SASE Annual Conference 2012 2012-Jun-28 to 2012-Jun-30

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"Dad and Partner Pay": Gender Shifts in Policy and Practice in Australia?
 Baird, Marian.

"Financial Market Capitalism" in Germany: To What Extent is it Realized?
 Faust, Michael.

"Occupy Wall Street" as a Global Movement: A Rising or a Receding Tide?
 Tiryakian, Edward.

"Risk Free Rate of Return": Sovereignty in Financial Formulas
 Ortiz, Horacio.

(De)regulation: Employers, Unions, and the partisan politics of labour market flexibility in Italy
 Pancaldi, Federico.

'Going to the Brands': How Local Activists Use Codes of Conduct
 Egels-Zanden, Niklas. and Bartley, Tim.

'Them' and 'Us' through the Lens of Citizenship: Social Participation and the Insider-Outsider Divide
 Seeleib-Kaiser, Martin., Feyertag, Joseph. and ferragina, emanuele.

¿Son Posibles las Políticas Industriales dentro de la Unión Europea?: El Caso del Sector de la Automoción en España (1986-2012)
 Ramirez Perez, Sigfrido.

‘Necessary but not Sufficient’ – Governance as Coordination in Global Call Centre Value Chains
 Taylor, Philip.

“It Takes Two to Tango!”: Governance Structures and Work Orientations in an Employment Relationship
 Gerxhani, Klarita. and Di Stasio, Valentina.

“Valley of Institutional Change” and Institutional Complementarities: Japanese Political Economy 1990-2005
 Kato, Sota.


A Comparison of CSR Understandings between China and France: Determinants, Attitudes, and Performance
 Zhao, Yanhai. and Ye, Yao.

A Democracy without National Accounting: the Debate about the Origins of the Italian Crisis
 Misiani, Simone.

A Financial Industry Executive-Turned-Sociologist’s Analysis of Goldman Sachs: Are Big Banks Organizationally Structured so that Failure is Inevitable?
 mandis, steven.

A New Database for Research on Wealth Inequality in the Euro Area
 Schuerz, Schuerz.

A Review of Protective Regulations: From Constraints to Possibilities
 Amengual, Matthew. and Coslovsky, Salo.

A Theoretical Case for Making Welfare Transfer Payments Contingent upon Enrollment in Adult Educational Programs
 Schwartz, David Jed.

A Theoretical Framework for Industrial Upgrading in Southern Europe
 Garcia Calvo, Angela.

Accounting Analysis of Ahold Fraud
 Ghio, Alessandro.

Accounting Unfolding Modern Rationality: The Performative Memory of the Jesuit Order
 Quattrone, Paolo.

Accounting, Inc.
 Veldman, Jeroen. and Jansson, Andreas.

Adaptation of International Banking Standards to Emerging Market Circumstances within the European Union
 Kudrna, Zdenek.

Adjusting National Innovation Policies to Support Open and Networked Innovation Systems: Case Study of the Transitional Economy of Slovenia
 Jaklic, Marko. and Pustovrh, Ales.

Affordability of Care and Quality of Work: Is There a Trade-off?; Evidence from Different EU countries’ Policies
 Simonazzi, Annamaria.

After Embedded-Liberalism: The Neoliberal Hybridization of Japan's Developmental State
 suzuki, taka.

After the Crisis: Business-Government Realignments in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United-States
 van der Zwan, Natascha.

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Baumol and the Post-Industrial Trilemma: Examining the Relationship between Productivity, Prices, and Wages
 Lewis, Paul. and Peng, Fei.

Becoming a Brazilian Superstar: A Process Perspective on Institutional Capability Development
 Gatignon, Aline. and Capron, Laurence.

Being done with Milton Friedman
 Robe, Jean.

Beyond Homo Economicus: Countering Neoliberal Views of Higher Education
 Fanghanel, Joelle.

Beyond Traditional Markets: US Shellfishery Associations and Markets for Environmental Services
 Prokopovych, Bogdan.

Beyond Workplaces and Iindustrial Sectors: Forms and Logics of Union Action on the Territory
 Regalia, Ida.

Beyond the ACFTU: Hacking Governance Tools to Expand Opportunities
 Lamrad, Nadira.

Beyond the Firm: China and Global Value Chains
 Dallas, Mark.

Beyond the Service Sector Trilemma: Towards a Better Understanding of Social Investment Policy Synergies
 Eichhorst, Werner., Drabing, Verena. and Hemerijck, Anton C..

Blinded by the Light: Path Dependence of Corporate Governance Organizational Forms and Concentration of Ownership
 Gucwa, Michael. and Eberhart, Robert.

Brasil: Perspectivas y Desafíos del Desarrollo en un Contexto de Crisis Internacional
 DEDECCA, Claudio. and Lopreato, Francisco.

Bringing Institutions and Power Back In: A Global Value Chain Analysis of the Upgrading of the ICT Industry in China
 Poon, Teresa Shuk-Ching.

