Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting 2015-Apr-01 to 2015-Apr-05

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"A Living Room for our Community:" The Social Construction of Public Space in Washington, Utah
 Jones, Kacey.

"Hands Up, Don't Shoot": Police and Vigilante Violence as an Extension of Old Fashioned Lynching
 Agard, Alisha.

"Hey, You! Get your damn hands off her!": How masculinity affects the performance and the perceptions of women cosplayers in popular culture conventions.
 Rodriguez, Bernabe.

"How’s the Soil?”: Talking about Environmental Risk from Wheat Field to Vineyard
 Santos-Davidson, Alberto.

"I am not like them":Teen moms identity work and deviance disavowal
 Mckelvey, Amy.

"I can't be your wife:" Gender and the Cultural Double Standard in American High School Films
 Bulman, Robert.

"I'm Having These Feelings, So I Must Be a Lesbian": Sexual Fluidity in Recent North American Television
 McClure, Corinne.

"I'm just open-minded": Black Women on their Interracial Romance
 Pizano, Leilani.

"Sexuality Norms for Non-Normative Genders"
 Serrano, Gregory. and Stroud, Kathryn.

"The Rest is History": Afro-Asian Fusion in L.A. Hip-Hop
 McTaggart, Ninochka.

#Blessed: How college students, religious or non-religious, interpret or understand the Prosperity Gospel.
 Weigand, Kevin.

#Bonusgate: Tactical Framing Against the Corporatization of Higher Education
 Anahita, Sine.

#Fue El Estado: The Tlatlaya and Ayotzinapa Revolutions
 Aguirre, Sara.

(Extra)Ordinary Desires: Political Governmentality and the Neoliberal Queer Student
 Gravatt, Crispin.

(Hiding) In Plain Sight: How Income Status Matters Differently Among Low-Income Students in Suburban Schools
 Zhu, Queenie.

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A Cross-National Study of Renewable Energy Production, 1970-2012
 McCall, Jolene.

A Place Called Home / Hogar? Demographic Change and Its Implications for South Los Angeles.
 Pastor, Manuel.

A Social Psychological Examination of Deaf Identity Processes
 Carter, Michael.

A Sociological Theory of the American Dream for the 21st Century
 Hauhart, Robert.

A Study of College Students' Identity and Offending Behavior
 Bielitz, Rudolph.

A Tale of Two Cities: A Statistical Comparison of Mexicans in Two Border Metropolitan Areas
 Rocha, Rosalba.

A Thousand Ways to Die: Healthcare Workers' Perspectives on Physician-Assisted Suicides
 Gordon, Lissette. and Davis, Sharon.

A Tri-City Analysis on the Efficacy of Non-Discrimination Policies and Inclusivity In the LGBT Community
 Real, Jessica.

A public sociology of teaching social theory
 Rudy, Preston. and Udayagiri, Mridula.

A “Conspiracy of Silence”: Institutional and Personal Investment in Suppressing the Traumas of Cambodian Refugees
 Kwan, Yvonne.

Abandoning Community: Gentrification and Media Boosterism in Downtown Las Vegas
 Dassopoulos, Andrea.

Abortion as Plot Point: Analyzing Portrayals of Pregnancy Decision-Making on American Television
 Kimport, Katrina. and Sisson, Gretchen.

Academic Achievement Differences Between Ethnic and Racial Groups: Understanding Mechanisms Behind the Disparity
 Puga Jr., Martin.

Acculturation Experiences Among Mexican-Origin Descendants
 Conley-Estrada, Rosie.

Adam Smith and Contemporary Sociological Microtheory
 Carr, Cynthia.

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Baby Einstein and G.I. Joe: How Toys Contribute to Human Capital Formation and Class Stratification
 Day, Maureen.

Battle of the Ages: A Retributive vs. Restorative Justice Approach in a Youth Rehabilitation Center
 Martens, Alexys.

Becoming an expert through protest: How an environmental coalition mobilizes information and expertise
 Fuist, Todd. and Stavig, Amy.

Behind the Boob-Window: Problematizing Narratives of Gender and Sexuality in Comic Books
 Hartwig, Sarah.

Believe It or Not, Atheists Can be Sexists Too: The Strategic Silencing of Feminists Online
 St.Amand, Stephanie.

