Rural Sociological Society 2008-Jul-28 to 2008-Aug-01

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"I Want More Than Just the Clinic": How Low-Income Mothers Navigate Health Systems in the Mississippi Delta
 Leonard, Sarah. and Wallace, Mechelle.

"Regulating the Poor" Revisited: The Role of International Migration and Internal Colonies
 Harvey, Mark.

"You Are What You Eat": Food-Related Values and Participation in Community Supported Agriculture
 Burger, Allison.

(Re)thinking Critical Research on Sustainable Agriculture Movements
 Getz, Christy., Brown, Sandy. and Shreck, Aimee.

“Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve”… Applying Sociology to Community-Identified Questions
 Walsh, Margaret.


A Band of Goat Raisers as Background for Study of Voluntarism and Society
 Floro, George.

A Case Study of the Long Term Changes of Decision Making and Role-Sharing of Rural Village Couples
 Ko, Jeongsook.

A Comparative Analysis of Social Impacts of Long-Term Boomtown Developments and One-Time Mega Events in Rural Communities
 Cope, Michael., Young, Kirk. and Brown, Ralph.

A Comparative Study of the Effectiveness of a Web-Based Information Collection and Sharing Tool: Does Context Make a Difference?
 Robertson, Robert.

A Field-Interactional Perspective on Interorganizational Relationships Among Local Development Organizations
 Bessant, Kenneth.

A Multilevel Analysis of Rural and Urban Health Differences in Mexico
 Sparks, P. Johnelle., Sparks, Corey. and Flores, Miguel.

A New Methodology for Rural Community Sample Surveys by Mail or the Web: Experimental Results from Recent Test
 Dillman, Don. and Smyth, Jolene.

A Proposed Typology of Refugee and Immigrant Population Streams
 Owens, Christopher.

A Sense of Purpose and a Sense of Place: Examining Rural Residence and Adolescent Development
 Shamah, Devora. and MacTavish, Katherine.

A State Program Attempt to Change Agriculture: Kentucky's Agriculture Development Fund
 Maurer, Richard. and Infanger, Craig.

A Study of the Dietary Habits of Students in the Mississippi Delta
 McMillen, Edith.

A Study on Adult Learners' Perception of the Development of Vocational Competencies in Rural Korea
 Cho, Youngsook., Park, Dukbyoeng., Ko, Jeongsook. and Hwang, Daeyong.

A 'Public Agriculture' for the Bioeconomy
 Wright, Wynne. and Grogan, Richard.

Access to Higher Education Service Learning in Rural Areas
 Stoecker, Randy. and Schmidt, Charity.

Active Living in the Countryside?: Physical Activity Among Rural Youth
 MacTavish, Katherine. and Richards, Leslie.

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Baby Boomer Migration and Socioeconomic Change in ‘No Growth’ Counties
 Nelson, Peter. and Cromartie, John.

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Attitudes towards Using Herbicides to Manage Cheatgrass
 Evans, Mariah. and Rollins, Kimberly.

Beyond Bridges to Nowhere: Earmarks, Water Infrastructure, and the Decline of Meritocracy in the U.S.
 Gasteyer, Stephen. and Rangel, Claudia.

Beyond Social Programs: Creating a Culture of Possibilities in the Mid South Delta
 Leonard, Sarah.

Biofueling Rural Development? Prospects and Challenges at Local and Global Scales
 Selfa, Theresa. and Sarmistha, Uma.

Borough Incorporation as an Effective Response to Rural Restructuring: Perceptions of Community Leaders in Delta Junction, Alaska
 Johnson, Michelle. and Richards, Rebecca.

Building Regional Response Teams to Assist Rural Community Response to a Critical Incident
 Ouellette, Vernon.

Building Wealth through Ownership: Resident-Owned Manufactured Housing Communities
 Cullen, Kelly., Ward, Sally. and French, Charlie.


Carrying Capacity and Darfur: A Preliminary Exploration of Concepts and Connections
 Nielsen, Erik.

Challenging the 'Mafia' in Southern Italy: Community and Cooperation in the Face of Organized Crime
 Zumpano, Catia., Gaudio, Guiseppe., Marini, Matteo. and Mooney, Patrick.

