SASE Annual Conference 2011-Jun-23 to 2011-Jun-26

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"Institutional Change through Avoidance": Low Wage Service Work in Three European Countries
 Jaehrling, Karen. and Mehaut, Philippe.

"Place" in the Production of Organizational Identity
 Johnson, Victoria.

"Professionals" of Corporate Finance Facing Claims for New Financial Regulations: A French Case
 Boussard, Valerie.

"Socially Responsible" or "Greedy but Good"? Perceptions of Private Enterprise within Contemporary Capitalist Society
 Backstrom, Arvid.

"Times ha' got wusser": A Tale of Three Welfare States (Canada, Japan, U.S.) in the Great Recession
 McDaniel, Susan.

"We Do Not Sell Soap!" Advertising and Marketing Practices in Cultural Industries
 Beuscart, Jean-Samuel. and Mellet, Kevin.

'New Citizens': The Influence of Resident Immigrants Living in Municipal Management
 Diaz Alsina, Eugenia.

¿Cómo Transformar el Capitalismo?: Desarrollo Actual de las Instituciones de Gestión de la Ética de la Empresa en España
 Llofriu, Miguel.

¿Es Importante que un CEO Gane 900 Veces Más que un Empleado?: Democracia y Desigualdad
 Barrague, Borja.

¿Podemos Confiar en la Economía de la Confianza?
 Sell, Friedrich.

¿Podemos Transformar los Procesos Sociales para Mejorar el Capitalismo?: De la Sociedad Alienada e Inauténtica a la Buena Sociedad
 Llofriu, Miguel.

¿Por qué Triunfó el Capitalismo?: Claves para Corregirlo desde su Núcleo con el Comunitarismo Sensible y Responsable
 Llofriu, Miguel.

¿Que Reforma para la Politica Agricola Comun (PAC)?: Estrategias y Escenarios Posibles en Materia de Desarrollo Rural
 Filippa, Maria.

¿Tiene Solución el Problema del Paro en España?: El Modelo Axiológico-SETCU
 Luna, Francisco.

“A New International Order in Health”: The Strategic Response of International Organizations to External Pressures
 Chorev, Nitsan.

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A Capability Approach for the European Union
 Eiffe, Franz.

A Developmental Island in a Predatory Sea: The Ministry of Labor in the Dominican Republic
 Schrank, Andrew.

A Framework to Assess Credit Risk in Group Lending with an Application to Rural South India
 Ramachander, Sangamitra.

A Functional Taxonomy of the Occupational Structure
 Rodriguez, Jorge.

A Growing Role for the Domestic Market after the Financial Crisis?: Some Reflections Based on the Latin American Diverse Experience
 Sanchez-Ancochea, Diego.

A House of Cards? Welfare Regimes Revisited
 Ferragina, Emanuele., Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin., Tomlinson, Mark. and Walker, Robert.

A Marketization of European Higher Education?
 Regini, Marino.

A Model of Work Motivation for the Global Employee: Enhancing Human Resources Practices
 Luca, Anastasia.

A Monetary Minsky Model of the Great Moderation and the Great Recession
 Keen, Steve.

A Multidimensional Approach to Corporate Social Responsibility: Adoption of CSR-related Structural Elements
 Han, Sang Won. and Park, Gil-Sung.

A New Epoch but still Diversity within and between capitalisms: China in Comparative Perspective
 Boyer, Robert.

A Power Resource Theory of Income Inequality: The Rich in the U.S.
 Hicks, Alexander.

A Relational Account of Changes to UK Occupational Pension Provision in the 1970s
 Avrahampour, Yally.

A Study about the Social Responsibility's Field and Its Consulting Firms in Brazil
 Novaes, Elisa. and Donadone, Julio.

A Typology of the Territorial Training/Employment Relation in the French Clusters.
 de Gery, Catherine.

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Balancing Acts: Risk Taking in the Visual Arts
 Dempster, Anna.

Balancing Family and Work in Ethnic Comparison: Evidence from Hungary
 Husz, Ildiko.

Basel II Credit Risk Assessments from Text to Practical Devices: The (Un)expected Financialization of Representations?
 Baud, Celine.

Between Medicine and Trade: Legitimation of Prices in Moscow Commercial Dentistry
 Berdysheva, Elena.

Beyond Panopticism: On the Ramifications of Surveillance in a Contemporary Professional Setting
 Brivot, Marion. and Gendron, Yves.

Big Tent, New Tools: Institutional Change in the Responsible Investment Field
 Ferraro, Fabrizio. and Beunza, Daniel.

Billion Dollar Battlers: A Fiscal Sociology of the Proposed Resources Super Profits Tax in Australia
 Gilding, Michael. and Glezos, Lee.

Board characteristics and audit fees: when ownership structure matters?
 Desender, Kurt.

Board level employee representatives as the Governance Device: A Cross-country Study of Co-Determination
 Gregoric, Aleksandra.

Boardroom Diversity, Responses to Gender Quotas and Company Performance: The Cases of Spain and France
 Gonzalez, Maria C.., Smith, Mark., Martinez Gonzalez, Lara., Srinivasan, Priya. and Zhuk, Katiaryna.

