SASE Annual Conference 2014-Jul-10 to 2014-Jul-13

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"Demographic Support" from East Germany?: The New Apprenticeship Opportunities of Foreign Youth in West Germany
 Seibert, Holger. and Bogai, Dieter.

"Excessive Speculation" in Commodities Derivatives Markets: Boundary Work around Acceptable versus Non-Acceptable Practices
 Huault, Isabelle. and Rainelli, Helene.

"Focusing Events" and Value Chain Governance Reform: The Response of Clothing Retailers to the Rana Plaza Collapse
 Frenkel, Steve.

"They Want Us Precarious, We Will Be Rebellious": Anti-Precarity Organizations in Challenging Dialogue with Trade Unions
 Principe, Catarina.

¿Democracia y Desafección Política en España?
 Zuart, Alberto. and Ruiz San Román, Jose A..

‘Do’ Family? A Working Class Sense of Business Responsibility
 Bika, Zografia.

‘Professional’ and ‘Family-Friendship’ Social Ties in Hiring Practices of Russian Employees
 Balabanova, Evgeniya.

“My Story has (No) Strings Attached”: Credit Cards, Market Devices, and a Stone Guest
 Ossandon, jose.

“The Strategic State: Developmentalism in Brazil in 21st Century and Its Failures in Green Energy”
 Brito Lourenco, Luiz Carlos.

“The ‘Rich’ and the ‘Very Rich’ in the 'Rise of the 1%'”
 Hicks, Alexander.

“To H-1B or Not to H-1B?” Social Closure and Inequality in Immigrant Work Visa Approvals
 Rissing, Ben.


A Bibliometric Analysis of the Literature on Institutional Complementarities
 Gagliardi, Francesca.

A Bird in the Hand: Lessons from Strategic Failure of the Russian Textile and Apparel Industry
 Radaev, Vadim. and Kotelnikova, Zoya.

A Case of Stock Market Prejudice? Guilt by Categorization in the Reverse Merger (Chinese) Bubble
 Naumovska, Ivana., Zajac, Edward. and Lee, Peggy.

A Changed Environment: Rethinking the Capitalist Model in the Climate Change Era: Issues and Solutions
 Aliferis, John. and Navarrete Flores, Alejandro.

A First Approach to the Impact of the Real Exchange Rate in Industrial Sectors in Colombia
 Sierra, Lya.

A Hidden Dynamics of Dualization in Labor Markets and Social Welfare System in South Korea and Japan
 Cho, SungIk. and Choi, Yool.

A Historical Study of Accounting Procedures for the Issuance of Paper Money at the Dawn of Modern Japan
 Takahashi, Nobuko.

A Socio-Economic Examination of the Creation of the Pension Fund for Brazilian Federal Public Servants
 Jardim, Maria Chaves.

A Socio-Historical Study of a Cooperative in Finance under the Dominance of "New Liberal Economics"
 De Graaf, Frank Jan. and Haigh, Matthew.

A Typology of Firms in East Asia and Their Strategies for Technological Ascent
 Liu, Jiajia.

A Wolf in a Sheep’s Clothing? Active Employers and Public Sector Industrial Conflict in Denmark
 Mailand, Mikkel.

Academic Work, Gender and Family in Brazil: Time Experience among Social Scientists
 de Carvalho Cordeiro, Marina.

Accounting and Environmental Responsibility in Rice Processing Industries in Southern Brazil
 Yamaguchi, Cristina Keiko., Gianezini, Miguelangelo. and Watanabe, Melissa.

Accounting for Spatiality in Resource Partitioning Theory: The Spatial and Organizational Dynamics of Microbreweries in the United States
 Cserpes, Tunde. and McInerney, Paul-Brian.

Accumulation Inc.
 Veldman, Jeroen. and Jansson, Andreas.

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Bad Regulatory Design: Explaining Ineffectiveness of Employee Information & Consultation Regulations in Liberal Economies
 Dobbins, Tony., Dundon, Tony., Hickland, Eugene., Cullinane, Niall. and Donaghey, Jimmy.

Bank Financing to Bond Financing: The Comparative Advantage of Trust
 Wardrop, Robert.

Banking As If Social Innovation Matters: Contrasting the Socioeconomic Views of Mainstream and Alternative Banks
 Arnsperger, Christian.

Behavioral Economics, Experimentalism, and the Marketization of Development
 Berndt, Christian.

Best in Class? The Returns to Endorsement in Business School Admissions
 Rissing, Ben.

Between Organizing and Partnership. Explaining the Unionization of Young 'Zero-Hours' Workers in Italian Fashion Retailing
 Gasparri, Stefano.

Beyond "Insiders" and "Outsiders"?: Examining the Evolution of the "Insider-Outsider" Divide in Four European Countries
 Prosser, Thomas.

Beyond Capitalism: Property-Owning Democracy & ex ante Justice
 Morad, Diani.

