The 63rd Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America 2017-Mar-30 to 2017-Apr-02

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"A Meer Imperial or Ecclesiastical Machine": Marvell and the Council of Nicaea in 1676
 Dzelzainis, Martin.

"A Roome in Your Friendship": Emotional Space in John Donne's Familiar Letters
 Scheler, Drew.

"A certain pedigree": Subversive Genealogies of Mary Queen of Scots and Their European Circulation
 Trevisan, Sara.

"A first draught": How Francis Bacon Penned His Essayes
 Stewart, Alan.

"A most curious sort of knowledge…”: Charles XI’s Painted Menagerie
 Wangensteen, Kjell.

"Acá y allá hay harta desaventura": Deixis and Iberian Expansion in Teresa of Ávila's Letters
 Garriga Espino, Ana.

"Admirable events divinely happened": Notes on Gianfrancesco Pico della Mirandola’s Hagiography
 di Benedetto, Sergio.

"Al inventor de estas cosas...Dios se lo perdone": Tlalmanalco and the Demonic Grotesque
 Nygren, Barnaby.

"Antinomian" Hacket and the Dangerous Potential of Middleton's Puritans
 Coleman, Judith.

"Ars, Architectura et Natura": The Collection of Peter Ernst of Mansfeld in Clausen, Luxemburg
 De Jonge, Krista.

"Arte si bella non è in Arcadia prohibita": Magic in Pastoral Plays.
 Mazzer, Erika.

"As I am now, so shall you be": Bridging the Gulf of Death in Manuscript Epitaphs
 Brunton, Amanda.

"Astrologi e profeti": Savonarola, Astrology, and the Apocalyptic Future
 Smoller, Laura.

"Au jeu nous sommes tous esgaulx": Grappling with Women’s Authority in the Heptaméron
 Loysen, Kathleen.

"Baudy Balades" or "Misticall Songe": The Erotics of Devotion in the Renaissance Song of Songs
 Boemler, Anne.

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A "Bed-roll of Kings": Reclaiming Geoffrey of Monmouth in Restoration National Histories
 Connell, Sarah.

A Brief Glimpse into the Musical Soundscape of the Cantos of Orlando Furioso
 Elias, Cathy.

A Centaur in London: Observation and Reading in the Early Modern Study of Nature
 Kraemer, Fabian.

A Collection of Re-Gifted Motets: Neuber's Cantiones triginta selectissimae as a Compilation
 James, C. Aaron.

A Commentary which Was Never Written: Marsilio Ficino’s on Plato’s Phaedo
 Corrias, Anna.

A Doctor in the Kitchen: The Power of Nutrition in the Renaissance Recipe Collection
 Callegari, Danielle.

A Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci and the Reception of Etruscan Architecture in Sixteenth-Century Italy
 Hillard, Caroline.

A Dress Rehearsal for War: The Sixteenth-Century Stage in France
 Moots, Brian.

A Duke, a Dwarf, and a Game of Chess
 O\'Bryan, Robin.

A Festival for the Knowledgeable: University Festival Emblems
 Cholcman, Tamar.

A Foreign Florentine? Civic Identity in Bronzino’s Portrait of Bartolomeo Panciatichi
 Kaplan, Stephanie.

A Foundation for Friendship in Don Quijote
 Collins, Marsha.

A Fresh Look at Erasmus on Free Will
 Connell, William.

A Habsburg Collector in the Periphery? Archduke Ernest of Austria and His Brussels Collection, 1594–95
 Raband, Ivo.

A House Divided
 Miller, Stephanie.

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B[u]y the Book: Teaching the "Exquisite Art" of Double-Entry Bookkeeping
 Tomlin, Rebecca.

Bacon's Bible
 Attie, Katherine.

Bacon’s Alphabet
 Murphy, Kathryn.

Bacon’s Jokes
 Werlin, Julianne.

Barbarians Are Humans: Philosophical Anthropology in Las Casas’s "Defense of the Indians"
 Blum, Paul Richard.

Baronio in Bayern: Catacomb Saints and the Paleo-Christian Revival in Duchy of Bavaria
 Litaker, Noria.

Bartolomeo Merula and the Power of Print
 Fritsen, Angela.

Bearing Arms in Seicento Lucca
 Penning, Joel.

Beastly Bodies in King Lear’s Apocalypses
 Hodgson, Elizabeth.

Before Machiavelli: The Education of the Prince in Roger Bacon’s Edition of Secretum secretorum
 Hackett, Jeremiah.

Beholding the Sistine Ceiling
 Butler Wingfield, Kim.

Being Punctual: Time, Space, and Embodied Mathematics in Early Modernity
 Mazzio, Carla.

