RSA Annual Meeting 2011-Mar-23 to 2011-Mar-28

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"!O Zaragoza, y quánto perdiste!": Velazquez's Elegy on the Death of Prince Baltasar Carlos at Zaragoza in 1646
 Gehlert, Andreas.

"Jus gentium is common to all mankind": Humanist Jurisprudence and Natural Law
 Longfield-Karr, Susan.

"A Way to True Blessedness": Death, Purgatory, and Gender in the Religious Tracts of Jane Owen and Alice Sutcliffe
 Farnsworth, Jane.

"A distribution of Tyme. . . . From 7 untill 8 make great lecture": Reading Practices in the English Convents in the Seventeenth Century
 Bowden, Caroline.

"A strangers presse": English Catholic Book Culture in Exile
 Lay, Jenna.

"A very good play both for lines and plot": Mid- to Late-Seventeenth-Century Expectations of Shakespeare's Readers
 Estill, Laura.

"Admiranda canunt, sed non credenda Sorores": Prophecy, Poetics, and the Performing Body
 Bude, Tekla.

"Ah quis disforsit tibi quam crudeliter artus?": Giambologna and the Formation of Bernini
 Kinew, Shawon.

"All is but hinnying sophistry": The Puritanical Role of Early Modern Logic in Jonson's Bartholomew Fair
 Wilson, Emma.

"All the more horrible because she was beautiful": Picturing Saint Mary of Egypt
 Velázquez, Sonia.

"Amorosa contemplatione": Antonio Bruni and Bernini's Ecstasy of Santa Teresa
 Unglaub, Jonathan.

"And so the end is death": Life and Afterlife in Stephen Bateman's A Christall Glasse
 Silcox, Mary.

"As Madde as an English Cuckolde, Haunted by Laxtons and Shortyards": Frivolous Tricks in the Plays of the Middleton Canon
 Drabek, Pavel.

"Be directed by me": Obligated Memory in Measure for Measure and The Tempest
 Valbuena, Olga.

"But I digress," "But I rove," "But to return to my Author": The Anatomy of Melancholy and the Poetics of Digression
 Barczyk-Barakonska, Liliana.

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A "Tuscan Scythian" in Renaissance "Sarmatia": Defining the Eastern European Borders and Assessing the Limits of Translatability
 Piechocki, Katharina.

A Carnival Float, a Carnival Dinner and the Pistola fatta per la peste: The Convergence of the Real and the Fictional in the Life of Lorenzo di Filippo Strozzi.
 Landon, William.

A Charlatan, a Book of Secrets and a Naturalist: On the Margins of Renaissance Science
 Duroselle-Melish, Caroline.

A Complicated Simplicity
 Szalay, Gabriella.

A Composer Travels to the Middle East: Francisco Guerrero's Viage de Hierusalem (Valencia, 1590)
 Restrepo, Margarita.

A Cosmography of Exchange: Sebastian Münster's Correspondence for the Cosmographia
 van Putten, Jasper C..

A Different Kind of Ecocriticism: Umberto Eco and the Infinity of Lists in Du Bartas's La Semaine (1578)
 Eubanks, Peter.

A Difficult Pope: The Troubled Reign of Eugenius IV
 Izbicki, Thomas.

A Double-Edged Sword: Humanist Scholarship and Dancing in Early Modern England
 Winerock, Emily.

A Fallen Favorite's Triumph: Alvaro de Luna's Toledo Tomb
 Ostermann, Judith.

A Frenchman Reads an Italian Renaissance Text: Desportes and the Fiori de' poeti illustri
 DellaNeva, JoAnn.

A Gender Theory on the History of Friendship Images
 Gil-Oslé, Juan Pablo.

A Heart of Stone: The Ungodly in Early Modern England
 Werth, Tiffany.

A Narrative and Quantitative brutta memmoria: Plague in Mantua, 1575–77
 Leonard, Marie-Louise.

A Newly Discovered Bernini Workshop Presentation Drawing
 Mormando, Franco.

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Barbara Strozzi and the Venetian Accademie
 Magner, Candace.

Barbarians or Intellectual Peers? Byzantine Perceptions of Islamic Learning
 Bisaha, Nancy.

Barocci, Il Perdono, and Urbino
 Bohn, Babette.

Bartolus of Sassoferrato and his Consilia
 Brizio, Elena.

Bartolus's Definition of Family
 Kuehn, Thomas.