Beyond Shareholder Value Maximisation: A Purpose-Driven View of the Firm
 Segrestin, Blanche., Hatchuel, Armand. and Levillain, Kevin.

Beyond Welfare: Pension Savings as Economic and Financial Policy Tools in Latin America
 Datz, Giselle.

Bifurcated Processes of Institutional Change: Cross-National and Cross-Sectoral Comparison
 Kato, Sota.

Board Independence and Operating Performance: Analysis on (French) Company and Individual Data
 Reberioux, Antoine.

Bodies of Knowledge in Reproduction: Epistemic Boundaries and Issue Linkage on Delayed Fertility
 Tsingou, Eleni.

Borrowing History: Credit Checks in Employment
 Kiviat, Barbara.

Brazil in a Sino-Centred World: An International Political Economy Perspective of the Impacts China’s Rise Draws on Brazil
 Cunha, André., da Silva, Julimar. and Demeulemeester, Julien.

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CEO Dismissal and the CEO’s Symbolic Use of Shareholder-Value Language
 Shin, Taekjin. and You, Jihae.

CSR and Law as Alternative Regulatory Systems
 Sheehy, Benedict.

Calculating and Marketization of Catastrophe Risks
 Spee, Paul.

Can Mexico Set Up in the Software Global Value Chain as High-Value-Added Player?
 Brown, Flor.

Canadian Latinos and U.S. Latinos: Converging and Diverging Socio-Economic and Cultural Trends
 Armony, Victor.

Canadian Political Economy and the Great Recession of 2008-2009: The Politics of Coping with Economic Crisis
 Bernard Jr., Prosper.

Capital Crisis and Food Production: Work and Ecological Crisis
 Mendes, Rafael.

Capitalism Impact on Higher Education in Developing Countries
 Cheishvili, Kakhaber.

Carola and Saraswathi: Juggling Wealth in India and in Mexico
 Guérin, Isabelle. and Villarreal, Magdalena.

Chaebol’s Turn to Service: Retail Concentration and Fate of the Korean Self-Employed After the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis
 Kim, Lanu. and Shin, Solee.

Challenging Varieties of Capitalism’s Account of Business Interests: The New Social Market Initiative and German Employers’ Quest for Liberalization, 2000-2014
 Kinderman, Daniel.

Challenging the Contradiction between Marketization and Sustainability in Agrifood: The Case of Organic Valley
 Yifat, Tal.

Changes in Job Stability and Its Impact on the “Quality” of the Working Life: An Analysis by Generation
 Bonnet, Carole., Rapoport, Benoît. and Remillon, Delphine.

Changing Government-Business Relations and Institutional Change in China
 Yeo, Yukyung.

Changing Institutional Settings in Open Innovation Processes: The Case of German Non-University Research Institutes
 Froese, Anna., Mevissen, Natalie. and Simon, Dagmar.

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Danish Multinationals as Suppliers of State-Owned Companies in Brazil.
 Rocha, Robson.

Debt and Democracy: Economic Growth and State Power in Britain
 Wolfe, Joel.

Democracia y Desafección Política en España
 Zuart, Alberto. and Ruiz San Román, Jose A..

Determinantes de la Migración México-Estados Unidos de Acuerdo a Estados Expulsores y Receptores, 2002-2012
 José Manuel, Viteri Santos.

Determinants of Official Development Assistance Allocation: A New Perspective for the Century
 Amate, Ignacio. and Guarnido Rueda, Almudena.

Deutschland Unter Alles?: The German Roots of Latin American Vocational Training Institutions
 Schrank, Andrew.

Developing Sustainability In Global Value Chains: The Role Of Offshored Plants
 Golini, Ruggero., Gualandris, Jury. and Kalchschmidt, Matteo.

Development of Capitalism in Russia: Toward a Comparison with "Asian Capitalisms"
 Adachi, Yuko.

Development; Economic Growth; Poverty; Inequality; Public Policy
 DEDECCA, Claudio.

Developmental State Reloaded?: Brazilian Industrial Policy for the Oil and Gas Sector in the 21st Century
 Kasahara, Yuri. and Botelho, Antonio.

Different Paths to Power: The Rise of Brazil, India and China at the WTO
 Hopewell, Kristen.

Different Paths to Sustainable Investment – How to Explain Institutional Change in the Sustainable Investment Field in the US and Germany?
 Hiss, Stefanie.

Diversification of Japanese Firms: How Hybrid Organization Evolved through the Corporate Governance Reform?
 Miyamoto, Mitsuharu.

Do Labor Tax Rebates Facilitate Firm Growth? An Empirical Study on French Establishments in the Manufacturing Industry, 2004-2011
 GARSAA, Aziza. and LEVRATTO, Nadine.

Do Policy-Based Clusters Reduce Uncertainty for Small Firms or Just Generate More Institutional Complexity?
 de GERY, Catherine.

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ECB and the Single Supervision Mechanism: A New Framework for Systemic Risk Supervision in the Eurozone
 Martin Flores, Jose Maria. and Wrana, Javier.