Beyond Trafficking: People, Place and the Right of Locomotion
 O\'Connell Davidson, Julia.

Big Brother Where Are(n't) Thou?: College Students' Awareness and Perceptions of Contemporary Surveillance Practices
 Streit, Karisa.

Black Coaches in the NBA and Racial Discrimination
 Cathcart, Jermaine.

Black Women’s Experiences in Higher Education
 Thompson, Tamaiah.

Blue Collar American Dreams and the American Class System
 Torlina, Jeff.

Bodies, Booze, and Bros: An Ethnographic Study of Hegemonic Masculinity and Las Vegas Day Clubs
 Vito, Christopher. and McCoy, Julisa.

Brain Drain in Iran: Iranian students' reasons for permanent immigration to USA
 Hoominfar, Elham.

Breastfeeding as Maternal Performativity: Interpreting Interactions with the Male Gaze
 Carathers, JaDee.

Building Bridges: The Inclusion of Latino Parents in a College Access Program
 Vargas, Thalia., Garcia Perez, Grecia. and Dávila, Brianne.

Building Market Infrastructure: Grading Systems and Their Effect on Post-bellum Futures Markets
 Pinzur, David.

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Can you hear me? Do you care?: Sexual assault as a form of socially controlling Black women
 Greenhouse, Desiree.

Cancer Screening Patterns for Walla Walla’s Low-Income, Uninsured Population
 Wieneke, Arika.

Caribbean Mobility and Success in Canada: A Story of Overcoming Systemic and Individual Racism
 Plaza, Dwaine.

Caring for Children during Hard Times: How Employment Status Impacted Men's and Women's Contributions to Child Care, 2003-2011
 Sahl, Allison.

Casino Workers
 Serna, Bettina.

Casual, precarious, insecure or flexible? Identifying and analysing the discourse of insecure employment.
 Bone, Kate.

Chef de Culture? How Class and Ethnic Diversity Interacts with Food in Chef Talk
 Kilic, Zeynep.

Chuck Geary: Appalachian, Community Organizer, Forgotten Warrior for the Poor
 Guy, Roger.

Citizenship Norms: Perspectives of Citizens and Non-Citizens
 Faught, Jim.

Civic Engagement for Youth: A Community-Based Organization Approach
 Cortez, Laura.

Class Formation and Global Capitalism
 Martin, Nathan. and Kaya, Yunus.

Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theories: Issues of Continuity and Discontinuity
 Kebede, Alem.

Cleaning Out The Closet: Exploring Rejection and Acceptance of Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth
 Manning, Brian.

Closure or Censure?: Examining Determinants of Disclosure of Sexual Assault among College Students
 Head-Burgess, Whitney.

Co-occurring Disorders and how they Impact Likelihood of Recidivism Among Adult Inmates
 Huber, Michaela. and Bahr, Stephen.

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Dangerous Love: "Positive" Eugenics, Mass Media, and the Scientific Woman, 1900–1945
 Oveyssi, Natalie.

Daughters of the Cinema: The Contributions of Black Female Filmmakers
 Baker, Christina.

Dean's List Delinquents: Techniques of Neutralization and Deviance in Private University Students
 Bray, Mararita.

Decentering Whiteness in the Classroom
 Walkington, Lori.

Definitions of Adulthood and Coming-of-Age Consumerism in the US and Japan
 Munn, Madison.

Demonstrating Inequality Via Tables
 Bird, Mark.

Designing Group Randomized Studies using Optimal Design
 Kelcey, Ben. and Spybrook, Jessaca.

Desistance From Crime in Adolescence
 McRee, Nick.

Developing National AIDS Responses
 Phillips, Nolan.

Developing Teaching Careers at Community Colleges
 Shin, Jean., McKeever, James., Romo, Rebecca. and Campbell, Alondo.

Developing a Culture of Engagement for Undergraduate Sociology Students
 Inderbitzin, Michelle., Cramer, Lori., Stanley, Kathleen., Plaza, Dwaine. and Jennings, Breandan.

Development and Dependency in Ravaged Haiti: Food Sovereignty or Garment Exports?
 Alban, Jose Maria.

Digital Communities Interrupted: The Phenomenology of Withdrawal”
 Hryniszak, Grzegorz.

Digital Man Cave: The Neo-Masculinist Movement on the Internet
 Anahita, Sine.

