RSA Annual Meeting 2012-Mar-22 to 2012-Mar-25

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"Met cloecke pinceel-streken": Anthony Van Dyck and His Early Interest in Titian
 Struhal, Eva.

"A Great Number of Christian Captives": French Perspectives on Mediterranean Slavery
 Sandberg, Brian.

"A beautiful woman should break her mirror early": Rokeby Venus, the Venetians, and Gracián
 Georgievska-Shine, Aneta.

"A good friend of our Venetian maniera": Pietro da Cortona and Neo-Venetianism in Rome, ca. 1650
 Schneider, Lindsey.

"A quiet conscience to trauell": Spies, Intelligence, and the Early Modern Prison
 Tosh, Will.

"A witch, a quean, an old cozening quean!": Image Magic in Shakespeare's Merry Wives
 Dell, Jessica.

"Accidents of Verte": Thomas Browne and the Aesthetics of Vegetal Life
 OConnell, Caryn.

"Amico ai migliori dipintori che allora fussino in Roma": Nuovi documenti sul soggiorno di Niccolò Soggi
 Baldini, Nicoletta.

"An Instrument of Reason": William Scott's Logical Poetics
 Hetherington, Michael.

"Badges and sygnes of baptym": Parish Playing and John Bale's Biblical Trilogy
 Gerhardt, Ernst.

"Barbarians as Theologians": Colonialism and the Resurrection of the Body
 Purnis, Jan.

"Beastly Understanding": Margaret Cavendish's Feminist-Vegetarian Scientific Thought
 Wakeman, Rob.

"Begetting Lines upon an abstract wife": Fulke Greville on the Limitations of Art
 Murphy, Kathryn.

"Between the Palace and the Piazza": Where Did Power Lie in Renaissance Florence?
 Brown, Alison.

"Bookes, Beades and Images": The Objects of Conversion in Early Modern England
 Smith, Helen.

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A Bookseller and a Ghost in Paul's Churchyard: Making Marlowe's Oeuvre
 Kiséry, András.

A Case Problem for Skepticism: Paradoxical Declamations on Marriage in the Querelle des femmes
 Correard, Nicolas.

A Case of Rejected Identity? Citizenship and Community in the Genoese Mediterranean
 Miner, Jeffrey.

A Castellanist Secretary in the Netherlands: Juan de Albornoz, Right-Hand Man of the Duke of Alba
 Munoz, Jose Eloy.

A Catholic University Fighting Heterodoxy: The Trial against Fadrique Furio Ceriolanus (1556–63)
 Gielis, Gert.

A Factious Community: Authority and Nation in the English Factory at Livorno
 Stein, Tristan.

A Family Reunion in the Spanish Occupation of Navarre
 Liang, Yuen-Gen.

A Fool's Method: Clown-Work and Female Roles on the Renaissance Stage
 Selleck, Nancy.

A Gift for the Man Who Has Everything: Tokens of Affection for Pietro Bembo
 Nalezyty, Susan.

A Hair of the Dog: Sources of Syncretism in Renaissance Drinking Songs
 Weiss, Susan.

A Jesuit Author and His Secular Printer in Late Sixteenth-Century Cracow
 Komorowska, Magdalena.

A Letter and a Painting: Toward the Reconstruction of Mattia Preti's Theory of Art
 Therien, Devin.

A Look at the Orlando furioso: The Illustrated Edition by Nicolò Zoppino
 Caneparo, Federica.

A New Reading of Boccaccio's Rime
 Fedi, Roberto.

A Novel in Disguise? The Rhetoric of Collecting Short Stories
 Salwa, Piotr.

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Back from the Dead: The Baroque Retrieval of Michelangelo's Funeral
 Agoston, Laura.

Baltasar de Zúñiga, the Discreet Shadow of Olivares
 Gonzalez Cuerva, Ruben.

Barbara Torelli Benedetti: A Feminine Voice in the Pastoral Tradition
 Burgess-Van Aken, Barbara.

Barberini Politics and the Annuale Medals of Pope Urban VIII
 Averett, Matthew.

Baroque Marvel: Scientific Writings and Marino's Adone
 Ardissino, Erminia.

Bearded Ladies: The Female Beard as Symbol of Power, Virility, Protection, and Chastity
 Zirpolo, Lilian.

Beastliness, Desire, and Identity in Early Modern Rogue Literature
 Friedlander, Ari.

Becoming a Habsburg Favorite: Dynastic Loyalties Across Three Generations in a Period of Transformation
 Spangler, Jonathan.

