SCRA Biennial Meeting 2009-Jun-18 to 2009-Jun-22

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"Good Girl" Feminist Community Psychologist: "How fast do you type?"
 Mulvey, Anne.

“We Like to Talk”: Somali migrant perspectives on cultural legitimation processes
 Thomas, Katie.


A Collaborative Effort to Reduce Smoking During Pregnancy in Rural Pennsylvania
 Forden, Carie.

A Community Health Center’s Diabetes Project: A Strategy to Reduce Health Disparities
 Wernick, Shoshana., Lewis-Moss, Rhonda., Williams, Mary. and White, Beverly.

A Community Responds to Collective Trauma: An Ecological Analysis of the James Byrd Murder in Jasper, Texas
 Wicke, Thomas. and Silver, Roxane.

A European Vision of Cultural Competence: Difference Sensitivity and Health Literacy. The Hospital "Virgen Macarena" experience in Sevilla (Spain)
 Garcia-Ramirez, Manuel., Albar, Maria-Jesus. and Acosta-Mosquera, Eugenia.

A Latino immigrant family: Can telling its story empower its members, enhance understanding of culture, highlight contextual influences on people’s lives, and influence policy?
 Berryhill, Joseph.

A Longitudinal Examination of Social Support in the Lives of Survivors of Intimate Partner Abuse
 Beeble, Marisa., Bybee, Deborah., Sullivan, Cris. and Adams, Adrienne.

A Mixed-Methods Approach to Understanding Contextual Stressors Affecting the Wellbeing of Young People in Sri Lanka
 Miller, Ken., Fernando, Gaithri. and Ranawake, MAJ.

A Participatory Community Assessment Conducted by and for Parents for a Family-Friendly Community
 Boileau, Geneviève.

A Social Ecological Approach to Investigating Relationships between Housing and Adaptive Functioning for Persons with Serious Mental Illness
 Kloos, Bret. and Shah, Seema.

A Social Ecological Conceptual Framework for Understanding Adolescent Health Literacy in the High School Health Education Classroom
 Wharf Higgins, Joan.

A Synthesis of the Literature on Evaluation Capacity Building
 Duffy, Jennifer., Meyers, Duncan., Labin, Susan., Wandersman, Abraham. and Lesesne, Catherine.

A conceptual framework for promoting cultural competence: Outcome evaluation data from training participants
 Balcazar, Fabricio., Suarez-Balcazar, Yolanda. and Taylor-Ritzler, Tina.

Access to affordable and nutritious food and Federal food assistance programs
 Kinnison, Kelly.

Acculturative Integration and Community Activism among Moroccan Women in Spain
 Paloma, Virginia., Garcia-Ramirez, Manuel., de la Mata, Manuel. and El Jabary, Turia.

Action Planning to Address Health Disparities in the Latino Community
 Pace, Zora., Schober, Daniel., Schultz, Jerry., Cupertino, A. Paula., Garrett, Susan. and Fernandez, Cielo.

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Barriers in context: Ethnographic insight into access to healthy foods
 Freedman, Darcy.

Becoming Schmams: Children’s conceptualizations of fairness in decision-making structures
 Langhout, Regina., Kohfeldt, Danielle. and Ellison, Erin.

Belonging in New York City Neighborhoods: Community Integration Experiences of Urban-Dwelling People with Mental Illness
 Fields, Desiree.

Benefit and Burden: Organizational and Individual Resilience of Afghan Women
 Brodsky, Anne., Welsh, Elena., Carrillo, Amy., Talwar, Gitika. and Scheibler, Jill.

Beyond the Monocle: A Contextual Exploration of the Taboo Constructs of Gender
 Thomas, Katie.

Beyond the checklist: An unstructured ethnographic approach to assessing program fidelity and implementation
 Forney, Jason., Miller, Robin. and Hubbard, Peter.

Black Young Lesbians’ Misconceptions Surrounding HIV and STIs
 Miller, Robin., Valenti, Maria., Timm, Tina., Reed, Sarah. and Eshelman, Lee.

Body and Mind Days Program in Southwest Detroit
 Hsu, Hsun-Ta.

Buddhism as Community Values
 Rabin-Belyaev, Olya.

