Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31

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Take Me Back to “Da kine”: Hawaii Student Adjustment to the Mainland College Culture
 Iloreta, Jason.

Taking Time Seriously: Delayed Effects of Economic Development on Democracy, 1960-2010
 Balaev, Mikhail.

Taming the Exotic Mane: Experiences of Pacific Island Women Thorough Their Perception of Hair
 Aga, Anette.

Tanzanian healthcare providers’ awareness of the problematic nature of HIV/AIDS
 Ayers, Stephanie., Bagwell, Meredith., Nielsen, Karen., Wright, Mia., Marsiglia, Flavio. and Salamone, Damien.

Teacher Engagement with Bullying: Managing an Identity within a School
 Migliaccio, Todd.

Teaching Basic Social Research Methods
 Ockerman, Janet. and Oidjarv, Helo.

Teaching Interdisciplinary Honors Urban Studies
 Hutter, Mark.

Teaching Intro to Sociology Through Service Learning
 Poole, Dan.

Teaching Race and Anti-Racism in Contemporary America
 Haltinner, Kristin.

Teaching Race, Gender, and Nation in the City of Roses:
 Mejia, Angie. and Eck, Sally.

Teaching Sociology to Adolescent Teenagers with Pearltrees
 Rodriguez, Cody.

Teaching Upper Division Sociology Courses Online
 Gemelli, Marcella.

Teaching and Learning at the Front lines: Using Action-Oriented Research to End Violence Against Women and Children
 Murray, susan. and Hallgren, Scott.

Techniques of Neoliberal Governance and Emotion Management in the Construction of the Label of “Victimhood”
 Maslenitsyn, Dmitriy.

Techno-stratification and the Virtual Student Citizen
 Gravatt, Crispin.

Technology and Society: A Framework for Utilizing Technology to Direct Social Change
 West, Nicholas.

Teenage Pregnancy: Read All About It! A Longitudinal Analysis of the New York Times' Narratives
 Myers, Kyl. and Prudencio, Liana.

Textbook Politics: Authenticity and the Democratic Code
 Dasgupta, Kushan.

The Allotment of Parental Allowances to Children: Variations by Race, Ethnicity, and Social Class
 McRee, Nick.

The American Freedom Party: How White Nationalism Goes Mainstream in a Post-Racial Society
 Steinkuehler, Terra.

The Back Door: Institutional Change in the California Legislature
 Gonzales, Daisy.

The Benefits of Experiential Learning For Understanding Social Issues: A Comparison of Student Project Outcomes For Understanding the Topic of Food Insecurity and Hunger
 Whitley, Sarah.

The Collective Consciousness of Atheists
 Abdel Haq, Mohammad. and Torr, Berna.

The College Hook-Up Culture of Mating, Dating and Waiting: Religion vs. Religiosity
 Chandra, Arlene.

The Conflation of Caucasian and Hispanic Identities in Prison Incarcerations: Disparities between African Americans/Caucasians
 Rowley, Brad. and Beyers, Dana.

The Cultural Production of “Mainstream” Gay Adult Film
 Burke, Nathaniel.

The Decline -- and Ultimate Demise? -- of Rock 'n' Roll, 1977-2012
 Farrington, Keith. and Schaeffer, Carol.

The Decline of Religion in College Students and its Relationship to Ethical Behavior
 Walters, Kathryn.

The Deinstitutionalization of the American Wedding
 Liebman, Robert.

The Development and Use of Biomedicalized Embodied Experiential Knowledge in the Gynecological Teaching Associate Encounter
 Underman, Kelly.

The Devolution of Immigration Enforcement
 George, Molly.

The Digital Campfire: A Study of Meaning and Identity in Online Urban Legends
 Bowman, Alex.

The Duality of Social Structure and Health
 Rambotti, Simone.

The Educational Experiences of Latinas in Higher Education
 Navarro, Carmencita.

The Effect of Internet Use on Political Participation
 Herlihy, Alison.

The Effects of Institutionalized Educational Inequities on College Student Plagiarism
 Strangfeld, Jennifer.

The Effects of Race and Familial Incarceration on California Students in Higher Educational Settings
 Gray, Sarah.

The Emotionality of Vindicatory Gun Ownership
 Young, Robert.

The Evaluation of Prison Realignment in California – One County’s Perspective (AB109)
 Bullock, Campbell.

The Experience of Depression among Older Women
 Apesoa-Varano, E. Carolina.

The Experiences of Learning Disabled Students: Stigma Management, Acceptance and Empathy at a Private University
 Yeend, Sarah.

The FCC and White Collar Crime: An Examination of FCC Violations and their Relationship to Regulatory Deficiencies
 Lazzeroni, Sarah.

The Formation of Mexican-American Understandings of Virginity
 Prechtel, Catherine.

The Gender Gap in Military Enlistment for 2004 U.S. High School Graduates
 Jenner, Brandy.

The Geography of Crime and Justice: Explaining Spatial Shifts in Crime Across Oregon from 1990 to 2010
 Harmon, Mark., Hosack, Bryan. and Kwak, Dae-Hoon.

The German Lebensreform Bewegung: A Mature Social Movement’s Fight for Survival and Relevance.
 Reynolds, Robert.

The Hidden Ideology behind the Rhetoric of Michigan's 2011 TANF Reforms
 Wright, Mellissa.

The Impact of Heterosexism and Racism on HIV Risk Behaviors among Two-Spirit Men
 Town, Matthew.

