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"...impresse et diligenter correcte": Johannes Koelhoff’s Transmission of Griffolini’s Translation of Chrysostom's Homilies on John
 Nighman, Chris.

"Ahi, dolorosa vista": The Widowhood Poetry of Francesca Turina
 Wainwright, Anna.

"Per star sempre in sua compagnia": A Testament Set in Stone
 Cooper, Tracy.

"A Faithfull Collector"?: Thomas Bentley's Archive of Early Modern Women's Writing
 Horton, Louise.

"A Monument More Lasting than Bronze": Endowments and Female Funerary Commemoration in Early Modern Rome
 Nolan, Linda.

"A Priest in Woman's Clothing": Luisa de Carvajal y Mendoza Among Catholic Polemicists
 Forteza, Deborah.

"A Swarme of Sectaries": John Taylor (1578–1653) and the Enemies of His Religion
 Hessayon, Ariel.

"A scant map of this": John Donne and the (Un)mapping of the Reformation
 Hegedüs, Kader.

"All deeds all": Agamben, Lovability, and Donne's Encomiastic Verse
 DeFries, Brett.

"All sadness but despair" (Paradise Lost IV.156): Confronting Climate in the Pathetic Mode
 Eager, Claire.

"All the Lord's people are become Prophets": Prophecy and Reason in Milton's Paradise Regained
 Kasa, Deni.

"Alla felice memoria del Magnifico Lorenzo": The Cultural Aspirations of Architectural Patronage under Cosimo I
 Edelstein, Bruce.

"Amorosa visione": Titian's Conjugal Allegory and the Poetry of the Half-Length Format
 Pardo, Mary.

"Any trade rather than this": Travel, Trade, and Disappointment in the Late Seventeenth Century
 Williams, Mark.

"Apostle of Japan" to "Apostle of the Indies": Images of St. Francis Xavier
 Miller, Rachel.

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A "Marvelovs History" of Collected Stories: Beware the Cat, Truth, and Narrative Fiction
 Nersisyan, Tatevik.

A "piteous slaughter": Justice and the Iron Man's Flail in The Faerie Queene
 Shrieves, Katherine.

A Catholic Answer to Luther's New Testament: Hieronymus Emser
 Rasmussen, Tarald.

A Catholic International, or Transregional Catholicism in Cambrai (1559–1659)?
 Soen, Violet.

A City of Sound: Granada's Great Sonic Shift, 1492–1614
 Stamper, Aaron.

A Collection without Inventory? The Emergence of the Royal Danish Collection at Rosenborg Castle
 Seehafer, Michèle.

A Common Sense Approach to the Public Sphere in Hamlet
 Cephus, Heidi.

A Debated Presence: Jews in Florence and in the Florentine State between the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
 Toniazzi, Mafalda.

A Digital Edition of Maestro Martino's Libro de Arte Coquinaria
 Mioni, Lino.

A Dominican (New) Ratio studiorum: Sisto Fabri (1540–94) and the Reformation of Dominican Studies
 Mattei, Francesco.

A Family Business: The Scuola Procaccinesca in Milan
 Lo Conte, Angelo.

A Female Ruler in Paphlagonie: Women's Freedom and Power in Montpensier's Utopian Writings
 Marinez, Sophie.

A First Attempt at Scholarship: Justus Lipsius's Variarum lectionum libri IV (1569)
 De Landtsheer, Jeanine.

A Force of Stillness: The Rhetoric of Stasis in Shakespeare's The Rape of Lucrece
 Hudler, Melissa.

A French Renaissance Dream: The Franco-British Empire of the Valois
 Durot, Eric.

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Background and Landscape: Environmental Painting in the Quattrocento
 Pelletier, Chloe.

Bad Christians with 'Good Hands': Female Healing and Male Authority in Early Modern Spanish Courts
 Rojas, Rochelle.

Bad Publicity: Libelous Plays in the Provinces
 Mansky, Joseph.

Bare Breasts and "Bruitish Adamitisme": The Politics of Nudity in Seventeenth-Century England
 Brinkman, Emilie.

Becoming Roman, Becoming Painters: Paul Bril's Family and Workshop in Rome, 1583–1626
 Cappelletti, Francesca.

Before the Palazzo: Residential Architecture and Urban Design in Medieval Rome
 Anders, Selena.

Being the New Christian nação between Brazil and Tuscany (1580–1620)
 Nelson Novoa, James.

Believers' Baptism and Prophetic Performance
 Adcock, Rachel.