Building Academic, Civic and Personal Development through a Service Leadership Program at Montclair State University
 Sessa, Valerie., Natale, Dana. and Bernstein, Ari.

Building Community Capacity and Empowerment for PATH Project
 Mijares, Sara. and Johnson, Erin.

Building and Assessing Evaluation Capacity in Schools
 Maras, Melissa. and Flaspohler, Paul.

Building youth participation and leadership: Participatory action research
 Wright, Dana.

But is it empowering? Evidence-based principles versus principles in practice
 Camacho, Lizeth., Hubbard, Peter., Forney, Jason. and Miller, Robin.


Capability Theory and Community Psychology
 Shinn, Beth.

Capability Theory: What Community Psychologists Can Learn and Offer
 Shinn, Beth., Prouty, Emily. and Ginsberg, Juliana.

Capacity Building with Faith-Based and Community Organizations
 Jolley, Sarah. and Meissen, Greg.

Capstone soup: Promoting student engagement through action research and empowerment
 Lyons, Christopher., Poff, Meredith., Paul, Neal. and Flaspohler, Paul.

Capturing Dynamic Process of Change in GROW Mutual Help Groups for Mental Health
 Finn, Lizabeth. and Bishop, Brian.

Certified Peer Specialists in Kansas: A First Year Analysis
 Grant, Emily., Reinhart, Crystal., Keele-Lien, Ashlee., Swink, Nathan. and Meissen, Greg.

Changing the Way We Think: More Breadth or Greater Depth?
 Bishop, Brian. and Dzidic, Peta.

Characteristics of batterer intervention programs: Results from a statewide survey examining implementation of regulatory standards
 Finney, Brianna., Braun, Margaret. and Mankowski, Eric.

Citizenship and Voting in Social Recovery: A Qualitative CBPR Approach
 Bergstresser, Sara., Colesante, Amy. and Brown, Isaac.

Class, Ethnic, and Gender Differences in Coping from Traumatic Stress as a Result of Hurricane Katrina
 Thompson, Kip. and Kloos, Bret.

Closing the Gap: Substance Abuse and Service Availability Among Homeless Adolescents
 Bruman, Jennifer. and Heinze, Hillary.

Cognitive empowerment and civic engagement: Does increased awareness lead to social action?
 Voight, Adam. and Speer, Paul.

Collaborative Evaluation of the Ruth Mott Foundation's Beautification Program
 Reischl, Thomas., Franzen, Susan., Morrel-Samuels, Susan., Allen, Julie., Grodzinski, Alison. and Zimmerman, Marc.

Collaboratively Envisioning the Future of Community Psychology in Canada: From Talk to Action
 Fayter, Rachel.

College students’ experiences with sexual assault: A call for university action
 Yankouski, Brian., Gastulo, Michelle., Arrieta, Steve., Smith, Stephanie. and Velasco, Jhon.

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Delinquency Prevention: Risk Mapping and the Quest for Better Prediction Models
 Onifade, Eyitayo., Bynum, Timothy., Davidson, William., Campbell, Christina. and Petersen, Jodi.

Delinquency Risk Assessment and Risk Mapping with Young Offenders
 Onifade, Eyitayo., Bynum, Timothy., Davidson, William., Campbell, Christina. and Petersen, Jodi.

Demographic Factors and Perceived Barriers to Climate Change
 Street, Jalika., Culley, Marci., Carton, Adam. and Ogley-Oliver, Emma.

Demonstrating Our Presence: Multicultural Experiences of Mental Illness in New Jersey
 Rao, Aruna.

Developing policy action steps to address health inequities at the local level
 Goldstein, Marc.

Developing the CT Health Equity Index
 Mierzwa, Sharon.

Development of a Social Marketing Plan for Increasing Trail Use
 Coulon, Sandra. and Mijares, Sara.

Discrimination experiences predicting racial/ethnic socialization in adolescence: A longitudinal analysis
 Hagelskamp, Carolin.

Disseminating Evidence Based Interventions to Multiple Contexts: Collaborations Between University Based and Community Based Agencies
 Abdul-Adil, Jaleel., Carothers, Kristin., Farmer, Jr., A. David., Tolan, Patrick., Taylor-Crawford, MD, Karen., Bell, Carl. and Williamson, John.

