RSA Annual Meeting 2015-Mar-26 to 2015-Mar-29

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"Sacar al vivo con mis manos": First-Hand Experience and the Practice of Portraiture in Late Sixteenth-Century Spain
 Lumbreras, Maria.

"A Chatting and Chapping Matter": Manuscript and Pamphlet Evidence of the Elizabethan Succession Debate
 Case, Sarah.

"A Genius Like Raphael": Gregorio Vásquez and the Use of Italian Models in Colonial Art
 Zalamea, Patricia.

"A Name Eternally Hated": The Memory of Oliver Cromwell in Seventeenth-Century Irish Literature
 Covington, Sarah.

"A Thing Full of Impudence": Illicit Sex in Early Caroline England
 Luthman, Johanna.

"A Tomb Once Stood in This Room": Memorials to Memorials in Post-Reformation England
 Schwyzer, Philip.

"A Vaine Cracke of Words"? The Manipulation of Queen Elizabeth’s Excommunication in Confessional Memory
 Muller, Aislinn.

"A conversable Knowledge": Language Learning in Early Modern Travel
 Gallagher, John.

"A hall, a hall! Give room! And foot it girls": Realizing the Dance Scene in Romeo and Juliet
 McJannet, Linda.

"A heap of broken images": Antiquarianism and Iconomachia in Renaissance Fiction Making
 Carver, Robert.

"A justifiable hybrid": Art on Cyprus under Venetian Rule, 1489–1571
 Markou, Georgios.

"A kind of pleasure follows": Delay and the Moment of Revenge
 Lewis, Sarah.

"A miserable time full of piteous tragedyes"
 Budra, Paul.

"Ad ogni gente farò caritade": Staging Charity in Fifteenth-Century Bologna
 Delcorno, Pietro.

"Aire that once was breath": Breathing Places and Grieving Spaces in Sidney and Greville
 White, Rachel.

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A "Balancing Act": The Crucifixion of St. Peter in Bramante’s Tempietto
 Pestilli, Livio.

A 1522 Bilingual News Pamphlet in the Southern Low Countries: Writing, Printing, and Reading News of the Middle East
 Lavéant, Katell.

A Johannesschüssel in Siena: Context and Meaning for the Arm Reliquary of Saint John the Baptist
 Smith, Timothy.

A Black Sicilian in the Americas: Saint Benedict of Palermo's New World Incarnations
 Brewer-García, Larissa.

A Chapter Hall for the Artists: Fra Giovan Angelo da Montorsoli and the Chapel of St. Luke at the Santissima Annunziata
 de Tera, Eloi.

A Cosmopolitan Project for a Sophopolis
 Sellberg, Erland.

A Cosmopolitan Queen: Cultural Transfer at Luise Ulrike’s Court
 Dermineur, Elise.

A Courtier between Madrid and Rome: Cardinal Gaspar de Borja y Velasco
 Alonso de la Higuera, Gloria.

A Crisis in the Making: The Hans Baron–P. O. Kristeller Correspondence
 Rubini, Rocco.

A Displaced Papacy: Eugenius IV and the Negotiation of Space at Santa Maria Novella
 Bancroft, Luke.

A Fifteenth-Century Neglected Florilegium: Teofilo Ferrari’s Propositiones ex omnibus Aristotelis libris excerptae
 Bianchi, Luca.

A Forked Tongue: Matthew De Renzy, the Politics of Language, and Social Advancement
 Sheehan, Maire.

A Gesture of Display: The "Loggia of Appearance" at the Courts of Quattrocento Italy
 Jimborean, Ioana.

A Global Vision of the Franciscan Order in the Annales Minorum
 Carroll, Clare.

A Hostile Land? Greek Visions of Greece and the Greeks under Ottoman Rule (1400–1700)
 Lamers, Han.

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Babel Revisited: The Religious Burden of Multilingualism in the Works of Marnix of Saint Aldegonde
 van de Haar, Alisa.

Back to Byzantium: Religion, Pedagogy, and Cultural Identity in Venetian Crete
 Ciccolella, Federica.

Bacon’s New Atlantis: Inheritance and Rupture in the Utopian Genre
 Moraes, Helvio.

Bad Influence: Satire and Allegory in Spenser’s “Mother Hubberd’s Tale”
 Samuk, Tristan.

Baldassare Peruzzi and the Architecture of Painting
 Culotta, Alexis.

Baldassarre Peruzzi’s Invention of the Cross: A Project for Santa Croce in Jerusalem?
 Loseries, Wolfgang.

Ballads and the Development of the English Newsbook
 Nevitt, Marcus.

Bandit Land: Outlaws in the Kingdom of Naples, 1647–1700
 Cummins, Stephen.

Banter as a Relational Ritual in Castiglione's Book of the Courtier (1528)
 Paternoster, Annick.

