RSA Annual Meeting 2014-Mar-27 to 2014-Mar-30

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"Qu’un fol enseigne bien un saige": Rabelais et la folie: entre idéal et réel
 Renner, Bernd.

"A Foreigner in their Country”: The Strange Career of Regina Salomea Pilsztynowa, a Polish Catholic Female Physician in Eighteenth Century Istanbul
 Roczniak, Wladyslaw.

"A Real Obstacle Course": The Testimony of Paris’s Saint Merry’s Parish Factory Related to the Order of a New Choir Serving the Catholic Reform
 Bontemps, Sébastien.

"A True, Proper Woman": Gender Transgression and Transgender Identity in Early Modern Europe
 Benkov, Edith.

"A beast whose scales are as Armor": Armadillos in Early Modern Europe
 Pierri, Florencia.

"A time of absolute darkness": Veterinary Medicine and the Legacy of Renaissance Anatomy
 Appuhn, Karl.

"A womans Logicke": Calvinist Women Writers and the Rejection of Education
 Luckyj, Christina.

"Amour est sans milieu": Willful and Playful Extremism in Ronsard’s Sonets pour Helene
 Cornilliat, François.

"An Apple a Day": Dietetic and Poetic Moderation around the Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft
 Mahler, Anthony.

"And I know this from all the years of experience that I have in this art”: Midwives as Expert Witnesses in Early Modern Roman Courts
 Christopoulos, John.

"And the Chaldeans say it is true": Evidence and Authority in Agrippa's Magical Theology
 Kavey, Allison.

"And then she threw the Devil at him": Folklore and Demonology in Early Modern Denmark
 Kallestrup, Louise.

"Buddah in the Andes”: Tradition, Synchronicity, and the Invention of Images around the World
 Siracusano, Gabriela.

"Clothed with a Garment of Excessive Whiteness”: Whiteness between Mystic Union and Scientific Evidence
 Eibelshäuser, Henrike.

"Competing Translations” in Late Sixteenth-Century England
 Baddeley, Susan.

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A qalamdan in the Quirinal? Representing Armenian Embassies to Pope Paul V
 Baskins, Cristelle.

A Bird’s Eye View of Early Modern Latin: A Computer-Assisted Analysis of Style Variation
 Eder, Maciej.

A Chain of Thought? The Continued Use of the Rosary in Early Modern Medical Treatments
 King, Rachel.

A Chess Board, One and Thirty Stones, a Pair of Sheets, and a Heart: Jane Cavendish's Gift Giving
 Wynne-Davies, Marion.

A Feast for the Senses: Herod's Banquet and Sensory Culture in the Renaissance
 Gill, Meredith.

A Forbidden Manuscript in the Library of Marc-Antoine Muret and the Reactions North of the Alps
 Niutta, Francesca.

A Franciscan Legacy: Benozzo Gozzoli’s Frescoes in the Choir Chapel of San Francesco in Montefalco
 Gilmore, Shannon.

A Hypothesis for Lippo and Tederigo Memmi between Siena and Avignon
 Israëls, Machtelt.

A Jesuit between Nations, Faiths, and Languages: Documentary Reflections on Giovanni Battista Eliano (1530–89)
 Russell, Camilla.

A Journey from Hell to Atheism
 Terracciano, Pasquale.

A Legal Murderer: The Executioner in the Italian Renaissance
 Guerra, Enrica.

A Love Affair with Tasso's Love Affair: The Compagnoni and Alberti Forgeries
 Gomez, Janet.

A Mirror in Stone: The Sacro Bosco and the Boschi of Bomarzo
 Coty, Katherine.

A Model for God: Doni on Michelangelo’s Anticipation of the Future
 Blum, Gerd.

A Mother’s Gift? Renée of France, Anna d’Este, and the Madrigali d’amore of Tuttovale Menon
 Stras, Laurie.

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Babies and Bribes: Finding Early Modern Female Readers of English Popular Medical Books
 Fissell, Mary.

Bacon's Hints
 O\'Connell, Caryn.

Badius’s Comédie du pape malade and Humor at the Eve of the Wars of Religion
 Hayes, Bruce.

Baldassare Cossa and the Council of Constance
 Dale, Sharon.

Ballads and Other Ridicularia: Cheap Print in Thomas Bodley's Library
 Bergel, Giles.

Bankers' Licenses and Bankers' Daughters: Jewish Life and the Papal Authorities in Rome
 Cooperman, Bernard.

Barbari, Not Bellini
 Brown, David.

Beautifying Elizabeth
 Phillippy, Patricia.

Becoming a Witch: Confession and Subjectivity in the Trial of the Marlou Witches (1582–83)
 Krause, Virginia.