Bartolus’s Doctrines on Last Wills
 Treggiari, Ferdinando.

Battles of Ink and Wars of Words: The Emperor, the Pope, and Venice
 Rospocher, Massimo.

Beauty and Spenser's Poetic in The Shepheardes Calender
 Borris, Kenneth.

Beds in the life of Lisabetta di Alessandro di Piero Segni
 Sicca Bursill-Hall, Cinzia Maria.

Behind the Scenes of Sforza Marriage Schemes: Facts and Legends Behind Two Unusual Marriages at the Heart of Renaissance Bologna
 Bernhardt, Elizabeth.

Being Marsyas: Dante and Michelangelo as Flayed Poet
 Webb, Heather.

Benedictus's Dictionary
 Bolonyai, Gábor.

Bernini as Prince of the Papal Court
 Mangone, Carolina.

Bernini's Fontana del Tritone: Wars and Fountains in the Rome of Urban VIII
 Averett, Matthew.

Bess of Hardwick's Scribes
 Marcus, Imogen Julia.

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Cannibals and Monsters in Blaeu's Map of America
 Thompson, Maley.

Cantalycius and the Court of Urbino
 del Noce, Gianluca.

Cardinal Bessarion's Greek and Latin Sources in the Plato-Aristotle Controversy of the Fifteenth Century and Nicholas of Cusa's Relation to the Controversy
 Monfasani, John.

Carved Screens and the Cultural Spaces of Seventeenth-Century Batavia
 Odell, Dawn.

Casanate, Legros, and Dominican Memorial Strategies
 Windisch, Laura.

Castiglione, the Crisis of Urbino, and the Making of the Cortegiano (1513–16)
 de Boer, Wietse.

Cents and Sensibility in the Atlantic World: Economics and Its Affects on the Expulsion of Jews, 1290–1655
 Stiefel, Barry.

Ceremonial Space and Ceremonial Sound in Pope Leo X's Rome
 Cummings, Anthony.

Champlain's Quebec and the Idea of the City
 McKeown, Adam.

Changing forms: Mantegna's Presence in the Camera degli Sposi
 Koering, Jérémie.

Charles de Bovelles and Renaissance Education
 Ferrari, Michel. and Vance, Jacob.

Charting Cartographies in Commedia dell'arte Performances by Women
 Jaffe-Berg, Erith.

Charting the Everchanging Portuguese New Christian Network: 1527–55
 Nelson Novoa, James.

Chivalry and Chivalric Practices in Mary Wroth's Urania
 Celovsky, Lisa.

Christian Arabic Views of the Ottomans in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
 Matar, Nabil.

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Dancing Around the Well: The Circulation of Commonplaces in Renaissance Humanism
 MacPhail, Eric.

Dead Souls: Leon Battista Alberti's Anatomy of Humanism
 Kircher, Timothy.

Dear Prudence: Interwoven Lives in Margaret Cavendish's Sociable Companions
 Bennett, Alexandra.

Death and the Devil in Venice ca.1500
 Mackenney, Richard.

Death of a Tyrant: Secrets and Lies in the Reconstruction of Alessandro de' Medici's Murder
 Dall\'Aglio, Stefano.

Death-Defying Alchemy in Early Modern Literature
 Jackson, Roger.

Debating the Death of the Soul: The Mortalism Controversy in Seventeenth-Century England
 Pope, Johnathan.

Declassifying Art History: The Global History of Blue and White Porcelain
 Behiery, Valerie.

Defining and Defending an Anglo-Scottish Episcopacy: Anne, Lady Halkett, and Simon Couper
 Murphy, Sara Ann.

Dentro e fuori: la rappresentazione delle terme di Diocleziano nei disegni del Rinascimento
 Brodini, Alessandro.

Deracinating Early Modern Porn: Ben Jonson and Margaret Cavendish's Adaptations of Pietro Aretino
 Warburton, Rachel.

Derrida and Montaigne: Critiques of Modern Philosophy
 Melehy, Hassan.

Describing the City, Describing the State: Marin Sanudo's Perception of Venice and its Terraferma
 Toffolo, Sandra.

Desiring Repentance from Wyatt to Donne
 Engbers, Chad.

Developing the Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson Online
 Pierazzo, Elena. and Vetch, Paul.

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Early Modern Chimu Ceramics: A Glocal Tradition on the Peruvian North Coast
 Engel, Emily.

Early Modern Disability Studies in the Undergraduate Classroom
 Hobgood, Allison.