Barbarians and Their Uses: Early Quattrocento Humanists and the Pursuit of Ultramontane Patronage
 Rundle, David.

Baronio versus Bolland: Models of Sanctity and Expertise in Catholic History Writing
 Machielsen, Jan.

Baroque Art in Venice: The Rediscovery of a Forgotten Artistic Culture
 Borean, Linda.

Baroque Continuities and Afro-Brazilian Presence in the Writings of Gregório de Matos and Domingos Caldas Barbosa
 Costigan, Lucía.

Bartholomaeus Scultetus’s Unpublished Manuscript of Ephemerides Bibliorum (1583) and the Problem of Chronology of the Old Testament
 Choptiany, Michal.

Bartolomeo Concini in Brussels (1547–49): The Dominium of Cosimo I versus the Imperium of Charles V
 Gallacher, Samuel.

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Cabeza de Vaca’s Non-Iberian Offspring: Images of the "Other" in the Other European Accounts
 TenHuisen, Dwight.

Cafà's Clouds: The Stuff of Seicento Sculpture
 Kinew, Shawon.

Calecas’s Grammar: Its Use and Contribution to the Learning of Greek in Western Europe
 Nousia, Fevronia.

Campanella's Prisons, Campanella's Ambitions
 Haugen, Kristine.

Campania Felix: Reframing the Neapolitan Still Life
 van Gastel, Joris.

Can We Share Relativist Myths about 1400-1750?
 Nelson, Jennifer.

Cannibal Matter
 San Juan, Rose Marie.

Cannibalism, Ecophobia, and Early Modern Worlds
 Estok, Simon.

Canon or Corpus? Assessing Authority in Digital Emblematica
 Graham, David.

Canons as Orations: The Case of Josquin's Multivoice Chansons
 Koutsobina, Vassiliki.

Capgrave and Katherine: A Religious Response
 Hoel, Nikolas.

Caravaggio's St. Catherine of Alexandria (ca. 1598): Reconfiguring the Devotional Image of the Virgin Martyr in Early Modern Rome
 Carrasco, Magdalena.

Cardinal Raffaele Riario: Patron of Art, Theater, and Poetry
 Christian, Kathleen.

Careful Work: Labor and Affect in Book 4 of The Faerie Queene
 Rhodes, William.

Caricature, Portraiture, and Imitation Reconsidered in the Carracci Academy
 Cheng, Sandra.

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Damned and Dishonored: Giotto’s Images of Sacred and Secular Infamy
 Harrison, Jill.

Dan Brown's Dante
 Parker, Deborah.

Dance, Body Display, and Reception of Performance in Court Festivities: Charles V's Travelling Court from the Reports of Mantuan Witnesses
 Nordera, Marina.

Daniel Sennert, Transmutation, and the Catholicum Libavianum
 Klein, Joel.

Dante Alighieri, Nicholas of Cusa, and Twelfth-Century Platonism
 Hudson Shaffer, Nancy.

Dante and the Theologians
 Nasti, Paola.

Dante in the Age of Italian Fascism: Political and Ideological Instrumentalization of the sommo poeta
 Borriero, Giovanni. and Mansen, Mirjam.

Dante’s Commedia as a Model for Boccaccio’s Amorosa Visione and Petrarch’s Triumphi
 Ledda, Giuseppe.

Dante’s Inferno in Lucrezia Marinella’s Amore Innamorato et Impazzato
 Gomez, Janet.

Darkness in a Positive Light: Negative Theology in Caravaggio's Conversion of Saint Paul
 Racco, Tiffany.

Das Fortleben Pontanos und der Accademia Pontaniana in der neapolitanischen Jesuiten-Kultur des späten siebzehnten Jahrhunderts
 Schindler, Claudia.

De Profundis: Deeper Magdalene Iconography in Art
 Hunt, Patrick.

De l’hybridation générique à l’homogénéisation d’un produit éditorial: Le cas des Trésors imprimés en langue vernaculaire
 Réach-Ngô, Anne.

Dead or Alive? The Body of Lazarus in Cinquecento Painting
 Dubus, Pascale.

Death and the Maiden: Elizabeth I’s Triumph of Melancholy
 Peterson, Kaara.

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Early Jesuit Missions to Arabic Speakers
 Gilbert, Claire.

Early Modern Architecture and the Beholder in the Reception of Wölfflin’s Work
 Jöchner, Cornelia.

Early Modern Convent Enfermeras
 Mujica, Bárbara.

Early Modern Engraved Translations of Knowledge
 Berger, Susanna.

Early Modern Experiments on Palingenesis
 Kahn, Didier.

Early Modern Fantasies of the Heroic Mnemonist
 Williams, Robert Grant.

Early Modern Gypsies: The Making of an English Literary Icon
 Maitra, Ellorashree.

Early Modern Jesuit Latinity between the Schoolroom and Poetic Competition
 Eickmeyer, Jost.

