Rural Sociological Society 2006-Aug-10 to 2006-Aug-14

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"Behaving Ourselves to Save the World" A Comparison of Environmental Behaviors across Differently Developed Countries
 Sharma, Jasneet. and Mohai, Paul.

"Summer Time and the Living is Easy": Teaching Freshman Level Rural Sociology during Summer Term
 Sowga, Shauna.

(Re-)Developing Uneven Development: The Effects of Natural Resources Upon Territorial and Scalar Processes in the ‘Periphery’
 Kaup, Brent.

‘It’s Paradise Here. Why Would You Live Anywhere Else?’: Community Identity and ‘Development’ – The Case of Belize, NSW
 Gill, Fiona.

“Bottom-up” Agricultural Reform: The Role of Collective Action in Validating Food Sovereignty
 Gruber, Trevalyn.

“I’m not from here I just live here”: Adolescence Identity and Trailer Park Residence
 Shamah, Devora. and MacTavish, Katherine.

“That’s Different”: Bringing Deaf Culture and New Urbanism to Rural South Dakota
 Annes, Alexis.


A Case Study of Pennsylvanians' Knowledge of Agriculture
 Willits, Fern., Luloff, Al. and James, Jennifer.

A Critical Sociology Case Study Approach to the Globalization of the Agro-Food System
 Constance, Douglas. and Bonanno, Alessandro.

A Leader and A Laggard: The Industrialization of Woodswork in eastern Canada and the American Southeast
 MacDonald, Peter. and Clow, Michael.

A Multi-level Study on the Impact of National Policies on Reproductive Health Status in Developing Countries
 Mwangi, Wairimu.

A Nested Systems Approach for Smallholder Innovation
 Moore, Keith. and Dillaha, Theo.

A Water Induced Economic Collapse of California?
 Bird, Mark.

Addressing Training and Information Failures in Poverty Alleviation Efforts: The Case of the Rural Poor
 Esnard-Flavius, Talia.

Adoption Patterns of Transgenic Cotton in Tamil Nadu, India
 Severn-Walsh, Marygold.

Adoption of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Nigeria: Problems and Prospects for Rural Youth
 Adedokun, Omolola., Tucker, Mark. and Balschweid, Mark.

African American and Mexican American Poverty in the Lower Mississippi Delta and the Texas Borderland
 Poston, Dudley., Saenz, Rogelio. and Slack, Tim.

Agricultural Animals and Trade: Paradoxes of Animal Welfare Standards in Global Agri-Food Trade
 Ransom, Elizabeth.

Agricultural Globalization and Rural Tourism Development in Taiwan
 Tsai, Hong-Chin.

Agrifood Nanotechnology: Emerging Products, Emerging Concerns
 Depew, Brian.

Ah Yes I Remember it Well: Differences by Gender in Reporting of Home Production and Informal Work in Rural Wisconsin
 Larrivee, John.

Air Quality in the Big Bend: Space, Place, and Globalization
 Donez, Francisco.

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Banking and Rural Entrepreneurship: What We Know and What We Need to Learn
 Harris, Thomas.

Beyond Income: The Relationship between Food Insecurity and Type of Employment
 Coleman, Alisha.

Beyond the Perfect Tart: Food Safety and the Role of the State
 Worosz, Michelle., Harris, Craig. and Knight, Andrew.

Black Gold, Blackjack, Farmboys and Indians: A Wild West Community in the Context of Oil Boom and Busts
 Jaffe, JoAnn. and Quark, Amy.

Bowling No More in a Wisconsin Paper Mill Town
 Miller, Carol.

Building Community: The Role of Trail Magic on the Appalachian Trail
 McLeod, Kristi.


Can Community Policy Facilitate Entrepreneurship?
 Swanson, Louis.

Can Subsistence Level Farming be Part of Sustainable Rural Livelihoods?
 Hendrickson, Mary. and Heffernan, William.

Cattle and Trees Don’t Mix!?: Negotiating the Nature of Silvopasture Agroforestry
 Arbuckle Jr., J.