Begging for Grace? Transformation of the Peasant Motif in the Work of Cornelis Massys
 Kaschek, Bertram.

Being Giovanni de' Medici: Prince, Architect, and Soldier
 Penzi, Marco.

Being Noble in Ireland before Henry VIII
 Kane, Brendan.

Bellori and the Life of Rubens
 Healy, Fiona.

Ben Jonson, Body and Style
 Kolb, Laura.

Bernstein's Herbert
 Johnson, Kimberly.

 Lezra, Jacques.

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Calvinist Internationalism and the Merchants of Elizabethan London
 Trim, David.

Cannibalism and Syphilis in the Context of Religious Controversy
 Losse, Deborah.

Cannons and Columns: Materiality and Metaphor in Milanese Renaissance Architecture
 Waters, Michael.

Carcerality and Conviviality in Early Modern England
 Murray, Molly.

Casa de la Cacica: An Indigenous Renaissance Palace in Early Colonial Mexico
 Ibarra-Sevilla, Benjamin.

Celebrations of the Jesuit College of Paris for the Birth of Louis XIV (1638)
 Smeesters, Aline.

Cervantes and Calderón: A Common Epistemology of Uncertainty?
 Pérez-Magallón, Jesús.

Cervantes on Human Development: Don Quijote and Renaissance Cognitive Psychology
 Jaén Portillo, Isabel.

Cervantes, Boccaccio, and Verisimilitude
 Navarrete, Ignacio.

Cesare Vecellio's Floridians in the Venetian Book Market
 Jones, Ann.

Cesare da Sesto in Messina
 Campbell, Stephen.

Chaldean Rome ca. 1565
 Baskins, Cristelle.

Changing Historical Perspectives? Giovanni Pietro Bellori and the Middle Ages in Rome
 Oy-Marra, Elisabeth.

Chivalry and the Stewart vs. Tudor contest for "Britain"
 Stevenson, Katie.

Christine de Pizan and Jean Chaperon on the Chemin de Longue Estude
 Benkov, Edith.

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Dante and Daniele Barbaro
 D\'Evelyn, Margaret.

Dante in the Paradiso degli Alberti
 Bartuschat, Johannes.

Dapper Doctors: The Implications of the Early Modern Physician's Appearance
 Parker, Sarah.

Dating Sixteenth-Century Cypriot Monuments: Gentlemen's Clothing in Venetian Cyprus
 Frigerio-Zeniou, Stella.

Debatable Land: Shakespeare's Scottish Play and the Metatheater of State Borders
 Desai, Noor.

Decembrio's Life of Francesco Sforza
 Ianziti, Gary.

Deceptive Displacement: Apostasy and Female Scapegoats in Rober Daborne's A Christian Turn'd Turk
 Merritt, Amy.

Deconstructing Feminine Civility: Counter-Portraits of Elite Women by Jan Steen
 Cloutier-Blazzard, Kimberlee.

Deforming Wax in The Duchess of Malfi
 Maxwell, Lynn.

Deformity, Prosthesis, and Dramatic Character
 Williams, Katherine.

Deleuze's Renaissance: Between Striation and Anomaly
 Berzal de Dios, Javier.

Depth and Self in Portuguese Shipwreck Literature
 Blackmore, Josiah.

Descartes the Spy: "Intelligence" and Philosophy
 Cook, Harold.

Desiring Disgust in Robert Herrick's Epigrams
 Eschenbaum, Natalie.

Desiring Subjects: Mimetic Desire and Female Jealousy in Gaspara Stampa's Rime
 Feng, Aileen.

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EBBA's Reimagined Classroom
 Fumerton, Patricia. and Nebeker, Eric.

Early Medici Patronage and the Confraternity of the Buonomini di San Martino
 Hughes-Johnson, Samantha.

Early Modern Florence as a Center of Cultural Exchange: Florentine Patricians and Their Cross-Border Networks
 Goudriaan, Elisa.

Early Modern Secularity and Francis Bacon's Theology of Revelation
 DeCook, Travis.

Early Modern True Crime as Publication Event: Gender, Genre, and Redaction
 Smith, Rosalind.

Echoes of Pontano in P. Summonte's Letter to M. Michiel (1524)
 Hentsch-Massaro, Adele.

Economics in Dante's Paradise
 Epstein, Steven.

Ecstasy, Performance, and Recreation of the Body: The "Holy Lives" of the "Padane" Courts
 Nerbano, Mara.

