SASE Annual Conference 2013-Jun-27 to 2013-Jun-30

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"Effects-based" Civil Rights Law: Comparing US Voting Rights, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Fair Housing Law
 Stryker, Robin. and Pedriana, Nicholas.

"Expropriation" Re-Examined: Conceptualizing the Threats to Property Rights in Russia and Ukraine
 Markus, Stanislav.

"New" Labor Relations in the Automobile Industry: The Case of China
 Tang, Linghui.

"Soft" EU-Level Corporatism?: The "New Phase" of the European Social Dialogue in the Light of Corporatist Theory and Practice
 Prosser, Thomas. and Perin, Emmanuelle.

"The Genie in a Bottle": Islamic Finance between Moral Economic Ideal and Profit-Maximizing Competition
 Hamed, Mai.

"Wow, We're Making Social Policies with Labor-Market Money": Reconciling Labor-Market and Social Policies in German Job Centers
 Bauer, Dr., Frank.

'Varieties of Capitalism' during the XIXth Century. Do They Exist?
 Mares, Isabela.

¿Hacia un Estado Posbenefactor?: El Derecho a la Existencia y las Propuestas de Rentas Básicas

¿Qué Pasa con la Economía Sumergida en Tiempos de la Gran Depresión?

“Global Quality Manufacturing and Global Germany: MNCs, China, Recursivity and the Home Economy”
 Herrigel, Gary.

“Globalized Times”: Value Chain Analysis of a Mechanical Multinational
 Tattara, Giuseppe.

“Islamic Calvinism”: Work Ethic and Economic Growth in Turkey, 1990-2010
 Hirschle, Jochen.

“Private Cities”: Governance Strategies in Post-Political Conditions
 Monza, Lidia.

“You’re Not Going to Measure Me!”: Commensuration and the Performance Ranking of Investment Management Firms
 Avrahampour, Yally.


A Comparative Perspective on Financialization and CMEs
 Vitols, Sigurt.

A Critical Analysis on European Union Migration Policy
 Bravo, Gemma.

A Cross-National Analysis of Part-time Work: Evidence from Call Centres
 kwon, hyunji. and van Jaarsveld, Danielle.

A Head With Two Tails?: Trade Unions’ Influence on the Job Security and Flexibility of Temporary Workers in Belgium and Germany
 Pulignano, Valeria. and Dorflinger, Nadja.

A Hidden Third Hand: On the Role of Public Procurement for the Regulation of Job Quality
 Jaehrling, Karen.

A Measurable Qualitative Approach to Sen's Discourse on Development
 Rocha de Sousa, Miguel.

A Micro-level International Trade Transactions Approach to the Measurement of GVCs
 Menghinello, Stefano.

A Model of Interest Groups and Public vs Private Welfare State Institutions
 Thomsson, Kaj.

A New Analytical Perspective on External-Internal Labour Markets Interplay
 semenza, renata.

A Regulatory State for the Welfare State: A Constitutive Perspective on State Expansion in the Age of Regulation
 Levi-Faur, David.

Academia's Place in the Capitalist System: The Conservative Reform Movement and its Impact on UK Universities
 Jong, Simcha.

Access to Credit: Inequality and Redistribution

Accumulation and Global Crisis: The Impact on Developing Countries
 de Freitas, Luís Fernando.

Adapting Higher Education Systems to the Globalization of the Economy: Isomorphism or Allomorphism?
 moscati, roberto.

Agencification in the Brazilian Context: Mimicry or Divergence?
 Peci, Alketa. and Holperin, Michelle.

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Bank Regulation after the Global Financial Crisis: The Case of Regulatory Arbitrage
 Rethel, Lena.

Bearing Witness to Migration: Holtville Cemetery
 Hattam, Victoria.

Between Absence and Invisibility: Undocumented Migration and The September 11 Memorial
 Delano, Alexandra. and Nienass, Benjamin.

Between Institutionalization and Organization: Divergences and Convergent Strategies among Professions in Italy
 Cucca, Roberta. and Maestripieri, Lara.

Beyond Agency: Triangulated Corporate Governance and Constraints on Progressive Law Reform
 Stevelman, Faith.

Beyond Financialization: Rethinking Family Roles in Brazil
 da Silveira Leite, Elaine.

Beyond Global Public-Private Partnership: Introduction of Global Development Impact Bonds
 PARK, Eunice.

Beyond Production: Changing Dynamics of Asian Business Groups
 Shin, Solee. and Hamilton, Gary.

Beyond Varieties of Capitalism: Capturing the Dynamics of Finance
 Scherrer, Christoph.

Beyond Wishful Thinking: The Limits of Tripartism in Brazil
 Balestro, Moisés.

Bifurcated Process of Institutional Change: An Empirical Investigation
 Kato, Sota.

Born Global: The Rise of a Transnational Profession through Political and Economic Crises
 Harrington, Brooke.

Boundaries in Global Professions - The Case of French Finance Professionals
 Boussard, Valerie.

Bridging Party and State in China’s National Innovation System: The Kunshan Development Zone
 McNamara, Dennis.

