SASE Annual Conference 2010-Jun-24 to 2010-Jun-27

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'Both Her Parents Had Been Buried There': Social Connections and Competition in Funeral Markets
 McQuaid, Jim.

'Flex-Insecurity' in Continental Welfare Regimes: The Case of Italy
 Berton, Fabio., Richiardi, Matteo. and Sacchi, Stefano.

'Lost in Transformation' – Cultural Encounters of Employees and Managers in Multinational Corporations (MNC’s) in Central and Eastern Europe
 Lewicki, Mikolaj.


A Model of Collective Bargaining: Enhancing the Trade Unions' Position Under Flexisecurity
 Tangian, Andranik.

A New Capitalism? China's Private Sector, Guanxi, and the State
 Rühle, Susanne.

A New Institutional Challenge in the Era of the Vanishing Firm: The Targeting Problem
 Crague, Gilles.

A Relational Theory of Wage Inequality
 Avent-Holt, Dustin. and Tomaskovic-Devey, Donald.

A Science Befitting Communitarian Ideals and Civil Society
 Wright, Dorice.

A 'Mini-Max' Counterterror Framework for Iraq and Afghanistan
 Chasdi, Richard.

Advancement of Human Resources as a Strategic Figure of the Companies’ Competitive Advantage
 Bulatovic, Boris. and Perovic, Dr Veselin.

Analyzing Policies Regulating Occupations in Britain and the U.S.
 Koumenta, Maria.

Analyzing the Institutional Innovation Process: EU Regulation Through an Evolutionary Lens
 Paraskevopoulou, Evita.

Apprentice Pay: Its Setting, Outcomes and Implications in Britain, Germany and Switzerland
 Ryan, Paul., Wagner, Karin., Teuber, Silvia. and Backes-Gellner, Uschi.

Articulation Between Territorial Regulation and Sectorial Regulation in the Training/Employment Relation in French Clusters.
 Catherine, de GERY.

Attracting and Integrating International Talent to Revitalize Distressed Cities
 Herman, Richard.


Benchmarking Development: A Global Fields Perspective on Transnational Control
 Shiotani, Andrew.

Between Democracy and Development: The Moving Frontiers of Social Policy in Korea and Japan
 Kim, Taekyoon. and Lee, Jooha.

Beyond Institutions: How Material Logics of Energy Systems Directly Shape Cost Structures and Economic Value of Energy Technologies
 Karnøe, Peter.

Beyond Managerial Control: Valorization, Satisificing and Routines in the Labor Process
 Vidal, Matt.

Beyond Tales of Successful Industrial Clusters: Why Cross-Network Partnerships in the Paris Area Persistently Fail?
 Younes, Dima.

Brasil antes y después de la crisis: ¿vuelve el desarrollismo?
 Fonseca, Pedro. and Cunha, André.

Building Sustainable Communities on Ecological Principles
 Turnbull, Shann.


Can Private Firms Learn From—and be Allies to—Tax Authorities? Lessons from VAT Administration in Brazil in Bridging the Public and Private Realm.
 Pinhanez, Monica.

Career Transition Into Law: The Imagined Lawyer
 Burns, Edgar.

Caring Too Much About Stock Prices: Management Myopia and Long-Term Institutional Shareholders
 Dallas, Lynne.

Challenges in Implementing the AML International Standards: The Cases of U.S. and Spain
 Calvo, Antonia. and Villavieja, Lucia.

Changing Patterns of Institutional Embeddedness in Professional Labour Markets: The Case of Large Chicago Law Firms
 Shah, Nina.

Closing the Gender Gap ? Life Competences and Social Environment
 Daniele, Checchi. and Michela, Braga.

Collective Actions of New Industry Creation: the Case of German Bioenergy Associations
 Prokopovych, Bogdan.

Collective Goods Without Constitutions and Commitments: The Active State, Collective Goods, and the English Economic Revolution, 1600-1800
 Mosher, James.

Comparing Professional Dynamics in French and American Museums: the Role of the Workplace
 Henaut, Leonie.

Comparing the Evolution of Welfare States in Western Europe: An Analysis on the Receipts Side
 Zemmour, Michaël.

Competition of Accounting Standards, Comparability of Financial Information, and Critical Masses: An Evolutionary Approach
 Kuhner, Christoph.

