Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31

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Can we use workers’ compensation data to identify racial and ethnic disparities in occupational health services?
 Smith, Caroline.

Ch'wichip in South Korean Female Identity: Untangling the contradictions of finding a job and getting married
 Roh, Yunhee.

Challenging Feminisms: Sex Worker Rights Activists and Feminist Identity
 Jackson, Crystal.

Changing Emotions in Context: Masculinities, Race, Sexuality, and Affect in Trans Men’s Interactions
 Abelson, Miriam.

Children's Constructions of Their Relationship to the Church
 Zonio, Henry.

Choosing a Sub-Specialty: An Oral History of Women Medical and Basic Science Academicians
 Jones, Emily.

Citizenship Norms: Perspectives of Citizens and Non-Citizens
 Faught, Jim.

Clinical Social Work in a Hospital Setting: Examining what Clinical Social Workers Provide that other Medical Staff cannot.
 Docherty, Katelyn.

Communities in Transition: Civic Engagement and Political Participation among Middle Class Latinos in Pasco, Washington and Watsonville, California
 Mireles, Gilbert.

Community Empowerment through Devolution
 Gallegos, Rosalinda.

Community Monitoring of Hydrogen Sulfide in the Powder River Basin: A “Civic” Approach to Studying Environmental Health Hazards
 Wylie, Sara. and Wilder, Elisabeth.

Community Perceptions of a Local Nonprofit Organization
 Hannan, Catherine.

Community Walkability & Effects on Quality of Life
 Bogumil, Elizabeth.

Comparing Faculty Members’ and Advisers’ Perspectives on Important Freshman-year Student Adjustment Issues
 Collier, Peter.

Complementary Differences: Preliminary Data on Legitimizing Narratives Among Same-Sex Parents
 Myers, Caitlin.

Complicit Competitiveness? Examining the interconnectivity of masculinity and competition in male college students
 Sobotka, Tagart.

Conceiving Solo
 Falcon, Maja.

Concerted Cultivation and Accomplishment of Natural Growth in Parent-Child Interactions at IKEA
 Jenner, Brandy.

Conflict of interests in IRB idiocultures
 Tolich, Martin.

Connections, Consumerism and Constraints: Life at Home in Texas
 Stanley-Stevens, Leslie.

Constructing Contraceptive Safety in Gynecology Textbooks
 Bertotti, Andrea. and Miner, Skye.

Constructions of unintended pregnancy and their effect on contraceptive protocols
 Bertotti, Andrea. and Kaur, Jaspreet.

Contingent Efficacy of Regional Trade Agreements: The Conditioning Effects from Homophily and World-System Status
 Zhou, Min.

Continuity and Change in Family Formation in the Mexico-U.S.Border Region: a case study
 Ojeda, Norma.

Conversations with and about Black Americans
 Kaplan, Elaine.

Cooking for Change? Alternative Agrifood Participation and Food Provisioning as a Gendered Act.
 Som Castellano, Rebecca.

Costs of Resource Based Urban Growth on Rural Environments: The Case of NYC’s Water Supply
 Blake, Sarah.

Creating An Elite Identity in the Knowledge Economy: An Ethnography of an Elite K-8 School
 Caldeira, Chris.

Creating Career Connections: Teaching Students about Careers in Sociology
 Katz, Sheila.

Crimes against Slaves and the Myth of Justice
 McGoldrick, Stacy.

Crisis and Solitude as Overlooked Catalytic Factors in Kurt Wolff’s Surrender and Catch Methodology
 Fong, Jack.

Cross-Cultural Analysis in Attitudes Towards Sexuality between the United States and the Netherlands
 van Steenbergen, Merel.

Cuba - Lessons from the Community and Students Abroad
 Plaza, Dwaine. and Stanley, Kathleen.

Cultural Competence Among White Social Workers: Detrimental Effects on Culturally Diverse Clientele
 Del Toro, Deyanire.

Culture Jamming: The Role of DIY Culture, Third-Wave Feminism, and Resistance in Women’s Roller Derby
 Becker, Suzanne.
Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31
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