Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31

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Be a Man: Masculinity, Danger and the Problem of Vulnerability
 Lomnicky, Amanda.

Becoming American mothers: Situation of Indian immigrant married women in Dependent Visa in the USA

Becoming Upward Bound: Mechanisms of Engagement and Loyalty-Building in an Educational Equity Program
 Pence, Elias.

Behind closed doors: What are job search committees really doing?
 Pinto, Katy.

Being Real or Being Black: A Content Analysis of Representations of African American Females in American Cinema.
 Galloway, Erika.

Belief in Supernatural Evil and Childrearing Practices
 Tom, Joshua., Martinez, Brandon., Ferguson, Todd., Andercheck, Brita. and Stroope, Samuel.

Beliefs About Inequality: Explanations and Challenges to the Dominant Ideology
 Baker, Lou.

Betrayed by a Kiss: Contesting Orthodox Notions of Undergraduate American Masculinity
 Anderson, Eric., Ripley, matthew. and Lick, David.

Beyond Toolkit and Dual-Process: A Hybrid Model of Culture in Action
 Vila-Henninger, Luis.

Beyond silent suffering and trauma half a world away: Participation of Cambodian diaspora genocide survivors in the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia
 Nou, Leakhena.

Beyond the "No Religion" Panic in the United States
 Bibby, Reginald.

Beyond the McNair Program
 Restad, Cristina.

Beyond the Pill: Race, Class, and Education - The Varied Use of LARC Methods
 Kaur, Jaspreet.

Binary or Busted! Transgender and gender variant children and youth in sport and recreationn
 Travers, Ann.

Blaming the Individual? The Medicalization of African American Women's Bodies in San Diego
 Steve, Shantell.

Body Image Expectations and Attitudes of Asian Pacific Islander Americans in the United States
 Liaz, Kimberly.

Body Image and Eating Disorders: The Impacts of Social Media and Peer Pressures
 Evans, Maddie.

Body Image and Yoga: Transformative Practices in Women's Self-Perception
 Moss, Kendra.

Borrowed Space: Perceptions of Chronic Homelessness in Long Beach
 Diaz, Corina.

Bottled Up: Gender Differences in Stress Management and Alcohol Consumption Among Police Officers
 Sprinson, Susanna.

Bottled Water, Commodification, and Contestation
 Jaffee, Daniel. and Newman, Soren.

Boundaries, Identity, and Community Online: How Evangelical Christians and Active Atheists Engage with New Media
 Addington, Aislinn.

Broken Windows and Perceived Police Effectiveness in Las Vegas
 Simmons, Alex.
Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31
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