Competividad encapsulada y política encapsulada
 Llofriu, Miguel.

Comunitarismo financiero
 Sarmiento, Juan. and Llofriu, Miguel.

Conditional Diffusion and Convergence of Political Innovations: The Case of Lottery Adoption
 Lutter, Mark.

Conditional Diffusion and Globalization
 Martin, Christian.

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Deep Integration in North South Relations
 Claar, Simone. and Noelke, Andreas.

Democracy and Sustainability: Facing Up To Convergent Social, Economic and Environmental Challenges
 McIntyre-Mills, Janet.

Dental Hygiene Governance and Regulatory Outcomes
 Wanchek, Tanya.

Desempeño del Sector de Distribución de Electricidad en Colombia: Aplicación del Análisis de Frontera Estocástica.
 Gómez, Gustavo. and Patiño, Yeinni Andrea.

Determinants of EU Foreign Direct Investment in China: A Firm-level Panel Study, 1998-2007. Cai
 Cai, Huifen.

Development Path and Influence Mechanism of the Mobile Communication Industry in China: Theoretical Model and Empirical Analysis
 Cai, Huifen.

Difficulties of the Implementation of Diversification Strategies in Transitional Countries (Case of Georgia)
 Natsvlishvili, Ia. and Grigolashvili, Gela.

Diploma and Life Expectancy: A Reassessment of the Health Returns to Education
 Courtioux, Pierre. and Houeto, Dede.

Disciplining Democracy: Public Engagement Performance Measures and the Privatization of Democratic Accountability
 Lee, Caroline.

Do MBA and Business Educators Make Global Markets and What Kinds of Markets Are They Making?
 Zimmerman, Kenneth.

Do Minimum Quality Standards Improve Quality? A Case Study of the Nursing Home Industry
 Lin, Haizhen.

Do Social Partners Matter in Labour Market Policy-Making in Post-Democratisation Korea?
 Lee, Soohyun.

Do We Have An Adequate Explanation of the Recent Financial Crisis?
 Smith, Michael.

Does Family Really Matter? - Sibling Correlations in Permanent Economic Outcomes in Germany
 Schnitzlein, Daniel.

Dónde está la tercera vía?
 Llofriu, Miguel.


Earning From the Learning of Co-Workers - Knowledge Spillovers Within Work Groups
 Tuor, Simone.

Earning While Learning: Labor Market Returns to Student Employment During Tertiary Education
 Geel, Regula. and Backes-Gellner, Uschi.

East Asian Spirits of Capitalism: Hong Kong and South Korean Senior Executive Perceptions of Why Firms Exist
 Witt, Michael. and Redding, Gordon.

Economic Institutions: Explanations for Conformity and Room for Deviation
 Dequech, David.

Economic Rents and the Financialization of the US Economy
 Tomaskovic-Devey, Donald. and Lin, Ken-Hou.

Education, Training and the Welfare State
 Iversen, Torben. and Busemeyer, Marius.

Education, VET and Social Cohesion
 Méhaut, Philippe. and Dumas, Audrey.

Educational and Professional Migration In Europe
 Ballatore, Magali.

Effecting Value Change: Top Down, Spontaneous Decentralized and Interactive Processes
 Michael, Boniface. and Michael, Rashmi.

Efficiency and Utility – An Evolutionary Perspective
 Mann, Stefan. and Wüstemann, Henry.

El futuro de las TIC en Europa más allá de la Estrategia de Lisboa
 González, Víctor., Ruiz, Luis Manuel. and De los Ríos, Susana.

Emergence of a New Regulation: Informational Disclosure Modalities In The Hedge Fund Opacity World
 Tadjeddine, Yamina. and Rigot, Sandra.

Employed and Happy Despite Poor Health? The Role of Working Conditions on European Aging Workers
 Pollak, Catherine.

Ethanol's Vinasse Treatment in Brazil: A Case Study of Lock-In
 Corazza, Rosana.

Ethnicity and Economic Cooperation in Multiethnic Societies in Central and Eastern Europe – The Case of Romania
 Csata, Zsombor.

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Family Context and Career Paths of Unemployed Women
 Fusulier, Bernard., Moreau, Lorise. and Zune, Marc.

Fat and Mean? Cost-Cutting, Shareholder Value, and the Resurgence of Managerialism in the U.S.
 Goldstein, Adam.

