RSA Annual Meeting 2013-Apr-04 to 2013-Apr-06

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"A world ransomed, or one destroyed": Romance and Nessianism in The Winter's Tale
 Winiarski, Catherine.

"Abuses stript and whipt": George Wither and the Corruption of Parliament
 Peacey, Jason.

"All eyes still open to behold them: And all harts and hands to applaud them": The Audiences of the Lord Mayor’s Show
 Hill, Tracey.

"An art founded only on appearance": Alchemy in Early Modern Europe
 Israel, Janna.

"Before she ends up in a brothel": Female Actresses on the Public Stage in the Low Countries and England
 Van Elk, Martine.

"Ce penible sentier": Weakness of Will, Lyric, and Du Bellay’s Regrets
 Bizer, Marc.

"Character, Office and Place”: Reciprocity and Responsibility in the 1616 London Lord Mayor’s Show
 Kennedy, Emma.

"Characters Reall": Sir Francis Bacon and The Early Modern Spectre of China
 Lux, Jonathan.

"Condemns the face for ugly": Deformity in The Changeling
 Williams, Katherine.

"Deeds Against Nature and Monsters by Kind": Infanticide and the Criminalization of Female Labor in Seventeenth-Century England
 Leslie, Marina.

"Degendered": Spenser’s "Stonie" Age of Man
 Werth, Tiffany.

"Delicatissimo e vago": The Art of Bernardino Luini in Renaissance Milan
 Periti, Giancarla.

"Dumb Eloquence": Forms and Benefits of Muteness
 Brayman Hackel, Heidi.

"E perché si conosceva lo Squarcione non esser il più valente dipintore del mondo": Francesco Squarcione's Workshop and the Case of Illuminator Giovanni Vendramin
 Fumian, Silvia.

"Every Man Shall Be of All Religions. . . . Why Should I Clog Your Conscience, or Confine It?"
 Searle, Alison.

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A "Spiritual War of Words": The Preaching and Theological Disputation of Lorenzo da Brindisi (1559–1619) in Early Modern Prague
 Drenas, Andrew.

A Brief Introduction to Post-Tridentine Pontifical Chants
 Borders, James.

A Cartography of Musical Corruption: Nicola Vicentino and the Ancient Genera
 Jenkins, Chadwick.

A Chinese Perspective on the Imperial Mission and Trade in the Late 1500s and Early 1600s
 Shao, Yun.

A Closer Look at Pontormo's St. Anne Altarpiece in the Louvre: A Republican Painting?
 Beuzelin, Cécile.

A Dialogue of Comfort in Favor of Translation
 Murphy, Clare.

A Female Public in Cervantes’s Celoso extremeño
 García-Bryce, Ariadna.

A Female Scientist and the Paduan Inquisition: The Inquisitorial Response to Camilla Erculiani’s Lettere di Philosophia Naturale (1584)
 Carinci, Eleonora.

A Fine Balance: Marsilio Ficino on the Stars in the 1490s
 Rees, Valery.

A Forgotten City: Spanish Milan, 1535–1706
 D\'Amico, Stefano.

A Gem in Its Setting: The Proverb in Humanist Epistolography
 MacPhail, Eric.

A Genre for the Regenerate: Predestination and Narrative Temporality in the Romances of Spenser and Shakespeare
 Jones, Emily.

A Gentler Method: German Jesuits, School Drama, and the Struggle for Paderborn
 Ellis-Marino, Elizabeth.

A Hydraulic System Drawing by Leonardo: Some Evaluations
 Iacobone, Damiano.

A Libel "More Damnable than the Rest": Dr. George Eglisham and the Prodromus Vindictae, 1626
 Cogswell, Thomas.

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Bad Writing and the Rhetoric of Cavendish’s Orations
 Dodds, Lara.

Ballad Singers versus Preachers: The Battle for the Piazza in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-Century Italy
 Rospocher, Massimo.

Baltasar Gracián: Style and the Thinking of the Past
 Patiño Loira, Javier.

Baptized Jews (not New Christians) in Sixteenth- to Eighteenth-Century Iberia: Autobiographical Fragments
 Graizbord, David.

Beatrice and Ferrante d’Este at the Aragonese Court in Naples, 1477–89: Fosterlings or Hostages?
 Bryant, Diana.

Becoming Human: Horses and Virtue in the Italian Renaissance
 Schiesari, Juliana.

Before Professionalism: The Architectural Training of Francesco di Giorgio
 Merrill, Elizabeth.

Behind the Diplomatic Stage: Unregulated Voices and Alternative Views of the Venetian Stato da Mar
 Veneri, Toni.

Belleforest's Histoires tragiques and the Islamic Mirror
 Zhiri, Oumelbanine.

