"Roma Health Determinants: Intersections Of Ethnicity, Geography and Wealth"
 Bo, Boroka.

"Say Yes to the Breast!: A Study of Mothers Who Long-Term Breastfeed and an Analysis of the Societies in Which They Exist
 McLaughlin, Olivia.

"She Should Just Leave": Victim Blame in College Student Attitudes Toward Intimate Partner Violence
 Monto, Martin. and Van Dyke, Katie.

"Should There Be A "T"?: Trans* Perspectives on the LGBT Movement"
 Combs, Thatcher.

"That's Dr." vs. "Just call me": Student Perceptions and Learning Outcomes
 Jennings, Breandan.

"The Experience"- An Analysis on the Retention and Graduation Rate Among African American Students at Sonoma State University
 Raheem, Kristal.

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A Century of Mexican-Origin Migration and Policy Implications in the United States: A Comparative and Intersectional Analyses
 Barajas, Manuel.

A Community of Learning: Community-Based Group Research Projects
 Esbenshade, Jill.

A Comparative Case Study: Violence and the Occupy Movement
 Garden, Sofie.

A Comparative Case Study: Violence and the Occupy Movement
 Garden, Sofie.

A Comparison of Post- Apartheid Occupation Stratification Between Immigrants and Native South Africans
 Munezhi, Martha. and Korinek, Kim.

A Content Analysis of Recent Media Accounts of Homelessness in Portland, Oregon
 Borchard, Kurt.

A Conversation on the Scholarship of Pedagogy
 Henderson, Linda.

A Cross-National Analysis of Work, Consumption, and Environmental Degradation
 Fitzgerald, Jared.

A Marxist Approach to the Las Vegas Water Cycle
 Alvarez, Camila. and Futrell, Robert.

A Mathematical Extension of the Resource Mobilization Approach of the Social Movement Theory: An Analysis of the Emergence of the Arab Spring
 Mamada, Robert.

A Narrative Study of Male Accompanying Partners: Adaptation to a Nontraditional Role in Dyadic Partnerships
 Bernard, Donald.

A Needs Based Approach to Mentoring
 Torrecilha, Ramon.

A New Global City? Framing Urban Renewal and Gentrification in Metro Manila, Philippines
 Pada, Orvic.

A Note on the Relationship between Military Service and Childbearing
 Anderson, Carter., Hemez, Paul. and Strode-Elfant, Jasmine.

A Pathway for Change: Rights to the City and the Case of Long Beach, California
 Madden, Lauren.

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Be a Man: Masculinity, Danger and the Problem of Vulnerability
 Lomnicky, Amanda.

Becoming American mothers: Situation of Indian immigrant married women in Dependent Visa in the USA

Becoming Upward Bound: Mechanisms of Engagement and Loyalty-Building in an Educational Equity Program
 Pence, Elias.

Behind closed doors: What are job search committees really doing?
 Pinto, Katy.

Being Real or Being Black: A Content Analysis of Representations of African American Females in American Cinema.
 Galloway, Erika.

Belief in Supernatural Evil and Childrearing Practices
 Tom, Joshua., Martinez, Brandon., Ferguson, Todd., Andercheck, Brita. and Stroope, Samuel.

Beliefs About Inequality: Explanations and Challenges to the Dominant Ideology
 Baker, Lou.

Betrayed by a Kiss: Contesting Orthodox Notions of Undergraduate American Masculinity
 Anderson, Eric., Ripley, matthew. and Lick, David.

Beyond Toolkit and Dual-Process: A Hybrid Model of Culture in Action
 Vila-Henninger, Luis.

Beyond silent suffering and trauma half a world away: Participation of Cambodian diaspora genocide survivors in the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
 Nou, Leakhena.

Beyond the "No Religion" Panic in the United States
 Bibby, Reginald.

Beyond the McNair Program
 Restad, Cristina.

Beyond the Pill: Race, Class, and Education - The Varied Use of LARC Methods
 Kaur, Jaspreet.

Binary or Busted! Transgender and gender variant children and youth in sport and recreationn
 Travers, Ann.

Blaming the Individual? The Medicalization of African American Women's Bodies in San Diego
 Steve, Shantell.