Belated Binaries: Jacques Blanchard, Simon Vouet, and French Painting in the 1630s
 Knowles, Marika.

Bernini: Taking it Personally, or, How He Embraced the Inspiration of Antiquity
 Marder, Tod.

Between Trattato d’Amore and Dialogo d’Amore: Giuseppe Betussi’s Love Dialogues
 Leushuis, Reinier.

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Caetani's Magnificentia: Transfiguration of Christian and Medieval Memories in a Roman Chapel in the Counter-Reformation
 Parlato, Enrico.

Cambel and the Unperfect World of The Faerie Queene
 Carlson, Andrew.

Camillo Camilli's Imprese: The Academies
 Cheney, Liana.

Campanella’s De politica: Text, Context, and the Realist Foundations of Utopia
 De Lucca, Jean-Paul.

Canons, Institutions, and Conversation: The Epistolary Relationship of Petrarch and Boccaccio
 Celenza, Christopher.

Cantus and Cantus Firmi: Solving Puzzles in Three Fifteenth-Century Masses for the Annunciation
 Bloxam, M. Jennifer.

Caravaggio’s Burial of Saint Lucy: A Portrait of Syracuse
 Carrabino, Danielle.

Caravaggio’s Burial of St. Lucy in Light of Hispano-Roman Relations
 Oryshkevich, Irina.

Cardinal Ascanio Colonna and the Creation of the Myth of Marcantonio Colonna II, "The Great"
 Dandelet, Thomas.

Caricature and the Print Tradition
 Cheng, Sandra.

Carlo Maderno, Baldassare Croce, and the Confessio in S. Susanna
 Ostrow, Steven.

Carpaccio’s Tryphon Admonishes the Basilisk and a Miniature from Tryphon’s Vita in the Bucchia Manuscript
 Schweigert, Thomas.

Carpe Diem for the Millenarians: Rereading "To His Coy Mistress"
 Togashi, Go.

Cartography, Engineering, and Antiquity in Late Sixteenth-Century Rome
 Long, Pamela.

Carved with a Knife: Continuities and Disruptions in the Materiality of Lecce’s Early Modern Sculpture
 van Gastel, Joris.

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DIY War?: Early Modern Kriegsbücher and Their Intended Audiences
 Brugh, Patrick.

Dagon as a Figure of Sublimated Desire in Lovecraft and Milton
 Garrison, John.

Dalmatian Humanists on Legitimate Rule
 Spoljaric, Luka.

Damasio de Frías's Diálogo de amor intitulado Dórida: The Dual Nature of Love
 Simonatti, Selena.

Dangerous Carriages in Spanish Poetry: Women, Politics, and Social Mobility
 Vidorreta, Almudena.

Daniel Heinsius, Jan Rutgers, and the Baltic
 Bloemendal, Jan.

Daniele da Volterra, Illusionism, and Living Presence at Trinita dei Monti
 Franceschini, Chiara.

Dante Measures and Sews a Gown: Paradiso 32.127–51
 Martinez, Ronald.

Dante in Seventeeth-Century Tacitism
 Ripari, Edoardo.

Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio: The Tre Corone as Model of Creative Influence and Collaboration
 Audeh, Aida.

Dante's Beard
 Kirkham, Victoria.

Dante's Thieves (Inf. 24–25): A Figurative Approach
 Livraghi, Leyla.

Dante’s Heretics in the Sixteenth Century
 Todorovic, Jelena.

Dante’s Historiography and the Visual Culture of the Roman Jubilee
 Waller, Marguerite.

David as Subject and Sovereign in Peele’s Love of David and Fair Bethsabe
 Trapedo, Shaina.

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E. A. She Presbyterian’s Medico Mastix: Physicking the Nation through Vulgarity
 Ellens, Jantina.

Early Christianity in Southern France
 Stenhouse, William.

Early Modern Asceticism: The Body and/as Language
 McGrath, Patrick.

Early Modern Memory and the Role of the Portrait Medallion
 Howard, Rebecca.

Early Modern Science and the Impression of Authority
 Howard, Nicole.

Early Modern Visualizations of the Christian Creeds
 Simor, Suzanna.

Early Opera in Florence: Myth, Propaganda, and the Epithalamic Tradition
 Carter, Tim.

Editing Letters: Problems, Progress and Prospects
 Wiggins, Alison.

Edmund Spenser and the Autonomy of Renaissance English
 Ferguson, Jamie.

Effigies are for Girls: Representing Women in Death in Quattrocento Italy
 Graham, Brenna.

El discurso sobre la generación de las criaturas en la medicina renacentista española
 Rabaté, Philippe.

Elementary and Grammar Education in Renaissance France
 Lynch, Sarah.