Bernini's Caricatures and Grotesques
 Marder, Tod.

Besieging God and Prescribing God: Psalms, Homiletics, and Speech-Acts in John Donne's Sermons
 Mascetti, Yaakov.

Bess of Hardwick's "Elizabeth I and Mohamet" in Material Context
 Frye, Susan.

Better Death than Dishonor: The Marriage of a Dutiful Venetian Daughter
 Brown, Patricia.

Between Hanover and Jersualem: Heinrich Bünting's Holy Land
 Shalev, Zur.

Between Helplessness and Protection: Abandonment of Children in the Mediterranean (Fifteenth–Seventeenth Centuries)
 Illanes, Ximena.

Between Innovation and Tradition: The Iconography and Style of Vasari's Crucifixions
 Cibelli, Deborah.

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Caciques Making Andean History: Cusco's Indigenous Elites in the Murúa Manuscripts
 Schoepflin, Lisl.

Calligraphy Manuals in Sixteenth-Century Germany
 Murphy, Hannah.

Calvinist Historicism: Divine Accommodation and Biblical Style
 Magarik, Raphael.

Cancionero Women Readers and Literary Networks in Spain (16th Century)
 Castillo Botello, Yoel.

Capturing Objects on Paper: Copying Words and Images
 Fransen, Sietske.

Caravaggio's Madonna of the Rosary as a Sacred Commodity
 Sammut, Adam.

Cardinal Bessarion's Academy and Its Scriptorium
 Agnelli, Sara.

Cardinal Collecting Cardinals' Portraits in Counter-Reformation Rome
 True, Tom.

Cardinal Oliviero's Utilization of the Iconography of the Confraternity of the Annunciation in Late-Quattrocento Rome
 Araki, Fumika.

Cardinal Portraits by Scipione Pulzone: A Cardinal Genre
 Carrabino, Danielle.

Cardinals in Action: Group Portraits of Cardinal Bembo and His Friends after Trent
 Brooke, Irene.

Carissimi's Jephte and Jesuit Spirituality
 Clark, Alice.

Cartography and Information Management in the Venetian State Archive
 Barzman, Karen-edis.

Castelvetro's Reading of the Narrative of Petrarch's "Canzoniere"
 Mussio, Thomas.

Casting the Continents: Imagining Empire in the Camposanto of Pisa
 Haakenson, Hilary.

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D'Annunzio's Revival of Baroque Imprese: Collecting and Reforging Emblems
 Giammei, Alessandro.

Dancing Black: From the Transatlantic to the Mediterranean
 Ndiaye, Ngara.

Dancing Shakespeare and Shakespearean Dance: New Stages for New Pages
 Winerock, Emily.

Dancing with the Heavenly Bridegroom: Controversy over the Dactyl in German Poetry and Sacred Music
 Tilley, Janette.

Daniel, Lanyer, and the Early Modern Closet
 Crawford, Julie.

Dante's Epistle XII in Boccaccio's First and Second Redaction of the Life of Dante
 Mattocci, Samantha.

Dante's Musical Rhetoric Beyond the Commedia
 Chapman, Juliana.

Dantean Overtones and Dantesque Dimensions in Campanella's Philosophy
 Robiglio, Andrea.

Daphne's Assault and the Consent of Trees from Ovid to Abraham Cowley
 Kelley, Shannon.

Dating Michelangelo's "Crucified Christ" for Vittoria Colonna: Fra Ambrogio Catarino Politi and St. Paul
 Bosch, Lynette.

David and the Problem of Grace in Ann Lock's Meditation of a Penitent Sinner
 Specland, Jeremy.

De Lucca à Lyon, inquiétudes humanistes autour de la tranquillité de l’âme
 Preda, Alessandra.

Death Plays the Fool: Comedy and Satire in Woodcuts: Albrecht Dürer; Hans Holbein the Younger
 Govjian, Ani.

Death as Timeless Collective Selfhood in John Donne's Sermons
 Lodine-Chaffey, Jennifer.

Death by Numbers: Network Analysis and London's Bills of Mortality
 Otis, Jessica.

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Early European Acquisitions at the High Museum of Art
 Sweeney, Virginia.

Early Modern Data: Collecting Knowledge from Printed Books
 Leitch, Stephanie.

Early Modern English Encounters with Muslims and the Reconfiguration of English Identity
 Avci, Neval.

Early Modern Spanish Descriptions of North African Architecture
 Urquízar Herrera, Antonio.

Early Political Training in Sweden and the Epideictic Oratory
 Sellberg, Erland.