Changes in Health and Well-Being in an Aging Population
 Willits, Fern., Stokes, C. Shannon. and Cornwell, Gretchen.

Civic Responsibility and Community Service: A Pilot Study of Students’ Attitude
 Thomas, Terrence., Pyle, Robert., Ofori-Boadu, Andrea. and Ofori-Boadu, Victor.

Communities in Flux: Amenity migration and changing development patterns in the Southern Appalachians
 Norwood, Carla.

Communities of Women: Service Delivery and Aging in a Rural Community
 Struthers, Cynthia.

Community Connection and Reader Response to a Community Newspaper
 Hansen, Elizabeth. and Hansen, Gary.

Community Dynamics of Children in Poverty: Do They Have Policy Implications?
 Eberts, Paul. and Purington, Amanda.

Community Governance and Problem Solving in the Global Era
 Thomas, Terrence., Gray, Benjamin. and Ofori-Boadu, Victor.

Community Response to BRAC Recommendations: A Case Study in Mississippi
 Parisi, Domenico., Grice, Steven., Harris, Deborah. and Taquino, Michael.

Community Structure and Civic Engagement: Testing the Effects of Solidarity, Political Competitiveness, and Rigidity
 Thompson, Gretchen. and Moxley, Robert.

Community Sustainability in the Rural West: Enhancing Graduate Education through Inter-disciplinary, Place-Based Learning
 MacTavish, Katherine. and Bliss, John.

Community Water Quality and the Impacts of a Coal Slurry Impoundment
 Stout, III, Ben.

Community and Institutional Response Mechanisms to Coal-related Source Water Contamination
 Gasteyer, Stephen.

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Defining Delta Heritage: Local Perceptions of Juke Joints as Blues Tourism Sites
 Rosas Gutierrez, Monica., Reid Wooten, Mary., Sims, Juanita. and Barton, Alan.

Demonstration of a Web Site on Methods for Social Researchers in Developing Countries
 Burchinal, Lee.

Denominations of Origin and Rural Development: The Case of the Tequila Industry
 Bowen, Sarah.

Developing a Diary Designed for Women Farmer’s Time Use to Prove Farm Work
 Lee, Jin Young., Gim, Gyung Mee., Choi, Yoon Ji. and Kim, Jeong-Seop.

Development of the Political Support Programs by Women’s Role Type in Agriculture
 Gim, Gyung Mee., Lee, Jin Young., Choi, Yoon Ji. and Kang, Kyeong Ha.

Development, Agriculture, and Infant Mortality: A Longitudinal Study of Nation States from 1970-2000
 Thompson, Gretchen.

Dialogues Across Nebraska as a Service-Learning Model
 Sattler Weber, Sandra.

Difference in Labor Force Availability Characterstics: Metropolitan, Micropolitan and Rural Patterns
 Zollinger, Brett. and Walker, Michael.

Disaster Recovery in Rural Communities: A Case From Louisiana
 Tootle, Deborah.

Discourses of Agricultural Production and Trade: Farmer and Organizational Discourse Coalitions
 Finan, Ann.

Disentangling Multi-stranded Place Attachment to a Complex Landscape
 Trentelman, Carla Koons.

Distribution: The Missing Link in Rural Local Food Systems
 Swanson, Mark.

Do Information and Communication Technologies Help Reduce Poverty?
 Kapar, Sameer.

Does Membership Matter: What Does It Mean to be a Delta County
 Hales, Brent. and Wagoner, Charles.

Does Space Matter?: Using GIS to Spatially Portray Individual Background Characteristics and Behavior That Affect Malaria Prevalence in Malawi.
 Bedford, Jason. and Sambisa, William.

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Economic Development Opportunities in the Equine Industry
 Garkovich, Lorraine., Zimmerman, Julie. and Brown, Kimberly.

Economic Growth and Development in Rural America: Testing Sustainable Development and Market Perspectives
 Mencken, Carson.

Economic Optimism: Can Managers’ Attitudes About Technology Save Rural Business?
 Ernst, Stan., Tucker, Mark. and Stoel, Leslie.