Elisabeth Parr, Marchioness of Northampton (1526–65): The Material Legacy of an Early Modern Life
 Matheson-Pollock, Helen.

Elizabethan Blazons, Rhetoric, and the Extended Phantasy
 Williams, Robert Grant.

Emblematica Online III, Linked Open Data for Emblems
 Biel, Monika.

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Facing Diversity in the Seventeenth-Century Travel Writing: The Case of Poland
 Trzeciak, Malgorzata.

Facing Political and Religious Uncertainty in Sixteenth-Century Geneva
 Caesar, Mathieu.

Facts and Fictions: The Biography of Bernardino Poccetti in Baldinucci’s Notizie de’ professori del disegno
 Dow, Douglas.

Falling in Love with the World: The Enchanting Skepticism of Andrew Marvell
 Sherman, Anita.

Familial Advancement in the De’ Grassi Archive at the Archivio di Stato di Bologna
 DeSilva, Jennifer.

Familial Honor and Physical Space on the Castilian Frontier in the Fifteenth Century
 Claussen, Samuel.

Familial Letters between the Spanish and Austrian Habsburgs as a Form of Diplomacy, 1665–80
 Mitchell, Silvia.

Family Recipes from the Archives
 Caroscio, Marta.

Fat, Flayed, and Potent: Toads in Early Modern Spanish Witchcraft
 Rojas, Rochelle.

Faust's Minor Epic
 Barham, Robert.

Fausto da Longiano and the Theories of Vernacular Translation in Sixteenth-Century Italy
 Puliafito Bleuel, Anna Laura.

Fear, Massacre, and Pre-emptive Strike in Early Modern Spanish Political Discourse
 Braun, Harald.

Feasting on Blackness, Performing Linguistic Blackface
 Jones, Nicholas.

Feeling Utopia: Female Selfhood, Authorship, and Spatial Imaginary in Lady Mary Wroth’s Urania
 Verini, Alexandra.

Feeling, Writing, and Working in Elizabethan Poetry
 Rhodes, William.

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Gabriele Paleotti and Images of Memory in the Age of Gregory XIII
 Cieri Via, Claudia.

Gabriele Paleotti and the Bolognese Community in Rome
 Iseppi, Giulia.

Gaspara Stampa: Re-thinking the Phoenix
 Vernqvist, Johanna.

Gay Materials
 Guy-Bray, Stephen.

Gems, Jewels, and the Hours of Catherine of Cleves
 Decker, John.

Gemstones: The Currency of the Global Renaissance
 de Maria, Blake.

Gender and Family Relations at the Court of Christine de Lorraine
 Olenburg, Linda.

Gender and Stoicism in the Archives
 Barnes, Diana.

Gender and the Evolution of Criminal Procedure in Sir Philip Sidney’s Old Arcadia
 DiRoberto, Kyle.

Gender and the Language of Disability in Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi
 Billing, Valerie.

Gender, Authority, and the Fear of Forgery in the Early Modern Medical Print Marketplace
 Yale, Elizabeth.

Gender, Politics, and Archives in Early Modern England
 Daybell, James.

Gendered Educational Inequality and an Early Opera for a Mantuan Academy
 Schwindt, Joel.

Gendering "Just Cause" in the English Civil War: A Prayer for Procreative Peace
 Matchinske, Megan.

Genre Trouble: Stirring up Tragedy from the "Old" to the "New" Arcadia
 Mayne, Emily.

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Haarlem’s Lay Virgins and High/Low Art in Seventeenth-Century House Churches
 Harrington, Molly.

Habitus and Embodiment in John Milton’s Areopagitica, Of Education, and The Reason of Church Government
 Gore, Jeffrey.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow. Fig Leaves, Pubic Hair, and Male Imagery
 Stewart, Alison.

Handle with Care: Real and Imagined Encounters with Donatello’s Crucifix in S. Croce
 Johnson, Geraldine.

Happel’s Heroines in Freedom and Slavery
 Williams, Gerhild.

Harem and Desdemona: A Comparative Study of Shakespeare’s Othello
 Tosun, Tulin Ece.

Healing "Bestraughted Heads": Music, Poetry, and Altered States of Mind
 Uribe, Lorena.

Heinrich Schütz’s Musical Gift to the Wolfenbüttel Court: What the Partbooks Tell Us
 Johnston, Gregory.

Hendrick Goltzius and the Sons of Laocoön
 Lobis, Victoria.

Hercules between Virtue and Vulnerability in Pulci’s Morgante
 Moudarres, Andrea.

Heresy and the Theatrics of Subjugation in Late Renaissance Art
 Bensoussan, Nicole.

Heroic Epistles: Ovid’s Heroides, Female Heroism, and Women’s Lyric Epic
 van der Laan, Sarah.