Before Miscellaneity
 Heffernan, Megan.

Before Normal: Representations of Disability in Early Modern France
 Long, Kathleen.

Before the Crusca’s Vocabolario: John Florio’s Bilingual Feast
 Haller, Hermann.

Before the Grand Tour: John Evelyn's Naples in the Seventeenth Century
 Delli Quadri, Rosa Maria.

Being Mercury: Mineral Resources and the Court of Saxony
 Haug, Henrike.

Bellini’s Recorder-Playing Angel
 Powers, Katherine.

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Caballerías and “Idle” Female Readers: Anglo-Iberian Hostilities and the Decline of Romance
 Munoz, Victoria.

Calvinist Comedie and Religious Conversion during the French Reformation
 Beam, Sara Gwyn.

Cambridge Revisited? The Logistics, Semiotics, and Phenomenology of Virtual Theatrical Space
 Roberts-Smith, Jennifer., DeSouza-Coelho, Shawn. and Stoesser, Paul.

Camillo Bolognini’s Studio: A Reconstruction from New Archival Documents
 Hillier, Lisa.

Caravaggio's Darkness and the Mystical Tradition
 Wendt, Kristine.

Cardano and J. C. Scaliger’s Polemic on Music’s Influence on Body and Soul
 Prins, Jacomien.

Caricature as Performance
 Murawska-Muthesius, Kasia.

Cariteo’s Metamorfosi and the Epilogue of Neapolitan Humanism
 Del Frate, Luana.

Catching the Plague: Love, Health, and Disease in Shakespeare
 Moulton, Ian.

Catherine of Braganza’s Books
 Kim, Dorothy.

Cato's Daughter: Portia's Literary Afterlives
 Griffin, Julia.

Cavendish’s Convent: The Economics of Pleasure
 Russell, Melanie.

Celebrating Jesuit Saints: The Transmission and Diffusion of Ornamental Devices in the Seventeenth Century
 Heering, Caroline.

Celebrating the Sacred: The Distinctive Features of Religious Festivities in the Spanish Netherlands
 Dekoninck, Ralph.

Centaurs of the Mind: Passion, Desire, and Imagination in the Poetry of Fulke Greville
 Sierhuis, Freya.

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Daimonic and Gnomic: Thoughts on Angus Fletcher
 Gross, Kenneth.

Damaging the Divine Body in an Age of Iconoclasm
 Jonckheere, Koenraad J. A..

Dangerous Cartographies: Threats, Death, and The Faerie Queene’s Missing Maps
 Barrett, Chris.

Dangerous Christianities: Indigenous and Franciscan Scholars and the Transformation of the devotio moderna in Mexico
 Tavárez, David.

Daniel Hopfer’s Etched Broadsheets
 Spira, Freyda.

Dans les coulisses de l'atelier d'un maître verrier, ou Marie de Gournay et les séductions de la science
 Devincenzo, Giovanna.

Dante and the Horatian Vices
 Martinez, Ronald.

Dante and the Semantics of Friendship
 Barolini, Teodolinda.

Dante at the Center: Emerson's Canon Revisited
 Candido, Igor.

Dante’s Justice? A Reappraisal of the contrapasso
 Steinberg, Justin.

Dante’s Portrayal of France in the Commedia
 Brownlee, Kevin.

Daphnaïda, Complaint, and Elegy
 Niles, Alan.

Dating the Manuscript of Striggio’s Mass for Forty and Sixty Voices from Watermarks: New Evidence on the Early Development of the Basse Continue in France
 Deutsch, Catherine.

Daughter-Murder as Cultural Process
 Cohen, Thomas.

De la mascarade au ballet de cour dans la seconde moitié du XVIe siècle
 Cavallini, Concetta.

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Early Baroque Academies: Periphery and Capital
 Hutson, James.

Early Modern Academic Culture
 Sellberg, Erland.

Early Modern Catullan Commentaries and Sir Philip Sidney’s Stella
 Stapleton, Paul.

Early Modern English Radicalism and Its Connection with Mysticism and Esotericism
 Hessayon, Ariel.

Early Modern Infanticide and the Image of the Holy Innocents
 Colantuono, Anthony.

Early Modern Mobility and Jesuit Missionary Practice
 Nelles, Paul.

Early Modern Periphery in Action: Human Agency and Social Conditioning in the Catholic Ecclesiastical Courts
 Cavarzere, Marco.

Early Modern Women and Power
 Levin, Carole.

Early Netherlandish Landscapes Revisited: Countryside Motives in Fifteenth- and Early Sixteenth-Century Altarpieces and Portraits
 De Rock, Jelle.

Eat and Pray: Food and National Identity in the Diary of Margaret, Lady Hoby
 Bassnett, Madeline.