Economic Reforms, Values, Cultural/Regional Distinctiveness, and Politics: Determinants of Taste for Gender Discrimination
 Das, Shyamal., Eargle, Lisa. and Esmail, Ashraf.

Education Orientation and Achievement among Hispanic Adolescents: Implications of Ethnic, Class and Perceptions Obstacles
 Albrecht, Don. and Albrecht, Carol.

Effects of Instructional Strategies on Middle School Reading and Math Achievement as Perceived by Kentucky Students
 Smith, D. Clayton., Miller, Stephen. and Ennis, Larry.

Emerging Food Safety Technologies and their Disciplinary Influence on Individuals Impacted by Them.
 Thompson, Christopher.

Energy Costs and Household Economic Adjustment
 Adua, Lazarus. and Sharp, Jeff.

Enhancing the Skills of Parents Program
 Bowman, Sally., Rennekamp, Denise. and Peters, Cheryl.

Ensuring Equity: The Role of the State in Decentralized Planning
 Horsley, Claire.

Environmental Justice and Native Americans: Speaking to Increasing Complexity in Environmental Justice Studies
 Dolan, Jamie.

Ethnicity Differences in Local Labor Market Structure Impacts on Employment Hardship and Poverty Rates
 Eargle, Lisa., Esmail, Ashraf. and Das, Shyamal.

Examining Prevalence of Childhood Obesity and School Wellness Initiatives within Pennsylvania’s Food Deserts
 Jensen, Eric., Schafft, Kai. and Hinrichs, Clare.

Expanding Upon Network Characteristics that Influence Effective Community Action: The Case of Carriacou, Grenada
 Fulkerson, Gregory., Jicha, Karl., May, Jonathan. and Thompson, Gretchen.

Expanding the Marketing Opportunities for Minority and Limited Resource Farmers in Louisiana and Mississippi
 Kleiner, Anna.

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Family Documents as Community Archive: Reconstructing Social Change in a Small Rural Community
 Rieger, Jon.

Family Solidarity, Information Access, and Income: Influences on Nutrition/Health Knowledge and Its Effects on Food Choice
 Moxley, Robert. and Jicha, Karl.

Farm Adaptation at the Rural-Urban Interface
 Inwood, Shoshanah. and Sharp, Jeff.

Farm Entrepreneurship
 Korsching, Peter.

Farmer Knowledge, Regulatory Change, and the Marketability of Organic Vegetables in Alabama: A Preliminary Assessment
 Austin, Charon., Molnar, Joseph., Fowler, Dee. and Mentreddy, Rao.

Fecal Free: Biology, Animal Health, and Authority in Industrial US Hog Production
 Rich, Ronald.

Food Insecurity and Coping Strategies Among Low-Income African American Women
 Zekeri, Andrew.

For the Mountains: Structure of Poverty in Southern Appalachian Coalfields
 Woods, Brad. and Meyer, Alissa.

Forestland Ownership and Community Well-Being in the Non-Metro South
 Kennealy, Patrick., Hartarska, Valentina., Bailey, Conner. and Dubois, Mark.

Foundations of Multifunctional Agriculture in Japan
 Sakamoto, Kiyohiko.

Framing the Contract Farmer: A Discourse Analysis of the Anti-Corporate Farming Debate in Pennsylvania
 Clark, Jonathan. and Brasier, Kathy.

From Protest to Action: Community Co-Management of Forests in Puerto Rico
 Martinez, Jose.

Fuelish Dreams? Producing Sustainable Energy Feedstocks from Agriculture
 Hinrichs, Clare. and Meyer, Alissa.


GIS-Based Participatory Management Systems for Building Sustainable Farming Systems: The Case of Ogata, Japan
 Taniguchi, Yoshimitsu.

Gender, Class, and Food: Food-Related Attitudes and Behaviors of Ohioans
 Kendall, Holli. and Sowga, Shauna.

Gentrification: Concept Commonalities and Conflicts in Urban Studies and Implications for Immerging Rural Studies
 Michelich, Kathy.

