Rural Sociological Society 2007-Aug-02 to 2007-Aug-05

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"Missing - Analyses of American Rural Life in Introduction to Sociology Textbooks: Implications for Teaching and Learning"
 Jenkins, Carol.

"Should I Stay or Should I Go?": Retirement and Housing in Rural Illinois
 Struthers, Cynthia.

“True-Blue Producers,” “Hobby Farmers,” and “Ex-Urbanites”: Natural Resource Professionals and Their Clients in Missouri’s Changing Rural Landscape
 Arbuckle, J.


A Case Study for Co-Management: The Resettlement Administration and The Farm Security Administration
 Donaldson, Susie.
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A Conceptual Site Map for Disaster Management: Sociology’s Role in Risk Communication and Community Response
 Borron, Abigail. and Tucker, Mark.

A Different View: Mid-West Farmers' Perceptions of Water Quality
 Morton, Lois.

A Mixed Method Examination of Social Capital and Industry Transformation in Rural South Westland, New Zealand
 Goodrich, Colin. and Sampson, Kaylene.

A Place for Taste: Democratizing Slow Food
 DeLind, Laura B..

A Study of Actual Condition Analysis of Foreigner Agricultural Trainee in Rural Korea
 Hwang, Dae Yong., Ko, JeongSook. and Cho, Youngsook.

A Study on the Economic Life of Rural Inhabitants in Korea
 Ko, JeongSook., Lee, Hanki., Cho, Youngsook., Park, Eunshik. and Hwang, Dae Yong.

A Tangle of Hope and Skepticism: Heartland Perspectives on Impacts of the Emerging Agricultural Bioeconomy
 Meyer, Alissa. and Hinrichs, C..
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Academic Capitalism and Re-disciplining University Science: Scientists’ Values, Intellectual Property, and Agricultural Biotechnology
 Glenna, Leland., Welsh, Rick., Lacy, William. and Biscotti, Dina.

Access to Modern Information Technology and Civic Engagement in the Farming Communities
 Khatiwada, Lila.

Addressing Community Challenges by Empowering Students and Staff: A Case Study
 Kerstetter, Katie. and Hines, Chandra.

Adolescent Employment, Educational and Occupational Goals, and the Residential Aspirations of Rural Youth
 Demi, Mary Ann., Bhandari, Prem., Ryan, Andrea. and Snyder, Anastasia.

Agricultural Change at the Rural-Urban Interface: Growth, Decline & Stability
 Sharp, Jeff., Jackson-Smith, Douglas., Inwood, Shoshanah. and Clark, Jill.
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Agricultural Workers in Movement: California 1965-2005
 Posadas, Florencio.

An Analysis of the Working Poor in the Southern Black Belt Region of the United States
 Gray, Benjamin., Thomas, Terrence. and Bernard, Marcus.

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Back to the Future: Polish Ecological Agriculture in the Wake of the EU Accession
 De Master, Kathryn.

Bank- Versus Foundation-Led Approaches to Community Development in the Mississippi Delta
 Harvey, Mark. and Beaulieu, Lionel.

Between Families and Communities: Social Capital in the Context of Rural Industry Transformation
 Sampson, Kaylene. and Goodrich, Colin.

Beyond Gateway Cities: Community Well-Being in Latino Immigrants’ Rural Destinations
 Crowley, Martha. and Lichter, Daniel.

Brewing Justice: Fair Trade Coffee, Sustainability and Survival in Oaxaca, Mexico
 Jaffee, Daniel.

Brown Clouds and the Big Bend: Air Quality and the Making of a Place
 Donez, Francisco.

Building Community through the Internet: A Case of the Kentucky Citizen Media Project (KCMP)
 Nah, Seungahn., Hansen, Gary. and Weckman, Randy.

Building Justice, Building Democracy: Reconceptualizing the Environmental Justice Framework
 Banerjee, Damayanti.

But can I drink it? Water quality awareness and attitudes in Missouri's Hinkson Creek watershed
 Baumer, Michele.