Do community-based interventions reduce legal involvement and victimization of individuals with serious mental illness?
 Hutchison, Jessica., Nelson, Geoffrey. and Aubry, Timothy.

Does service-learning have more impact on some participants than others?
 Lebel, Myriam.

Domestic Violence in Hawai’i: The Role of Researcher-Community Partnerships in Building Community Capacity to Serve Families in Rural Settings
 Baker, Charlene. and Dodge, Stephanie.


Early Education’s Association with Neighborhood Characteristics and Protective Family Processes
 Curenton, Stephanie.

Ecobehavioral Risk and Toddler Externalizing and Internalizing Behaviors in Low Income Families
 Hurtt, Corrie., Wilson, Melvin., Dishion, Thomas. and Shaw, Daniel.

Ecological niches: How do religion, ethnicity, and domestic violence intersect in a group of Conservative Christian, Hispanic women?
 Ponce-Rodas, Melissa.

Effective Discipline Interventions and Latino, Haitian, and West Indian Families: Cultural Competence and Contextual Relevance
 Ibarra, Nathaly., Tassy, Sabrina. and Vina, Gisell.

Effects of Training and Technical Assistance with Prevention Coalitions
 Watson-Thompson, Jomella., Keene, Nicole., Schober, Daniel. and Fernandez, Cesareo.

Effects of a Family Critical Time Intervention on Homeless Children
 Shinn, Beth. and Fischer, Sean.

Effects of a Rural Interdisciplinary Partnership on Adolescent Alcohol Abuse.
 Keene, Nicole., Schultz, Jerry. and Pace, Zora.

Empowering the Disenfranchised: Creating College Access for Foster Care Youth
 Kirk, Chris., Lewis-Moss, Rhonda., Nilsen, Corinne. and Colvin, Deltha.

Engaging bystanders in the prevention of violence against women
 McMahon, Sarah.

Engaging the University in Community Change
 Mitchell, Terry. and Travers, Robb.

Enhancing Family Support within Latino, Haitian, and West Indian Families
 Melville, Alexis., Mantilla, Michelle. and Wile, Diana.

Enhancing women’s cardiovascular risk perception with community-based health screenings
 Pokorny, Steven. and O\'Mara, Ryan.

Epidemiology As a Foundation for Community Work
 Jason, Leonard. and Porter, Nicole.

Ethnic identity processes among Latino youth: the relevance of local socializing contexts
 Cruz-Santiago, Michelle. and Ramirez Garcia, Jorge.

Evaluating the Benefits of Proactive Community-Centered Technical Assistance
 Katz, Jason., Wandersman, Abraham. and Ellis-Wiggan, Ivonn.

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Family Processes Promoting Achievement Motivation and Academic Success among Latino Youth
 Wilkins, Natalie. and Kuperminc, Gabriel.

Family support and medication usage among Mexican American persons with serious mental illness: A qualitative approach.
 Marquez, Jorge. and Ramirez Garcia, Jorge.

Financial empowerment and domestic violence
 Plummer, Sara.

Forming a Long-Term Community-University Partnership in Waterloo Region
 Eckerle Curwood, Susan. and MacKeigan, Mary.

Forms and targets of aggression and harassment in high school: A multidimensional approach
 Chesir-Teran, Daniel. and Goldstein, Sara.

Forty Years in the Academy -- The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
 Primavera, Judy.

Fostering Community Involvement and Recovery Via a Community-Based Organization
 Vargas-Moniz, Maria., Ornelas, José., Duarte, Teresa., Homem, Alice., Sachetto, Beatrice. and Madeira, Tânia.

From Social Engineering to Community Transformation: Amul, Grameen Bank, and Mondragon as Exemplar Cooperatives
 Bhawuk, Dharm.

From a Community’s Point of View: Indigenizing Suicide Prevention
 Kral, Michael.


Gender Roles and Relationships among Black Sexual Minority Young Women
 Valenti, Maria., Reed, Sarah., Timm, Tina., Miller, Robin. and Eshelman, Lee.