Federalism and the Brazilian Northeast: The Government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso
 Colombo, Luciléia.

Financial Crisis and the Welfare State: The Cases of Hungary and Latvia
 Matos, Cristina.

Financial Participation in Germany: Management and Works Councils' View
 Fietze, Simon., Matiaske, Wenzel. and Tobsch, Verena.

Financial Risk Perception: A Normative-Affective Model
 von Lüde, Rolf. and von Scheve, Christian.

Financing in Innovation Networks: An Underexplored Issue
 Lange, Knut., Sydow, Jörg., Windeler, Arnold. and Müller-Seitz, Gordon.

Finding a Job: Causal Effects of Social Networks on (Non) Monetary Job Characteristics - Evidence From Low Skilled Unemployed in Germany
 Rebien, Martina. and Krug, Gerhard.

Firm Sponsored Training and Workplace Representation in Germany
 Stegmaier, Jens.

Firms and Corporations
 Robé, Jean-Philippe.

Food Access and Inequality in South Philadelphia
 Koenig, Brandon.

Formalism à la Carte - Institutional Complementarities In the Social Dialogue Of the Newest EU Member States
 Wagner, Bettina.

From Modeling to Policy: A Constructivist View of Economic Rationality
 Chou, Ray-shyng.

From Nafta to China: Production Shifts and the Future of Regionalization
 Ancelovici, Marcos. and McCaffrey, Sara Jane.

From Streets to Chatrooms: Does Cyberspace Help Reduce Youth Participation in Hate Activities?
 Poladko Alleyne, Tetyana.

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German Vocational Skills and Globalization Strategies: Coordinating High-End Production Across Borders
 McCaffrey, Sara Jane.

Germany: No Country for Old Workers?
 Dietz, Martin. and Walwei, Ulrich.

Global Civil Society and Financial Liberalization: the Case of Latin America
 Hicks, Alexander.

Global Governance in Flux: The New Zealand Approach to Independent Directors
 Mueller, Jens., Dana, Leo-Paul., Rennie, Morina. and Ingley, Coral.

Global Governance in the Neoliberal Context
 Major, Aaron.

Global Value Chain for Firms 'Born Global': Criteria for Make-or-Buy and Location Decisions
 Kotosaka, Masahiro.

Global Value Chains and Location Effects: The Case of the Electronics Power Industry
 Clarry, John.

Globalization and Tacit Knowledge-Based Production Systems: The Evolution of the Italian Textile and Apparel Industries
 McCaffrey, Sara Jane.

Globalization of Financial Markets and Elite Integration: The Social Organization of the Finnish Economic Elite, 1980-2004
 Snellman, Kaisa.

Gobernabilidad, Capital social y Desigualdad en la frontera México-Estados Unidos
 Lopez Villarreal, Blanca.

Governance and Entrepreneurship: The Case of Innovative Biotech Businesses in France
 Nakara, Walid.

Governance in Transnational Space: Political, Organizational and Institutional Dynamics in European Science
 Wedlin, Linda.

Governing Consumption. Reconceptualizing Demand as a Supply Source in the Electrical System
 Grandclement, Catherine.

Governing Global Commons: Public-Private-Protection of Forests and Fisheries
 van Waarden, Frans.

Governing Labor Across Borders: Transnational Unionism in Global Production Networks
 Fichter, Michael., Helfen, Markus., Sydow, Jörg. and Dreyling, Justus.

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Hard and Soft Public Intervention in Private Standardization: The European Commission's Intervention in Mobile Telecoms and High-Definition Television Standardization
 Meyer, Niclas.

Has the Rise in Income Inequality Been Rawlsian?
 Kenworthy, Lane.

Health for Some: The World Health Organization Between North and South
 Chorev, Nitsan.

Historical Institutionalism and International Relations
 Fioretos, Orfeo.

Home-Brokers in the Brazilian Growing Stock Market: Regular Issues and Social Diversity.
 Bonaldi, Eduardo.

How Can We Measure Countries in Europe with respect to their flexibility, security and job quality?
 Vermeylen, Greet.

How Economic Interests Are Influenced by Moral Arguments
 Schroeder, Martin.

How Might the Invisible Hand Handle Electronic Money?
 Turnbull, Shann.