Heterotopias and Utopias in the Marcela Grisóstomo Intercalated Story: Female Voice and the Pharmakos
 Phillips, Brian.

Hic est: The Titulus Crucis Debate or the Evidence of Sacred Images in Baroque Spain
 Pereda, Felipe.

High and Low: Reconsidering the Marble Peasant in Context
 Edelstein, Bruce.

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Iconographic Judaizing and Orientalist Reason of State in El Otomano Famoso
 Nemiroff, James.

Idea, Gesture, Materiality: Early Modern French Theories of "Dessin" Dealing with Sculpture
 Bonfait, Olivier.

Identity Proofs: Recognizing the Personal Identity of Mobile People in the Early Modern Spanish World
 Buono, Alessandro.

Idyll Retreats: Pastoral Enclosure in Brome’s The Jovial Crew
 Wallis, Christopher.

Ignatius of Loyola and the Global Performance of Sanctity
 Beckjord, Sarah.

Illusory Pregnancy: Drapery and the Early Modern Female Body
 Eagles, Lane.

Illustration, Inspiration, and Interpretation: The Life of Dante’s Characters Inside and Outside the Commedia
 Caneparo, Federica.

Image Recognition, Machine Learning, and the Quest for a Comprehensive Catalogue of Early Printed Images
 Stahmer, Carl.

Image, Text, and Context in a Fifteenth-Century Life of the Virgin and Christ Manuscript
 Costiner, Lisandra.

Images and Origins: Vogtherr’s Anatomical Woodcuts
 Smith, Theresa.

Images of Power. Depictions of Diplomatic Donations of Works of Art in Early Modern Europe
 de Muelenaere, Gwendoline.

Imagining Jerusalem in Early Modern Dramas
 Wang, I-Chun.

Imagining Prints
 Lincoln, Evelyn.

Imagining the Past, Visualizing the Present
 Engel, Emily.

Imperfect Friendships for Changeable Men: Alberti’s De amicitia
 Ceron, Annalisa.

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Jacobello del Fiores’s Life of St. Lucy: Polyptych or Opening Altarpiece?
 Guarnieri, Cristina.

Jacopo Strada’s Risposta to Andrea Loredan: A Numismatic Reexamination?
 Cunnally, John.

Jan Massys and the Portrayal of the Female Nude as Lyric Idol
 Fiorenza, Giancarlo.

Jane Dormer, Duchess of Feria: The Sidneys, Spain, and Domestic Politics
 Crumme, Hannah.

Jean Bodin and the Romance of Demonology
 MacPhail, Eric.

Jesuit Art and Image Theory: Between Rhetoric and Philosophy
 Dekoninck, Ralph.

Jesuit Libraries in the Province of Paraguay
 Arbo, Desiree.

Jesuit Winemaking and Art Production in Northern New Spain
 McAllen, Katherine.

Jewelry and Paint: Lorenzo Lotto and the Portraitist’s Task after 1500
 Famularo, Jordan.

Jewish Theatre-Making in Early Modern Venice and Mantua
 Jaffe-Berg, Erith.

Jews Ignoring Jesus: Paradox and Anti-Judaism in Maerten van Heemskerck's Hermitage Crucifixion
 Perlove, Shelley.

Jews, Slave-Holding, and Gender in the Crown of Aragon ca. 1250–1492
 Winer, Rebecca.

Johan Huizinga and Desiderius Erasmus: History as Aesthetic Form
 Moore, Michael.

Johann Daniel Major (1634–93) and the Science of the Kunstkammer
 Keller, Vera.

John Amos Comenius and his Philosophy of Man
 Čížek, Jan.

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King Bees and Hive Minds in Margaret Cavendish’s Interregnum Poetry
 Smid, Deanna.

Kneel or Not to Kneel? The Fear of Catholic Contamination for Swedish Travelers to Italy
 Wangefelt Ström, Helena.

Know Thyself as What? The Human and the Animal in Vesalius
 Massey, Lyle.

Knowledge Networks and Polemic: Editing Richard Baxter’s Letters Between Manuscript and Print
 Searle, Alison.

Knowledge at the Service of Curiosity: Collectors and Custodians in the Seventeenth-Century German Lands
 Savinetskaya, Irina.

Knowledge-Making and the Material Imaginary in the Early Modern Workshop
 Smith, Pamela.


La "dextérité de nature": Pantomime et récréation vitale
 Bertrand, Dominique.

La Manière à Fontainebleau: The Continence of Henri IV
 Staley, Owen.

La bottega aretina di Lorentino d'Andrea: Il riflesso della pittura pierfrancescana in terra d'Arezzo
 Baldini, Nicoletta.