Gender differences in mentoring relationships: A school-based longitudinal study
 Chan, Christian., Lowe, Sarah., Zwiebach, Liza., Schwartz, Sarah. and Rhodes, Jean.

Gender, Relationship Power, Drugs, and Attachment Among Mexican American Adolescent Girls: A University-Community Agency Partnership
 Lopez, Vera., Roosa, Mark. and Wu, Elwin.

Grappling With Grouping: Clustering and Its Applications in Community Research
 Henry, David.


Healthy Relationships and Dating Violence: Adolescent Voice and Arts-Based Intervention in Delray, Detroit
 Norton-Cruz, Laura. and Hsu, Hsun-Ta.

Helping organizations help others: Organization development as a facilitator of social change
 Boyd, Neil.

Hierarchical Linear Modeling: Applications, Strengths, and Limitations in Community Psychology
 Allen, Nicole., Javdani, Shabnam Javdani. and Todd, Nathan.

Housing and Health in the Foreclosure Crisis: Policy Implications
 Libman, Kimberly., Saegert, Susan. and Fields, Desiree.

How do Government Decisions Affect People Experiencing Poverty? A Community-Based Participatory Approach to Policy Analysis
 Fayter, Rachel.


IImpact of Collaboration: Building a Data Collection Process with a Community Agency
 Beehler, Sarah. and Campbell, Ruth.

Identifying Effects of Community Collaboration on Child Abuse at the County Level
 Darnell, Adam., Barile, John., Weaver, Scott., Emshoff, James. and Erickson, Steve.

Immigration age and resilience among Latino youth from immigrant families
 Wilkins, Natalie., Kuperminc, Gabriel. and Whitley, Rashida.

Implementing CBPR with Two Ethnic Minority Communities in Kansas City
 Schultz, Jerry., Collie-Akers, Vicki., Fernandez, Cesareo., Schober, Daniel. and Pace, Zora.

Improving Evaluation Policy by Focusing State, County, and Community Social Service Providers on Results-Oriented Services
 Wandersman, Abraham., Ray, Marilyn. and Hanah, Gordon.

Improving access to healthful foods in school settings: The Healthy Schools Program
 Block, Audrey. and Vale, Elizabeth.

Including Intervention Projects in Introductory Community Psychology Courses: Worth the Challenge?
 Canning, Sally.

Incorporating Sexual Minorities into the Gender Symmetry Debate on Intimate Partner Violence
 Lippy, Caroline. and Perilla, Julia.

Increasing Participation in Public Policy: One Route towards Social Justice
 Serrano-Garcia, Irma. and Lugo Hernandez, Eduardo.

Increasing the Cultural Appropriateness of Spanish-Language Parenting Education Programs
 Ledgerwood, Angela.

Increasing universities’ awareness of same-sex domestic violence: LGBTQ student perspectives
 Cream, Ashleigh., Gastulo, Michelle., Yankouski, Brian. and Gaskins, Jennifer.

Individual differences and Neighborhood Characteristics of Juvenile Sex Offenders
 Petersen, Jodi.

Infant Feeding, Community, and AIDS: Empowerment Evaluation in KwaZulu-Natal
 Flamm, Laura. and Flaspohler, Paul.

Innovations in Social Ecological Community Health Research
 Lounsbury, David. and Mitchell, Shannon.

Inter-organizational collaborative networks: Facilitating change or maintaining the status quo
 Bess, Kimberly.

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Knowledge translation in community psychology: adapting existing models
 Gervais, Marie-Joelle., Bouchard, Julie., Chagnon, Francois. and Tron-Bardon, Cécile.


Latino Acculturation and Sense of Community
 Powell, Kristen., Franco, Lydia., Peterson, N. Andrew. and Reid, Robert.

Learning communities that support collaborative action and research with children
 Thomas, Elizabeth.

Legacy Address/John Kalafat Award
 Fuentes, Milton.

Leveraging Innovations in Affordable Housing from the Economic Crisis
 Thaden, Emily. and Saegert, Susan.

Linking Theory and Practice: the Georgia Asian Pacific Islander Community Coalition (GAAPICC)
 Lee, Jae Hyun (Julia).


MSU Women's Center and Department of Equity and Diversity
 Abreu, Esmilda.

