Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31

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A Century of Mexican-Origin Migration and Policy Implications in the United States: A Comparative and Intersectional Analyses
 Barajas, Manuel.

A Community of Learning: Community-Based Group Research Projects
 Esbenshade, Jill.

A Comparative Case Study: Violence and the Occupy Movement
 Garden, Sofie.

A Comparative Case Study: Violence and the Occupy Movement
 Garden, Sofie.

A Comparison of Post- Apartheid Occupation Stratification Between Immigrants and Native South Africans
 Munezhi, Martha. and Korinek, Kim.

A Content Analysis of Recent Media Accounts of Homelessness in Portland, Oregon
 Borchard, Kurt.

A Conversation on the Scholarship of Pedagogy
 Henderson, Linda.

A Cross-National Analysis of Work, Consumption, and Environmental Degradation
 Fitzgerald, Jared.

A Marxist Approach to the Las Vegas Water Cycle
 Alvarez, Camila. and Futrell, Robert.

A Mathematical Extension of the Resource Mobilization Approach of the Social Movement Theory: An Analysis of the Emergence of the Arab Spring
 Mamada, Robert.

A Narrative Study of Male Accompanying Partners: Adaptation to a Nontraditional Role in Dyadic Partnerships
 Bernard, Donald.

A Needs Based Approach to Mentoring
 Torrecilha, Ramon.

A New Global City? Framing Urban Renewal and Gentrification in Metro Manila, Philippines
 Pada, Orvic.

A Note on the Relationship between Military Service and Childbearing
 Anderson, Carter., Hemez, Paul. and Strode-Elfant, Jasmine.

A Pathway for Change: Rights to the City and the Case of Long Beach, California
 Madden, Lauren.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: The Unchanging Institution of Accessibility for People with Physical Disabilities
 Fraire-Robinson, Maribel.

A Place at the Table, A Table of Our Own: Claiming space in Fil-Am communities
 Macfarlane, Rachel.

A Small Step Toward Implementing Diversity and Social Justice Education Through a Faculty Mentoring Program
 Beck, Julie., Fong, Colleen., Taylor, Sarah. and Wong, Rose.

A Social History of Elitism and Utilitarianism in American Education
 Rousseau, Nathan.

A Spatial Analysis of After-School Youth Program Placement in Portland, Oregon
 Inlow, Alana.

A Theoretical Analysis of the Relationship between Economic Growth and Inequality
 Haag, Rose.

A Vital Force of the Tribe
 Rodriguez, Evelyn.

A cross-disciplinary study: Transcending Gender Normativity To Gender Transgression Through the Use of Formal Clothing
 Tseng, Phuong.

A dialogue about arts-based research with sex workers: Sharing methodological tensions, challenges, and lessons learned
 Capous-Desyllas, Moshoula. and Forro, Vanessa.

A ‘Stark Contrast’ Survey Method in the Absence of a Reliable Metrics
 Powers, Charles. and Fernandez, Marilyn.

Abandoning Perfectionism, Redefining Productivity: Work/Family Strategies for New Faculty
 Pan, Yung-Yi Diana.

Activist Doctors: Barriers and Motivators to Participation in the Movement for Single-payer Healthcare
 Loomis, Jennifer.

Addiction in the middle class family unit: An exploration using social learning, habitus and self-reflexivity
 Hartt, Tina.

Additional Challenges Faced by Non-Traditional Students: Evaluating Campus Resouces for Veteran Students
 Lavilles, Andrea., Chaparro, Tammi. and Quinonez, Ariana.

Adolescent Social Capital, Mentoring Relationships, and Post-Secondary Educational Achievement
 Woekel, Colin.

Affluence and Environmentalism: Concealed Prejudices and Power Struggles
 Osterberg, Annelise.

Against All Odds: How Some First Generation College Students Move from Disadvantaged to Overachievers
 Davis, Daniel.

Against All Odds: On-Time Graduation among At-Risk Students
 Duran-Aydintug, Candan. and Goode, Joshua.

Agriculture and Activism in Las Vegas: Challenges in Collective Identity Formation at a Community Garden
 Schafer, Tyler.

Agro-governmentality: Food Safety Regulation as a Technology of Power in the Modern Food System
 Paige, Robin.

Ain’t No Shame in My “Selfie” Game: Motivations and Perceptions of Self-Promotion on Social Media Sites
 Fischer, Jaime.

Alienating Students: Marxist Theory in Action
 Thiele, Megan., Pan, Yung-Yi Diana. and Molina, Devin.

Alternative Forms of Political Practices in Non-Western Countries
 Chew, John.

American Individualism and the Social Adaptation of Unauthorized Guatemalan Maya Youth in Los Angeles
 Canizales, Stephanie.

Among Friends? Classed Navigations of an Elite Social Scene.
 Thiele, Megan.

An Analysis of American News Media Coverage of the United Nations IPCC Assessment Reports
 Dobisch, Christine.

An Analysis of Male Exotic Dancers and Male Strip Clubs
 Smart, Bobbi-Lee.

An Exploration into the Labels of Liberal and Conservative and their Social Implications
 Wallace, Douglas.

An In-Depth Study into the Effects of AB 109 on Ventura County
 Cowell, Whitney. and Brodie, Leah.

An Institutional Analysis of LGBT Nondiscrimination Policy Adoption in U.S. Universities
 Rinehart, Jordan.

An ethnographic analysis of making good immigrant workers on the corner
 Pinedo Turnovsky, Carolyn.

Analysis of Risk Factors of Modern Day Slavery Victimization Among Teens
 Richie-Zavaleta, Arduizur.

Analyzing Local Demand for Migrants in Japan: The Case of the Seafood Processing Industry
 Mazumi, Yusuke.

Anti-Criminogenic Effects of Immigration
 Haslam, Wesley.

Anticipated Inequality: Gender, Parenthood, and the Labor Trajectories of Childless Couples
 Bass, Brooke.

Archiving Stories: Feminist Activism and Research in the Americas
 Shayne, Julie.

Are Reflected Others Not Equal? An Examination of Prominence and Salience at the Interactional Level
 Yarrison, Fritz.

Are the children of White immigrants more likely to assimilate to the dominant culture of American than those of non-White immigrants?
 Lee, Yegyu.

Asian American Heterogeneity and Structural Influences in Voting Behavior, 2000-2008 Presidential Elections
 Diaz, Maria-Elena.

Asian Memes & Microaggressions: Virtual Validation & Ethnic Humor
 Vila, Leighton.

Assassinations and Mass Shootings: The Struggle for Gun Policy in the U.S.
 Hernandez, Carolina. and Montgomery, Alexandria.

Assessing the Importance of an Aftercare Phase in Cowlitz County's Drug Court
 McKay, Alicia.

Assimilative Capacities and Racial/Ethnic Antagonism: Immigration in American Media
 Restifo, Salvatore.

Awareness, Importance, and Access: Autism Supports & Services
 Showers, Michelle.

Aún Hay Machos? Machismo across Two Generations of Mexican Men
 Avila, Mitzi.
Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31
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