EU Chemicals Regulation: Extending Its Experimentalist Reach
 Biedenkopf, Katja.

EU Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base Directive – The Game Around Apportionment Formula
 Petutschnig, Matthias.

Earnings Inadequacy across US Households: Probing an Alternative to Census Bureau Poverty Line Estimates
 Cohen, Joseph.

Economic Crisis and Debt Processes of Spanish Young People
 Herranz, Roberto. and Guillén, Antía.

Economic Institutions and Environmental Crisis in Comparative Perspective
 Anderson, Kathryn.

Economizing Death: How Dying Became an Economic Matter of Concern in the U.S. (1969-2010)
 Livne, Roi.

Education Upsurge in Developed Democracies and Its Consequences for Income Inequality in Developed Democracies
 Mosher, James.

Effects of Income Distribution Policies in Mexico
 Rodriguez-Nava, Abigail., Venegas-Martínez, Francisco. and Ruiz Alarcón, Carmelina.

El espacio único europeo de transporte: por una política de transportes competitiva y sostenible
 Muñoz, César.

El reto de la marca España: el apoyo institucional a la internacionalización de la empresa española.
 Perez, Meritxell.

Elite Bankers at Work: Defining Authority Relationships as Institutional Maintenance
 Riaz, Suhaib. and Buchanan, Sean.

Emerging Markets and Transnational Private Governance: The Case of the International Accounting Standards Board
 Noelke, Andreas.

Employee Voice and Aristotle's 'Best Regime': Exploring the Philosophical Roots of Workplace Democracy
 Timming, Andrew.

Employer-Supported Volunteering Benefits – Focus on Employee Learning or Community Needs?
 Mendes de Brito Antunes, Bethania.

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Factores Institucionales, Culturales y Regulatorios en la Dinámica del Comercio Mundial
 Jimenez, Juan Carlos. and Narbona, Aranzazu.

Fair Trade Consumption as Organizational Accomplishment
 Finch, Mary Beth.

Feed the Beast: Finance Capitalism and the Spread of Pension Privatization in Europe
 Palier, Bruno. and Naczyk, Marek.

Fight or Flight: Russian Firms’ Use of Formal Institutions
 Gans-Morse, Jordan.

Financial Engineering and the Arms Race Between Accounting Standard Setters and Preparers
 Sunder, Shyam. and Glover, Jonathan.

Financial Problems in an Era of Insecurity
 Nau, Michael.

Financial Property Rights under Colonialism: Some Counterfactual Possibilities
 Chatterjee, Abhishek.

Financial Responsibility in Postwar Negotiations: Comparing the German Reparations and Swiss Restitutions Cases

Financial Strategising as a Factor of Household Financial Behaviour
 Kuzina, Olga.

Financialization and Labour Process Theory: Using LPT to Engage with and Explain Financialization
 Cushen, Jean. and Thompson, Paul.

Financialization yet to Come? The Credit Market in Poland and Processes of Financialization.
 Lewicki, Mikolaj.

Firms Insolvency in France: A Financial or a Productive Problem ?
 Abdel Fattah, Lara., LEVRATTO, Nadine. and Tessier, Luc.

Firms and the Welfare State: Does Skill Specificity Matter?
 Watson, Sara.

Firms’ Calculation of Economic Values in the Labor Market: Case Studies in the IT Sector.
 Azambuja, Lucas.

Firms’ Performance and Job Mobility
 duhautois, richard., Petit, Heloise. and Remillon, Delphine.

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GVCs and Global Learning Networks: Science-Based Industrial Upgrading in the Brazilian Biotechnology Industry
 Zylberberg, Ezequiel.

Gender Differences in Household Savings: The Mexican Case
 Brown, Flor., Nava-Bolaños, Isalia. and Dominguez Villalobos, Lilia.

Global Challenges, Local Responses: Governing the "Commons" in the Banking Industry
 Thiemann, Matthias. and Lepoutre, Jan.

Global Patent Reforms: A Comparative Institutional Analysis of Patent Reforms in the US, Europe and Japan
 van Zimmeren, Esther.

Global Value Chains and Development: What Is the Link?
 Olivié, Iliana.

Global Value Chains and the Great Recession: Evidence from Italian and German Firms
 Giunta, Anna.

Global Value Chains in the Third Industrial Revolution
 Buciuni, Giulio., Chiarvesio, Maria., di Maria, Eleonora. and Micelli, Stefano.

Globalized Production and Consequences for the High End of the Job Market – Across Sector Analysis
 Hansen, Nana Wesley.

Go-go Managers vs. Future Nobel Prize: The Construction of The Financial Investor In The 1960s
 Montagne, Sabine.

Going beyond the Convergence-Divergence Debate?: The Importance of “Mechanisms” and “Logics”
 Tapia, Maite.

Governance Reforms and Organizational Dilemmas in European Universities
 Regini, Marino.

Green Dreams: Climate Change, Expert Knowledges, and Making Carbon Markets in South Korea
 Kwon, Jonghwa.