Maintaining Balance Between Fidelity and Cultural Adaption
 Platten, Julie.

Making it sane: Using narrative to explore theory in a mental health consumer-run organization
 Brown, Louis.

Making the unknown known: Understanding Students' Perceptions of Campus Disasters
 Fogo, Wendy., Stein, Catherine. and Kraus, Shane.

Mapping Residents' Neighborhoods with GIS: Discovering Real Communities?
 Lohmann, Andrew.

Measuring Community Collaboration in the Georgia Family Connection Partnership
 Barile, John., Darnell, Adam., Kuperminc, Gabriel., Emshoff, James. and Erickson, Steve.

Measuring Interagency Collaboration in an After School Network
 Thai, Nghi., Friedman, Stacey., Finley, Meghan. and Crusto, Cindy.

Media Framing of Proposed Nuclear Reactors
 Ogley-Oliver, Emma., Street, Jalika., Carton, Adam. and Culley, Marci.

Membership Dynamics in an Internet-Based Community of Practice
 Eckerle Curwood, Susan.

Mental Health Reform Movements and Consumer First Person Accounts
 Gumber, Shinakee., Stein, Catherine. and Bonar, Erin.

Mental Health Risk and Social Ecological Variables Associated with Educational Attainment among Gulf War Veterans: Implications for Current Veterans in Returning to Civilian Life in the Community
 Smith-Osborne, Alexa.

Mental health certified peer specialists: Integrating peer support into the mental health system
 Wituk, Scott., Grant, Emily., Swink, Nathan., Keele-Lien, Ashlee., Reinhart, Crystal. and Meissen, Greg.

Methodological Pluralism: Implications for Producers and Consumers of Research
 Barker, Chris. and Pistrang, Nancy.

Miami SPECS: Changing agents of change, steering settings of change
 Evans, Scotney., Prilleltensky, Isaac., Prilleltensky, Ora., Mckenzie, Adrine. and Nogueras, Debra.

More than barriers: Latinos youths’ experiences navigating the transition to adulthood and cycling of resources
 Colón-Torres, Yarí. and Sanchez, Bernadette.

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NVivo 8 and YouTube: Coding interactive Internet communities as a team.
 Zimmerman, Lindsey., Armistead, Lisa., Anderson, Aasha. and King, Cynthia.

Native Healing: A Community and Culture Based Intervention Approach
 McCabe, Glen.

Negotiations of race among female Dominican adolescent newcomers
 Ryerson Espino, Susan.

Neighborhood Diversity, Homeownership, and Sense of Community
 Lindblad, Mark., Manturuk, Kim., Riley, Sarah. and Quercia, Roberto.

Networking does not equal community: Adolescent use of MySpace and Facebook
 Reich, Stephanie.

No se puede!: The oppression of Latina women in their access to mental health services
 Renfro, Richard., Sanchez, Bernadette. and Hudson, Jessica.

Nonresident Fathers’ Involvement: Associations with Achievement and Emotional Outcomes
 Linver, Miriam. and Brown, Tiffany.

Nurturing Self-Help Group Development: Lessons Learned Over 30 Years
 Madara, Ed.


On the Horizon: Legal & Public Policy Developments for LGBT Equality
 Fuentes, Milton.

Oppressive acculturation contexts: opportunities and barriers for community integration and wellbeing among Moroccan immigrants in Southern Spain
 Hernandez-Plaza, Sonia., Garrido, Rocío., Lopera, Gloria., Manzano, Vicente., Paloma, Virginia. and Garcia-Ramirez, Manuel.

Organizational Change for Justice and Well-Being: The Miami SPEC Project
 Prilleltensky, Isaac., Evans, Scotney., Mckenzie, Adrine., Nogueras, Debra., Penfield, Randall. and Prilleltensky, Ora.

Organizational Empowerment: Theoretical Developments and School Profiles
 Keys, Christopher., McMahon, Susan., Back, Lindsey. and DiGangi, Julia.

Organizational Sense of Community and Empowerment: The Moderating Role of Income
 Speer, Paul. and Peterson, N. Andrew.