La lunaire et le colchique: Poésie, science, et religion à la Cour de Savoie
 Gorris Camos, Rosanna.

La medicina política en Cervantes: El gobierno del cuerpo en Don Quijote
 Dominguez, Julia.

La scénographie du Jardin de Plaisance d’Antoine Vérard, modèle d’un nouveau format éditorial?
 Parra, Marine.

Labor and Value in the Eucharistic Controversy
 Hawkes, David.

Language and Controversy: Hebrew Scholasticism and Theological Perception in Early Modern England
 Avni Barmatz, Shiran.

Language of Diplomacy and Coluccio Salutati’s Role in Recording Political Debates of the Consulte e Pratiche
 Prajda, Katalin.

Late Medieval Metaphysical Troubles With the Human Vegetative Soul
 Klein, Martin.

Law, Affect, and Understanding: Friendship in Cervantes
 Scham, Michael.

Lazarillo de Tormes and the Purge of Purgatory in the Spanish Reformation
 Crews, Dan.

Le lecteur voyeur dans les harems levantins au XVIe siècle
 Holtz, Grégoire.

Learning from Italy, Culture from Spain: The Collection and Circulation of Knowledge in Renaissance Europe
 Lazure, Guy.

Learning from the Enemy: Transnational Readings of Early Modern Counsel Literature
 Reinhardt, Nicole.

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Machiavelli, Lucretius, and Latent Temporalities
 Erwin, Sean.

Machiavelli's Tragic Geography
 Phillips-Court, Kristin.

Madness and its Praise: The Confraternity of "La Mère folle de Dijon" (Fifteenth through Seventeenth Centuries)
 Valcke, Juliette.

Madness, Medicine, and Visual Culture in Sixteenth-Century Florence
 Gavitt, Philip.

Madrigals as Literary Criticism: Musical and Literary Exegesis of Bradamante’s Lament
 Donnelly, Daniel.

Madrilenian Aristocratic Palaces Interiors around 1660: Competing with the King
 García Cueto, David.

Magnetic Attraction in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
 Knoll, Gillian.

Making Hamlet Efficient: Akimov and Lozinsky’s Refashioning for the Early Soviet Audience
 Khomenko, Natalia.

Making Love in Hamlet: The Haunting of Gertrude in Performance
 Reynolds, Paige.

Making Memories: The Dynastic Saint and the Convent Church
 Duerloo, Luc.

Making Space for Discontent: Middleton and Rowley’s The World Tossed at Tennis
 Kaethler, Mark.

Making and Selling Religious Objects for Domestic Use in Counter-Reformation Prague
 Ivanic, Suzanna.

Malcontent Theatricality: The Spectacle of Despair in Kyd's Spanish Tragedy
 Tanner, William.

Man of Conscience and Martyr for Church Unity: More in the Lives of Roper and Harpsfield
 Scully, Robert.

Managing the Impossible Balance: Law, Philosophy and Prudentia Civilis in the Academy of Zamość
 Lepri, Valentina.

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Narcissus Marsh and the 1681 Irish Old Testament
 Caball, Marc.

Nature Lends a Hand: Baptism and English Holy Wells in The Faerie Queene
 Smith, Sarah.

Nature as Sculpture and Sculpted Nature in Florentine Gardens of the Cinquecento
 Giannotti, Alessandra.

Nature’s Cabinet Unlock’d: Metaphorical Cabinets in Early Modern Natural Philosophy
 Cawthorne, Sarah.

Nature’s Lap: Shipping "the Fruits of the North"
 Jakobiec, Katie.

Neapolitan Polychrome Sculpture in Spain, 1580–1630: Demand, Taste, Prestige
 Alonso Moral, Roberto.

Neither/Nor: The Case of Maerten de Vos
 Porras, Stephanie.

Nellanus Glacanus: An Irish Physician at the University of Bologna
 van den Berg, Sara.

Netherlandish Glass Roundels and Artistic Invention
 Konowitz, Ellen.

New Evidence on Simone Martini at Avignon: Work, Network, and Reception
 Capron, Emma.

New Insights into Renaissance Angels’ Wings Using Ornithological Analysis
 Wegner, Susan.

New World "Materia Medica" in the Recipes of Grace Mildmay, Lady Mildmay (ca.1552–1620)
 Snook, Edith.

News, Neighbors, and Commerce: Newspaper Advertising in the Information Culture of the Dutch Republic
 Pettegree, Andrew.

Newsprints and their Afterlife: Frans Hogenberg’s Influence on the Memory Culture of the Dutch Revolt
 Pollmann, Judith.

Nicholas Copernicus the Student of Canon Law: Student Annotations in Jacobus Alvarottis’ Super Feudis
 Calma, Clarinda.