Bellifontaine Frames: The Decoration of Fontainebleau and Sixteenth-Century Manuscript Illumination
 L\'Estrange, Elizabeth.

Ben Jonson’s Volpone: Citizen Fox and the Humanist Beast
 Pfannebecker, Mareile.

Bent Speech and Borrowed Selves: Intercessory Acts in Measure for Measure
 Byker, Devin.

Benvenuto Cellini: The Righteous Anger of a Failed Courtier
 Hunt, John.

Bernard van Orley’s Joris de Zelle and the Status of the Learned Doctor
 Trowbridge, Mark.

Bernardo de Balbuena's "La Grandeza Mexicana": New World Cosmopolis and the Poetics of Parergon
 Pettinaroli, Elizabeth.

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Camillo Leonardi and the Thaumaturgical Powers of Engraved Precious Gems
 Leopardi, Liliana.

Can a Woman Warrior Sing? Three Theatrical Adaptations of Ariosto’s Orlando furioso
 Denzel, Valentina.

Caravaggio's Problematic Self-Representations
 Thomas, Troy.

Cardano vs. Scaliger on the World-Soul
 Sakamoto, Kuni.

Carlo Borromeo and Caravaggio: The Intersection between Art and Devotion
 Muraoka, Anne.

Carving a Niche: The Artistic Training of Northern European Sculptors
 Hung, Karen.

Cataloguing Empire: The New Early Modern Science of Libraries
 Kimmel, Seth.

Catherine de' Medici through Honoré de Balzac's Eyes: What Type of Rehabilitation?
 Perret, Maxime.

Catherine of Aragon's Virginity: Nostalgia for an Imagined, Prelapsarian England in Shakespeare's Henry VIII
 Prendergast, Maria Teresa.

Catholic Dismissal and the Promise of Private Faith in The Duchess of Malfi
 Valbuena, Olga.

Caught Mapping: The Impact of a New Cartography on the Este Court and the Orlando furioso
 Hanning, Robert.

Celestina: A Saleswoman of Sex in Early Modern Iberia
 Bidwell-Steiner, Marlen.

Cervantes Reads the Arbitristas
 Weber, Alison.

Challenges to Greco-Roman Concepts of Music in Marin Mersenne's Questions Harmoniques (1634)
 Considine, Basil.

Challenging Cultures: The Complexity of Spanish and Asian Cultural Interactions in the Early Colonial Philippines
 Crossley, John.

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Daily LIfe in a Merchant's Home in 1390s Prato
 Vigotti, Lorenzo.

Daily Life at Sea and Ship Culture in Oceanic Voyages
 Leitão, Henrique.

Daniele Barbaro, Andrea Palladio, and the Practice of Perspective in Venice
 D\'Evelyn, Margaret.

Dante's Virtues: Habit, Grace, and the Pursuit of Happiness
 Benfell, V..

De la sauvagerie et du sauvage: Les Frances au 16ème siècle
 Rosas, Luisa.

De-Essentializing the World: Valla, Agricola, and Nizolio on Universals
 Nauta, Lodi.

Dead Reckonings: Disease, Explanation, and Encounter on the Epidemiological Frontier of Portuguese America
 Cagle, Hugh.

Defending the Romane: Metafiction and History in Margaret Tyler's Mirror of Princely Deeds and Knighthood
 Boro, Joyce.

Demand, Labor, and Value: Bernardo de Balbuena’s Grandeza mexicana (1604) and the Creole-Peninsular Polemic in New Spain
 Terukina, Jorge.

Descartes’s Fractured Visuality: The Impossibility of a Universal Cartesian Subject
 Ahmed, Kamran.

Describing Papal Dissimulation in Fifteenth-Century Diplomatic Correspondence
 Dover, Paul.

Designed for Living: Silver at the Gonzaga Court of Mantua (1400–1600)
 Taylor, Valerie.

Detective Work on a Personalized Copy of Mary Sidney’s Discourse of Life and Death
 Hannay, Margaret.

Dinner for the Pope: Transforming the Early Modern Palazzo for a Grand Meal
 McIver, Katherine.

Diplomacy, Secrets, and Information Flows in Late Renaissance Foreign Policy
 Brege, Brian.

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Early Modern "Cougars"
 Fisher, Will.

Eastern Embraces: Staging Diplomacy and Inter-Religious Hospitality on the Early Modern Stage
 Kaufman, Sheiba.

Economic Thought and Port Policy in the Late Renaissance
 Tazzara, Corey.

Editing Monastic Communities: The Benedictine Rule and Statutes in Manuscript and Print
 Goodrich, Jaime.