The Influence of Western Islam and Judaism on the Arab-Israeli Conflict
 Steiner, Chelsea.

The Ins and Outs of Edited Collections
 Shayne, Julie., Lerum, Kari. and Hollander, Jocelyn.

The Interaction of Afrocentric Facial Features and Sex in Criminal Sentencing
 Petersen, Amanda.

The Issues Within: The Social Construction of Food Deserts
 Plazarin, Amanda.

The Leased Among Us: Taxi Drivers in San Diego
 Esbenshade, Jill. and Russ, Karina.

The Meaning Of Work and Money In The Ghetto
 Ray, Ranita.

The Missing Links in Durkheim's "Elementary Forms": An Evolutionary Perspective
 Maryanski, Alexandra.

The Myth of the White Rapist: Sexual Assault Against Native Women and the Politics of Truth
 Ferraro, Kathleen.

The Natural Conditions of Couples Doing Gender in a Public Space
 Barron, Rachael.

The Nature of Women in the Sandwich Generation
 Chrisakis, Ashley.

The Ordeal of Subordination Management: Wives Who Struggle to Preserve the Sport Marriage
 Ortiz, Steven.

The Perpetuation of Gender Inequality: The Gendering of Political Discourse in Partisan New Media
 Laschever, Eulalie.

The Popularization of Rap and the Effects on the Hip-Hop Culture
 Easley, Kevin.

The Relationship between Decommodification and Self-Perceived Health in Major Industrialized Capitalist Countries
 Abel, Karin.

The Role of Racism, Stress, and Acculturation in Understanding the Latino Immigrant Health Paradox
 Anderson, Kathryn. and Finch, Jessie.

The Rubbish Ways Environmental Regulation Becomes Ineffective
 Palkowitz, Hannah.

The Second Crossing: Viewing Elderly Braceros from the Past through the Present
 Lopez, Paul.

The Social Experiences of Voluntarily Childless Women
 Settle, Braelin.

The Socio-Economics of Recovery from the Indian Ocean Tsunami
 Loebach, Peter.

The Socioeconomic Consequences of Dropping Out: Evidence from Two Cohorts of Siblings
 Campbell, Colin.

The Sorrow and the Pity: The Relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Male Juvenile Delinquency
 Davis, Sharon.

The Specter of Timothy Leary in Contemporary Psychedelic Science
 Giffort, Danielle.

The Student Development Model and Academic Achievement: An Assessment of Faculty Pedagogy and Student Success
 Grant, Alexis.

The Subjugation of Political Hip Hop: How Sources of Civil Resistance are Co-opted to Reproduce Hegemony
 Maier-Zucchino, Dana.

The Treadmill of Destruction and Water Withdrawals in the US
 Alvarez, Camila.

The US Social Forums and the Generation of Organizational Coalitions
 Van Dyke, Nella. and Molina, Carolina.

The Vanishing Culture: The Hmong Culture
 Her, James.

The Vanishing Hispanic Male in Higher Education: The Role of Latino Socialization and College-Planning Support
 Rodriguez, Tomas.

The West Oakland Food Movement: An Analysis of Social Change Through Access and Sustainability
 Miller, Pauline.

The impact of institutional resource allocation on socialization among Americans
 Engelbrecht, Rebecca.

The importance of attachment to peer, school, and parents in the age group of adolescents
 Ramos-Navarro, Cynthia.

The long-term correlates of course failure in higher education
 Sanabria, Tanya.

There is an I in Team: Trust and Autonomy in Medical Teamwork
 Rodriquez, Jason.

Three Lessons from Trends in Alternative Fuel Vehicle Production
 McGee, Julius.

Through a Child’s Eyes: Encouraging Positive Behavior among Inmate Mothers through a Special Visitation Event
 Lazzari, Sarah., Vanderhoff, Renee., Salisbury, Emily. and Ayala, Joan.

Time To Cowboy Up, Ladies!: Marketing Straight Male Escorts to Women
 Wosick, Kassia. and Boyd, Erin.

To Be Female is To Diet: Size, Stigma and Self in Weight-loss Culture
 Coppock-Pector, Dana.

To Study the Self is to Forget the Self: Zen Practice and Dereification Processes of Body, Mind and Self
 Boyns, David.

Together alone: How women experience freedom in Zumba
 Nieri, Tanya.

Tomorrow is too late: The Cuban path to sustainable development
 Weidner, Natasha.

Too Talented For School? A Qualitative Study of the Rivalry Between the Student-Athlete Identities
 Williams, Deann.

Toward a New Conflict Functionalism
 Powers, Charles.

Towards Climate Justice: How do the Most Vulnerable Weigh Environment-Economy Trade-offs?
 Running, Katrina.

Towards a Geek Culture Census
 Crockett, Jason.

Towards a New Partial Theory of Symbolic Praxis
 Kebede, Alemseghed.

Trapped in a Racialized World: Macklemore’s Subversive Strivings in “Can’t Hold Us”
 Harris II, Emmanuel.

Trauma-Informed Research and Planning: Understanding Government-Urban Native American Community Partnerships to Address Substance-Exposed Pregnancies
 Mercier, Amanda.

Trust in Online Communities: A Case Study of Airbnb

Two Negatives Equal A Positive: Exploring How Middle-Class Young Adult Children of Divorce Benefit in Relationships
 Ferguson, Lauren.
Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31
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