Early Modern Polish Biblical Translations and Contemporary Biblical Translations: Continuity or Discontinuity?
 Bardski, Krzysztof.

Early Modern Siege Coinage: Origins and Afterlives
 Stielau, Allison.

Early Printed Waste as Evidence of Book Distribution
 Needham, Paul.

Early Reception of Aristotelian Poetics
 Lohse, Rolf.

Early Stage of History of Jesuit Libraries in Croatia
 Sapro Ficovic, Marica.

Eaters, Sausagemakers, and Cheese-Hunters: Perceptions and Representations of Food and Lent in Reformation Europe
 Kissane, Christopher.

Echoes of the Past: Alberto Zucchi’s Unpublished Roma Domenicana and Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome
 Elsea Bourgeois, Angi.

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Fabio Chigi’s Literary Patronage as Nunzio in Cologne
 Cerbu, Thomas.

Fabulae (non) docent? Antike Mythologie zwischen Hermetismus, Didaxe und Repräsentation im 16. Jh.
 Noll, Frank Jasper.

Facing Divinity
 Harvey, Elizabeth.

Falda’s Map as a Work of Art
 McPhee, Sarah.

Falling in Love with Virgil
 Guy-Bray, Stephen.

Famous Humanists on Fame
 Visser, Arnoud S. Q..

Fancy, Judgment, and the Publication of Seventeenth-Century English Poetry
 McCarthy, Erin.

Far-Reaching Microhistory within the Global Space and Scale
 Magnusson, Sigurdur.

Fear, Conversion, and Consolation: The Use of Muslims and Jews in Johann Wild's Sermons
 Strauss, Paul.

Feeling Fate: Romeo and Juliet “already dead”
 Rzepka, Adam.

Feigning Ignorance: The Case of Giannozzo Manetti
 Baldassarri, Stefano.

Female Monasticism and the Limits of Huguenot Expansion in Sixteenth-Century France
 Müller, Annalena.

Female Patronage of Church Architecture in Early Modern England
 Morel, Anne-Françoise.

Female Publishers and Printers in Early Modern Frankfurt: First Observations on the Basis of the Graphic Arts Collection of the Historical Museum of Frankfurt
 Linnemann, Dorothee.

Female Supernatural Agency in Seventeenth-Century Spanish America
 Evangelisti, Silvia.

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Gabriel Metsu’s Naked Self-Portrait
 Hollander, Martha.

Gabriele Biondo and Bernardino López de Carvajal: Spiritual Charisma and Political Power in Renaissance Italy
 Lodone, Michele.

Galeazzo Alessi, Luca Cambiaso e la ricerca di modelli operativi in un tardo rinascimento a Genova
 Magnani, Lauro.

Galeazzo Alessi, the Sauli Family, and Genoa: When Two Worlds Collide
 Gill, Rebecca.

Garden Delights
 Bellavitis, Maddalena.

Gateways of Empire: Defining the Venetian Dominion
 Brown, Patricia.

Gattamelata: Condottiere as Patron
 McHam, Sarah.

Geert Grote and the Status and Functions of Images in Meditative Practices
 Falque, Ingrid.

Gemähl versus Emblem Pictura: The Inaptness of Linear Perspective (Harsdörffer's Sinnbildkunst)
 Bodenmiller, Steffen.

Gender, Politics, and the Early Modern Archive
 Daybell, James.

Gendered Investigations in Italian Inquisition Tribunals
 Starr-LeBeau, Gretchen.

Gendering the Sampler: “So delicate with her needle”
 Bertolet, Anna.

Genesis and Transmutation: The Religious Background of the Universal Solvent "Alkahest"
 Hedesan, Georgiana.

Genevra Sforza and the Fall of the Bentivoglio
 Bernhardt, Elizabeth.

Genoa at Mid-Cinquecento: The Image of La Superba in Two Flemish Cityscapes, Anton van den Wyngaerde’s Etching and Jan Massys’s Venus Cythereia
 Galassi, Maria-Clelia.

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Hairy Brushes and the Dexterity of Dürer’s Hand
 Saviello, Julia.

Hamlet, Pyrrhus, and the Complexity of the Classical Source from Euripides to Virgil
 Coronato, Rocco.

Handling "Living Collectibles": Keepers of Exotic Animals in Renaissance Italy
 Cockram, Sarah.

Handy Saints: Early Sixteenth-Century Micro-Carvings from an Unknown Workshop in the Northern Netherlands
 Reesing, Ingmar.

Hanno the Elephant’s (Posthumous) Journey from Sixteenth-Century Rome to Eighteenth-Century London
 Flis, Nathan.

Hans Burgkmair’s Pictorial "Treatise" on Italian Renaissance Painting
 West, Ashley.

Hans Reichle’s Monumental Bronzes for Augsburg and Memories of Florence
 Smith, Jeffrey.