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Can we use workers’ compensation data to identify racial and ethnic disparities in occupational health services?
 Smith, Caroline.

Ch'wichip in South Korean Female Identity: Untangling the contradictions of finding a job and getting married
 Roh, Yunhee.

Challenging Feminisms: Sex Worker Rights Activists and Feminist Identity
 Jackson, Crystal.

Changing Emotions in Context: Masculinities, Race, Sexuality, and Affect in Trans Men’s Interactions
 Abelson, Miriam.

Children's Constructions of Their Relationship to the Church
 Zonio, Henry.

Choosing a Sub-Specialty: An Oral History of Women Medical and Basic Science Academicians
 Jones, Emily.

Citizenship Norms: Perspectives of Citizens and Non-Citizens
 Faught, Jim.

Clinical Social Work in a Hospital Setting: Examining what Clinical Social Workers Provide that other Medical Staff cannot.
 Docherty, Katelyn.

Communities in Transition: Civic Engagement and Political Participation among Middle Class Latinos in Pasco, Washington and Watsonville, California
 Mireles, Gilbert.

Community Empowerment through Devolution
 Gallegos, Rosalinda.

Community Monitoring of Hydrogen Sulfide in the Powder River Basin: A “Civic” Approach to Studying Environmental Health Hazards
 Wylie, Sara. and Wilder, Elisabeth.

Community Perceptions of a Local Nonprofit Organization
 Hannan, Catherine.

Community Walkability & Effects on Quality of Life
 Bogumil, Elizabeth.

Comparing Faculty Members’ and Advisers’ Perspectives on Important Freshman-year Student Adjustment Issues
 Collier, Peter.

Complementary Differences: Preliminary Data on Legitimizing Narratives Among Same-Sex Parents
 Myers, Caitlin.

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DACA Narratives: A Look at Legal Consciousness Amongst Undocumented College Students and Graduates
 Swan, Richelle. and Clark-Ibáñez, Marisol.

Debt, Networks, and Payday Borrowing during the Great Recession
 Alvarez, Anthony.

Demystifying The Political Economy of Money in the Sociology of Development: Towards A Re-articulation of Dependency Theory
 Fields, David. and Clark, Brett.

Depression, Suicidal Ideation and High-Risk Behaviors among Underserved Youths in Central Mexico
 Kulis, Stephen. and Marsiglia, Flavio.

Determinants of Tetanus Toxoid Immunization during Pregnancy in Vietnam: How Individual, Household and Community Matters?
 Trinh, Ha. and Korinek, Kim.

Developing, Implementing and Experiencing an Online Sociology Degree Completion Program at a Large Public University
 Emery, Alan. and Literte, Patricia.

Deviance Caused by Medical Treatment: Cases of HIV and DSD (Disorders of Sex Development)
 Irie, Keiko.

Discouraged Workers in the United States: Is There a Gender Difference?
 Aguilera, Michael. and Hudson, Kenneth.

Discursive Opportunity and Constraint in Land Use Fields
 Drue, Christopher.

Distributing Fear: An Analysis of Fear of Crime Across Regions
 Brizzolara, Adam.

Diversity and Professional Development: Race and Ethnicity in the Pacific Sociological Association
 Camacho, Michelle. and Gaytan, Sarita.

Do Early-Life Deprivation and Social Inequalities over the Life Course Impact Late-Life Cognitive Decline?
 Hale, Joanna.

Do Parent-Adolescent Relationships Influence Women’s Underrepresentation in STEM College Majors?
 Beattie, Irenee., Xiong, Chia. and Kaur, Rubinpreet.

Do What Thou Wilt: Gender, Sexuality, and Religion in the Thelemic Order
 Capere, Andrea.

Does Health Insurance Promote the Mental Health of Low-Income Urban Women?
 Jacobs, Anna., Hill, Terrence. and Burdette, Amy.

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Eating Two Ways: Food, Eating and Health Risk among Transnationals
 Suttiratana, Sakinah.

Economic Affluence versus Ecological Degradation: A Multilevel Empirical Study on Public Environmental Concern in China
 Hao, Feng.

Economic Affluence versus Ecological Degradation: A Panel Regression Study on Global-level Environmental Concern using Cross-national Surveys
 Hao, Feng.