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Objects of Empire: Exploring the Relationship between Venice and Friuli Using Household Inventories
 Francescutti, Kristina.

Obligated to Destroy Them? Contextualizing Natchez and French “Massacres" in the Lower Mississippi Valley, 1698–1731
 Ellis, Elizabeth.

Observant Reformers between the Inquisition and Pastoral Care
 Conti, Fabrizio.

Obtaining Grace: Poetic Language and the Language of Reform
 Bates, Catherine.

Occluded Narratives: The Ancient Novel and English Humanist Fiction
 Carver, Robert.

Of Flyes: Moffett, Hooke, and Shakespeare
 Guevara, Perry.

Of Letters and Laments: The Stile Rappresentativo On and Off the Stage
 Giles, Roseen.

Of Morals, Musics, and Salads: Pious Pastimes in Imperial Prague
 Honisch, Erika.

Old French and Romance Legends in Italian Public Script
 Punzi, Arianna.

Old Images, New Belief: The Repurposing of Cranach Woodcuts During the Reformation
 Kunz, Armin.

Old Women on the Wall: A Contextual Approach to Tronies by Rembrandt and Lievens
 Coutré, Jacquelyn.

Old and New Objects in Demesne Gardens of Eighteenth-Century Ireland: Establishing an Identity
 Kriedemann, Karen.

Olympian Gods of Fire, Air, and Water in Boccaccio’s Genealogia deorum gentilium
 Solomon, Jon.

Omnipotent Views: "Cosmo Magno" and La Fiera in Print and Performance
 Hamill, Kyna.

On "ach": The Sigh in the Spiritual Corpus of Catharina Regina von Greiffenberg
 Tatlock, Lynne.

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Painted Threads in the Hands and Eyes of Women in Early Modern Spain and Peru
 Kull, Sabena.

Painters in Rome between the Guild and the Papal Court: 1525–1625
 Cavazzini, Patrizia.

Painting and Drawing Rome: Views and Landscapes on the Spot around Palazzo Bonelli
 Cola, Maria Celeste.

Painting at the Threshold: Color, Space, and Liminality in the Art of Frans Francken II
 Baadj, Nadia.

Painting on Copper for the Medici: Between Art, Nature, and Alchemy
 Myara Kelif, Elinor.

Painting, Music, and Letters: Theoretical Debates in Ficino and in Spain
 Byrne, Susan.

Palladio: The Study and Use of the Antique
 Burns, Howard.

Pamphilia’s Past: Wroth and Literary History
 Pietras, Brian.

Panurge contre les huguenots: Guillaume Reboul et sa navigation pararabelaisienne catholique
 Arsenault, Christine.

Parallel Worlds: Allegories of the Continents from Ripa’s Iconologia to Delafosse’s Nouvelle Iconologie Historique
 Perrot, Chloe.

Parr and the Papists: Psalms or Prayers and English Catholic Devotion
 Monta, Susannah.

Passion, Power, and Early Modern Subjectivity
 Franzén, Carin.

Passports and the Post Road: Documenting Diplomatic Space and Immunities in Early Modern Europe
 Williams, Megan.

Paths, Itineraries, and Descriptio of Creation
 Wandel, Lee.

Patron, Relative, Lover, Friend: The Geographical and Social Itinerary of a Sixteenth-Century Mattinata
 Keener, Shawn.

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Queen Margaret, Seventeenth-Century Jesuit Devotion, and Early Modern Scottish Catholicism
 Hardy, Mary.

Queenship and the Rhetoric of Power at the Court of Maria de’ Medici
 Cole, Janie.

Queer Ekphrasis: Cervantes, Algiers, and Michelangelo
 Rojas, Felipe.

Queering Chaste Time in Book III of the Faerie Queene
 Kim, Stephen.

Quelle écriture pour le médecin? ou les rapports de Beroalde avec les sciences
 Zinguer, Ilana.

Quentin Metsys and the Reception and Imitation of Northern European Painters in Portugal
 Mensing, Carolyn.

Quevedo’s Speaking Tombs
 Barnard, Mary.

Quiccheberg’s Containers: From Lädlein to Nation State
 Meadow, Mark.


Rabelais and Linacre: The Medical Roots of Uncertainty
 Demonet, Marie-Luce.

Rabelais testamenteur: l’édition facétieuse de deux apocryphes
 La Charité, Claude.

Race and Biopolitics in the Early Modern World
 Loomba, Ania.

Ramism in Rhetoric and Politics
 Sellberg, Erland.

Ransoming Muslims: North African Captives and their Ransom in the Early Modern Period
 Hershenzon, Daniel.

Raphael and Islam in the School of Athens
 Katz, Dana.