Body Culture and Media Representations of Female Beauty Ideals in China
 Enzweiler, Kai.

Bonn, Brussels, Washington: Origins and evolution of greener Think Tanks
 Plehwe, Dieter. and Kramer, Werner.

Brazilian National Nanotechnology Policy: Can Public Investment Drive Innovation?
 Foladori, Guillermo.

Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Transformations: From Family-owned to Shareholders.
 Neto, Martin.

Business Leaders of the New Dependent Capitalism in Poland
 Jasiecki, Krzystof. and Przybysz, Dariusz.

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CDOs – The Zenith of Moneterisation: Some Ideas from Simmel’s Philosophy of Money
 Mullins, Martin.

CETELEM and the Rise of the French Consumer Credit Market, 1953-1970
 Ducourant, Helene.

CSR and Workplace Volunteerism in Spain
 Porto Pedrosa, Leticia.

CSR and corporate attitudes to increased regulation – Insights from a survey of Nordic pioneers in CSR
 Maria, Gjolberg.

CSR initiatives and National Institutions: Do corporate activities reflect the welfare goals of the state?
 Brown, Dana. and Knudsen, Jette.

CSR, Short-Termism, and Managerial Discretion: The Importance of the Technical Environment
 Buchanan, Sean.

Capitalism and Latin-American Popular Economy: Why Gender Matters
 Hillenkamp, Isabelle.

Capitalism in China: Insights from International and Comparative Political Economy
 ten Brink, Tobias.

Capitalism, Gender, Citizenship and the Potential for Egalitarian Policy Reforms
 Orloff, Ann.

Capitalist Diversity in the East and the South: Promises of an Emerging Research Agenda
 Madariaga, Aldo.

Care and Value at the End of Life
 Gill, Matthew.

Certificate Programs in the Context of Employment and Education Policies in Turkey
 Bicer, Ozgun. and Kıroglu, Miris.

Chained to Trade: Liberated from Poverty? Pro-Poor Value Chains in Paraguay's Juice Industry
 Setrini, Gustavo.

Challenges, Contradictions, and Opportunities of Sustained Competitive Advantage
 DiTomaso, Nancy.

Changes and Challenges to Neoclassical Development Thought: A Historical Survey of Selected World Bank Publications and Alternative Perspectives
 Ozawa, Susan.

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De la Dirección Maquiavélica a la Innovación Creativa: La Evolución del Discurso Sobre los Managers
 Fernandez Rodriguez, Carlos. and Alonso, Luis Enrique.

De-commodification and family polices: best practices from a rights and capabilities perspective.
 Lopez, Julia.

Decentralization of Bargaining and Wage Structure
 Sissoko, Salimata.

Defining Good Corporate Governance: How Institutional and Socio-political Factors Affect Corporate Governance Standards
 Okhmatovskiy, Ilya.

Demographic Aging, Female Migrants and Modern Capitalism
 Estevez-Abe, Margarita.

Desempleo y Protession de los Immigrantes ante la Crisis Economica
 Tobes Portillo, Paloma. and Angoitia Grijalba, Miguel.

Determinantes Macroeconómicos de los IED Españoles en América Latina
 Cunha, Andre. and Lelis, Marcos Tadeu.

Determining a Consistent Set of Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards: A Research Note Based on the IASB-FASB Conceptual Framework Revision Project
 Le Manh, Anne. and Ramond, Olivier.

Development in Brazil: The Past Decade, 2000-2010
 Piccin, Jaclyn.

Development in the Financialisation Era: New Barrels for Old Wine?
 Soydan, Aylin.

Diagnosing the Crisis: The ECB and the Fed Compared
 Rosenhek, Zeev.

Diaspora Bonds and the Challenge of Regulating Economic Transactions that Fuse Elements of Gift-giving and Market Exchange
 Lainer-Vos, Dan.

Did the Financial Crisis Disorganise Europe’s Corporate Elite? The Network of Interlocking Directorates in 2005 and 2010
 Heemskerk, Eelke.

Different answers to rising flexibility demands in the globalization process and its consequences for social inequality patterns
 Blossfeld, Hans-Peter. and Buchholz, Sandra.

Different models of innovative capabilities? SMEs, the German model and beyond
 Beyer, Jurgen., Kirchner, Stefan., Eckert, Falk. and Ludwig, Ute.

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 Canton, Cesar.

Earnings management and ownership structure: An international analysis of family firms
 Lopez Iturriaga, Felix.

Economic Categories in Neoliberal Society
 Fourcade, Marion. and Healy, Kieran.

Economic Crisis, Socio-Economic Uncertainty and Attitudes Towards Immigration in Europe
 Molina, Oscar. and Martin-Artiles, Antonio.

Economic Development in Material-Based Economies: Brazil’s Steel Industry and the Quest for a New Developmental Path
 Santos, Rodrigo. and Doering, Heike.

Economic Efficiency in Fair Trade
 Galvao, Claudia.

Economic Reconstruction in State-Building
 Dornhuber, Matthias.

Economic Regulators for an Anti-Regulation Era: Constructing the Regulator for Hostile Territory
 Zimmerman, Kenneth.
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Economic Transactions as Social Interaction
 Goldfarb, Avi., Samila, Sampsa. and Silverman, Brian.