Greenpeace and the Transnational Governance of the Brazilian Beef Industry: How a Transnational Social Movement Organisation Regulates the "Slaughtering of the Amazon"
 Gomes, Marcus Vinícius.

Growth Performances, Top Incomes and Consumer Credit: A Political Economy Perspective
 Darcillon, Thibault. and Azizi, Karim.

Growth and Institutional Evolution in India: A Political Economy View
 Mohanty, Mritiunjoy.


Hacia una unión bancaria europea: hitos y desafíos
 Calvo Hornero, Antonia. and VILLAVIEJA URZAINQUI, LUCIA.

Hacia una unión bancaria: hitos y desafíos

Health and Safety at Work, Psychological Risks in the Public Urban Transports
 Mehaut, Philippe. and Kornig, Cathel.

His Money, Her Money: Gender, Power and Control in Russian Household Financial Decision-Making
 Guseva, Alya. and Ibragimova, Dilyara.

Households’ Over-Indebtedness and the Fallacy of Financial Education: Insights from Economic Anthropology
 Guérin, Isabelle.

How Can Non-profit Organizations Enhance Performance and Legitimize their Operations?
 Turnbull, Shann.

How Do Professionals Matter?: Uncertainty and Contested Knowledge in Transnational Institution Building
 Quack, Sigrid.

How Does Part-Time Work Affect Firm Performance and Innovation Activity?
 Pauka, Kira.

How Local Institutions and Multinational Corporations Seek Jointly to Promote the "Electric Car"?: Evidence from Renault-Nissan Strategy
 Bainée, Jonathan. and Dieuaide, Patrick.

How Scientific Funding Cuts Undermine Technological Innovation and Industry Competitiveness
 Hsini, Huang. and Jong, Simcha.

How Sub-Regional Institutions Shape Local Actors Response to Economic Crisis?: Evidence from the Canadian Aerospace Industry
 Levesque, Christian., Morissette, Lucie. and Solar-Pelletier, Laurence.

How Successful was Institutional Change and Reform in Social Dialogue to Overcome the Economic Crisis?
 Brandl, Bernd. and Ibsen, Christian.

How the U.S. Got It Wrong: Regulation of Asset Securitization in Comparative and Historical Perspective
 Pernell-Gallagher, Kim.


IdeaI Types of Legitimation in the Field of Socially Responsible Investing in Germany
 Nagel, Sebastian.

Ideas for a Workers Commonwealth in America
 Braun, Jerome.

Impacts of Trade With China on Sectoral Earnings Inequality and Employment in Developed Countries
 Thewissen, Stefan.

In Pursuit of Premia: Actuarial and Corporate Governance Practice in the United Kingdom (1948 – 1960)
 Avrahampour, Yally.

In Spite or Because of the Crisis?: Backlash against Gender Equality in Hungary and in Poland
 Szelewa, Dorota.

In Unions We Trust!: Analyzing Confidence in Unions across Europe from 1980 to 2009
 Frangi, Lorenzo. and Koos, Sebastian.

Independência e Autonomia do Banco Central do Brasil: Estado X Sociedade Civil
 BOCCHI, JOAO. and Borges, Maria.

India’s National Advisory Council and South Africa’s National Economic Development and Labor Council: New State Capacities for Development in the Semi-Periphery?
 Gomes, Eduardo.

Indice de Priorização do Investimento na Atençao Primária do SUS
 Fahel, Murilo.

Individual Utility Effects of a Minimum Wage
 Mann, Stefan.

Industrial Districts’ Evolution in Global Value Chains: Evidence from Italy
 Grandinetti, Roberto.

Informal State-Business Relations in Russia and China
 Vasileva, Alexandra.

Informal and Alternative Credit During the Great Recession, 2007-2009
 Alvarez, Anthony.

Information Sharing between Top Management Teams and Works Councils: An Investigation of Cross-Team Gender Composition
 Sapulete, Saraï.

Injured Workers and Their Return to Work: Beyond Individual Disability and Economic Incentives
 Pacelli, Lia., Leombruni, Roberto. and Galizzi, Monica.

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Japanese Innovation System: Origins and Future Prospects from Comparative Capitalism Perspective
 Fukasaku, Yukiko.

Job Mobility, Union Membership and Income Distribution in a Changing Labour Market in China
 Cao, Xuebing.

Juggling Currencies in Trans-Border Contexts
 Villarreal, Magdalena. and Nino, Lya.

Just Put it on the Agenda!: The Determinants of Development Friendly Foreign Direct Investments
 Olivié, Iliana.


Knowledge Building through Collaboration: Dynamic Learning in New Ventures
 Perez-Aleman, Paola.

Knowledge Governance in Collaborative Innovation Processes
 Ortiz, André.


La Distribución del Ingreso y la Crisis Económica de 2008: Un Enfoque Keynesiano
 Dominguez Rivas, Mario Iván.