Earth Felt the Wound: Geo-Affect in a Time of Extinction
 Swarbrick, Steven.

Earthly Mother, Heavenly Consort: Innovations in the Life of the Virgin Mary at Orvieto
 James, Sara.

Earthly and Heavenly Banquets: Sacred and Secular Dining Vessels and the Sensory in Late Byzantium
 Hedrick, Tera.

Ecofeminism, Loss, and Andrew Marvell
 Fitzhenry, William.

Editing Dante between Florence, Venice, and Digital Cultures
 Arduini, Beatrice.

Edward Kelley, Booked
 Rampling, Jennifer.

Edward Taylor and George Herbert: The Transatlantic Reception of The Temple
 Holberton, Edward.

El Greco's Signatures
 Park, Jeongho.

Electing the Pope, Electing the Doge: Politics, Patronage, and Faction
 Pattenden, Miles.

Elephants Can Remember: Ivory Turning at the Dresden Court
 Andrews, Noam.

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FRIDA: Festivals in Renaissance Italy, a Digital Atlas
 Bortoletti, Francesca.

Fabricating 'India' in Grand Ducal Florence
 Benay, Erin.

False Paradise: Early Modern Gardens and the Grotesque
 Morgan, Luke.

Family Affairs: Sister and Brother in Cinquecento Siena
 Brizio, Elena.

Family as Financial Strategy: Chicart Bailly and the Estate Inventory of 1533
 Baker, Katherine.

Fashioning an Enduring Musical Identity in Sound and Stone
 Hatter, Jane Daphne.

Fear of a "Wolfish Appetite": English Bodily Anxiety in Encounters with American Indians
 Price, Emily.

 Dolven, Jeff.

Female Book Production in Renaissance Florence: The Benedictine Convent of Santissima Annunziata delle Murate
 Labriola, Ada.

Female Emotional Expression in Renaissance Art
 Flanigan, Theresa.

Female Masculinity: Sophonisba in Petrarch's Africa and Boccaccio's De mulieribus claris
 Feng, Aileen.

Female Scholars and Guardian Angels: How One Album Amicorum Can Contain Multitudes
 Pal, Carol.

Female Sexuality in Dutch Popular Song Culture
 de Morrée, Cécile.

Female Sociability and Politics in Sixteenth-Century Florence
 Moran, Megan.

Femininity, Mercy, and Ornithology in Titus Andronicus
 Coleman, Judith.

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Galenic Themes in the Metaphysics of Marsilio Ficino
 Snyder, James. and Peterson, Janine.

Garden Metaphors as Justification for Pleasure in Early Modern Poetry Criticism
 Solomon, Deborah.

Gaspar Pérez de Villagrá and the New Frontier
 Cacho, Rodrigo.

Gateway to the Americas: Collecting Spanish Colonial Art at the New Orleans Museum of Art
 Abramovich, Lucia.

Gender and Miraculous Power in Seventeenth-Century Beguine Biographies
 Moran, Sarah.

Geographic Mobility and Cognitive Flexibility: The Apprehensive Self in Léry's History of a Voyage
 Tresfels, Cecile.

Geographies of Violence in Early Modern Pisa and Siena
 Davies, Jonathan.

Geomedia in Early Modern Normandy
 Usher, Phillip.

George Herbert and the Pan-European "Merchants of Light"
 Martin, Catherine.

George of Trebizond on Arabic Philosophy and Science
 Steiris, Georgios.

Georges de La Tour: Skulls and the Vanity of Painting
 Judovitz, Dalia.

Gestures Reversing Death in the Lyric of Clément Marot
 Langer, Ullrich.

Gestures, Actio, and the Classical Past in Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus
 Pope, Stephanie.

Ghost Machines
 Butler, Shane.

Ginevra Brancacci's Family Correspondence: Managing Agency, Literacy, and Familial Relationships in a Network of Affections
 Pellegrino, Deborah.

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Hands off!: Self-Mutilation, Gender, and Race in Basile's Lo cunto de li cunti
 Magnanini, Suzanne.

Harington's Toys: Epic Translation in Renaissance England
 Ortiz, Joseph.

Harmony in The Merchant of Venice
 Attie, Katherine.

Hearing the musica instrumentalis in the Textual Architecture of Dante's Commedia
 Adoyo, Catherine.

Hebrew and Latin Crosspollinations in the Renaissance: The Case of the De substantia orbis
 Engel, Michael.

Heinrich Schütz the Progressive: An Apology
 Johnston, Gregory.