Building for the Future: Young Members in the Public and Commercial Services Union
 Hodder, Andy.

Bureaucratic Legitimation and Race-, Sex- and Age Discrimination
 Roscigno, Vincent.

Bureaucratic Networks and Government Spending: A Network Analysis of Nuclear Cooperation in Latin America
 Alcaniz, Isabella.

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CSR as Meta-Embeddedness: A Polaniyan Perspective
 Krichewsky, Damien.

Can Gender Traits Explain Job Aspiration Segregation?
 Falter, Jean-Marc. and Wendelspiess Chavez Juarez, Florian.

Can Strict Employment Protection Legislation Explain High Youth Unemployment in Sweden?
 Holzer, Susanna., Mortvik, Roger. and Engblom, Samuel.

Can Sustainability Accounting Lead to Internalization of Negative Externalities?
 Alexis, Gwendolyn Yvonne.

Capabilities, Conventions, and Spheres of Public Action
 Whiteside, Noel.

Capabilities, Gender, and Employment Past Retirement Age in the UK and US
 Lain, David. and O\'Reilly, Jacqueline.

Capital Social, Bienes Relacionales, y Felicidad: Una Aproximación a la Consiliencia Socioeconómica
 Membiela, Matías.

Capitalizing on “Brain Gain” for Development: International Division of Knowledge and Co-Development Promises for the Southern Peripheral Economies
 Morad, Diani. and Fhiffi, Noufel.

Career Success of Union Members: A Work Commitment Explanation
 Laroche, Patrice. and Bietry, Franck.

Causes, Consequences, and Ways Out of the Crisis: A Perspective from the EU’s Periphery
 Mamede, Ricardo. and Rodrigues, Joao.

Central Bank-Led Capitalism?: Problematising Post-crisis Undemocratic Technocratic Finance
 Erturk, Ismail., Froud, Julie., Leaver, Adam., Johal, Sukhdev. and Williams, Karel.

Centroamérica: ¿Una Nueva Dependencia Basada en el Control de los Activos Productivos por las Transnacionales?
 Sanchez Diez, Angeles. and Martinez Piva, Mario.

Certifiers and the Impact of Environmental Certification on Production Practices
 Malets, Olga.

Changes in Financial Arrangement for Higher Education: the Case of Income Contingent Loans
 Courtioux, Pierre.

Changes in Work Arrangements: Are there Winners and Losers?
 Walwei, Ulrich., Stops, Michael. and Himsel, Carina.

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D-Work: Controlling Distributed, Volunteer, and Redundant Work to Facilitate Innovation
 Kertcher, Zack. and Hachen, David.

Declining Job Quality in the North American Auto Industry and the Argument for Enforceable International Labor Standards
 Rothstein, Jeffrey.

Deindustrialization and R&D Investment in Brazil
 Toneto Junior, Rudinei. and Selan, Beatriz.

Deliberative Democracy and Public Reasoning in the Capability Approach Toward a Sociological Understanding
 Bonvin, Jean-Michel. and Rosenstein, Emilie.

Democracy, Justice, and Capability for Voice
 Negrelli, Serafino.

Desarrollo Humano: Factores Económicos y Sociales
 Molina Morales, Agustin., Amate, Ignacio. and Guarnido Rueda, Almudena.

Desarrollo, Desigualdad, y Regulación del Mercado de Trabajo en América Latina: el Caso Brasileño
 Rivero, Patricia.

Desempleo y Felicidad en España, 2007-2010: Historia de Otra Crisis
 Cachon Gonzalez, Elena.

Deslocalización de Sectores Intensivos de Mano de Obra de Brasil a Asia y América Central
 fligenspan, flavio. and Caputi Lelis, Marcos.

Determinantes del Capital Social (CS) Individual en España y su Influencia en el Bienestar Subjetivo
 Lasierra, Jose M..

Development, Globalization, and Elites: Consolidation of Nominal Democracy
 Chung, Rakkoo.

Developmental Alliance in Korea and Taiwan: Trajectories of Transitions in the Aftermath of Democratization
 Chu, Yin Wah.

Diagnóstico de Comunicación Participativa en el Acuífero Silao Romita (México)
 Morales, Rocio. and Martinez, Francisco.

Diaspora, Development, and Democracy: The Domestic Impact of International Migration
 Kapur, Devesh.

Different Institutions Mean Different Games: Uncovering the Significance of Institution on Locating Firm Headquarters
 Ozaki, Toshiya. and Endo, Nobuaki.

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EU Vocational Education and Training Policies before and after the Crisis
 Ante, Christine.

East Asia’s Global Economic Crisis Management since 2008 and the Hybridization of East Asian Developmental State Capitalism
 Kalinowski, Thomas.

Economic Ideas and Corporatism in Small States
 Gostencnik, Grega.