Editing the 1610 and 1631 Booklists of Edward, First Viscount Conway
 Smith, Daniel.

Editorial Reception of Women Writers of Early Modern France: Marguerite of Angoulême, Queen of Navarre
 Romengo, Margherita.

Edmé Aubertin and the Eucharistic Debates of the Early Seventeenth Century
 Klauber, Martin.

Elizabeth Delaval's Good Friday Meditations (1670): Longing for Passion
 Molekamp, Femke.

Elizabeth Polwhele: Restoration Patronage and the New Professional Woman Dramatist
 Hurley, Ann.

Elizabethan Iconoclasm and Donne’s Poetic Compromise in “The Bracelet”
 Yeo, Jayme.

Eloquent Barbarians: Othello and the Critical Potential of Passionate Character
 Enterline, Lynn.

Emblematic Posturing
 Goeglein, Tamara.

Embodied Wits: Personifications of Mind and Spirit in Rhetorician Drama
 Ramakers, Bart.

Embodying Expressions on the Early Modern Stage: The Faces of the Body Politic in Richard II
 Lenhardt, Allison.

Emulation and Homage: Teachers Referenced by Their Students in Renaissance Musical Texts and Compositions
 Weiss, Susan.

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Fair Acceptance and Fair Use: Propriety and Appropriation in Ben Jonson’s “Inviting a Friend to Supper"
 Stewart, Robin.

Faith Healing and Religious Conversion among Moriscos in Sixteenth-Century Aragón
 Rawof, Sayema.

Faith and Disbelief in Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus
 Raspa, Anthony.

False Pleasures and Epicurean Rhetoric
 Cook, Brendan.

Fashioning a (Nonexistent) Genealogy: Female Friendship in Renaissance Italian Tragedy
 Coller, Alexandra.

Fate and the Cosmos: Astrology in the Portrait Medals of Pope Julius II
 Fishburne, James.

Father Luis de Guzmán, S.J. (1543–1605) and his Historia de las misiones (Alcalá, 1601) as a Defense of the Society of Jesus
 Roldan-Figueroa, Rady.

Fauxbourdon, Composition, and the Chanson at Paris ca. 1550
 Van Orden, Kate.

Federico Barocci, Lorenzo Lotto, and "Accidents of Light"
 Fontana, Jeffrey.

Feet for Dancing: Shakespeare and the Dancing Body in Romeo and Juliet
 Shaw, Brandon.

Ficino and Painting: Shadow and Light, Body and Soul
 Carman, Charles.

Ficino on the Concept of Persona in De amore: A Case of Platonic Dialectics
 Catana, Leo.

Fictions of Ancient Religion in Selden, Vossius, and Herrick
 Wallace, Joseph.

Filarete’s sciagurata maniera
 Glass, Robert.

Filelfo and the Byzantines
 Monfasani, John.

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G. M. Nanino’s Early Patrons in Rome
 Newcomb, Anthony.

Gallican Psalters: Northern European Agents of Renaissance
 Latteri, Natalie.

Genoa, Bruges, and the German Hanse
 Veronesi, Marco.

Genoa’s Fifteenth Century: A Time of Shifting Commercial Emphases and Economic Transformation
 Becker, Brian.

Genre éditorial ou genre d’écrire? Le "récit bref moralisé" à l’époque incunable
 Viet, Nora.

Gentile Bellini and Venice’s Humanist History
 Sizonenko, Tatiana.

Georeferencing the Agas Map
 Jenstad, Janelle.

Gian Francesco Caroto’s Altarpiece of Sts. Sebastian and Roche in San Giorgio in Braida: Alterations and Meaning
 Nolin, Heather.

Giannozzo Manetti's New Testament: Tracing the Translation Process
 Den Haan, Annet.

Gift and Memory: Rituals of Charitable Distribution in Bolognese Confraternities
 Sneider, Matthew.

Giordano Bruno on the Life and Motions of the Celestial Bodies
 Tessicini, Dario.

Giorgio Vasari and Guillaume de Marciilat: Mystical and Visual Splendor
 Cheney, Liana.

Giovanni Battista Palumba’s Mythological Progeny
 Fiorenza, Giancarlo.

Giovanni Garzoni and the Charles’s Conquest of Naples
 Varotti, Carlo.

Giovanni Pico and Common Good
 Borghesi, Francesco.

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Hans Memling’s Similtanbilder and the Discourse of Piety
 Coleman, Sally.

Hardtack for the Voyage: The Local Administration of the Manila Galleon
 Seijas, Tatiana.

Has-Been Queens? Reception and (Re)figuration of Catherine de’ Medici and Mary Stuart in Translation
 Hancisse, Nathalie.

Heart Images in Michelangelo’s Venus and Cupid
 Kleinbub, Christian.