La Formación de Recursos Humanos en Ciencia y Tecnología en México y su Contribución al Desarrollo Nacional
 Morales, alberto. and Villavicencio, Daniel.

La Gestión Pública en Tiempos de Crisis: Experiencias de Reformas en los Países Avanzados
 Diaz-Roldan, Carmen., Heredero-de-Pablos, Maria Isabel. and Monteagudo-Cuerva, Carmelo.

La Transformación y la Reestructuración de la Economía Brasileña en el "Capitalismo Global"
 de Freitas, Luís Fernando.

Labor Market Polarization and Union Decline: Evidence from OECD Countries and Linked Employer-Employee Data from Germany
 Meyer, Brett.

Labor Market Restructuring in South Africa: The Dream Deferred
 di Paola, Miriam. and Pons-Vignon, Nicolas.

Labor Power and Employer Organizations
 Dimick, Matthew.

Labor Regulation in Small Firms: Trends and Challenges for Economic Competitiveness and Social Sustainability – Evidence from Italy
 Regalia, Ida.

Labor Unions without Representation and the Limits of Informal Labor Organization in China
 Fuller, Douglas.

Labour Market Reforms in Germany: Trigger for Nonstandard Jobs?
 Walwei, Ulrich.

Lançamento de ADRs de Empresas Brasileiras no Mercado de Capitais Norte-Americano: Motivos e Impactos da Dupla Listagem
 dos Santos Martins, Marco Antonio., Mette, Frederike., Schmidt, Paulo. and Martins, Caroline.

Lessons Learned from Implementing the Green Jobs/Green NY Program and the Path Toward Energy Democracy in New York State
 Walker, Eric.

Leveraging: A Political, Economic, and Societal Framework
 anderson, david.

Liberalisation, Marketisation, and Privatisation in EU Public Utilities through Crisis and Austerity
 Pedersini, Roberto.

Liberalizing the Academy: The Transformation of Higher Education in the US and Germany
 Schulze-Cleven, Tobias.

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MNCs, FDI and Different Process of Upgrading in China
 Herrigel, Gary.

MOOC as a Public Policy to Promote Innovation and Regional Development – A Brazilian experience
 Amaral, Marcelo., Gonzaga Leite, Clemente., Curty Leal Junior, Ilton., Candido de Meirelles Junior, Julio., Cesar Andrade de Abreu, Julio., Moutinho Abdalla, Marcio. and Thielmann, Ricardo.

Macro Trends in Global Economic Growth
 Fallas-Santana, Agustin.

Made in Britain: A Move towards Sustainable-Reshoring in the Apparel Sector
 Robinson, Pamela. and Hsieh, Linda.

Making Brownfields Green: Re-Commodification and Valuation of Industrial Lands. The Case of Econeighborhoods
 Piganiol, Marie.

Making Their Way in the Chinese Class Structure: The Job Mobility of Migrant Workers
 Wang, Huilin. and Frenkel, Steve.

Making the Access to Credit more Democratic: Tools and Practices between Social Innovation and Old Inequalities
 Moiso, Valentina.

Manufacturing "Orderliness" on the New York Stock Exchange
 Diamond, Stephen.

Marine Energy Innovation: The Role of the Federal Agencies
 Allen, Matthew.

Market Values and Expertise: An Example of Commensuration in the Race Horse Market
 Botton, Carole.

Market and Non-Market Forces against Global Warming in the Mediterranean Area
 Sapio, Alessandro.

Market, State and Private Sociability: Three Anchors in the Matching between Suppliers and Demanders in Brazilian Labor Market
 Araujo Guimaraes, Nadya., Andrada, Ana Carolina. and Picanço, Monise.

Market-Based Banking and the Transformation of Contemporary Capitalism
 Deeg, Richard.

Market-Dominant Small Jurisdictions in a Globalizing Financial World
 Bruner, Christopher.

Measuring Financialization
 Noelke, Andreas.

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National Growth Strategies and Welfare State Reforms
 Palier, Bruno.

Neither Takers, nor Makers: The Big-4 Accountancy Firms as Domestic and Transnational Accountancy Regulatory Intermediaries
 Herman, Lior.

Networked institutional Entrepreneurship: Legitimizing the Apprenticeship Practice in a Distant Environment
 Fortwengel, Johann. and Jackson, Gregory.

New Collective Formations in the Internet Age and Their Institutional Foundations
 Dolata, Ulrich. and Schrape, Jan-Felix.

New Conception of Enterprise and Financialization of the Agents: Case Study in the Electricity Sector in Brazil
 Joi Martins, Thais., Matsuda, Patricia Mari. and Miguel, Antonia Celene.

New Cooperative Arrangements in Innovation Processes
 Heidling, Eckhard.

New Kids on the Block – Proxy Advisors and the Accountability Double Bind
 Lambert, Damien., DJELIC, MARIE LAURE. and Richard, Chrystelle.

New Modes and Geographies of Global R&D Networks
 Ramirez, Paulina.