Economic and Social Upgrading in Nicaragua’s Apparel Sector: The Impact of Trade Policy and Global Production Networks
 Bair, Jennifer. and Gereffi, Gary.

El Abandono del Empleo y su Incidencia sobre las Diferencias Salariales por Género en España
 Cebrian, Inmaculada. and Moreno, Gloria.

El Comercio Internacional como Indicador de Transformaciones en la Economía Mundial
 Wehbe-Herrera, Carmen Dolores. and Corral, Serafin.

El Corredor Mediterráneo en el marco de la política de transporte de la UE.
 Munoz Martinez, Cesar.

El Marco Ético de la Relación "Estado, Empresas, Sociedad Civil" en la Nueva Agenda de América Latina
 Barbieri, Alberto Edgardo.

El papel de los países emergentes en las Negociaciones Comerciales Multilaterales y su influencia en la evolución de la Política Agraria Común.
 Casado, Elena.

Embeddedness and Contractual Relations on Russian Emerging Markets
 Kotelnikova, Zoya.

Embedding Foreign-Owned Multinationals in England?: An Institutionalist Perspective
 Almond, Phil., Ferner, Anthony. and Olga, Tregaskis.

Emergence and Consolidation of New Developmentalism in Brazil and Argentina: The Role of Public Policies, Institutions, and Strategical Elites
 Gaitán, Flavio. and Boschi, Renato.

Emerging Market Firms, Strategic Choices, and the State: The Commercial Aircraft Industry in China
 Szepan, Marc.

Employment Practices by US Multinationals in Europe: Strategy, Industry, and Institutional Pressure
 Pull, Kerstin., Kluike, Marlies. and Schneider, Martin.

Employment Protection and Training: Law and Custom at the Firm Level
 Cavaletto, Giulia. and Pacelli, Lia.

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FDI and the Dynamics of Technology Diffusion in the Automobile Industry in India
 Roy, Satyaki.

FSC Governance Generating Network: Interplay of Transnational and Local Actors in Fostering Institutional Change
 Tysiachniouk, Maria.

Failure is an Option: Failure Barriers and New Firm Performance
 Eberhart, Robert. and Eesley, Charles.

Fair Value Limited; Contingent Preference Formation in the Setting of International Accounting Standards
 Muegge, Daniel.

Family and the Reproduction of Poverty: The Case of Italian Young Men and Women
 Alberio, Marco.

Finanacial Short-Termism: the End of a Myth?
 Blum, Veronique.
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Finance and the Dismantling of Worker Gains in the US Auto Industry: A Case Study
 Aschoff, Nicole.

Financial Crisis and the Black Box of the Corporate Bond Market
 Maman, Daniel.

Financial Incentives and Students’ Non-Cognitive Abilities
 Oswald, Yvonne. and Backes-Gellner, Uschi.

Financial Intermediaries in the United States: Development and Impact on Firms and Employment Relations
 Appelbaum, Eileen.

Financial Knowledge and its Use in Regulation: the Problem of Credit Ratings in Financial Regulatory Reforms
 Besedovsky, Natalia.

Financial Reform in the United States: The Relationship between State and Market
 Williams, Cynthia.

Financial Regulation Within the EU: the New Framework
 Martin Flores, Jose Maria. and Wrana, Javier.

Financial Regulation and Social Policy: Is Anyone Following in American Footsteps?
 Mabbett, Deborah.

Financial Regulation in the Iron Age of Welfare State Restructuring: Is There a Connection?
 Schelkle, Waltraud.

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Gaining Concessions from Governments: Explaining the Success of General Strikes in Western Europe, 1980-2006
 Johnston, Alison., Kelly, John. and Hamann, Kerstin.

Gender Differences in Perception of the Learning Environment: Could This Be a Potential Cause of Women's Self-Exclusion from Managerial Positions?
 Novo-Corti, Isabel., Calvo, Nuria. and Varela-Candamio, Laura.

Gender Unemployment Gaps and Economic Crises: Exploring the European Reversal of 2009-2010
 Eydoux, Anne.

Genesis and Persistence of Trust in Banks
 Groessl, Ingrid. and von Lüde, Rolf.

Genesis, Incidence, and Predictors of Occupational Regulation in the UK
 Koumenta, Maria., Bryson, Alex., Forth, John., Humphris, Amy. and Kleiner, Morris.

Genre et Flexibilité des Temps de Travail: Promesses et Exigences

Gift Giving and Nation Building: the Construction of Jewish National-Philanthropic Networks
 Lainer-Vos, Dan.

Global Imbalances and Global Shifts: Assessing of the Recent Anomalies
 Serin, Zehra.

Global Knowledge Transfer of East Asian Auto Industry: Comparative Study of Toyota and Hyundai
 Suh, Youngkyo.

Global Production Networks and Variegated Capitalism: (Self-)Regulating Labour in Cambodian Garment Factories
 Hess, Martin.

Global Standards and Institutional Diversity
 Hammer, Nikolaus.

