The 62nd Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America 2016-Mar-31 to 2016-Apr-03

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"A Simple and Unlikely Hand": Anna Trapnel and the Demolished State
 Oliveira, Anthony.

"A Spirit of his Erection": Social Advancement in George Chapman’s The Widow’s Tears
 Meyer, Liam.

"A book of his own making": Elizabeth Russell Reads Sir Anthony Cooke
 Phillippy, Patricia.

"A sympathy of woe": Titus Andronicus, Stoicism, and Familial Affinity
 Ashworth-King, Erin.

"A veray patronesse": Margaret Beaufort and the Early English Printers
 Pender, Patricia.

"About this book: It is my child": Margaret Cavendish on Mary Wroth and Others
 Siegfried, Brandie.

"Allegiés moy, doulce plaisant’ brunette": When Poetry Remembers It Used to Sing
 Raschel, Irvin.

"Allegorical": Bacon’s Travels Through Allegory
 Poole, Kristen.

"Autres nouvelles choses de par delà": Dynamic Responses to Italian Art in France ca. 1500
 Herman, Nicholas.

"Being the thing I am": Converted Persons in As You Like It
 Hecht, Paul.

"Better a witty fool than a foolish wit": Humanist Word Games and Other Sports
 Kircher, Timothy.

"Bifore the coming yn of these rauinous wolues": Ancient Britain in Reformation Historiography
 Rhodes, William.

"Blessings of the king were lavished on the universe": Feasting Foreigners at the Ottoman Court
 Arcak Casale, Sinem.

"Bloody Contention for the Peoples Liberty": Barbados, Jamaica, and the Development of Atlantic News
 Greenspan, Nicole.

"By her owne directions": Margaret Cavendish, Medicine, and Writing the Humoral Body
 Knoppers, Laura.

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A Beautiful, Silent Other: Female Silence and Voice and the Portrait of the Beloved
 Mercado, Leticia.

A Black Moor and a White Venus in Anthony Van Dyck’s Portrait of George Gage
 Knaap, Anna.

A Call for Readers: The Centrality of Women's Cultural Productions to Early Modern Studies
 Hammons, Pamela.

A Canon Without a Corpus?: Humanists and the “Lost” Women Writers of Antiquity
 Pietras, Brian.

A Cast of Creatures: Centaurs in Italian Renaissance Bronzes
 Martinez, Trinity.

A Clash of Cultures? Reexamining the Jesuit Missions to Ethiopia
 Abdu, Brook.

A Cliometrics’ View on the Garzoni Database
 Colavizza, Giovanni.

A Close Encounter with Vasari’s Buonarroti Altarpiece
 Cornelison, Sally.

A Culturomic Study of Michelangelo: First Results
 Coonin, A..

A Dialogue with Nature: Federico Zuccaro’s Landscape Drawings
 Bolzoni, Marco Simone.

A Digitally Visualized Bibliography of Dante's Commedia
 Aresu, Francesco Marco. and Collins, Matthew.

A Diplomat’s Legacy: Tommaso Spinelli’s Self-Representation in His Testament (1522)
 Domnina, Ekaterina.

A Domestic Partnership: The Marriage of Margherita and Francesco Datini, 1376–1410
 Crabb, Ann.

A Floating Tomb and Perfidious Vision in Noël de Fribois’s Mirouer historial abregié de France
 Coffey, Heather.

A Follower of the Pico Master in Pietro Barozzi’s Library and His Paduan Activity
 Fumian, Silvia.

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Bad Boys
 Brisman, Shira.

Bad Nourishment: John Milton and Prophetic Indigestion
 Gurney, Evan.

Bad Prophecy: Brecht’s Epic Theater and the Seventeenth-Century History Play
 Nicosia, Marissa.

Barstool Babels: Multilingual Drinking in Early Modern Europe
 Gallagher, John.

Bartolomeo Panciatichi Between Love, Heresy, and Censorship
 Todorovic, Jelena.

Before Orientalism: The Muslim Other in Iberia in the Early Modern Period
 Franco, Borja.

Behaving Badly: Women in the Spanish Comedia
 Tobey, Emily.

Beholding Colin Beheld
 Goeglein, Tamara.

Being Portuguese in the Eternal City (1580–1670)
 Nelson Novoa, James.

Being and Seeming: Perception and Moral Disorder in Milton and Homer
 van der Laan, Sarah.

Being in Border Towns: Views from Venetian Dalmatia
 Barzman, Karen-edis.

Belleforest’s Language of Place
 Tarte, Kendall.