Discrimination through the Ranks: How Tenure, Rank, Gender, and Race Affect Perceptions of Discrimination
 Nelson, Gesemia.

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Early Family Building Behaviors and Subsequent Socioeconomic Well-being
 Lim, Sojung. and Glenn, Jared.

Effect of Assimilation into United States: Changes in Mexican Immigrants’ Perceptions of Treatment of Women
 Ramirez, Blanca.

Effects of Impression Management among Homeless Young Adults that use Social Networking Sites
 Trevino, Kimberly.

Effects of Skin-Tone on Academic Performance
 Kim, Hanna.

Elephant in the Room: Negotiating Feminism in Heterosexual Relationships at a Catholic University
 Loe, Emily.

Emancipation, Politics and Racial Identity in Early Reconstruction New Orleans
 McGoldrick, Stacy. and Pedroza, Sofia.

Employment Trajectories Beyond Retirement
 Hochfellner, Daniela Elisabeth.

Engendering the Metabolic Rift: A Feminist Political Ecology of Agrofuels
 Dockstader, Sue.

Environment, Economy, and Population: A Longitudinal Examination on APEC Members
 Hao, Feng.

Environmental Justice and the Metal Finishing Industry in Los Angeles
 Thomas, Ward.

Ethnic Expulsion and Settler Colonial State Building: Palestine's al-Nakba
 Patros, Tyson. and Zoeller, Christoffer.

Ethnic Studies Ban in Arizona
 Garcia, Marisela.

Ethnic Variations in Immigrant Health: An Analysis of Six Immigrant Groups
 Reynolds, Megan., Read, Jen\'nan. and Chernenko, Alla.

Ethnic-Racial Socialization and Ethnic Identity Development: Assessing Parental and Peer Influence
 Grindal, Matthew.

Ethnocide of Deafness
 Higby, Nathaniel.

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Facilities for Children of Inmates: A Look at Community Reunification Strategies within Programs
 Dedrick, Jamaeca.

Factors Shaping Transfer Students’ Academic Success and Integration within Higher Education: An Evaluation of UCR’s Transfer Outreach Program
 Gonzalez, Cinthya.

Factors that influence transfer rates among California community college students
 Trinidad, Adrian.

Faculty-led study abroad: Reflections on students’ cross-cultural engagement
 Luna, Yvonne. and Medill, Anne.

Faith Based Organizations of Sacramento, CA
 Torres, Jr., Santos.

Family Matters: A Qualitative Study of Social Networks During Pregnancy and Childbirth Among Indigenous and Rural Communities Of Mesoamerica
 Rodriguez Fernandez, Gisela.

Fat Work: interactionally Managing Fat Stigma
 Sniezek, Tamara.

Fathers, Daughters and Traditional Gender Beliefs
 Tom, Joshua. and Ferguson, Todd.

Female Expressions of Beauty in Western Africa
 Greaver, Kathleen.

Female Foster Youth's Transition to Independent Living
 Noyola, Lucero.

Feminist analysis of the popular media discourse surrounding voluntary childlessness
 Duckett, Danielle. and Jordan, Meggan.

Fertility Assimilation: The Role of Culture
 Chehras, Nanneh.

Fetish Balls, Orgies, and Sexually Themed Events: An Examination of Large-scale Alternative Cultural Gatherings
 Benson, Carolyn.

Fiesta Fundraising: Filling the Gaps of AIDS Service Organizations in San Antonio
 Olivares, Rosa.

Fifty Years of State Surveillance and Student Movements in Mexico
 Herrera, Daisy.

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Gardening and Foraging in Southeast Alaska: Climate Change and Food Security
 Vess, Lora.

Gender Non-Conformity in Children
 Reichman, Jean-Louise.

Gender Norms, Social Attitudes, and Health Behaviors: Understanding Young Adult Women Smokers in South Korea.
 Woo, Juhee.

Gender Relations in Transnational Migration: Examining Chinese Immigrant Women in Canada
 Man, Guida.

Gender Resistance in The Bathroom
 Martin, Amanda.

Gender Shock: The Hidden Gender Curriculum of Studying Abroad
 Faley, Mary.

Gender Stratification and Socioeconomic Gradient in Mental Health in Vietnam
 Trinh, Ha.

