Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31

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Race, Bilingualism, and Employment Discrimination: A National Audit Study
 Thornhill, Ted.

Race, Place and "Buy Local": Complicating Matters
 Bristow, Lora.

Race, adolescent problem behavior, and socioeconomic outcomes in young adulthood
 Broman, Cliff. and Wright, Mellissa.

Racial and Gender Equity in the Workplace: Disparities in the Physician Assistant Profession
 Lovell, Erik.

Racist Stereotypes, Self-Defense, and the Thirteenth Amendment
 Markovitz, Jonathan.

Radical Interventions: Impacts and Effects of Preexisting Radical Communities on Occupy Portland
 Osborn, David.

Recency of Unemployment and Homicide
 Kposowa, Augustine. and Castracion, Chanelle.

Reconsidering the Role of Mental Health as it Relates to Violent Extremism
 Simi, Pete.

Recruiting Princesses and Sports Stars: Doing Gendered Parenting in a Gender Neutral Environment
 Esparza, Schaylee.

Redevelopment, Revitalization, and Barrio Logan
 Li, Korinna.

Rediscovering Veblen’s Feminism through Moore’s Analysis of Black Lesbian Families
 Guzman, Andres. and Herrera, Andrea.

Reducing Fear of Crime in Urban Environments: An Examination of Policing Strategy and Urban Planning
 Benz, Terressa.

Reforming Proposition 13 in Post-Financial Crisis California
 Stempel, Carl.

Refugee Employment in an Economic Downturn: The Utah Case
 Young, Yvette.

Refugee status on health outcomes
 Craigmile, Nicole.

Regional Patterns of Arab American Health
 Batnitzky, Adina. and Miller, Jennifer.

Religion and Happiness: Support for a Durkheimian Theory of Religion
 Suh, Daniel.

Religion as an Institution: Past, Present and Future
 Gagel, Stanton.

Religion, Gender, and Social Embeddedness: A Structural Location Explanation
 Armstrong, Jacob.

Religion, Native Spirituality, and Well-being among Urban American Indian Youth: A Latent Class Analysis
 Kulis, Stephen. and Marsiglia, Flavio.

Religious Exclusivism: The Influence of Education on Religious Attitudes
 Moss, Jessica.

Religious Homophobia: An Analysis of Denominational Stances on Sexual Identity
 Merrill, Andrea.

Religious-based Advantages in the Entrepreneurial Process
 Coles, Ryan.

Representations of Global Climate Change in Broadcast Media: A Critical Discourse Analysis
 Weber, Nichole.

Restaurant Reviews and Cultural Constructions – Ethnic food in commercial food landscapes
 Kilic, Zeynep.

Restaurants, Dirty Work, and Legitimate Occupational Identities
 Shigihara, Amanda.

Rethinking "Retention" Practices: Connecting the Department to the Classroom for Student Success
 Armstrong, Jacob. and Chew, John.

Rethinking Gender and Mental Health: A Critical Analysis of Three Propositions
 Hill, Terrence. and Needham, Belinda.

Rethinking the State Breakdown Theories: Cases from the Jasmine Revolution
 Li, Rebecca.

Rethinking ‘Normal’ Families: Married Mothers Through the Prism of Single Motherhood in Russia
 Utrata, Jennifer.

Reviewing Welfare Regimes and Free Market Ideologies with the Political Economy of Statutory Minimum Wage in Hong Kong
 Ho, Yik Hei.

Revisiting Trayvon: Notes on Examining Race Beyond a Nation-State Paradigm
 Lopez, Edwin.

Revolutionary Movements and Revolutionary Intellectuals
 Loo, Dennis.

Reworking Nature: Analyzing the Social Drivers of Invasive Species
 Besek, Jordan.

Rise and devlopment of sociology in India
 Patel, Jhaverbhai.

Road Hard Tour Metal: Cultural Currency vs. Socioeconomic Realities for Touring Bands
 Sutler-Cohen, Sara.

Robert Agnew's Strain Theory and its Impact on Deviance
 Briggs, Erik.

Rude, Reckless and Scofflaw Bicyclists: (an initial report of findings)
 Johnson, Aaron.

Runners Left On Base: Family Experiences in Cuban Baseball Defection
 Cuellar, Marcus.

Rural North Carolina Community College Students Speak: Voicing the Costs of Pell Grant Policy on the Underserved
 Chattin, Scott.

Rural motherhood, moral capital, and access to opportunity
 Sage, Rayna.
Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31
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