Ben Jonson’s "Spices of Idolatry": Galenic Healthcare and the Eucharist in Bartholomew Fair
 Kotzur, Julia.

Benedetto Giustiniani, Lorenzo Garbieri, and the Borromeo Chapel in Bologna
 Unger, Daniel.

Bernardino Baldi and the Pseudo-Aristotelian Tradition
 Gulizia, Stefano.

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Cabeza de Vaca’s Primahaitu Pidgin (O’odham Nation, and euskaldunak)
 Gil-Osle, Juan Pablo.

Callot's Gobbi between Florence and Nancy, 1622: What Happens When Caricature Enters the Realm of Print Culture
 McTighe, Sheila.

Camouflaging Corruption, Constructing Praise: Discourse of Antwerp's Fortifications in the Mid-Sixteenth Century
 Kaminska, Barbara.

Can Laughter Cure the Plague? Thomas Dekker’s Plague Pamphlets and Early Modern Comedy
 Hasler, Rebecca.

Canny's Contexts
 Armitage, David.

Cardinal Legates and Nuncios: The Pope's International Network
 Koller, Alexander.

Cardinals, Bishops, and Councils: A Question of Power and Precedence
 Schmidt, Bernward.

Cardinals' Lives: A Historiographical Appraisal
 Pattenden, Miles.

Care, Curiosity, and the Problematic Modernity of Pastoral Otium
 Dolph, Steve.

Caricature as Artists’ Art: A Companion of Painters Watching a Mountebank Show
 Murawska-Muthesius, Kasia.

Carl Gustav Jung, Wolfgang Pauli, and the Kepler-Fludd Controversy: Where Has the Conversation Moved?
 Westman, Robert.

Carlo Fontana and the New Choir for the Incoronata in Lodi
 Gritti, Jessica.

Carlo Fontana’s Journey in Lombardy
 Monferrini, Sergio.

Casts and Sculptural Models in Federico Barocci’s Workshop Practice
 Fontana, Jeffrey.

Caterina Cantoni and the Accademia della Val di Blenio: Experimental Milan in the Late Sixteenth Century
 Mausoli, Silvia.

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Dance and Visual Culture in Late Medieval and Renaissance Tuscany
 Chiu, Jasmine.

Dante Lab: A New Digital Tool To Be Used with Extra-Large Textual Traditions
 Tonello, Elisabetta.

Dante in Boston
 Musacchio, Jacqueline.

Dante: Friendship and Poetry
 Modesto, Filippa.

Dante’s Poetics of Faith in Early Modern Italy
 Rossignoli, Claudia.

Daring Paintbrushes: Ekphrasis in Aragonese Poetry during the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century
 Vidorreta, Almudena.

Dating the Past: Matthew Parker and His Old (or Not-So-Old) Manuscripts
 McMahon, Madeline.

Death Experienced: The Late Renaissance Reception of Julius Canus
 Harrison, Timothy.

Death as a Way of Life in Donne’s Holy Sonnets
 Kuzner, James.

Death in Public: Donne's Exposure
 Vasiliauskas, Emily.

Debates on Expertise in Inquisitorial Trials: Natural Philosophers, Astrologers and Theologians on Authority in Astrology
 Lanuza-Navarro, Tayra.

Decoding the Properties of Fifteenth-Century Paper
 Barrett, Timothy.

Deconstructing Petrarch: Alessandro Tassoni’s Considerazioni sul Petrarca and Their Textual History
 Lazzarini, Andrea.

Defining Democracy in Restoration England: Henry Neville and Algernon Sidney
 Foxley, Rachel.

Defining Jacopo Tintoretto as a Portraitist
 Ilchman, Frederick.

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Early Modern Histories of Singing in Alternation
 Apgar, Jamie.

Early Modern Theory of Linear Drawing in Italy and Spain: The Prehistory of Design
 de Cavi, Sabina.

Early Modern Witch Ointments and Intoxication
 Newley, Maia.

Early Modern Women's Epistolary Communications across the Irish Sea
 Eckerle, Julie.

Early Modern Women's Marginalia as Collaborative Textual Practice
 Smith, Rosalind.

Early Puritanism and the Vocabulary of Affections
 Arcangeli, Alessandro.

Early Quaker Prose (1650–95) and the Primacy of Inward Learning
 Gill, Catie. and Roads, Judith.

Early Sixteenth-Century School Commentaries in East Central Europe: Leonard Cox on Castellesi's Venatio (1524)
 Kiss, Farkas.

Earthly Delights: Illusory Pottery and Renaissance Dining
 Boutin Vitela, Lisa.

Echoes of Greek Law
 Meyler, Bernadette.

