Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31

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I See Black People Everywhere: The Effect of Perceived Neighborhood Racial Composition on Middle-Class Blacks’ and Whites’ Social Interactions
 Martinez, Paul. and Ray, Rashawn.

I am still “ illegal”: The impact of DACA on undocumented youth.
 Elias, Edwin.

I'll Have a Nicotini?: How and Why the Tobacco Industry Linked Smoking with Drinking
 Cortese, Daniel., Jiang, Nan. and Ling, Pamela.

Identity Conflict, Negotiation, and Reconstruction Among Federally Terminated Tribes
 Basch, Charlotte.

Ideologies of Motherhood among Low-Income Women in Rural New York
 Obernesser, Laura.

Illuminating the Unique Experiences of Single Fathers
 Esbensen, Heidi.

Immigrant Owned Nail Salons in Rural America
 Deitz, Shiloh.

Impact of Korean low Fertility on the economy
 Mahmoudi, Kooros. and Day, Shauna.

Impacts of Multiculturalization on Institutional Racism
 Cornwall, Briana.

Implementing an "Edible Island" Policy at Western New Mexico University
 Gauthier, Jessie.

In or Out of the Atheist Closet? Examining Disclosure Experiences of Atheists in the Bible Belt
 Foutch, James.

In/visibility of Undocumented Immigrants in the News Media
 Clark-Ibáñez, Marisol., Serna, Bettina. and Avery-Merker, Rhonda.

Indirect Health Effects of Armed Conflict
 Poole, Dan.

Individual Failures, State Organized Enslavement, or Jesse Jackson?: How the TEA Party Frames Racial Inequality
 Haltinner, Kristin.

Inequalities in Higher Education: Do Online and Distance Learning Opportunities Make a Difference?
 Harrod, Michael., McMullin-Messier, Pamela. and Mulcahy, Michael.

Inequalities in Women's and Men's Career Trajectories in Sociology: Time to Full Professor and Time 'Stalled' in Rank
 Spalter-Roth, Roberta.

Inequality's Influence on Perceptions of Justifiable Violence
 thompson, jason.

Influences on the Formation of Identity and Understanding of Self through Social Networking Sites
 Ganda, Madison.

Innovating STEM Specialization: Using Interdisciplinarity to Strengthen Discipline-Specific Work
 Scarritt, Arthur.

Institutional(ized) Heroics: the myth of a 'warrior ethos' and its very real failures
 Beneda, James.

Integrating Case Studies into the Sociology Classroom
 Monteblanco, Adelle.

Integrating Quantitative Literacy Resources into the Curriculum
 Dugan, Rhonda., Meisel, Joshua. and Nelson, Edward.

Intended and Unintended Consequences of Social Movements in the Midterm Election
 Vann Jr, Burrel.

Intergenerational Inequity and Environmental Degradation
 Caldwell, Cheney.

Intergenerational language use and shift among Latinos in Salem, Oregon
 Woods, Michael.

Internalized Reflection: Formulating Meaning Webs from Recalled Sexual Experiences
 Skeen, Dick. and Jerzy, Jake.

International and immigrant students and neoliberal higher education
 Cortes, Luz.

Internationalization and the Construction of Diversity Ideologies
 Thomas, Jamie.

Intersectionalities of Long Term Homelessness
 Jensen, Kristina.

Intersectionality and the Foreign-Born: Explaining the Variation in the Immigration Attitudes of Immigrants
 Berg, Justin.

Interviews with Employers Who Hire Day Laborers
 Malpica, Daniel.

Investigating Student-Athletes' Experiences of Athletics and Academia
 Blum, Dinur. and Sanford, Adam.

Investigating Suicide In India
 Wolf, Brian. and Ruiz-Gallegos, Susana.

Invincible : College Students and their fear of being victim to a crime.
 Gonzalez, Jeniffer.

Is Sport the New Opiate of the Masses? An Empirical Assessment
 Pichardo, Nelson. and Harrod, Michael.

Is the American Dream a Universal Latino Expectation?
 Delgado, Enilda.

Issues Confronting Midwifery in the 21st Century
 Miller, Amy.

It Gets Better, But Only If You Make It Better: A Content Analysis of Videos Made for the 'It Gets Better' Anti-Gay Bullying Project
 Meyer, Doug.

It's the Economy Stupid: Measuring Depression in Low Income Populations
 Carrigan, Jacqueline.

It’s Not Rocket Science: Girls, Identity Formation and STEM
 Todd, Brandy.

It’s a YouTube World: The Integration of Social Media in the Undergraduate Learning Experience
 Gibson, Nicholas.

iPorn: An Exploration of College Students’ Beliefs About and Experiences with Pornography
 Carnell, Kathryn.
Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31
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