Bridging the Divide: An Analysis of Breastfeeding and Women’s Employment Policies
 Knox, Angie. and Ainsworth, Susan.

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Can Cosmopolitan Politics Address the Criticism Raised by the Left?
 McIntyre, Janet.

Can Female Entrepreneurship Programs Support Social and Solidarity Economy?: Insights from China and India
 Warnecke, Tonia.

Can Financial Executives' Bonuses Still Be Justified?: Reflections on the Impact of the Financial Crisis on a Widespread Practice
 Rainelli, Helene. and Noel, Florent.

Can Hybrid Firm Organizations - A Combination of Long-term Employment (LTE) and Performance-related Pay (PRP) - Operate Effectively in Japan?
 Miyamoto, Mitsuharu. and Nohara, Hiroatsu.

Can National Policies Cope with Sector Variety?: Combining Generic and Specific Innovation Policy in the Netherlands
 VAN DEN TOREN, Jan Peter. and Eveleens, Chris.

Can We Trust Credit Ratings?
 ouroussoff, alexandra.

Can a Diversity of Capitalism Approach Explain Fiscal Policies during Economic Crises in the European Union, East Asian and the US?
 Kalinowski, Thomas. and Hlasny, Vladimir.

Can the Cold Austerity of Fiscal Rules Resist the Heat of Elections?: Political Opportunism and Creative Accounting in Brazil
 Souza, Saulo.

Can the Internet Make You a Professional Artist?: The Career Paths of Online Video-Makers
 Beuscart, Jean-Samuel. and Mellet, Kevin.

Canada’s Changing Immigration Policies: Economic and Ideological Factors at Play
 Armony, Victor.

Capitalism as Structurally Determined: Commodification of Labor Power in Primitive Accumulation of Capital
 Zhang, Yuanfang.

Career vs Children: The Effects of Institutional Background on Females’ Subjective Well-being Across Europe
 Karabchuk, Tatiana.

Central Banks as Promoters of Financialization: The British Experience
 Kaltenbrunner, Annina. and Painceira, Juan Pablo.

Central Banks, Markets, and State after the Crisis
 Erturk, Ismail.

Challenges of Applying Comparative Capitalism Analysis to India: Some Reflections and Evidence
 Hammer, Anita.

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De-Industrialization and R&D Investment in Brazil
 Toneto Junior, Rudinei. and Selan, Beatriz.

Decision-Making as Social Action: How Social Networks Cushion a Leap of Faith
 Heemskerk, Eelke.

Decrypting Financial Markets through Mass-Collaboration: Online Networks of Investors in Periods of Uncertainty
 Casnici, Niccolò., Dondio, Pierpaolo., Squazzoni, Flaminio. and Casarin, Roberto.

Default and Fragility in the Payments System
 Hernandez-Verme, Paula L..

Defending the core? An analysis of trade union's behaviour towards outsourcing. Evidence from the German chemical and metal sector
 Dorigatti, Lisa.

Deliberation: A New Dimension in European Industrial Relations
 Didry, Claude. and Jobert, Annette.

Deliberative Democracy between Social and Civil Dialogues
 Negrelli, Serafino.

Democracy and Finance: Reform Debates about a Strained Relationship
 Weber, Beat.

Democratic Organizational Forms and the Liability of Unfamiliarity: Lessons from a German Case
 Kranz, Olaf. and Steger, Thomas.

Depositor Behavior in Germany during the Financial Crisis - Implications of Bank Governance Models
 Groessl, Ingrid., Arnold, Eva. and Koziol, Philip.

Desarrollo y Equidad: Los Retos del Crecimiento Brasileño
 Dedecca, Claudio., Trovão, Cassiano. and Flauzino de Souza, Leonardo.

Desenvolvimentismo no Brasil: Raizes Teóricas e Prescrições de Política Econômica
 Mollo, Maria de Lourdes.

Desigualdade escolar e desempenho
 Delgado, Victor.

Developments in Public Sector Industrial Relations in Europe: A Comparative Analysis
 Bechter, Barbara. and Brandl, Bernd.

Diaspora Lobbying and the Organization of Campaign Contributions
 Lainer-Vos, Dan.

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Economic Complexity and Science, Technology and Innovation in Chile
 Rivera-Ottenberger, Anny.

Economic Complexity, R&D+I, and Triple Helix: A Comparative Analysis through Selected Latin America and European Cases
 Abarca-Garro, Alejandro. and Ramirez-Varas, Surayabi.

Economic Crisis and Heterodox Feminist Economics
 Morel, Sylvie.

Economic Nationalism and Social Purpose (in Europe) - The Case of Banking Protection
 Donnelly, Shawn.

Economic Relations between Germany and Southern Europe
 Simonazzi, Annamaria., Ginzburg, Andrea. and Nocella, Gianluigi.

Economic Theories as Imaginaries
 Beckert, Jens.

Economy and Finance: Engineering Emissions Markets to Direct Clean Energy Development under Different Varieties of Capitalism
 Knox-Hayes, Janelle.

