Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31

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Wearing Hijabs in the Workplace and Occupational Futures: Perceptions of American Muslim females attending universities in southern California
 Minton, Carol.

Wearing the Veil in City Heights, California
 Walter, Crysal.

What I Want and What I Get: Student Experiences With e-Learning
 Scroggins, Jennifer., Wall, Diana. and Moody, Hanna.

What Quran says about women’s rights and role in an Islamic society and the misconceptions of the West
 Taimoor, Madiha.

What accounts for the variation in the rate of intermarriage with the non-Hispanic white majority group across generations of the Mexican-origin population?
 Cedillo, Rosalio.

What we should talk about when we talk about Social Support Theory: A Quantitative Analysis
 Ceresola, Ryan.

What’s So Offensive About Self-Defense? An analysis of gender, embodiment and privilege
 Cupo, Dimitra.

When Architecture Meets Activism: A Transformative Experience in The Windy City
 Guy, Roger.

When Architecture Meets Activism: A Transformative Experience in The Windy City
 Guy, Roger.

When Does a Counter-Normative Identity become a Stigmatized Identity?
 Long, Brooke.

When Principals Attack their Agents: Young Public Workers' Responses to Conservative Politics
 Benditt, Lauren.

When faculty strikes back: Perspectives of core union coordinators in postsecondary institution
 Tagayuna, Arlie. and Cao, Simon.

Where Are They Going: Demographic Trends of the Young and Professional
 Pearce, Jade.

Who Am I: The identities and Perceptions of U.S. Adult Adoptees Over Time
 Pearce, Jade.

Who Asks for Help?: Attitudes Towards Mental Health and Utilization of Mental Health Resources on a College Campus
 Laxson, Kaeli.

Who Funds Political Campaigns? An Analysis of Contributions to Congressional Candidates
 Peoples, Clayton.

Who do Young Islamist Activists (Not) Listen to? Understanding Religious Authority in Islamic Social Movements
 Spiegel, Avi.

Who is Against Prostitution? Attitudes Toward the Justifiability of Paid Sex from the World Values Survey
 Cook, Denise., Spivak, Andrew. and Brents, Barbara.

Why Is the Supreme Deity of Shintō a Goddess? The Effect of Anomie on Feminization of the Supreme Deity during the Yayoi Period
 Mamada, Robert.

Why Put a Bumper Sticker on a Ferrari? The Social Acceptability of Tattoos at a Private University
 Hunt, Chelsea.

Women Legislators and the Politics of Reproductive Policy
 McCoy, Julisa.

Women's Response to Street Harassment
 Cobb, Allison.

Work, Wheelchairs and Welfare: Supplemental Security Income, Childhood Disability and Parental Employment
 Richardson, Susan.

Wrestling, Masculinity, and the Community College
 Sanchez, Ivan. and Perez, Michael.
Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-31
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