Ecofeminism and the Country House Poem in Aemilia Lanyer’s "The Description of Cooke-ham" and Veronica Franco’s Capitolo 25
 Lawrence, Dana.

Economy on a Monumental Scale: Faux Stone in Palladio’s Architecture
 Paternò, Damiana.

Edgy Emblematics: Framing and Reframing the Discourse of Richelieu’s Gallery of Illustrious Men (1630–50)
 Zanger, Abby.

Edmund Spenser, Thomas Lodge, and the Literary Tropes of Resurrection
 Evans, Kasey.

Educating the Signore in Renaissance Italy: Garzoni’s De eruditione principum as a "Mirror for Tyrants"
 Mantovani, Alessandra.

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Fact or Fiction: Reconsidering Truth Claims in Gentile Bellini’s Drawings from Constantinople, 1479–81
 Sizonenko, Tatiana.

Falcone, Castiglione, and the "Golden Nearchus": A Homoerotic Love Triangle in Neo-Latin
 Lokaj, Rodney.

False Martyrs and Paper Crowns
 Williamson, Elizabeth.

Falstaff’s "Table of greene fields": Reading the Microgenres of the Early Modern Stage
 Mulready, Cyrus.

Falstaff’s Rump and Harry’s Whole: A Seventeenth-Century Corpus of Henry IV’s “Wittiest” Parts
 Pasupathi, Vimala.

Fame Takes Flight: Poetic Transmission of the Victory at Lepanto
 Spence, Sarah.

Familial Honorifics and Adoptive Names in Middleton's Women Beware Women
 Ellerbeck, Erin.

Farting and Facetiae: Scatology and Parodies of Scholasticism in Late Humanism
 Roberts, Hugh.

Fashioned Trauma: Renaissance Florentine Sculptures in Wax
 Eagles, Lane.

Fauns and Bards: Cicero, Ennius, and Renaissance Stylistic History
 Miller, Andrew.

Fear and Despair: The Italian Wars between Hard and Soft Evidence
 Gagné, John.

Feasting the Ear: Cantare ad lyram at Renaissance Banquets
 Wilson, Blake.

Feeling Nostalgic in Surrey’s Poems of Friendship
 Elmore, Lauren.

Female "Makers" in the Maitland Quarto Manuscript (ca. 1586)
 Chowdhury, Sajed.

Female Empowerment: Devotion and Propriety in La viuda valenciana and Marta la piadosa
 Sanchez, Jelena.

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Ganymedes: From Alciati via Rembrandt to Karel van Mander III
 Roding, Juliette.

Garin's Pico
 Borghesi, Francesco.

Gaspar Barreiros’s Comeback: A Landmark in Forgery Scholarship
 Stephens, Walter.

Gasparo Contarini: One Life and Two Biographers
 Bartuschat, Johannes.

Gems and Talismans: Natural and Demonic Magic in Marsilio Ficino's De vita libri tres
 Beiweis, Susanne.

Gems for Her Crown: The Stained Glass Drum Oculi of Santa Maria del Fiore
 Farrell, Bethany.

Gender and Family in Renaissance Venice
 Bellavitis, Anna.

Gender, Medicine, and Renaissance Bodies in Margaret Cavendish’s Philosophical Letters (1664)
 Walters, Lisa.

Gendering the Pomegranate and Phoenix: Preferences in Italian Renaissance Textiles
 Goldman, Rachael.

Genealogies of Rupture and Reconciliation: Frans Francken’s Visual Discourse on Antwerp Cosmopolitanism
 Stevenson Stewart, Jessica.

Genre and Narratorial Irony in Book 6 of The Faerie Queene
 Bialo, Caralyn.

Geografia e dissimulazione nell' Utopia di Morus
 Berriel, Carlos Eduardo.

Geographical Hebraism as a Case in Cultural Translation
 Shalev, Zur.

Geographical, Cartographical, and Navigational Echoes in Teofilo Folengo's Baldus (1517)
 Du Verger, Jean.

Geographically Mobile: Depicting Myths in Venice, Depicting Venice in Myths
 Cranston, Jodi.

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Hailing Humanness in Picture and Text
 Santing, Catrien.

Hakluyt and Cope, Hakluyt and Thevet: Networks of Concerted Curiosity
 Imes, Robert.

Hand on Fur: The Gonzaga of Mantua and Their Lapdogs
 Cockram, Sarah.

Happiness of the Times: Borromini’s Ornament of Abundance
 Connors, Joseph.

Harmonies of Color: On Giovanni Bellini's Sacre conversazioni
 Seidig, Marianne.

Health, Politics, and Diplomacy at the Sforza Court
 Nicoud, Dominique.