Economic and Social Upgrading in Global Production: A Framework for Analaysis
 Gereffi, Gary., Barrientos, Stephanie. and Rossi, Arianna.

Economies of Dying: The Moral Foundations of U.S. Hospice Care
 Livne, Roi.

Economía Informal, Carga Tributaria y Crecimiento Económico en Brasil
 Pereira, Carlos.

Ecopreneurs and their Networks: Bridging the Gap between Market Constraints and Ecologic Expectations
 Suckert, Lisa.

Education State and Welfare State
 Mosher, James.

Education, VET and Social Cohesion
 Mehaut, Philippe.

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F. W. Taylor y la Economía de la Información
 Ibanez, Rafael. and Lopez Calle, Pablo.

FDI Entry Modes, Development and Technological Spillovers
 Alvarez, Isabel., Marin, Raquel. and Santos Arteaga, Francisco.

FDIs and the Challenges of Chinese Capitalism
 Piotti, Geny.

Factual and Morally Appropriate Social Inequality – Do They Cause Each Other?
 Schroeder, Martin.

Failures of Neo-Liberalism and the Washington Consensus during Post-Communist Transition: Lessons from a Recent Past
 Kokushkin, Maksim.

Faire partie des artistes plasticiens contemporains les plus reconnus à l’échelle internationale : formes féminines et masculines du succès dans le domaine des arts visuels.
 Quemin, Alain. and Levy, Clara.

Family Businesses and Innovation: Is Knowledge Management the Solution?
 Sanguino Galvan, Ramon., Banegil Palacios, Tomas M.. and Barroso Martínez, Ascensión.

Family Matters: Politically Connected Companies in Italy, 1994-2008
 Asquer, Raffaele. and Calderoni, Federico.

Family Structure and Entrepreneurship in the Light of “Filial Piety”: Transmission Mechanisms at Work
 Blind, Georg.

Family-friendly Working Time Arrangements: Who Gets Them and Why? The Case of France
 Bustreel, Anne., Pernod, Martine. and Cornuau, Frederique.

Faster is not Always Better : Economic Globalization and Workers’ Perceived Job Insecurity in 18 OECD Countries
 Im, Dong Kyun.

Female Labour Force Participation and Well-being: An Analysis of German East-West Migrants
 Plagnol, Anke.

Finance and Society in Brazil
 Sartore, Marina.

Finance: An Essay on Objects and Methods of Inquiry
 Andrikopoulos, Andreas.

Financial Capitalism and Industrial Relations in Canada and Québec
 Lapointe, Paul-Andre. and Beji, Kamel.

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Gender Equality in the Welfare State: Patterns of Leave Regulations in an Enlarged Europe
 Ciccia, Rossella. and Verloo, Mieke.

Gender and the Revocation of Citizenship in Capitalist Modernity
 Adams, Julia. and Herzog, Ben.

Gender, Industrial Citizenship and New Livelihood Risks in Germany and Japan
 Shire, Karen.

Gendered Organizational Processes in the Australian Mining Industry: Implications for Human Resource Management
 Kirsch, Anja. and Brouggy, Larissa.

Genre et Temps de Travail : Un Enjeu de Santé au Travail
 Babule, Karine. and Chappert, Florence.

German Labor Market and the Capability Approach – Focused on the Aspect of Long Term Unemployment
 Olejniczak, Michael.

Global Finance, State Change, and Declining Unionization: The Political Economics of Faltering Union Power 1980-2005
 Peters, John.

Global Pressures, Domestic Institutions, and Sovereign Defaults
 Kerestecioglu, Doga. and Guillen, Mauro.

Global Production Chains and Development: A Critical Analysis
 Tanyilmaz, Kurtar. and Kıroglu, Miris.

Global Restructuring of Social Reproduction: Observations in a Transnational Packing Town in the Midwest, US
 Miraftab, Faranak.

Globalization and Growing Income Inequality in the United States
 Buchele, Robert.

Governance and Medication Safety in the English NHS: The Role of Professional Communities
 Ramsay, Angus., Turner, Simon., Fulop, Naomi., Cavell, Gillian., Higginson, Juliet. and Oborne, Alice.

Governance of Joint Stock Companies and Auditing in France: A Historical and Institutional Analysis of the Emergence of the Auditor’s Profession [1856-1935]
 Praquin, Nicolas.

Governing Employment at the Level of the Firm. Contextualising Flexicurity and the Perspective of Multinationals
 Pulignano, Valeria. and Keune, Maarten.

Government Responses to Network Failure: The Case of the Manufacturing Extension Partnerships
 Schrank, Andrew. and Whitford, Josh.

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Has Irish Social Partnership finally died?
 Teague, Paul. and Donaghey, Jimmy.

Has the crisis exacerbated inequalities?
 Vaughan-Whitehead, Daniel.

Health Sector and Economic Development
 Castro, Janice. and Pelegrini, Maria Lecticia.

Historical Institutionalism and the Theory of Goal-oriented Action: Towards a Behavioural Foundation for Institutionalism
 Etienne, Julien. and Schnyder, Gerhard.