Hellhounds in the House of Fugger: The Internal Confessional Dynamics behind Exorcism in Counter-Reformation Augsburg
 Hough, Adam.

Hematopoiesis: Blood Production, Commodity Circulation, and the Body Politic
 Purnis, Jan.

Henrietta Maria and the Politics of Mourning Dress for Early Modern Queens
 Griffey, Erin.

Hercules in Sicily: The Mediterranean Past in Fifteenth-Century African and Spanish Sources
 Vanoli, Alessandro.

Hermeticism and Alchemy in the New World: A Possible Jesuit Millenarism in New Spain
 Portugal, Vanessa.

History Reinterpreted: The Uses of Greek Historiography in Swedish Humanist Poetry
 Akujärvi, Johanna.

History as Diplomacy: Emanuel van Meteren's Historia Belgica and Dutch International Relations in the Seventeenth Century
 Helmers, Helmer.

History of Astral Sciences and Numerical Metadata
 Husson, Matthieu. and Topalian, Galla.

Hobbes and Corporate Representation
 Robiadek, Katherine.

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Iberian Inquisitors in the Face of Changing Sensibilities
 Bodian, Miriam.

Iconography of Justice in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
 Blaschke, Kinga.

Idle Cultivations: Agricultural Enclosure in Early Modern England and Virginia
 Wallis, Christopher.

Il cardinale Ciocchi di Monte protettore e committente di artisti nella Roma leonina
 Baldini, Nicoletta.

Illiterall Characters: Renaissance Orthographic Reform and the Origins of Universal Writing
 O\'Neil, Sean.

Illness and Devotion: Late Seventeenth-Century Pietist Women's Advice on Approaching God
 Pipkin, Amanda.

Illustrating the Passional oder der Heiligen Leben in Nuremberg
 Yoon, Rangsook.

Illustrations as Persuasive Paratexts: Visualizing the Authority of Medical-Astrological Knowledge
 van Leerdam, Andrea.

Images of Martyrdom and Nasty Controversies in the Spiritual Conquest of Japan
 Cañeque, Alejandro.

Images of Moriscos: Conversion and Multiculturality in the Early Modern Iberia
 Franco, Borja.

Imagination in the Writing of History: Giovanni Battista Ramusio's Construction of the New World
 Méndez, Alexandra.

Imaginative Language and the Simile in As You Like It
 Smith, Matthew.

Imagining Female Community and the English Nation in the Career of Mary Ward
 Verini, Alexandra.

Imitating Greek Tragedies: Theoretical Justification of the Melodrama in Early Modern Italy
 Zucchi, Enrico.

Imitation: The Sincerest Form of Flattery? Nineteenth-Century Collecting Practices of Renaissance Armor
 Bartels, Victoria.

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Jacopo Torni called Indaco: A Florentine Sculptor in Sixteenth-Century Spain
 Zurla, Michela.

Jacopo della Quercia in Bologna: Strategies of Style
 Drogin, David.

Jan Hendrik Glazemaker: The Dutch Translator of Descartes and Spinoza
 van der Deijl, Lucas.

Jan Hendrik Glazemaker: The Unknown Dutch Ambassador of European Culture
 van Gemert, Lia.

Jean Thévenot, Seeker and Ethnographer: The Challenges of Learning
 Longino, Michele.

Jean de Vignay's Légende dorée from Manuscript to Print as Illustrated by the Life of Nicholas
 Thompson, John.

Jesuit Archeologies of the Crucifixion: From Trent to the Shores of Japan
 Omata Rappo, Hitomi.

Jesuits as Global Citizens: Geography and World History in European Jesuit Libraries
 Comerford, Kathleen.

Jesus and Sabbatai Tsevi: A History of the Simile
 Maciejko, Paweł.

Jeunes de Langues: Cruxes of French Imperial Ambitions in the Ottoman Empire
 Gossard, Julia.

Jocasta: The Renaissance Disruption of Ancient Female Chorality
 Bigliazzi, Silvia.

John Gower, Elias Ashmole, and the Alchemical Golden Fleece
 Runstedler, Curtis.

John Milton in Twenty-First-Century Korea: Popular Sovereignty, Posthumanism, and Humanities Education
 Cho, Hyunyoung.

Joining Architectural Theory and Practice in the First Interdisciplinary Research Project (Accademia Romana, 1537–55)
 Kulawik, Bernd.

Jonson's Platonic Cupid
 Lash, Alexander.

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Keeping the Balance: Conflicts and Reconciliations in the Early Modern Network
 van Vugt, Ingeborg.

