RSA Annual Meeting 2011-Mar-23 to 2011-Mar-28

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Cannibals and Monsters in Blaeu's Map of America
 Thompson, Maley.

Cantalycius and the Court of Urbino
 del Noce, Gianluca.

Cardinal Bessarion's Greek and Latin Sources in the Plato-Aristotle Controversy of the Fifteenth Century and Nicholas of Cusa's Relation to the Controversy
 Monfasani, John.

Carved Screens and the Cultural Spaces of Seventeenth-Century Batavia
 Odell, Dawn.

Casanate, Legros, and Dominican Memorial Strategies
 Windisch, Laura.

Castiglione, the Crisis of Urbino, and the Making of the Cortegiano (1513–16)
 de Boer, Wietse.

Cents and Sensibility in the Atlantic World: Economics and Its Affects on the Expulsion of Jews, 1290–1655
 Stiefel, Barry.

Ceremonial Space and Ceremonial Sound in Pope Leo X's Rome
 Cummings, Anthony.

Champlain's Quebec and the Idea of the City
 McKeown, Adam.

Changing forms: Mantegna's Presence in the Camera degli Sposi
 Koering, Jérémie.

Charles de Bovelles and Renaissance Education
 Ferrari, Michel. and Vance, Jacob.

Charting Cartographies in Commedia dell'arte Performances by Women
 Jaffe-Berg, Erith.

Charting the Everchanging Portuguese New Christian Network: 1527–55
 Nelson Novoa, James.

Chivalry and Chivalric Practices in Mary Wroth's Urania
 Celovsky, Lisa.

Christian Arabic Views of the Ottomans in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
 Matar, Nabil.

Christian Arabic Views of the Ottomans in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
 Matar, Nabil.

Christian Archaeology and Antiquities in Early Jesuit Art and Devotional Practices
 Magill, Kelley.

Ciceronianism and Sola Scriptura
 Ferguson, Jamie.

Citizen Donne
 Johnson, Jeffrey S.S..

Civic Patronage in Vienna Gloriosa: Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach's Ephemeral Arch of the City Council of 1690
 Petcu, Elizabeth.

Clandestine Marriage, Private Revenge, and Public Spectacle: Exploring Dichotomies in the Italian Renaissance Novella
 Russell, Sara.

Clément Marot in Lyrical Lyon: The Reception of Maro Gallicus ille amongst the Sodalitium lugdunense, 1536–38
 Hudson, Robert J..

Coffeehouses before Cafés: Importing Ottoman Knowledge, Practices and Commodities into Early Modern France
 Rigogne, Thierry.

Collecting the Past: The Venetian Empire as an Antiquarian Quarry
 Damen, Giada.

Collecting-Selecting-Disseminating: Constructing a New Musical Identity in Nuremberg around 1580
 Giselbrecht, Elizabeth.

Color in Nature and Color in Art: Still-Life Painting in Seventeenth-Century Rome and Florence
 Leonhard, Karin.

Columbus's New Jerusalem
 Froemmer, Judith.

Combined Voices: The Songs and Psalms of Mary Sidney Herbert and Philip Sidney
 Zarnowiecki, Matthew.

Comedic Elements of Female Renaissance Biography
 Hopkins, Sienna.

Commerce and Capital: Mercantile Logge in Cinquecento Italy
 Jacobi, Lauren.

Communities of Taste: Multiculinarism in the Trials of the Lima Inquisition
 Allan, Madera Gabriela.

Confluence and Conflict: The Manifold Wisdom of Jan Amos Comenius (1592–1670)
 Parry, David.

Constructing the Past in Humanist Historiography: Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini and Paulo Emilio
 Helmrath, Johannes.

Consuming the Past in the Burgundian Roman de Florimont: Codex, Context, and Courtly Aspiration
 Dixon, Rebecca.

Consumption, Street Transaction, and Desire in Lope de Vega's Las ferias de Madrid
 Peraita, Carmen.

Contra Contadini: Peasants and Painters in Vasari's Lives
 Goodchild, Karen.

Contrainct de franche volunté: amour et sujétion dans l'entrée d'Henri II à Paris (1549)
 Bolduc, Benoît.

Conundrums of Trust: Roman Women with Little Social Capital Get on With Life
 Cohen, Elizabeth.

Conversations with the Lost
 Cranston, Jodi.

Copying "the Anti-Spaniard": English Spaces and Iberian Traces in Post-Armada Drama
 Griffin, Eric.

 Kleimann, Julian.

Corneille's Heroic Perspectives: From Horace to Suréna via Vermeer
 Stone, Harriet.

Costanza Magalotti Barberini's Performance of Charity on and off the Streets of Rome
 Jones, Pamela.

Counterfeiting Correspondence: Functions of Forgery at Court
 Gordon, Andrew.

Court Jesters and Dwarves in the Late Sixteenth Century
 Kubersky-Piredda, Susanne.

Court Masque, Commercial Theater: Thomas Middleton and William Rowley's World Tossed at Tennis (1620)
 Ziegler, John.

Courtly Connections and Sixteenth-Century Iberian Women
 Gibson, Joan.

Creating a Pious Household in Renaissance Venice
 Morse, Margaret.

Crisis and Response: Loyalist Lament in Lachrymae Musarum
 Stogdill, Nathaniel.

Critical Theater: Mary Wroth Restages Romance
 Kinney, Clare.

Cuckoldry at the Court of King Francis 1st of France
 Wilson-Chevalier, Kathleen.

Cuckoldry, Impotence, and Ingratitude in Massinger and Field's Fatal Dowry
 Rochester, Joanne.

Cultural Exchange between Center and Periphery: Caterina Cornaro's Family in Brescia
 Neher, Gabriele.

Culture Wars: Naples and the Language Question
 Canepa, Nancy.
RSA Annual Meeting 2011-Mar-23 to 2011-Mar-28
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