Education and Adolescent Gender Ideology: Race and Gender Differences
 Carter, Angela.

Educational Achievement among Children of Immigrants
 Ekstrom, Holly.

Educational Attainment Among Combat and Non-Combat Veterans In The Most Recent All-Volunteer Force Era
 Montoya, Ryan.

Educational Inequality and Early Childhood Ability in School
 Urquhart, William.

Educational Pipeline for Undocumented Latinos, from K-16 and beyond
 Clark-Ibáñez, Marisol.

Effectively Incorporating Music Videos in Sociology Courses
 Sniezek, Tamara.

Effects of Economic Class and Undocumented Status in Educational Outcomes
 Lagunas-Carbajal, Miriam.

Embracing the End of Life: Coping Strategies among Staff and Volunteers at a Non-Profit Hospice Facility
 Barna, Elizabeth.

Entitlements Drive Attitudes About Poverty: A Structural Models Approach
 Perry, Charity., Bell, Theodore. and Garcia, Gilbert.

Environmental Justice and Inequality in “Fracking” Communities: Are there Socioeconomic and Racial Disparities in Unconventional Gas Drilling Communities?
 eckhardt, Jessica.

Environmental Racism: Ask the Media
 Hernandez, Yuritzy.

Envisioning the Streets: Aspirations and Strategies of Soon-to-be-Released Prisoners
 Seim, Joshua.

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Factors influencing changes in job position of University Women in the domain of management (case study of Tehran University women)
 Seyami Dodran, Zahra. and Siami Dodaran, Afsaneh.

Faculty-led study abroad: Lessons and strategies for an alternative pedagogical format
 Luna, Yvonne. and Medill, Anne.

Failures of Flexibility: Why Employees Distrust Flexible Work Arrangements
 Wynn, Alison.

Family Environmental Factors Associated with Adolescent Sexual Behaviors
 Woodward, Monique.

Family and Academic Persistence: Comparing Low-Income White and Latino/a Students’ Stories of Success
 Esparza, Schaylee. and Zinke, Christa.

Female Circumcision: Voices of Sierra Leonean Women in the San Francisco Bay Area.
 Kinz, Estalynn.

Female Sex Tourism in Thailand: A Case Study of Bangkok
 Scott, Jason.

Fighting for a Fair Economy? An Analysis of the Organizational Response of Labor Unions to the Economic Crisis of 2008
 Leymon, Ann.

Flexible Work Practices over Time in an IT Organization: Evidence from the Work, Family & Health Network Study
 Kaduk, Anne., Genadek, Katie., Kelly, Erin., Moen, Phyllis. and Kossek, Ellen.

For the Love of Children? Male and Female Teenagers' Attitudes Toward Pregnancy and Children
 Myers, Kyl.

Framing the Campaign: The Journey of Same Sex Marriage in the State of Oregon
 Sas, Ryan.

From A's to Arrests: The Impact of Education on Crime
 Kelly-Quattrocchi, Sam.

From Asian Fusion to Asian Hipster Cuisine: Consuming Cosmopolitanism and Constructing Authenticity
 Lio, Shoon. and Bott, Megan.

From Blackboards to Blog Posts: Lessons Learned Through Assigning Student-Directed Blogs and Videos
 Adrian, Valerie.

From Egoistic & Anomic Suicide to Egoistic & Anomic Homicide: Explaining a Mass Shooting Using Durkheim, Agnew, & Merton
 Blum, Dinur. and Jaworski, Christian.

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Gang-Membership and Criminality
 Gill-Jackson, Joseph.

Gender As a Performance
 Huxley, Danielle.

Gender Differences in Cigarette Smoking: the Relationship between Social Perceptions of Cigarette Smokers and Smoking Prevalene
 Woo, Juhee.

Gender Dynamics of Multi-Generational Mexican-Origin Populations and the Affects on Education and Work Outcomes
 Conley-Estrada, Rosaura.

Gender Performance in a Musical Space
 Richardson, Christine.

Gender Roles, Household Division of Labor, and Polyamory: Resistance or Assimilation to the Traditional Family?
 DeHaan, Tracy.

Gender and Job Satisfaction on a University Campus
 Nelson, Gesemia.