Heaven and Earth as Battlefields: Supremacy and Pride in the Late 1500s
 Byer, Silvia.

Hell’s Bell: Agency and Exile in San Marco’s Piagnona
 Zolli, Daniel. and Brown, Christopher.

Henrietta’s Version: Mary Wroth’s Love’s Victory in the Nineteenth Century
 Salzman, Paul.

Henry Lawes’s Ayres and Dialogues: A Journey from Court Composer to Town Music Teacher in Commonwealth London
 Jocoy, Stacey.

Hernando de Mendoça (1562–1617): Counsel or Scandal?
 Reinhardt, Nicole.

Heroic Passions in Margaret Cavendish’s Bell in Campo (1662)
 Gheeraert-Graffeuille, Claire.

Heterogeneity, Materiality, and the Publication Event: Editing Mary Stuart's Poetry
 Smith, Rosalind.

Hidden Debates: Flemish Rhetoricians and Their Discourse on Society and Religion in the Fifteenth Century
 Oosterman, Johan.

Hidden Portraits: Patricians Acting as Shepherds in Renaissance Venetian Painting
 Brouard, Christophe.

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I Buonomini di San Martino: Patrons and Facilitators of the Visual Arts in Quattrocento Florence
 Hughes-Johnson, Samantha.

Iberian Empires and Consuming Passions: Escarmientos para el cuerdo
 Greer, Margaret.

Ideal Lovers: Embodying Sexual Desire in Seventeenth-Century Visual Culture
 Filzmoser, Romana.

Identity and Disguise: Venice’s Wayward Women
 Ferraro, Joanne.

Idolatry and Human Creation in the Fables of La Fontaine
 McClure, Ellen.

Idolatry, Kingship, and the Political Fall in Fulke Greville
 Guagliardo, Ethan.

Il racconto di "pompes, honneurs et triomphe" per l’entrata di Enrico IV a Lione (1595)
 Miotti, Mariangela.

Illness as Cause of Artistic Inactivity
 Graul, Jana.

Illuminating Objects: Valencian Lusterware and the Italian Renaissance Patron
 Ortuno, Andrea.

Image of Classical Characters and Its Transition in Early Modern England
 Kobayashi, Yuko.

Images and Cross-Cultural Knowledge of Kongo and Angola, 1500–1750
 Fromont, Cécile.

Images of Spanish Kings and Kingship in the Habsburg Royal Chroniclers
 van Liere, Katherine.

Imaginative Responses to the “Living Statue”: The Imperial Balcony at Mühlhausen
 Pinkus, Assaf.

Imaging the Water Supply of Istanbul in Ottoman Maps
 Karakas, Deniz.

Imagining the Imagined: Francesco Filelfo and Archaic Greek Mythopoesis
 Blanchard, W..

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Jacques-Auguste de Thou’s Historia sui temporis: Constructing a History of the Wars of Religion
 Claussen, Emma.

Jamestown Pedagogy: Pocahontas and Her Teachers
 Mazzola, Elizabeth.

Jesting in Earnest: Robin Hood Games and Economies of Performance
 Lin, Erika.

Jesuit Astronomy in the Early Modern Period
 Rabin, Sheila.

Jesuit Counsel in Counter-Reformation Rome: the Career of Franciso de Toledo between the Pontificates of Gregory XIII and Clement VIII
 Broggio, Paolo.

Jesuit Networks and African Slavery in the Early Iberian Atlantic
 More, Anna.

Jesuits as Counselors and the Rise of Sovereignty
 De Bom, Erik.

Jesus as Mother: Feminizing Christ in Colonial Mexico
 Kilroy-Ewbank, Lauren.

Jewish Converts to Christianity in Renaissance Florence: a Loss or a Benefit for the Cohesion of Jewish Families?
 Marconcini, Samuela.

Jewish Presences in Northen and Central Italy (1400–1600): The Case of the da Camerino Family
 Toniazzi, Mafalda.

Jews and Theater in Renaissance Florence (1400–1500)
 Cicali, Gianni.

Johannes Hinderbach’s Notes on Biondo Flavio’s Roma instaurata
 Laureys, Marc.

Johannes Kepler and Conceptions of Harmony in Early Modern Europe
 Rothman, Aviva.

John Colet and Polydore Vergil: Catholic Humanism and Ecclesiology
 Arnold, Jonathan.

John Colet, John Chrysostom, and Christocentric Humanism
 Nodes, Daniel.

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Keeping House: What Happened to the Palazzo?
 Chojnacki, Stanley.

Keeping the Plot a Secret: Machiavelli’s Theater of the congiura
 Hadley, Allison.

Kings Onstage in Scotland and England
 Rycroft, Eleanor.