Hercules, King Sebastian, and Imperatives of Early Modern Masculinity in the Spanish Comedia
 Fox, Dian.

Heretical Martyrs: Ancient Christianity and Its Reformation Afterlives
 Sheehan, Jonathan.

Hermeneutic Risk: The Merchant of Venice and the Hazards of Scripture
 Kearney, James.

High Politics, Low Art: Literary Criticism and the Impact of Humanist History
 Clegg, Cyndia.

Historical Chronology meets Thomas Lydiat
 Haugen, Kristine.

Historical Implication of the European Publication of Jesuit Reports on Japan, in the Light of the International Influence on the Missions in the Americas
 Abé, Takao.

History in Faces: Paolo Giovio and his Portrait Collection in the Context of the Sixteenth-Century Turkish Threat
 Rossi, Nassim.

History of a Double-Censorship: Giacomo Aconcio and his Devil's Stratagems in Seventeenth-Century Europe
 Caravale, Giorgio.

History, Politics, and Print: The Case of Nicholas Sander’s De origine ac progressu schismatis Anglicani
 Dominguez, Freddy.

Hooker, Shakespeare, and the Staging of an Ecclesiastical Comedy of Errors
 Robinson, Marsha.

Hospitality and the Assimilation of the Profane in Chester’s The Last Supper
 Smith, Matthew.

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Ignatius of Loyola and Women: The Formative Text
 Rhodes, Elizabeth.

Ignatius, Luther, and the Fate of Medieval Religion
 Myers, William.

Illicit Prophecy Exchanges at the Great Church Councils
 Kneupper, Frances.

Illustrating the Academies: From Woodcut to Copper and Steel Engraving
 Reidy, Denis.

Image as Relic: Bodily Vision and the Reconstitution of Viewer-Image Relationships on the Sacro Monte di Varallo
 Bell, Margaret.

Images as Instruments for Understanding the Ineffable Nature of God in Henry Suso’s Exemplar
 Falque, Ingrid.

Images of Venus in Vincenzo Cartari’s Imagini (1556, 1608)
 Mulryan, John.

Imaginative Illusion and Illusory Invention: The Production and Meaning of Fictive Stone in Early Modern Paintings
 Gelfand, Laura.

Imaging and Imagining the Feast: Celebrative Images in the Jesuit Culture of Spectacle
 Dekoninck, Ralph.

Imaging the Future of “Italy” in Reformation Rome
 Brownstein, Daniel.

Immanuel HaRomi’s Hebrew Sonnet: Thinking through an Example of Cross-Cultural Literary Practice
 Goldstein, Cheryl.

Imperfect Information Games: Cards, Theater, and Male Friendship
 Bloom, Gina.

Imperial Subordination and Horizontal Networks: The Case of Potosi Mining
 Bentancor, Orlando.

In Honor of the Sapa Inka: The Architecture and Space of Imperial Authority
 Nair, Stella.

In Pursuit of an Ideal: Rewriting Saint Catherine of Siena from Domestic Mystic to Epic Hero
 Subialka, Michael.

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Japanese Martyrs on the Jesuit Stage
 Tjoelker, Nienke.

Jasper Heywood’s "Free Composition"’ in Troas (1559)
 Winston, Jessica.

Jean Matal and the New Words
 Chaulet, Rudy.

Jesuit Educational Architecture in Colonial Spanish America: A Comparative Study
 Mellado Corriente, Marina.

Jesuit Missionary Strategies and the Visual Arts in Japan (ca. 1549–ca.1614)
 Curvelo, Alexandra.

Jesuit Solemnities in the Southern Netherlands: Immersion and Experience
 Delfosse, Annick.

Jesuita Non Cantat? Evidence from a Sacristy Manual from the Roman Church of the Gesù
 Caporella, Cynthia.

Jews on the Move: Mobility, Migration, and the Shaping of Jewish Culture in Early Modern Europe
 Ruderman, David.

John Donne Practices Law: Archival Evidence
 Wall, John.

Jonson, Music, and the Boundaries of Playing
 Trudell, Scott A..

Jonsonus Virbius: Loose Papers and Enduring Reputation
 Scott, Catherine.

Juan Sánchez Cotán’s San Diego Still-Life as a Depiction of the Five Senses
 Hesser, Martina.

Julius Caesar Scaliger on Plants, Species, and the Ordained Power of God
 Blank, Andreas.


Keeping Rome at Bay: Diocesan Reform in the Veneto
 McNamara, Celeste.


La congiura di Stefano Porcari contro Niccolò V del 1453: Nuove riflessioni
 Modigliani, Anna.