Changing Friendship Patterns among Middletown Women
 Brown, Ralph., Cope, Michael., Goodsell, Todd. and Flaherty, Jeremy.

Changing Parental Involvement and Early Childhood Educational Achievement
 Israel, Glenn.

Changing the Market or Using the Market to Change Policy? The Case of the Sustainable Seafood Movement
 Konefal, Jason.

Chronic Poverty, Community Decline & Amenity-Rich Growth in Rural America
 Ward, Sally.

Civil Rights Tourism in the Mississippi Delta: A Viable Option for Racial Reconciliation?
 Barton, Alan. and Leonard, Sarah.

Closing the Rural Broadband Gap: The Results of a Field Experiment
 LaRose, Robert., Strover, Sharon., Gregg, Jennifer. and Straubhaar, Joseph.

Co-Constructing Community Forests in Nepal: Mutual Constraint and Network Ontology in Transnational Aid
 Thoms, Christopher.

Coaching for Community Change: A Strategy for Replacing the Expert Model for Community Outreach
 Emery, Mary.

Collaborative Small-Scale Agricultural Marketing: Barriers and Opportunities for Alabama's Low-Input and Organic Farmers
 Lowe, Mecca., Molnar, Joseph., Cui, Lina., Kloepper, Joseph., Garrett, Jan. and Fowler, Dee.

Common Ground: Toward A Transdisciplinary Study Of Rural Education
 Stapel, Christopher. and DeYoung, Alan.

Communified: Consumption Habits in the Rural Community
 Colling, Matthew., Stovall, Josh. and Brown, Ralph.

Community Adjustment in the Crandall Canyon Mine Disaster
 England, Lynn., Torlina, Jeff. and Wilson, David.

Community Attachment in Mass Society: A Multilevel Systemic Model
 Flaherty, Jeremy.

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Dairy Farmer Views on Community Digester Operations
 Gremelspacker, Megan., Gillespie, Gilbert. and Welsh, Rick.

Dealing with Disparities: Significant Predictors of Children's Health in the Mississippi Delta
 Hanna, Heather. and Leonard, Sarah.

Defining U.S. Food Security Status: A Consideration of Marginally Food Secure Households
 Coleman, Alisha.

Destination Development and Socioeconomic Exclusion in Rural America
 Winkler, Richelle.

Developing Storage and Feeding Methods to Utilize Biofuel Coproducts in Small- and Medium-Sized Farms
 Lake, Scott., Buckmaster, Dennis., Donkin, Shawn., Foster, Kenneth., Lemenager, Ron. and Schutz, Mike.

Development Issues in a Second-Home Community
 Hickey, Anthony.

Development and Assessment of the Gender Equality Indicator in Agriculture (GEIA)
 Gim, Gyung Mee., Choi, Yoon Ji. and Lee, Jin Young.

Development of Educational Programs to Support Local Voluntary Activities: Urban and Rural Women
 Lee, Jin Young., Gim, Gyung Mee., Choi, Yoon Ji. and Yoo, Seon-Mi.

Devolution and Spatial Inequality: Implications for Rural Counties
 Cimbaluk, Lisa. and Warner, Mildred.

Differences in Climate of Receptivity: Urban and Rural Residents’ Perceptions of Local Food Systems
 Reisner, Ann. and Soult, Gwendolyn.

Differences of Opinion: Newspapers and Rural and Urban Residents’ Climate of Receptivity Toward Biotechnology
 Soult, Gwendolyn. and Reisner, Ann.

Differentiating Small Farm Produce Offerings through Nutritionally Superior Cultivars, Marketing, and Extension Programs
 Stushnoff, Cecil., Bunning, Marisa., Stonaker, Frank., Kendall, Pat. and Thilmany, Dawn.

Diffused Water Governance and Forums for Local Participation: Examples from Kansas
 Selfa, Theresa. and Becerra, Terrie.

Diversification and Livelihood Strategies in Aymara Communities of the Altiplano
 Turin, Cecilia. and Thomas, Justin.

Do Rural Residents Really Use the Internet to Build Social Capital? An Empirical Investigation
 Stern, Mike. and Adams, Alison.