Editing Pirro Ligorio's Epigraphic Manuscripts: New Discoveries and New Issues
 Orlandi, Silvia.

Elizabethan Black Voices and the Poetics of Their Intelligibility
 Habib, Imtiaz.

Emanuel Filibert, Governor-General of the Netherlands and Duke of Savoy
 Vester, Matthew.

Emblematica Online
 Wade, Mara. and Stäcker, Thomas.

Empathy and Embodied Cognition in Jacopo Sadoleto's De Laocoontis statua
 Wojciehowski, Hannah.

Emperor Charles V, His Armed Identity in Portraiture, and War
 Woods-Marsden, Joanna.

Empire of the Book: How Richard Eden Read Martyr's History of the New World Discovery
 Havens, Earle.

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Family, Faction, and Florentine Burial Practice
 Leader, Anne.

Family, Poetry, and Empire: The Political Context of the Italianization of Spanish Court Culture
 Castro-Ibaseta, Javier.

Fanciful Chivalry and Real Carolingians
 Quint, David.

Feeling Horny and Wearing Horns, from the Italian Novella to The Merry Wives of Windsor
 Nicholson, Eric.

Female Funeral Rites and the Communication of Aristocratic Identity
 Marini, Mirella.

Female Power and Transgression: Louise Labé's "Diana" and Its Intertexts
 Lesko Baker, Deborah.

Female Tricksters and the Performance of Social Mobility in Early Modern Spain
 Lee, Christina.

Female Workforce in Early Modern Spain: Alonso de Castillo y Solórzano's Teresa de Manzanares
 Pérez-Toribio, Montserrat.

Ficino and Creuzer
 Robichaud, Denis.

Ficino as a Young Scholar of Plato: New Findings
 Pagani, Fabio.

Ficino's De amore and Theologia Platonica in Pulci's Morgante
 Signoriello, Federica.

Ficino's Dante: The Vernacular Translation of Dante's Monarchia and a Copy of the Convivio
 Arduini, Beatrice.

Fields of Finesse and Geometry in Early Modern France
 Sedley, David.

Financing the Defense of Chioggia: Venice's Fiscal Response to a Military Emergency
 Stahl, Alan.

Flaminio Scala's Il finto marito: The Feminizing Pleasures and Pains of Performing Cockoldry
 Kerr, Rosalind.

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Gaining in Translation: A Tuscan Sculptor Creates a Venetian Bust of Christ
 Luchs, Alison.

Gardens of Mistaken Identity: The Giardino delle Stalle in Florence and the Giardino dell'Arsenale in Pisa
 Tchikine, Anatole.

Gaspara Stampa and the Sublimity of Passions
 Falkeid, Unn.

Gelt Celt: Historicizing Sir Walter Raleigh in Spenser's Faerie Queene (1590–96)
 Herron, Thomas.

Gender, Generation: Interpellation, Repetition, and Displacement in the Sonnets of Louise Labé
 Hicks-Bartlett, Alani Rosa.

Gender, Generosity, and Gift Exchange in Early Modern England
 Herbert, Amanda.

Gendered Spaces of Healing in Early Renaissance Rome
 Howe, Eunice.

Gendering Exclusivity and Access in Aemilia Lanyer's Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum
 McCarthy, Erin.

Genealogy and Women's Textual Stewardship
 Eckerle, Julie.

Genevra Sforza in Her Own Words: Patron and Client Relationships from Her Correspondence
 Bernhardt, Elizabeth.

Genre History as a Field of Musical Exchange: The "English Pavan" in Germany, 1600–40
 Spohr, Arne.

Gentile Bellini: In His Father's Workshop
 Maze, Daniel.

Gentile Bellini's Textual Strategies in Portraits of Mehmed II
 Sizonenko, Tatiana.

Geography and Genre: Cervantes and the New Worlds of Early Modern Epic
 Gaylord, Mary.

Georg Palma's Library: Local Knowledge in Sixteenth-Century Medicine
 Murphy, Hannah.

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Hamlet, Cavell, and Skepticism
 Romão, Rui.

Handwriting in the Burley Manuscript: The Case for Transcribed Donne Letters
 Sullivan, Ernest.

Headcoverings: Descriptions and Regulations in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Era
 Muzzarelli, Maria Giuseppina.

Headwear in the Low Countries during the Long Fifteenth Century: Changing Fashions — Same Techniques?
 Sturtewagen, Isis.