Gender, Embodied Nationalism and Aesthetic Labor in Nigerian Beauty Pageants
 Balogun, Oluwakemi.

Gender, Parenthood, and Perceived Chances of Promotion
 Wynn, Alison.

Gendered Popularity Structures Among Eighth Grade Students
 Winters, Shelby.

Getting On or Getting Out: Self-Perception and Social Capital in STEM Graduate Student Persistence
 Pierski, Nicole.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Gender Stereotypes Associated with Binge Drinking
 Tarrence, Jake. and Bowers, Clara.

Global Integration and Local Circumstances: Linking Environmental and Social Well-being.
 Givens, Jennifer.

Global to Local:The Failure of CEDAW in the US Senate
 Mueller, carol. and Horner, Andrea.

Glorified Taboo: Teacher-student Sexual Relations in the 21st Century
 Rodriguez, Cody.

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Hawai’i Opportunity Probation with Enforcement: Veering off the Tracks of Effective Correctional Policies and Practices
 Guy, Roger.

Health Literacy of Young Prostitutes
 Champeau, Heather.

Health and Capital; How social capital shapes the physical health of college students
 Dalton, Sean.

Health outcomes in California: An analysis of external factors affecting health outcomes in different socio-demographic variable across California counties
 Nguyen, Jennifer.

Heretical Queers and the LGBT Rights Movement
 Radojcic, Natasha.

Hidden Messages: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Graffiti Art in the U.K. and Japan’s Urban Corners
 Prestigiacomo, Mariana.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Visual Indicators of a Burgeoning Marijuana Industry
 Meisel, Joshua.

High School Alumni Associations in the Caribbean Diaspora Maintaining Transnational Links of Remittance and Caring for those Left Behind
 Karakushi, Alida. and Plaza, Dwaine.

Historical Trauma and College Success: The Case of American Indian Students
 Lammey, Machienvee. and Way, Sandra.

Hmong Language
 Yang, Na Lee.

Hollow Ecology: Ecological Modernization Theory and the Death of Nature
 Ewing, Jeffrey.

Hooking Up and Racialized Sexuality: A Study of African-American Female College Students
 Hughes, Elizabeth.

Hops, Hopes, and Hierarchies: Social Distinction within Portland’s Craft Beer Scene
 Steward, Michelle.

Housing from a policy perspective
 Sable, Anna.

How College Women Feel about Feminism
 Gregoire, Katie.

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I See Black People Everywhere: The Effect of Perceived Neighborhood Racial Composition on Middle-Class Blacks’ and Whites’ Social Interactions
 Martinez, Paul. and Ray, Rashawn.

I am still “ illegal”: The impact of DACA on undocumented youth.
 Elias, Edwin.

I'll Have a Nicotini?: How and Why the Tobacco Industry Linked Smoking with Drinking
 Cortese, Daniel., Jiang, Nan. and Ling, Pamela.

Identity Conflict, Negotiation, and Reconstruction Among Federally Terminated Tribes
 Basch, Charlotte.

Ideologies of Motherhood among Low-Income Women in Rural New York
 Obernesser, Laura.

Illuminating the Unique Experiences of Single Fathers
 Esbensen, Heidi.

Immigrant Owned Nail Salons in Rural America
 Deitz, Shiloh.

Impact of Korean low Fertility on the economy
 Mahmoudi, Kooros. and Day, Shauna.

Impacts of Multiculturalization on Institutional Racism
 Cornwall, Briana.

Implementing an "Edible Island" Policy at Western New Mexico University
 Gauthier, Jessie.

In or Out of the Atheist Closet? Examining Disclosure Experiences of Atheists in the Bible Belt
 Foutch, James.

In/visibility of Undocumented Immigrants in the News Media
 Clark-Ibáñez, Marisol., Serna, Bettina. and Avery-Merker, Rhonda.

Indirect Health Effects of Armed Conflict
 Poole, Dan.

Individual Failures, State Organized Enslavement, or Jesse Jackson?: How the TEA Party Frames Racial Inequality
 Haltinner, Kristin.

Inequalities in Higher Education: Do Online and Distance Learning Opportunities Make a Difference?
 Harrod, Michael., McMullin-Messier, Pamela. and Mulcahy, Michael.