Harmony and Efficiency: Erudite Libertine Reason in Early Modern France
 Decoster, Sara.

Heaven’s Gates and Limitless Space
 Johnston, Carol.

Heiress to Half of Europe: Archduchess Maria Antonia of Austria, Her Marriage, and the Question of the Spanish Succession
 Martínez López, Rocío.

Heiresses and Venetian Mediation in the Fifteenth-Century Mediterranean
 Hurlburt, Holly.

Hellish Falls: Faustus’s Dismemberment, Phaeton’s Limbs, and Other Renaissance Aviation Disasters
 Borlik, Todd.

Hendrick Goltzius’s Protean Allegory of the (Alchemical) Arts (1611) in the Kunstmuseum Basel
 Göttler, Christine.

Henry Peacham's Variations on “Scripta non temere edenda,” or "Writings not to be published rashly"
 Skouen, Tina.

Her Life inside the Codex: Repurposing Saints Lives in a Fifteenth-Century Monastic Manuscript
 Ritchey, Sara.

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I Was Blind, Now I See! Seeing and the Miraculous Restoration of Sight at York
 Gelfand, Laura.

IRIS: Iconographic Repertoire Identification System
 Leal, Pedro Germano.

Ibn Khaldūn’s Anti-Occultism Rebutted
 Melvin-Koushki, Matthew.

Iconoclasm: The Dark Side of Image Empathy?
 Pinotti, Andrea.

Iconographical Variety in Pirro Ligorio’s Drawings Preserved in the Oxford Codex
 Campbell, Ian.

Icons of the Sublime: Waterfalls and Volcanoes
 Langdon, Helen.

Idea and Authorship in Renaissance Architecture
 Ghirardo, Diane.

Ideal Music in the Jacobean Masque
 Anderson, Susan.

Identity and New Communication Codes in Pontano’s Dialogi
 del Noce, Gianluca.

Identité humaniste, idéologie de l'histoire et culture universitaire à Padoue au XVe siècle
 Revest, Clémence.

Il primo nucleo della biblioteca di casa Sanudo in un documento inedito
 Caracciolo, Angela.

Il repubblicanesimo nella Storia Fiorentina di Benedetto Varchi tra leggenda nera e nuove prospettive critiche
 Lo Re, Salvatore.

Il ruolo delle humanae litterae nella riflessione di Bernardino Tomitano
 Girardi, Maria.

Il tempo di una canzone: Musica e strategie narrative nella settima novella della decima giornata del Decameron
 Russi, Roberto.

Illustrating Holy Scripture as an Act of Veneration: The Bible of Hans Plock
 Deiters, Maria.

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Jacobiglio Hebreo: Merchant, Antiquarian, and Medici Agent
 Mancuso, Piergabriele.

Jacques de Vintimille and the Question of Fictionality in the Cyropaedia
 Humble, Noreen.

Janus Pannonius and George Neville: Two Renaissance Bishops and Their Careers Considered
 Margolis, Oren.

Jean Bodin and His Concept of historia: An Unorthodox Extension, according to Aristotelian Critics
 Landgren, Per.

Jean Liebault’s Disguise and Adaptation of an Italian Treatise on Female Beauty and Ornament
 Worth, Valerie.

Jesters at the Tudor and Stuart Courts: New Perspectives
 Andersson, Christiane.

Jesuit Colleges in the Early Seventeenth Century
 Comerford, Kathleen.

Jesuit Façades in Italy and Spain: A Round-Trip Journey from the Gesù to the Escorial
 Rivo-Vázquez, María.

Jesuit Public Relations through Dramatic Meditations
 Tjoelker, Nienke.

Jesuits as Mathematical Instrument Makers
 Aranda, Marcelo.

Jewish and New-Christian Contributions to the Formation of the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Brazil Cityscape
 Mandell, Elisa.

Jews and Turks in Two Renaissance Case Studies: Michelangelo and Titian
 Donati, Andrea.

Joachim von Sandrart and His Circle of Travelling Engravers in Rome
 Walbrodt, Josua.

Johannes Löwenklau (1541–94) and Post-Antique Greek History
 Ben-Tov, Asaph.

Johannes Michael Nagonius, Papal Poet (and Diplomat?)
 Gwynne, Paul.

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Keeping Track and Keeping House at the Medici Villas
 Caroscio, Marta.

Keeping in Touch with Frankfurt: The Art Dealer Family of Caymox and Their German Network
 Wagner, Berit.

Killing the Sons of Brutus: Machiavelli on "Return Toward Beginnings"
 Erwin, Sean.

Kinship or Knowledge? Magistrates and Experts in a Saxon Mining Town
 Neumann, Franziska.

Knowledge, History, Anxiety: The World of Libraries from Ulisse Aldrovandi's MS 97
 Duroselle-Melish, Caroline.