Buy/Sell the American Dream: The Commodification of “Rural” in Exurban Development
 Sowga, Shauna. and Kendall, Holli.


CEREO: Transforming Individual Strengths into Collaborative Programs Making a Difference in the Environment
 Fiske, Emmett.

Canadian Media Representations of BSE and vCJD and Public Risk Perspectives
 Boyd, Amanda., Jardine, Cynthia. and Driedger, Michelle.

Capping Farm Payments: Catalyst for an Agricultural Policy Paradigm Shift?
 Burmeister, Larry.

Challenging Scholarship : The Transformations of European Agricultures and French Sociology
 Purseigle, François.

Changing Class and Identity Contradictions in a Saskatchewan Agrarian Community
 Jaffe, JoAnn. and Quark, Amy.

Chasms in Agriculture and Food Systems: Rethinking How We Can Contribute
 Friedland, William.

Civic Markets and Alternative Agrofood Networks
 DuPuis, E.. and Gillon, Sean.

Communication decision and marital role structure on household affairs in rural Korea
 Cho, Youngsook., Hwang, Dae Yong., Ko, JeongSook. and Park, DukByeong.

Community Capacity and Rural Low-Income Housing Rehabilitation
 Kennealy, Patrick. and Bailey, Conner.

Community Capacity for Poverty Reduction in the Mekong Delta of Viet Nam
 Nguyen Van, Sanh. and Voth, Donald.

Community Change in the Northern Forest: Managing Decline in the 21st Century
 Colocousis, Chris.

Community Conflict and the Quality of Neighboring in Rural Iowa
 Sundblad, Daniel. and Sapp, Stephen.

Community Effects on Kindergarten to Fifth Grade Educational Achievement
 Israel, Glenn.

Community Wildfire Risk Perception:Fire as Social Resistance and Collective Response to Risk
 Gordon, Jason.

Community in a Regional Context
 Flint, Courtney. and Luloff, A. E..

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Dairy Farmer Views on Alternative Energy Production
 Gillespie, Gilbert., Welsh, Rick. and Gremelspacher, Megan.

Demographic Components of Rural Population Change: In-Migration and Natural Increase of Immigrants
 Johnson, Kenneth. and Lichter, Daniel.

Demographic Factors Associated with Illegal Drug Use among College Students in Appalachian Kentucky
 Tallichet, Suzanne. and White, Ilsun.

Discursive Processes of Contested Enclosure in the Canadian Canola Plant Breeding System.
 Weiss, Stephen.

Distant Fields: Agricultural Labor and International Migration in the Global Economy
 Jensen, Eric.

Does the Tail Wag the Distribution? Testing Hypotheses of Proportionality and Disproportionality
 Freudenburg, William., Berry, Lisa. and Howell, Frank.

Dynamics of Conflict and Cooperation for Group Stability in Selected Government-Assisted Cooperatives
 Visco, Emilia. and Dioso, Elizabeth.


EARTH to farmers: Extension and the adoption of environmental technologies in the Parismina Watershed, Costa Rica
 Miller, Melanie., Mariola, Matt. and Hansen, David.

Economic Development Strategies in the Northwest: The Role of Natural Capital
 Crowe, Jessica.

Economic restructuring: The effects on migration and poverty rates in the U.S. during the 1990s.
 Moehr, Matthew J.
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Ecotourism as a Community Development Strategy in the Mississippi Delta: Perspectives from Land Managers
 Barton, Alan. and Atchison, Eric.

Education’s Effect on Poverty: The Role of Migration and Persistent Poverty
 Marre, Alexander., Weber, Bruce., Fisher, Monica., Gibbs, Robert. and Cromartie, John.

Effects of 2005 Hurricanes on Louisiana School Performance
 Schafer, Mark.

Enhancing technology adoption based on farmer typologies derived through a market segmentation approach
 Cummins, Jay. and Gill, Gurjeet.
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Enhancing the Adoption of Rain-fed Conservation Farming Systems in Eritrea; What Lessons can be learnt from the Australian Experience?
 Cummins, Jay., Gill, Gurjeet., Fortune, Jim. and Coventry, David.