Economy in Practice: Islamic Finance and the Problem of Calculative Reason
 Rudnyckyj, Daromir.

Education, Economic Inequality, and the Promises of the Social Investment State
 Solga, Heike.

Effects of Higher Labor Migration Cost: A Study of the Socio-Economic Dilemmas Faced by the Survivors of Labor Trafficking
 Ahamed, Mohammad Tanvir., Tushar, Aminul. and Joy, Joynal Abedin.

Effects of Reciprocal Concessions on Employment and Real Capital
 Bellmann, Lutz., Gerner, Hans-Dieter. and Hubler, Olaf.

El Mercado de Trabajo Español en Crisis: Desempleo y Reforma Laboral

El sistema de salud pública en México: lejos de la universalidad y la calidad
 Murayama, Ciro. and Lomeli, Leonardo.

Embedded Autonomy and the Rise of the Iranian Automobile Industry
 Bozorgmehri, Dariush.

Emerging Practices of Engagement: Supermarkets, New End-markets, and the Dynamics of Domestic Value Chains in India’s Garment Industry
 Tewari, Meenu.

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Failures of Rationality in Corporate Frauds: Evidence from the Parmalat Bankruptcy
 Campana, Paolo.

Family Roles of Migrant Women and the Modern Welfare State: An Analysis of Six “Quarter-Mother Projects”
 Bauer, Dr., Frank.

Família e desempenho escolar em Minas Gerais: recursos familiares e defasagem escolar
 Lazzarotti, Bruno.

Female Part-time Managers in the UK: Work-life Balance, Career Prospects, Role Models, and Mentors
 Tomlinson, Jennifer. and Durbin, Susan.

Fictional Assets and Governing Market Failure
 Findlay, Mark.

Finance and Politics: The Break of the 1970s
 Montagne, Sabine.

Finance and Truth
 Andrikopoulos, Andreas.

Financial Crises and Policy Change: Does Learning Play a Role?
 Bayram, Ismail Emre.

Financial Crisis and Occupational Pension Regulation: The Politics of Restructuring in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark
 Anderson, Karen.

Financial Crisis and the Social Policy Response in Greater China: Path Dependence or Path Breaking?
 Jen-Der, Lue.

Financial Crisis, Intra-State Politics, and Regulatory Reforms
 Maman, Daniel.

Financial Crisis, Regulatory Change, and Consumer Protection in the United States

Financial Employee Participation in Germany before, during, and after the 2008/09 Global Crisis
 Moeller, Iris.

Financial Participation in Germany - A Cluster Analysis of Companies’ Aims
 Ortlieb, Renate., Fietze, Simon. and Matiaske, Wenzel.

Financialization and Innovation: Evidence from Germany’s Coordinated Market Economy
 Ebner, Alexander.

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GVCs, GPNs and International Business: Implications for Rising Powers’ Firm Strategy and Labor Standards Governance
 Knorringa, Peter., Nadvi, Khalid. and Sinkovics, Rudolf.

GVCs, GPNs and International Business: Implications for Rising Powers’ Firm Strategy and Labour Standards Governance
 Knorringa, Peter., Nadvi, Khalid. and Sinkovics, Rudolf.

Gambling, Greed, and Stupidity: Public Discourse and the Legitimacy of Financial Profits in the Crisis
 Muennich, Sascha.

Gender Differences in Academic and Occupational Achievement - The Case of University Students in Spain
 Rubio, Alicia., Millan, Ana., Sanchez-Mora, Maria Isabel. and Gonzalez-Diaz, Francisco.

Gender Differences in Healthy Ageing - the Example of Switzerland
 Shipovskaya, Valentina.

Gender, Family, and Employment: The Economic Crisis & the Perspectives of the Different Cases of the North/South of Italy
 Mingione, Terenzio (Enzo).

Gender, Migration, and Household Services: The role of economic and legal frameworks
 Domínguez-Mujica, Josefina., Diaz-Hernández, Ramón. and Parreño-Castellano, Juan.

Gender, Working Conditions, and Health

German Industrial Relations: Softening Institutions, Hardening Growth Model
 Baccaro, Lucio. and Benassi, Chiara.

German Model Version 2.0?: The Evolution and Revision of Firm-Level Patterns
 Kirchner, Stefan.

Germany and Sweden in the crisis: Re-coordination or resilient liberalism?
 Jackson, Gregory. and Schnyder, Gerhard.

Gestion del Conocimiento y Capital Intelectual en las Organizaciones del Estado de Guanajuato, México
 Gallaga Ortega, Ma. and Velazquez, Noe.

Getting Certified: The Varied Challenges of MSC Audits in Practice
 Auld, Graeme. and Renckens, Stefan.

Gift Economy in Advanced Consumer Markets
 Darr, Asaf.

Global Professional Service Firms and the Challenge of Institutional Complexity: English Law Firms in Italy and Their Escape Strategic Responses
 Faulconbridge, James. and Muzio, Daniel.