Hebrew Poetry Transformed: From Ignorance to Catastrophe
 Haugen, Kristine.

Heirs to Constantine? The Monument of the Catholic Kings in Granada
 Ostermann, Judith.

Heitor Pinto's Political Thought
 Pereira, António.

Helen of Troy and Royal Marriage in Seventeenth-Century England
 Heavey, Katherine.

Henrietta Maria, Eve, and the Case for Marital Secrecy in Paradise Lost
 Butler, Todd.

Henry Tom and Renaissance History at the Johns Hopkins University Press
 Goellner, Jack.

Henry Tom and the History of the Early Modern Mediterranean
 Dursteler, Eric.

Hispanic Globalism and the Pacific Rim: Lands and Peoples
 Padrón, Ricardo.

Historian Engagé: Republicanism and Oligarchy in Carlo Signonio's Political Histories
 Bartolucci, Guido.

Historical Memory, Antiquarian Culture, and Artistic Patronage in the Centers Renaissance Southern Italy
 de Divitiis, Bianca.

Historiographical Praise, Political Glorification: The Catholic Monarchs Seen through Their Chroniclers' Eyes
 Schlelein, Stefan.

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Iberian False Conversion and the Legality of Dissimulation
 Kimmel, Seth.

Identity Matters: Economic and Political Performance of a Genoese Network: Lima, Madrid, and Genoa
 García Montón, Alejandro.

Identity and Imitation: Reassessing the Influence of Martial in Giovanni Pontano's Works
 Bistagne, Florence.

Illicit Sex and Illegitimacy in Early Modern Venice
 Ferraro, Joanne.

Illuminating Passages: Shades of Dante's Virgil in Petrarch's Letter to Cicero
 Eisner, Martin.

Illustration and Imagery in Anton Francesco Doni's Manuscripts
 Girotto, Carlo Alberto.

Image and Inscription: Pisanello’s Early Portrait Medals
 Blass-Simmen, Brigit.

ImageMAT as a Teaching Resource
 McWebb, Christine.

Images That Hurt: Painting and Flagellation
 Mersmann, Jasmin.

Imagination and Communication in Renaissance Architecture: The Anxiety of Understanding in Filarete's Libro Architetonico
 Powers, Jonathan.

Imagining Hell in Early Modern Devotional Guides
 Costley King\'oo, Clare.

Imperial Ambitions: The Funeral Apparati of Charles V and Their Models
 Schraven, Minou.

Impotence and Corruption: Sexual Etiquette and Embarrassment in Italian Renaissance Libri di Segreti
 Ray, Meredith.

Impotence, Witchcraft, and Politics: The Renaissance Debate
 Duni, Matteo.

In Favor of the Dynasty: Rodrigo Niño y Lasso at the Archducal Court of Brussels (1598–1621)
 Raeymaekers, Dries.

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Jacob Thode's Laudes (1720): Intertexts within Neo-Latin Literature
 Dahlberg, Elena.

Jacobitism and the Fronde in the Works of Jane Barker
 Suzuki, Mihoko.

Jacopo Sansovino and the Badoer-Giustinian Chapel in San Francesco della Vigna
 Buonanno, Lorenzo.

Jan van Eyck, the "Flemish Apelles": Posthumous Topos or (Self-)Fashioning of the Artist?
 Hindriks, Sandra.

Janus Corycius and "His" Work: Text and Context of the Coryciana
 Keilen, Lydia.

Jean Lemaire de Belges's Theology of Otherness
 Eubanks, Peter.

Jean Mone and the Introduction of the Antique Mode in the Netherlands
 Kavaler, Matt.

Jeux théâtraux et théorie politique: deux essais de Montaigne
 Cavaillé, Fabien.

Jews as Outsiders in the Small Towns of Seventeenth-Century Modena
 Aron-Beller, Katherine.

Johannes Swammerdam, Natural History, and a New Reading of the Book of Nature
 Jorink, Eric.

John Bale: Bibliographer between Trithemius and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
 Warner, J. Christopher.

John Bunyan Translates the Joseph of Genesis
 Rosenfeld, Nancy.

John Colet and Thomas More: Undoing the Ideal
 Lochman, Daniel.

Judas of Meissen versus Atillus Regulus: The Tomb of Moritz of Saxony in Freiberg Cathedral
 Lipinska, Aleksandra Barbara.

Jusepe de Ribera Español F(ecit)
 de Cavi, Sabina.