Homogamie Socioprofessionnelle et Division Sexuée du Travail : Enquête auprès d’Infirmiers, de Policiers et d’Assistants Sociaux
 Ballatore, Magali. and Fusulier, Bernard.

Household Joblessness and Its Impact on Poverty and Deprivation in Europe
 de Graaf-Zijl, Marloes. and Nolan, Brian.

Housing the Polity: The Changing Architecture of Community in an Aging Society
 LeBlanc, Robin.

How American Management Theory Helped to Legitimize German Codetermination: Erich Potthoff and the Cross-Border Transmutation of Knowledge
 Fear, Jeffrey.

How China’s Role in the Asian Production Chain Influences Japan’s, Korea’s and Thailand’s Responses to China
 Fei, John.

How Do Professional Licensing Regulations Affect Practitioners? New Evidence
 Klee, Mark.

How Liberal is Neoliberalism?
 Paton, Joy.

How Opinions Become Facts: Constructing the Creditworthiness of Bond Issuers
 Besedovsky, Natalia.

How Political Coalitions Drive Network Evolution: The Case of the Venice Film Festival
 Moretti, Anna.

How Professional Homogamous Couples May Shape Women’s Prestigious Careers
 Buscatto, Marie.

How the Too Neglected “Laws of Capitalism” Revealed Themselves in the Current Crisis
 Boyer, Robert.

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Identity and Temporary Work
 de Gilder, Dick.

Identity, Racialization and Perception of the Racialized Other: The Case of Ukrainian Immigrants in the US
 Poladko Alleyne, Tetyana.

Illiberal Regulatory States: The Case of Turkey
 Ozel, Isik.

Immigrant Women in the Domestic Service: Conditions of Work and Perceptions of Discrimination
 Aguilar-Idanez, Maria-Jose.

Immigration, Nation Building, and Capitalism: Italian Workers in Canada, 1900-1905
 Velasco, Gustavo.

In Search of a New Development Economics Paradigm: Progress beyond Neoliberalism
 Torras, Mariano.

In Transition between Old and New Contradictions: The Evolution of Part-Time Work in Europe during the 2000’s.
 Insarauto, Valeria.

In/Visibilities: Mapping the Strait of Gibraltar
 Callejo Pajares, Teresa.

Inclusión Sociolaboral de Mujeres Reclusas: Revisión del Marco Legislativo Español desde una Perspectiva de Género.
 Novo-Corti, Isabel.

Income Distribution and Varieties of Capitalism in Transition Economies: What Would Karl Marx Have Said?
 Izyumov, Alexei.

Income and Consumption Inequality: Mapping the Cross-national Trends.
 Kus, Basak.

Inequality and Labor Market Institutions: New Evidence about Employment Protection
 Avdagic, Sabina. and Bellani, Luna.

Inestabilidad Laboral en México: Trayectorias, Movilidad y Cambios en el Tipo de Contratación, 2005-2009
 Cervantes Arenillas, David.

Influence of Globalization on Institutions of Shadow Activity: The Russian Example
 Naydenov, Alexey.

Innovation and Regulation in Telecommunications Industry: A Comparative Institutional Economic Analysis
 Giannoccolo, Pierpaolo. and Biondi, Yuri.

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Job Quality and the Perceived Work-Life Balance Fit between Work Hours and Personal Commitments: A Comparison of Parents and Older Workers in Europe
 Walthery, Pierre. and Fagan, Colette.

Job-Satisfaction in the Broader Framework of the Capability Approach
 Lessmann, Ortrud. and Bonvin, Jean-Michel.

Journalists’ Training as a New Stake for the Unions: The Case of the French Pigistes
 Aubert, Clemence.


Kazakhstan: Oil Endowment and Oil Empowerment
 Fernandez, Rafael. and Palazuelos, Enrique.

Killing Conscience: The Criminogenic Behavioral Effects of "Pay for Performance"
 Stout, Lynn.

Knowledege Building in University and Firm Interaction
 Turchi, Lenita.

Knowledge "Transfer" and Cross-Cultural Learning
 Mense-Petermann, Ursula.


L'action syndicale internationale et ses réorientations: le cas des activités internationales des organisations syndicales québécoises.
 Soussi, Sid Ahmed.

La Clave de la Comunicación en la Empresa Familiar: La Confianza
 Hernandez-Linares, Remedios. and Banegil Palacios, Tomas M..

La Comunidad Hispánica en el Siglo XXI
 Hernaiz Blazquez, Juan Ignacio.

La Construcción de una Socioeconomía Solidaria como Fenómeno Comunitarista: El Caso Latinoamericano
 Guerra, Pablo.

La Democracia Amenazada: Renta Básica, Democracia y Mercado (Democracy under Threat: Basic Income, Democracy and the Market)
 Rey Perez, Jose Luis.

La Economía de la Felicidad: Una Alternativa Viable
 Cachon, Elena.

La Influencia de la Confianza en el Carácter Innovador de las Empresas Familiares
 Hernandez-Linares, Remedios. and Banegil Palacios, Tomas M..

La Innovación Tecnológica en la Agricultura Familiar: El Caso de la Región Semi-árida del Norte de Minas Gerais - Brasil
 Vieira, Adriana., Leonel Lunas, Divina. and Ferreira Jardim da Silveira, Jose.