Gender Violence Prevention Education: Current Practices and Future Directions
 Eriksen, Shelley.

Gender and Hooking Up: From One Night Stands to "Catching Feelings"
 Cowley, Angela.

Gender and Sexuality in Mainstream Media Coverage of the SOOCHI Olympics
 Wachs, Faye., Pedroza, Sofia., Castillo, Jonatan. and Macias, Brittany.

Gender roles in male strip clubs and revue shows
 Smart, Bobbi-Lee. and Budesa, Joan.

Geospatial Distribution and Characteristics of E-Cigarette Retailers: Are Youth at Risk?
 Vorapharuek, Patsornkarn (Nate).

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts: Socialization and Gender Expectations as Conveyed Through Merit Badges
 Stavig, Amy.

Glen Haven Strong: Identity in the face of natural disaster.
 Houser, Jeffrey.

Global Cities: Nation Building or Empire Building? Viewing the Framework from the Lens of Urban Renewal and Gentrification
 Pada, Orvic.

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Having a Hard(d) Time?: Young Peoples' Experiences of Safety, Regulation, and Place in a Marginalised South Wales Community
 Thomas, Gareth., Elliott, Eva., Innes, Martin., Ivinson, Gabrielle., Renold, Emma., Exley, Eve. and Lowe, Trudy.

Hegemonic Masculinity in Trauma Advocacy Nonprofit Organizations
 Braithwaite, Stephanie.

Heroic Selection Mechanisms: Measuring an Institutionally Ideal American Soldier
 Beneda, James.

Heterogeneous Treatment Effects of Postsecondary Preparation on College Enrollment by Parental Immigration and Immigrant Group
 Holzman, Brian.

High-Crime Las Vegas: Smart Policing Strategies, Crime Rates, and Resident Perceptions of Police in Hispanic Neighborhoods
 Batson, Christie. and Spivak, Andrew.

Homeless migratory youth: Why do they leave and where do they go?
 Panter, Alanna.

How Emotion Management Responds to the Hospital Environment and Travels Along Conduits of Power
 Factor, Adam.

How Much Can We Take: Craft breweries explosion and the power of local markets
 Kirkham, James.

How do Professional Cuddlers use emotion work to mask the rationalization and commodification of the experience.
 Wildgrube, Rana.

Humor and Symbolic Interaction Among Brain Injuries Survivors
 Morrow, Steven.


I Don't See Color: Teaching Race and Racism in Color-Blind Racist Classrooms
 Smedley, Anna.

I'm Not Gonna Be Like 'That' Guy: Examining Anti-Drug Advertising through the Eyes of 'That' Guy
 Ferestad, Jaysen.

Identifying and Examining Mexican, Salvadoran, and Guatemalan Immigrant Enclaves: A Spatial Approach
 Sanchez, Luis.

Identity Correspondence: The influences of Psycho-Cultural Processes and Social Structural Contexts on Second-Generation Adolescents’ Identity Choices
 Kelly, Monique.

Identity Formation and Prescribed Gender Roles Among Female Gamers
 Lee, Euphemia.

Identity and Civic Engagement: Studying Civic Responsibility and Intersectional Political Awareness among South LA Youth
 White, Luna.

Ideological Diversity in the TEA Party: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship and Role of the State
 Haltinner, Kristin.

If a Crime is Unreported, Did it Still Happen?
 Smith, Ryen.

If she isn’t here to work, what is she doing here?: Popular Contemporary Film and the Continuing Exploitation of Black Women
 Baker, Christina.

Illuminating the Unique Experiences in the Daily Lives of Single Fathers
 Esbensen, Heidi.

Immigration-Induced Racial/Ethnic, Nativity, and Nationality Diversity And its Effects on Civil Society
 Rosales, William.

Impact on Modernization on Literature & Society
 Megha, Nileshkumar.

Implications of first language attrition in third generation East Indians
 Mirabella, Rani.

In the Eyes of Family and State: How Stigma Affects LGBT Parents' Decisions Having Children
 Colonna, Rafael.

Incentivized Students: How Neutralized Gender Rationalizes Academic Success
 Gates, Britini.

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Joining the Spectrum: Neurodiversity on the Stage
 Boyns, David., Kim, Ah-jeong., Lawrence, Christopher., Stembridge, Sarah. and Torres, Vincent.