How Well Does the European Labor Market Perform Comparably Using Dynamic Flexicurity Indicators and Panel Data
 Muffels, Ruud.

How to Protect International Financial Markets From Criminal Abuse
 Unger, Brigitte.

Human Development in Poor Countries: Explaining the Roles of Global Health Governance and Local Pro-Women Development Policy
 Halim, Nafisa. and Schrank, Andrew.


Implementing Protective Regulations in a Politicized State: Subnational Variation in Argentine Labor Regulation
 Amengual, Matthew.

Improving International Cooperation in PhD Education: The Example of European Economics Departments
 Schneider, Peter.

Income Inequality and Opportunity Inequality in Europe
 Daniele, Checchi., Vito, Peragine. and Laura, Serenga.

Indicators and Measurement of Job, Employment and Income Security: A Proposal
 Pacelli, Lia.

Individual Transitions and Labour Market Regimes in the EU 27: Do Institutions Matter?
 Erhel, Christine. and Guergoat-lariviere, Mathilde.

Inmigrantes latinoamericanos en España: relaciones laborales y determinantes de la diferencia salarial
 RUESGA, SANTOS., Bichara, Julimar. and Monsueto, Sandro.

Innovation in Global Value Chains: Different Ways to Deal With Knowledge Transfer
 Wittke, Volker. and Voskamp, Ulrich.

Insiders’ Institutions, Outsiders’ Outcomes: Atypical Workers Across Western Europe
 Oliver, Rebecca.

Institutional Arrangements, Employment Performance and the Quality of Work
 Eichhorst, Werner.

Institutional Competitiveness. How Nations Came to Compete
 Pedersen, Ove K..

Institutional Economics and Sociology of Institutions: What Convergences?
 Hermann, Arturo.

Institutional Limits to MNC Practice – A Model of Political Behavior and Local Embeddedness
 Alexander, Elizabeth. and Thompson, Tracy.

Interactions Between Childcare Facilities and Parents Labour Supply In the EU 27
 Erhel, Christine., Letablier, Marie-Thérèse. and Guergoat-lariviere, Mathilde.

International Migration and Economic Development: A Cross National Analysis, 1970-2005
 Sanderson, Matthew.

International Similarities of Bank Lending Practices and Varieties of Bankruptcy Laws; a comparative analysis of France and Germany
 Levratto, Nadine. and Groessl, Ingrid.

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Job Creation and Job Quality in France: Are Non-profit and For-profit Sectors Different?
 Duhautois, Richard. and Melnik, Katia.


Kinks in the Intermodal Supply Chain: Longshore Workers and Drayage Drivers
 Jaffee, David.

Knowledge, Professionalism and Money: The Changing Face of English Dentistry 2006-2009
 McDonald, Ruth.

Knowlege, Technology and Innovation in an Emergent Society
 Guimaraes, Sonia.


L'éthique catholique et l'esprit du coopératisme: La caisse d'économie des pompiers de Montréal comme observatoire sociologique (1945-1980)
 Brochu, Paul.

La mejor regulación: Comunitarismo sensible y responsable
 Llofriu, Miguel.

Labor Market Institutions and Individual Job Mobility Expectations: The Role of Societal Security Norms
 Bernhardt, Janine.

Labor Market Intermediaries: Sharks or Chameleons? Imperfections and Asymmetries in a Developing and Flexible Environment
 Guimaraes, Nadya.

Labour Management in Byelorussian Enterprises: Was There Any Transition?
 Danilovich, Hanna.

Leaving Aside Labor Patterns: Informal or Unofficial Economy?
 Cacciamali, Maria Cristina.

Legal Form and Economic Substance of Enterprise Groups - Implications for Law and Economics
 Strasser, Kurt. and Blumberg, Phillip.

Legal Issues of Global Governance: ‘Trade and …’ Problems and Related Challenges
 Neuwirth, Rostam.

Leçons de crise : les limites de l'approche étroite de l'Etat social
 Ramaux, Christophe. and Eydoux, Anne.

Live and Learn: Organized Labor, Shareholder Activism and the Future of the Social Market Economy
 van der Zwan, Natascha.

Living with Debt in Contemporary Poland: Knowledge, (Un)Certainty and the Temporality of Indebtedness
 Lewicki, Mikolaj. and Halawa, Mateusz.