Early Modern House Swapping: Cardinal Pietro Bembo as a Longterm House Guest at Giovanni della Casa's Palazzo in Rome, 1544–47
 Nalezyty, Susan.

Early Modern Letterbooks: The Afterlife of Letters
 Daybell, James.

Early Modern Matter Theory and the History of Possible Worlds
 Spiller, Elizabeth.

Early Modern Poesis and the Potential Mood
 Rosenfeld, Colleen.

Early Modern Russian Pilgrims in the Holy Land
 Yermolenko, Galina.

Eccentricities: Name and Place in Oronce Finé, L'Esphère du monde (1549)
 Conley, Tom.

Eccentricity and Piety in Garnier's Antigone (1580)
 Usher, Phillip.

Eclipsing Moon and Rising Sun: The Emergence of Conflicting Priorities in the Masques Commissioned by Prince Henry for the Jabobean Court
 De Benedictis, Michele.

Eco-Performativity in Persiles y Sigismunda
 Burningham, Bruce.

Editing and Unediting Bess of Hardwick
 Wiggins, Alison.

Editing the Satires for the Donne Variorum
 Dickson, Donald.

Edmund and Edgar as "Black" Men in Shakespeare's King Lear
 Melton, Howard.

Educating the Prince: Military Books and the Military Court of Henry, Prince of Wales
 Lawrence, David.

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Facilitating and Supporting a Community's Research Engagement, Redux: Web 2.0 and a Revisitation of Next Steps for Iter
 Bowen, William. and Miekle, Sian.

Factoring Merchants into Renaissance Diplomacy: Merchants as Diplomatic Agents in the Early Modern Mediterranean
 Williams, Megan.

Familial Identity and the Galleria Doria Pamphilj, Rome
 Leone, Stephanie.

Fashion, Masculinity, and Cultural Anxiety in Italian Baroque Literature
 Paulicelli, Eugenia.

Father versus Son in the Struggle for the City
 Shepard, Laurie.

Ficino on Intellectual Mimesis
 Aasdalen, Unn.

Ficino, Bruno, and Leibniz on Matter and Change
 Snyder, James.

Ficino's borrowings from George of Trebizond
 Pagani, Fabio.

Fidelity to the Essay: Montaigne and the Ethics of Reading
 Zalloua, Zahi.

Figures of the Author: Translation and Shifting Notions of Authorship in the Spanish Sentimental Romances
 Francomano, Emily.

Figuring Time and Space on the Early Modern Stage: The illusory Triumph of Classicisme
 Spielmann, Guy.

Fixing Pictures: Image and Narrative in Early Modern Spain
 Shuger, Dale.

Flemish Merchant Collecting in Venice: The Cabinet of Daniel Nijs (1572–1647)
 Anderson, Christina.

Floating Ideas of a Nouvelle-France: Going Two-by-Two in d'Abbeville's Histoire
 Topham, Ann.

Florentine Gypsy Fictions
 Marshall, Melanie.

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G. Pontano's Lepidina: The Triumph of the Aragonese Naples
 Tufano, Carmela Vera.

Gearing for Struggle: Social and Political Functions of Women's Headwear at the Early Renaissance Burgundian Court
 Sautman, Francesca.

Gender Relations around the Renaissance Table
 Boudier, Valérie.

Gender, Politics, and the Privatization of Municipal Offices in Early Modern Toledo
 Berco, Cristian.

Genre, Nostalgia, and Polemic: Henry VIII in Early Modern Prose Fiction
 Rankin, Mark.

Gentile Bellini and Self-Representation in Quattrocento Venice
 Maze, Daniel.

Gentile's Interest in Renaissance Hermetism
 Livorni, Ernesto.

Gentile's Renaissance
 Verdicchio, Massimo.

George Buchanan et le songe satirique
 Ford, Philip.

Getting Ahead in the Bandit Wars
 Davis, Robert.

Getting Lost in the Italian Renaissance: The Geography of Urban Disorientation
 Atkinson, Niall.

Getting the Joke: Early Italian Comedy as Vernacularization
 Cornish, Alison.

Ghetto and Lazzaretto: Dynamic Places of Exile in Early Modern Venice
 Pon, Lisa.

Giacomo Foscarini, Francesco Barozzi and The Oracles of Leo the Wise
 de Maria, Blake.

Gift of Health: Food Rituals of Childbirth in Renaissance Florence
 Avisar, Talia.