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Economic Analysis of Silvopastoral Systems for Pine Sawlog, Goat, and Forage Production on Small and Medium-Sized Farms in the Black Belt Region of the Southeast
 Bukenya, James. and Nyakatawa, Ermson.

Economic Shocks, Local Capitalism, and Quality of Life in Small Iowa Communities
 Recker, Nicholas.

Economic Sustainability for Small Farms in an Increasing Scarce Water Environment
 Pritchett, James., Hansen, Neil. and Jha, Ajay.

Economic Transitions and Community Well-Being in the Spotted Owl Region
 Kirschner, Annabel. and Donoghue, Ellen.

Education of Mexican Youth and Their Assimilation by Segment in the United States
 Roman, Alejandro.

Energy and Household Adaptation: The Role of Class, Debt, and the Urban-Rural Continuum (Juried Paper Award)
 Adua, Lazarus. and Sharp, Jeff.

Enhancing Farm Diversification Opportunities
 Myers, Robert.

Enhancing Small Farm Prosperity: An Integrated Research, Education, and Outreach Program for Niche Pork Production
 Huber, Gary.

Ensuring Safe Alternatives: Food Safety Regulation as an Actor in New Food Movements
 Holt, David. and Worosz, Michelle.

Entrepreneurship as Rural Economic Development Policy: Is This a Good Idea?
 Walker, Michael.

Environmental Discourse and Biofuels Development
 Iaroi, Albert., Middendorf, Gerad. and Selfa, Theresa.

Environmental Sociology as More Than Public Sociology
 Freudenburg, William., Davidson, Debra. and Gramling, Bob.

Environmental and Economic Consequences of Multiple-Use Management of Agricultural Lands in the Northern Great Plains
 Leistritz, F.Larry., Nudell, Dan., Schauer, Christopher., Sedivec, Kevin. and Hodur, Nancy.

Environmental, Economic, and Business Opportunities in the Biofuels Industry for Small- and Medium-Sized Farms
 Agarwal, Rajshree.

Environmentalism and Social Capital in the Context of Rural Development Policy in the United States
 Steil, Kim.

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Factors Associated with Private Forest Landowner Harvesting in Allegany County, Maryland
 Raboanarielina, Cara. and Luloff, A..

Factors Associated with Teenage Pregnancy in Rural Pennsylvania
 Shoff, Carla.

Factors Predicting How Rural Young Adults Combine Work and Post-Secondary Schooling
 McLaughlin, Diane., Demi, Mary Ann. and Snyder, Anastasia.

Farm Household Needs Assessment and Government Policy: Integrating Local Values into State-Driven Water Quality Remediation Efforts
 Parker, Jason., Moore, Richard. and Weaver, Mark.

Farm and Forest Landowners Willingness to Produce Biomass for Energy Production.
 Paula, Ana Luiza.

Farmer Entrepreneur Business Ventures: Business Characteristics, Future Plans, and Potential Community Impacts
 Korsching, Peter. and Lasley, Paul.

Farmers' Perceptions of Windbreaks in the Area around Monteverde, Costa Rica
 Lock, Casi.

Farmers' Webs: Networks within Clusters of Small- and Medium-Sized Farms in the Northeast
 Brasier, Kathryn., Ames, Molly., Goetz, Stephan., Green, Joanna., Kelsey, Timothy., Raboanarielina, Cara., Rangarajan, Anusuya. and Whitmer, Walt.

Farmland Access, Tenure and Succession: Impacts on Farms, Land Use and the Environment
 Ruhf, Kathryn. and Robert, Parsons.

Food, Fuel or Both?
 Wilkinson, John. and Heffernan, William.

Free Market Milk: Producing a Fragile Commodity in an Era of Neoliberal Globalization
 Schewe, Rebecca.

Freedom and Regulation: A Comparative Historical View of State-Economy Relations
 McCabe, Susan.

From the Body to the Basin and Back Again: Scaling Social Justice and Science
 London, Jonathan. and Liévanos, Raoul.

Functional Literacy Amongst Adult Learners of Isoya Rural Development Programme Area of Southwestern Nigeria
 Kolawole, Oluwatoyin.