Global Value Chains
 Gereffi, Gary.

Global competition in mature industries. Upgrading through manufacturing
 Buciuni, Giulio., Coro, Giancarlo. and Micelli, Stefano.

Globalización y Ciudadanía
 Lousada, Fernando.

Globalización y Políticas de Empleo: los "Nuevos" Modelos Económico-Laborales en los Países Emergentes, EEUU, España

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Hong Kong
 Redding, Gordon., Wong, Gilbery. and Leung, William.

Household Composition and Labor Supply to Atypical Jobs in the Service Sector in Germany and the UK
 Romeu Gordo, Laura., Dieckhoff, Martina., Gash, Vanessa. and Mertens, Antje.

Housing, the Welfare State, and the Global Financial Crisis: What is the Connection?
 Schwartz, Herman.

How Coordinated Markets Economies Stay Coordinated: Inside the Black Box of Swedish and Danish Pattern-bargaining
 Ibsen, Christian.

How Does Technology Orientation Impact on the Internationalization or Regionalisation of Business?
 Curran, Louise.

How Hard is the "Soft" Route?: The Case of the Implementation of the European Framework Agreement on Telework
 Brandl, Bernd., Prosser, Thomas. and Bechter, Barbara.

How Innovation Clusters Become Superclusters: Comparing the Evolution of Biomedical Clusters in the United States and France
 GERY, DE., Sturgeon, Timothy., Laviolette, Eric. and Bonnafous-Boucher, Maria.

How Many Varieties Within?: Diversity of Innovative Profiles and their Institutional Fit with the German Model after the Economic Crisis
 Kirchner, Stefan. and Beyer, Jurgen.

How Policy Forum Shapes Union Strategies in Social Insurance Welfare States
 Cisneros, Nathan.

How Transgovernmental Networks Emerge in the International Financial System: Insights from the Financial Stability Forum
 Reisenbichler, Alexander.

How 'Diversity' Became a ‘Melting Pot’: The Translation of American Equal Opportunity Discourse into the Israeli Organizational Field
 kalev, alexandra. and Levy, Moran.

How and When Does Knowledge Flow in Global Value Chains?: A Study of Learning and Upgrading in the Pakistan Automobile-Components Industry
 Khan, Zaheer. and Ramirez, Paulina.

How do Labour-Market Institutions Shape Venture Creation Processes?
 Herrmann, Andrea M.., van Mossel, Allard. and Hekkert, Marko.

How the Banque de France Managed the Crisis of 1889
 Riva, Angelo., Hautcoeur, Pierre-Cyrille. and White, Eugene.

How to Reinvent Capitalism from the Perspective of Business Ethics
 Llofriu, Miguel.

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Identity Construction "Beyond" Compliance and Rebellion: The Third Way in Italy
 Yoo, Taeyoung. and Bachmann, Reinhard.

Imaging All the People
 Martin, Cathie Jo.

Impact of the Economic Crisis on Youth Professional Careers
 Simonnet, Veronique., Trancart, Daniele. and Danzin, Elisabeth.

Improving the Quality of the Coaching Process for Social Entrepreneurship
 Vallat, David., Bertezene, Sandra. and Ferraton, Cyrille.

Incidencia de Normativas en el Empleo y el Medio Ambiente en España
 Ayuso, Ana Maria., Garcia, Noelia. and Ortiz de Zarate, Lucia.

Income, Consumption, and the Growth of Household Debt in the U.S., 1989-2007
 Goldstein, Adam.

 Saez, Lawrence.

Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management: a Comparison Between Italian and Brazilian Subsidiaries
 Frangi, Lorenzo.

Industrial Restructuring and Territory: Reconfiguration of Regions in a Context of New Local/Global Interdependencies: the Case of Forest Products Industry in Quebec
 Barré, Philippe. and Rioux, Claude.

Inequality and Demand for Redistribution
 Pontusson, Jonas. and Lupu, Noam.

Inequality in Latin America Countries, 1990-2005: The Effects of the Globalization and the New Financial System
 Andres Figueroa Valenzuela, Rodrigo.

Informal Care Networks in Europe: The Role of Elderly Women
 Galaso, Pablo., Vara, Maria Jesus. and De Vera, Violeta.

Innovation Adoption in Family Businesses from Developing Countries: The Case of Colombia
 Lopez Gomez, Sara.

Innovation Finance and Financial Structures
 Schuelke-Leech, Beth-Anne.

Innovation Ouverte dans les TIC: Open Source vs Crowdsourcing
 Striukova, Mila.

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Japan’s Immigration Policy, 1999-2008: Discrepancy between Comprehensive Debate and Partial Reforms
 Chiavacci, David.

Job Quality in Québec (Canada) and United Kingdom between 1998 and 2008: Changes by Gender and Family Status
 Cloutier, Luc.

Job Quality, Gender, and Parenthood in the EU: A Comparative Analysis
 Peña-Casas, Ramón.


