Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31

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DACA Narratives: A Look at Legal Consciousness Amongst Undocumented College Students and Graduates
 Swan, Richelle. and Clark-Ibáñez, Marisol.

Debt, Networks, and Payday Borrowing during the Great Recession
 Alvarez, Anthony.

Demystifying The Political Economy of Money in the Sociology of Development: Towards A Re-articulation of Dependency Theory
 Fields, David. and Clark, Brett.

Depression, Suicidal Ideation and High-Risk Behaviors among Underserved Youths in Central Mexico
 Kulis, Stephen. and Marsiglia, Flavio.

Determinants of Tetanus Toxoid Immunization during Pregnancy in Vietnam: How Individual, Household and Community Matters?
 Trinh, Ha. and Korinek, Kim.

Developing, Implementing and Experiencing an Online Sociology Degree Completion Program at a Large Public University
 Emery, Alan. and Literte, Patricia.

Deviance Caused by Medical Treatment: Cases of HIV and DSD (Disorders of Sex Development)
 Irie, Keiko.

Discouraged Workers in the United States: Is There a Gender Difference?
 Aguilera, Michael. and Hudson, Kenneth.

Discursive Opportunity and Constraint in Land Use Fields
 Drue, Christopher.

Distributing Fear: An Analysis of Fear of Crime Across Regions
 Brizzolara, Adam.

Diversity and Professional Development: Race and Ethnicity in the Pacific Sociological Association
 Camacho, Michelle. and Gaytan, Sarita.

Do Early-Life Deprivation and Social Inequalities over the Life Course Impact Late-Life Cognitive Decline?
 Hale, Joanna.

Do Parent-Adolescent Relationships Influence Women’s Underrepresentation in STEM College Majors?
 Beattie, Irenee., Xiong, Chia. and Kaur, Rubinpreet.

Do What Thou Wilt: Gender, Sexuality, and Religion in the Thelemic Order
 Capere, Andrea.

Does Health Insurance Promote the Mental Health of Low-Income Urban Women?
 Jacobs, Anna., Hill, Terrence. and Burdette, Amy.

Does Social Class Provide a Buffer to Emotional Labor Among Doulas?
 Moffat, Amy.

Does the Contact in Transracial Adoption Reduce Colorblindness?
 Richardson, Christine.

Doing Gender and Its Relationship with Pets
 Butler, Bryony.

Doing Gender on Stage: Karaoke and Gender Identity
 Bisenius, Andrew.

Don't Ask Me, I'll Ask You: Gender Ideologies and Dating Expectations
 Farrell, Allan.

Drinking water in rural Alaska: a public health and public policy dilemma
 Arthur, Melanie.

Drought, Death, and Political Turmoil: The Role of Water Scarcity in the Collapse of the Ancient Maya
 Richards, Bailey.
Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31
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