Knowing the Enemy: Turcica and Ottoman Objects in Sixteenth-Century Northern European Libraries
 Smith, Charlotte.


La Bella Principessa, La Sforziada: Provenance Research
 Wozniak, Kasia.

La Lozana Andaluza: A Portrait of Rome
 Fuchs, Barbara.

La femme philosophe à l’âge moderne: Définitions et pratiques
 Pellegrin, Marie-Frédérique.

La imagen del Imperio español y la Casa de Austria en la obra de José Navarro
 Vidorreta, Almudena.

La politique du repentir chez Montaigne
 Gardner, Rose.

La traduction de traduction: L'exemple des premières traductions d'Homère en français (Jehan Samxon et Jean Lemaire de Belges)
 Louette, Christiane.

La veste come segno di appartenenza dinastica nella Napoli di primo Cinquecento
 Musella Guida, Silvana.

Lady Emma Hamilton’s Self-Fashioning as the Classical Work of Art
 Hanni, Margaret.

Lamenting War: Monteverdi’s Lamento della ninfa between Epic and Pastoral Drama
 van der Laan, Sarah.

Land Law and Selfhood in Shakespeare’s Richard II
 Curran, Kevin.

Language Matters and the Matter of Language: A Museum Project
 Cannata Salamone, Nadia.

Language, Movement, Sensation: Othello in Theater and Film
 Waldron, Jennifer.

Lattanzio Benucci (1521–98): A Polymath from Late Sixteenth-Century Siena
 Bertolio, Johnny.

Laura’s Michelangelo
 Agoston, Laura.

Laurentius Petri Gothus’s Strategema (1559) as a Reformational Mirror of Princes
 Dahlberg, Elena.

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Machiavelli and the Worlds of Anton Francesco Doni
 Coleman, James.

Machiavelli e Boccaccio: Un codice tra politica e irrisione
 Anselmi, Gian Mario.

Machiavelli, Humanism, and Premodern Secularism
 Celenza, Christopher.

Machiavelli's Sommario delle Cose di Lucca: Venice as a Buon Governo
 Suchowlansky, Mauricio.

Machiavelli’s Discorsi in Jesuit Anti-Machiavellian Treatises
 Iglesias Rondina, Maria Clara.

Machiavelli’s Humanist History
 Yoran, Hanan.

Machinations: Manipulating the Machine of the World
 Wilding, Nick.

Madness and Mixed Genres: Orestes in England
 Pollard, Tanya.

Magic, Libertinism, and Forbidden Books in Early Seventeenth-Century Venice: The Case of Giovanni and Pietro Spiera
 Barbierato, Federico.

Magnetic Wombs
 Floyd-Wilson, Mary.

Maiden Apprentices in Late Seventeenth-Century London
 Gowing, Laura.

Making Bradstreet Matter: Abram E. Cutter and the 1867 Works
 Pender, Patricia.

Making Carbonadoes: Falstaff as Shakespeare’s Cookbook
 Zysk, Jay.

Making Monsters from Women: Enea Vico's Printed Collections of Coins
 Gaylard, Susan.

Making Music at the Editing Table: Welles Rescores Verdi
 Newstok, Scott.

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Nahum Tate, the Laureateship, and Restoration Anglo-Irish Literary Culture
 Hinds, Peter.

Narrating Shipwrecks in Late Renaissance France: Léry and Bruneau's Histoires (1578 and 1599)
 Oliver, Jennifer.

Narrative as Image in The Faerie Queene
 Thomas, Evan.

Nationalism as Illusion in The Spanish Tragedy
 Stockard, Emily.

Natural Reason and the Immortality of the Soul: The Debate between Pietro Pomponazzi and Gasparo Contarini
 Nejeschleba, Tomas.

Natural Rights, the "Deserving" Poor, and the Jurists
 Robinson, Jonathan.

Naturalism as a Sign in Alberti’s On Painting
 Flanigan, Theresa.

Nature as Argument: Altichiero and the Question of Style in Early Renaissance Padua
 Westermann, Simone.

Neoplatonic Influences in Boccaccio’s Reception in Laurentian Florence
 Arduini, Beatrice.

Neri di Bicci and the Prevalence of Cartoon Usage in Fifteenth-Century Florence
 Diorio, Jennifer.

Netherlandish Sculptors as Designers of Architecture in Sixteenth-Century Northern Europe
 Skibinski, Franciszek.

Networks Forged by Wit: Affective Communities, Irony, and Lady Mary Wroth's Urania
 DeZur, Kathryn.

Networks and Nodes of Curiosity in Europe: The French Case at the End of the Sixteenth Century
 Cirrincione, Lorenzo.

Networks of Correspondence and Competing Realms of Influence in Love's Victory
 Van Note, Beverly.