Ecological Ovidian Transformation in Lyly’s Love’s Metamorphosis
 Duncan, Claire.

Editing Sidney’s Arcadia
 Ross, Charles.

Editing and Cataloging Digital Editions of Neo-Latin Manuscripts: The Tisch Library Miscellany
 Beaulieu, Marie-Claire.

Editing the Feminist Agenda: The Power of the Textual Critic and The Tragedy of Mariam
 Wray, Ramona.

Edward Benlowes's Book Art
 Trettien, Whitney.

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Fabian Fucan and Renaissance Syncretism in the West and the East
 Nejime, Kenichi.

Facilitating Access and Collaboration in Early Modern Sermon Scholarship: An Introduction to the GEMMS Project
 James, Anne. and Shami, Jeanne.

Failed Quest for Gold: The Social and Economic Productivity of Desires and Affects
 Asmussen, Tina.

Faith Embodied: Jakob Heller, Katharina von Melem, and Their Altarpiece
 Kirch, Miriam.

False Imprints and the "Miserabyll Estait of the Warld": Printing Sir David Lyndsay’s Monarche
 Tapscott, Elizabeth.

Fama and Symbolic Struggle in a Pre-Inquisitorial Pesquisa about Judaizers
 Israeli, Yanay.

Familiar Landscapes: Venetian and Lombard Madonne in the European Context
 di Simone, Paolo.

Fashioning Kingship in Early Modern Italy: Ferrante I and Neapolitan Networks of Artistic Exchange
 Riesenberger, Nicole.

Faulty Foundings and Failed Reformers in Machiavelli's Florence
 McCormick, John.

Faustus’s Shadow: Socinianism, Atheism, and the Dogma of Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus
 Bezio, Kristin.

Federico Zuccaro: A Theoretical Practitioner or a Practical Theoretician?
 Lukehart, Peter.

Feed in Quiet: Appetite and Social Mobility in The Duchess of Malfi
 Fuqua, John.

Feeling with the Other: Ecologies of Complaint in Early Modern Theatrical Tragedy
 Shortslef, Emily.

Feigned Lovesickness in Marguerite de Navarre's Quatre Dames et Quatre Gentizhommes
 Kem, Judy.

Female Publics between Representation and Reality: The Case of French Collected Eulogies of Women
 Breitenstein, Renée-Claude.

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Galileo and the Art of the Ingenious Insult
 Reeves, Eileen.

Garcilaso’s Historia general del Perú and the Diálogos de Amor
 Beckjord, Sarah.

Garden as a Monumentum: Pontano's Practice of the Virgilian Verse in De hortis Hesperidum
 Tilly, Georges.

Gardens of the Heavens: Sundials in Sixteenth-Century Roman Villas
 Ribouillault, Denis.

Gateways to Africa: Allegory and Empiricism in Capuchin Frontispieces
 Fromont, Cécile.

Gazing into Imaginary Spaces: Digital Modeling and the Representation of Reality
 Wall, John.

Gender and Elite Sociability on the Terraferma during the Sixteenth Century
 Smith, Alison.

Gender and the Prosecution of Heresy in the French Courts
 Benkov, Edith.

Gender in the Afterlife: Strategies of Eternal Salvation in Sixteenth-Century Venetian Dalmatia
 Sander-Faes, Stephan.

Gender in the Classroom: Breaking Habits with the Comedia
 Phillips Quintanilla, Payton.

Geographical Imagination of the Amsterdam Town Hall
 Horowitz, Maryanne.

Geometry and Philosophical Method from Zabarella to Spinoza
 Doppelt, Torin.

Georges de La Tour: Spiritual Gambles and the Betrayal of Painting
 Judovitz, Dalia.

Gherardo Cibo and the Landscape Tradition at the Della Rovere Court in the Sixteenth Century
 Giannotti, Alessandra.

Ghiberti’s Bronzes in the Light of Scientific Observations and Innovations
 Lehmann, Claudia.

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Hagiographer as Collector: Pedro de Ribadeneyra, Sacred Histories, and the Accumulation of Miracles
 Greenwood, Jonathan.

Hagiography and Humanism: Hybrid Humanism in Late Fifteenth-Century Florence
 Walden, Justine.

Hamlet and the Cosmic and Generic Ecologies of Land and Sea
 Degenhardt, Jane.

Hamlet's Part
 Marino, James.

Hannibal in the European Imagination
 Spicer, Joaneath.

Hans Rottenhammer: Friend, Collaborator, Strategist
 McCabe, Sophia.

Hatred and Elegiac Form in Lucy Hutchinson’s Elegies
 Dodds, Lara.