La géographie anthropomorphique dans trois cartes du 15e et 16e siècle: Reflets sur Pantagruel (chapitre 32)
 Sauret, Martine.

La mise en scène du songe à l’aide des perspectives historiques et politiques chez les Rhétoriqueurs
 Angeli, Giovanna.

La rivolta dei “ladri di galline”: Ribellione giovanile durante il pontificato di Pio II
 Farenga, Paola.

Labor Discipline and the Social Reproduction of the Work Ethic in Seventeenth-Century England
 Hindle, Steve.

Lady Ranelagh and the Hartlib Circle: Natural Philosophy and Radical Protestantism, ca. 1640–60
 DiMeo, Michelle.

Lamenting Orpheus: Performing Masculinity in Early Opera
 Revenig, Jesse.

Language and the Secrets of Nature: The Case of Francisco Hernández
 Lopez Fadul, Valeria.

Late Baroque Sculpture in Florence: Roman Influence and Florentine Inheritance
 d\'Alburquerque, Kira.

Late Renaissance Poland Observed by Aristotle: Philosophical, Political, and Cultural Themes in Several Works Based on Nichomachean Ethics and Politics
 Facca, Danilo.

Lay Preaching in Medieval Italy: Between Performance and Acculturation
 Corbellini, Sabrina.

Layout Practices in Flemish Book Production in the Southern Netherlands during the Long Sixteenth Century
 Proot, Goran.

Le "cercle Farnèse" à Rome
 Vagenheim, Ginette.

Learning Lucan in Tudor England
 Ward, Allyna.

Learning in the Republic of Tools
 Seyler, Katrin.

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Machiavelli and History
 Najemy, John.

Machiavelli and Translation
 Capodivacca, Angela.

Machiavelli and Xenophon: A Forgotten Influence
 Barcenas, Alejandro.

Machiavelli's Mandragola
 Mazzotta, Giuseppe.

Madge’s Bestiary: Philosophical Animals and Physiognomic Philosophers in Margaret Cavendish’s Blazing World
 Mills, Stephen.

Maize, Paradise, and the New World
 Nygren, Barnaby.

Managing Toleration from Abroad: Rome, Poland, and the Warsaw Confederation of 1573
 Keenan, Charles.

Mapping Iberian Humanism: The Afterlife of Pomponius Mela’s De Situ Orbis in Spanish and Portuguese Intellectual Communities
 Budner, Keith.

Mapping and Telling Tales for Elite and Popular Delight: Abraham Ortelius’s Atlases of the 1570s
 Horowitz, Maryanne.

Margaret Fell, Letter Networks, and the Making of Quakerism
 Ames, Marjon.

Marguerite de Navarre’s Heptaméron (1558): Spaces of Display and lieux de rencontre
 Black, Elizabeth.

Maria Maddalena of Austria and Courtly Performances in Florence
 Stampino, Maria.

Marketing Mary Magdalene in Early Modern Northern European Prints and Paintings
 Moseley-Christian, Michelle.

Marlowe’s Tanslation of Lucan: Date, Editions, and Context
 Paleit, Edward.

Marsilio Ficino and the Early Argumenta to Plato
 Sanzotta, Valerio.

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Narrating Illegitimacy: Tales of Pregnancy and (Dis)honor in Early Modern Northern Italy
 Kosmin, Jennifer.

National Histories in Early Stuart Lord Mayor's Shows
 Trevisan, Sara.

Natural, Theological, and Traditional Criteria of Sea Monsters in Scientific Treatises
 Zucker, Arnaud.

Nature’s House: Margaret Cavendish and the Oeconomy of Nature
 Remien, Peter.

Negotiating Aemilia Lanyer’s Textual Lives
 Benson, Pamela.

Negotiating Devotion and Mediating Verisimilitude in Italian Terracotta Passion Groups (1450–1540)
 Vranic, Ivana.

Neither Fish nor Fowl: Painters’ Journeymen in Augsburg during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
 Brenner, Danica.

New Narrative and Old Dream Interpretation: The Decameron and the Somniale Danielis in the MS Vaticano Rossiano 947
 Cappozzo, Valerio.

New Nations in the Empire: Heritable Identity Markers in the Sixteenth Century
 Johnson, Carina.

New Perspectives on Ghirlandaio’s Fresco of the Last Supper in the Church of Ognissanti in Florence
 Taylor-Mitchell, Laurie.

Newton’s Rewriting of Ancient History
 Feingold, Mordechai.

Nicholas Trevet and Albertino Mussato as Mediators of Boccaccio’s Seneca
 Papio, Michael.

Nicodemism after Cantimori
 Miglietti, Sara Olivia.

Nobody’s Middle: The Mediterranean in French Renaissance Travel Narratives
 Keller, Marcus.