Keeping it Real: Guardians, Cross-Occupational Collaboration, and Institutional Change in Two Community Health Centers
 Kellogg, Katherine.

Keynesian Economic Cooperation in "Crisis": the OECD in the 1970s
 Gayon, Vincent.


La Comunicación Directa Gobierno-Ciudadano mediante Herramientas Tecnológicas como Limitación para el Fortalecimiento de las Comunidades Socialmente Activas
 Ruiz San Roman, Jose A..

La Crisis Económica y el Desempleo Juvenil en la Unión Europea: el Caso Español
 Munoz, Azahara.

La Crisis Mundial y el Neodesarrollismo en Brasil
 Souza, Renildo.

La Crisis de Deuda Soberana en la Eurozona
 Calvo Hornero, Antonia.

La Demanda Interna Acosada por los Efectos de la Incertidumbre
 Dones Tacero, Maria Milagros. and Heredero, Maria Isabel.

La Gestión Ambiental como Estrategia de Competitividad Internacional para las Empresas Mexicanas
 Conraud, Eva.

La Nueva Portualidad Mundial
 Gonzalez Laxe, Fernando.

La efectividad de las medidas de prevención del blanqueo de capitales: principales retos en el ámbito europeo
 Villavieja Urzainqui, Lucia.

La neutralidad de red en la UE
 Ruiz, Luis Manuel.

Labor Market Institutions, Flexibilization of Employment Contracts, and Sector-Specific Occupational Mobility in Europe
 Muffels, Ruud.

Labor Regulation and Competitiveness in the European Union: Still Times of Europeanization?
 Pedersini, Roberto.

Labour Market Governance in Uncertain Times
 Konle-Seidl, Regina.

Language Proficiency and Achievements of Immigrants in Spain
 Miyar Busto, Maria., MATO, FRANCISCO JAVIER. and Gutierrez, Rodolfo.

 Andriesse, Edo.

Las Nuevas Estrategias de Desarrollo en los Países Andinos: ¿Neodesarrollismo, Nacionalismo Estatista, o Vivir Bien?
 Wanderley, Fernanda.

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Macro-Cycles of Global Economic Growth: The Dynamics of State and Market Driven Strategies of Development
 Fallas-Santana, Agustin.

Manufacturing Creativity: A Comparative Analysis of the Indian and the UK Creative and Media Industry
 Sen Gupta, Sukanya.

 London, Jonathan.

Masquerading as Merit: How do Gender Biases Permeate Objective Evaluations?
 Quintero, Esther. and Correll, Shelley.

Maximizing Shareholder Value as a Theory of Value Extraction
 Lazonick, William.

Mending the Fissured Workplace: Current Policies and Future Opportunities
 Weil, David.

Mercado de Trabajo y Distribución de Renta en Brasil
 Monsueto, Sandro Eduardo., Moreira Cunha, Andre. and da Silva, Julimar.

Migraciones de Corta y Larga Distancia y Organización Funcional del Espacio: Chile, 1997-2002
 Atienza, Miguel. and Lufin, Marcelo.

Migration to Japan as a Public Good: Blurring Borders of State, Market, and Civil Society
 Kremers, Daniel.

Migration, Mentorship, and the Transfer of Industrial Skills and Knowledge
 Guinn, Andrew. and Tewari, Meenu.

Migration, Rural Development, and Food Security
 Lacroix, Thomas. and Dumont, Antoine.

Military Expenditures and Health: A Cross National Analysis 1970-2000
 Kentor, jeffrey. and Jorgenson, Andrew.

Miracle Workers, Acolytes, and the Church: Early Modern Miracle Making and the Routinization of Charisma
 Parigi, Paolo. and Lainer-Vos, Dan.

Mitigation of Social Conflict in New Globalized Environment: The Potential of Tripartism in National and International Context in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
 Lubyova, Martina.

Mobilité Internationale des Emplois et Développement Local des Compétences: une Étude de Cas dans le Secteur des Technologies de l'Information
 hanin, frederic. and Racine, Michel.

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NIFs in Germany: A Short Visit, or Here to Stay?
 Vitols, Sigurt.

National Innovation and Emergence of a New Asian Capitalism
 Holroyd, Carin.

Network Recombination, Bridging Institutions, and Firm Upgrading in Emerging Market Value Chains
 McDermott, Gerald A..

Networks or Neo-Liberalism?: The U.S. Department of Energy and the Dilemmas of Decentralized Innovation Policy
 Keller, Matthew.

New African Renaissance: An Illusion or Reality?
 Aguppusi, Patricia.

New Financial Intermediaries in the Netherlands
 engelen, ewald.

New German Global Manufacturing Strategies: Product Adaptation, Localization, and Industrial Upgrading in China
 Herrigel, Gary., Wittke, Volker. and Voskamp, Ulrich.

New Innovation Paradigm: How New Concepts of Innovation Influence the Transition to New Growth and Development Regimes
 Pustovrh, Ales. and Kristensen, Peer.