Networks of Knowledge: Margherita Sarrocchi’s Correspondence with Galileo Galilei
 Ray, Meredith.

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O Grave, Where Is Thy Victory? Memory and Remembrance in the Sixteenth-Century Zadar
 Sander-Faes, Stephan.

Object Networks: Luxury, Empire, and Virtuosity in Early Modern Antwerp
 Baadj, Nadia.

Objects and Discourse in the Museo de América of Madrid
 Alcala Donegani, Elena.

Of Roman Villas, Poetry, and Patrons: The Latin Verses of Lelio Capilupi (1555) and Marc-Antoine Muret (1571)
 Tucker, George.

Of Troubled Times: Local Histories, Living Memory, and the Dutch Revolt
 Van Bruaene, Anne-Laure.

Officially Unofficial: Catholic Princes and Ambassadors as Informal Agents between Pope Clement VIII and King James VI/I
 Schneider, Christian.

Old Words, New Worlds: The Production of Greek Nonsense in More and Rabelais
 Raisch, Jane.

Oliver Cromwell, Liberty of Conscience, and the “door to usher-in the things that God has promised”
 Iacono Lobo, Giuseppina.

On Bended Knee: Leonardo da Vinci and the Anatomy of Devotion
 DeLancey, Julia.

On Corporations, Pluralism, and Law and Literature
 Turner, Henry.

On Deriving Life from the Heavens: Astrology, Medicine, and Magic in Marsilio Ficino’s De vita
 Rutkin, H..

On Interpreting First Paintings: Giovanni and Gentile Bellini in Jacopo's Workshop
 Maze, Daniel.

On Stelluti’s Latin-Italian-Mexican Lynx
 Johnson, Christopher.

On Vittore Gambello Called "Camelio": Sculptor and Medalist at the Service of Rome and Venice's Mints
 Zaccariotto, Giulia.

On the Political Tales of Plato’s Critias and More’s Hythlodaeus
 Lehman, Jeffrey.

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PARAGON: Intelligent Collation and Difference Detection
 Miller, David. and Salvi, Dhaval.

Painted Narratives and the French Novel: Two Rooms in Fontainebleau for Henri IV and Marie de Médicis
 Courtright, Nicola.

Painted in Blood: Materiality and Artifice in the Shroud of Turin
 Casper, Andrew.

Painting David in the City of Goliath: Bronzino's Ugolino Martelli
 Siemon, Julia.

Painting at the Threshold: Pictures for Doors in Renaissance Venice
 Rutherglen, Susannah.

Palladio in Venice: The Last Ten Years
 Beltramini, Guido.

Pamela and the Poetry of Sleep in Philip Sidney’s Arcadia
 Simon, Margaret.

Paolo Veronese’s Organ Shutters for San Geminiano
 Salomon, Xavier.

Paper Technologies in Mechanics and Music: Mersenne Reads Galileo’s Discorsi
 Raphael, Renee.

Paper Technologies, Digital Technologies: Working with Early Modern Medical Records
 Kassell, Lauren.

Paradigm Shifts in British Renaissance Literature: The Digital Future
 Hope, Jonathan.

Parmigianino's Spoils
 Ng, Aimee.

Pasquinades and the Preservation of Order in Early Modern Rome
 Shepard, Laurie.

Pastime with Good Company: Queenship, Hospitality, and a Family Reunion at the Early Tudor Court
 Beer, Michelle.

Pastoral Drama Authored by Women: The Plays of the “Gentildonna Lucchese” (Leonora Bernardi), Valeria Miani, and Isabetta Coreglia
 Coller, Alexandra.

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Quaker Letter Networks: Reassessing the Roles of Gender and Geography in Early Modern English Social Structures
 Ames, Marjon.

Quechua Prayers: Utopia and Empire in Peruvian Franciscanism
 Briceno, Ximena.

Questionable Contexts: Queen Elizabeth’s Pedigree Book
 Drimmer, Sonja.

Questioning Solitary and Shared Principality in Diplomatic Affairs in Seventeenth-Century European Drama
 Rivere de Carles, Nathalie.

Quixote or Quischotte? The Role of France and French in the Transmission of Culture in Early Modern Europe
 Boutcher, Warren.

Qu’est-ce qu'un terme "significatif"? Scaliger et les apories de l’épithète poétique espagnole
 Béhar, Roland.


Rabelais and Minerva's Workshop
 Hopkins, Marjorie.

Rabelais et la philologie médicale: Nouvelles avenues de recherche entre histoire littéraire et histoire de la médecine
 La Charité, Claude.

Rabelais humaniste et Rabelais populaire: Les nouvelles orientations de la critique
 Le Cadet, Nicolas.

Rabelais, homme d'atelier(s)
 Menini, Romain.