Future of Protected Areas in Nepal after the Maoist Insurgency
 Roka, Krishna.


Gender and Certified Organic Production in Washington State
 Goldberger, Jessica.

Gender and Household Labor in Agricultural Production in Rural Javanese Villages After the Crisis
 Kusujiarti, Siti. and Tickamyer, Ann.

Gender, Geography, and Rural Justice
 Pruitt, Lisa R..

Genetic Identification of Poor Sexually Performing Rams to Enhance Profitability of Small- and Medium-Sized Flocks
 Alexander, Brenda., Moss, Gary., Hewlett, John., Cammack, Kristi. and Stobart, Robert.

Getting to Public Sociology: How Social Science Influences Forest Management in New Brunswick.
 Nadeau, Solange. and Beckley, Thomas.

Globalization and the Changing Role of the State in Agriculture: The Case of Turkey
 Altiok, Ozlem.

Growing Naturally in Alabama: Needs and Possibilities
 Cui, Lina., Molnar, Joseph., Garrett, Jan. and Fowler, Dee.

Guided Workbook for Computer-Assisted Research & Qualitative Data Analysis Using Commonly Available Resources
 Mabry-Hubbard, Robin.


Hispanic Immigrants to Rural Areas: Empirical Comparisons of Entrepreneurial Readiness
 Farmer, Frank. and Moon, Zola.

Household Food Insecurity and Intergenerational Relationships between Grandparents and Orphans in the Context of HIV and AIDS in Nyanza Province, Kenya
 Mizuno, Naoko.

How Farmers Matter in Technology Development: Social Characteristics of Wheat Growers and Wheat Varieties
 Glenna, Leland. and Jussaume Jr., Raymond.

Human Population Dispersion and the Structure of Agriculture in the Susquehanna Rural-Exurban-Urban Transition Zone
 Brasier, Kathryn., Findeis, Jill., Kaye, Jason., Miller, Doug., Mortensen, David., Salcedo, Rodrigo. and Stedman, Richard.

Hybrid Governance and the Promise of Standards: The Case of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels
 Hinrichs, Clare.


If You Build It, Will They Come? Biofuel Plants and Demographic Trends in the Midwest
 Kulcsar, Laszlo. and Bolender, Benjamin.

Improving Small Ranch Profitability by Evaluation of Alternatives in Beef Cattle Enterprises
 Johnson, Patricia. and Olson, Kenneth.

Income Distribution, Minority Concentration, and Socioeconomic Outcomes in Alabama: Evidence from Census Block Groups Data
 Gyawali, Buddhi. and Fraser, Rory.

Indigenous Poverty in Chile: Variance by Group and Region
 Ader, David.

Industry and Economic Development in Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Mississippi
 Beaulieu, Brian., Pressgrove, Jed. and Zeng, Xuhui.

Integrating Landscape Amenities with Historic Parcelization Patterns to Better Target Landscape Conservation Efforts
 Olson, Eric. and McFarlane, Daniel.

Internet Diffusion in Counties: Is There a Spatial Pattern?
 Khatiwada, Lila. and Pigg, Kenneth.

Investigating the Influence of Membership in the National Future Farmers of America Organization on Rural Adolescents’ Sense of Community
 Adedokun, Omolola. and Balschweid, Mark.

Irrigation, Income Distribution, and Industrialized Agriculture in the Southeast United States
 Bai, Dani. and Molnar, Joseph.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Crop: Communal Success for Farmers of Color
 Hinton, Chandra.


Jobs for Women? Gender and the Auto Manufacturing Labor Market in Rural Ontario
 Leach, Belinda.

Johnson County at the Table: An Inquiry into Food Acquisition and Rural Quality of Life
 Farner, Susan. and Downs, Michelle.


Kernels of Capital: ADM and Corn Ethanol in a BP (Beyond Petroleum) World
 White, Cynthia.


Labor Issues on Small and Mid-sized Farms
 Schwartzberg, Audrey.

Labor Structure and Local Poverty
 Peters, David.

Labor, Land, and Sustainability in Community Supported Agriculture: Connections and Contradictions
 Earles, Laura.

