Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31

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Major-Based Peer Mentoring: Outcomes of First Year Pilot in Sociology
 Virnoche, Mary. and Grant, Alexis.

Making Race in Schools: A Quantitative Analysis of Racial Identification
 Kizer, Jessica.

Making Seattle's Stripping Code
 Chillmon, Carly.

Making Space for Transformative Teaching: Assessing Thoughts and Strategies for Promoting Student Centered Learning
 Perez, Franklin.

Making a Student Survival Guide
 Hoffman, Patricia.

Male Patrons' Gendered Interactions
 Trivedi, Shilpa.

Male allies and the politics of feminist accountability
 Messner, Michael., Greenberg, Max. and Peretz, Tal.

Male education, Son preference, and Contraceptive use among men who want to stop childbearing
 Sabharwal, Rebha.

Map your Hazards! An interdisciplinary, place-based undergraduate course module designed to promote informed and resilient communities
 McMullin-Messier, Pamela., Brand, Brittany. and Schlegel, Melissa.

Mapping the Terrain of Chamorro/Chamoru Diaspora and Indigineity
 Perez, Michael.

Marriage as a Social Resource: Distinctions Among Immigrants in Japan
 Ivory, Tristan.

Meaning-Making in Solitude: A Systematic Review of Qualitative Research on the Never Married
 DeCleene, Christine.

Measuring Quality of Life Outcomes in Housing First Residents in Portland, Oregon
 Campbell, Shannon., Edwards, Mark. and Akins, Scott.

Media, Mental Health and Public Education on how to be "Normal"
 Chan, Wendy.

Meet The Political Surplus: The Youth, Culture, and the State in the 2013 Protests in Turkey
 Kapdan, Onur.

Men's Work-Life Balance: Factors Affecting Work-Life Balance
 Bahadur, Kritika.

Menstrual Taboos and Ritual Negotiation among Hindu Women of Nepalese Origin
 Sharma, Nitika.

Mental Health Statuses of Mothers Following Corrections Involvement
 Newell, Summer. and Thompson, Melissa.

Mental Illness: How it Affects Families
 Egebjerg, Linda.

Mexican Politicization: Cultivating Optimism, Fostering Community
 Calderon, Abraham.

Migration, Multiculturalism and Gender Equality
 Admire, Amanda.

Military Trauma and Sibling Relationships
 Ritter, Lindsey.

Millennials’ Conceptions of Political and Civic Engagement
 Barker, Erika.

Minority Status Can Determine Healthcare Access
 Cail, Angela.

Misogyny's Scapegoat: The Effects of Music on the Perception of Misogynistic Lyrics
 Marquis, Alicia. and Boyd, Carly.

Missing the Mark - The Re-inscription of Race and the Failure of Quantitative Methodologies at the World Social Fora
 Kohler, Kristopher.

Mobilizing Beyond Black and White: Coalition Building and Identity Formation Among Students of Color
 Literte, Patricia.

Monetary Environmental Enforcement Outcomes in Washington State, 2007-2011: A Story of Equality
 Kremer, Joseph.

Money & Politics: A Socio-Capitalistic Paradigm
 Harris, Anthony.

Mothers with (Home)work: Garment Production within the Home
 Park, Sue.

Moving Beyond Post-Race Paralysis: Critical Dialogue where Racial Inequality and Privilege Intersect
 Valiente-Neighbours, Jimiliz.

Moving Up the Ranks: Job Satisfaction in Academia
 Nelson, Gesemia.

Muslim and Gay/Queer Men Against Gender Violence: An intersectional analysis of men's gender justice activism.
 Peretz, Tal.
Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31
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