Entrepreneurship in Indian Country: New Strategies for Change
 Emery, Mary. and Flora, Cornelia.

Evaluating Access Barriers to Primary Health Care Services for Hispanic Residents in Toombs County, Georgia
 Vitale, Michele.

Examining the Correlates of HIV-Related Stigma in Kenya: The significance of contextual and behavioral influences
 Mwangi, Wairimu., Adua, Lazarus. and Apaliyah, Godwin.

Exploration of the Social, Economic and Demographic Characteristics of the Most and Least Obese States
 Mc Millen, Edith.

Exurbanization and Housing the Working Poor
 Ziebarth, Ann.


Factors Affecting Conservation Easements for Rural Land Preservation: Agricultural Production and Amenity Preservation Through Emerging Markets
 Bastian, Christopher., McLeod, Donald M.., Hoag, Dana L.., Keske, Catherine M.. and Miller, Ashley D..

Factors Related to New York State Dairy Farm Viability
 Woodward, Andrea. and Gillespie, Gilbert.

Farm Workers' Daughters and Granddaughters: Continuities and Discontinuities with Immigrant Farm Worker Origins
 Wells, Barbara.

Farm-to-School Programs Link Rural/Urban Communities, Promote Collaboration and Civic Engagement
 Giraud, Deborah., Feenstra, Gail. and Rilla, Ellie.

Fashioning a Seamless Market: Neoliberalism and Hegemony Along the Global Cotton Commodity Chain
 Quark, Amy.

Feeding Expectations: Three Generations in the Family Kitchen
 Jaffe, JoAnn. and Gertler, Michael.

Following Flows: Relating Community to Global in Managing Water Resources in Palestine
 Gasteyer, Stephen. and Araj, Tahreer.

Food Provisioning Strategies, Food Insecurity and Stress among the Northern Cheyenne
 Ward, Carol. and Whiting, Erin.

Food Safety and Environmental Quality: Current Conflicts in Central Coast Agriculture
 Stuart, Diana.

Foster Care Placements Due to Drug Abuse and Meth Labs in Rural Minnesota
 Swenson, Tami.

From Fixin’s to Fencing: The Production of Gender in Farm Families
 Smyth, Jolene.

From Lassie to Babe: Assessing the Marriage between Environmentalism and Animal Rights in America
 Holt, David.

From Pastoral to Agri-Food Business: Consolidation of Agri-Food Business Identity in the Australian Beef Industry
 Sanchez, Mariela.

From Renewable to Alternative Energy: The Case of Pennsylvania’s Energy Portfolio Standard
 Thomas, Robert. and Glenna, Leland.

From Sustainable to Civic Agriculture: The Next Step in the Sociology of Agri-Food Systems?
 Constance, Douglas.

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Gender Analysis of Land-Grant Agricultural Research
 Goldberger, Jessica. and Crowe, Jessica.

Gender Differences in Educational Attainment: What is the Role of Family and Community Context?
 Beck, Frank. and Blair, Sampson Lee.

Gender and Employment in Indian Country
 Corral, Stephen.

Geographical Indications: Promoting Local Products in a Global Market
 Bowen, Sarah.
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Geographically-Disadvantaged Rural Communities: Criteria for Identifying Them.
 von Reichert, Christiane., Cromartie, John. and Gibbs, Robert.

Global Steaks: A Comparison of the South African and Botswanan Red Meat Industries
 Ransom, Elizabeth.

Globally Embedded Community:Satisfaction and Attachment in Vance, Alabama
 Goodsell, Todd., Brown, Ralph., Simpson, Mark. and Stovall, Josh.

Growing Naturally in Alabama: Needs and Possibilities
 Cui, Lina., Molnar, Joseph., Fowler, W.D.., Garrett, Jan. and Kloepper, Joseph.

Growing Up Mobile in a Rural Trailer Park
 MacTavish, Katherine.