Local Rules and a Global Economy: An Economic Policy Perspective
 Danielsen, Dan.

Location and Outsourcing of Business Functions
 Geurts, Karen. and Ramioul, Monique.

Looking Back or Looking Ahead: What Matters for Precautionary Savings?
 Ahrens, Alexander.

Looking for a New Roadmap to the States’ Role of Promoting Socioeconomic Development
 de Carvalho, Elisabete. and Costa, Carla.

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MNEs’ Distribution Channel Design in China – A Perspective of Product, Business Environment and Strategy Change
 Li, Qiuping.

Making Learning Global
 Lotz, Maja. and Egholm Feldt, Liv.

Managerialist Pervasiveness - Rethinking the Portuguese Welfare State Whilst Building It
 de Carvalho, Elisabete.

Market and Hierarchy: Status Management and its Consequences in a Cultural Market
 Accominotti, Fabien.

Market for Markets - Causes and Consequences of Stock Exchange Demutualization
 Callaghan, Helen., Lagneau-Ymonet, Paul. and Riva, Angelo.

Market-Driven Regulation in the Agri-Food Sector: the Case of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.
 Silva Castaneda, Laura.

Markets as Governance and Regulation Devices for the US Electric Grid: The Case of Sustainability and Survivability
 Zimmerman, Kenneth.

Measuring Flexicurity: Precautionary Notes, A New Framework, and an Empirical Example
 Chung, Heejung.

Migration and Restrictive Legislative Practices in Socio-Historical Perspectives
 Sundaram, Devanayaka.

Mind the Gap: Military, Energy and Climate Security or the Construction of Risk in Transnational Governance”
 Fonseca, Pedro. and Ferreira, Maria.

Mistrust in the Political Class as a Decisive Factor in the Governance Crisis
 Vinuesa Tejero, Maria Lourdes.

Mobility into New Lines of Work: It’s Not Who You Are, but Where
 Damarin, Amanda.

Models of Innovation Creation in a Traditional Sector - How Companies Step Ahead
 Loer, Kathrin.

Modern Soldiering - Empty Labor and the Issue of Workplace Resistance
 Paulsen, Roland.

Monetary (Non) Cooperation As A Testing Field for Global Governance
 Costa, Carla.

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National Spatial Structure and Institutional Foundations for Endogenous Development: Evidence from Regional Policies in Finland
 Endo, Akira.

Nations or Sectors in the Age of Globalization: The Case of China
 Hsueh, Roselyn.

Network Governance as the Future of Corporate Governance?
 Pirson, Michael. and Turnbull, Shann.

Network Learning in Global Expansion: An Evolutionary View
 Hatani, Faith.

Nostalgias of the Collective: Organizational Remembering as a Conduit of Power and Authority in the Organization of Post-Socialist Work
 Schwartz, Gregory.


Offshoring and the Shifting Composition of the US Information Technology Workforce
 Tambe, Prasanna.

On Place and Language: A Conditional Analysis of Linguistic Assimilation Among Chinese Immigrants in the US
 Lee, Jack Jin, Gary.

Outsourcing, Skill Trends and the Quality of Working Life in Global Production Networks: The Case of the Indian Software Industry
 Titus, Asha.


Path Dependence through Relational Rents in B2B-Relationships
 Mallach, Raphael. and Michael, Kleinaltenkamp.

Pathways Into Weakness: Enterprise-Level Determinants of Union Marginalization in Central and Eastern Europe
 Sznajder Lee, Aleksandra. and Trappmann, Vera.

Pension Retrenchments as Employment Policy: An Event History Analysis
 Fernandez, Juan.

Policies to Combat Inequality in Capitalism: A Struggle Against the Inevitable ?
 Costanzi, Rogerio.

Policy Change in the EU: The Case of Business Tax Regulation
 Lierse, Hanna.

Political and Social Conflicts Related to the Abolishment of the Austrian Inheritance Tax
 Schuerz, Martin.

Politics and U.S. Income Inequality: Positive Sum Presidents, Zero-Sum Representatives and Unions
 Hicks, Alexander.

Pooling Risk: Producing and Contesting Social Classifications in the Consumer Credit Industry
 Ossandón, Jose.

Post Fordism and Sustainable Development : Which Coordination ? Which Regulation ?
 Verpraet, Gilles.