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Kabbalah and Hermeticism in the Renaissance Hebrew Sermon
 Cooperman, Bernard.

Kepler’s Astrological Chronology
 Boner, Patrick.

Kepler’s Hermeneutics: Reading the Book of Nature versus Reading the Book of God
 Claessens, Guy.

Kitchens between Representation and Daily Life (1440–1650)
 Baatsen, Inneke., De Groot, Julie. and Blondé, Bruno.


La cultura legale nel regno della defezione: violenza e impunità a Napoli
 Scognamiglio Cestaro, Sonia.

La lettre de Rabelais à Budé : entre histoire des collections, analyse matérielle, et décodage intertextuel
 Pedeflous, Olivier.

La mirada ante lo invisible, la ilusión y el engaño en El casamiento engañoso
 Lee, Andrea.

Labor and Creation in Milton's Eden and Spenser's Gardens of Adonis
 Wadoski, Andrew.

Lady Mary Wroth’s Love’s Victory and the Politics of Pastoral
 Gupta, Aditi.

Lampridio and the Poets of Goritz’s Sodality
 Revard, Stella.

Lances de honor: Private Duels and Violence in Habsburg Potosí
 Honores, Renzo.

Landino's Orpheus between Divine Frenzy and Civic Eloquence
 Coleman, James.

Lascivious Temptress or Victim of Circumstance? Early Modern Descriptions of Salome's Dancing
 Winerock, Emily.

Late-Elizabethan Readers of Du Bartas’s Semaines
 Auger, Peter.

Latin Humanism volgarizzato
 Rizzi, Andrea.

Latin-Vernacular Tension in the Pierpont Morgan Copy of A. Nebrija's Grammatica castellana (1492)
 de Looze, Laurence.

Laudomia Forteguerri’s Circle, Sienese Feminism, and the Library of the Spanish Humanist Diego Hurtado de Mendoza
 Robin, Diana.

Laus Butleri: Praising the Tenth Earl of Ormond in Irish, English, and Latin
 Sidwell, Keith.

Law and Equity in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
 Herman, Peter.

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Machiavelli’s Prince and the Greek Theme of Self-Reforming Tyrants
 Benner, Erica.

Machiavelli’s Comic Attitude in the Historical Works
 Favaretto, Matteo.

Madri, figlie, sorelle: trasmissione di ruoli sociali e di genere nella corrispondenza gonzaghesca del Quattrocento
 Ferrari, Daniela.

Madrigals on Torquato Tasso’s Rime from Rudolf II’s Imperial Court
 Ricciardi, Emiliano.

Magic, Theology, and Nature in Cornelius Agrippa’s De Occulta Philosophia
 Kavey, Allison.

Magical Conceptualizations of Performative Images in the Cinquecento: “Image-justice,” “Image-medicine,” and “Image-love"
 Sass, Maurice.

Maimonides and Leone Ebreo: Concepts of Prophecy and Creativity
 Simon, Elliott.

Making Money: Alchemy and the Rhetoric of Wealth in the Fourteenth Century
 Bland, Laura.

Managing and Massaging Early Modern Texts with New Information Technologies
 Gibbs, Frederick.

Maneuvering for Change: Ulrich Zwingli, Johannes Oecolampadius, and Other Sixteenth-Century Swiss Thinkers on Prophecy
 Balserak, Jon.

Manuscript Marginalia in Wolfe’s Trilingual Courtier
 Coldiron, Anne.

Mapping Dalmatia: Cartography and the Management of the Venetian Stato da Mar
 Barzman, Karen-edis.

Mapping Greek Antiquity: Nikolaus Gerbel’s Commentary to Sophianos’s Map of tota Graecia
 Lamers, Han.

Mapping the Past: The Future of Digital Humanities
 Hope, Jonathan.

Mapping the Shores of Bohemia: Shakespearean Geography in the Digital Classroom
 Lolis, Thomas.

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Names and Faces: The Invisible Inscription on Renaissance Portrait Busts
 Zuraw, Shelley.

Nash’s Valentine in Cipher, Constable’s Sonnets, and Irreverence: Preoccupations in NAL MS Dyce 44
 Williams, Claire.

Naturalism, Authorship, and the Picture as World in Simone Martini’s Icon of Louis of Toulouse
 Kozlowski, Sarah.

Negotiating Community Ties and Cross-Cultural Relationships in the Old English Cemetery of Livorno, Italy
 Lillie, Lisa Marie.

Neither Fish nor Fowl: How Texts and Authors Were Redefined in the Hartlib Circle
 Pal, Carol.