Harnessing California Central Valley’s Hidden Energy: Multiethnic Collaboration in Immigrant,Refugee and Worker Communities
 Fujimoto, Isao.

Health Research and Interventions in Child Care: Accessing At-Risk Populations in the Mississippi Delta
 Leonard, Sarah. and Hanna, Heather.

Henry A. Wallace and the Intended New Deal in Agriculture
 Gilbert, Jess.

Henry A. Wallace: Social Theorist of the New Deal
 Schaffer, Harwood.

Household and Neighborhood Factors Contributing to Farm Exit in Nepal
 Bhandari, Prem.

How the Structure of Interorganizational Networks Influence Community Economic Development Strategies
 Crowe, Jessica.

Human Capital Endowment of Hispanic Migrants: Rural and Urban Differences
 Farmer, Frank L. and Moon, Zola.

Hunting Permission Restrictiveness among Land Operators
 Zollinger, Brett. and Wheeler, Ben.


Impact of Broadband Technology on Rural Community Development
 Pigg, Kenneth.

Implications of Context Specific Mathematics Research for Rural Teachers
 Berry, Lisa. and Freudenburg, William.

In Their Own Words: The Story of Mississippi Delta Black Farmers
 Weaver, Emily., Green, Eleanor. and Burkett, Ben.

In a Class of their Own: Latino Forest Labor Contractors in the Pine Straw Industry
 Casanova, Vanessa.

In-migration and Commuting Distance in Rural England, 2001
 Brown, David., Champion, Tony. and Coombes, Mike.

Incorporating Relations of Production, Trade, and Consumption: Towards a Political Ecology of Food System Performance
 Gertler, Michael. and Jaffe, JoAnn.

Innovative Strategies for Examining Youth and Place
 Shamah, Devora. and MacTavish, Katherine.

Integrating Landscape Amenities with Historic Parcelization Trends to Better Target Landscape Conservation Efforts
 Haines, Anna.

Integrating Scale and Disciplinary Perspectives: Managing for Change in Complex Adaptive Systems
 Moore, Keith.

Integrating watershed management, land use planning, social data, and public participation in rural community planning
 Smith, Michael., Blyther, Ruth., Rice, Jennifer. and Dickman, Dana.

Interdisciplinary Research on Sustainable Food Chains: Insights from the UK’s Rural Economy and Land Use Programme
 Hinrichs, C..

Invisibility, Difference, and Disadvantage: Consequences of Immigrant Farm Labor Politics in California and Wisconsin
 Harrison, Jill.

Irrigation, Income Distribution and Poverty Alleviation in the Southeast United States
 Bai, Dan. and Molnar, Joseph.

Is There Terroir in the Future for Rural Communities in the US?
 Bingen, Jim.

It appears that the sky is, indeed, falling: Carbon, carbon everywhere.
 Wolf, Steven.


Leadership Development Programs: Are We Enhancing Individual, Social or Community Capital?
 Dyk, Patricia. and Hancock, Donna.

Leadership as Community Capacity Building: A Study on the Impact of Leadership Development Training on Local Capacity
 Emery, Mary., Fernandez-Baca, Edith., Flora, Cornelia. and Gutierrez, Isabel.

Linking Land Conservation and Rural Stakeholders through Cultural Model Research
 Paolisso, Michael. and Weeks, Pris.

Linking Rural Vendors with Urban Public Markets: Institutional Constraints and Possibilities in the Evolution of Urban Food Systems
 Rigdon, Leah., Molnar, Joseph., Bukenya, James. and Siaway, Arthur.


Maintaining Homeplace: A Comparison of Tenancies in Common Among African Americans, White Appalachians, and Native Americans
 Dyer, Janice.

Mapping the Space of Flows Within and Between the Global Strawberry Complexes: California/Mexico, Spain/Morrocco and China
 Borrego, John.

Market-Based Governance and the Challenge for Rural Governments: U.S. Trends
 Warner, Mildred.