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HRM Systems between Control and Commitment: Empirical Evidence from Germany
 Alewell, Dorothea., Hansen, Nina. and Hauff, Sven.

Hadiths and Hijabs: The Gendered Marketing of Islam in Islamic Banking
 Tobin, Sarah.

Heterogeneities of Household Debt in the European Union: What Role for Confidence and Trust?
 Koenig, Nadja. and Tarassow, Artur.

High-Performance Work Practices in Spain: Implementation and Evolution during Economic Retrenchment
 Cueto-Pruneda, Gabriel.

Homeowner Eviction Prevention Regulation as Social Policy in England and Sweden
 Haber, Hanan.

Homo Faber Horizon for Union Revitalization in India and Brazil?: Considerations, Limitations, and Opportunities
 Frangi, Lorenzo. and Routh, Supriya.

How (and Why) Third Parties Changed Pension Politics in Italy and Germany
 Stamati, Furio.

How Can Demographic Events Influence Participation to Further Education and Training?: An Analysis of the French Case
 Lignon, Vincent.

How Developmental Is the Chinese Developmental State?: Evidence from the Civil Aviation Industry
 Szepan, Marc.

How Did the Irish Americans Become Irish?: The New York Gaelic Athletic Association and the Production of Friendly Rivalries
 Lainer-Vos, Dan.

How Does a New Judgment Device Transform a Market?: Online Consumer Reviews in the French Restaurant Industry
 Mellet, Kevin., Beuscart, Jean-Samuel., Beauvisage, Thomas. and Trespeuch, Marie.

How Labor Market Shapes the Quality of the Teaching Labor Force: The Influence of Job Opportunities on Teacher Recruitment
 Argentin, Gianluca.

How Should Regulators Control E-Money?
 Turnbull, Shann.

How Trade Unions Cope with the Challenge of the Green Transformation in Europe?
 Pochet, Philippe.

How do "Mineral-States" Learn?: Path-Dependence, Networks, and Policy Change in the Evolution of Economic Institutions
 Orihuela, Jose Carlos.

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Idealistic or Opportunistic?: Theoretical Assumptions and Some Quasi-Experimental Findings in the Decision to Study Abroad
 Petzold, Knut., Peter, Tamra. and Moog, Petra.

Identifying the Sources of Economic Interests and Preferences: Cultural Schemas and the Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment in India
 Jackson, Jason.

Images of Islamic Finance and the Global Financial Crisis
 Rethel, Lena.

Immigrant Self-employment: Evidence from Spain after an Unexpected Increase in Immigration
 Cueto, Begoña. and Rodriguez, Vanesa.

Impacto de las Trayectorias Laborales sobre los Ingresos en la Jubilación en España en Crisis
 Cebrian, Inmaculada. and Moreno, Gloria.

Impacts of Corporate Governance and Financialization on the Performance of a Privatized Company in the Brazilian Electricity Sector
 MATSUDA, Patricia Mari. and Miguel, Antonia.

In God We Trust – But in Times of Financial Crisis the Fed will do, too.
 Fleck, Jan.

Increasing Teaching Quality through In-Service Free Professional Development: Lessons Learned from a Large Scale Randomized Control Trial
 Abbiati, Giovanni.

Independent Organizations in Authoritarian Asian Regimes: Contradiction in Terms or an Effective Instrument of Developmental States?
 Ahrens, Joachim., Stark, Manuel. and Timm, Christian.

India’s Capitalist Transition: At the Crossroads?
 Mohanty, Mritiunjoy.

Induced Circularity for “Selective” Immigrant Workers?: Temporary Migrant Worker Programs in Spain
 López-Sala, Ana María.

Industrial Co-development in an Multipolar World: Co-creating Global Work Arrangements and Polyarchies in MNCs.”
 Kristensen, Peer.

Industrial Development in East Asia: From a "Cohesive" Model to Multiple Pathways
 Kang, Nahee.

Industrial Policymaking in a Networked World: The Case of the Manufacturing Extension Partnerships
 Schrank, Andrew. and whitford, joshua.

Industrial Relations in Italy: A Survey
 Bordogna, Lorenzo. and Pedersini, Roberto.

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Japanese Keiretsu facing Pressure toward Globalization: the Case of Vertical Keiretsu in Toyota, Nissan and Honda
 Aoki, Katsuki. and Lennerfors, Thomas.

Job Polarization in Britain from a Task-Based Perspective: Evidence from the UK Skills Surveys
 Bisello, Martina.

Job Quality and Temporary Work Agency Employment.
 Knox, Angie.

Juggling Work and Life in Academia: Focus on Early Stages of Belgian and Italian Scientific Careers
 del Rio Carral, Maria., Fusulier, Bernard. and Murgia, Annalisa.


Keys for the Development of an Economy Based on Values: The Digital Economy Companies
 Llofriu, Miguel.

Knowledge Sharing in a Complex Organization: Antecedents and Safety Effects
 Nesheim, Torstein. and Gressgård, Leif Jarle.

Knowledge, Politics, and Tunnel Vision: Explaining European Politics in the Post-­Crisis Age
 Mudge, Stephanie.