Nomination and Compensation Committee’s Networks: Evidence from Large French Companies
 Lavigne, Stéphanie.

Not Just Bonus!: Formalization of Risk Management and Bank Involvement in Derivatives Trading
 Pernell-Gallagher, Kim., Dobbin, Frank. and Jung, Jiwook.

Notes about Young People’s Participation and Union Traditions in Contemporary Argentina
 Soul, Julia.


O Debate Desenvolvimentista no Brasil: Tomando Partido
 Mollo, Maria de Lourdes.

Obsolescence of German Vocationalism? Institutional Work in the Context of Network-Based Re-Organization
 Nicklich, Manuel.

Occupational Gender Segregation and Wages: Human Capital, Devaluation of Women’s Work or Individual Preferences?
 Dupray, Arnaud. and Moullet, Stéphanie.

Online Co-Creation: Redefining National Identity - The Future of US Foreign Policy
 Paolillo, William., Smith, Matthew., Olson, Branka. and Grogan, David.

Ontology through Technology: ECNs, Regulation ATS and the Transformation of the Exchange Industry
 Castelle, Michael. and Millo, Yuval.

Open Innovation in the Financial Services Sector - What Do We Know after a Decade of Research? -
 Schueffel, Patrick., Vadana, Ioan-Iustin. and Regnier, Philippe.

Open to Feedback? Informal Recursivity in Standardizing (for a) Creative Commons
 Dobusch, Leonhard. and Lang, Markus.

Opening the Blackbox of [e]valuation: Constructing Investment Potential in Private Equity
 Nama Venkateswwaralu, Yeswanth.

Opportunity Structures for and from Regulatory Intermediaries
 Auld, Graeme.

Organisational Diversity and Wage Inequality: The Significance of Organisations for Understanding Inequality
 Bechter, Barbara.

Organización Monetaria y Financiera de la Unión Europea
 Fernández- Ardavín Martínez, Ana.

Organización Monetaria y Financiera de la Unión Europea
 Calvo Hornero, Antonia., Rodriguez Santos, María Angeles. and Fernández- Ardavín Martínez, Ana.

Organizational Slack, National Corporate Governance Institutions and Firm Innovation Efforts Around the World
 Malen, Joel.

Over-Concentration of Income and Middle-Class Preferences for Redistribution
 Guillaud, Elvire. and Zemmour, Michael.

Oversight and Accountability in Private Food Safety Auditing
 Lytton, Timothy.


Participación Ciudadana y Comunicación 2.0: Una Reflexión Critica
 Esteban, Jesús.

Participación Financiera, Negociación Colectiva y Pensiones
 Martin-Artiles, Antonio.

Passive Austerity: Hidden Welfare State Change in Central Eastern Europe
 Makszin, Kristin.

Paying for Debt: Labor Markets Implications of Growing Household Debt
 Azizoglu, Bert.

Pension Funds and Financialisation: A Relational and Constructivist Model of Agency and Organizations
 Avrahampour, Yally.

Pension Reforms in Post-Socialist Europe: A Not-So-Long Goodbye to Bismarck
 Guardiancich, Igor.

Policy Reform, Sovereign Default, and Small Open Economies: Comparing Neoliberal Policy Adjustment in Southern Europe
 Biziouras, Nikolaos.

Political Ecologies of International Trade Law-Making: From the League of Nations to the United Nations
 Halliday, Terence.

Political Economy of Corporate Governance and Top Executive Compensation; a Comparative Study of Advanced Capitalist Economies
 Angeles, Renira Corinne.

Politics and Quality Markets: Power, Market Organization, and the Construction of Status Markets in Comparative Perspective
 Carter, Betsy.

Poor New Middle Classes: The Nature of Social Mobility and Its Conflicting Interpretations in Contemporary Brazil
 Corazza, Rosana.

Possibilities and Limitations of Collaborative Governance in Social Housing Provision Regimes: The Case of TECHO in Chile
 Dominguez Rivera, Patricio. and Gil Mc Cawley, Diego.

Power, Corruption, and Conflicts of Interest: An Institutionalist Theory of the Public-Private Divide & the Crises of Finance Capitalism
 Cioffi, John W..

Prediction, Uncertainty and Economic Theory in Post-bellum Futures Markets
 Pinzur, David.

Preferences for Employment Protection: The Role of Individual Unemployment Risk
 Guillaud, Elvire. and Marx, Paul.

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Ratings and Regulation: Analyzing the Conditions and Consequences of a Troubled Marriage
 Mennillo, Giulia. and Roy, Suryapratim.

Re-Introducing the Firm in the Study of Labour Market Dualisation: A Combined Macro-Micro Analysis
 Keune, Maarten., Pulignano, Valeria. and Doerflinger, Nadja.

Re-territorializing East Asia: International Coproduction and Region-Making in the Korean Animation Industry
 Lee, Joonkoo. and Lim, Hyun-Chin.

Real Estate Agents and Housing Price Inflation: A Missing Piece in Stratification Research?
 Besbris, Max. and Faber, Jacob.