Kirkrapine's Labile Allegory
 Macdonald, James.


L'humanisme marrane de Michel de Montaigne
 Jama, Sophie.

L'irreprésentable historique dans les Essais de Montaigne
 Bertrand, Dominique.

La Rue, Josquin, and a Newly Recovered Lament for Anne de Foix
 Macey, Patrick.

La Rue’s "Regrets" for Marguerite of Austria and Their Habsburg Musical Legacy
 Rice, Eric.

La langue des Faits d'armes et de chevalerie de Christine de Pizan dans les premiers imprimés
 Cifarelli, Paola.

La segmentation phrastique dans les éditions d'Ovide (Bible des Poètes, Grand Olympe)
 Schoysman, Anne.

La técnica emblemática y su pervivencia en la propaganda política y la publicidad comercial
 Zafra, Rafael.

Landscape as a Genre and Way of Seeing: Giulio Parigi's Journey from Florence to Rome, 1616
 Tchikine, Anatole.

Latinity and Obscenity in the Invectives of Poggio Bracciolini
 Kish, Nathan.

Laughing in Boccaccio's Decameron and in Its Early Modern Translations
 Zanin, Enrica.

Le lexique scientifique entre continuité et ruptures (Moyen Âge et Renaissance)
 Ducos, Joëlle.

Le verger des Muses d'Ercole Cato: sur la traduction de l'Agriculture et maison rustique (1564)
 Benedettini, Riccardo.

Learned Scientific Correspondence as a Dynamic Early Modern Archive
 Yale, Elizabeth.

Leonardo da Vinci's Catastrophic Style
 Passannante, Gerard.

Leonardo, Van Eyck, and the Epistemology of Landscape
 Lehman, Geoff.

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Machiavelli and Thomas More on the Source of Evil and the Good State
 Yoran, Hanan.

Machiavelli's La Mandragola, a Renaissance Italian Miracle Play
 Dal Molin, Aria.

Machiavelli's Lucretian Free Will
 De Caro, Mario.

Machiavelli's Lucretian Theory of State Formation
 Jain, Dhruv.

Magic Books and the University in Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay and Dr. Faustus
 Adams, Brandi.

Magic and Science in the Davis Strait
 Fuller, Mary.

Makeup and Costume Design in Africanist Ballet in 1600's Paris: Texts, Archives, Visual Records
 Klosowska, Anna.

Making Last Wills, Generating Knowledge in Seventeenth-Century Italy
 Benadusi, Giovanna.

Making Taste in the 1630's
 Werlin, Julianne.

Making as Thinking in the Dutch Painter's Studio
 Chapman, H. Perry.

Manifestaciones de lo invisible en los libros de emblemas españoles
 Bernat-Vistarini, Antonio.

Mapping Alterity in Early Renaissance Venice: Spatial Experience in Bellini's Saint Mark Preaching in Alexandria
 Sponza, Camilla.

Mapping Disputes in the Old Reich
 Scholz, Luca.

Mapping Feudal Conflicts between Royal Prussia and Ducal Prussia in Copernicus' Marginalia Notes
 Calma, Clarinda.

Mapping Naples as Palimpsest: How Cartography Catches History
 Michalsky, Tanja.

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Naked and Nude in Bronzino's Cosimo de' Medici as Orpheus and Andrea Doria as Neptune
 Lazzaro, Claudia.

Nanni di Banco's Assumption of the Virgin Relief and Its Lost Silk Girdle
 Vallah, Or.

Naples as a Center of Clandestine Publishing in the primo Settecento
 Willette, Thomas.

Nathaniel Woods’ The Conflict of Conscience: Casuistry and Nicodemism in Early Modern Europe
 Hadfield, Andrew.

Natural Disasters in Naples: Ruptures and Continuities
 Scirocco, Elisabetta.

Nature's Play and Nature's Mistakes
 Zorach, Rebecca.

Neapolitan Relics and Reliquaries in Viceroys' Collections
 Viceconte, Milena.

Negotiating Feminine Places and Spaces in Early Modern Religious Poetry
 Quintero, María.

Negotiating Neutrality: Tommaso Del Bene's Sojourn as Tuscan Resident in France, 1690–91
 Condren, John.

Negotiating Performance: Patrons and Jewish Theatre Makers in Northern Italy
 Jaffe-Berg, Erith.

Nevertheless, She Persisted: Reconsidering Oisille's "Longue Experience" in the Heptaméron
 Peterson, Nora.