La Metodología de los Diálogos Morales Sobre Políticas Públicas en el Pensamiento de Amitai Etzioni
 Ruiz San Roman, Jose.

La Negociación Medioambiental desde la Teoría de Juegos
 Olmedillas Blanco, Blanca., Fernandez, Yolanda. and Fernandez Lopez, Maria Angeles.

La Reforma del Sistema de Pensiones en España: Una Simulación de cómo Afecta a la Cuantía de la Pensión de Jubilación
 Hermoso Fernandez, Martin., Boludo Pozuelo, Javier. and Vinas, Ana.

La Respuesta de la Política Fiscal a los Retos de la Globalización
 Ceron, Juan.

La crisis de deuda soberana y el eurosistema.
 Calvo, Antonia.

La diversité des mondes de production des services d’aide et d’intervention
 Bailly, Franck., Devetter, Francois-Xavier. and Horn, Francois.

La economía de la Unión Europea en un entorno globalizado: retos y oportunidades de la estrategia Europa 2020
 Gonzalez, Víctor. and de los Rios, Susana.

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MNC Subsidiaries in Emerging Markets between Exploitation and Augmentation: The Challenge of Balancing Hierarchy and Heterarchy
 Mattes, Jannika. and Spath, Sinje.

Macleod and the Political Economy at the End of 19th Century Brazil
 Gremaud, Amaury.

Making Europe in Their Image: Communities of Expertise and the Shaping of Transnational Governance
 Boeger, Nina. and Corkin, Joseph.

Making the Right Move: Employers' Recruitment Strategies Under the Loupe
 Gerxhani, Klarita. and Koster, Ferry.

Management of Regulatory Networks: The Case of Telecommunications Regulation in Europe
 Saz-Carranza, Angel.

Managers and Their Type of Personality
 Tobsch, Verena., Fietze, Simon. and Holst, Elke.

Managing Blended Workforces
 Koene, Bas., Garsten, Christina. and Galais, Nathalie.

Managing Open Source Software
 den Besten, Matthijs.

Managing from afar: The Rise of a New Professional Group?
 Marie-Anne, Dujarier.

Manufacturing Transformations: The Growth of Industrial Capacities in East Asia and Latin America
 Ruiz Duran, Clemente.

Marital Conflict and the Division of Care Responsibilities within Young Couples: The Case of Spain
 Mari-Klose, Pau. and Mari-Klose, Marga.

Market Devices and Economic Calculability: Low-paid Workers in a Private Pension System in Chile
 Figueroa, Rodrigo. and Madariaga, Aldo.

Market Information as a Public Good: Issues and Prospects for the Review
 Riva, Angelo., Lagneau-Ymonet, Paul. and Hautcoeur, Pierre-Cyrille.

Marketising Scotland’s water: the slow drip of neoliberalism
 Kane, Tommy.

Marketization and Institutional Change: From an Idea to Its Social Effects
 Greer, Ian. and Doellgast, Virginia.

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 Long Lingo, Elizabeth.

Nanotechnology in China - How Effective is State-Led Development?
 Cao, Cong.

Nanotechnology in México: Foreign-Driven or National Interest?
 Zayago Lau, Edgar.

National Systems of Labour Relations and the Politics of Embedded Neo-Liberalism; Irish Social Partnership in Crisis
 Regan, Aidan.

Negociación Colectiva y Flexibilidad Interna en España
 Ruesga, Santos., Bichara, Julimar. and Cervantes Arenillas, David.

Neither markets but hierarchical networks: the orchestration of Swiss biotechnology by pharmaceutical companies
 Hasse, Raimund. and Passarge, Eva.

Neoliberal Morality in Singapore
 Teo, Youyenn.

Neoliberal Restructuring and Social and Firm Level Capability Development in Jordan
 Abugattas Majluf, Luis.

Neoliberal Think Tanks and the Making of Neoliberal Capitalism: Beyond Idea-centred Explanations
 Cahill, Damien.
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 [017] [018]

Networks and Institutions in the Japanese Cosmetics Industry: The Historical Path and Its Rigidity
 Ogihara, Tsuyoshi. and Nakano, Tsutomu.

New Labor Market Dynamics Since the Global Financial Crisis: Europe versus the U.S.
 Reich, Michael.

New Wine in Old Bottles: Heterarchies and Networks in Irish Biotech and Animation Firms
 O Riain, Sean.

Non-standard Employment in Russia: What are the Differences from Developed Countries?
 Karabchuk, Tatiana.

Not Created Equal: Market-Orientation and Private Firm Involvement as Distinguishing Characteristics of Different Active Labour Market Policies
 Nelson, Moira.


Occupational Licensing and Quality: Evidence from the UK Security Sector
 Fernie, Sue. and Humphris, Amy.

Occupational Licensing versus Unionisation: A Comparison of Two Labour Market Institutions in the UK
 Koumenta, Maria., Humphris, Amy. and Kleiner, Morris.

Ocupaciones del Mercado de Trabajo Brasileño: Evolución de la Condición Socioeconómica, 2002-2008
 Monsueto, Sandro.