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Happiness and Humor: Pernette du Guillet's Peculiar Neoplatonism
 Conway, Megan.

Harmonic Moments: Conceptualizing Musical Space in the Early Sixteenth Century
 Hatter, Jane Daphne.

Hearing and Supremacy in Thomas Tomkis's Lingua
 Brown, Laura.

Heinrich Isaac and Newly Reconstructed Music for Carnival Songs of Lorenzo de' Medici
 Macey, Patrick.

Hellenism, Humanism, and Paganism in Late Byzantium
 Siniossoglou, Niketas.

Henrietta Maria, Noblewomen, and Ceremonial Display at the Court of Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange, 1642–43
 Wolfson, Sara Joy.

Her Father's Daughter? An Analysis of Elizabeth I's Investment in Clothing
 Hayward, Maria.

Hercules in Straits: Jan Gossart, Henry of Nassau, and an Ancient Hero in the Netherlands
 Bass, Marisa.

Heroes with Damp Brains? Physiognomy, Public Identity, and Subjectivity in Printed Portrait-Books
 Gaylard, Susan.

Heroic Tapestries and the Early Tudor Court
 Olson, Rebecca.

Herrick on the Penis: Reconciling the Sacred and Profane in Robert Herrick's Hesperides
 Sharpe, Jesse.

History and Architecture of the Greek Cathedral in Famagusta: The Testimony of its Images (ca. late 1360s–ca. 1400)
 Paschali, Maria.

History and Utopia in Gerusalemme liberata 13
 Peterson, Thomas.

History, Performance, Prophecy: The Future of the Past in Shakespeare and Fletcher's Henry VIII
 Walsh, Brian.

Holbein as Critic: Commentary and Intent in Tudor Portraits
 Gavaghan, Erinn.

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Iconography of the City: Urban Views and Social Spaces in Baroque Madrid
 Bass, Laura.

Il Gesù e Maria in Rome: A Family Mausoleum for the Bolognetti Brothers
 Weissmann, Tobias.

Il duello di Orlando e Ferraù nelle storie della "Spagna": le armi, i discorsi e le divinità a raffronto
 Strologo, Franca.

Il piacere degli inganni: la poetica del comico di Lodovico Castelvetro tra Platone e Aristotele
 Porcarelli, Angela.

Illuminating the Miraculous: Roberto Caracciolo's Preaching on St Francis of Assisi
 Muessig, Carolyn.

Images of the Christ Child and Feminine Devotion in Early Modern Madrid
 Tiffany, Tanya.

Imaginary Antique? Architectural Representation in Northern Renaissance Art, 1500–30
 Kik, Oliver.

Imagining and Creating Marriages at Mantua: Isabella d'Este and Her Protegées
 McCue Gill, Amyrose.

Imitation and Disguise: The Dress of "Others" in Sixteenth-Century Florentine Court
 Yeh, Chia-Hua.

Imperial Dreams and Images of "the Other" in Dürer's Drawings in Maximilian's Prayer Book
 Yoon, Rangsook.

Impotence in Thomas Nashe's Choise of Valentines
 Lavery, Hannah.

In Bess's Service: Language of Service and Letter-Writing
 Maxwell, Felicity.

In Godly Service Bound: Representing Prelapsarian Labor in Milton's Paradise Lost
 Maitra, Ellorashree.

In and Out the Window: Jews In (and Out of) Tri-Confessional Augsburg, 1440–1803
 Gow, Andrew.

Inside and Outside: A quaestio disputata of Bartolus on the Ban
 Fredona, Robert.

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Jacob Jordaens's Twelfth Night
 Schaudies, J. Irene.

Jacob Zahalon and the Permissibility of Practicing Medicine in Seventeenth-Century Rome
 Berns, Andrew.

Jan Gossart and the Civilizing Process
 Salomon, Nanette.

Jean Bourdichon: A Decade of new Discoveries
 Herman, Nicholas.

Jean Hey and the Martyrdom of Saint Hippolytus in Boston
 Atkins, Christopher.

Jean-Baptiste Barbe and the Visual Creation of the Vita beati P. Ignatii Loiolae Societatis Iesu fundatoris
 Fleming, Alison.

Jewish Connections and Method in the Lives and Works of the Incogniti
 Chayes, Evelien.

Jewish-Muslim Relations in the Ghetto of Venice: A Rabbi Reads the Qur'an
 Adelman, Howard Tsvi.

Jews, Magic, and Cultural Hybridity in Early Modern Venice
 Barbierato, Federico.