Outcomes and Change Processes From a Structured Self-Help Intervention for Family Members of People with Serious Mental Illnesses
 Lucksted, Alicia.

Outcomes of a Foundation's Community-wide Initiative to Enhance Mental Health Services
 Betzen, Diane., Gregory, Tara., Vu, Chi., Shagott, Todd. and Wituk, Scott.

Outlets of Addiction: The Sale of Tobacco, Alcohol, and Lottery Tickets by Community Pharmacies in New Jersey.
 Peterson, N. Andrew., Morton, Cory., Reid, Robert., Schneider, John., Mayers, Raymond. and Wiggins, Lyna.


Paper One: My Neighbourhood, My Voice: Program aims, philosophy, methodology, and selected results
 Kristjansson, Elizabeth.

Participation as Principle and Practice: A Study of Peer-Run Services
 Lewis, Sara., Hopper, Kim. and Healion, Ellen.

Participation, Evaluation, and Knowledge Management
 Calabria, Anna., Rissotto, Antonella. and Lastaria, Ilaria.

Participatory Action Research with Youth: Lessons Learned from a Project with Fifth Grade Students
 Elfstrom, Jennifer., Sink, Holli., Reiger, Christopher. and Flaspohler, Paul.

Participatory Program Development with Young Men in Kenya: The Story of AMKA
 Harper, Gary., Riplinger, Andrew., Mbuguah, James., Karegi, Benjamin., O\'Callahan, Eileen. and Neubauer, Leah.

Patterns of Work-Related Abusive Behaviors and Impact on Abuser’s Work Performance and Employment
 Mankowski, Eric. and Galvez, Gino.

Perceptions of Nuclear Energy as a Solution to Climate Change
 Carton, Adam., Street, Jalika., Ogley-Oliver, Emma. and Culley, Marci.

Person Oriented Methodology and Its Application to Community Psychology
 Bogat, G. Anne.

Person-environment fit: The role of employee’s adaptation within an organizational change process.
 Berardi, Luciano.

Personal and Contextual Factors that Facilitate or Impede Community Return for Adult Inmates
 Boxer, Paul., Middlemass, Keesha., Delorenzo, Tahlia. and Mercado, Ignacio.

Photovoice, Art, and Youth Empowerment: Lessons Learned
 Elias-Rodas, Dina. and Gregory, Tara.

Photovoice: Getting children curious and involved in the world about them
 Lecompte, Emily. and McKinnon, James.

Playing Your Way Through Community Interventions: The Community Psychology Board Game
 Kidney, Colleen., Gray, Mary., Hayes, Amber. and McDonald, Katherine.

Power at the End-of-Life: An Analysis of the Needs of the Terminally Ill
 DiGangi, Julia., Keys, Christopher. and Figueroa, Joseph.

Practical Training and Practical Experience: Community Psychology from Students’ Perspectives
 Rifaat, Heba., Shahin, Hana., El-Sayeh, Salma. and Padiotis, Nikolaos.

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Redefining Long-Term Activism: Resilient Connectedness Among Antinuclear Activists
 Taylor, Katherine.

Reducing barriers for African American parental involvement in their child’s education through interdependent relationships
 Williams, Terrinieka.

Reducing stigma and increasing empowerment in mental illness. A qualitative research.
 Buggiani, Consuelo., Castagnoli, Stefano., Giaccherini, Susanna. and Meringolo, Patrizia.

Reflections on community psychology practice in Quebec
 Lavoie, Francine. and Brunson, Liesette.

Religious Participation and Social Action: Individual and Congregational Effects
 Todd, Nathan.

Research Meets the Clearinghouse
 Borkman, Thomasina., Madara, Ed. and Hollman, Ruth.

Research Methods for Learning How to Learn: An Illustration from the Connections Project
 Formoso, Diana. and Wile, Diana.

Resilience among early adolescents in Ontario: a comparison of African-Caribbean and South Asian Immigrants and Non-Immigrants of European Ancestry in Grades 6 and 9
 Hasford, Julian. and Nelson, Geoffrey.

Resiliency of Newcomer Caribbean Latina Adolescents
 Ryerson Espino, Susan.

Riding the Waves of Feminism, Classism and Sexism
 Angelique, Holly.