Of Niches and Nonprofits: The Principle of Allocation in the Social Sector
 Barman, Emily.

Offshoring to China and India: Case Studies of Italian Small-Medium-sized Firms
 Tattara, Giuseppe.

On the Value of Accounting Information for Innovation
 Paraskevopoulou, Evita. and Santamaria Sanchez, Lluis.

Operational Risk Management of Insurance Companies under the New European Solvency Regulation
 Hernandez Barros, Rafael. and Martinez Torre-Enciso, Isabel.

Organizational Changes of Stock Exchanges: From Stock Markets to Stock Exchange Operators
 Botzem, Sebastian.

Organizational Corruption: An Empirical Study
 Jancsics, David. and Javor, Istvan.

Organizational Innovation in Nascent Industries: A Multi-Stakeholder Approach to Creating a Digital Brand in the Fashion Industry
 Petkova, Iva.

Organizational Liminality and Flexible Habitus: Exploring the Link between Organizational and Work-Life Boundaries
 Garsten, Christina. and Haunschild, Axel.

Organizations in Global Transitions: The Toyota Case
 Luca, Anastasia.

Organizing Others: The Trade Union Option for Migrant Care Workers
 Mundlak, Guy.

Other Effects of the World Economic Crisis: A New Financial Architecture is Born
 de la Fuente, Fatima., Ceron, Juan., Fernandez, Rosa. and Gago, Pilar.

Otra Inserción de América Latina en el Comércio Mundial?
 Cacciamali, Maria Cristina.

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PIB et femmes : l’occultation de la contribution des femmes à la richesse nationale
 Meda, Dominique. and Jany-Catrice, Florence.

Paradigm, Pressure and Opportunity Structure: Recasting EU Steel Trade Policy towards East Central Europe in the 1990s
 Sedelmeier, Ulrich.

Parental Background, Track Choices and Schooling Inequality in Switzerland
 Falter, Jean-Marc.

Parental Leaves as a Resource for Balancing Working and Family Life: Under Which Conditions do Parents Make Use of Parental Leaves in Europe?
 Meil, Gerardo.

Part-Time Work and Employer-Provided Training: Boon to Women and Bane to Men?
 Oswald, Yvonne., Tuor, Simone. and Backes-Gellner, Uschi.

Participatory Civil Dialogue : Are There Deliberative Effects?
 Baccaro, Lucio.

Party Competition, Business Organization and Democratization
 Martin, Cathie.

Party constituencies, welfare state attitudes and the punishment for social policy reforms
 Nelson, Moira. and Giger, Nathalie.

Pay Compression, Investment and Productivity Growth: Comparative Historical Evidence for Manufacturing
 Vernon, Guy.

Pay Equity Effects of Minimum Wages in Different National Industrial Relations Models
 Grimshaw, Damian.

Pay and Rewards in Non-profit Organizations: An Assessment of Employee Motivations in the Homeless Sector in England
 Antunes, Bethania.

Pedagogic Governance and Micro Enterprise in Israel: The Making of an Institutional Field
 Berkovitch, Nitza. and Kemp, Adriana.

Pension Privatization and the Financialization of Retirement Provision
 De Deken, Johan.

Pension Privatization in Crisis: Death or Rebirth of a Global Policy Trend?
 Orenstein, Mitchell.

Pension Reforms and Governance: The State-Social Partners Relationship Reconsidered
 Marier, Patrik.

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Quelles évolutions de la qualité des emplois entre 1984 et 2005? : Différences entre hommes et femmes.
 Devetter, Francois-Xavier.

Qué Ha Pasado con la Discriminación Laboral por Calidad del Empleo en Cali?
 Arroyo, Jose.


RMBS in the Netherlands as a Case of "Commodification of Credit"
 Glasmacher, Anna.

Re-Embedding the Market: Crisis and Reinvention?
 Macdonald, Kate., Marshall, Shelley. and Pinto, Sanjay.

Re-Thinking Shareholder Primacy
 Stout, Lynn.

Re-designing the Institutional Configuration of Welfare State: The Multi-level Governance of Labor Market Polices
 Lopez-Santana, Mariely.

Recessive Institutions and Alternatives to Vertical Integration: How Networks Overcome Institutional Challenges in Argentina
 Friel, Daniel.

Recompositions du temps de travail et autonomie, quelles évolutions ?
 Genin, Emilie. and Cisneros, Luis.

Reforming the Welfare States: New Public Management versus Social Innovation
 Bislev, Sven.

Regional Development Experience of Turkey in the Age of Neoliberalism
 Yakar-Onal, Aysegul. and Ergunes, Nuray.

Regional Disparities in Mexican Labor Productivity
 Escobar Gamboa, Octavio.

Regional Integration in Globalization: Korea’s and Taiwan’s Trans-border Networks in the Information Technology Sector
 Chu, Yin-wah.

Regional Varieties of Capitalism
 Ebner, Alexander.

Regional and local-level experiments for labor-market policy in Europe: possibilities for action
 Regalia, Ida.

Regulating funded pensions in times of crisis: A western European comparison
 Ebbinghaus, Bernhard. and Wiss, Tobias.