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James Harper, New York City's nativist mayor.
 Harper, Jason.

Just Another “Chick Flick”: Gender, Denigration, and Contemporary Cinema
 Hammond, Rachel.

Juvenile Delinquency: A Macro Perspective
 Mendez, Jose.


Keeping it classy: Emotion work, erotic capital, and the professionalization of erotic dance
 Dahl, Rose.


LGBT Youth and Homelessness
 Satterfield, Dustin.

Labels of Our Labor: Self Evaluation Through Social Domination
 Petrucci, Larissa.

Large Americano, Extra Masculine: How People Do Gender at The Coffee House
 Limburg, Aubrey.

Las que se quedan: The Role of Nonmigrant Women in the Migration Process
 Chavez, Sergio. and Paige, Robin.

Late to School: Access to Education for Disadvantaged Parents
 Dyer, Shauna.

Latina Doctors in Southern California: Critical Transitions in College and Pathways into the Labor Force
 Flores, Glenda.

Latino Masculinity and Migrant Youth Illegality: How Undocumented Young Latino Men Navigate Intimacy and Relationships of Love
 Ortiz, Humberto.

Latino Public Opinions: Diverging Impacts on Homosexuality and Abortion
 Delgado, Enilda.

Learning that Transforms?
 Wong, Cathy.

Learning to Think Like an Academic: A Critical Race Analysis of Doctoral Education
 Ramirez, Elvia.

Legal and Social Construction of the Able-Bodied Worker
 Warden, Kathryn.

Liberal and Conservative Political Philosophies: Inconsistencies in Defining Self and Other
 Way, Sandra. and LoConto, David.

Life On The Sidelines: The Formation of Female Sport Fandom
 Flemming, Shaun.

Living in the Middle of a Gender Binary: Pedagogy Is Not One Size Fits All
 Stewart, Lauren.

Love Can Go the Distance
 Brand, Amanda.

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Major-Based Peer Mentoring: Outcomes of First Year Pilot in Sociology
 Virnoche, Mary. and Grant, Alexis.

Making Race in Schools: A Quantitative Analysis of Racial Identification
 Kizer, Jessica.

Making Seattle's Stripping Code
 Chillmon, Carly.

Making Space for Transformative Teaching: Assessing Thoughts and Strategies for Promoting Student Centered Learning
 Perez, Franklin.

Making a Student Survival Guide
 Hoffman, Patricia.

Male Patrons' Gendered Interactions
 Trivedi, Shilpa.

Male allies and the politics of feminist accountability
 Messner, Michael., Greenberg, Max. and Peretz, Tal.

Male education, Son preference, and Contraceptive use among men who want to stop childbearing
 Sabharwal, Rebha.

Map your Hazards! An interdisciplinary, place-based undergraduate course module designed to promote informed and resilient communities
 McMullin-Messier, Pamela., Brand, Brittany. and Schlegel, Melissa.

Mapping the Terrain of Chamorro/Chamoru Diaspora and Indigineity
 Perez, Michael.

Marriage as a Social Resource: Distinctions Among Immigrants in Japan
 Ivory, Tristan.

Meaning-Making in Solitude: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Research on the Never Married
 DeCleene, Christine.

Measuring Quality of Life Outcomes in Housing First Residents in Portland, Oregon
 Campbell, Shannon., Edwards, Mark. and Akins, Scott.

Media, Mental Health and Public Education on how to be "Normal"
 Chan, Wendy.

Meet The Political Surplus: The Youth, Culture, and the State in the 2013 Protests in Turkey
 Kapdan, Onur.

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Narrating out of the Chaos: caregiver narratives of autism, identity and empowerment
 Chiaraluce, Cara.

Narratives of Neighborhood Development: A Case Study from Downtown Los Angeles
 Candipan, Jennifer.

National Belonging in Argentina and Chile's Bicentennial Celebrations
 Warren, Sarah.

Navigating Spheres of Consumption: How Socioeconomic Class Influences or Limits Peoples’ Ability to Consume Ethically
 Palomares, Kristy.

Navigating the Co-Maternal: Biological mothers and Stepmothers, Conflict, Cooperation, and Shame.
 Willette, Mirranda.