Juror Dismissed: Getting Out of Citizenship Obligations
 Lopez, Jane.

Juveniles in Crime Dramas
 Foster, Heather. and Willingham, Mark.


LGBT and the Silent 'B': Attitudes and Perceptions of Bisexuality as a Sexual Identity
 Fuller, Celene.

LGBTQ aging: Seniors from the Stonewall era
 Barrett, Don.

Labor, Informality, and Regulation:Mexican Immigrants in the South Central Pallet Industry
 Ontiveros, Roxana.

Latina Breast Cancer Mortality: Understanding the paradoxical effects of immigration, race/ethnicity, and social disadvantage
 Kposowa, Augustine. and Collins-Dogrul, Julie.

Latina Dementia Caregivers: The Construction of Expert Caregiver Identities
 Apesoa-Varano, E. Carolina.

Latina Department Store Workers and Subjective Occupational Mobility
 Diaz, Janette.

Latina/o Students at HSU: Beyond Their Freshman Year
 Perez, Jesus.

Latinas/os and the Struggle for Environmental Justice in Suburbia: A Comparative Analysis
 Mejia, Armando.

Life After Death: The Last Information Gap - Until Now
 Bibby, Reginald. and Grenville, Andrew.

Living with a Stigmatized Illness: Experiences of Managing Relationships among Women with Fibromyalgia
 Armentor, Janet.

Local Financial Crisis and the Democratic Process: A Case Study of Michigan's Emergency Manager Law
 Harper, Heather.

Longitudinal study of Minnesotans' attitudes towards immigrants
 Zerbib, Sandrine. and Finan, Ann.

Love's Labor: Race, Class, and Gender in Dating
 Ray, Ranita.


Making Meaning of Student Debt
 Rotondi, Matthew.

Making Weed Work: Unionizing Medical Cannabis Labor in the 21st Century U.S. City
 Chlala, Robert.

Male Mexican Migrants’ Place of Origin and U.S. Destination: Earnings during periods of Anti-Immigration Laws
 Collazo, Jose.

Managing Stigma in Deviant Dancing Culture.
 Anderson, Emily.

Manifesting Maturity: Collegiate Sexuality and Women's Sexual Options
 Dalessandro, Cristen.

Market Transition and Health Care Reforms in China and Russia
 Lin, Shih-Chi.

Marketing to Female Consumers in Sex Shops: A Qualitative Analysis
 Boyd, Erin.

Marrying for More than Yourself: The Mediation of Marriage Culture among Conservative Religious Communities
 Irby, Courtney.

Marx's Human capital theory and it's controversial use on the example of Turkmenistan
 Yuvshanova, Sofiya.

Marxism and Critical Sociology in the 21st Century
 Berberoglu, Berch.

Maternal Incarceration and Self-Reported Marijuana Use Amongst Adolescents and Young Adults: Results from a Case-Control Study
 Menefee, Michael.

Measures of Acculturation and Their Association to Dietary Behaviors among Hispanic Adults in the U.S.
 Lopez, Erick. and Yamashita, Takashi.

Measuring Housing Adequacy in the Arctic
 Edwards, Nelta.

Medical Standards and the Intimate Labor of Self-Making
 Psihopaidas, Demetrios.

Meeting the University's Institutional Learning Objective: Faculty Developed Resources for Teaching Diversity and Social Justice
 Wong, Rose., Austin, Duke., Ivester, Sukari. and Fong, Colleen.

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NGOs and pathways to women’s empowerment in Bangladesh: BRAC and Nijera Kori
 Chung, Heesu.

Nature Spectacles: Horticulture Performances in Las Vegas Casinos
 Baxter, Nicholas.

Navajo Native American: Ethnic Identity and Cultural Identity
 Cun, Jolene.

Negotiating Inclusion: Women of color’s resistance strategies in doctoral education
 Ward, Kelly.

Negotiating, Managing and Challenging Institutional Responses to the Fear of Gangs
 Swan, Richelle. and Bates, Kristin.

Neighborhood Radius Predictive Equations from Hand-Drawn Maps
 Siordia, Carlos.

Neomercantilism, Labor and Austerity Response: The Long-Term Structure of the Eurocrisis
 MacPherson, Robert.