Reception of Foreign Economists in China: A Case Study of Ronald Coase
 Xie, Wen.

Recursivity across Transnational Governance Fields: A Framework for the Comparative Analysis of Global-Local Interactions
 Malets, Olga. and Quack, Sigrid.

Redistribution, Altruism, and Values in Industrialised Democracies
 Rueda, David. and Stegmueller, Daniel.

Reexamining the Foundations of Government Decisions – Expanding the Merits
 Bogai, Dieter. and Seibert, Holger.

Reforma de la Negociación Colectiva y Temporalidad en España a Principios del Siglo XXI
 Martín-Navarro, José Luis. and Rodriguez, Asuncion.

Regimes of Justification and the Everyday Politics of Mortgage Credit
 Kjar, Iver.

Regional Credit Market Segmentation Between Formal and Informal Institutions
 Andriani, Luca.

Regional Institutional Actors and Multinational Company Inward Investment Strategies
 Rutherford, Tod., Murray, Gregor. and Pelard, Matthieu.

Regional Integration Arrangements and Institutions
 Kegel, Patricia Luíza.

Regulating Auditing - From Regulating of (and by) a Profession to Regulating a Product
 Jonnergård, Karin.

Regulation and Evolution of the Mexican Financial Sector: Adherence to Global Markets
 Rodriguez-Nava, Abigail., Venegas-Martínez, Francisco. and Ruiz Alarcón, Carmelina.

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SMEs’ Environmental Strategies and Implications for the Design of Global Supply Chains: Examples from the Fashion Industry
 de Marchi, Valentina. and di Maria, Eleonora.

Safety Certification Bodies as Regulatory Intermediaries in Transnational Governance
 Maggetti, Martino.

School Choices, Equality and Institutional Features: An Econometrical Comparison of the French and Swiss Education Systems
 di Paola, Vanessa. and Olympio, Noémie.

Securities Trading in Canada: How to Ensure a Competitive and Efficient System?

Selectivity of Apprenticeship on Higher Education: Is There a “Matthew Effect”?
 Issehnane, Sabina.

Self-Discovery in the Dark: The Demand Side of Industrial Policy in Latin America
 Pipkin, Seth. and Fuentes, Alberto.

Serious Games: An Efficient Means to Train Knowledge Workers?
 VALLAT, David., Bayart, Caroline. and Bertezene, Sandra.

Shades of Green: Pathways to the Greening of Innovation Regimes in Germany and the United Kingdom
 Ebner, Alexander.

Shadow Banking in China: Influence on Corporate Governance
 Marx, Kris.

Sharing the Load: Co-Performance of Roles in the Bangladesh Ready Made Garment Accord
 Donaghey, Jimmy. and Reinecke, Juliane.

Sino-Capitalism: China’s Reemergence and the Global Order
 McNally, Christopher A.

Social Dimension of India’s Development Strategy and Working of State Capitalism in the BRICS Nation
 vivek, P S.

Social Dumping and Market Expansion in Europe
 Bernaciak, Magdalena.

Social Identification and the Financial Crisis: A Simonian Approach
 Koumakhov, Rouslan.

Social and Environmental Upgrading in a Producer-Driven Agrifood Value Chain: The Case of Organic Valley
 Yifat, Tal.

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Teaching Economics in a Developing-Country Public University in Times of System Expansion
 Cabello, Andrea. and Nihari, Marcos.

Thatcher in Spain 30 Years later: The effects of 2012`s Labour Market Reform
 da Silva, Julimar. and Perez Ortiz, Laura.

The (Big) European Third Party Certifiers’ Legitimacy, Credibility and Responsibilities
 Galland, Jean-Pierre.

The 2008 Financial Crisis: Government Discourses and Strategies and Pension Funds in Brazil
 Jardim, Maria Chaves.

The Access to Medicine Index: The Mediating Role of Analysts in Producing Public Knowledge for Transnational Governance
 mehrpouya, Afshin.

The Achilles’ Heel of Internationally Coordinated Regulatory Regimes: Lessons from the International Transfer Pricing Regime
 pichhadze, amir.

The Alternatives Within: Explaining Within-Country Variation in Paths of Economic Economic and Financial Development and Governance
 Butzbach, Olivier. and Konzelmann, Sue.

The Ambiguity of Institutions: Organizational Fragmentation and Institutional Work
 Holst, Hajo.

The BRICS as Emerging Development Models in Latin America? A Case Study of Brazilian Institutions in Bolivia, 2003-2013
 Lee, Mackey.

The Blame Game for the Great Recession in the United States (2007-2010)
 Nicol, Olivia.

The Colonial Impacts on French Trade Patterns: A Comparative Study
 El Kallab, Tania.

The Complexities of Stability: How and Why Nordic Employers Stay Put
 Andersen, Søren Kaj. and Ibsen, Christian.

The Continuing Diversity of Corporate Govrenance? Theories of Convergence and Variety
 Clarke, Thomas.