Practiced Citizenship? Devotion and the Struggle for Citizenship among Mexican Immigrants in New York City
 Gálvez, Alyshia.

Preferences, Decisions and Multiple Selves: An Inquiry into Polyphony
 Kaufmann, Kai.

Preserving Professional Autonomy Against and With Managerialism: The Case of British Academics
 Camerati, Felipe.

Privateers of the Caribbean: The Current State of the Hedge Funds-US-UK-Offshore Nexus
 Fichtner, Jan.


Raising Pension Age in Russia: Evaluation of Practicability
 Lezhnina, Yulia.

Re-territorialising Production: Global Value Chains
 De Propris, Lisa.

Redistribution for Human Development: Welfare Gains at the Cost of Welfare Loss?
 Halim, Nafisa.

Reframing Industrial Policy
 PORCHER, Simon., Saussois, Jean-Michel., Glaser, Anna., Keryer, Erwan., Moulère, François. and Durin, Stephane.

Regional Tortoise, Global Hare:Production Systems, Politics, and the Future Shape of Economic Governance
 Guy, Frederick.

Relational Contracts and Reputational Networks in International Trade
 Dietz, Thomas.

Renewable Energies and the Grid in Germany: Between Integration and Conflict
 Mautz, Rüdiger.

Rescaling States and New Urban Economies: Rethinking Class, Ethnicity and State in Turkey
 Yuksel, Ayse.

Reshaping National Governance: Political Parties and Corporations
 Barroso Casado, Raul.

Rethinking the Firm: Theories of the Business Enterprise
 Orts, Eric.

Risk and Debt in the European Banking Industry: An Alternative Model?
 Butzbach, Olivier. and Lopes, Antonio.

Rosia Montana and Its Publics: Governance and Participatory Democracy at Community and Corporate Level
 Chiper, Sorina.


Searching for the Best? Clubs and Their Admission Decisions
 Luenstroth, Pia. and Sadowski, Dieter.

Seguridad energética en la Unión Europea
 Rodriguez, Laura.

Sequence as Explanation: The International Politics of Accounting Standards
 Posner, Elliot.

Setting Standards for Cross-Border Provision of Services in the European Union and the Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relationship (CER)
 Leslie, John.

Shareholder Value Orientation and Executive Compensation
 Shin, Taekjin.

Short-Time Compensation and Establishment Exit: an Empirical Analysis with French Data
 Calavrezo, Oana., Duhautois, Richard. and Walkowaik, Emmanuelle.

Skimming the World Market for Protection - International Competition as Resource of the Swiss Welfare State
 Nollert, Michael. and Schief, Sebastian.

Small Program, Big Impact: The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program and the Rise of the Small Firm Innovation Economy in the U.S.
 Keller, Matthew.

Social Cohesion Between Europe and Asia : City Restructuring and Welfare State Construction
 Verpraet, Gilles.

Social Contribution Cuts and Job Creation and Destruction in France
 Duhautois, Richard., Gilles, Fabrice. and Perraudin, Corinne.

Social Networks in Post-Migration Settlement
 Qin, Fei.

Social Structure of Speculation: Effects of (In)Experience, Culture, and Wealth on Emerging Market Investment Strategies
 Yenkey, Christopher.

Socio-Economic and Psychological Challenges of Poker
 Siler, Kyle.

Socio-professional changes at first management level
 Gillet, Anne.

Specific Skills and the Politics of Collective Action
 Martin, Cathie.

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Tacit Knowledge among Mexican Construction Workers: How Well Does It Travel?
 Iskander, Natasha.

Taming Leviathon: The Problem of Constraining Large Private Actors in Both Capitalism and its Alternatives
 Williamson, Thad.

Targets, Markets and Professionals: The Gap Between Theory and Practice in English Community Pharmacy
 McDonald, Ruth.

Tata Motors and the Financial Crisis
 Becker-Ritterspach, Florian.

Tatar Commercial Diaspora as Carrier of Commercial Religious, Educational, and Political Institutions Among Nations.
 Stinchcombe, Arthur.

Tax Redistribution: Welfare State and Individual Choice
 Catarino, João.

Taxation as Regulation
 Avi-Yonah, Reuven.

The Aftermath of the Economic Turmoil and its Effects on the Role of the State
 Costa, Carla.