L'Edition italienne à Paris au XVIe siècle
 Balsamo, Jean.

L'apporto del capitale umano forestiero all'economia cittadina: Il caso di Roma e di Viterbo nel Rinascimento
 Ait, Ivana.

L'historiographie régienne face aux guerres de religion françaises
 Frisch, Andrea.

L'érobotanique des romanciers libertins (Cyrano de Bergerac, Sorel)
 Brancher, Dominique.

La Rue’s Requiem as Chronological Touchstone
 Meconi, Honey.

La base de données RDLI (Routes du livre italien ancien en Normandie)
 Mounier, Pascale.

La circolazione e la trasmissione del trattato manoscritto Della Republica fiorentina di Donato Giannotti
 Soldini, Helene.

La conscience: Un concept ambigu dans l'Histoire de la Réforme (Sébastien Castellion et Martin Luther)
 Wierciochin, Gregor.

La festa sull'acqua a Venezia
 Perocco, Daria.

La forgerie générique du livre emblématique
 Tran, Trung.

La fête et l’amphithéâtre
 Miotti, Mariangela.

La lezione del De remediis nel Quattrocento
 Sciancalepore, Margherita.

La légitimité du scandale: Débats et questionnements (Érasme, Rabelais et la Réforme)
 Pouey-Mounou, Anne-Pascale.

La pasión de Cristo en el arte de los siglo XVI y XVII en México
 Hinojosa, Laura.

La riproduzione delle grandi serie documentarie dell’Archivio di Stato di Venezia
 Santoro, Raffaele.

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Machiavelli and Cervantes: Theorizing Nation and Theorizing Themselves
 Vilches, Patricia.

Machiavellian Republicanism under Sack and Siege
 Goethals, Jessica.

Machiavelli’s Prince: The Language of Politics
 Capodivacca, Angela.

Machiavelli’s Forked-Tongue: The Gift of the Vernacular
 O\'Connell, Daragh.

Machiavelli’s Republican Utopia in The Discourses
 Knoll, Manuel.

Mad People and Family Business, between the Hospital and the Legal Court
 Calabritto, Monica.

Madeleine de l'Aubespine (1546–96): Salon Culture and French Neoplatonism, Stoicism, and Petrarchism in the 1570s
 Klosowska, Anna.

Magdalena/Mawdlen: The Mystic, the Saint, and the Golden Litany
 Greenspan, Kate.

Magic and the Inquisition in Seventeenth-Century Malta
 Rowland, Ingrid.

Magnificence and the Italian Renaissance Court Stable
 Duncan, Sarah.

Making Drama out of Crises in Early Modern Europe
 Smith, Nigel.

Making Sense of Siege Warfare’s Violence: Printed Siege Accounts of the Seventeenth Century
 Fischer-Kattner, Anke.

Making Wilderness: The Craft of Landscape
 Levesque, Catherine.

Making a Better World: Sixteenth-Century Solutions to the Problem of Poverty
 Boele, Anita.

Making a Good Marriage: Venetian Lawyers in the Seventeenth Century
 Dallavalle, Lisa.

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Narrating Temptation: Landscape and Judgment in Pieter Bruegel and Hieronymus Cock’s Temptation of Christ
 Buskirk, Jessica.

Narrative, Violence, and State Formation in Sixteenth-Century Modena
 Madden, Amanda.

National Identity and Migrant Artists: Strategies, Labels, Historiographic Constructs
 Lipinska, Aleksandra.

Natural Image and Trap Image in Pieter Bruegel
 Weemans, Michel.

Natural Inclinations
 Robertson, Kellie.

Natural Philosophy and Mathematical Sciences at the Court of Urbino
 Alexander-Skipnes, Ingrid.

Nature, Emotions, and Ethics by Giordano Bruno
 Bombassaro, Luiz.

Neglected Sources and Themes in Humanist Political Thought
 Hankins, James.

Negotiating Text-Event Relationships in the London Lord Mayors’ Shows of Anthony Munday and Thomas Middleton
 Kennedy, Emma.

Nehemiah’s Rage: The Spanish Match and the Shadow of the Old Testament
 Vahamikos, George.

Neither Prophet nor Revolutionary: Thomas Müntzer’s 1523–24 Allstedt Reformation through His Letters
 Martinuzzi, Christopher.

Network Analysis of the Venetian Incanto System
 Fournier, Melanie. and Rochat, Yannick.

New Communities of Interpretation and the Nature of Gods: Ciceronian Religious Anthropology in the Protestant Reformation
 Förköli, Gábor.

New Discoveries about the Bolognese Academia dei Torbidi
 Gurreri, Clizia.

New Findings about the Painterly Practices and Techniques of Albrecht Dürer
 Luber, Katherine.

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Obedience Orations in Renaissance Rome: Who Cared?
 Meserve, Margaret.