Job, Music, and the Office of the Dead: A Visual Expression of the Relationship between the roles of Job in Medieval Devotion and Culture
 Schell, Sarah.

John Bale's Hermeneutic of Inversion
 Curtin, Kathleen.

John Donne and Sir Robert Ker as Correspondents
 Maurer, Margaret.

Jonson's Guilty Pleasure: The Alchemist
 Biester, James.

Joseph Hall's Virgidemiarum and the Anxiety of Spenser's Satiric Influence
 Hile, Rachel E..

Julian the Apostate, Democrat: Montaigne and the Otherness of Democracy
 Posner, David.

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Keys to Floral Symbolism in the Literary World of Juan van der Hamen
 Slater, John.


L. G. Giraldi's Historiae Poetarum (History of the Poets): An Overview
 Mulryan, John.

L'amour du roi dans le discours des États de Languedoc au XVe siècle
 Quéré, Sylvie.

L'anthologie des lettres du Japon
 Gomez-Géraud, Marie-Christine.

L'artiste en toute puissance et la Véronique: de la trans/fusion des genres à l'impossible portrait.
 Villemur, Frédérique.

L'image de l'Inde dans la France de la Renaissance
 Vijayan, Devika.

L'éblouissement tragique: Racine–Corneille, un parallèle revisité
 Guyot, Sylvaine.

L'édition lyonnaise de 1586 des Hieroglyphica de Valeriano dans la bibliothèque du Collège Sainte-Marie
 La Charité, Claude.

La Bibliothèque de Lodovic de Molines Rochefort
 Gorris Camos, Rosanna.

La Bibliothèque intérieure d'Érasme
 Vanautgaerden, Alexandre.

La biblioteca del rodigino Luigi Groto fra eresia e medicina (1567)
 Galtarossa, Massimo.

La bibliothèque d'André Alciat: essai de reconstitution à partir de sa correpondance (Gian Luigi Barni) et à partir du catalogue des manuscrits constitués par Paul Emile Viard
 Hayaert, Valérie.

La bibliothèque d'Etienne Pasquier au miroir de sa correspondance
 Bjaï, Denis.

La bibliothèque numérique
 Tsedryk, Kanstantsin. and Poirier, Guy.

La grâce du don: amour et liberté dans les concessions de subsides par les assemblées représentatives
 Hébert, Michel.

La peinture tourangelle autour de 1500: l'exemple des panneaux du Christ bénissant et de la Vierge en oraison du Musée de Tours
 Charron, Pascale.

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Machiavelli and Political Theology
 Kahn, Victoria.

Machiavelli's Erasmus
 Connell, William.

Machiavelli's Ironies
 Benner, Erica.

Machiavelli's Istorie fiorentine, and the Florentine Constitution
 Jurdjevic, Mark.

Machiavelli's Theory of the State
 Stacey, Peter.

Made You Look: Violence and Voyeurism in Depictions of the Wars of Religion
 Long, Kathleen.

Magical Impotence: An Occult European Practice on the Early Modern London Stage
 Katritzky, M. A..

Magnificent Sacrifices: Virtue, Duty, and Devotio in Queen Christina of Sweden's Coronation Tapestries
 Laine, Merit.

Maintaining Noble Identities in Sixteenth-Century Rome: Scenes from a Marriage
 Baernstein, P. Renee.

Make them Laugh: The Agency of Humours in Shakespearean Comedy
 Bernard, Jean-Francois.

Making Mute Stones Speak — Or Trying To: Lipsius and Antiquities
 Stenhouse, William.

Making and Displaying Sculpture: Composite Altarpieces in Renaissance Italy
 Rivoletti, Daniele.

Making the Camel Dance: More and The Praise of More (Folly)
 Murphy, Clare.

Making the Margins Matter: Reading Vasari's Life of Correggio in Seventeenth-Century Rome
 Pelta, Maureen.

Making the Most of It: Modular Analysis Applied to Imitation Masses
 Schubert, Peter. and Lessoil-Daelman, Marcelle.

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Narrating End Times: The Andalusi Legacy
 Hamilton, Michelle.

Narratives of Place and the Sixteenth-Century Renovatio Romae
 Hillard, Caroline.

Natural, Unnatural, and Supernatural Features of the Female as Witch in Franciscan and Dominican Observants' Tradition
 Conti, Fabrizio.

Nature and its "Others": An Anthropological Reading of Claude Lorrain's Port Scenes
 Sapir, Itay.