Geographical Indications and U.S. Local Food Models: Possibilities for Convergence?
 Barham, Elizabeth. and Hinrichs, Clare.

Global Competition and Employment Practices In Manufacturing
 Assad, Nadia. and Tigges, Leann.

Global Transformations in the Food System
 Heffernan, William. and Hendrickson, Mary.

Globalization Through the Backdoor: Uneven Development in Rural Kansas
 Kulcsar, Laszlo. and Bernard, Eric.

Globalization as a Performance: From Neoclassical to Supply Chain Models in the Agrifood Sector
 Busch, Lawrence.

Globalized Water’s Discontents: Municipal Buy-Back Initiatives in Response to RWE Sale of American Water
 Gasteyer, Stephen.

Goofy Ridge: On Human Ecology, Poverty, and the Labeling of Places
 Beck, Frank. and Brown, Lauren.

Googling Grain: Adoption of the Internet by Farmers--A New American Gothic
 Chung, Rak Koo., Godfredsen, Ashley., Gruber, Trevalyn., Jesse, David., Kim, Hye Jeong., Onzere, Sheila., Stakhanov, Oleg., Stockdale, Susan. and Whitham, Monica.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Hardships among Low-Income Families in Louisiana
 Davidson, Theresa.

Growing Demand for Quality: Competing Quality Discourses in Russia’s Emerging Agrifood Market
 Berman, Danielle.


Higher Prices, Same Benefits: An Exploration of WIC Food Prices in Rural and Urban Kentucky
 Frank, Sarah.

Hispanics and Environmental Voting in the U.S. Congress
 Ard, Kerry. and Mohai, Paul.

Home Language and Reading Growth through Third Grade: Effects of Family Social Capital and Residence
 Bianchi, Georgia. and Israel, Glenn.

Housing Vulnerability among Rural Trailer-Park Households
 MacTavish, Katherine., Eley, Michelle. and Salamon, Sonya.

How Coping Strategies Affect Changes in the Emotional Health of Rural Women
 Lorenz, Frederick., Wickrama, K. A. S.. and Qun, Xiang.

How Whiteness Was Designed to Fool Working Folk
 Davidson Buck, Pem.


Impacts of Globalization on Labor Conditions, Workers, and Communities
 Pathak, Bharat.

Inequality and Conflict: A Case of Western Hill of Nepal
 Khatiwada, Lila.

Integrating Instructional and Outreach Programs
 Garkovich, Lorraine. and Lee, Brian.

Integrating Interactional field and Rational Choice Theories to Enhance Understanding of Rural Community Responses to Rapid Energy Development
 Allen, John., Dawson, Susan. and Madsen, Gary.

Integrating a Global Perspective in Teaching Rural Sociology
 Strode, Darryl.

Is Sustainable Economic Development and Multi-Functionality a Rational Choice for the 2007 Farm Bill?
 Olson, Darrel.


Keeping the Collaborators on Board as the Ship Sinks: Toward a Theory of Fascism and the U.S. 'Middle Class'
 Davidson Buck, Pem.

Kinship, Stability and African American Land Loss: Examining Implications of Heir Property in Alabama’s Black Belt
 Dyer, Janice.

Knowledge and Innovation: Are They the Highway to Brain Gain in Rural America?
 Beaulieu, Lionel "Bo". and Parisi, Domenico.


Land, Industry, and the Raising of Food Animals: Investigating Ranchers Perceptions
 Ellis, Colter.

Latinos in Agriculture: Opportunities and Challenges for Success in Missouri
 Lucht, Jill. and Garcia, Jose.

Leadership Development and Community Involvement in Rural Limited Resource Communities
 Gray, Benjamin. and Walker, Jane.

Local Place Characteristics and Employment in Industries
 Eargle, Lisa.

Local Responses to Global Biodiversity Conservation: Linking Accountability and Legitimacy to Conservation Outcomes
 Stern, Marc.


Mapping the Goods as Well as the Bads: Issues of Equitable Access in a Rapidly Growing Community
 Rowland, Aaron.