Marketing Contracts and Small Farmers: The Case of Cassava Growers in the Philippines
 Tacastacas, Rene.

Measuring Rural Immigrant Incorporation
 Koball, Heather., Capps, Randolph. and Kandel, William.

Measuring the Social and Cultural Contributions of Immigrants to Their Integration Efforts in Rural Communities
 Jeanetta, Stephen., Valdivia, Corinne. and Flores, Lisa.

Metropolitan/Nonmetropolitan Variations in Early Childhood Education Programs in the United States
 Smith, Johnelle.

Migration Explanations for African-American Trailer-Park Homeowners
 Eley, Michelle. and Salamon, Sonya.

Migration and Tourism Destinations: Uneven Development in Rural America
 Winkler, Richelle.

Migration, the Community Resource Dimension and the Environment: A Synthetic Framework for Migration and Environment Research
 Qin, Hua.

Milky Ways: Collective Action and Place-Based Labeling in Latin America
 Boucher, Francois.

Mining for Justice: Consumer Perceptions on Social Justice in the Food System
 Allen, Patricia. and Perez, Jan.

Monsanto, versus Tillamook Dairy, and rBGH
 Gray, Thomas.

Monumental Decisions: Public Participation Processes in Escalante, Utah
 Jennings, Brian., Petrzelka, Peggy. and Smith, Rebecca.

Moral Sequestration of Space and Place: Geographic Proximity and the Perception of Social Issues
 Gruber, Trevalyn., Korsching, Peter., Sapp, Stephen. and Lasley, Paul.

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Nanotechnologies, Food, and Agriculture: Next Big Thing or Flash in the Pan?
 Busch, Lawrence.

Natural Resources, Tourism and Changes in Southeastern Alaska, 1990-2000
 Kirschner, Annabel., Cerveny, Lee. and Kruger, Linda.

Networks and Cultural Bridges: A Case Study of the Sierra Tarahumara in Northern Mexico
 England, Lynn., Heaton, Tim. and Nations, Jennifer.

New Ecological Paradigm Orientation and Agricultural Operation Characterstics
 Wheeler, Ben. and Zollinger, Brett.


Obsolete on Delivery: Economic Development and the New Orleans Canals.
 Gramling, Bob., Freudenburg, William., Laska, Shirley. and Erikson, Kai.


Perceptions of Change in Southwest Yukon Land and Socialscapes: Applications for Cumulative Social Impact Assessment
 Christensen, Lisa. and Krogman, Naomi.

Peril or Promise?-Building a Science Park in Rural Taiwan
 Chen, Cheng-Hui Lucy. and Tsay, Ruey-Ming.

Permanent and Seasonal Residents Community Attachment in Natural Amenity-rich Areas: Exploring the Contribution of Community and Place Factors
 Matarrita, David., Stedman, Richard. and Luloff, A. E..

Persistent Poverty Revisited: A Community-Level Typology Using Improved Data and Methods
 Peters, David.

Population Change and Social Vulnerability in the Wake of Disaster: The Case of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
 Myers, Candice.

Post Conversion and Failure: Future of New Generation Cooperatives
 Stofferahn, Curtis.

Poverty in Rural America: a Multilevel Analysis
 Horton, Hayward Derrick., Monnat, Shannon Marie., Marguiles, Emily. and Wong, Allen.

Poverty in the Borderland and Delta: A Comparative Analysis of Differences by Family Type
 Slack, Tim., Poston, Dudley., Saenz, Rogelio., Singelmann, Joachim. and Fontenot, Kayla.

Poverty, Community Disadvantage, and Rural Residential “Mobility Sheds,”
 Schafft, Kai.

Preliminary field research in Canada's North: Methodological observations, alchemy and anxieties in social scientific research
 Caine, Ken., Maclean Davison, Colleen. and Stewart, Emma J..

Professionalization of U.S. Agriculture: Toward Accountability, Adaptive Capabilities, Territorial Development and Agrarian Democracy
 Wolf, Steven.

Proposed Kansas Medicaid Photo-ID Requirement and Perceptions of Hardship
 Walker, Michael.