Neither Marble nor the Gilded Monuments of Princes
 Murphy, Clare.

New “Worlds” in the Renaissance: Anton Francesco Doni and Giordano Bruno
 Omodeo, Pietro Daniel.

Niccolo Guidalotto da Mondavio's Panorama of Constantinople (1662): Crusade Propaganda in Word and Image
 Debby, Nirit.

Niccolò Semitecolo’s Reliquary Cupboard for Padua Cathedral: The Image Made Flesh?
 Elston, Ashley.

Niccolò Vitelli as Information Broker for the Medici Family (1568–74)
 Lamal, Nina.

Nicolò Zen and the Venetian Discovery of America
 Horodowich, Elizabeth.

North African Cities and their Peninsular Counterparts in the Renaissance Discourses on the Maghreb
 Martínez Góngora, Mar.

Notions of Authorship in Early Sixteenth-Century Florence: The Case of Fra Bartolomeo and Mariotto Albertinelli
 McMahon Nabi, Elizabeth.

Nowhere and Everywhere: Sentences in Thomas More’s Utopia and Isabella Whitney’s A Sweet Nosgay
 Elsky, Stephanie.

Nullius Pavet Occursum: A Guidon from the First Northern War
 Doroszczyk, Marta.

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O'Hara's Wyatt
 Dolven, Jeff.

Objects of Time: Family Portraits and Temporality in Late Sixteenth-Century Bologna
 Campbell, Erin.

Obverse, Reverse, Frames, and Images: Emblematic Modes of Reading Portraits in Quattrocento Studiolo Culture
 Clark, Leah.

Odeporic Echoes in Ariosto's Theory of the Marvelous
 Pupillo, Bridget.

On Laughter before Hieronymus Bosch's Panel of The Seven Deadly Sins and Four Last Things
 Huber, Anna.

On Michelangelo and Francesco Mochi
 Lingo, Estelle.

One Scribe, Two Recusant Miscellanies, Two Provincial Locations: The Case of Hand B
 Brown, Cedric.

Open-Access Alchemy: Do It Yourself
 Feinstein, Sandy.

Opposing Tyranny with Style: Thomas More’s Tyrannicida
 Ransom, Emily.

Ormond and Kilkenny, 1662–81
 Bradley, John.

Ostrich Exceptionalism in the Renaissance
 D\'Elia, Una.

Other Criteria for Leonardo Sculptures
 Binstock, Benjamin.


Painting Celestial Substances: The Elizabethan Miniature in the Light of Renaissance Alchemy
 Hille, Christiane.

Painting an Antique Utopia: The Representation of Antique Architecture in Netherlandish Painting ca. 1500–30
 Kik, Oliver.

Paired Portraits of Francesco Sforza and Bianca Maria Visconti: Images of Conjugal and Political Unity
 Nogueira, Alison.

Palettes and Other Coded Signatures
 Sohm, Philip.

Palla Strozzi: Orator
 Milner, Stephen.

Pamphilj Patronage in Piazza Navona: A Collaborative Affair
 Dennis, Kimberly.

Panegyric and Portraiture; or, Rescuing Cassandra Fedele from Prostitution
 Worthen, Amy.

Parody or Homage: The L’homme armé masses of Busnoys and Obrecht
 Saiki, Julie.

Patrizi on Language
 Puliafito Bleuel, Anna Laura.

Pedagogy, Polyphony, and the Querelle des Femmes: Marguerite’s Tales and Madame de Lafayette’s Internal Narratives
 Rezvani, Leanna.

Performances of Power: Bristol, Queen Elizabeth, and the Entertainments of 1574
 Adrian, John.

Performing Music Therapy in The Winter’s Tale
 Smid, Deanna.

Performing the Invulnerable Male: Female-Female Sexuality and Cross-Dressing in the Spanish Empire
 De Los Reyes, Guillermo.

Performitivity in Hans Burgkmair’s Images of "the Far-off Calicuttish Folk" on the Triumphal Procession
 Yoon, Rangsook.

Pericles and Parrhesia
 Dunn, Kevin.

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Rabelais dans l’atelier de Gryphe: l’épître-dédicace du Testament de Cuspidius
 Menini, Romain.

Rabelais épistolier d’après les frères de Sainte-Marthe
 La Charité, Claude.

Rabelais’s Herrings: Words and Communal Space
 Barthe, Pascale.