Market-Based Governance and the Challenge for Rural Governments: U.S. Trends
 Warner, Mildred.

Media Dependency Among Rural and Urban Ohioans: The Role of Perceived Risk and Source Trust
 Tucker, Mark., Cho, Hyunyi. and Sharp, Jeff.

Methods for Messy Meta-analyses: Guidelines from the Global Environmental Change Literature
 Rudel, Thomas.

Migrants Agricultural Workers in Mèxico and United States
 Segura, Florencio.

Migration Study and Methodological Alternatives
 Lee, Hyunok.

Migration of Retirement-Age Blacks to Nonmetro Locations
 Beale, Calvin. and Fuguitt, Glenn.

Modeling the Economy-Ecology Relationship in Agriculture: Why Environmental Problems are Endemic to “Agriculture”
 Clow, Michael. and McLaughlin, Darrell.

Modernization, Modernity, Fundamentalism, and Rural Pakistan
 Niazi, Tarique.

Mountaintop Removal
 Cooper, Dave.

Multi-Sited Methodologies and Moral Economies: Conducting Transnational Research on the Fair Trade Coffee Market
 Lyon, Sarah.

Multifunctionality, Conservation Enterprises and Theories of Innovation: A Statistical Analysis of NY Maple Syrup
 Wolf, Steven., Buck, Louise., Anderson, William. and Hufnagl-Eichiner, Stefanie.


Nanotechnology's past: Newspaper Accounts From 1986 to 2003
 Ten Eyck, Toby.

Neonatal and Post-Neonatal Infant Mortality in US Counties: Is There a Nonmetro Advantage?
 Smith, P. Johnelle., Mclaughlin, Diane. and Stokes, C. Shannon.

Non-Agricultural Economy and Rural Community: Towards a Sustainable Rural Development
 Gorlach, Krzysztof.


Occupational Aspirations and Migration: A Comparison of Rural Youth With High, Medium, and Low Occupational Aspirations and Their Chances for Migration
 Brooks, W., Toney, Michael. and Berry, E.

Of Commodities and Communities: Four American Faces of Food
 Bell, Michael. and Altiok, Ozlem.

Of Deer and Dogs: Culture and Functions of Rural Hunt Clubs in Virginia
 Varner, Thomas. and Perkins, Kenneth.

Old Seeds' Value: Scales of Ecology and Economy from Appalachian and Andean Seed Savers
 Graddy, Garrett.

On Their Own Terms: Indigenous Self-Governance in Southern Mexico
 Wheatley, Christine.


Participation in NexLevel Training for Entrepreneurs: The Wyoming Experience
 Coupal, Roger.

Participation in NexLevel Training: Does Delivery Structure Matter?
 Allen, John. and Korsching, Peter.

Pasteurization of Lithuania: Unofficial Milk and Globalization
 Mincyte, Diana.

Perceptions of Agriculture’s Multi-Functional Role Among Rural Pennsylvanians
 Brasier, Kathy., Stedman, Richard. and Lenihan, Martin.

Perceptions of Pork Producers Among Town Members and Rural Farm and NonFarm Neighbors
 Sundblad, Daniel. and Sapp, Stephen.

Permutation Methods and the Analysis of Rural Sociological Data: Techniques for Comparing Two Samples
 Johnston, Janis.

Persistence Without Legitimation? The Changing Structure of Agriculture and the Phenomenon of Lifestyle Farming
 Mariola, Matt.

Persistent Child Poverty in Nonmetropolitan America: Demographic Causes and Consequences
 Johnson, Kenneth. and Lichter, Daniel.

Policy Style and Civil Society: A Case Study of GMOs in the US and the EU
 Tachikawa, Masashi.

Poor Places and Poor Health Outcomes: A Case Study of A Rural Pennsylvania Community
 Cohen, Eric.

Population Pressures on Public Lands Boundaries: Examining Biophysical Consequences
 Moon, Zola. and Farmer, Frank.