La Economía Brasileña y la Crisis Internacional: ¿Desarrollo, Ortodoxia o Populismo?
 Cunha, André., Cezar Dutra Fonseca, Pedro. and da Silva, Julimar.

La Soberanía Vicaria: el Declive de lo Político a Manos de lo Jurídico
 Fernández, Alberto.

La Sobreprotección de la Propiedad Intelectual en el Mundo - Caso ACTA
 Ruiz Medrano, Salvador Francisco.

Labor Market Institutions and Redistributive Voting
 Dimick, Matthew.

Labor Market Policies in Times of Crisis: A Comparison between 1992-1993 and 2008-2010
 Erhel, Christine. and Levionnois, Charlotte.

Labor Market Policy and Post-Unemployment Employment Stability: Beyond the Disincentive Story
 Wulfgramm, Melike. and Fervers, Lukas.

Labor Migration and the Transformation of a Labor Market - The Danish Case
 Felbo-Kolding, Jonas. and Andersen, Søren.

Labor Politics in a Weak Institutional Environment: Structural Power and Strategic Alliances of Healthcare and Education Employees in East Central Europe
 Szabo, Imre.

Labor-Market Institutions and the Dispersion of Wage Earnings
 Checchi, Daniele. and Salverda, Wiemer.

Labor-Market Volatility, Financial Liberalization, and Welfare State Institutions
 Darcillon, Thibault.

Las Transformaciones en Educaciòn Superior ante la Emergencia de los Entornos Virtuales de Aprendizaje (EVAs)
 Rivera, Pablo. and Cristina, Alonso.

Latin America: Has the Developmental State Been Rebuilt?
 Ruiz Duran, Clemente.

Law and the Reconfiguration of the State: The Case of the Global Financial Crisis
 Cohen, Edward.

Lawyers between Market and Hierarchy: Historical and Contemporary Evidence
 Sako, Mari.

Lawyers, Gender, and Money: Epistemic Consensus, Closure, and Conflict in the Global Financial Crisis
 Widmaier, Wesley.

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MNCs' Diverse Responses to Institutional Voids in Emerging Markets
 Becker-Ritterspach, Florian. and Becker-Ritterspach, Jutta.

Making Wall Street Pay: Organized Labor and the 2008 Financial Crisis
 van der Zwan, Natascha.

Making the Business Case: American Environmental Movement Organizations and the Enlistment of Financial Markets and Corporate Partners
 Elliott, Rebecca.

Malls as Labor Market Intermediates: The Rise of Minority Women's Employment Revisited
 Marantz, Erez., Kalev, Alexandra. and Lewin-Epstien, Noah.

Management Compensation Systems in MNCs and Domestic Firms: Cross-National Empirical Evidence
 Brewster, Chris., Wood, Geoffrey., Le, Hang. and Demirbag, Mehmet.

Managerial Theories, Agency Theory, and the Historical Transformations of the Corporate System and Governance
 Weinstein, Olivier.

Managing Stock Market Value: A Sociological Approach to Share Buybacks by Diversified and Specialized Firms
 Bascle, Guilhem.

Managing Transboundary Crises: Fuzzy Roles for Professionals
 Noordegraaf, Mirko., Boin, Arjen. and Kuipers, Sanneke.

Manufacturing Morals: A View from Within HBS
 Anteby, Michel.

Mapping Settlement and Immigration in the Canadian Prairies, 1870-1900
 Velasco, Gustavo.

Marine Energy in Denmark and the UK: An Institutional Analysis
 Allen, Matthew. and Aldred, Maria.

Market Design in Chinese Market Places
 Krug, Barbara. and Hendrischke, Hans.

Market Incongruity and Market Coherence between Various Components of Social Embeddedness
 Talmud, Ilan.

Market Transitions and the New Developmentalism: A Comparative Look at Brazil, Mexico, and Turkey

Marketization of Markets: Transformative Change in Regulated Securities Trading - Lessons from Sweden
 Botzem, Sebastian.

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Nanopolis and Suzhou Industrial Park: China's Silicon Valley?
 Appelbaum, Richard. and Parker, Rachel.

Nanotechnology and Worker Health and Safety
 Kulinowski, Kristen.

National Identity in a Globalized World
 Barzin, Nader.

National Steel Company (CSN): From Brazilian Industrialization Symbol to Global Holding, 1945-2012
 da Costa Lima, Raphael., Amaral, Marcelo. and Schocair, Marília.

National Strategies for Countering Global Property Rights over Medicines: Limiting Patents on Pharmaceutical Innovations in Brazil, India, and Beyond
 Shadlen, Kenneth.

Negative Compliance as Organizational Response to Legal Pressure
 Mun, Eunmi.

Negociación Colectiva y Segmentación en el Mercado Laboral Español: De la Expansión a la Crisis
 Martin-Navarro, José Luis. and Rodriguez, Asuncion.

Neither Market Nor State: Elinor Ostrom and the Nature of the Commons
 Weinstein, Olivier.

