Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31

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Factors influencing changes in job position of University Women in the domain of management (case study of Tehran University women)
 Seyami Dodran, Zahra. and Siami Dodaran, Afsaneh.

Faculty-led study abroad: Lessons and strategies for an alternative pedagogical format
 Luna, Yvonne. and Medill, Anne.

Failures of Flexibility: Why Employees Distrust Flexible Work Arrangements
 Wynn, Alison.

Family Environmental Factors Associated with Adolescent Sexual Behaviors
 Woodward, Monique.

Family and Academic Persistence: Comparing Low-Income White and Latino/a Students’ Stories of Success
 Esparza, Schaylee. and Zinke, Christa.

Female Circumcision: Voices of Sierra Leonean Women in the San Francisco Bay Area.
 Kinz, Estalynn.

Female Sex Tourism in Thailand: A Case Study of Bangkok
 Scott, Jason.

Fighting for a Fair Economy? An Analysis of the Organizational Response of Labor Unions to the Economic Crisis of 2008
 Leymon, Ann.

Flexible Work Practices over Time in an IT Organization: Evidence from the Work, Family & Health Network Study
 Kaduk, Anne., Genadek, Katie., Kelly, Erin., Moen, Phyllis. and Kossek, Ellen.

For the Love of Children? Male and Female Teenagers' Attitudes Toward Pregnancy and Children
 Myers, Kyl.

Framing the Campaign: The Journey of Same Sex Marriage in the State of Oregon
 Sas, Ryan.

From A's to Arrests: The Impact of Education on Crime
 Kelly-Quattrocchi, Sam.

From Asian Fusion to Asian Hipster Cuisine: Consuming Cosmopolitanism and Constructing Authenticity
 Lio, Shoon. and Bott, Megan.

From Blackboards to Blog Posts: Lessons Learned Through Assigning Student-Directed Blogs and Videos
 Adrian, Valerie.

From Egoistic & Anomic Suicide to Egoistic & Anomic Homicide: Explaining a Mass Shooting Using Durkheim, Agnew, & Merton
 Blum, Dinur. and Jaworski, Christian.

From Ethnic Shame to Filipino Role Model: Ethnic Identity Development After Asserting a Filipino Identity
 Eisen, Daniel. and Laxson, Kaeli.

From Japanese American to Mexican Immigrant Labor: Change, Continuity, and Ethnic Succession in Southern California's Maintenance Gardening Sector
 Ramirez, Hernan.

From Prison to Home: Gendered distinctions between institutional incarceration and home detention on parent/child relationships
 LaRue, Emily., Siemsen, Cynthia. and Caudill, Jonathan.

From Slur to Slang?: Perceived Meaning and Use of the N-Word among Nonblack College Students
 Rasmussen, Dahna. and Dugan, Rhonda.

From Students to Scholars: Lessons Learned From the First Six Years of an Undergraduate Research Program.
 Gumbhir, Vikas., Bahr, Matthew., Bertotti, Andrea., Hayes, William. and Willms, Nicole.

Fruitvale Village: a case study in sustainability, social inequalities, and the new politics of sustainable development
 Gray-O\'Connor, Jen.

Funding Practices: The Disproportionate Number of Chicana/o Latina/os Elementary School Children in English Language Learner Programs.
 Barahona-López, Katherine.

Funding the Tea Parties
 Keil, Thomas. and Keil, Jacqueline.

Future citizens: representations of unborns in a Swiss pregnancy counseling unit
 Ballif, Edmée.
Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31
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