Poster: Introducing CAVES: Complexity, Agents, Volatility, Evidence and Scale
 Small, Lee-Ann., Polhill, Gary. and Gotts, Nick.

Poverty, Community, and Social Change
 Duncan, Cynthia. and Colocousis, Chris.

Powerful or Just Plain Power-Full? A Power Analysis of Impact and Benefit Agreements in Canada’s North
 Krogman, Naomi. and Caine, Ken.

Predicting Differences in Risk Perception of Antibiotic Uses in Sick, At-Risk, and High Risk Cattle
 McIntosh, William., Jan, Jie-Sheng., Dean, Wes. and Scott, Morgan.

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Quality, Standards and Power: The Historical Struggle over the Cotton Commodity Chain
 Quark, Amy.

Quantile Regression: An Education Policy Research Tool
 Reeves, Edward. and Lowe, Jesse.

Questioning the “Nature” of Biophysical Processes: Evidence from the Irrigated West
 Halling, Michael. and Jackson-Smith, Douglas.


Race, Class, and Poverty: How Katrina Made the Connection
 Singelmann, Joachim. and Boutte, Michael.

Raking it In: The Political Economy of Pine Straw
 Casanova, Vanessa. and Malki, Mostafa.

Rapid Growth of Hispanics and Demographic Change in Eastern Washington Counties
 Kirschner, Annabel.

Redefining "Winners" and "Losers" along the Global Tobacco Commodity Chain
 Breazeale, Nicole.

Redefining the Legacy: The Family Farm in a New Millennium
 Kershaw, Debra.

Regional Variation and Multi-Functionality in Poland
 Mooney, Patrick. and Gorlach, Krzysztof.

Regional Variations in the Migration Rates and Patterns of the Rural Poor.
 Foulkes, Matthew. and Schafft, Kai.

Regulation Redux: Regional Studies and the Sociology of Agriculture
 Lopez, Marcos.

Rescuing, Sustaining, or Witnessing: Shift of Goals in Sociological Inquiry
 Floro, George.

Resistance in Agro-Food and the Contradictions of Globalization
 Bonanno, Alessandro.

Risk and Engagement: Values, Networks, and Circumstances
 Evans, M.D.R.., Rollins, Kimberly., Price, Shannon. and Castledine, Anita.

Rural Communities, Disaster, and Community Emergency Response Teams
 Flint, Courtney. and Brennan, Mark.

Rural Contexts, Opportunities and Responses: Vulnerable Families’ Realities for Labor Force Participation
 Dyk, Patricia., Bauer, Jean. and Katras, Mary Jo.

Rural Focus Group Methodology: Challenges and Strategies
 Goodsell, Todd. and Stovall, Josh.

Rural Food Deserts' Food Price Comparisons: Local Grocery Stores and Out-of-County WalMarts
 Morton, Lois Wright.

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Salent Value Similarity, Social Trust, and Concern About Food Safety
 Knight, Andrew., Worosz, Michelle. and Harris, Craig.

School Location and NCLB Performance in Louisiana from 2000 – 2005
 Schafer, Mark.

Searching for Bargains and Counting Pennies: Farm Women's Varied Cost Cutting Strategies on Family Farms
 Machum, Susan.

Seasonal Homeownership and Community Engagement: an Examination of the Pine Barrens of Northern Wisconsin
 Schewe, Rebecca.

Self-Realization, the Addiction Frame and Media in Kentucky: Studying the Pragmatic Horizons of Addiction Discourse in Kentucky
 Bills, George.

Separate or Integrate? A Comparative Look at Two Approaches to Microfinance in Malawi
 Schafer, Mark.

Serbia’s Rural Labor Migration: Challenges for a Post-Conflict Transition Economy
 Huerta, Alexandria., Tucker, Mark. and Morris, Pamala.

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Community Attachment in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
 Fuller-Loomis, Laura. and Bokemeier, Jan.

Sisters in Global Solidarity: Comparing the Political Activism of Appalachian and South African Women Miners
 Tallichet, Suzanne.

Small Farm Survival Through Trust and Social Networks: A Case Study of Raciechowice, Poland
 Choike, Anne Marie.