School-Based Interventions for Trauma: The Cultural Adjustment and Trauma Services Program
 Campbell, Ruth.

School-Based Interventions in Albany Park, Chicago: Challenges and Lessons Learned
 Birman, Dina., Chan, Wing. and Poff, Meredith.

Schools as Empowering Community Settings: Organizational Characteristics, Change Strategies, and Challenges
 Maton, Ken.

Self-Efficacy, Self-Esteem, and Sense of Community Among Adults Recovering from Substance Abuse
 Stevens, Ed., Jason, Leonard., Mueller, David. and Ferrari, Joseph.

Sense of Virtual Community in an Online Community of Cats
 Schally, Jennifer.

Service Utilization Patterns among Homeless Youth: Assessment of Need, Access and Barriers to Use.
 Roach, Darcey.

Serving Immigrant Families via University-School Partnerships: Promise and Challenges
 ter Maat, Mercedes., Formoso, Diana., Kiner, Iris. and Dolinsky, Sharon.

Serving the Underserved: Asset Building within Youth Shelters
 Heinze, Hillary.

Sexual Prejudice, Religious Fundamentalism, and Antigay Responses in Black Men
 Vincent, Wilson., Peterson, John. and Parrott, Dominic.

Sexually exploited homeless, runaway, and throwaway youth (HRTY): Risk factors and interventions
 Countryman-Roswurm, Karen.

Shifting the Paradigm in Community Mental Health: The Creation of Alternative Settings for Transformative Change
 Nelson, Geoffrey.

Short-Version YLS-CMI: An Alternative Prediction Model for Juvenile Offenders at Intake
 Campbell, Christina., Onifade, Eyitayo., Davidson, William. and Petersen, Jodi.

Social Justice in the Schools: Theory and Practices for Students with Disabilities
 Gooden, Adia., Keys, Christopher., Morgan, Michele., McMahon, Susan., Back, Lindsey. and Brubacher, Michael.

Social Network Analysis as a Tool to Assess Coordination in Collaborative Settings
 Rana, Shaheen. and Allen, Nicole.

Social policy community interventions to reduce tobacco use
 Pokorny, Steven., Jason, Leonard. and Adams, Monica.

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Tailoring our Teaching Based on the Intersections of Diversity
 Ponce-Rodas, Melissa. and Hidalgo, Benjamin.

Taking Stock: The Current Status of Community Psychology in Canada
 Aubry, Tim. and Sylvestre, John.

Teachers’ perceptions of student bias based on race, sexual orientation, religion, and educational ability.
 Fischer, Sean.

Teaching Community Psychology to Other Disciplines: Direct and Indirect Methods
 Chun, Maria.

The Advantages of an Alternative Philosophical Stance
 Moritsugu, John.

The Balancing Act: Case Examples of Adaptation in Practice
 Crawford, Dana.

The Benefits of Bifurcation: Community Psychology and Disability
 Keys, Christopher.

The Cancer Connection of Middle Tennessee: An online community of interest, practice, and place
 Weiss, Jacob.

The Context of Perceived Social Support: Factors Related to Perceived Social Support in the Supported Housing Environment
 McDaniel, Jackie. and Kloos, Bret.

The Coping Experiences of Afghan Women
 Welsh, Elena., Talwar, Gitika. and Scheibler, Jill.

The Differential Impacts of Diverse Approaches to Community Organizing,
 Droege, Erin. and Forney, Jason.

The Economic Adaptation of Refugees from the Former Soviet Union
 Rukhotskiy, Emma.

The Healthy Lifestyles Project: Wellness Promotion for People with Psychiatric Disabilities
 Abraham, Kristen., Young, Kathleen., Stein, Catherine. and Leith, Jaclyn.

The Impact of Gender on Academic Achievement and Support among African American Students
 Pollard, Shauna.

The Impact of a Peer-led Intervention on Students’ Aggressive Behaviors
 Rothschild, Laura., Barr, Sherry., Johnson, Valerie. and Bry, Brenna.

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Understanding What Works in After-School Programs: Looking Through Student’s Eyes
 DiMeo, Michelle., Ruffner, Cristina., Whitley, Rashida., Myers, Erica., Njoki, Carol., Kuperminc, Gabriel., Meyers, Joel. and Thompson, Walter.