Healer, Prophet, Visionary: The Inquisition Record of Catalina Muñoz
 Jones, Nicholas.

Hearts, Ears, and Eyes: Late Seventeenth-Century Women Compiling Herbert, Milton, and Other Religious Poets
 Burke, Victoria.

Heavenly Fragrance from Earthly Censers: Conveying the Immaterial through the Sensory Experience of Objects
 Ergin, Nina.

Helping the Helper: Saint Roch and the Angel in Renaissance Art
 Marshall, Louise.

Henry VIII, Katherine Parr, and Literary Collaboration
 White, Micheline.

Herbert’s Anesthesia
 Dawson, Brent.

Herbert’s Book of Remedies: Commonplaces for Afflictions of Body and Spirit
 Dyck, Paul.

Hercules at the Crossroads: Uses of Greek Language and Myth in the Baltic Sea Region
 Akujärvi, Johanna.

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Iberian Dissidents and Roman Biblio-Politics during the Seventeenth Century
 Montcher, Fabien.

Identity and Difference: The Two Picos on One and Being
 Robichaud, Denis.

Idolatry and Iconoclasm in Colonial Brazil: Limits of Terminology and Concepts
 Baumgarten, Jens.

If One Could Make Paradise on Earth: The Garden Frame of Decameron Days 3–6
 Marchesi, Simone.

Ignatius of Loyola’s Rapture in Camargo’s San Ignacio (1666)
 Castellvi Laukamp, Luis.

Il Canzoniere esposto da Trifone Gabriel: Un commento mai scritto
 Caterino, Antonello Fabio.

Il pericolo della letteratura: Scrittori e opere nell’Italia del XVII secolo: Boccalini, Malvezzi, Accetto
 Ripari, Edoardo.

Illuminated Copies of Plutarch’s Lives, Venice, Nicolaus Jenson, 1478: Patrons and Miniaturists
 Armstrong, Lilian.

Illusionism in and of Tapestry: Brussels's Tapestry Network and Modes of Representation in "Woven Frescoes"
 Adams, Kristen.

Illyria’s Impersons: Character, Counterfeit, and Prosopoeia in Twelfth Night
 Barret, J. K..

Image and Mental Pilgrimage to Rome: A Case Study of Christ Crucified in Rumbeke
 Sugiyama, Miyako.

Image of Man, Vision of the Divine: Illustrated Assembly of Lovers Manuscripts in Sixteenth-Century Iran
 Rizvi, Kishwar.

Images of Paracelsus in Paracelsian Pseudepigraphies
 Murase, Amadeo.

Imagination and Practice: Philip Sidney's Eclogues and the Uncertain Succession
 Case, Sarah.

Imago Christi: Bernini Saviors, Lost and Found?
 Scribner, Charles.

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Jacques Grévin et le savoir zoologique dans les recueils d'emblèmes et dans les Livres des venins
 Speziari, Daniele.

James Shirley, Dialectical Imitation, and Shakespeare’s Metatheater
 Grant, Teresa.

Jan van Eyck, Italy, and the Italians
 Borchert, Till-Holger.

Jan van Eyck’s Saint George and the Dragon from Bruges to Naples
 Kozlowski, Sarah.

Japanese Martyrs in Bernardino de Ávila’s Account of the Kingdom of Nippon (1598–1619)
 Martin Santo, Noemi.

Jealousy against Substitution: The Political Theology of Marriage in Othello
 Song, Eric.

Jesuit Mission between Monarchy and Modernity
 Worcester, Thomas.

Jesuits, Portuguese Conversos, Theology and Race (ca. 1625)
 Stuczynski, Claude.

Jewish Women and Performance in Early Modern Mantua
 Jaffe-Berg, Erith.

Jewish-Christian Interchange in Early Modern Visual Culture
 Young, Michael.

Johann Carl Loth's Workshop and Assistants: Between Venice and Istria
 Kamin Kajfež, Vesna.

John Donne and the Materiality of Friendship
 Mitchell, Dianne.

John Donne’s Double Word: Speaking Mystery in the Trinity Sunday Sermons
 Woodward, Marshelle.

John Marino and the History of the Italian Mezzogiorno
 Davis, John.

Jonson, Euripides, and the Epistemological Sparagmos of Bartholomew Fair
 Harrison, Tom.

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Keeping Ireland Irish?
 McQuillan, Peter.

Kitchen Scenes and Performance at the Antwerp Dinner Party
 Goldstein, Claudia.

Knowledge, Counsel, and Experience
 Braun, Harald.