Landownership Motivations among Non-Operator Landowners: Implications for Conservation Behavior on Rented Farmland
 Arbuckle, J..

Leadership Practices of Community Voices Graduates Compared to Non-Graduates
 Gray, Benjamin. and Walker, Jane.

Leading Change? Structure and Networks in Community Leadership Program Development in Illinois
 Keating, Kari. and Gasteyer, Stephen.

Learning to Lobby: Natural Resource Decentralization and Civil Society Networks in Mali
 Benjamin, Charlie.

Leveling the Playing Field: A Rural Vermont School Grapples with Environmental Change
 Ronald, Margaret.

Like Water for Salmon: Social Change and Conservation in Oregon’s Ranchlands
 Golding, Shaun.

Linking Field and Farm Conservation Practices to a Watershed Approach for Solving Water Quality
 Morton, Lois Wright. and Hu, Zhihua.

Linking Food Consumption to Farm Production: Outreach on Foodsheds and Foodprints
 Peters, Christian J.., Lembo Jr., Arthur J.. and Fick, Gary W..

Linking Land Conservation and Rural Stakeholders through Cultural Model Research
 Paolisso, Michael. and Weeks, Pris.

Livelihoods and Biodiversity: Adapting to Change in Rural Communities of Bolivia’s Altiplano
 Valdivia, Corinne., Jimenez, Elizabeth. and Gilles, Jere.

Local Capitalism, Civic Community, and Community Change in the Northern Forest
 Colocousis, Chris.

Local and Global Commodity Relations of Petty Commodity Producers: The Case of Eskisehir
 Karkiner, Nadide.

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Maculate Conceptions: Power, Process, and Creativity in Participatory Research
 Lyon, Alexandra., Bell, Michael., Gratton, Claudio. and Jackson, Randall.

Making Actor Networks Act: Public Scholarship and Community Engagement in Building Community Food Security, the Case of the University of Kentucky
 Tanaka, Keiko. and Mooney, Patrick.

Making Safe Food a Collective Goal: The Role of the Agrifood Scholar in Creating Food Safety Policy
 Holt, David. and Worosz, Michelle.

Many Paths Home: Modern American Homesteaders, the Retreat from Mass Society and Consumption, and the Return to Land, Community, and Family
 Sowga, Shauna.

Mapping the Global Meat Industry: Identifying Key Actors in the Livestock Industry
 Ransom, Elizabeth.

Masculine Identity Work Among Missouri Noodlers: Community Minded Providers, Pleasure Seeking Comrades, and Tough Men
 Grigsby, Mary.

Measuring Agricultural Science Orientations
 Welsh, Rick., Glenna, Leland., Lacy, William. and Biscotti, Dina.

Meetings Among Expert Strangers: The "Scientific Assessment" as an International Space for Unusual Conversations
 Friedmann, Harriet.

Minority Groups and the Informal Economy: English Speakers in Quebec’s Eastern Townships
 Vieira, Aimee. and Lundberg, Brian.

Model Learning Objectives for Introductory Rural Sociology: A Proposal and Rationale
 Steele, Jennifer.

Money for Nothing? The Interaction between Rural Communities and the National Payment for Ecosystem Services Programs in Mexico
 Shapiro, Elizabeth.

Moroccan Family Farms: Cross Border Trade, Human Security, and Public Values
 Sippel, Sarah Ruth.


NGO Networks and Nature Protection in Belize, Central America: The Theory of the Hollow State in a Developing Country Context
 Brechin, Steven. and Salas, Osmany.

Neuter or Nurture? Rural Sociology’s Engagement with Public Sociology
 Zimmerman, Julie.

New Farm Enterprise Strategies for the "Agriculture-of-the-Middle": A Pluriactivity Time Bind?
 Burmeister, Larry.

New Ways of Working and Organization: Alternative Agrifood Movements and Agrifood Researchers
 Friedland, William.

Niagara's Fall: Lessons about Globalization from a Small Town
 Miller, Carol.


Objective or Negotiated? Third-Party Certification of Indonesian Shrimp
 Hatanaka, Maki.