New Thinking On “Shareholder Primacy”
 Stout, Lynn.

Non-Market Cooperation and the Variety of Finance Capitalism in Advanced Democracies
 Grittersova, Jana.

Non-Standard Work across Occupations in Germany
 Eichhorst, Werner. and Marx, Paul.

Non-Standard Work in Quebec: Job Centrifugation Dynamic, Youth, and Precarious Work
 Noiseux, Yanick.

Non-judicial Extra-territorial Redress Mechanisms: Bridging the Gap between Private and Public?
 Balaton-Chrimes, Samantha., Macdonald, Kate. and Marshall, Shelley.

Normative Gender Regimes: Families & Maternal Employment in Europe
 O\'Reilly, Jacqueline.


Observation Capacities and the Dynamics of Professional Groups: Art Preservation in France and the U.S.
 Hénaut, Léonie.

Observer Effects and Status Inequality: How Rankings Modify the Ecology of User Decisions
 Tutterow, Craig.

Occupational Change, Sectoral Employment Dynamics, and Non-Standard Work in Italy: Beyond Skill-Biased Technical Change and Polarization
 Sacchi, Stefano., Berton, Fabio. and Richardi, Matteo.

Off to a Green Start? Statistical- or Preference-based Theoretical Accounts of Inequality in the Employment of Foreign Nationals
 Castilla, Emilio. and Rissing, Ben.

Older Worker Labor Force Participation: Comparing the National Contexts of Japan and the United States
 Higo, Masa.

On the Beneficial Constraints of Environmental Regulation for the Growth of Eco-Firms
 Thompson, Neil., Herrmann, Andrea M.., Stam, Erik. and Hekkert, Marko.

Online Consumer Reviews: Design and Consequences of a New Valuation Device
 Beuscart, Jean-Samuel., Cardon, Vincent., Mellet, Kevin. and TRESPEUCH, Marie.

Open Innovation on the Network Level?: The Case of the German “Network of Automotive Excellence"
 Wilhelm, Miriam. and Lerch, Frank.

Operating Intangibility and Other Economic Characteristics of Firms and Industries
 Cardao-Pito, Tiago.

Organizational Failures, Accidents, and Tort Law Implications
 Heine, Klaus. and Grabovets, Kateryna.

Organizational and Institutional Change in China’s Economic Development: A Comparison of Four Industries
 Conle, Marcus.

Organizing Local Welfare Provision: Which Role for Public Entrepreneurship?
 Canonico, Paolo.

Organizing Migrant Workers through Local Community: A Case Study of a Migrant Workers Union Branch
 Karmowska, Joanna. and James, Phil.

Organizing Quality: Transnationalization and Institutional Change in the Polish and Romanian Dairy Industry
 Langbein, Julia. and Bruszt, Laszlo.

Organizing Trade Justice: the Fair Trade Movement, Product Labeling, and Fair Consumption in Western Europe
 Koos, Sebastian.

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Parental Leave Policies, Gender Equity, and Family Well-being in Europe: A Comparative Perspective
 wall, karin.

Parental Leave Use in Spain: Perceptions and Take up by Men and Women
 Meil, Gerardo. and Romero, Pedro.

Parental Leave and Fathers: A Winning Combination for Improving Job Quality in the EU?
 Ghailani, Dalila.

Parental Leave in Québec: A True Social Innovation in the Canadian and North American Context
 Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle.

Party Preferences of Fixed-term Workers in Denmark, Germany, Spain, and the UK
 Marx, Paul. and Picot, Georg.

Patterns of Cross-Boarder Mobility and Co-ordination Processes in Transnational Companies and Production Spaces
 Gandlgruber, Bruno. and Mercado Celis, Alejandro.

Patterns of Future-orientation in East Asia and Pacific countries - An indicator analysis
 HARA, Yasushi.

Patterns of Personnel Selection Decision Making: Selection Criteria of Young People Entering the Labour Market
 Colombo, Sabrina. and Gilardi, Silvia.

Performance of the SMEs and their characteristics: Study case of the French Equity market.
 Labidi, Oussama.

Peripheral Convergence in the Crisis?: Southern and Eastern European Labor Markets and Industrial Relations
 Meardi, Guglielmo.

Personality Traits and Values among the Self-Employed
 Larsson, Daniel. and Johansson Seva, Ingemar.

Petty Corruption in Central and Eastern Europe: The Client’s Side
 Jancsics, David.

Physician Behavior: Altruism Without Ethics?
 Batifoulier, Philippe. and Da Silva, Nicolas.

Political Bias in Labor Adjudication?: German Federal Labor Court and U.S. National Labor Relations Board
 Bodah, Matthew. and Schneider, Martin.

Political Context of Institutional Change and the Transformation of Government-Business Relations in the Post-Washington Consensus Era: The Case of Turkey
 Savaskan, Osman.