Kristeller’s Humanism and the Strange Absence of Philosophy
 Lines, David.


L'histoire ancienne jusqu'à César dans ses imprimés: Une nouvelle compilation?
 Rochebouet, Anne.

La Rhétorique ludique dans Le Printemps de Jacques Yver
 Baillargeon, Philippe.

La merveilleuse et joyeuse vie de Esope de Glaude Luyhon
 Amatuzzi, Antonella.

La souffrance de la mort et le plaisir d’écrire chez Ronsard amoureux
 Sohn, Joo Kyoung.

La “Salient-issma”: Mortality Salience and the Vulnerable Body Politic of Late Renaissance Venice
 Laughran, Michelle.

Labour's Loves? Whitney and Wheatcroft
 Wiseman, Susan.

Lady Jantil as a Widow and English Garden Architecture
 Fitzmaurice, James.

Ladylike Passions and Rules of Conduct in Renaissance Art Theory and Practice
 Zakula, Tijana.

Lapidary Metaphors and Tangible Presence in Titian's Crowning with Thorns
 Stewart, Pamela.

Lapland: The New West Indies
 Skogh, Lisa.

Lars Fornelius’s Gustavus Sago-Togatus (1631): A Latin Poem in the Service of Swedish State-Building
 Dahlberg, Elena.

Late Medieval Pilgrim Travel Accounts: A Precursor to Modern Travel Guides?
 Fabbris, Zuane.

Latin Translations of the Batrachomyomachia
 Šoštarić, Petra.

Latin and Vernacular Translation in Early Modern Verona: Two Visits to Monte Baldo
 Barton, William.

Law and Toleration: The European Context of Seventeenth-Century Protestantism in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania
 Friedrich, Karin.

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MS 604 of the Padua University Library: Investigating Interactions among Science and Illuminations
 Ponchia, Chiara.

Macbeth, King Lear, and “Absence Seizures” in the Body Politic
 Pertile, Giulio.

Machiavelli and Guicciardini
 Jurdjevic, Mark.

Machiavelli and Prophecy
 Viroli, Maurizio.

Machiavelli and the Ethics of Fratricide
 Moudarres, Andrea.

Magic as Threat to Narrative in The Faerie Queene
 Greene, Clare.

Magic, Reality, and Trauma in Basile's The Tale of Tales
 Maggi, Armando.

Maintaining the Garden of Letters in Du Bellay’s Défense
 Kadue, Katie.

Making Contact: Images and Acheiropoetoi at the Sacro Monte of Varallo
 Benzan, Carla.

Making Friends and Connecting People: Women’s Networks in Early Modern Portugal
 Anastacio, Vanda.

Making It Go Further: Money, Sex and Love in Decameron 8.1
 Clarke, Kenneth.

Making Statesmen, Writing Culture: Ethnography, Education, and Diplomatic Travel in Early Modern Venice
 Taylor, Kathryn.

Making the Invisible Visible: The Impact of Female Religious Communities on Paris’s Seventeenth-Century Urban Landscape
 Baxter, Carol.

Making the Streets Spanish: Spanish Ambassadors and Their Carriages in Early Modern Rome
 Hunt, John.

Mannerism and Mobility in the World of Federico Zuccaro
 Monty, Emily.

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NERC Digital Archives
 Jarmolowicz, Emily.

NERC Today: Outreach and Web Presence
 Ghadessi, Touba.

Naked Gospel or Cloaked Christianity? The Quest for Primitive Faith in Early Enlightenment England
 Lim, Paul.

Natural Philosophy, Transnational Female Networks, and the Letters of Camilla Erculiani
 Ray, Meredith.

Naturalizing Aphthonius: Renaissance Vernacular Translations of Progymnasmata Textbooks
 Kraus, Manfred.

Near Eastern Hand-Painted Images Reimagined in Early Modern Print and Book Illustrations
 Smith, Charlotte.

Needless Alexandrine
 Foley, Stephen.

Negotiating Court, City, and Classicism: A Brussels Artistic Tradition in the Seventeenth Century
 Yeager-Crasselt, Lara.

Negotiating Disability in Early Modern New France
 Dunn, Mary.

Negotiating Literary Patronage in the Age of Leo X
 de Beer, Susanna.

Neo-Latin, English, and Greek: Multilingualism in a Restoration Manuscript
 Mäkilähde, Aleksi.

Neo-Platonism and the Munster Plantation
 Herron, Thomas.

Networks of Textual Exchange between England and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the early 1600s
 Mazheika, Hanna.

New Directions in the Study of Masculinity in Colonial Atlantic History
 Smolenski, John.