The Creation Function of Stock Markets: An Empirical Test
 Revest, Valérie. and Sapio, Alessandro.

The Diplomacy of Transitioning
 Soeby, Christine.

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Um Estudo do Comportamento das Ações dos Bancos Brasileiros e Norte-Americanos em Relação à Crise do Mercado de Hipotecas dos EUA
 dos Santos Martins, Marco Antonio., Mette, Frederike., Schmidt, Paulo. and de Oliveira, Camila Satt.

Uncoordinated Welfare System under Coordinated Market Economy: Taxation and Saving in South Korea and Japan
 Kim, Dokyun.

Unions’ Response to Legitimacy Crisis: Intermediaries with Chinese Characteristics
 Cao, Xuebing. and Meng, Quan.

University as Factory:Academic Labor and Its Work Process in Chinese University
 Lianghao, Dai. and Zhang, Tian.

Unlikely Torchbearers: Migrant Accountants and Professional Identity
 Yu, Kyoung-Hee.

Unpacking Institutional Processes in Fragile Markets: Entrepreneurs Driving "Institutional Pathways" in Economic Development in Afghanistan
 Ritchie, Holly.

Upgrading National Systems to Embed High-Value Activities of Global Value Chains
 Ramirez, Paulina.

Using and Abusing the Law: The Neo-Liberal Project in Southern Europe
 Cioffi, John W.. and Dubin, Kenneth A..


Valuación Financiera del Sector Construcción Mexicano
 Villegas Hernandez, Eduardo., Ortega, Rosa Maria. and Cornejo, Raul.

Variable Pay during the Crisis: A Comparison between France and Great Britain
 Delahaie, Noelie. and Marsden, David.

Varieties of Capitalism and the Comparative Advantages of Nations
 Witt, Michael. and Jackson, Gregory.

Varieties of Capitalism, Varieties of Transitions: Non-Standard Employment in Central Eastern Europe
 Babos, Pavol.

Varieties of Retailing: A Historical and Comparative Analysis of a German Non-Core Industry
 Wortmann, Michael.

Variety of Consumer Politics in East Asian Capitalism: A Neo-Polanyian Perspective
 Wahn, I-Liang.

Vinyl Revival: Processes of Qualification and Change in Intermediary Markets
 Hendricks, Jerome.

Visible Hands: Government Regulation of Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Business
 Steen Knudsen, Jette.

Volatility and Technological Upgrading in Malaysia
 Samel, Hiram.


Wage-Setting Institutions and Corporate Governance
 Dimick, Matthew.

Welfare Professions, New Public Management, and the Battle over the Welfare Citizen
 Hansen, Nana Wesley.

What Are The Institutional Foundations of "Informal Work"?
 Marshall, Shelley.

What Could All the Money Do?: Results from a Factorial Survey on Willingness to Participate in Further Training for the Unemployed
 Dietz, Martin. and Osiander, Christopher.

What Do The “99 Percent” Really Want?: Explaining #Occupy’s Refusal To Engage Dominant Power Structures

What Drives Early Adoption of Doing Things Online in Russian Households: Predictors of Innovative Consumption Practices
 Firsova, Natalia.

What Is the Logic Behind Political Connectedness?
 Ulusemre, Tolga.

What Role for Contract Manufacturers in Governing Labor Conditions in the Electronics Industry Global Value Chain?
 Raj-Reichert, Gale.

What is the Role of Conventions in Global Economic Governance?
 Nelson, Stephen.

What’s Lost in the “Fringe”: Understanding the Economic and Social Processes of an Urban Pawnshop
 Degenshein, Anya.

What’s in a Scandal? : Brands’ Responses to the Rana Plaza Collapse
 McCaffrey, Sara Jane. and Arnold, Caroline.

When Do Moral Considerations Matter? Untangling the Limits and Opportunities of Commensuration
 Janssen, Jan-Christoph.

When Global Technology Meets Local Standards: Reassessing China's Telecommunications Policy
 Thun, Eric. and Sturgeon, Timothy.

When Less is More: The Politics of Pension Privatization during the Financial Crisis of the Late 2000s
 Adascalitei, Dragos. and Domonkos, Stefan.

When the European Commission (Dis)credits Experts (Un)fit to Its Needs : The Example of the French Wine Market
 Blancaneaux, Romain.

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Yes We Can? The Role of Loan Officers in the Building of a ‘Financial Market’ towards Low-Income Population in Morocco
 Morvant, Solene.

Young People, the School-to-Work Transition and Active Labour Market Policies.
 chevalier, tom.

Youth Representation Structures’ Influence in Unions across Europe: What Do Young Members Think?
 Vandaele, Kurt.

Youth Unemployment: What Helps? Assessing Policies and Institutional Arrangements
 Eichhorst, Werner.


Zooming in on Regulatory Intermediaries: The Impact of Non-State Regulators on Sustainable Construction Practice
 van der Heijden, Jeroen.
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