Oil and Gas Development in Trinidad: A Survey of Factors Influencing Environmental Attitudes Within Three Rural Wetland Communities
 Nordenstam, Brenda., Baptiste, April. and Smardon, Richard.

Open Space Conservation on the Rural-Urban Fringe: Patterns and Driving Forces
 Rudel, Thomas., McDermott, Melanie., O\'Neill, Karen. and Gottlieb, Paul.

Opting Out? Explaining Recent Employment Declines among Rural Mothers
 Smith, Kristin. and Lichter, Daniel.

Organic and Natural Food Consumption: Geography and Explanatory Factors in the United States
 Long, Michael., Raynolds, Laura. and Zahran, Sammy.

Organizational Capacity in the Post-Disaster Context: Assessing Needs, Assets, and Lessons Learned
 Kleiner, Anna., Green, John., Montgomery, JoLynn. and Kerstetter, Katie.

Out in the Country: American and French Rurality, Masculinity, and Homosexuality
 Annes, Alexis.


Parental Work and Time Children Spend in Eating and Non-Sedentary Activities
 McIntosh, William., Dean, Wesley., Jan, Jie-Sheng., Torres, Cruz., Nayga, Rodolfo., Kubena, Karen. and Anding, Jenna.

Pasteurization: What Is That?
 McMillen, Edith.

Political Physiology: The Case of Enviropig™
 Clark, Jonathan.

Poverty, Work, and the Local Environment: TANF and EITC
 Parisi, Domenico., Chi, Guangqing. and Grice, Steven Michael.

Preparing the Next Generation of Rural Community Sociologists through Leadership Development
 Dyk, Patricia.

Processes of Assimilation and Persistent Residential Spatial Segregation of Hispanics in Hutchinson, Kansas
 Thornburg, Gina.

Public Scholarship and Rural Sociology
 Bridger, Jeff. and Alter, Theodore.

Public Sociology in the Formation of the Rural Sociological Society
 Goudy, Willis.

Pursuing Alternative Food Systems in the Lower Mississippi Delta: Insights and Lessons Learned from Farmers' Markets and the Farmers' Market WIC Program
 Green, John., Kleiner, Anna., Strassburg, Jesse. and Betz, Ryan.


Q-GAP Food Safety Program in Thailand: Comparative Evidence from Two Pummelo Production Areas
 Amekawa, Yuichiro.

Quality of Life, Levels of Development across Illinois Counties--The Racial and Rural Differential
 Mannion, Elgin., Zougris, Konstantinos. and Warner, Oswald.

Queer Agriculture? LGBT Farmers in the U.S.
 Keller, Julie. and Bell, Michael.


Race and Place: Changes in Poverty in the Borderland and the Delta, 1990-2000
 Fontenot, Kayla., Singelmann, Joachim. and Slack, Tim.

Race and Place: Patterns and Dynamics of Poverty in the Texas
 Saenz, Rogelio., Poston, Dudley., Singelmann, Joachim., Slack, Tim., Fontenot, Kayla. and Siordia, Carlos.

Racial and Gender Differences in Initial Family Formation in the Rural South
 Ryan, Andrea.

Reconfiguring the Local: Quality Standards and Changing Farmer Practices in the European Union
 Bowen, Sarah. and De Master, Kathryn.

Reconsidering Consumption and Ecological Footprints in the Climate Change Discourse: The Significance of Green Behavior and Social Stratification
 Adua, Lazarus. and Sharp, Jeff.

Reflections on Contributions of the Rural Families Speak Project: A Case Study in Public Sociology
 Dyk, Patricia.

Republican Control of the Market, Political and Cultural Conflict Between Wine Growers and Wine Merchants Under the French 3rd Republic
 Laferté, Gilles. and Jacquet, Olivier.

Residential Preferences: What's Terrorism Got to Do with It?
 Kay, David., Geisler, Charles. and Bills, Nelson.

Retailing in Rural Communities: Retailers’ Perceptions of Their Customers & Their Communities
 Mullis, Katy., Minjeong, Kim. and MacTavish, Katherine.

Rethinking University Technology Transfer Policy for Rural Economic Development
 Hales, Brent. and Malone, Ken.