New Evidence on the Staging of a Performance at Palazzo Farnese (Rome, Carnival 1656)
 Zammar, Leila.

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Oath-Taking and Promise-Making in Early Modern England
 Butler, Todd.

Observable Facts, Printed Images, and Their More-or-Less Legitimate Offspring
 Felfe, Robert.

Observations on the Use of Inscriptions in the Decorative Cycles of the Sixteenth Century
 Passignat, Emilie.

Occult Lore in the Bibliotheca of an Ottoman Polymath: Muʾayyadzāda (d. 1516) and His Astral Quests
 Sen, Ahmet Tunc.

Occult Sensation and Mortal Knowledge in Paradise Lost
 Lobis, Seth.

Occult Texts as Royal Gifts at the Late Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Court: Meṭāliʿ al-seʿāde and Rāznāme
 Felek, Özgen.

Occultist Encyclopedism: ʿAbd al-Raḥmān al-Bisṭāmī in Mamlūk Cairo and Damascus
 Gardiner, Noah.

Of Heaven and Earth: Conception, Childbirth, and Incest in Spenser's The Faerie Queene
 Taormina, Tina.

Of Manicules and Marmosets: Narrative Marginalia in Thomas More’s Utopia
 Olson, Rebecca.

Of Mastery in Architecture: "Ayvan-e ustad" in the Friday Mosque of Isfahan
 Babaie, Sussan.

Of Monsters and Heroes: Visualizing the Liminal in Fifteenth-Century Florence
 Ehrlich, Victoria.

Of Rhinos, Peppercorns, and Saints: (Re)presenting India in Medici Florence
 Benay, Erin.

On Benefits in Machiavelli
 Stacey, Peter.

On Editing the Manuscript and Printed Texts of Wroth’s Pamphilia to Amphilanthus
 Bell, Ilona.

On Renaissance Nonmodernity
 Campbell, Stephen.

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Padua as “mater perspectivae picturae”: Art and Science under the Carrara (1318–1405)
 Murat, Zuleika.

Pagan Philosophy and Christian Neoplatonism in Boccaccio’s Theological Poetics
 Papio, Michael.

Pagan Popes and Christian Caesars: Humanist Descriptions of the Eternal City and Aeneid, 8.306–69
 Schwab, M. Elisabeth.

Paint or Stain: Notes about the Functions of Dripping in Renaissance Painting
 Cassegrain, Guillaume.

Painted Amusements: Boredom and Relief in Carpaccio’s Studiolo Door
 Henry, Chriscinda.

Painting Institutional Boundaries: City and Hospital in the Pellegrinaio Frescoes of Santa Maria della Scala
 Bell, Margaret.

Painting, Experience, and Francisco Pacheco’s Notion of Acabado
 Lumbreras, Maria.

Palazzo Bevilacqua in Verona and Its "Presence" in the Family Archive (1550–1600)
 Marcorin, Francesco.

Palazzo Busini-Bardi (1420–27): An Early Renaissance Palace by Brunelleschi?
 Vigotti, Lorenzo.

Pamphleteering in a Manuscript Culture: Cheap Books in Motion in the Seventeenth-Century Ottoman Empire
 Shafir, Nir.

Panoramas and Progeny: Intersections of Virtue and Civic Pride in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Family Portraits
 Giannino, Denise.

Paper Monuments: Henry Vaughan, Andrew Marvell, and War Death
 Gray, Catharine.

Paper Presents: Diplomatic Safe Conducts as Political Gifts
 Williams, Megan.

Paracelsus’s Letter to Luther and the Theologians at Wittenberg: Authentic or Spurious?
 Daniel, Dane.

Paradigm Hunting: Architectural and Argumentational Decorum in Marvin Trachtenberg’s Research
 Gaston, Robert.

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Queen Elizabeth I and the Origins of English Senecan Style
 Marcus, Leah.

Queen’s Ballet as Royal Ceremonial at the Courts of Henri IV and Louis XIII
 Gough, Melinda.

Quelques réflexions sur Jacques Grévin médecin et traducteur du De Præstigiis Dæmonum de Jean Wier
 Benedettini, Riccardo.

Questioning Soliloquies: Acting Practice and Audience Response
 Selleck, Nancy.

Quevedo’s Rome: Of Ruins and Artifacts
 Barnard, Mary.


Rabelais in the Restoration Coffeehouse
 McDowell, Nicholas.

Rabelais scénariste des mondes imaginaires de Pline l’Ancien dans Pantagruel, Gargantua, et le Tiers livre
 La Charité, Claude.