No Sugar, No Grains: Understanding Structure and Agency through Experiential Learning
 Singer, James.

No-Majority Communities: Racial Diversity and Change at the Local Level
 Farrell, Chad. and Lee, Barrett.

Northern Exposure: A comparison study of Alaska and Yukon models of measuring community wellbeing
 Spiers, Kent.

Not Without My Smartphone: Technological Determinism and Social Construction of Technology (SCOT) among Millennials
 Okamura, Daniel.

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels: Normalization of unhealthy diet and exercise behaviors among college women
 Ridgeway, Sadie.


Observations on Gay Male Whiteness in Retirement
 Barrett, Don.

Occupational Related Injury and Disability Among Unauthorized Latino/a Immigrants in Los Angeles, California
 Serrano, Angel.

Offline as Misaligned: Emotions, Behaviors and Interactions when Millennials Lose Mediated Contexts and Role Centrality
 Bodinger-deUriarte, Cristina.

Older Johns: Male Prostitution Clients Over Sixty Who Seek Women Providers Online
 Monto, Martin. and Milrod, Christine.

On Du Bois' Concept of the Race/Class Dialectic: the Case of an AFL Union
 Roberts, Michael.

On the Origin of Religion; by Means of Natural Selection
 Turner, Jonathan.

Online social networks usage in HIV patients
 Aghaei, Atefeh. and Khalilimeybodi, Mohsen.


Parental Migration and Left-behind Children’ Health in Rural China
 Tang, Zequn.

Pathways to Promotion for Midcareer Faculty: A Faculty Learning Community Model
 Peterson, Gretchen.

Pay-to-Play: a Rite of Passage in the Los Angeles Music Scene
 Ulrich, Jaimis.

Perceived Immigrant Job Competition and Volunteerism
 Samson, Frank.

Perceptions of competency for male and female chemistry majors: Does he receive more credit?
 Hilwig, Stephanie., Beeton, Renee. and Martinez, Victoria.

Performing Genders: A Study of Gender Fluid People
 Coney, Nicholas.

Perpetuating Reductionist Medicine thru Clinical Practice Guidelines
 Vallee, Manuel.

Place as Archive, Interactant, and Memory: How we Narrate/Perform Place and Self
 Husting, Ginna.

Plans or Pavement or for People?: Social Sustainability and Urban Cycling Infrastructure
 Lubitow, Amy., Zinschlag, Bryan. and Rochester, Nate.

Pleased to Comply: Why We Don't Talk About Money and What Financial Taboo Does
 DePalma, Lindsay.

Policing the body: Gendered interactions among Asian Indian graduate international students in Southern California
 Bhatt, Kunj.

Politics and Processes of Climate Change Denial
 Gunn, Jeffrey.

Portrayals of Crime and Justice: Viewer Perceptions of Fictional Crime Dramas
 Fitzgerald, Kaitlin. and Humphries, Sarah.

Power and Authority in the Hospital: Comparing and Contrasting Masculinity Performances of Female Physicians and Male Nurses
 Wilson, Stephanie.

Prayer, Attachment to God, and Changes in Psychological Well-Being in Later Life
 Bradshaw, Matt., Kent, Blake. and King, Katherine.

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Queer South Asians in the U.S: Rethinking and Contesting Belonging
 Adur, Shweta.


Race in Citizenship, Citizenship in Race: The Case of Later Generation Japanese Americans
 Nakano, Dana.

Racially and Ethnically Diverse Neighborhoods in Ventura County
 Villaseñor, Veronica.

Re-Imagining Leisure for the Twenty-First Century
 Blackshaw, Tony.

Re-conceptualizing Meanings of “Home”: The Emerging Phenomenon of Repeat Migrants from India in Today’s Globalized Economy
 Narayan, Anjana. and Ocampo, Anthony.

Real writing: Using writing to increase learning through relevancy, rigor, and relationships
 Smith, Deborah. and Smith, Brian.

Reconceptualizing Concentrated Disadvantage: Testing for an Interaction Effect between Poverty and Inequality predicting Homicides in Chicago
 Burraston, Bert.

Redefining Motherhood Through Assisted Reproductive Technologies
 Camarena, Lourdes.

Reducing Stigma through Mandatory Licensing for Direct-entry Midwives: Being Credentialed in a Credentialized Society
 Miller, Amy.