Negative Figuration and Theology in Erasmus's Praise of Folly and the Letter to Dorp
 Pilsner, John.

Negotiating Barbarian Origins in Antonio Bonfini's Rerum Ungaricarum decades
 Baker, Patrick.

Negotiating Marginality: The Regulation of Prostitution in Counter-Reformation Bologna
 McCarthy, Vanessa.

Networks of Support: Isabella d'Este's Relationships with Mantuan Nuns
 Cavalli, Jennifer.

New Forms for Old Ovids
 Kilgour, Maggie.

New in town: Spanish Tombs and Family Chapels in Naples of the Late Fifteenth Century
 Heidemann, Grit.

Niccolò Niccoli and Politics
 Field, Arthur.

Nicholas of Cusa between the Middle Ages and Modernity: The Historiographical Positions behind the Discussion
 Cubillos, Catalina M..

Nicholaus de Mirabilibus: A Portrait of A Thomist in the Late Fifteenth Century
 Edelheit, Amos.

No Place for Omnipresence: Mammon and Milton's Translation of Psalm 88
 Shepard, Valerie.

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Objects in Frames: An Inter-Cultural Comparison of Material Culture Displays in Late Sixteenth-Century Europe and Ming China
 Grasskamp, Anna.

Old Media in the New Millenium
 Eisenstein, Elizabeth.

Older than Rome? Castilian Historiography in Search of Its Own Antiquity
 Schlelein, Stefan.

Omitting Your Opponent: Savonarola and Bernardo Rucellai's De Bello Italico Commentarius
 Stein, Heather.

On Ambivalent Deceit in the Heptaméron
 Randall, Michael.

On Forgiveness: The Moral and Ethical Demands of Memory in the Novelas Ejemplares
 Aren Janeiro, Isidoro.

On Proofs, Giants, and Antiquarians
 Rebecchini, Guido.

On Troubled Mediterranean Waters on Venetian ships
 Gertwagen, Ruthy.

On Wives and Sexual Commerce in Italian Comedies
 Shemek, Deanna.

On a Summer's Eve a Traveller. . . .
 Cohen, Thomas.

On the Relation of Rhetoric to Stylistics: Joseph Glanvill's Revisions to The Vanity of Dogmatizing
 Guillory, John.

On the Shape of Donne's Career, Emerging from the Edition of His Letters
 Flynn, Dennis.

On the Threshold of the Sacred: An Oratory to San Rocco in Venetian Udine
 Kassler-Taub, Elizabeth.

Once and Future Book History
 Kearney, James.

Opico's character in Jacopo Sannazaro's Arcadia
 Caracciolo Aricò, Angela.

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Painting a Tragic Image: Phaëthon, Ganymede, and Ekphrasis in Lope de Vega's Jerusalén conquistada
 McCloskey, Jason.

Painting a Tragic Image: Phaëthon, Ganymede, and Ekphrasis in Lope de Vega's Jerusalén conquistada

Pamela's Prayer and the Politics of Ceremony
 Perry, Nandra.

Pandolfo Collenuccio's Agenoria: Work as Myth of Modernity
 Barsella, Susanna.

Paolo Sarpi: Catholic Friar or Heretic?
 Riverso, Nicla.

Papal Anatomy as Political Message
 Bouley, Bradford.

Paper Communication Media in the Early Modern Period: An Addition to Triumphal Ceremonies and Festivals as a Means of Mass Communication? The Case of Orange-Nassau (1568–1625)
 Verhaegen, Sarah.

Paraphrased Preaching
 Felch, Susan.

Pastoral Drama and Healing in Early Modern Italy
 Schneider, Federico.

Patriarchy without Women: Male Households in Baroque Rome
 Nussdorfer, Laurie.

Patrician Self-representation: The Salviati Chapel in Florence (1579–89)
 Botke, Klazina D..

Patrizi's Comparatio poetarum Homeri et Empedoclis
 Deitz, Luc.

Patrons, Projects and the Ideal Christian City
 Alexander, John.

Paving Marvell's Garden
 Teskey, Gordon.

Peace, Conflict, and the Alpine Territories under the Visconti in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries
 Sato, Hitomi.

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Questioning Constancy in Mary Wroth's Urania
 Kellett, Katherine.


Racializing the Renaissance: Ludwig Woltmann's Die Germanen und die Renaissance in Italien (1905)
 Ivory, Yvonne.