New Characters: Emerging Genres of Personhood in Early Modern Popular Media
 Gurnis, Musa.

New Contexts for Berruguete in Florence: Hispano-Florentine Merchants and Patrons in the Early Cinquecento
 Waldman, Louis.

New Hierusalem, New Crusade: Spenser's Reimagining of the Crusade Narrative
 Rosenbaum, Jerrod.

New Translations for the Pope: Biblical Criticism before the Reformation
 den Haan, Annet.

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Obscene Exchanges: Economic and Social Promiscuity in Decameron 8.2
 Fritz-Morkin, Maggie.

Obscure Allegory and the Writings of Cyril Tourneur
 Loughnane, Rory.

Ocular Proof in Jonson's Bartholomew Fair
 Hagstrom Schmidt, Nicole.

Odyssean Wanderings in Apuleius's Metamorphoses and Cervantes's "El coloquio de los perros"
 Carman, Glen.

Of Christians, Cultures, and Comets: The Duchess of Aveiro's Library and Her Correspondence
 Gillespie, Jeanne.

Of Grids and Divine Mystery: Gerard Mercator's Revelation
 Wandel, Lee.

Of Marginal Importance: John Dee's Annotations in Mediaeval Alchemical Manuscripts
 Clucas, Stephen.

Of Pen and Press: Interactions between Printing and Scribal Manuscript Production in Fifteenth-Century Florence
 Walden, Justine.

Old- and New-World Places and Peoples through the Eyes of Asian and Native American Artists
 Beck, Lauren.

On Sandoval Zapata's Lyric Invention of "materia prima"
 Johnson, Christopher.

On the Concept of Voluntary Servitude in John Milton
 Serio, Valentina.

On the Healing Power of Music: Evidence from Late Trecento Italy
 Pieragostini, Renata.

One in Essence, Multiple in Reality: Hybridity and Transformation in Wooden Sculptures of the Crucified Christ
 Di Lodovico, Daniele.

Ottoman Costume Illustrations, Foreign Reportage, and Cross-Cultural Exchange Under the Franco-Ottoman Alliance
 Spencer, Justina.

Ottomanisation as Europeanisation: Polish-Lithuanian Costume and the Search for a Classical Past
 Grusiecki, Tomasz.


Pageantry and Politics in Early Modern England: The Anxiety of Arrival
 Bishop, Tom.

Painful Ecologies: Paradise Lost, Metaphoricity, and the Making of Environmental Injury
 Barrett, Chris.

Painting Temptation: Francisco de Zurbarán and the Monastic Imagination
 Letvin, Alexandra.

Painting the Romance of Paris and Helen for a Venetian Wedding: Style Dictated by Subject?
 Spicer, Joaneath.

Palazzo Chiovenda a Roma e le declinazioni dell'abitare all'antica
 Ceccotti, Camilla.

Palma disegnatore
 Aresin, Maria.

Palma il Giovane's Popularity
 Lillywhite, Marie Louise.

Pandolfo Atavanti, Lodovico Dolce, and Venetian Valdensians
 Brazeau, Bryan.

Panoramic Thinking and the Ruin in Mid-Cinquecento Rome
 DiFuria, Arthur.

Panurge the Cuck? Emasculation and Invasion in Rabelais's Tiers Livre
 Swankie, Ryan.

Papal Kin as the Pope's Third Body
 DeSilva, Jennifer.

Para una revisión de lo visual en la poesía novohispana
 Mañas, Amelia.

Paracelsian Vitalism and Samson Agonistes
 Marcus, Leah.

Parallel Lives: Cowley and Milton
 Kilgour, Maggie.

Passages de la peinture, passage à la peinture: Louis Marin et les bords de l'image
 Cassegrain, Guillaume.

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Queen, Knight, or Lover? Women's Agency in Giovan Battista Leoni's Roselmina
 Faini, Marco.

Queering Large Mothers in Early Modern English City Comedy
 Billing, Valerie.


Rabelais au gré des éditions
 Huchon, Mireille.

Rabelais et l’épicurisme: pour une relecture dépassionnée
 Holtz, Grégoire.

Rabelais et ses singes savants: deux imitations en contexte scientifique au XVIe siècle
 Arsenault, Christine.

Rabelais pastiché: satires inédites contre le Régent, Philippe d'Orléans (1715–23)
 Cooper, Richard.

Rabelais polymathe d'après les Elogia Rabelæsina (BnF, LAT 8704) d'Antoine Le Roy
 La Charité, Claude.

Rabelais, Fischart, et Urquhart à Thélème: réception européenne et malléabilité satirique
 Renner, Bernd.