Refashioning 'Rugged Individualism': Trauma Work, Emotions, and Power in the Re-entry Therapeutic Encounter
 Bassett, Kathleen.

Reforming the American Dream and Conforming Welfare Mothers
 Katz, Sheila.

Reframing Cultural Citizenship: Inclusion through paid work for Haitian women in the U.S.
 Carney, Nikita.

Registered Sex Offender Perceptions of the Public Sex Offender Registry
 Gordon, Karen.

Reinventing Racism: Racist Discourse in Social Media
 Serrano, Uriel.

Religion, Politics, and Radicalism: Re-Examining American Political Tolerance
 Armstrong, Jacob.

Reporting Sex Work in Sin City: Depictions of Prostitution in the Las Vegas News Media
 Whitmer, Jennifer., Brents, Barb. and Ballesteros, Brittney.

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Scientific Autonomy and Its Limits
 Sarathchandra, Dilshani.

Selectively Racialized, Selectively Politicized? Politicized Ethnic Identity Among Second Generation Iranian Americans
 Khalili, Sheefteh.

Sentencers’ attitudes toward women in the criminal justice system: Explanations for sentencing treatment disparities
 Velazquez, Marisela.

Sexual Constraint Theory and Violence: An Evaluation of Moral Authority
 Elkins, Jordan.

Sexual Minority Identity and Sleep Problems among Adults in the United States
 Almazan, Elbert.

Sexual Violence in Amateur Sport in Canada
 Fogel, Curtis.

Sexuality: Meaning Webs and Their Evolution
 Skeen, Dick.

Shark Attack Victims: a Sociological Perspective
 Florian, Ashley.

Sibling Relationships and the Lasting Impact of Military Trauma
 Ritter, Lindsey.

Sibling Social Capital and College Success among Underrepresented Students
 Puquirre, Wendy. and Beattie, Irenee.

Single Parent Households and Higher Education
 Wabula, Ruth.

Social Construction of Elder's Status In Rural and Urban Areas of District Faisalabad
 Ali, Basharat.

Social Determinants of Healthy Lifestyle in China and India
 Trinh, Ha.

Social Determinants of Remitting Practices among Bangladeshi Migrants in Japan
 Mahmud, Hasan.

Social Movements and Transformation in the 20th and Early 21st Century: Catalyst for Social Change
 Berberoglu, Berch.

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T-tests, ANOVAs, and Logistic Regression: Analyzing How Statistics Instructors Choose Which Techniques to Teach.
 Reynolds, Robert.

Taiwanese Students and Their Legacy: Coming to America, 1950-1987
 Model, Suzanne.

Teachers’ Responses to Testing Demands: A Case of NCLB
 Bista, Shikha.

Teaching Intro Using Open Access (Free) Resources
 Poole, Daniel.

Teaching about Diversity and Inequality: Researching Student and Faculty Expectations
 Neal, Rachael.

Teaching the Social Construction of Crime to Criminology Students
 Wolf, Brian.

Team-Based Learning in Small and Large Classes: Reflection on Transforming a Social Psychology Course
 Ida, Aya.

Televised sport and domestic violence in Canada
 White, Philip. and McTeer, William.

Territorial Ideologies in Land Use Politics: Mapping Economic, Anthropic, and Ecological Discourses in California
 Drue, Christopher.

The Active Civic and Political Participation of Undocumented and Other Latino Youth
 Terriquez, Veronica.

The Alphabet of Role Mastery: Examples from a Study of McNair Scholars’ transitions to graduate school
 Restad, Cristina. and Collier, Peter.

The Angelina Effect
 Santos, Maria Betania.

The Anomie of Social Networking: Feelings of Isolation through Facebook
 Hatcher, Ceilique.

The Armenian Diaspora: Engagement with the Homeland
 Gevorgyan, Nane.

The Barn Kids: How One Group Makes its Mark at the Intersection of Two Communities
 Christofferson, JJ.

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Ukrainian Maidan 2013-2014: Participants’ Attitudes and Public Opinion
 Khutkyy, Dmytro.

Understanding Compliance in Gendered Religious Institutions: Mormon Women and the LDS Church as a Case Study
 Leamaster, Reid.