Race, Global Trade, and Venice at the End of a Millennium
 Geiger, Gail.

Race, Honor, Resistance, and the Peripheries of Britain, ca. 1540–1650
 Kane, Brendan.

Race, Honor, and the Battle of Britain
 Williamson, Arthur.

Race, Honor, and the States of Britain, ca. 1580–1605
 Smuts, R. Malcolm.

Race, Slavery, and Queen Elizabeth’s “Edicts of Expulsion”
 Weissbourd, Emily.

Ramillete de Mirra: María de San José’s Open Letter on the Abuses of Nicolás Doria
 Mujica, Bárbara.

Ranting at "Whisperers" and "Back-Biters": Discourses against Spreaders of Rumours in Early Modern England (1500–1700)
 Parageau, Sandrine.

Raphael's Two Hands: Inchiostro and Color in the Autograph Sonnets
 Gambin, Enrica.

Raphael’s Galatea: Imago fugitiva in Conception and Meaning
 Murphy, Debra.

Raphael’s Prints: The Collaboration of Raphael and Marcantonio Raimondi
 Bloemacher, Anne.

Ravenna and the History of Italian Renaissance Art
 Periti, Giancarla.

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Sacred Purchases: Translating the Relics of St. Luke the Evangelist in 1463
 Israel, Janna.

Sacred Space, Ritual, and Royal Identity: Jean-Denis Attiret and the First French Garden in Early Modern Beijing
 Wang, Lianming.

Safe Conduct? Borders, Movement, and Security on the Roads and Rivers of Early Modern Germany (1550–1700)
 Scholz, Luca.

Sainthood and Citizenship in Seventeenth-Century Lima: The Feast of Beatification of Rose of Lima in 1670
 Galvez-Pena, Carlos.

Saints and Martyrs: Sanctus Tewdricus sive Pastor Bonus (ca. 1679) and Seventeenth-Century Jesuit Theatrical Music
 Leech, Peter.

Saints, Millers, Faith, and Farce in De la Vigne's Mystère de Saint Martin
 Persels, Jeff.

Samson, Arendt, and the Redemption of Public Speech
 Lynch, Helen.

San Geminiano: “A ruby among many pearls”
 Dundas, Iara.

San Geminiano’s Scuole Piccole
 Eze, Anne Marie.

San Giovanni Decollato: Painting, Piety, and Prestige
 Plackinger, Andreas.

Satan’s Allegories and Milton’s Epics
 Brljak, Vladimir.

Satire and Morality: “Overturned Worlds” in Hans Sachs’s Poetry
 Forasacco, Denis.

Satirizing Stupidity: Intelligence in the Cambridge Parnassus Plays
 Kotchian, Jonathan.

Satyrs, Anamorphosis and an Elephant
 Marr, Alexander.

Savonarola as Michelangelo's Muse
 Vitale, Lisa.

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Tacitism in Verses: The Case of Alessandro Adimari’s Polinnia (1628)
 Leone, Marco.

Tales of the Alhambra: Renditions of Reconquest in Renaissance Spain
 Weiss, Jessica.

Talking Texts in the Early Colonial Americas
 Egan, Caroline.

Talking about Catoptrics
 Stauffer, Marie Theres.

Talking about Titian
 Nygren, Christopher.

Tapestries and Databases of Ancient Textiles: A Contribution for the Reconstruction of Seicento Roman Environments
 Calzona, Lucia.

Tasso's Enchanted Wood and the Troubled Landscape of the Poet
 Stark, Caroline.

Taxonomic Wars: Objects and Data Collections in Early Scientific Disciplines
 Goeing, Anja-Silvia.

Technical Evidence: Defining the Fontainebleau School Print
 Jenkins, Catherine.

Technology and Surplus Value in José Luis Capoche’s Relación de la Villa Imperial de Potosí
 Bentancor, Orlando.

Telling Pictures: Emblems and Visual Metaphors in Early Modern Spain
 Mesa, Claudia.

Telling Time: Representations of Ruins in Sixteenth-Century Art
 Hansen, Maria.

Temperance and John Milton's Green Economics
 Whitney, Charles.

Ten Monuments, Five Altarpieces, and Perhaps a Fresco: Traces of Renaissance Venetian Political Economy in the Frari
 Carroll, Linda.

Ten Varieties of Homicide: Bologna, 1340–1450
 Dean, Trevor.

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Un recueil humaniste de facéties par Tardif et sa fortune au début du XVIe siècle
 Ciffarelli, Paola.

Unacknowledged Knowledge: Gendered Learning and Atomism
 Trull, Mary.

Una’s Line: Original Sin and the Boundaries of the Spenserian Self
 Nicholson, Catherine.