Regulation beyond Neoliberalism in the Argentinean Media Market
 Mauersberger, Christof.

Regulation in Welfare States: Differentiation and Communication between Economic Regulation and Social Policy
 Mabbett, Deborah.

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Sarkozy "l'Americain" and International Economic Governance
 Meunier, Sophie.

Screening Discrimination and the Determinants of Wages on the French Labor Market
 Moullet, Stephanie. and Dupray, Arnaud.

Securing Jobs through Labour Hoarding in Germany: Potential Impacts of Subsidised Working Time Reductions in Times of Recession
 Stops, Michael., Walwei, Ulrich. and Dietz, Martin.

Security and Investments in Employability
 Pruijt, Hans. and Derogee, Pascal.

Seeking the Suitable Governance Type: When SMEs Face International Cooperation
 Buciuni, Giulio. and Mola, Lapo.

Shareholder Value Oriented Foreign Flows and the Evolution of Work in France
 Goyer, Michel. and Valdivielso del Real, Rocio.

Shareholder Value and Business Economics
 Kuhne, Kai.

Sharing Visions: The Role of Attention Structures in the Development and Dissemination of Evaluation Models
 Prato, Matteo.

Shifting End Markets and the Implications for Industrial Upgrading in China
 Thun, Eric.

Shifting the Public-Private Mix: A New Dualization of Welfare?
 Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin.

Should we Abolish the Intellectual Property System? The Debate in the 21st Century
 Orsi, Fabienne.

Similar, but still different – How US MNCs in Switzerland and Germany utilize local employment relations
 Kluike, Marlies. and Pull, Kerstin.

Skills, Occupational Mobility and Labor Market Reforms: Revisiting the Varieties of Capitalism Approach
 Feyertag, Joe., Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin. and Saunders, Adam.

Slicing the Pie: The Effects of Class Organization and State Policy on Labor’s Share of National Income
 Kristal, Tali.

So Similar, yet so Diffrent: Variety of Skill Formation Regimes in East and Central Europe
 Szelewa, Dorota. and Polakowski, Michal.

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Tackling Social Inequality: How Taxes and Transfers Do (or Don’t) Yield a More Equal Society.
 Pichler, Florian. and Kollmeyer, Christopher.

Takeovers and the Evolution of the Electricity Sector in Spain: The Limits of the Varieties of Capitalism Perspective
 Valdivielso del Real, Rocio.

Tariff Complexity, Market Power and Regulation: The Case of Telecommunications
 Rebai, Lilia. and Flacher, David.

Taste Makers in the High-Class Restaurant Industry
 Lane, Christel.

Tax Reform, Income Inequality and the Welfare State in Western Europe
 Glatzer, Miguel.

Technical Innovation, Regime Change and Social Movements: The Case of Renewable Energies
 Fuchs, Gerhard.

Template Fever! Global Higher Education Policy and the Closing of the Public Mind in South Africa
 Higgins, John.

Temporary Employment in Russia: Why Mostly Men?
 Karabchuk, Tatiana.

The Added Value of Personalized Ties between Biotech Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists
 Pina Stranger, Alvaro.

The Adoption of New Business Models in the Aviation Industry and Politics of Organizational Transformation
 Lange, Knut., Geppert, Mike., Saka-Helmhout, Ayse. and Becker-Ritterspach, Florian.

The Adoption of the Low-cost Airline Model: The Influence of Contradicting Institutions on Firm-level Employment and Industrial Relations
 Becker-Ritterspach, Florian., Saka-Helmhout, Ayse. and Lange, Knut.

The Age of Dualization: How European Societies Adapt to Deindustrialization
 Palier, Bruno. and Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin.

The Ambiguities of Financial Control: The Case of a Leveraged Buy-Out in France
 Foureault, Fabien.

The Anthropological Basis of the Firm: the Individual vs Person Dilemma
 Roger, Baudoin.

The Balance of Expertise in U.S. Financial Regulation
 Ziegler, J. Nicholas.

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U.S. Welfare Progress: Partisan and Sectional Congressional Thresholds for Reformer and Interest-Group Relevance
 Hicks, Alexander. and Li, Xue.

Un Modelo Explicativo de la Competitividad Industrial en Sectores Menos Tecnológicos: Una Aplicación al Sector Metal-mecánico en Andalucía.
 Martinez Roman, Juan Antonio., Tamayo Gallego, Juan Aurelio., Gamero Rojas, Javier. and Romero Garcia, Jose Enrique.

Un Modelo para Adquirir y Desarrollar Conocimientos y Competencias en la Gestión de la I+D+I
 Moure, Ramiro. and Aceituno Aceituno, Pedro.

Understanding Market Fields and Uncertainty: A Field and Habitus-Based Approach
 Hanappi, Doris.

Understanding the Impact on Society's Well-being on Contemporary Markets: Five Examples from Australia
 Chester, Lynne.

Understanding the Role of Rating Agencies: A Literature Review and a Framework for Analyzing Reforms
 Trotta, Annarita. and Cavallaro, Giusy.

Understanding the Transformation of the Welfare State: What Can We Learn from Policy Justification?
 Juko, Sonja.