Understanding Viewer Perceptions of Fictional Crime Drama Portrayals: An Overview of a Student Research Project
 Williams, Stephani.

Understanding the Political Economy Effects on Policing Resources and Strategies Targeted at Suspected Public Sex Locations
 Vega, Anthony.

Undoing the Richness of Life: Examining the Biodiversity Loss Crisis in Concert with Social History
 Besek, Jordan.

Ungodly Masses: Rationality and Disenchantment in Nonbelievers
 Lobdell, Allyce.

Union Attitudes in the Mormon Cultural Area
 Jacobs, Paul. and Glass, Christy.

Unpretentious Northwest Rape Culture: An Analysis of the Formation and Nature of Whitman College’s Rape Culture
 Morales, Sayda.

Unusual Labor Solidarities: A Case Study of California Faculty Association, Long Beach Chapter, 2009-2012
 Zimmerman-Liu, Teresa.

Uplift, Child Saving, and Citizenship: Racial Politics and Governance at Hampton Institute, 1880-1912
 Fong, Sarah.

Use of Role and Power within the Parent/Teacher Relationship: Understanding Parent Perceptions
 Taylor, Sonja.

Use v. Access: Computing by race, class, and gender
 Davidson, Zachary.

Using Arts-Based Methods in Community Health Research
 Byrne, Ellie., Elliott, Eva., Williams, Gareth., Seaman, Pete., Saltus, Roiyah., Munoz, Sarah-Anne., Fazil, Qulsom., Barker, Clare., MacPhail, Issie., McKechnie-Mason, Claire. and Skelt, Joanna.

Using photography to explore the mental health hospital environment
 Byrne, Ellie.


Variations of Men's Mental Wellbeing based on Caregiver Status, Education, and Gender Ideology
 Jones, Emily.

Visions of Academe: How Rank and Tenure Are Related to Perceptions of an Ideal Academic Environment
 Nelson, Gesemia.

Visual Sociology Assignments in the Classroom
 Stone, Akello. and Thompson, Beverly.

Voluntary Simplicity Lifestyle and Environmentalism
 Zamora, Victor.

Volunteer tourism: graduate student stories of New Delhi, India
 Bone, Jane. and Bone, Kate.


Walking in L.A.: An Examination of the Effects of Community Walkability on Tophphilia, Sense of Community, and Quality of Life
 Bogumil, Elizabeth.

Walla Walla’s Heritage Park: How a Small Washington Town Handles the Gathering of Social Outsiders
 Kempler, Alex.

We’re Here and We’re…Queer? The Production of Queer Sport Spaces within Women’s Roller Derby
 Becker, Suzanne.

What Box(es) Do I Check?: Negotiating “Mixed” Race Identity
 Urbina, Jacquelyn.

What Does She Think? Gender Differences and Gender Inequality in Elite Political Blogs
 Laschever, Eulalie.

What Student Loan Crisis? Debt Unconcern among Elite College Students
 Hurst, Allison., Warnock, Debbie. and Adrianaivosoa, Landy.

What are Our Students Teaching Us? Reflections on Theatre as a Pedagogy to Facilitate “Conversations that Matter”
 Rodriguez, Cesar.

What's There To Cheer About?: How Does Cheerleading Affect Young Girls Of Color's Identity
 Robinson, Sekani.

What’s Behind All This “Nones-sense”? Changes Over Time in Factors Predicting Religious Non-Affiliation in the United States
 Strawn, Kelley.

What’s in a Name: The Gratuitous Use of Pseudonyms in the American Fieldwork Tradition
 Mullins, Ian.

When Should Capital Punishment Be In Play?
 Musick, David. and Musick, Kristine.

Where My People At: Retention and Alienation of Minority Students on a Predominately White Campus
 Chau, Francisca.

Whitened rainbows: how white college students protect whiteness through diversity discourses
 Hikido, Annie. and Murray, Susan.

Who IS a Derby Girl? The Significance of a Derby Identity
 Sabbah, Karen. and Carter, Michael.

Who is in Debt? A Class Based Analysis of Consumption on Credit
 Tufail, Zaibu.

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Yoga and Mindfulness as a Method of Rehabilitation: The Prison Yoga Project
 Anastasia, Desire.

You are Unique (Just Like Everybody Else): Group Identity at a Private, Catholic University
 O\'Brien, Kevin.
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