Objects of Love and the Performance of Gender in Love’s Labour’s Lost
 Griffin, Aurélie.

Observations on Italian Baroque Art History Today
 Puglisi, Catherine. and Stone, David.

Of Gems and "animaletti delle Indie": The Flemish Jeweller-Merchant Charles Hellemans and Vincenzo Gonzaga
 Anderson, Christina.

Of Mobility and Versatility: Artistic Rivalry at the Swedish Court
 Wangensteen, Kjell.

Of Piracy and Justice: Cervantes's Mediterranean Ethics
 Avilés, Luis.

Of Travellers, Messengers, and Foundlings: Thomas More’s Fictionalizing Use of Paratexts
 Schmidt, Gabriela.

Official Machiavelli Letters from Russian Collections in Saint Petersburg
 Youssim, Mark.

Old/New World Immunity: Mediating Kingship in The History of Sir Francis Drake (1659)
 Willie, Rachel.

Olimpia, Orontea e Marfisa: La parola delle regine nell'Orlando Furioso
 Izzo, Annalisa.

On Charlemagne’s Shoulders: Constructions of Europe as Historical Space Mirrored in Albrecht Dürer’s Visualizations of the Frankish Emperor
 von Müller, Johannes.

On Conflicted Identities in Molinet's Late Poetry and Prose
 Randall, Michael.

On What Barely Is: Matter and the Minimum
 Selcer, Daniel.

On the Concept of Necessity in Renaissance Utopia
 Perissinotto, Cristina.

On the Incipient Tradition of Music Therapy in Franchino Gaffurio's Theorica musice (Milan, 1492)
 Kreyszig, Walter.

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Padua, Cradle of the Renaissance Medal: The 1390 Portrait Medals of Francesco II da Carrara Novello
 Volz, Sylvia.

Paleotti and Marian Devotion: The Assumption of the Virgin in Early Modern Bologna
 Bohn, Babette.

Palm to Palm: Touch and Desire in Shakespeare
 Karim-Cooper, Farah.

Panegyrics in the Service of Trnava Jesuits
 Juríková, Erika.

Paolo di Poggio: Merchant of Luxury and Agent of Cultural Exchange in Early Renaissance Europe
 Nuttall, Geoffrey.

Paradise Regained: The Netherlandish Renaissance Garden, a New State of the Art
 De Jonge, Krista.

Pascal at the Crossroads: Between Literal and Figurative Geometry
 Sedley, David.

Pastoral Border-Crossings and the Production of Hybridity from Virgil to Gongora
 Combs-Schilling, Jonathan.

Pastoral Desire
 Wofford, Susanne.

Pastoral and Consolation in the Italian Trecento
 Zak, Gur.

Pastoral and the Poetry of Naked Truth: Michelangelo’s “Povero e nudo e sol se ne va ‘l Vero”
 Falkeid, Unn.

Pathos by Proxy: Performing the Entombment of Christ in Late Medieval Sculpture
 Sadler, Donna.

Patron-Client Relations and Changes in the Castilian Political Society during the Fifteenth Century
 Martín-Romera, María Ángeles.

Patterns Persist: Relics and Reliquaries after the Middle Ages
 Hahn, Cynthia.

Patterns for the Beautiful and Virtuous: Popular Books of Lace and Embroidery in Sixteenth-Century Venice and Beyond
 Lussey, Natalie.

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Quakers, Oaths, and Trustworthiness in Seventeenth-Century England, 1650–96
 Houpt-Varner, Lindsay.

Qualities and the Archive: Making Creole Identities in Viceregal New Spain, 1519–1647
 Vallen, Nino.

Queen Katherine Parr and Royal Image Making
 White, Micheline.

Quick Thinking in Maître J. G., Corrozet, and Scève
 Chesters, Timothy.

Quixotic Equines: Beyond Rocinante
 Martin, Adrienne.


RECIRC: The Reception and Circulation of Early Modern Women’s Writing, 1550–1700
 Coolahan, Marie-Louise.

Rabelais in the Restoration
 McDowell, Nicholas.

Rabelais lecteur de Niccolò Leonico Tomeo
 Menini, Romain.

Rabelais, lecteur de Bembo d’après l’exemplaire des Opuscula (Lyon, S. Gryphe, 1532) de la Bibliothèque universitaire de médecine de Montpellier
 La Charité, Claude.

Rabelais, lecteur de Ravisius Textor
 Le Cadet, Nicolas.

Raising up “Sons of Science”: Secrecy and Openness in Francis Bacon’s Natural-Philosophical Texts
 Stewart, Ian.

Raison d'Etat in Early Modern Venice: Sarpi on Jews, Former New Christians, and the Inquisition
 Ravid, Benjamin.

Raphael and Dürer: The Concept of the Absolute Artist in German Romanticism
 Thimann, Michael.