Radical Britons: Bacon, Hume, and British Political Culture
 Ivic, Christopher.

Ramusio's Cuzco
 Schreffler, Michael.

Ratio and Eros in Botticelli and Landinus
 Dressen, Angela.

Re-Encountering the "Old Guard"
 Nyquist, Mary.

Re-Featuring Knowledge: The Korean Historical Sources in the Age of Digital Humanities
 Han, Seokyung.

Reader, Interrupted: Encountering Time in Shakespeare's Sonnets
 Martinez, Lucia.

Reading Between the Lines: Ficino and the Vitruvian Man
 Neagu, Cristina.

Reading Lucian's Syria at the Dawn of the Reformation
 Schwartz, Ariane.

Reading the Cartellino in Spanish Golden Age Painting: From El Greco to Zurbarán
 Ostrow, Steven.

Realism as Discrepancy: Variations on the Comic Mode in Dutch Art
 Smith, David.

Reality versus Visual Tradition: The Case of the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Guardroom Scene
 Rosen, Jochai.

Reassessing the Royal Entry as a Category of Analysis: Some Complications Posed by Municipal Sources
 Morera, Luis.

Reception of Ficino in Quattocento Naples: Ippolito da Luni's Auree Sententie (Naples, B.N. XII E 32)
 Soranzo, Matteo.

Reconciling Rhythmopoeia and Rhythmic Diversity: Mersenne's Humanistic Prescriptions for Seventeenth-Century Dance
 Royal, Matthew.

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Sacred Signs: Genoese Portal Sculptures at the Dominican Church of Santa Maria di Castello
 Rislow, Madeline.

Sansovino's Precepts for the Good Commander and for the Prince: Two Comparative Models
 Lepri, Valentina.

Scaliger and the Study of the Greek Language
 Marzillo, Patrizia.

Scotland's Shakespeare: The Cultural Politics of Collecting
 Loxley, James.

Scriptural Citation and Protestant Ekphrasis: Johann von Schwarzenberg's Beschwerung des alten Teüfelischen Schlangen mit dem Götlichen Wort of 1525
 Nelson, Jennifer.

Scriptural Palimpsest: Donne's Lamentations of Jeremy
 Knight, Alison.

Sculptors' Signatures and the Construction of Identity in the Italian Renaissance
 Boffa, David.

Sebastiano's Nativity of the Virgin and the Relic of Rome
 Ng, Aimee.

Secrets, Narrative, and the Birth of the Author: The Heptameron
 Regosin, Richard.

Seeing Clearly: Mastering Fortune and Representation in Sixteenth-Century Northern Italy
 Regan, Lisa.

Seeing the Invisible: Same-Sex Desire in Two Depictions by Petrus Christus and the Housebook Master
 Liu, Cecilia.

Senecan Thought and Consolation as Literary Strategy in Francesco Filelfo's Commentationes Florentinae de Exilio
 Papy, Jan.

Sensing the Divine: How Images and Music from the Choir Books of Santa Maria degli Angeli Expressed the Religious Power of Decorated Music
 Azzarello, Stephanie.

Serious Readers, Serial Comedy: Twentieth-Century Readings of The Anatomy of Melancholy, Or, How to do Things with Burton.
 Shirilan, Stephanie.

Sex Matters: Margaret Tyler's Mirrour of Princely Deedes and Knighthood as a Conduct Book for Young Men
 Boro, Joyce.

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 Barral-Baron, Marie.

Tactility and Spirituality in Michelangelo's Noli me tangere
 Kleinbub, Christian.

Tasso's Homeric Counterfactuals
 van der Laan, Sarah.

Tasso's reaction against sexual violence
 Montgomery, Gael.

Teachers and the Public for the Hebrew Language at the College Royal (France)
 Zinguer, Ilana.

Teaching Oneself to Cipher: How Early Modern Individuals Used Anglophone Didactic Literature to Acquire Mathematics Skills
 Egloff, Jennifer.

Technological Violence and Genre Shift in Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered
 Nixon, Christopher.

Textiles and Exiles: The Spanish Gypsy and the Disguised Return
 Vomero Santos, Kathryn.

Textual Encounters in an Age of Transition: Thomas More's Translations — Between Medieval and Humanist Literary Culture
 Schmidt, Gabriela.

Textual Folds: Alphabet, Pictogram, and the Christian Idol in New Spain
 Ryu, Sara.

The "Leaven of Criticism" in Gombrich's Account of Artistic Progress
 Williams, Robert.