None the Verse for Wear: Enduring Traditions in Setting Ariosto to Music
 Hanning, Barbara.


Obedience and Independence, Teacher and Pupil, Father and Daughter: Guglielmo and Orsola Maddalena Caccia, A Virtuous Circle
 Pietrogiovanna, Maria.

Of Medici and Mamluk Power: Islamic Forms in a Renaissance Florentine Stained-Glass Window
 Cavallo, Brad.

Old Materialisms and Early Modern Picture-Making: Stone Paintings around 1600
 Nygren, Christopher.

Old Pictures, New Peoples: Novelty and Recycled Illustrations
 Voigt, Lisa.

On the Violent Deaths of Artists in Vasari's Lives
 Galizzi Kroegel, Alessandra.

Orders of Delation and the Thread of Dilation: Accountability and the Picaresque in La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes
 Sosa, Amaury.

Original Expansion: Nation and Landscape in Lope de Vega's Las famosas Asturianas
 Lorenzo, Javier.

Orlando on the Beach: The Space of the Sea in Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso
 Combs-Schilling, Jonathan.

Ornamented Intabulations and Derived Fantasias: Parody and Imitation in Galilei’s Arrangements of a Striggio Madrigal
 Argondizza, Peter.

Others Yes, but in Doublets: Allegory in Tommaso Stigliani’s Mondo Nuovo.
 Aloe, Carla.

Out with the Old Boss, In with the New Boss: Magic and Science in Godwin’s The Man in the Moone
 Sikkink, Lisa.

Overdue: Early Modern Artists’ Libraries, with Reference to Case Studies in Genoa
 Lukehart, Peter.

Ovid’s Nose: Smelling the Flowers of Fancy in Love’s Labor’s Lost
 Heffernan, Megan.


Paduan Thomism and Francis Bacon’s “Contentious Learning”
 Gaetano, Matthew.

Pagan Altars and Christian Symbols: Representations of the Sacred in Sixteenth-Century Grotesques
 McColeman, Susanne.

Pagan Goddess and Protestant Patroness: Characterizations of Anne Boleyn in her Coronation Pageant and All Is True
 Crover, Sarah.

Pain as Focal Point: Reconsidering Dutch Tooth-Pulling Scenes
 Woodbury, Sara.

Painting and Navigation: Venice and Seafaring in Vittore Carpaccio's St. Ursula Cycle
 Neuner, Stefan.

Painting, Sculpture, and Invenzione: Sophonisba Anguissola's Boston Self-Portrait
 Jones, Tanja.

Painting, Sculpture, and Domestic Space in the Writing of Margaret Cavendish
 Fitzmaurice, James.

Parataxis and Disjunctive Time: Joris Hoefnagel’s Artistic Interaction with the Habsburg Kunstkammer
 Boychuk, Joan.

Paris et Œnone selon Jean de la Taille (1572): Remontrance oblique et illustration tragique
 Noirot, Corinne.

Paul's Call and Cymbeline 's Calling
 Miller, Nichole.

Perceptions of Black Market Traders, Their Services, and Their Goods in the Dutch Republic
 van den Heuvel, Danielle.

Performance, Print, and the Italian Wars: Poemetti bellici and the Case of Eustachio Celebrino
 Goethals, Jessica.

Performing Philosophy in Late Renaissance Italy
 Boutcher, Warren.

Performing Social Outcasts: Broadside Ballads and the Musical Characterization of Outsiders in Early Modern London
 Williams, Sarah.

Perpetuation of Veneration: Antiveduto Grammatica’s Depiction of San Carlo Borromeo and Milan’s Sacra Chiodo
 Whittaker, Loren.

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Quixotic Economics: Early Modern Monetary Theory and Political Economy in Cervantes
 Brewer, Brian.

Quixotic Madness and Nude Titians in Pedro Almodóvar’s The Skin I Live In
 Molina, Alvaro.

Quoting the Queen: Authority, Speech, and Dictation in Elizabethan Letters
 Evans, Melanie.


Rabelais éditeur de la traduction latine par Guillaume Cop du Régime dans les maladies aiguës d’Hippocrate
 La Charité, Claude.

Radicalizing Analogy
 Anderson, Judith.

Ramism and Political Culture
 Sellberg, Erland.

Raphael’s Woven Landscapes
 Pon, Lisa.

Re-Creating New World Wonder in the Twenty-First-Century Museum
 Peters, Emily.

Readers and Wits: Theater and the Knowing Subject of Early Modern Dutch Discourse
 van Dixhoorn, Arjan.

Reading Chaucer Allegorically with Shakespeare
 Quilligan, Maureen.