Raphael: The Roman Invenzioni
 Rowland, Ingrid.

Re-Catholization Efforts of Catholic Nuns in Pluriconfessional Parishes of the Soester Börde during the Seventeenth Century
 Plummer, Marjorie.

Re-Constructing Demonic Anatomies: The Demons of Chantilly, MS 597
 Braico, Giovanni.

Re-Evaluating Pico’s "Syncretism": The One in De Ente et Uno and Ficino’s Commentary on Parmenides
 Howlett, Sophia.

Re-Presenting the Roman Possesso in Prints (Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries)
 Rihouet, Pascale.

Readers Becoming Authors: Manuscript Entries in Sixteenth-Century Printed Schreibkalender
 Kremer, Richard.

Reading Esther to Read Sovereignty: John Donne and the Politics of Mind
 Butler, Todd.

Reading Form Historically: New Formalism and Renaissance Analogy
 Rush, Rebecca.

Reading Luis de Granada in England: English Translations of the Libro de la oración y meditación
 Wasserman-Soler, Daniel. and Cheely, Daniel.

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SS Trinità dei Pellegrini and St. Benedict: Creating Sacred Continuities in Early Modern Rome
 Carver, Catherine.

Sacrilege to Heresy: Judeoconversos, Moriscos, and Inquisitorial Process in Cuenca, 1580–1620
 Glazer-Eytan, Yonatan.

Saints Lying in State: Presentation versus Representation
 Langer, Pavla.

Saints, Sinners, and Shepherds: Portraits in Disguise within Religious Narratives
 Simons, Patricia.

Salvation Iconography in the Last Judgment by Michelangelo
 Kutbay, Bonnie.

Santo Spirito Perfected: Architectural Reflections in the Choir Altarpieces of Santo Spirito, Florence
 Fondaras, Antonia.

Satire religieuse: le recours à la philosophie naturelle (Pierre Viret, François Hotman, Gabriel de Saconay)
 Vulcan, Ruxandra.

Saturated Excess: Phenomenologies from Carlo Crivelli
 Berzal de Dios, Javier.

Savonarola, Jewish Conversion, and Monastic Reform
 Herzig, Tamar.

Scandalous Women in Early Modern Venice
 Ferraro, Joanne.

Scenes of Mistrust in Cervantes's Persiles y Sigismunda
 Avilés, Luis.

Scepticism and Witchcraft Belief in Early Modern Drama and Culture
 Pudney, Eric.

Schylock Disappeared: Borrowing in Renaissance Venice
 Pezzolo, Luciano.

Scientific Graphic Practices
 Kusukawa, Sachiko.

Scotus, Metaphysics, and Genealogies of Modernity
 Ward, Thomas.

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Tailors, Pattern Books, and Fashion Innovations in Early Modern Spain
 Wunder, Amanda.

Taking Utopia Seriously — and Positively
 Strier, Richard.

Talavera’s Avisación and Women’s Reading in Fifteenth-Century Castile
 Rivera, Isidro.

Taxonomies, Networks, and the Nature of Literature
 Kiséry, András.

Teaching through Pain and Pleasure: Engagement of Emotions in Early Modern Catholic and Protestant Sermons
 Ludwikowska, Joanna.

Temporal Matters and Spiritual Ideals in John Donne’s Anniversaries
 Armstrong, Deann.

Terence, Seneca, and the Gods of Westminster
 Lazarus, Micha.

Testing the Limits of a Genre: Lancelot de Carle’s Verse Epistle on Anne Boleyn
 DellaNeva, JoAnn.

Texts, Objects, and the Early Modern Spanish-American Missions
 Evangelisti, Silvia.

The "Multimedia" Festivals in Renaissance Italy: Venezia in Festa
 Bortoletti, Francesca.

The "Pictorial Dispute" in the New World: From Hieroglyphic Catechisms to Emblematic Culture
 Leal, Pedro Germano.

The "poco, y bueno": The Sidney Circle’s Reception of Spanish Lyric
 Villagrana, José.

The "strange magnanimitie" of Artists: Gifts of Works of Art in Early Modern Painting
 Bert, Mathilde.

The 1603 World Map by Li Yingshi and Matteo Ricci in the Later Jin State
 Morar, Florin-Stefan.

The Bons mots and mots de guerre of Henri IV
 Maynard, Katherine.

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Ubiquitous Subjects and Malleable Identities: The Role of the Jews in the European Information System
 Mancuso, Piergabriele.

Ugly Bugs and Scientific Women; Maria Sybilla Merian and her Fictional Counterpart
 Baumhammer, Megan.

Una's Dwarf and the "Religion Question" in Book I of Spenser's Faerie Queene
 Martin, Catherine.