Neo-Liberal Ideas and State Crisis
 Thatcher, Mark.

Neo-Liberalism and Fiscal Conservatism
 Gamble, Andrew.

Neocorporatist Echoes in the Emerging South: The Sectoral and Thematic Concertation Chambers of Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture
 Gomes, Eduardo.

Neoliberal Metropolitanism and the Rise of Professional Projects Related to "Wicked" Social Problems
 Wrede, Sirpa.

Neoliberalism and EU debates on Corporate Governance and Company Law
 Vitols, Sigurt.

Neoliberalism and Governamentality in Participative Urban Policies: Local Development Agencies in Three Italian Cities
 caselli, davide. and Maranghi, Elena.

Neoliberalism and the Contradiction of Japan’s Contemporary Welfare State
 suzuki, taka.

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O Impacto do Bolsa Familia no Desempenho Escolar em Belo Horizonte: Spillover Effect da Condicionalidade-Educacao
 Fahel, Murilo.

Occupational Mobility and Migration
 Martin-Artiles, Antonio. and Molina Romo, Oscar.

Oil and Water, Gas and Forest: Mixed Results of Royalties Redistribution
 Pinhanez, Monica.

Old Players, New Layers: Making Sense of Governance Reforms in Dutch Healthcare
 Helderman, Jan-Kees. and Wallenburg, Iris.

On Social Development and Economic Growth: The Global Fund in Kenya
 Chorev, Nitsan.

On Utility in the Market and in the Social Sphere
 Mann, Stefan.

Opening Pandora’s Box: The Sovereign Debt Crisis and Labor Market Regulation in Greece
 Koukiadaki, Aristea. and Kretsos, Lefteris.

Opting “Out of” and “Into” the Welfare State through Contract and Corporate Form
 Tomassetti, Julia.

Organizational Characteristics and Employees’ Career Paths in Foreign-owned Firms in Japan
 Hasegawa, Shinji., Hasegawa, Rei. and Takaishi, Koichi.

Orgnizational Learning, Experimentalist Governance and German Manufacturing Globalization
 Herrigel, Gary.

Outsourcing, Offshoring, and Jobs in the United States: Results from the 2011 National Organizations Survey
 Sturgeon, Timothy. and Brown, Clair.

Over-Education of Young People in the French Labor Market - The Case of Ethnic Minorities
 Issehnane, Sabina.


PIGS & Inflation Nutters: Combined and Uneven Development in the Eurozone
 Conran, James.

Panopticism as an Instrument of Institutionalized Control
 Kaufmann, Kai.

Paradoxes of Prosperity in China’s New Capitalism
 ten Brink, Tobias.

Party Systems and Social Policy: Evidence from Italy and Germany
 Picot, Georg.

Patent Shares: Conditions for Efficiency of a New "Commodity" Market
 Blum, Veronique.

Paternalism and Development: Expanding the Analysis of Welfare Regimes in Southern Europe and Asia
 Warnecke, Tonia.

Patterns of Accumulation and Labor Markets: Differences between Northern and Southern Latin America, 1990-2010

Patterns of Accumulation and Labor Markets: Differences between Northern and Southern Latin American Countries between 1990 and 2010

Pay for Performance in Housing Associations in England: Substance or Symbolism?
 Mendes de Brito Antunes, Bethania.

Pension and Solidarity
 Park, Manseop.

Pension and Solidarity
 Park, Manseop.

Performance Pay and Worker Separation: A Duration Analysis of Finnish Linked Employer-Employee Data
 Jones, Derek., Kalmi, Panu., Kato, Takao. and Mäkinen, Mikko.

Persuading Pharmaceutical Companies to Engage in Public-Private Partnerships: Incentive Strategies and Implications
 Roemer-Mahler, Anne.

Pharmaceutical Price Controls in an Expanding Health Care System - The Case of Turkey, 2002-2012
 Dorlach, Tim.

Policemen's Income: Wages vs Informal Payments
 Karabchuk, Tatiana.

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Qualification under Moral Constraints: The Funeral Purchase as a Problem of Valuation
 Akyel, Dominic.

Quantifying the Nanotechnology Workforce in the US: Identifying a method and barriers for estimating nanotechnologists
 Parker, Rachel. and Frederick, Stacey.


Race versus Immigration: The Language of Difference in the U.S. and Italy
 Maneri, Marcello. and Morning, Ann.

Rationing and its Implication on Targeting in India: The Case of Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
 Das, Upasak.

Re-shaping the EMU
 Papetti, Andrea. and FANTACCI, LUCA.

Reassessing Core Technologies to Recover: A Case Study of Japanese Truck Manufacturers
 BYUN, SUNG WOO., Kudo, Satoshi. and Mukai, Yuichiro.

Reassessing Late Development and Compressed Development in East Asia
 Whittaker, Hugh.

Redefining the Boundaries of Solidarity: Trade Unions and Immigrants
 Thomas, Adrien.

Redistributive Outcomes of Regulation in Emerging Markets

Reform, Privatisation, and Change in the Brazilian Electricity Sector
 Morgan, Glenn. and Turolla, Frederico.