Radical Naturalism: Vanini, de Viau, Marvell, and the Poetry of libertinage érudit
 Pertile, Giulio.

Rats or Curial Fat-Cats?: A Sixteenth-Century Defense of Roman Hospitality and Civility
 Williams, Megan.

Reading Hamlet in the Humanities Lab
 Ullyot, Michael.

Reading Between the Lines: Ficino and the Vitruvian Man
 Neagu, Cristina.

Reading Gender, Reading Genre
 Dowd, Michelle.

Reading Marvell's Latin Poetry in Early Modern England
 Roebuck, Thomas.

Reading Printed Images in Cárcel de amor
 Francomano, Emily.

Reading Scripture: Progress and Promise
 Grafton, Anthony.

Reading and Cognitive Theory in Don Quijote (1615)
 Simerka, Barbara.

Reading as Re-collection in Bunyan’s Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners
 Neelakanta, Vanita.

Reading between the Lines: Coding English Continental Books in the 1580s and 1590s
 Armstrong, Guyda.

Reading the Qur’an with Nicholas of Cusa: His Heuristic Approach to Islam
 Hollmann, Joshua.

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Sacred Space and Changing Choir Layouts before Trent: The Wider Influence of Nicholas V's Tribuna for Old St. Peter's
 Allen, Joanne.

Sacred Spaces: Gaspard Dughet and the Barberini Landscape
 Cantor, Sarah.

Sad, Mad, or Bad: Tudor-Stuart Stage Poets and the History of Criticism
 Harrison, Matthew.

Sahagún's Psalmodia Christiana and Catholic Formation among the Mexica in Sixteenth-Century New Spain
 Candelaria, Lorenzo.

Saint Peter, the Carmelites, and the Triumph of Anghiari: The Changing Context of the Brancacci Chapel
 Eckstein, Nicholas.

Saintly Social Networking: The Politics of Saint-Making in Early Renaissance Italy
 Miglets, Julia Lauren.

Saints Peter and Paul at the Early Colonial Franciscan Monastery of Dzidzantún, Yucatán
 Williams, Linda.

Salvator Rosa: Brigands and Beggars
 Langdon, Helen.

Salvator Rosa's Letters: Epistolary Personas, or the Letter as the Self and the Friend
 Hoare, Alexandra.

Santa Maria delle Carceri: The Emergence of a Cult
 Hewlett, Cecilia.

Santiago in Tlatelolco
 Quiñones Keber, Eloise.

Satire and Memory in Les Regrets of Du Bellay
 Graves Monroe, Amy.

Satyrs in the Pantry: Literary Discussions of Aphrodisiac Foods and Potions to Excite Old Lovers
 Giannetti, Laura.

Savoldo’s St. Matthew and the Angel: Form, Iconography, and Context
 Nygren, Barnaby.

Scarecrow Shakespeare
 Hooks, Adam.

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Tactility and the Appeal of the Small Bronze in Renaissance Italy
 Spicer, Joaneath.

Tartars’ Faces and Chinese without Bodies: Picturing China in Renaissance Europe
 Musillo, Marco.

Tasso and the Enemy: Reflections of a Modern Conscience
 Rista, Pervinca.

Teachers, Textbooks, and Pedagogy in Renaissance Crete
 Ciccolella, Federica.

Teaching the Ancient Greeks in Georgios Gemistos Plethon Mystery School
 Zervas, Theodore.

Tears Such as Angels Weep: Images of Grief in the Age of Reform
 Graham, Heather.

Technologies of Spatial Representation in Spanish American Epic Poetry
 Firbas, Paul.

Temporalities of Myth in Early Modern Venetian Architecture
 Savoy, Daniel.

Ten Projects to Reorient the History of Renaissance Rhetoric
 Mack, Peter.

Tending Women Attending Piety: Semi-Religious Women and Networks of Support
 Sherwood, Emily.

Testing Competing Hypotheses about Compositorial Stints in Early Printed Books Using Stand-off Markup XML
 Egan, Gabriel.

Text and Context in Alfonso X's Libro de las Siete Partidas
 Mourelle, Noel.

Text, Image, and Performance in Andrés de Li’s Thesoro dela passion
 Rivera, Isidro.

Texts on Monuments and the scriptura monumentalis in Rome, 1460–1500
 Pade, Marianne.

The "Ending End" of Lady Mary Wroth’s Manuscript of Poems
 Hannay, Margaret.

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Ulysses and His Men: Francis I, Antiquarianism, and the Origins of the Picture Gallery
 Gage, Frances.