Understanding homeless complex needs
 Morandi, Alessandro., Paulesu, Nicola. and Meringolo, Patrizia.

Understanding the Tension between Fidelity and Adaptation
 Fritz, Rochelle.

Undocumented Migrant Experiences on their Journeys to the US
 Sladkova, Jana.

Unintended consequences of courthouse cell phone bans for survivors of intimate partner violence
 Cuas, Eliana. and Fleury-Steiner, Ruth.

Unsettling the settled: Is MPowerment Detroit really the MPowerment Project?
 Miller, Robin., Forney, Jason., Hubbard, Peter. and Camacho, Lizeth.

Using CBPR Methods to Evaluate Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Efforts
 Schober, Daniel.

Using CBPR Methods to Understand and Support Substance Abuse Coalitions
 Keene, Nicole.

Using CBPR to Promote Positive Youth Development in Kansas City
 Watson-Thompson, Jomella. and Dailey, Teresa.

Using Dose-Response Theory to Evaluate a Community Building Initiative
 Collins, Charlie., Pierce, Steve. and Quon-Huber, Melissa.

Using Key Component Scaling to Evaluate the Implementation of a Community Crisis Bed Program
 Jamshidi, Parastoo. and Sylvestre, John.

Using Photovoice to Influence Community Action and Change
 Calhoun, Melissa. and Kristjansson, Elizabeth.

Using Survival Analysis to Investigate Event Outcomes in Evaluation Research
 Connell, Christian.

Using a social marketing strategy to address health inequities
 Funaiole, Angela. and Tyson, C. Benjamin.

Using a web-based, project management resource to facilitate collaboration.
 Anthony, Elizabeth., Tusher, Chantal., Enkhtor, Dary. and Cook, Sarah.

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Validating the J-SOAP with Young Offenders in a Juvenile Justice Setting
 Petersen, Jodi., Onifade, Eyitayo., Davidson, William. and Campbell, Christina.

Validation of an Evaluation Capacity Building Conceptual Model
 Taylor-Ritzler, Tina., Suarez-Balcazar, Yolanda. and Garcia-Iriarte, Edurne.

Viewing Community at an Organizational Level of Analysis: Research on Inter-Organizational Systems for Addressing Complex Problem Domains
 Nowell, Branda.

Voices of Tuberculosis: The Amaya-Lacson TB Photovoice Project
 Lacson, Romel.


We all want outcomes but how do we get them? Building Evaluation Capacity in Teen Pregnancy Prevention
 Lesesne, Catherine., Tevendale, Heather., Duffy, Jennifer., Wandersman, Abraham., Wilson, Mary Martha., Desiderio, Gina. and House, Lawrence.

Weblogs and empowerment in the American Deaf community
 Hamill, Alexis., Stein, Catherine. and Hoffmann, Erica.

What Do Consumers and Supervisors Say About Certified Peer Specialists? CPSs: Bad, Good, & Better
 Keele-Lien, Ashlee., Grant, Emily., Reinhart, Crystal., Swink, Nathan. and Wituk, Scott.

What do you do when your clients move away? Non-profit social service organizations and HOPE VI public housing redevelopment in Nashville, Tennessee
 Fraser, James. and Bazuin, Joshua.

What does it mean to be a culturally competent researcher and evaluator?
 Lee, Kien.

What role does risk and efficacy play in BSE intentions?
 Schlehofer, Michele. and Brown, Tina.

Who do we Serve: A Content Analysis of Community Psychology Literature
 Gutierrez, Robert., Milner, Lauren., Temperato, John. and Janulis, Patrick.

Why Are They Homeless? Subtypes of Youth Within Shelters
 Blue, Logan. and Heinze, Hillary.


Youth Aging out of foster care: Recent findings and implications for intervention in two nations
 Toro, Paul. and Szarzynska, Malgorzata.

Youth empowerment in context: The importance of an ecological framework
 Kohfeldt, Danielle., Grace, Sarah. and Chhun, Lina.
SCRA Biennial Meeting 2009-Jun-18 to 2009-Jun-22
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