Radical Manhood in the English Revolution
 Hughes, Ann.

Raphael's Dante and the Poetics of Painting
 Cosgriff, Tracy.

Raphael's Virtual Rome
 Pon, Lisa.

Rare Prey: Monstrous Antlers in Courtly Collections
 Mersmann, Jasmin.

Reading Colin’s Motto: Posthumous Life and Literary History in Spenser’s "Nouember"
 Espie, Jeff.

Reading Cruelty: Masculine Affect and English Identity
 Feather, Jennifer.

Reading Erasmus through Luther’s Eyes
 Visser, Arnoud S. Q..

Reading Milton on Liberty with Hannah Arendt
 Achinstein, Sharon.

Reading Sannazaro’s Latin Verse According to Pontano’s Dialogue Actius: The Example of the Eclogae Piscatoriae
 Lecoindre, Gaëtan.

Reading Trees in Lanyer’s “Description of Cooke-ham”
 Knight, Leah.

Reading and Renouncing Lucretius in the Renaissance
 Hock, Jessie.

Reading and Rewriting Cicero: Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini and Cicero’s De Officiis
 O\'Brien, Emily.

Reading the Americas: Books on the New World in the Archbishop Marsh's Library, Dublin
 Caball, Marc.

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Sacred Calling as Estrangement in Donne’s “To Mr. Tilman after He Had Taken Orders”
 Bergstrom, Anton.

Sacred Conversation: Angelic Mediation in Paradise Lost
 Campbell, Katharine.

Sacred Dedicatees, Sacred Poetics? Tensions and Tendencies in Epic for Urban VIII and Louis XIII
 Grootveld, Emma.

Sacred Encounters: Transatlantic Journeys of Seventeenth-Century Women Religious
 Williard, Ashley.

Sacred Eyes: Pilgrims’ Watching Ceremonies in Renaissance Venice
 Casini, Matteo.

Sacred Footprints: Myth, Relic, Image
 Clifton, James.

Sacred Geography in Spain: One of the Oys of History?
 Beaver, Adam.

Sacred Geography in Translation: The Cippi Hebraici of J. H. Hottinger (1659)
 Shalev, Zur.

Sacred Oratory, Verdant Tivoli, and the Art of Girolamo Muziano in Counter-Reformation Rome
 Prosperetti, Leopoldine.

Sacred Souvenirs: Pilgrims, Piety, and Material Culture in Late Medieval Germany
 Welsh, Jennifer.

Sacred Vessels: Exploring the Tradition of Church Ship Models in Northern Europe, 1400–1700
 Greiling, Meredith.

Safe Conducts in the Eighteenth Century on the Main Terrestrial and Maritime Trading Routes
 Ressel, Magnus.

Saint Joseph’s Hosen and the Laughter of Veneration
 Williams, Anne.

Saint Sebastian and the Mule-driver's Wife: Marguerite de Navarre's Renaissance Martyr
 Rezvani, Leanna.

Sandwich Restored: Civic Pageantry and Queen Elizabeth’s Visit of 1573
 Adrian, John.

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Tacitus’ Germania and Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian I, 1493–1519
 Renna, Thomas.

Talking, Listening, and Reading: The Practice of Political Counsel
 Martínez Bermejo, Saúl.

Tasso’s Women as Read by Early Modern Female Writers: The Case of Lucrezia Marinella
 Gomez, Janet.

Tastes and Trends: Collecting Fifteenth-Century Italian Sculpture in the Nineteenth Century
 Pfister, Kerri.

Teaching Music Through Art: Musical Exemplarity in Fifteenth-Century Italian Devotional Images
 Sessini, Serenella.

Tecaxic/Tepeyac: Two Mirrors of the First Marian Theurgy of New Spain
 Cuadriello, Jaime.

Technical Art History and State-of-the-Art Multispectral Imaging: Some Case Studies from Giorgione to Caravaggio
 Cardinali, Marco.

Technics and Reflection in Shakespeare
 Waldron, Jennifer.

Technologies of Lyric Desire in Spenser’s Holy Places
 Duffy, Timothy.

Tempting Tapestries: Stylistic Tendencies in Justus van Egmont's Tapestry Designs against a Pan-European Background
 Valkeneers, Priscilla.

Testimonies of Faith and Wealth: Goldsmiths and Silversmiths of Messina in the Seventeenth Century
 Chillè, Giampaolo.

Textual Authority and Orthodoxy in Teresa of Avila's Letters
 Garriga Espino, Ana.

The "Empire of Things”: Cosimo III de’ Medici as Collector, Patron, and Naturalist
 Buchanan, Ashley.