Uncommon Prayers: A Nonconforming Elizabethan Liturgy
 Quitslund, Beth.

Une conscience de soi: Jacques Yver’s Congé à son livre
 Harp, Margaret.

Unity and the Female Body in Elizabeth Cary’s The Tragedy of Mariam
 Shook, Lauren.

Unraveling Venetian Cypriot Fashion
 Stancioiu, Cristina.

Urban Saints in Trecento Pisa: Murals of the Life of St. Rainerius in the Camposanto
 Cadogan, Jean.

Urban VIII and his Homonymous Papal Predecessors: Medieval Retrospection in the Early Modern Era
 Osborne, John.

Usury and the Italian Public Debt: Why the Italian Communes Didn't Adopt the Franco-Flemish Financial Revolution
 Munro, John.


Van Dyck Redux: Painted Representations of the Stuarts in The Hague ca. 1642–60.
 Taylor, David.

Vasari’s Letters
 Carrara, Eliana.

Veils for Their Serenest Highnesses: Headcoverings as Everyday Object in the Early Modern Florentine Court
 Yeh, Chia-hua.

Venus Takes Charge and Flora Crosses Over: Botticelli's Primavera
 Burroughs, Charles.

Verbal Violence in Late Sixteenth-Century Religious Pamphlets
 Weis, Monique.

Vernacular Hierarchies in Rabelais: The Significance of Regional Dialect
 Brandenburg, Ashley.

Vernacular Readings of Aristotle in the Quattrocento: Lazzaro Gallineta's Commentary on the Pseudo-Aristotelian "De virtute"
 Refini, Eugenio.

Verso il "final vocabulary" della modernità: Sofonisba e l’Epistola di Giovan Giorgio Trissino
 Mongiat Farina, Caterina.

Via Media Theatricality and Religious Negotiation in Thomas Dekker and Philip Massinger’s The Virgin Martyr
 Moretti, Thomas.

Violence and the Female Monarch in Pedro Calderón de la Barca
 Quintero, María.

Violence and the Female Subject in the Comedia
 Collins, Marsha.

Violence in the Shaping of the Asian Spanish Empire
 Osorio, Alejandra.

Virtue Ethics in Felipe de Guevara’s Comentarios de la Pintura
 Giménez-Berger, Alejandra.

Virtue as Power in the Poetics of Dante’s Vita Nuova and John Donne’s Anniversaries
 Russell, Anthony.

Virtuosity, Ambition, and Large Bronzes in South Germany around 1600
 Smith, Jeffrey.

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Waiting to Be Heard: The Delayed Reception of Early Modern Female Voices
 Rabil, Albert.

Walk of Fame: The Meaning and Aftermath of Katherine’s Theatrical Exit from Blackfriars in Henry VIII
 Serverius, Cristina.

War and Exile: Epic Representations of Early Modern Women
 Nelson, Karen.

War, Finance, and the Florentine Bureaucracy at the Time of the Black Death
 Caferro, William.

Wartime Violence and the Common People: The Case of the Great Siege of Malta of 1565
 Cassar, George.

Weighing the Evidence: Encounters with Sculpture in Early Modern Italy
 Johnson, Geraldine.

What Stains and Clouds Can Teach Us about Writing Art History
 Powell, Amy.

What You Hear Is Not What You See: Reading, Hearing, and Seeing Persiles
 López Alemany, Ignacio.

What are Marginalia, and What Are They Good For?
 Zwicker, Steven.

What's in a Home? Exile, Architecture, and Self-Construction in the Works of Mlle de Montpensier (1627–93)
 Maríñez, Sophie.

What’s in a Home? Examining the Function of Orange Court Architecture in the Dutch Republic
 Tucker, Rebecca.

What’s in a Name? More’s Utopia and America
 Cro, Stelio.

When Facts Meet Fiction: Misogamy for Real
 Debrosse, Anne.

When Flesh Becomes Word: Teresa of Avila and the Handwritten Relic
 Sanjuan Pastor, Nuria.

When Flesh is Subject to Spirit: Theology and Renaissance Naturalism
 Klebanoff, Randi.

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You Are What You Look Like: Physiognomy and Renaissance Humanists
 Goldman, Rachael.


Zabarella’s Influence on Hobbes via Protestant Theories of Method
 Hattab, Helen.

Zelmane's Spiritual Androgyny and Boyish Beauty in Sidney's The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia (1593)
 Ellis-Etchison, John.
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