The "Second Master" of Venus's Love: George Chapman's Renascent Ovid
 Moss, Daniel.

The Arte de Cozinha and Visual Representation of Portuguese Banquets and Kitchens
 Holloway, Memory.

The Camera Picta as Invention
 Campbell, Stephen.

The Chansonniers of Nicolas Du Chemin: A Digital Forum for Renaissance Music Books
 Freedman, Richard.

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Un-Boethian Noise: Poetological (Dis-)Harmony in Late Medieval Dream Visions
 Keller, Wolfram.

Uncontrollable Bodies: Women and Sickness in Cervantes
 Juárez-Almendros, Encarnación.

Une fille vaillante, chaste, sçavante et belle: Béroalde de Verville's La Pucelle d'Orléans
 Benkov, Edith.

Unmasking the identity of Alessandro Amidei, Hebrew teacher
 Villani, Stefano.

Using a Social Network to Teach Early Modern Drama
 Murphy, Jessica. and McAbee, Kris.

Utopia and Travel in the Jesuit Relations from New France
 True, Micah.

Utopia, Possibility, and Possible Worlds
 Perissinotto, Cristina.


Vain Fantasy: Imagination and Materialism in Romeo and Juliet
 Roychoudhury, Suparna.

Van Eyck, Velázquez, Vermeer: Realities of Making
 Knox, Giles.

Vasari as Mytho-Historian of Engraving
 Roberts, Sean.

Vasari in Venice, Revisited
 Gregory, Sharon.

Vasari in the Age of Empiricism
 Smentek, Kristel.

Vasari's Libro de' disegni and Niccolò Gaddi, Collector: The Evidence of the Frames
 Morrogh, Andrew.

Vasari's Lives: Mannerism, Spirituality, and Cognition
 Bosch, Lynette.

Vasari's Decorations for the Giovanni delle Bande Nere Room in the Palazzo Vecchio
 Gregg, Ryan.

Vasari's Dialogue with Pliny
 McHam, Sarah.

Velazquez's Comedies: The Mars at the Torre de la Parada
 Canete, Rodrigo.

Venus, Mythography, and the Boar
 Roe, John.

Venusian Magic in Ficino and Sixteenth-Century Art
 Compton, Rebekah.

Vers la construction d'un Extrême-Orient francophone à la Renaissance et au XVIIe siècle
 Poirier, Guy.

Very Different from Whitney, Very Different from Palmer: A Largely Unknown Early Modern English Manuscript Translation of Alciato
 Saunders, Alison.

Virgil and the Ethical Commentary: The Aeneid, Aristotle, and the Function of Literature
 Kallendorf, Craig.

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Wandering Eyes: The Problem of Sight in Jonson's Catiline
 Wallace, Joseph.

Wars and Plagues in Early Renaissance Tuscany: Music as Moral Exemplars
 Elias, Cathy.

Weaving the Crusades: Entrelacement and Visual Poetics in Tasso's Liberata
 Combs-Schilling, Jonathan.

What Can We Do with a Diplomatic Transcription Linked to the Original Image?
 Pugin, Laurent.

What God Wants: Flight and Death in Sixteenth-Century Protestant Theology
 Bernard, Mathilde.

What Is In a Name? The Case of Paolo Antonio Foscarini (ca. 1562–1616)
 Campbell, Andrew.

What Language Did Women Speak? The Gendered Vernacular in the Questione della lingua
 Olson, Kristina.

What Should We Teach Computers about Music in the Renaissance?
 Burgoyne, John.

What is the Statue of Pontano doing in Colocci's Academy in Rome?
 Furstenberg-Levi, Shulamit.

What's In a Name? Shifting Identities in Prints by and After Rembrandt
 Dickey, Stephanie.

What's the Point of Pity?: Time in Spenser's Garden of Adonis
 Evans, Kasey.

Whose Triumph? Strategic Appropriations in Venetian Ritual Contexts
 Cooper, Tracy.

Why Did Lorenzino de' Medici Murder Duke Alessandro?
 Brackett, John.

Why Do Pleurants Weep?
 Frequin, Sanne.

William Hunnis and the Success of the Seven Sobs
 Costley King\'oo, Clare.

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Xenocrates, Lucretius, Ficino and the Meanings of Death
 Poncet, Christophe.


Zuan Bianco: A Black African Commander in the Venetian Forces at Fornovo
 Kaplan, Paul.
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