Negotiating the Grind: Black Women and Survival in East Oakland
 McCurn, Alexis.

Neoliberalism and Framing in the Immigrant Rights Mobilization of 2006.
 Hardnack, Chris.

New Orleans Riot of 1866: Police or Confederate Violence?
 McGoldrick, Stacy. and Hernandez, Yuritzy.

Nicki Minaj and the Politics of the Real: Real Blackness, Real Bodies, Real Feminism?
 Hunter, Margaret. and Cuenca, Alheli.

Non-school Activities and the Hispanic-White Educational Achievement Gap
 Davey Medina, Darla.


On the Family Background and Moral Attitudes of Religious Non-affiliates
 McCaffree, Kevin.

On the Lam: The Shifting Identities of the Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay
 Contessa, Damien.

Opportunity and Threat: Political Opportunity Structures and the Place of Immigrant Politics
 Prieto, Samuel.

Options for Leadership: How Women and Minority Characters in Crime Dramas Lead
 Tomlinson, Christine.

Oracles of Peace: An Emergent, Longitudinal Frame Analysis of the Nobel Prize for Peace, 1902-2012
 Light, Ryan. and Cunningham, Jeanine.

Organizing K-Pop: Emergence and Market Making of Large Korean Entertainment Houses, 1980-2010
 Shin, Solee. and Kim, Lanu.

Organizing across disciplines to build community and student success
 Bennett, Elizabeth. and Stone, Asako.

Outsourcing love amidst the “new insecurity”: Offline matchmaking as a response to (un)changing institutions
 Knudson, Sarah.

Overcoming Environmental Injustices: Analyzing socio-environmental mobilizations against mining in Argentina and the United States
 Kleinkopf, Sara.


Parenting Outside the Gender Box: Raising the Gender-Nonconforming Child
 Ryan, Krysti.

Parents Humming Jay-Z and Discussing The Bachelor Around the Watercooler: Multi-Directional Cultural Exchange, Socialization, and Fluency Within the Family
 Snyder, Emma.

Parsing the Palate: A Social Network Analysis of U.S. Food Advocacy Coalitions
 Friesen, Matthew.

Passion, Progess, and Pitfalls: Women of Color in Higher Education
 DeMirjyn, Maricela.

Patient Experience and Interpersonal Continuity: The Role of the Clinic
 Tabler, jennifer.

Peas in a Pod?: Welfare Regime Typologies in the U.S. Context
 Bjorklund, Eric.

Peas in a Pod?: Welfare Regime Typologies in the U.S. Context
 Bjorklund, Eric.

Perpetual Stress: How Groupies Impact the Sport Marriage
 Ortiz, Steven.

Personal Religiosity and Mental Health Care Utilization Among Adolescents
 Quinn, Tom. and Rebecca, Utz.

Photographic Content Analysis: Images Associated with the American Gun Debate
 Malek-Ahmadi, John.

Photovoice: A tool for visual biodisciplining?
 Mejia, Angie.

Physician Influence on Patient Dietary Change
 Geertsen, Reed.

Piloting Critical Pedagogy with Disadvantaged Youth
 Nojan, Saugher.

Place-Making in Sociobiological Networks: The Asian Longhorned Beetle in Worcester, Massachusetts
 Shults, Carlee.

Podcasting Sociology - Using Student Generated Material to Enhance Learning
 Atherton, Matthew.

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Quantitative Comparative Studies in the Analysis of Sport: Resources, Strategies, Theory
 Fiala, Robert. and Breidenbach, Andrew.

Queer Women: Identity, Space, and Community Building.
 Saldana, Paola.


Race, Bilingualism, and Employment Discrimination: A National Audit Study
 Thornhill, Ted.

Race, Place and "Buy Local": Complicating Matters
 Bristow, Lora.

Race, adolescent problem behavior, and socioeconomic outcomes in young adulthood
 Broman, Cliff. and Wright, Mellissa.

Racial and Gender Equity in the Workplace: Disparities in the Physician Assistant Profession
 Lovell, Erik.

Racist Stereotypes, Self-Defense, and the Thirteenth Amendment
 Markovitz, Jonathan.