Providing Homeless Youth Services in a Rural County: The View from Two Perspectives
 Edwards, Mark., Torgerson, Melissa. and Sattem, Jennifer.

Putting people in their place: negotiating racialized subjectivity, the structure of natural resource management, and social position
 Wilmsen, Carl.


Queer in the Country: Educational Outcomes Among Rural Same-Sex Attracted Youth
 Stapel, Christopher.


Race and the Micro-Scale Spatial Concentration of Poverty in Nonmetropolitan Counties
 Lichter, Daniel. and Parisi, Domenico.

Re-Regulating Pesticides Though Private Certification: How Far is Far Enough?
 Murray, Douglas. and Raynolds, Laura.

Reappraising the Green Revolution: Does Equity Matter?
 Niazi, Tarique.

Reconceptualizing the Divide: How Levels of Internet Proficiency affect Usefulness of Access across Rural, Suburban, and Urban Communities
 Stern, Michael.

Reducing Persistent Poverty through Asset-based Economies: Towards a Social-Justice Theory of Rural Community Transformation
 Richardson, Jim. and London, Jonathan.

Relocation to the Buffalo Commons: Residential Decisions Among Migrants to Nebraska's Panhandle.
 Cantrell, Randy., Burkhart-Kriesel, Cheryl., Johnson, Bruce. and Vogt, Rebecca.

Research on Volunteer Activities of Women Organizations in Rural and Urban Area; Focused on Supporting to Exchange between both Organizations
 Lee, Jin Young., Gim, Gyung Mee., Lee, Eun-Kyoung., Choi, Yoon Ji., Hwang, Dae Yong. and Kang, Kyeong Ha.

Resiliency and Related Concepts from Rural Sociology: Some lingering questions on its conceptual application.
 Krogman, Naomi. and Christensen, Lisa.

Resource Dependency and Rural Development in Alabama
 Robinson, Laura. and Bailey, Conner.

Retirement Migration and the Road to Rural America
 Brown, David. and Glasgow, Nina.

Rural Community Response to a Coal Fire Plant Proposal: Integrating network Analysis into Understanding Local Conflict
 Allen, John., Dawson, Susan., Madsen, Gary. and Chang, Chih-Yao.

Rural County Governments: Examining Decentralization Over Time
 Lobao, Linda. and Kraybill, David.

Rural Differences in Longitudinal Trajectories of Monetary Transfers from Parents to Adult Non-coresident Children
 Killian, Tim.

Rural Families and Their Communities: Challenges to Sustained Employment
 Dyk, Patricia., Bauer, Jean., Katras, Mary Jo. and Frank, Sarah.

Rural Mobilities and the Mobile Rural: Passing on a Passive Rural Imagination
 Bell, Michael.

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Satisfaction with a Group Exercise in an Introductory Rural Sociology Course
 Donnermeyer, Joseph., Owens, Christopher., Mwangi, Wairimu. and Sowga, Shauna.

Social Assessment and Planning in the Aftermath of Disaster: Capacity Development through Community-Based Learning
 Green, John., Kerstetter, Katie., Kleiner, Anna., Montgomery, JoLynn. and Sarigiannis, Amy.

Social Impacts of Tourism & Domestic In-migration in Rural Communities
 Ullman, Margaret.

Social disorganization, conflict and crime in four rural Australian communities
 Donnermeyer, Joseph., Jobes, Patrick. and Barclay, Elaine.
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Spatial Inequality: Devolution, Development, and Welfare Reform
 Tickamyer, Ann.

Spatial Inequality: Differential Mortality Across the U.S.
 McLaughlin, Diane.

Spatial Inequality: Placing Family Poverty in Area Contexts
 Cotter, David.

Spatial Inequality: Spaces, Places, and the Subnational Scale
 Lobao, Linda. and Hooks, Gregory.

Spatial Inequality: The Measurement and Analysis of Inequality in Grounded, Place Settings
 Irwin, Michael.