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Qualities and Inequalities: How the Interplay of Quality Signals Shapes Economic Value
 Accominotti, Fabien.


Radical Austerity and Conditional Loans: The Dynamics of Health Policy Reform in Greece and Ireland
 Kentikelenis, Alexander.

Radical or Incremental Institutional Change?: The Reform of Applied Research Institutes in Sweden
 Persson, Bo.

Re-Politicizing the Shop Floor: Financialization and the Emergence of Research-Intensive Labor Organizing Strategies in the Hospitality Industry
 Gaston, Pablo.

Reconciling Work and Family?: The Difficult Management of Work-Life Challenges and Career for Lawyers
 Tremblay, Diane-Gabrielle. and Mascova, Elena.

Redistribution and the New Fiscal Sociology: Inequality and Race as Predictors of State Tax Progressivity
 O\'Brien, Rourke.

Reforming Our Way to Power: The Curious Coalitional Politics of Spanish Labor Market Reforms
 Dubin, Kenneth.

Reforming Social Protection: A Rearrangement of Insurance and Assistance
 Zemmour, Michael.

Region-Building in the Post-Neoliberal Global South: the Patterns of Institutional Change in South America and Southeast Asia
 Palestini, Stefano.

Regional Innovation in Adapting to Climate Change
 Goldstein, Don.

Regionalization and Re-nationalization of Development Finance: A Sign of the Times
 Rosero, Luis. and Hudak, Kristen.

Regulating Precarious Employment: The Case of Young Australian Retail Workers
 Price, Robin. and Campbell, Iain.

Regulating Through Ratings: How the Political Mandate for Prudence Seeded the Conditions for Structured Finance
 Poon, Martha.

Regulating Transnational Companies (TNC): 46 Proposals
 Queinnec, Yann., Cossart, Sandra. and Bourdon, William.

Regulatory Regimes and Neo-liberalism
 O\'Brien, Justin.

Repatriates as Potential Entrepreneurs: A Theoretical and Empirical Study
 Burer, Elizabeth., Schlepphorst, Susanne. and moog, petra.

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Safety Culture and the Work Organisation on Airlines: Professional Identity and the Division of Labor in Commercial Aviation
 papanikou, maria. and Veersma, Ulke.

Sectoral Innovation System and its Role in the Emergence of an Automobile Lead Market in India
 Tiwari, Rajnish. and Herstatt, Cornelius.

Segmentación e Inestabilidad Laboral en México: el Caso del Empleo Asalariado
 Cervantes Arenillas, David.

Shifting Labor Markets in England and Wales: Spatial Polarisation of Jobs in the Knowledge Economy
 Demires Ozkul, Basak.

Shifting South: Implications of Rise in Regional Buyers for Economic and Social Upgrading in African Fresh Produce
 Barrientos, Stephanie. and Visser, Margareet.

Shifting the Boundaries of Quality and Cost: Global Production Systems and Job Quality in the Auto Components Industry
 Lansbury, Russell. and Auer, Peter.

Short-Termism, the Financial Crisis, and Corporate Governance
 Lynne, Dallas.

Short-termism, the Financial Crisis, and Corporate Governance
 Louise Dallas, Lynne.

Should the New Type of Banking Regulation Remain Insured?
 Kleftouri, Nikoletta.

Should the State Help?: Socio-Economic Expectations of Small Business Owners and Managers During a Period of Economic Downturn
 Rogers, Nathalia. and Zolfo, Elana.

Sing a Song of Sixpence: Licensing Nursery Workers in the UK
 Humphris, Amy.

 Carney, Richard.

Skill Wage Gap in Service Economy
 Seung-Yoon Lee, Sophia.

Social Enterprise in Russia: Old Wine in New Bottles
 Striukova, Ludmila.

Social Enterprises: Reciprocity and Redistribution
 GALVAO, CLAUDIA A. and de Faria Pereira, Violeta.

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Tale of Philippine Capitalism: From "Inequality Trapped" to "Exodus" Capitalism
 Kondo, Mari.

Tax Harmonization in Europe: An Impact Assessment of the Proposed Council Directive on a Common (Consolidated) Corporate Tax Base (CC(C)TB)
 Spengel, Christoph. and Zinn, Benedikt.

Teachers’ Labor Shortage in Belgium
 Zune, Marc.

Technical Innovation and Consumer Reluctance in Online Advertising
 BEAUVISAGE, Thomas. and TRESPEUCH, Marie.

Temporary Layoffs: A Firm-Specific Strategy for Increased Flexibility in Germany
 Hense, Andrea.

The "Prudent Investor" Rule: How Financiers put a Legal Standard to Use
 Montagne, Sabine.

The Alternative Investment Market and the Trajectories of Technology-based Small Firms: an Empirical Study
 Revest, Valerie. and Sapio, Alessandro.

The Architecture of the Strategic State: Agendas on Biofuel in Brazil and USA in Comparative Perspectives
 Brito Lourenco, Luiz Carlos.