Race, Class, and the Politics of the Body at Early Modern Spas
 Herbert, Amanda.

Radical Betweenness: Lady Eleanor Davies in the English Print Network
 Greteman, Blaine.

Raining Blood: Blood Devotion in Gianfrancesco Pico della Mirandola's 'Staurostichon'
 Piana, Marco.

Ramos de Pareja: A New Musica Practica for "mus et elephas"
 Forasacco, Denis. and Weiss, Susan.

Rape Joke, or, Why Rape is Not a Problem for Aphra Behn's The Rover (1677)
 Scozzaro, Concetta.

Raphael, Sculpture, and the Chigi Pyramid Tombs
 Langer, Lara.

Ravishing Wolves: Visual and Verbal Satire in Early Renaissance France
 Winn, Mary Beth. and Bonicoli, Louis-Gabriel.

Re-inscription and Reclamation: Marginalia as Response to Appropriation in Huswifery Books
 Quoss-Moore, Rebecca.

Re: Framing the Senses
 Smith, Bruce.

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Sacerdotal Masculinity at War: Jesuit Military Chaplains at the Eighty Years' War
 Mostaccio, Silvia.

Sacred Landscapes and Virgin Bodyscapes in Lycidas
 McGrath, Patrick.

Sacrilege, the Victorian Novel, and the Very Long Reformation
 Shell, Alison.

Sainthood and Sacrifice: Girolamo Savonarola's Exposition on the Miserere in Sixteenth-Century England
 Costley King\'oo, Clare.

Santo Niño de Cebu: Religious Images for Spanish Sailors and Their Reception in the Philippines 
 Lee, Sunghoon.

Sarcasm and Irony in William Tyndale's The Practyse of Prelates
 Rankin, Mark.

Satanic Discontent: Imperial Affect in Milton's Paradise Lost
 Zajac, Paul.

Satires of Embassy: King James's Apologie (1609) and John Barclay's Satyricon (1605/7) in Context
 Growhoski, Matthew.

Saying Yes and Saying No in Milton's "A Mask" (Comus)
 Hyman, Wendy.

Scribal Transmission in Elizabethan London
 May, Steven.

Sculpting Heroic Action: A New Model for Bertoldo di Giovanni's Bellerophon Taming Pegasus
 Ehrlich, Victoria.

Sculpture and Altarpieces in Mexico's Cathedral (1667–1710)
 Cuesta Hernández, Luis Javier.

Sculpture and National Identity: The Case of the Spanish Nation in Rome
 Kubersky-Piredda, Susanne.

Sculpture's Narrativity in the Northern Renaissance Prints
 Skibinski, Franciszek.

Sebastiano del Piombo's Caricatural Gesture and the Path to Idealism
 Wivel, Matthias.

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Taddeo's Dream: Illusion, Delusion, and Images on Stone
 Benzan, Carla.

Tailor's Hell? Accounting for the Early Modern Workshop
 Pitman, Sophie.

Talking Business in Jonsonian Comedies
 Wang, Hui-chuan.

Tattooed Servants: The Jerusalem Arms in the Atlantic World
 Koslofsky, Craig.

Tell Me Mort: The Mathematics of Death in Shakespeare's Plays
 Baldo, Jonathan.

Tending to Seeds in Lucy Hutchinson's Order and Disorder
 Learner, Mary.

Territory as Practice: The Incessant Construction of the Late Medieval Duchy of Brabant
 Oostindiër, Arend Elias.

Terrorized Minds, Tortured Bodies in Early Modern Germany
 Myers, W. David.

Text and Music: When Opera was Born
 Zuliani, Luca.

Textual Masks, Stellar Whigs, and Self-Identity: Kepler, Galileo, and Descartes
 Chen-Morris, Raz.

The "Curiosa Xacara" of Magdalena Gil: A Sorceress and Her Books
 Aronson, Stacey.

The "Faithful Architect": Architectural Terminology and Architectural Identity in the Renaissance
 Lynch, Sarah.

The "Jewish Badge": A Mark of Shame and the Jews' Resistance Against It
 Cassen, Flora.

The (Anti-)Spanish Politics of the Dutch Translations of Antonio de Guevara's Reloj de príncipes (1529)
 Waasdorp, Sabine.

The De Vulgari Eloquentia in Tasso's Reflections on Music and Poetry
 Brenna, Francesco.

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Uncanny Valleys: Posthuman and Renaissance Apes
 Dugan, Holly.

