Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31

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Safe Spaces and Classroom Debates
 Batnitzky, Adina.

Saved on a Smartphone or Stored in a Box? The Differential Attachment of Meaning to Digital and Handwritten Love Letters
 Janning, Michelle. and Snyder, Emma.

School Reform Visions From the Margins: African-American Community Critiques of Education Reform Policy
 Gordon, Hava.

School Resource Officers and America's Reserve Army of Delinquents
 Kronenwetter, John.

Schools: Do they Shape Identity? An Analysis of the Native American Identity Formation Experience
 Reid, Amber.

Science, Imperialism, and the Foundations of Human/Nonhuman Animal Oppression
 Auerbach, Daniel. and Clark, Brett.

Second Class Athletes: Media Depictions of Professional Women Tennis Players
 Castracion, Chanelle.

See Me Now! Invisible, Undervalued, and Marginalized: Practicing Girlhood in Affective Space
 Skourtes, Stephanie.

Sense Work: An Analysis of Baristas at Third Wave Coffee Shops
 Ott, Brian.

Sentiments and Symbolisms Regarding Massive Open Online Courses
 Fong, Jack.

Serial Killers in Hollywood: The Representation of Serial Killers in the Media
 Elgin, Jessica.

Service Learning and The Sociological Imagination
 Moore, Marilyn.

Sexting and Cyberbully: Moving Slut-Shaming Into the 21st Century
 Barbee, Melissa.

Sexual Behavior in Single-Father and Single-Mother Households
 Edwards, Kimberly. and Gault Sherman, Martha.

Sexual Citizenship & Polyamory: Problems and Possibilities for Sexual Rights Claims in Canada
 poole, lisa.

Shacking Up And Shipping Out: How Divorce Shapes Young Adults’ Expectations For Romantic Relationships
 Lunniss, Brittne.

Sippin', Dippin' and Trippin': A Socio-Cultural Analysis of College Students' Non-Medical Use of Cough Medicine
 Cutler, Kristin.

Six Seconds of #Race: Reinscribing Race in the Social Media Sphere
 Cunanan, Giselle.

Social Class, School-based Parental Involvement and School Context
 Clark, Miriam., Gibbs, Ben., Alder, Craig. and Mussman, Laura.

Social Media and Place: Connecting virtual communities to the physical world.
 Armendariz, Kristal.

Social Movements, NGOs, and Environmental Governance in the Detroit River Area of Concern
 Van Alstyne, Andrew.

Social Networks among First Generation Latin American Male Immigrants Living in the United States
 Chirinos, Eva.

Social Service Resources For Utah's Immigrants: Understanding Vulnerabilities, Assessing Gaps
 Browne, Shannon., Glass, Christy., Smith, Whitney. and Zizumbo, Justin.

Society’s Impact on Perceptions and Definitions of Happiness
 Watters, Annie.

Socioeconomic Situation and Informal Market Participation of Ayta Women in Zambales, Philippines
 Lammey, Machienvee.

Sociological epistemology, content, and methods in college administration
 Janning, Michelle.

Solidarity in Mother/Daughter Relationships: World War II vs. Baby Boomer Daughters in Midlife
 Stagnaro, Melanie., Giarrusso, Roseann. and Blanco, Erik.

Solitary Confinement and Collective Action: A Sociological Analysis of the California Prison Hunger Strikes
 Roesch-Knapp, Andrew.

Spirituality as a Secular Matter: Meanings and Trends from Northern Europe
 Kasselstrand, Isabella.

Stress and Coping Mechanisms Experienced by First-Generation College Students and their Non-First-Generation Peers
 Leukou Nzoutchoum, Ornella.

Structural Constraints on Goal Formation and Work Motivation: A Qualitative Analysis of Homelessness in Utah
 Lovell, Erik., Cabulagan, Ke\'ala., McMullin, John., Hutchison, Brent. and Child, Curtis.

Student perceptions of professors: Does gender matter?
 Burke, Alison. and Head-Burgess, Whitney.

Students as Educational Mentors in a Local Prison
 Murphy, Jennifer.

Study Abroad U.S.A: New Trends in South Korean Educational Migration
 Choi, Carolyn.

Studying Environmental Health-risks for Homeless People in Costa Mesa
 Hummel, Joshua.

Subordinated Masculinities Among Heretical Queers
 Radojcic, Natasha.

Superior Features: Pressures in Asian Cultures on Self Modification
 Donaldson, Leona.

Support and Socioeconomic Status: Why Substance Use May Vary by School Type
 Pinto, Victoria.

Support for a Female President: Opinions of Liberal and Conservative Women in Politics in the Context of Gendered Media Framings.
 Cretney, Carly.

Symbolic Social Network Ties and Community Participation
 Whitham, Monica.

Symbolic Violence in Redneck Media
 McCloud, Laura. and Capere, Andrea.
Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31
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