The Articulation of Different Life Realms among Women Senior Managers: A Qualitative Study on Subjective Well-being

The Asymmetric Ambivalence of Private Equity: The Italian Case
 Cattero, Bruno.

The Bailout of the North American Auto Industry: Reshaping the Governance Compromises
 Covarrubias V., Alex. and Borbon-Galvez, Yari.

The Beneficiaries of Bolsa Familia Program and Labor Market: Empirical Findings and the Trajectory of the Welfare Policies in Brazil
 Andrade, Ian.

The Branding of Universities: Iconographic Imprints of the Global Knowledge Economy on Higher Education
 Drori, Gili S..

The Brazilian Diaspora and the Incorporation of Brazilians in Labor Markets in the United States and Spain: A Comparative Perspective
 Cavalcanti, Leonardo. and Siqueira, Eduardo.

The Class Structure of Inequality in Comparative Perspective
 Major, Aaron.

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Under the Thumb: University-Industry Collaboration in Technological Innovations
 Massaro, Sebastiano.

Understanding the Determinants of Consumer Piracy: An Experimental Approach
 Rayna, Thierry. and Mulatu, Abay.

Understanding ‘Double Taxation’ in International Transfer Pricing
 Durst, Michael.

Unquiet, Invisible, Present: Migrants' Strategies of Freedom and Choices Under Constraint
 Kaneti, Marina.

Upgrading under Volatility in a Global Economy
 Samel, Hiram.

Using Strategic Research to Build Worker Power in the Era of Neoliberal Restructuring
 Tomassetti, Julia.


Value Capture and Control in Digital Games
 Thompson, Paul.

Variations in Values in Relation to Employee Happiness
 Ellemose Gulev, Rune. and Lierse, Hanna.

Varieties of Capitalism and Institutional Comparative Advantage
 Jackson, Gregory. and Witt, Michael.

Varieties of Capitalism and the Entrepreneurial University: A Common Template but Diverse Practice?
 Leisyte, Liudvika.

Varieties of Capitalism in Transition Economies Reconsidered
 Drahokoupil, Jan.

Varieties of Capitalism: Decentralization and Democracy in Latin America
 Ruiz-Duran, Clemente.

Varieties of Capitalism; Varieties of Degrees?: German and American Undergraduate Education Compared
 van Santen, Anna.

Varieties of Regulation: Domestic Preferences and Global Outcomes in Finance
 Prabhakar, Rahul.

Varieties of Regulation: Domestic Preferences and Global Outcomes in Finance
 Prabhakar, Rahul.

Virtual or Vertical?: Comparative Study of Supply Chains in Japanese and Korean Steel Industries

Volatility and Its Various Forms: The Social Construction and Reconstruction of Financial Value
 Smith, charles w.

Voluntary Care Run by NGOs or State Compulsory Intervention for Drug Addicts: a Question of Economy or Ideology?
 Schartau, Lina. and Schartau, Mai-Brith.


Wage Bargaining in Germany: Works Councils and Opening Clauses
 Ellguth, Peter., Gerner, Hans-Dieter. and Stegmaier, Jens.

Welfare States and Specific Human Capital Investments of Employees: Evidence from German Social Security Records
 Boenke, Timm. and Müllenborn, Tim.

Welfare as the Core of the Emerging New Regulation Mode in Japan, Korea, and China
 Lechevalier, Sebastien.

What Do Developmental States Do?
 O\'Riain, Sean.

What Do Labor Laws Do?
 Dimick, Matthew.

What Do Unions Do?: A Cross-National Re-examination of the Relationship between Unionization and Job Satisfaction
 Hipp, Lena. and Givan, Rebecca.

What Social Political Compromises Could Put an End to Finance-led Growth Regimes?
 Boyer, Robert.

What do Accounting Numbers Tell Us About the Effects of Institutional Change?: An Empirical Approach
 Ueda, Taske Reto.

When Counter-Performativity Meets Performativity: Reframing Cognitive and Organizational Boundaries
 Kaufmann, Kai.

Where Can Open Collaboration Thrive?: A Model of Performance
 Levine, Sheen. and Prietula, Michael.

Where are the Consumers in Comparative Capitalism?: The Case of Chinese (Consumer) Capitalism
 Mitussis, Darryn. and Kang, Nahee.

Who Are Rural Energy Co-Providers?: Three Cases about the Use of Mini-Wind Turbines in a Rural Area of Southern Italy
 Ivano, Scotti.

Who Controls the Purse?: Management of Household Finances in Contemporary Russia
 Guseva, Alya. and Ibragimova, Dilyara.

Why Are Korean People Unhappy?: The Role of Education and Social Stigma
 Sik Yoo, Chung. and Jang, Jongick.

Why Corporate Rating and Consumer Scoring Do the Same but Differently
 Hiss, Stefanie. and Rona-Tas, Akos.

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