The Compendio delle cose mirabili di Caterina da Racconigi between a Treatise and a Hagiography
 Zarri, Gabriella.

The Hypnerotomachia Poliphili and Fenway Court
 Eze, Anne Marie.

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Ulisse Aldrovandi and the Bolognese Villa Landscape between Science and Devotion
 Aksamija, Nadja.

Un genere trascurato: I "templi di rime" sacri
 Favaro, Maiko.

Un livre de médecine annoté par Rabelais: Les Errata recentiorum medicorum LX de Leonhart Fuchs
 Menini, Romain.

Unapt Partition: The Songs of Astrophil and Stella
 Zarnowiecki, Matthew.

Undomesticated Female Bodies in Cervantes's Works and the Instability of Marriage
 Juarez-Almendros, Encarnacion.

Unsettling “Solomon” and the “Princes in the Tower”: Jacobean Historiography and Ford’s Perkin Warbeck
 Djordjevic, Igor.

Unstable Temporalities and the Microcosmic Conceit in Donne and Herbert
 Knapp, James.

Urban Context and Multimedia Practices: The Migration of Content between Printed, Oral, and Scripted Media
 Vermeersch, Louise.

Uses of the Dead Body in Medieval and Early Modern Pisa
 Lazzerini, Luigi.

Using VIS to Find Improvisational Models in Polyphonic Music
 Motuz, Catherine.


Vain Legislation against vana ostentazione: Sumptuary Laws in the Venetian Dominion
 Brown, Patricia.

Valeriano, Leo X, and the Significance of Lightning Strikes
 Muecke, Frances.

Vasari on Technique: Book, Time, and Theory
 Payne, Alina.

Vasari's Disegno: The Invention of Allography
 Burioni, Matteo.

Vasari's Modo dello Operare: For an Epistemology of the Proemio to the Vite (1550)
 Lugli, Emanuele.

Vasari's Other Poet
 Phillips-Court, Kristin.

Vasari’s Terrestrial Imagination: Abundance, Fragility, and Durability
 Kim, David Young.

Vendetta in the Piazza: Masculinity, Urban Space, and a Miracle of San Bernardino
 Presciutti, Diana Bullen.

Vendetta, Peace Agreements, and State Formation in Sixteenth-Century Modena
 Madden, Amanda.

Venetian Galleys as Domestic Space
 Howard, Deborah.

Venice-Istanbul-Antwerp: Polyglot Bibles and the Transmission of Oriental Learning in the Sixteenth Century
 Dunkelgrün, Theodor.

Vernacular Information Circulation: Sicilian, Venetian, and Castilian Devotional Literatures, 1450–1600
 Nesvig, Martin.

Verona's Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, Tourism, and Commemoration
 Lawrence, Dana.

Vigor and Softness: Aphra Behn amongst the Libertines
 Porcelli, Stefania.

Violence, Peacemaking, and State Formation in Early Modern Tuscany
 Davies, Jonathan.

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Walking with John of the Cross: Memory and Discipleship among His Friars
 Bilinkoff, Jodi.

Warfare, Slavery, and the State in Early Africa
 More, Anna.

Ways of Communication and the Construction of Religious Dissent: The Case of Madeleine Vigneron
 Von Tippelskirch, Xenia.

Web-Based Optical Music Recognition for Renaissance Printed Music with Aruspix and Rodan
 Hankinson, Andrew.

Weighing Part versus Whole: Virgil Translations in Sixteenth-Century France
 Braund, Susanna.

What Can Art History Learn from Artistic Exchanges? A Bavarian Case Study
 Janzen, Svea.

What Did Marvell’s Poetry Look Like in Manuscript?
 Dzelzainis, Martin.

What is Drawing? Guido Reni’s Non-Finito
 Pericolo, Lorenzo.

What's the Story? Narrative, Negotiation, and Consent in the Early Modern Arctic
 Fuller, Mary.

What’s Roscius to Him? Hamlet, Histrionics, and the History of Rhetoric
 Lewis, Rhodri.

When Friendship Matters: Giacinto Brandi and the Privy Chamberlain of Pope Innocent X Pamphilj
 Serafinelli, Guendalina.

When the Curtain Falls: Social Satire in Bernini’s Caricatures and Comedies
 van Gastel, Joris.

Where the North meets the South: Leandro Bassano’s Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple
 Jones, Gilbert.

Who is the Author of the 1545 Rymes?
 Di Lauro, Brooke.

Who’s Holding All the Cards?: High-Stakes Marriage in Lope de Vega’s Mujeres y criados
 Sánchez, Jelena.

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