The Ambivalent Role of the Pharmacists and the Veterinarians in the Sanitary Normalization in Industry
 Muller, Séverin.

The American Political Economy in Comparative Perspective: Reconciling Exceptionality with Comparability
 Saunders, Adam.

The Case Against Shareholder Empowerment
 Bratton, William.

The Continuity of Intertemporal Exchanges between Retailers and Suppliers in Russian Consumer Markets
 Kotelnikova, Zoya.

The Coverage of Labor Rights in Multi-Companies and Corporate Codes
 Canton, Cesar.

The Danish Model of Work and Family: The Case of Partnership Separation in Denmark, France, Germany and the United Kingdom
 Bould, Sally.

The Democratic Responsibilities of Large Private Actors
 Hussain, Waheed.

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Un enfoque multilateral de la mitigacion de los desatres naturales: Especial atencion a la UE y los paises en desarrollo
 Rodríguez Santos, Mª Ángeles., Fernández-Ardavín Martínez, Ana. and Martínez Torre-Enciso, Isabel.

Unemployment Insurance in Brazil: The Possibility of Combining Social Protection and a Better Labour Market Functioning
 Balestro, Moisés. and Marinho, Danilo.

Unions, Collective Bargaining and Labor Market Mobility - Comparing Denmark and Switzerland
 Thelen, Kathleen. and Teuber, Silvia.

Use and Legitimacy of Conciliation Work/Family Legal Measures In Three Professions/Occupations: Nurses, Social workers and Police Officers
 Fusulier, Bernard. and Ballatore, Magali.


Varieties of Capitalism and Innovation in the New EU Member States
 Allen, Matt. and Aldred, Maria.

Varieties of Capitalism and The Management of The Labor Force
 Azizi, Karim.

Varieties of Innovative Capabilities: Searching for Different Models Within One Institutional Framework.
 Beyer, Jürgen. and Kirchner, Stefan.

Varieties of Insider Corporate Governance: Determinants of Center-right Preferences in Switzerland, Sweden, and the Netherlands
 Schnyder, Gerhard.

Venture Capital in the 'periphery': The New Argonauts, Global Search and Local Institution Building"
 Saxenian, AnnaLee.

Vers une approche positive des risques sociaux
 Pollak, Catherine.

Villains, Dummies, and Victims? Private Regulation of Labor Standards in Vietnam's Fashion and Footwear Industries
 Kim, Jee Young.


Wall Street and Main Street: Good Neighbors? Financial Market Discipline and the New Downsizing
 Jung, Jiwook.

Waltzing, Relational Work and the Construction (or not) of Collaboration in Manufacturing Industries
 Whitford, Josh.

What Gets Done? Building a Market in an Institutional Void: The Case of Media Sector Development in Bosnia
 Dorado, Sylvia. and Martin, Eric.

What Inequality Are We Talking About?
 Dedecca, Claudio.

What Motivates Suppliers to Improve Working Conditions ‘beyond compliance’: Buyer Pressure or Market Forces?
 Oka, Chikako.

Whatever Happened to Basel II--Finding the Fortitude to Enact Basel Standards for International Financial Reform
 Davis, Brian.

When Are There Not Bubbles?
 Kirsch, David. and Goldfarb, Brent.

When Self-Regulation Failed. Experience in TV Self-Regulation in Spain.
 Ruiz San Roman, Jose.

When Women's Work Is Not Anymore An Extra: Carework in France.
 Trabut, Loic.

When Worlds Collide: Historical Institutionalism and the Transatlantic Regulation of Financial Information Exchange
 Farrell, Henry. and Newman, Abraham.

Where Do Networks Come From? Ideas, Markets, and Science as Factors Generating Inter-Organizational Partnerships
 Younes, Dima.

Whether Deception Has a Size? An Empirical Study of Deceptive and Illegal Behavior in the Conetext of Market Interactions
 Gurtoviy, Ruslan.

Who Governs the Workplace?
 Crague, Gilles.

Why Do We Trust 'AAA'? Legitimation Strategies of Rating Agencies’ Epistemic Authority in Financial Markets
 Besedovsky, Natalia.

Work-Life Balance In the Social Economy Sector in Québec: More Support Than In Other Sectors ? And Why ?
 Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle.

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