Reading Early Modern Literary Manuscripts in a Digital Environment
 Estill, Laura.

Reading Esther to Read Sovereignty: John Donne and the Casuistry of Conscience
 Butler, Todd.

Reading and Sex in the Early Modern Medical Manual
 Parker, Sarah.

Reading and the Performance of Gender, ca. 1530: The Devonshire Manuscript
 Shirley, Christopher.

Reading into Friendship: Pontormo’s Portrait of Two Friends, ca. 1524 (Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice)
 Camp, Mary.

Reading the Italian Renaissance Menu
 Krohn, Deborah.

Reading through Justina’s Eyes: Hieroglyphs and Gender Bias in La pícara Justina
 Mesa, Claudia.

Reading, Walking, Seeing: Narrative and the Nexus of Physical and Spiritual Recuperation in Cervantes
 Scham, Michael.

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Sacramental Caution and Finding God in All things: Sacramentality and Spirituality in Luther and Loyola
 Gustafson, Hans.

Sacred Marriage: Margarita de la Cruz and the Rituals of a Royal Bride of Christ
 Tiffany, Tanya.

Sacred Suffering: Pain, Piety, and Aging in Early Modern Italian Portraits of Old Women
 Campbell, Erin.

Sacrilege, Sorcery, and Sodomy: Practices To Be Rooted Out of Non-Western Spanish Subjects in the Colonial Philippines
 McCarthy, William.

Sanctuary at Ephesus
 Allen, Elizabeth.

Santa Croce as Communal Burial Ground
 Leader, Anne.

Sarah Wyman Whitman: American Opalescent Stained Glass at Harvard University’s Annenberg Hall
 Ehlert, Jennifer.

Savonarola's culto interiore and culto esteriore in Pontormo's Visitation
 Keener, Chrystine.

Scamozzi, Scamozziana: Mathematical Instruments and the Virtuosity of the Architect
 Isard, Katherine.

Sculpture as Prayer: Michelangelo’s Rondanini Pietà
 Fenichel, Emily.

Sculpture in Pieces: Rubens, Borboni, and Broken Idols
 Knaap, Anna.

Sebald Beham’s Sexy Old Testament Prints
 Stewart, Alison.

Secular Patronage at the Orsini Court: Marenzio, Caccini, and the Roman-Florentine Circle
 Morucci, Valerio.

Secularizing Supremacy: The Papal Right of Deposition in the Works of Sir Philip Sidney and Edmund Spenser
 Lockey, Brian.

Seeing Through Ornament and Reading Between the Lines: The Missals of Cardinal Juan Alvarez of Toledo
 Doulkaridou, Elli.

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Table Service and Ritual in Mid-Sixteenth-Century Rome: “Art and excellence, such that cannot be expressed in words or even thoughts”
 Byatt, Lucinda.

Tainted Brush or Poisoned Pen? The Construction of Ribera as Executioner
 Payne, Edward.

Taken on Faith, A Case Study for Questioning Sources
 May, Rose.

Teratology between Theology and Social Disciplining in Early Modern Sicily
 Cusumano, Nicola.

Terror and Joy: Anna Trapnel’s Border Crossings in Report and Plea
 Johnson, Heather.

Text and Image in the Beatus Manuscripts: The Case of the Lorvão Apocalipse (1189)
 Miguelez Cavero, Alicia.

The "Image of Pity" in Santa Croce in Gerusalemme and the Catholic Monarchs
 Freiberg, Jack.

The "Repulsive Effusion of an Aging Homosexual"? The Role of Beauty in Leonardesque Religious Works
 Corry, Maya.

The (Dis)Honesty of the Clothed Self in Renaissance Identity Creation
 Reid, Elizabeth Ann.

The Arcicembalo and the Chromatic Style
 Chisholm, Leon.

The Cronicha dela nobil cità de Venetia et dela sua provintia et destretto of Giorgio Dolfin in Cultural and Artistic Venetian Renaissance Milieu
 Frison, Chiara.

The Hypnerotomachia Poliphili and the Poetics of Discovery
 Korta, Jeremie.

The Inganno of Giuseppe Orologi: The Art of Deception
 Hickson, Sally.

The Quadrivium as Imago Principis: Manuscript Cesena, Malatestiana, S. XXVI.1
 Mengozzi, Stefano.

The Wanderstrassen of a Global Renaissance? Nationalism and Transnationalism in Warburg’s Readings of Dürer, 1905 and 1917/1920
 Newman, Jane.

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Under the Skin: The Anatomy of Beauty in Vasari's Lives
 Korman, Sally.

Une saincte et memorable marque: The Parisian Inscriptions of Etienne Jodelle (1532–73)
 Maynard, Katherine.

