Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31

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Hawai’i Opportunity Probation with Enforcement: Veering off the Tracks of Effective Correctional Policies and Practices
 Guy, Roger.

Health Literacy of Young Prostitutes
 Champeau, Heather.

Health and Capital; How social capital shapes the physical health of college students
 Dalton, Sean.

Health outcomes in California: An analysis of external factors affecting health outcomes in different socio-demographic variable across California counties
 Nguyen, Jennifer.

Heretical Queers and the LGBT Rights Movement
 Radojcic, Natasha.

Hidden Messages: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Graffiti Art in the U.K. and Japan’s Urban Corners
 Prestigiacomo, Mariana.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Visual Indicators of a Burgeoning Marijuana Industry
 Meisel, Joshua.

High School Alumni Associations in the Caribbean Diaspora Maintaining Transnational Links of Remittance and Caring for those Left Behind
 Karakushi, Alida. and Plaza, Dwaine.

Historical Trauma and College Success: The Case of American Indian Students
 Lammey, Machienvee. and Way, Sandra.

Hmong Language
 Yang, Na Lee.

Hollow Ecology: Ecological Modernization Theory and the Death of Nature
 Ewing, Jeffrey.

Hooking Up and Racialized Sexuality: A Study of African-American Female College Students
 Hughes, Elizabeth.

Hops, Hopes, and Hierarchies: Social Distinction within Portland’s Craft Beer Scene
 Steward, Michelle.

Housing from a policy perspective
 Sable, Anna.

How College Women Feel about Feminism
 Gregoire, Katie.

How Gender and Race Affect the Perception of Miley Cyrus’s 2013 VMAs Performance
 Lavilles, Andrea. and Ocampo, Anthony.

How Modern is “Modern Family”? A Content Analysis of Romance, Intimacy, and Sexuality.
 Yates, Timothy., Varisco, Sarah. and Gumbhir, Vikas.

How family leave policies influence the employment patterns of high-educated vs. low-educated Korean women?
 Lee, Nana.

How imagery-based exercises pull students into sociology
 Bennett, Elizabeth.

Hyper Vulnerability: How Identifying as Transgender Affects Former Inmates' Experiences With Prisoner Reentry
 Susman, Mary.

Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31
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