Uncivilized Infidels: The Ottoman Threat in Páez's de Castro's Ad Caesarem Imperatorem Optimum Maximum Carolum Quintum (1555)
 von Ostenfeld-Suske, Kira.

Understanding the Oblivion of Steinberg's Sexuality of Christ
 Lamoureux, Johanne.

Une fleur italienne transplantée en France: Joachim Du Bellay lecteur et traducteur d'Andrea Navagero
 Speziari, Daniele.

Unexpected Counterparts: The Tale of Two Marguerites
 Honey, Linda.

Unexpected Likeness: Metaphorical Conceits in the Poetry of the European Baroque and the Persian Fresh Style
 Losensky, Paul.

Unmasking Galileo the Reader: Galileo as a Reader of Contemporary Mathematicians
 Raphael, Renee.

Up and Down in Architecture and Society: Echoes and Responses
 Burroughs, Charles.

Uprooting Poems in the 1570's
 Rosenberg, Jessica.

Urbs Florentia: The Medici Entourage in Rome
 Vicioso, Julia.


Vapors, Puppets, and Tempo in Jonson's Bartholomew Fair
 Coblentz, Dorothea.

Variation and Invention in Bartolomeo Montagna's Art
 Carpiniello, Matteo.

Vasari on the Barbarians of Northern Europe
 Smith, Jeffrey.

Vasari's Meaningful Blunders
 Biow, Douglas.

Vegetal Selves in George Herbert's Poetry
 Dawson, Brent.

Veit Stoss in Print
 Ezra, Ruth.

Velázquez: Making Meaning
 Knox, Giles.

Vermeer in the Lacemaker's Studio
 Murray, Colin.

Veronica Franco, Champion of Women?: An Analysis of Terze rime 24
 Migiel, Marilyn.

Veronica and Cynthia: A Renaissance Reception of Propertian Fidelity
 Racette-Campbell, Melanie.

Village Performances in the Seventeenth Century? Song and Purpose in the Archive
 Wiseman, Susan.

Virgil's Lugentes campi, Dante’s donne antiche: Suicide in the Aeneid and the Commedia
 Barlow, Emma.

Virgin Brides, Virgin Martyrs: Veronese, Tintoretto, and Palma il Giovane at Santa Caterina de' Sacchi
 Toffolo, Francesca.

Virgin Rivalry and Rubens' Revision of the Vallicella Altarpiece
 Oryshkevich, Irina.

Virginal Eroticism
 Pearson, Andrea.

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Waging Marriage: Fresia and Caupolicán in Ercilla’s Araucana and Oña’s Arauco domado
 Legnani, Nicole.

Waste Paper Packages: Imagining the Future of the Book in the French Renaissance
 Butterworth, Emily.

Watery Poetics: The Conquest in the Cantares Mexicanos
 Egan, Caroline.

We Are All Awaiting the Gallows: Gallows Rhetoric in John Donne's Sermons
 Malland, Leslie.

Webs of Conversation and Discernment: Testimony from Vernacular Sources
 Homza, Lu.

Welcoming Death in Romeo and Juliet
 Chalk, Darryl.

What Happened Last Night: Shameful Memories and Miltonic Nationhood
 Pivetti, Kyle.

What Happened to Friendship in Hobbes's Theory?
 Slomp, Gabriella.

What Law is It There? Corsican Transregional Families and Legal Knowledge in the Western Mediterranean (1570–1640)
 Calafat, Guillaume.

What Makes Rembrandt so Copyable?
 Frederick, Amy.

What a Difference Love Can Make: Exploring Female Characticers in Luigi Groto's Plays
 Clerc, Sandra.

What am I looking for: Decorum or Dignitas? Existentialism and Humanism in the Renaissance
 Catà, Cesare.

What's In A Name?: Reputation and Miscellany Circulation
 Coolahan, Marie-Louise.

What’s in a Name? Lorenzo Lotto's Signature Acts
 Schmitter, Monika.

When Misrepresentation Sends a Poet to Prison: Henri Baude's Plea against "Bad Readers"
 Dorio, Pauline.

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Your Devoted Servant: Virtue in the Regencies of Eleanor of Aragon and Lucrezia Borgia
 Noboa, Laura.


Zarlino and the Origins of Music
 Daolmi, Davide.

Zayas's Novelas Ejemplares: A Translation-Interpretation of Boccaccio's Decameron
 Byer, Silvia.

Zenocrate's Shrine: Ritual and Memory in Christopher Marlowe's Tamburlaine
 Moore, Roger.
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