Une nouvelle perspective pour repenser le rôle de la communication interne dans les entreprises multinationales culturellement diversifiées : l'ordre négocié
 Jebli, Fedwa.

Unifying Esping-Andersen’s Welfare Regimes and Varieties of Capitalism into One Typology
 Schroeder, Martin.

Union Engagement with Immigrant Community Groups - Experiences, Challenges and Future Potential
 Karmowska, Joanna. and James, Phil.

Unión Europea y Objetivos de Desarrollo de Milenio (ODM): el compromiso con África
 Fernandez-Ardavin Martinez, Ana. and Rodriguez Santos, Angeles.

Unravelling the Embedded Liberal Bargain: Labour Law in the Context of EU Market Integration
 Ashiagbor, Diamond.

Upgrading in Global Value Chains: The Role of Entrepreneurship
 Giansoldati, Marco. and Finotto, Vladi.


Valuación en la Empresa Media en México Utilizando el Modelo INVESTRAT
 Villegas Hernandez, Eduardo.

Valuation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Mexico
 Villegas Hernandez, Eduardo.

Value-Added Relationships: Negotiating Conflicts of Interest Regarding Anonymity in the Finance Industry
 Pitluck, Aaron.

Variation, Evolution and Institutional Change
 Farrell, Henry. and Shalizi, Cosma.

Varieties of Activating Welfare States: Revising Esping-Andersen’s Categories to Typologize Welfare Capitalism
 Dingeldey, Irene.

Varieties of Asian Capitalism. An Evolutionary Approach to China
 Krug, Barbara. and Hendrischke, Hans.

Varieties of Capitalism and Varieties of Crisis Responses: Economic Adjustment in Estonia and Slovenia
 Feldmann, Magnus.

Varieties of Liberalism: Anglo-Saxon Capitalism in Crisis?
 Konzelmann, Suzanne., Fovargue-Davies, Marc. and Schnyder, Gerhard.

Varieties of Regulation and Governance in the Shadow of Crisis
 Cioffi, John.

Varieties of Regulatory Welfare Regimes: Cross National Analysis of Social Regulation in the OECD Countries Electricity and Housing Sectors
 Haber, Hanan.

Variety of Sectors: Homogeneity and Heterogeneity in Sectoral Industrial Relations in the European Union
 Bechter, Barbara., Brandl, Bernd. and Meardi, Guglielmo.

Varying Concepts of Social Responsibility? – Beliefs and Practises in Comparison
 Bluhm, Katharina. and Trappmann, Vera.

Varying Regional Strategies in the Implementation of an Open-ended, State-subsidized Employment Programme in Germany
 Bauer, Frank.

Veblen Was So Right ! Analyzing Advertizing Campaigns of the Contemporary Luxury Sector in the Light of The Theory of the Leisure Class
 Quemin, Alain.

Vocational Education and Training: Public Policies against the Job Market.
 Barbosa, Maria-Ligia.


Wage Bargaining after Liberalization in Italian and Greek Telecommunications: Explaining Divergent Trajectories of Institutional Change
 Kornelakis, Andreas.

Wage and Professional Mobility of Workers Earning the Minimum Wage in France
 Remillon, Delphine. and Ourliac, Benoit.

Water metering as an accounting approach: confronting political administration of the public water supply of a developing city
 Amiraly, Akil. and Kanniganti, A..

Weak and Strong Path Dependency
 Mosher, James.

Wealth Inequality after the Financial Crisis
 Schuerz, Martin.

Wealth and Poverty of Elderly Women in Spain
 Galaso, Pablo., de Vera, Violeta. and Vara, Maria.

Welfare Effects of the Choice Agenda in Public Services: The Case of Health Care in the United Kingdom
 Zigante, Valentina.

Welfare Markets as Political Institutions: Discussing a Concept for Social Policy Research
 Koppe, Stephan.

Welfare State Preferences during Housing Booms and Busts across Europe
 Ansell, Ben.

What Difference Does It Make?: Alternative National Approaches to the Regulation of Fitness Instructors
 Lloyd, Caroline., Payne, Jonathan. and Larre, Francoise.

What Do Recent Occupational Pension Reforms in Japan Tell Us about the Evolution of the Country’s Coordinated Market Economy?
 Conrad, Harald.

What Does the Global Financial Crisis Tell Us about Anglo-Saxon Financial Capitalism?
 Maxfield, Sylvia.

What Kind of Problem is International Bribery?: Economic Theory and the Regulation of Securities Markets
 Gershenson, Carl.

What Policies for Economic and Social Development? Insights from Institutional Economics and Psychoanalysis
 Hermann, Arturo.

What Regulation for the Labour Market in Times of Crisis? Lessons from Cross-national Restructuration Processes
 Bonvin, Jean-Michel. and Dif-Pradalier, Mael.

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Yet Another Field Becomes Commodified? For-Profit Social Movement Activism
 King, Leslie.

Young Academic Scientists in University-Industry Collaboration: Exploited Scientific Labour or Dynamic Human Resources?
 Lam, Alice. and Campos, Andre.

Young Latin American Second Generation Immigrants’ Aspirations, Expectation and their Perspective of Well-being in Spain
 Ron Balsera, Maria.
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