Social Capital, Poverty Programs, and Perception of Well Being
 Besser, Terry., Flora, Jan., Clement, Matthew. and Lee, Jae Won.

Social Impact Assessment of the Biogas Technology Diffusion in Guizhou, China
 Wei, Xiaoping.

Social Network Analysis of Information Exchange Among Environmental Organizations in Alabama
 Robinson, Laura.

Social and Economic Aspects of Small Enterprise Projects in Two Egyptian Villages
 Elbendary, Azza.

Social capital, economic shocks, and community vitality:
 Recker, Nicholas.

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Teaching Introductory Rural Sociology: Considerations of Student Diversity
 Donnermeyer, Joseph.

Teaching Rural Sociology in a Community Development Course
 Goreham, Gary.

Technologies of Repression: Assessing Internet Usage in the Mississippi Delta
 Hales, Brent. and Barton, Alan.

Temporal Division of Labor in a Rural Development Network: Forest Landowner Collaboration in Wisconsin and Minnesota
 Hufnagl-Eichiner, Stefanie. and Wolf, Steven.

Terroir (Geographical Indicators): Agronomic Racism, Geological Hegemony, Intellectual Property, Market Strategy, Rural Revitalization, or All the Above*
 Friedland, William.

Testing the Hypothesis of Disproportionality in Environmental Damage
 Freudenburg, William. and Berry, Lisa.

The Aftermath of Katrina and Its Impacts on the Resiliency of Local Labor Markets
 Parisi, Domenico., Harris, Deborah. and Grice, Steven.

The American Dream Realized? Community and Life Satisfaction of Exurbanites
 Sharp, Jeff., Clark, Jill. and Martin, Ken.

The Battle of Acres: Subsistence Farming in Soviet Lithuania
 Mincyte, Diana.

The Community Context for Early Childhood Education
 Israel, Glenn. and Borek, Chris.

The Community Context for Rural Youth Educational and Residential Aspirations
 Schafft, Kai., Demi, Mary Ann., Mclaughlin, Diane., Mitra, Dana. and Snyder, Anastasia.

The Consequences of Energy Production: A Case Study of the Wink Sinkholes
 Primeaux-Snyder, Susan.

The Contested Nature of Multifunctionality in the US: The Case of the Conservation Security Program
 Lenihan, Martin.

The Demographic Future of the Great Plains
 Rathge, Richard.

The Demography of the Education Reversal in the West
 Evans, M.D.R.. and Harris, Thomas.

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Understanding Effective Educational Programming for Women Farmers in the Pennsylvania Women’s Agricultural Network
 Trauger, Amy. and Sachs, Carolyn.

Unexpected Pleasures: Qualities of Life of Wisconsin Dairy Farmers
 Lloyd, Sarah., Bell, Michael., Stevenson, George. and Kriegl, Thomas.

Unlikely Bedfellows? Small Farmers and Supermarkets in Nicaragua
 Wiegel, Jennifer.

Urban Poverty Among Raramuri Women
 England, J. Lynn., Garcia Bencomo, Myrna., Reyes Lopez, Gerardo. and Heaton, Tim.


Volunteer Fire Departments as a Rural Institution: Form, Function, and Capacity
 Perkins, Kenneth. and Benoit, John.


Water Testing and Community Response to Water Quality Impairments from Coal Mining
 McSpirit, Stephanie.

Waterscapes in Indian Country: Identity, Power, Resistance, and Place in New Mexican Native American Communities
 Stansbury, Melanie.

Who Are They? The Diversity of Alternative Food System Supporters
 Bean Smith, Molly.

Why We Do the Things We Do: Examining Family Choices in Motives for Unrecorded Work
 Larrivee, John.

Working the Frontlines of Relief, Recovery, and Redevelopment: Exploring the Views of Service Providers in the Wake of Disaster
 Green, John., Kleiner, Anna., Montgomery, JoLynn. and Bayer, Irene.
Rural Sociological Society 2006-Aug-10 to 2006-Aug-14
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