Unburdening the Beasts: Healing and Understanding the Equine Body
 Martin, Janice.

Une théorie de l’implication du lecteur: l’application
 Bombart, Mathilde.

Unfinished Aeneids
 Braund, Susanna.

Unfixed Frames: On the Dialogue between Nature and Antiquity in Joris Hoefnagel’s Miniatures
 Boychuk, Joan.

Unholy Communion? Priests and Taverngoing in the Counter-Reformation City
 Rosenthal, David.

Univocal Metaphysics and Representations of God in English Drama
 McDermott, Ryan.

Univocity, Depiction, and the Early Modern Politics of Representation
 Selcer, Daniel.

Unnatural Nature in Moses Zacuto’s Tofte Arukh
 Andreatta, Michela.

Unsustainable Poetics and Historical Remainders in The Faerie Queene
 Sarkar, Debapriya.

Urban Maps and Views in Celebrative Painted Cycles of the Papal Palaces
 Nuti, Lucia.

Urbis et Orbis: The Papal Possesso of Paul III Farnese, 1534
 De Michelis, Antonella.

Usable Texts: The Digital Anthology of Early English Drama
 Powell, Daniel.

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Vantage Points: Distorted Vision in Early Modern Tragedy
 Bowman, Melanie.

Vasari, Alfonso Lombardi and the “Weakness” of Terracotta Sculpture
 Calogero, Marcello.

Vasco Mousinho de Quevedo Castelo Branco: Portuguese Early Emblems in the Affirmation of a Nation
 Gomes, Luís.

Vegetative Souls and Emergence in Jacob Schegk’s Pharmacology
 Blank, Andreas.

Venetian Family Archives, Illuminated
 Szépe, Helena.

Venetian Painters in Seventeenth-Century Venice: The Painters’ Population between Immigration and Emigration
 Borean, Linda.

Venice, Padua and Verona: Architectural Identity in Altichiero da Zevio’s Oratory of St. George
 Lupi, Livia.

Venus at Work: Copies, Types and Magic in Botticelli’s Workshop
 Debenedetti, Ana.

Venus in Siena: Christian Piety versus Early Humanism in Pietro Lorenzetti’s Sabinus Altarpiece
 Loseries, Wolfgang.

Vernacular Texts in Northern Jesuit College Library Collections
 Comerford, Kathleen.

Veronese's Organ Shutters at San Sebastiano and Beyond: A Master and His Workshop
 D\'Addio, Sophia.

Veronese’s Workshop at the Church of San Sebastiano: Benedetto Caliari and Others
 Dalla Costa, Thomas.

Vice, Fortune, and Lack of Letters: Poggio on Tyranny
 Schadee, Hester.

Viglius ab Aytta as a Historian
 Cools, Hans.

Violence Becomes Politics: Field Marshall Herman Wrangel and the Assault on the Danish Ambassador, 1631
 Petersson, Erik.

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Was Mabillon a Humanist?
 Grafton, Anthony.

Water is a Limited Commodity: Ecological Aesthetics in the Little Ice Age, India, ca. 1614
 Ray, Sugata.

Wax Lambs: The Global Circulation of Papal Sacrality in the Sixteenth Century
 Nelles, Paul.

Wax at the Threshold of Early Modern Knowledge
 San Juan, Rose Marie.

Wearying the Rosary: Lucrezia Panciatichi's Book of Hours and Dante's Mystic Rose
 Bosch, Lynette.

What Can Editions of Premodern How-to Texts Tell Us about Modern Understandings of Artisanal Expertise?
 Boulboulle, J. B..

What Shakespeare Found and Changed in Sidney’s Arcadia
 Oram, William.

What Women Know: The Power of Savoir in Marguerite de Navarre's Heptaméron
 Peterson, Nora.

What is Plagiarism in Architecture? The Case of the Tuscan Villa
 Ghirardo, Diane.

When in Rome: Joachim du Bellay’s Writing on Italy and Italians
 McHugh, Shannon.

When is a "Bellini" not a Bellini? Inscriptions and identity in Giovanni Bellini’s "Workshop" Madonnas
 Campbell, Caroline.

When the Pattern Repeats: Renaissance Textile Pattern Books, and the Meaning of Multiples
 Speelberg, Femke.

Where Do We Go From Here?: Mapping Assets in Digital Humanities
 Smith, Sharon.

Where in the World is the New World? Prints and Cultural Confusion in Early Modernity
 Leitch, Stephanie.

Which Time Is It?: Digital Queries into Early Modern Periodization Schemes
 Sawday, Jonathan., Kersey, Lauren. and Brewer, Geoff.

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Your Device Won't Matter: Converging Standards for Digital Publishing
 Boudreau, Michael.
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