Reformulación de la Política, el Derecho, la Economía: Incidencia en los Sistemas de Relaciones Laborales
 Garcia, Manuel.

Regional Development, Technological Innovation, and Path Dependence in Southern Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 Fonseca Monteiro, Cristiano.

Regulating for Democratic Norms in the Welfare Sector under the New Regulatory State
 Benish, Avishai.

Regulating through Ratings: How the Political Mandate for Prudence Seeded the Conditions for Structured Finance
 poon, martha.

Regulation of Television Food Advertising for Children: Economic Sociological and Political Philosophy Perspectives of Markets
 Botelho, Grace. and Reinert, Mauricio.

Regulation, Democracy, and Pragmatism
 Tomain, Joseph.

Regulatory Competition in the EU: A Market for Corporate Law Regimes
 Wetzer, Thom.

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Safeguarding investments in human capital: Evidence of complementarity between ESO and non-contractual mechanisms
 Guery, Loris.

Scale-Up Nation: China's Specialization in Innovative Manufacturing
 Nahm, Jonas. and Steinfeld, Edward.

Scarcity and Abundance in Islamic Economic Thought
 Reda, Ayman.

Second Thoughts on the Multipillar Paradigm: Pension Privatization Facing the Financial Crisis
 Ebbinghaus, Bernhard.

Segmented Labor Markets and Female Labor Force Heterogeneity: Unexpected Outcomes in Times of Crisis
 Andreotti, Alberta. and Fellini, Ivana.

Segregate or Redistribute?: Party Strategies of Student Allocation Policies in the Swedish School System
 Haberstroh, Charlotte.

Selection, Staging, and Sequencing in the Recent Chinese Privatization
 Du, Jun.

Self-Regulation and the State in Industrial Relations in Southern Europe: Back to the Future?
 Molina, Oscar.

Setting Standards: Production Organization, Labor Codes, and Inequality in Global Value Chains
 Arnold, Caroline.

Shifting GVC Governance Structures in a Post-Washington Consensus World.
 Gereffi, Gary.

Shopping Soft Power: Path Dependency and Herd Effects in Spanish Aid, 2005-2008
 Olivié, Iliana., Lopez Noval, Borja. and Domínguez, Rafael.

Should We Start Worrying?: Mass Higher Education, Skill Demand, and the Increasingly Complex Landscape of Young Graduates’ Employment
 Figueiredo, Hugo., Biscaia, Ricardo., Rocha, Vera. and Teixeira, Pedro.

Skill Eco-Systems in Context: Reflections on Policy and Practice
 Anderson, Pauline. and Buchanan, John.

Small States and Global Crisis: Challenging Post-Socialist Economic Cultures
 Lindstrom, Nicole.

Social Background and Higher Education Returns: A Microsimulation Appraisal of the French Case
 Courtioux, Pierre.

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Targeting Aid for Trade in Global Value Chains: Implications of Shifting End Markets
 Mayer, Frederick. and Milberg, William.

Technological Dimension of Employment Patterns: An Institutional Approach
 Tuchkov, Arkadiy.

Temporary, Insecure, and Deportable: The Diversification of the Temporary Migrant Labor Force in Canadian Agriculture
 Basok, Tanya.

Ten Years of Professional Collaborations in the Italian TV Production Industry (1996- 2009) and the Role of Producers’ Organizational Constellations
 odella, francesca. and Zanatta, Sara.

Tensions and Inequalities in an Increasingly Integrated EHEA
 Teixeira, Pedro.

Testing the Resilience of Civil Society: The Euro Crisis and the Portuguese Welfare State
 Glatzer, Miguel.

The "Enterprise of Innovation" in Hard Times
 Ramella, Francesco.

The Balkanization of Gender Contracts & Reproductive Bargains
 O\'Reilly, Jacqueline.

The Case of Sheila Bair’s FDIC: Understanding a Regulatory Success
 Eads, Alicia.

The Causes of Rising Wage Inequality: What Do Computerization and Fading Pay-Setting Institutions Do?
 Kristal, Tali. and Cohen, Yinon.

The Changing Business Models of Traditional Airlines and the Bargaining Power of Employees: An International Comparison
 Lange, Knut. and Geppert, Mike.

The Concept of Power in Collective Bargaining Coordination
 Ibsen, Christian.

The Constitutive Relation between International Migration and Life Course Regimes in East Asian Capitalisms
 Chiavacci, David.

The Contribution of Mining Multinationals to Welfare through Their CSR Practices: Always a Win-Win Scenario?
 Lamontagne, Annie.

The Corporation: Legal and Regulatory Governance
 O\'Brien, Justin.

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Un análisis de los condicionantes del rendimiento académico en Brasil a partir del Saeb
 Mediavilla, Mauro.

Understanding Practice and Institutions: A Prerequisite for Successful Accounting Standard-Setting
 Watts, Ross.

Unemployment Outflows in a Changing Economy: Into Which Jobs Do Foreigners and Spaniards Move?
 Muñoz-Comet, Jacobo.