Raphael and the Aesthetic Discourse of the Empire: Alexandre Tardieu’s Graphic Interpretation of St. Michael Vanquishing Satan (1806)
 Anderson-Riedel, Susanne.

Raphael in the Hands of Vasari: The Sala di Leone X and the Revised Lives
 Reilly, Patricia.

Rara Avis: Piero di Cosimo and the Birds He Painted
 Olson, Roberta.

Ratifiers and Props: Judging Laertes’s Rebellion
 Elsky, Stephanie.

Rationalizing and Reading Some Key Images in The Memory Arts in Renaissance England
 Engel, William.

Re-Medievalizing Dreams: The Economics of Imagination in Post-Chaucerian Dream Visions
 Keller, Wolfram.

Re/Conversion at Home and Abroad: The Case of Maerten de Vos
 Porras, Stephanie.

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Sacking Falstaff
 Lemon, Rebecca.

Sacred and Profane Objects in Venetian Dwellings
 Guarnieri, Cristina.

Sacred and Secular Spaces at the Lateran: The Taverns of the Società San Salvatore
 McDougall, Elizabeth.

Sadeler, Liss, and Sandrart: Ideas in Transit, ca. 1615–22
 Limouze, Dorothy.

Safavid Astarabad during the Sixteenth Century: Peasants, Religious Scholars, Sayyids, and the Sovereign
 Abisaab, Rula.

Sahagún’s Encyclopedic Florentine Codex and the Anomalous Book 6 on Rhetoric
 Peterson, Jeanette Favrot.

Saint Anne at Orsanmichele: A Study of Sixteenth-Century Devotion and Influence
 Giffin, Erin.

Saint Job, the Silk Merchant, and an Altarpiece for the Guild by Guido Reni
 Morselli, Raffaella.

Salaried Sculptors at the Court of Cosimo III de’ Medici
 d\'Alburquerque, Kira.

Salazar de Mendoza: An Approach to El Greco’s Private Patronage through His Library
 Cera Brea, Miriam.

Sallustio Peruzzi and the Arch of Aquino: Between Survey and inventio of the Antique
 Russo, Antonio.

San Felipe de Jesús: Image, Identity, and Evangelization
 Quiñones Keber, Eloise.

San Giorgio in Alga and the Rediscovery of Two Lost Paintings
 Nolin, Heather.

Satire ou Plagiat? Le Cinquiesme Livre apocryphe de 1549
 Renner, Bernd.

Scandale et interprétation dans la lettre d'Érasme à Martin Dorp
 Perona, Blandine.

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Tagging Harvey: Capturing the Reading Practices of a Renaissance Reader
 Geraerts, Jaap.

Tailoring in the Renaissance: The Skills of Shaping the Body
 Tosi Brandi, Elisa.

Talismanic Art within Marsilio Ficinoʾs De vita libri tres
 Beiweis, Susanne.

Tamed Gazes: Cranach’s Fountain Nymphs as the Object of Pictorial Self-Reflection
 Werner, Elke Anna.

Tasso's Clorinda and the Unmaking of a Virago
 Milligan, Gerry.

Teachers in the Printing House: Remarks on the Classical Heritage and New Theories in the Publications of the Academy of Zamość
 Lepri, Valentina.

Teaching Aristotle at the University of Louvain, 1425–1500
 Masolini, Serena.

Teaching Elementary Greek in Italy at the End of the Renaissance
 Nuti, Erika.

Teaching Time and Space: History and Geography according to Antonio Possevino
 Salvarani, Luana.

Technical Knowledge and Ingenious Devices from the Quattrocento Architectural Books
 de Miranda, Adriana.

Telesio and Campanella on the Spirit and the Embodied Mind
 Ebbersmeyer, Sabrina.

Territoriality and Royal Childhood in Sixteenth-Century France
 Narkin, Elisabeth.

Textiles in Botteghe: One-Stop Shops in Early Modern Venice
 Pellumbi, Jola.

Texts and Textures: Reading Paper in Early Modern England
 Reynolds, Anna.

Textual Transmission and the Meaning of Space: From the Byzantine to the European Renaissance
 Darley, Rebecca.

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Una épica ibérica: Poetas hispano-portugueses en un contexto bilingüe (finales del siglo XVI)
 Plagnard, Aude.

Under the Microscope: How Alexander Dyce Assembled Specimens of British Poetesses
 Salzman, Paul.

Under the Sign of Harpocrates: The Mythology of Secrecy in Early Modern Europe
 Ledo, Jorge.

Underground Mathematics: Manuscripts and Knowledge Circulation in the German Mining States
 Morel, Thomas.

Unintended Consequences: Nicholas V, Alberti, and the Expansion of Renaissance Architecture
 Logan, Nicole.

Universal Hagiography in Brazil: St. Lawrence's Martyrdom in Jose de Anchieta's Autos
 Hughes, Nicole.