Unfeeling Daughters: Staging Apathy in King Lear
 Hodgson, Elizabeth.

Unhappy Endings
 Boruchoff, David.

United in Form, Separated in Meaning: Mino da Fiesole’s Tombs in the Badia Fiorentina
 Pöpper, Thomas.

Unnatural Language Processing: The Protocols for Encoding Shakespeare
 Ullyot, Michael.

Unnatural Metaphors and Apt Similitudes
 Aulakh, Pavneet.

Unpresentable Women: Caring for the Parish Poor on the Elizabethan Stage
 Munkhoff, Richelle.

Unwashed Masses: Music for the Morning After
 McClary, Susan.

Unweaponed Men in Gowns: The Feminine Republic and the English Stage
 Sisson, Andrew.

Upside Down: The Reversed Tablets of Michelangelo’s Moses and the Politics of Conversion
 Blum, Gerd.

Upstaging the Economy in Early Modern Spanish Theater
 Greer, Margaret.


Van Dyck between Master and Model
 Eaker, Adam.

Vasari on the Apparati Designed for Margaret of Austria's Entry into Florence on 3 June 1536
 Milosavljevic-Ault, Angelina.

Vasari's Pontormo
 Parker, Deborah.

Vasari’s Relics
 Cornelison, Sally.

Veiled Nakedness: The Eroticized Artfulness of the Hermaphrodite in the Italian Renaissance and Baroque
 Ferracuti, Alexia.

Veit Stoss’s St. Roch and Italian Art Theory
 Duempelmann, Britta.

Velázquez’s Drunken Godhead
 Hedrick, Donald.

Venetian Convents and the Significance of Place
 Weddle, Saundra.

Venice and Its Lagoon in the Early Modern Era: Views from the Sciences of Mathematics and Engineering
 Granuzzo, Elena.

Venice and Spain Celebrate Lepanto: Fernando de Herrera, Titian, and Philip II
 Rueda, Antonio.

Venice from the Archipelago: The Isolario of Bartolommeo dalli Sonetti
 Maglaque, Erin.

Venturing into Public Spaces: Isabella Whitney’s A Sweet Nosegay and Moral Protection for the Porous Social Body
 Foley, Christopher.

Verbal Attacks, Damaged Artworks, and Murdered Artists: Envy and Violence in Early Modern Artistic Literature
 Graul, Jana.

Vernacular Verse, Sacred Space, and Catholic Liturgy
 Mareel, Samuel.

Vernacular Versions of Aristotle’s Physics
 Del Soldato, Eva.

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Wanting for Nothing or Just Wanting: Surviving Promiscuity (Promise-Confusion) in Post-Civil War England
 Matchinske, Megan.

Wartime Dining at the Court of Brandenburg, Prussia
 Taylor-Poleskey, Molly.

Wash Away Their Crimes: Execution by Drowning in Bèze’s Geneva
 Benkov, Edith.

Water, Tratados de Hechicerías, and Christianity in Seventh-Century Mexico
 del Valle, Ivonne.

We Have Never Been Early Modern
 Guy-Bray, Stephen.

Were the Heavens Alive in the Renaissance? Ficino’s and Pico’s Contrasting Views on the Animation of the Heavens
 Rutkin, H..

What Is a Visual Text? The Woodcuts of the Great Bible (Paris-London, 1538–39)
 Dupuigrenet Desroussilles, Francois.

What’s in a Name? Architect and Stonemason in Sixteenth-Century Prague
 Lynch, Sarah.

What’s in a Name? Philippe de Monte’s Sonetz de Pierre de Ronsard
 Rodgers, Mark.

What’s in a Portrait? The Many Faces of Cosimo I de Medici in the Context of His Renaissance Court
 Gáldy, Andrea.

When Ghosts Become Visible: Natural and Supernatural Beings in Paracelsus’s Cosmology
 Daniel, Dane.

Where the Sun Don't Shine: Animals and Animality in the Royal Labyrinth, 1660–74
 Sahlins, Peter.

Whose Feminine Ideal? A Very Unusual Seventeenth-Century Embroidery of Mary Magdalene
 Inglesby, Roisin.

Why The Blazing World Is Not a Hobbesian Commonwealth
 Ferrier, Sean.

Why Don Quixote Needs to "Desfacer Fuerzas" in the Episode of the Galley Slaves
 Byrne, Susan.

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Zabarella’s Natural Philosophy: Some Comments on Aristotle’s Physics and Metereology
 Sgarbi, Marco.

Zaccaria Ghisolfi and the Genoese Settlements in the Black Sea from the 1470s to the 1480s
 Ferente, Serena.

Zelmane’s Real Identity
 Wall, Spencer.
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