Radical Interventions: Impacts and Effects of Preexisting Radical Communities on Occupy Portland
 Osborn, David.

Recency of Unemployment and Homicide
 Kposowa, Augustine. and Castracion, Chanelle.

Reconsidering the Role of Mental Health as it Relates to Violent Extremism
 Simi, Pete.

Recruiting Princesses and Sports Stars: Doing Gendered Parenting in a Gender Neutral Environment
 Esparza, Schaylee.

Redevelopment, Revitalization, and Barrio Logan
 Li, Korinna.

Rediscovering Veblen’s Feminism through Moore’s Analysis of Black Lesbian Families
 Guzman, Andres. and Herrera, Andrea.

Reducing Fear of Crime in Urban Environments: An Examination of Policing Strategy and Urban Planning
 Benz, Terressa.

Reforming Proposition 13 in Post-Financial Crisis California
 Stempel, Carl.

Refugee Employment in an Economic Downturn: The Utah Case
 Young, Yvette.

Refugee status on health outcomes
 Craigmile, Nicole.

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Safe Spaces and Classroom Debates
 Batnitzky, Adina.

Saved on a Smartphone or Stored in a Box? The Differential Attachment of Meaning to Digital and Handwritten Love Letters
 Janning, Michelle. and Snyder, Emma.

School Reform Visions From the Margins: African-American Community Critiques of Education Reform Policy
 Gordon, Hava.

School Resource Officers and America's Reserve Army of Delinquents
 Kronenwetter, John.

Schools: Do they Shape Identity? An Analysis of the Native American Identity Formation Experience
 Reid, Amber.

Science, Imperialism, and the Foundations of Human/Nonhuman Animal Oppression
 Auerbach, Daniel. and Clark, Brett.

Second Class Athletes: Media Depictions of Professional Women Tennis Players
 Castracion, Chanelle.

See Me Now! Invisible, Undervalued, and Marginalized: Practicing Girlhood in Affective Space
 Skourtes, Stephanie.

Sense Work: An Analysis of Baristas at Third Wave Coffee Shops
 Ott, Brian.

Sentiments and Symbolisms Regarding Massive Open Online Courses
 Fong, Jack.

Serial Killers in Hollywood: The Representation of Serial Killers in the Media
 Elgin, Jessica.

Service Learning and The Sociological Imagination
 Moore, Marilyn.

Sexting and Cyberbully: Moving Slut-Shaming Into the 21st Century
 Barbee, Melissa.

Sexual Behavior in Single-Father and Single-Mother Households
 Edwards, Kimberly. and Gault Sherman, Martha.

Sexual Citizenship & Polyamory: Problems and Possibilities for Sexual Rights Claims in Canada
 poole, lisa.

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Take Me Back to “Da kine”: Hawaii Student Adjustment to the Mainland College Culture
 Iloreta, Jason.

Taking Time Seriously: Delayed Effects of Economic Development on Democracy, 1960-2010
 Balaev, Mikhail.

Taming the Exotic Mane: Experiences of Pacific Island Women Thorough Their Perception of Hair
 Aga, Anette.

Tanzanian healthcare providers’ awareness of the problematic nature of HIV/AIDS
 Ayers, Stephanie., Bagwell, Meredith., Nielsen, Karen., Wright, Mia., Marsiglia, Flavio. and Salamone, Damien.

Teacher Engagement with Bullying: Managing an Identity within a School
 Migliaccio, Todd.

Teaching Basic Social Research Methods
 Ockerman, Janet. and Oidjarv, Helo.

Teaching Interdisciplinary Honors Urban Studies
 Hutter, Mark.

Teaching Intro to Sociology Through Service Learning
 Poole, Dan.

Teaching Race and Anti-Racism in Contemporary America
 Haltinner, Kristin.

Teaching Race, Gender, and Nation in the City of Roses:
 Mejia, Angie. and Eck, Sally.

Teaching Sociology to Adolescent Teenagers with Pearltrees
 Rodriguez, Cody.

Teaching Upper Division Sociology Courses Online
 Gemelli, Marcella.

Teaching and Learning at the Front lines: Using Action-Oriented Research to End Violence Against Women and Children
 Murray, susan. and Hallgren, Scott.