Retrospectives of Child Care Use by Rural Maine Families
 Beach, Betty.

Returns to Human Capital in Metro and Nonmetro Areas
 Kusmin, Lorin.

Revisiting Allaire and Wolf's Analysis of Cognitive Representations and Institutional Hybridity in Agrofood Innovation
 Wolf, Steven.

Revisiting The Literature: The Effect of Gender on Environmental Practices Among Farm Women
 Stough, Anjel.

Rocky Mountain Laboratories: An Inquiry Into Community Opposition to a Biosafety Level IV Expansion
 Tucknott, Darr.

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Saving the World and Feeding the Poor: Can the Sustainable Agriculture Movement and the Urban Food Security Movement Talk to Each Other Effectively?
 Finan, Ann.

Schmiedeleut Hutterite Outmigration - Changes in a Communal Society
 McCurry, Michael.

School Lunch Programs: Influences and Implications
 Som Castellano, Rebecca.

Serving the Low-Income in Nonmetropolitan Places: Old Barriers and New Responsibilities?
 Harris, Deborah. and Parisi, Domenico.

She's Not a Real Farmer: Extension Educator's Interactions with Women Farmers
 Brasier, Kathryn., Trauger, Amy., Barbercheck, Mary., Kiernan, Nancy Ellen. and Sachs, Carolyn.

Shifting Views on Marriage Among Rural and Urban Thais
 Williams, Lindy.

Silvopastoral Systems for Small- and Medium-Sized Farms of the Southeastern U.S.
 Nyakatawa, Ermson.

Small Town in the Global Village: “Chapleau Has Joined the Wider World”
 Collins, Jessica. and Wellman, Barry.

Social Constraints Involved with the Use of Prescribed Fire in the Ouachita and Ozark Regions of Arkansas
 Walkingstick, Tamara. and Creighton, Janean.

Solutions To Small- and Medium-Sized Beef Cattle Producers' Challenges
 Stockton, Matthew.

South Dakota Soybean Processors: Growth, Expansion, Diversification and Conversion
 Stofferahn, Curtis.

State and Regional Differences in Female Rural Labor in Mexico
 Garay, Sagrario.

Successful Aging in Japan: Importance of Social Integration
 Tanaka, Kimiko. and Johnson, Nan.

Support for Small Farms in Japan: A Combination of Competitive Grants and Conditional Subsidies
 Iba, Haruhiko. and Takahashi, Akihiro.

Sustainable Development and Non-Renewable Resources
 Maddock, Bradley.


Technoscientific Governance Strategies: Implications of GLOBALGAP Certification for Worker Health and Safety in Chile
 Bain, Carmen.

The British Virgin Islands: Case Study in Protecting Remote Island Communities from Fire and Other Emergencies
 Hartle, Jeffery.

The Case of the Appalachian Land Ownership Study (1979-80): Establishing and Legitimizing Participatory Action Research
 Scott, Shaunna.

The Changing Spatial Distribution of Mexican Farm Workers in the United States
 Jensen, Eric.

The Competing Effects of Instrumental and Substantive Rationality on Farm Adaptation among Entrepreneurial and Traditional Commodity Farm Enterprises
 Inwood, Shoshanah., Sharp, Jeff. and Jackson-Smith, Douglas.

The Consultation Process Fundy North Fishermen's Association (FNFA): A Case Study First Attempt New Brunswick Aquaculture Site Location Process
 Curtis, Donna., Wiber, Melanie. and Recchia, Maria.

The Contribution of Social Capital in the Livelihood of the Settlers in the Newly Reclaimed Lands in Egypt
 Elbendary, Azza.

The Demand for Healthy Eating: Supporting a Transformative ‘Movement’
 Winson, Tony.

The Demographic Consequences of Rural School Closure: Preliminary Findings
 Beck, Frank., Billger, Sherrilyn., Pacha, Joseph. and Durflinger, Norm.

The Discourse of Country Life: Lessons from 1908 for Rural Representation in 2008
 Cartwright, Ryan. and Ziebarth, Ann.

The Education Reversal: Ethnic Dimensions
 Evans, Mariah., Harris, Thomas. and Havercamp, Michael.