Strategies for Sustaining Viable Agriculture Sectors in Urbanizing Counties
 Esseks, Dick. and Bauermeister, Mark.

Subsidized Manufactured Housing Solutions for Rural and Agricultural Communities: Lessons from the Field
 Wiener, Rob.

Sustainable Farming and Ecological Modernization: Emergent discourse coalitions in Maine
 Finan, Ann.

Sustaining the Family Farm at the Rural Urban Interface: Farm Succession Processes of Alternative Food and Agricultural Enterprises and Traditional Commodity Farmers.
 Inwood, Shoshanah., Sharp, Jeff. and Jackson-Smith, Douglas.


Taking Home Country Goodness: Westby, Wisconsin, and its Farmer-Owned Creamery
 Miller, Carol.

Teaching About the Complexities and Diversities of American Rural Life
 Jenkins, Carol.

Teaching and Learning About Rural Diversities - A Case Study: Postville, Iowa
 Jenkins, Carol.

Territorial Power and the Growth of Water Programs under the U.S. Federal System
 O\'Neill, Karen.

The Agricultural Experience Effects of Allotment Garden
 Young, Kim., Rhee, Sang-Young., Kim, Eun-Ja. and Lee, Seung-Joo.

The Changing Scope of California Strawberry Production: Impacts on Local Labor Markets
 Lopez, Marcos.

The Community Field Research Program
 Smith, Douglas.

The Development of Agrarian Institutions: Utilitarian versus Class-Power Explanations
 McCabe, Susan.

The Diffusion of Internet Technology in Rural Minnesota: An Empirical Study
 Jones, Susan.

The Diffusion of an Innovation: The Poultry Industry Moves South
 Constance, Douglas.

The Dual Role of Women Farmers in Central Serbia: Help or Hindrance?
 Huerta, Alexandria., Balschweid, Mark. and Tucker, Mark.

The Effects Globalization on Social, Economic, and Natural Systems in Rural Communities in N.E. Jamaica, West Indies
 Meikle-Yaw, Paulette. and Reid-Wooten, Mary.

The Effects of Economic Shocks on Local Retail Trade
 Recker, Nicholas.

The Effects of Wildland Fire on an Appalachian Community
 Moneta, Mary. and Smith, Douglas.

The Impact of Local Land Use Policy and Social Infrastructure on Agricultural Transitions in Urbanizing Areas
 Jackson-Smith, Douglas., Sharp, Jeff., Clark, Jill., Inwood, Shoshanah. and Porreca, Lori.

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Understand Diversity amongst United States Agricultural producers: An Example Drawn from Wheat Growers in Washington State
 Jussaume, Raymond. and Glenna, Leland.

Understanding Online Social Support in Rural America: Strengthening Social Ties or Promoting Out-Migration?
 LaRose, Robert., Gregg, Jennifer., Strover, Sharon. and Straubhaar, Joseph.

Using Multiple Methods to Study the Fertility Rates of Two Diverse Groups in South Dakota
 McCurry, Michael. and Brooks, W. Trevor.


Virtual Rurality: Rural “Communities” in Cyberspace
 Sowga, Shauna.


Water Quality Issues in the Heartland
 Morton, Lois.

Welfare Reform, Rural Incomes, and Metro-Rural Income Convergence
 Mannion, Elgin.

What is so "Neoliberal" about Global Environmental Governance? U.S. Protectionism of Strawberry Production in the Montreal Protocol
 Gareau, Brian.

Wine Tasting: Grand Mystery of the Church of Wine
 Friedland, William.

Wisconsin Women Farmers: Rural Femininities and Sexual Identities
 Keller, Julie.

Writing the Next Farm Bill: Institutional Structure and Political Power in U.S. Agricultural Policy
 Lehrer, Nadine.


YouthWorks: Youth as Resources for Strengthening Human and Social Capital in Rural Areas
 Kramer, Laurie., Pleck, Joseph., Siegel, Frances., Wiley, Angela., Ebata, Aaron. and Gary, Kathleen.
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