Universal Perfection: Vincenzo Scamozzi's Idea (1615)
 Hopkins, Andrew.

Universal Time and Christian Chronology in the Fasciulus Temporum
 Worm, Andrea.

Unnatural Nature? Artifice and French Cartography at the Galerie des Cerfs in Fontainebleau
 Serchuk, Camille.

Unzer Melekh or Teuffels Prophet: Representing Shabbatai Zevi between Arrest and Apostasy in German and Yiddish Print Culture
 Gollance, Sonia.

Up and Coming: The Market as a Path to Success for Young Artists in Seventeenth-Century Rome
 Cavazzini, Patrizia.

Upholding a Mixed Identity: Hispano-Flemish Elites in Public Ceremonies (1657–1702)
 Verreyken, Sophie.

Urban Elites and Factions in the Kingdom of Naples: The Town of L’Aquila in the Fifteenth Century
 Terenzi, Pierluigi.

Ursulines, Jesuits, and Women of the Wild: The Female Mission Seen by the Jesuits
 Deslandres, Dominique.

Uses and Abuses of Wealth: Commerce and Prosperity in the Sixteenth-Century Low Countries
 Vandommele, Jeroen.

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Valeriano Magni´s (1586–1661) De luce mentium et eius imagine (1642)
 Nejeschleba, Tomas.

Valois Spouses at the Dawn of the Bourbon Era: Three Dowager Queens at the End of the Sixteenth Century
 Spangler, Jonathan.

Vanishing Women in Jacopo da Strada and Guillaume Rouille
 Gaylard, Susan.

Vasari and the Forge of History
 Passignat, Emilie.

Vasari in the Shadow of Machiavelli
 Musci, Alfonso.

Vasari, the Sala Grande of Palazzo Vecchio, and Leonardo’s Decorative Project
 Ferretti, Emanuela.

Vasari's Arch of Constantine: Aesthetic Ideals, Classicism, and Historicism
 Schlitt, Melinda.

Vasari’s Early Collaborations: The Case of San Michele in Bosco, Bologna
 Cornelison, Sally.

Vasari’s Legacy North of the Alps: The Development of a Critical Vocabulary of Art in the Northern Netherlands of the Early Seventeenth Century
 Cohen-Willner, Saskia.

Vasari’s Poems and the Dedication of the Lives to Vittoria Colonna
 Mattioda, Enrico.

Vasari’s Rome: Between "mala aria" and Place-to-Be
 Fenech Kroke, Antonella.

Venetian Architectural Policy and Urban Tradition in Sixteenth-Century Padua: The Palazzo del Podestà and Its Façades on Piazza delle Erbe
 Marra, Claudia.

Venice and the Counter-Reformation: Renewal and Revival in the Transformation of Ecclesiastical Architecture
 Guidarelli, Gianmario.

Venice in the North: Venetian Traces in Early Modern Bremen, Hamburg, and Lubeck
 Schilling, Ruth.

Venice upon a Hill: The Double Function of Lorenzo Lotto’s Martinengo Altarpiece (1513–16) in Bergamo
 Kaap, Henry.

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Waiting for Godoy: Domesticating the Servant in Hermosilla’s Dialogo de los pages
 Cirnigliaro, Noelia.

Walter Odington’s De etate mundi and the Pursuit of a "Scientific" Chronology in Fourteenth-Century England
 Nothaft, Philipp.

Wandering in Rome: The Psychogeography of the Solitary Walker
 Atkinson, Niall. and Caviglia, Susanna.

War After Babel: Linguistic Plurality and Warfare in Early Modern France
 Cohen, Paul.

War, Violence, and Power in Inca Garcilaso's General History of Peru
 Fernandez, Christian.

Warburg's Baroque
 Newman, Jane.

Warburg’s Ovid
 Johnson, Christopher.

Was There a Seventeenth-Century Economy?
 Hawkes, David.

Was There an Officially Sanctioned Post-Tridentine Church Interior? Borromeo, Bollani, and Brescia's Two Cathedrals
 Gromotka, Michael.

Watchers on the Walls: Gatekeepers in Renaissance Italy
 Penning, Joel.

Well-Mannered Death: On Mannerism, Decease, and Time
 Sapir, Itay.

Westphalian Nuns, Modern Devouts, and Brabantine Masses: The Middle Dutch Seelen Troost and Its Readers
 Bigus, Marta.

What Bosola Knows: Intelligence, Information, and The Duchess of Malfi
 Roychoudhury, Suparna.

What Does Montaigne Have to Do with Ovid in Shakespeare’s The Tempest?
 Mucciolo, John.

What Goes Up Must Come Down: The Decline of the Renaissance Codpiece
 Miller, Victoria.

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You Are What You Eat: Advice from Bartolomeo Platina (1421–81) in De Honesta Voluptate et Valetudine
 Howe, Eunice.
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