The Effects of Transnational Environmentalism on Domestic Environmental Coalitions: Thin Pollution Networks and Thick Conservation Networks in Ecuador
 Lewis, Tammy.

The Evolution of Public Discourse on Forest Management in New Brunswick
 Beckley, Thomas. and Nadeau, Solange.

The Farm Family as a Demographically Conserved Institution: The Case of the Northern Orkney Islands, Scotland
 Sparks, Corey.

The Farm Prosperity Project: Improved Farm Profit with Farmland Protection and High Value Crops
 Davis, Jeanine. and Elmore, Tom.

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Understanding the Promises and Perils of Biofuels Development for Rural Communities
 Selfa, Theresa., Goe, Richard., Kulcsar, Laszlo. and Middendorf, Gerad.

Understanding the Role of Norms, Regulations, and Cognitive Frameworks in Shaping Collaborative Salmon Recovery Efforts in the Puget Sound Region
 Safford, Thomas.

University and Industry Cultures of Science in Agricultural Biotechnology: Conflictual, Complementary or Convergent
 Lacy, William., Glenna, Leland., Welsh, Rick. and Biscotti, Dina.

University-Community Partnerships for Applied Environmental Justice Research
 London, Jonathan. and Alkon, Alison.

University-Industry Relations in Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences: The Role of Women Faculty (Juried Paper Award)
 Crowe, Jessica. and Goldberger, Jessica.

Use of Participatory Tools in Powering Agricultural Transformation by the Women in Agriculture Unit (WIA) of the Agricultural Development Project in Nigeria
 Odebode, Stella O..

Using Creative Inquiry and Service Learning Methods to Teach Rural Sociology as Public Sociology
 Robinson, Kenneth.

Using the Community Capitals to Map Impact: A Participatory Approach to Evaluation Work
 Emery, Mary. and Flora, Cornelia.

Utilizing Extension Educators to Identify Food Access, Availability, and Pricing in Rural South Dakota
 Brooks, W.., McCurry, Michael. and Trushenski, Stacy.


Values and Relationships in Emerging Alternative Food Supply Chains: Insights from Pennsylvania Farm-to-School Networks
 Bloom, J. Dara., Hinrichs, Clare. and Schafft, Kai.

Values-Based Food Supply Chains: Strategies for Agri-Food Enterprises-of-the-Middle
 Stevenson, Steve.

Valuing Local Knowledge in Rural Science Education
 Avery, Leanne. and Thom-Levy, Julia.

Variations in Coalfield Quality of Life: Consequences of New Extraction Technologies
 Woods, Brad.

Vulnerability or Confidence: Expanding the Concept of “Dependence” in Resource Dependent Communities
 Stedman, Richard. and Tidball, Keith.


What Do Students Learn: Assessing an Introductory Rural Sociology Course
 Donnermeyer, Joseph.

Where is the Literature on Rural Crime?
 Hayden, Karen.

Which Publics? Which Policies? Finding and Fostering Pennsylvania Farm-to-School Networks
 Hinrichs, Clare., Schafft, Kai., Bloom, J. Dara. and McHenry-Sorber, Erin.

Whom Do We Serve?
 Clow, Michael.

Working Class Conceptions of the Environment: A Review of Environmental Justice and Resource Conflict Literature
 Bandy, Joe.

Working Poverty across the Metro-Nonmetro Divide, 1980-2004
 Slack, Tim.

Working with ‘Real-Life’ Data as a Strategy for Teaching the Art of Research to Undergraduates: Lessons Learned from the Farmland Values Project
 Peterson, Karin., Mathews, Leah. and Dominkovic, Laura.

World Crops: Opportunities Created by Ethnically Diverse Communities in the United States
 Govindasamy, Ramu., Van Vranken, Richard., Sciarappa, William., Puduri, Venkat., Ayeni, Albert., Simon, James., Mangan, Frank., Lamberts, Mary., McAvoy, Gene. and Pappas, Kim.


You Can Go Home Again: A Brief Public Sociology History of Rural Sociology
 Friedland, William.
Rural Sociological Society 2008-Jul-28 to 2008-Aug-01
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