Unionized Employees' Influence on Executive Compensation: Evidence from Korea
 Park, Min.

Unionizing Young Workers in Europe: A Multilevel Study of Institutions, Working Conditions, and Individual Characteristics
 Koos, Sebastian.

Unions Between National Politics and Transnational Migration: A Comparison of Germany, the UK, and France
 Meardi, Guglielmo.

Universalism through Market Regulation: The Role of Unions in Pension Reforms
 Gelepithis, Margarita.

Universities: Unlocking the Value of Open Innovation
 Rayna, Thierry. and Striukova, Ludmila.

University - Industry Collaboration in R&D: The Role of Business Sophistication and Labor Market Rigidity
 Williams, Christopher., Allard, Gayle. and Martinez, Candace.

University Transformation, Commodification of Knowledge, and the Question of Public and Private Relations
 Kitajima, Seiko.

Upgrading, Delocalization, and Outsourcing in China's Export and Domestic Apparel Industry
 Pickles, John. and Zhu, Shengjun.

Urban Austerity under Conditions of Economic Opportunities and Leadership Capacity - The Case of Hamburg
 Ossenbruegge, Juergen.

Urban Housing Policies Trapped in the Financialization Game - The Case of Belgium
 Pradella, Sebastien.

Us and Them?: Attitudes toward Redistribution and Immigrant Social Rights in a New Light
 Kulin, Joakim.


Values and Property Rights Entitlement: Which Institutions Select Values Supporting Property Rights Allocation?
 Kirat, Thierry.

Varieties of Capitalism Within One Country?: Global Production Networks and Post-Crisis Restructuring in China
 Luthje, Boy.

Varieties of Capitalism in Crisis: Divergence and Convergence in Contemporary Welfare State Transformations
 Vahid Shahidi, Faraz.

Veblen’s Institutional Economics and Bourdieu’s Sociology of Culture: Understanding the Decision Making of Patronage
 Valiati, Leandro. and Cezar Dutra Fonseca, Pedro.

Vietnam and market-Leninism: the art of managing contradictions
 Schwab, Laurent.

Virtual Currencies, Micropayments, and the Payments Systems: A Challenge to Fiat Money and Monetary Policy?
 Hernandez-Verme, Paula L.. and Valdes Benavides, Ruy.

Vulnerability at Work: (Un)Safety Culture in Temporary Jobs
 Bellè, Elisa., Carreri, Anna., Miele, Francesco. and Murgia, Annalisa.


Wage Protection Legislation: A Better Understanding of the Importance of This Legislation in the Socio-Economic Context
 Ghosheh, Naj.

Wage Regulation in the Private Sector: Moving further away from a ‘Solidaristic Wage Policy’?
 Keune, Maarten.

Weak States, Strong Preferences?: A Multilevel Analysis of Social Policy Preferences
 Berens, Sarah.

Welfare Interventions within and among Companies in Italy
 Ascoli, Ugo., Pavolini, Emmanuele., Colombo, Sabrina. and Neri, Stefano.

Welfare State Competitiveness and Social Mobilizations: Politics and Policies in Iceland and France
 Verpraet, Gilles.

Welfare State Transformations: from Neoliberalism to Liberal Neo-Welfarism?
 ferrera, maurizio.

What Does Politics Have to Do with Innovation?: Economic Distribution and Innovation Policy in OECD Countries
 Zehavi, Amos. and Breznitz, Dan.

What Does a Social Capitalist Global Financial Market Look Like?: The Case of Islamic Finance
 Pitluck, Aaron.

What Drives the Location Decision of FDI at Different Stages of the Value Chain? An Empirical Assessment of Emerging Countries MNEs in European Regions
 Crescenzi, Riccardo., Pietrobelli, Carlo. and Rabellotti, Roberta.

What Makes Patent Pools Successful?: An Analysis of Optical Disc and Mobile Phone Industries
 Striukova, Ludmila. and Rayna, Thierry.

What Theories Describe vs. What We Experience in Corporate Governance Change: A Case of France and Korea
 Yoo, Taeyoung.

When’s the Next Bus?: Influences of Mobility and Infrastructure on Entrepreneurship in Rural India
 Uparna, Jayaram. and Weber, Klaus.

Which Board Interlocks Matter?: The Impact of Managerial Power, Legitimacy, and Family Power on the Adoption of Stock Option Pay
 Yoshikawa, Toru., Shim, Jung Wook. and Tuschke, Anja.

Who Cares?: Corporate Social Responsibility as Organizational Innovation in Central Europe
 Trappmann, Vera. and Bluhm, Katharina.

Who Defines Local?: Multiple Standards and Local Labeling Schemes
 McCaffrey, Sara Jane. and Kurland, Nancy.

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Young People Between Individual and Family Difficulties: A Gendered Analysis of Three Working Class Neighborhoods of Montreal
 Alberio, Marco.

Youth Employment and Training in Italy and in Britain: Laws, Policies, and Practices
 Rustico, Lisa.
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