Unbelief in Belief: Belief as Inheritance
 García-Arenal, Mercedes.

Under the Cover of Darkness: Taking Advantage of Antiquities in Seventeenth-century Rome
 Lloyd, Karen.

Unfit "to Be at Home to Wash the Dishes": Editing Seventeenth-Century Quaker Women
 Feroli, Teresa.

Unintentional Dissent: Heterodox Behaviors and Religious Identity among British Converts in Early Modern Livorno
 Villani, Stefano.

Union is Love’s Wish
 Van Asperen, Hanneke.

Uniting Territorial Divides and Framing Ecclesiastic in the Cycle of Geographic Maps
 Brownstein, Daniel.

Unnatural Color
 Reeves, Eileen.

Unpacking the Baggage Books: Acquisition Policies in the First Fifty Years at Bodley's Library
 Palmieri, Brooke.

Unusual Excesses of Nature: Coral on Display in Antwerp: Materiality and Petrifaction
 Rijks, Marlise.

Urban Identity before the City
 Senatore, Francesco.

Urban and Rural Landscape Development: Boyle’s Colonial Imprint
 Rynne, Colin.

Use and Abuse: The Theology of Imagery in Thomas Wilson's Arte of Rhetorique
 Fore, Kathryn.

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Valdostano Neutrality during the Valois-Habsburg Wars
 Vester, Matthew.

Vasari and the Case of the Architect's Missing Hand
 Payne, Alina.

Vasari's Libro de' Disegni and Niccolò Gaddi's Collection of Drawings: The Work of Gaddi's "Chief Framer"
 Morrogh, Andrew.

Vasari's Pontormo
 Parker, Deborah.

Vasari’s View of Verzure: The Meaning of Greenery in the Lives
 Goodchild, Karen.

Venetian Belle Donne and Sculpture
 Valiela, Julia.

Venezia Quattrocento: Two Recent Books and a Few Ideas
 Casini, Matteo.

Verbal Mood and Aristotelianism in the Grammatical Works of Thomas Linacre
 Leeds, John.

Veronese and Metacomposition
 Campbell, Stephen.

Veronese and the Art of Contemplation: On the Role of Splendor in the Marriage at Cana at San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
 Steele, Brian.

Verses of Strife: Voice, Violence, and Poetry in Los trabajos de Persiles y Sigismunda
 Velazquez, Sonia.

Viceregal Ports and Portraiture: Mapping and Urban Morphology in Early Modern Naples and Sicily
 Morgenstern, Tamara.

Vincenzo Tamagni: Between Siena, Rome, and San Gimignano
 Jackson, Philippa.

Virgil, Fanshawe, and the Poetry of Civil War
 Power, Henry.

Virtue or False Modesty? Memorial and Sepulchral Concepts in Renaissance Florence
 Jentzsch, Claudia.

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Wadding’s Annales minorum: An Exile between Imperial and Local Histories
 Carroll, Clare.

Walking through Stories: Dante and Giotto
 Chester, Ruth.

Walls as Ornaments: Color and Illusionistic Space in Roman Palaces
 Cola, Maria Celeste.

Wanted Dead or Alive: Collecting Nature in Ming China
 Grasskamp, Anna.

War, Plunder, and the Rise of Antiquarianism in Ancient Greece
 de Angelis, Francesco.

Warrior Princes as Fortress Designers
 Martens, Pieter.

Water Harvesting in Venice: A Genealogy
 Gianighian, Giorgio.

Water Power: Ferdinando I de’ Medici and the Renaissance Naumachia
 Poole, Katherine.

Water, Pollution, and Public Health in Renaissance Florence
 Henderson, John.

Wax versus Wood: The Material of Votive Offerings in Renaissance Italy
 Laven, Mary.

Weak Empiricism and Provisional Belief: The Influence of Lucretius and Epicurean Skepticism on Montaigne, Gassendi, Mersenne, and Early Modern Science
 Palmer, Ada.

Weighty Negotiations: The Equestrian Monuments of Philip III and Philip IV
 Helmstutler-Di Dio, Kelley.

Well Heeled: How New World Exploration, the Textile Trade, and the Rise of Persia Put European Men in Heels
 Semmelhack, Elizabeth.

Western Cosmology in Japan’s Christian Century
 Hiraoka, Ryuji.

What Can Be Learned from The Public and The Private Marguerite de Navarre
 Rothstein, Marian.

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Yohanan Alemanno and Philosophical Kabbalah
 Ogren, Brian.

You Are What She Ate: Francisco Núñez de Coria’s Del parto humano
 Badia, Mindy.


Zone of Transmutation, Site of Speculation: The Economies of Mining in the Erzgebirge
 Asmussen, Tina.
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