Techniques of Neoliberal Governance and Emotion Management in the Construction of the Label of “Victimhood”
 Maslenitsyn, Dmitriy.

Techno-stratification and the Virtual Student Citizen
 Gravatt, Crispin.

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Ukraine's "Nationalist" Movements: Unraveling Status Consistency and Dissatisfaction
 Anderson, Nadina.

Under One Roof: Unequal Childhoods Within Immigrant Latino Families
 Drew, Emily.

Underground Music in the Pacific Northwest
 Keyes, Max.

Undermining Internalized Hegemonic Conceptions of Self-Worth: Social Media, Writing, & Socioautobiographies to Enhance In-Class Participation
 Strahm, Ann.

Understanding Species Related Conflicts Among Wildlife Protectionists and Animal Welfarists in Urban Contexts
 Thompson, Carol.

Understanding the Adoption of State-Level Policies for Transgender Rights
 Green, Trey.

Understanding the Educational Attainment of the Children of Farm Laborers in California
 Pinto, Katy.

University Departmental Structures, Cultures and Practices: Overcoming Obstacles to Advancement for Women Faculty
 Bird, Sharon. and Prokos, Anastasia.

Unpacking Latino Intramarriage: Racist Pressures in the Racial Hierarchy
 Vasquez, Jessica.

Unparalleled Freedoms, Unanticipated Consequences: Change and Identity
 Stewart, Mary.

Using Social Science Theory and Methodology to Investigate an Eleven-Year-Old Prison Murder
 Musick, David. and Musick, Kristine G.

Using Universal Design Principles and Technology in Online and Face-2-Face Courses
 Arrieta, David. and Anderson-Facile, Doreen.

Using case histories and problem solving on-line for difficult topics: teaching health care ethics
 Loustaunau, Martha.


Valuing Old Age: The Relationship between Societal Value and Health Outcomes in the Elderly
 Owings, Taylor.

Vast geographic variation in hospital charges for the same procedures: market failure?
 Arthur, Melanie.

Volunteer Work: Negotiating Boundaries Between Paid and Unpaid Work in the New Economy
 Postic, Nikolina.


Wearing Hijabs in the Workplace and Occupational Futures: Perceptions of American Muslim females attending universities in southern California
 Minton, Carol.

Wearing the Veil in City Heights, California
 Walter, Crysal.

What I Want and What I Get: Student Experiences With e-Learning
 Scroggins, Jennifer., Wall, Diana. and Moody, Hanna.

What Quran says about women’s rights and role in an Islamic society and the misconceptions of the West
 Taimoor, Madiha.

What accounts for the variation in the rate of intermarriage with the non-Hispanic white majority group across generations of the Mexican-origin population?
 Cedillo, Rosalio.

What we should talk about when we talk about Social Support Theory: A Quantitative Analysis
 Ceresola, Ryan.

What’s So Offensive About Self-Defense? An analysis of gender, embodiment and privilege
 Cupo, Dimitra.

When Architecture Meets Activism: A Transformative Experience in The Windy City
 Guy, Roger.

When Architecture Meets Activism: A Transformative Experience in The Windy City
 Guy, Roger.

When Does a Counter-Normative Identity become a Stigmatized Identity?
 Long, Brooke.

When Principals Attack their Agents: Young Public Workers' Responses to Conservative Politics
 Benditt, Lauren.

When faculty strikes back: Perspectives of core union coordinators in postsecondary institution
 Tagayuna, Arlie. and Cao, Simon.

Where Are They Going: Demographic Trends of the Young and Professional
 Pearce, Jade.

Who Am I: The identities and Perceptions of U.S. Adult Adoptees Over Time
 Pearce, Jade.

Who Asks for Help?: Attitudes Towards Mental Health and Utilization of Mental Health Resources on a College Campus
 Laxson, Kaeli.

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Your Job or Mine? The Gendering of Hydraulic Fracturing Activism in Northern Colorado
 Kizewski, Amber.

Youth Violence Prevention Policies; Comparison of Approaches Inside Tacoma Public Schools and Community Programs
 Lebo, Katherine.

You’re not a Cop! Examining University Student Confidence and Comfort with Authority
 Campanario, Scott.
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