SCRA Biennial Meeting 2011-Jun-15 to 2011-Jun-20

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"How do I know you, again?": Sense of Community in Overlapped Spaces
 Graham, Benjamin.

. Who works and who cares? The Total Social Organisation of Labour in the context of a ‘telecare’ intervention to promote older peoples’ independence at home
 Baines, Sue.

‘New birth': Study of a Japanese self-help group for alcoholics
 Oka, Tomofumi. and Chanhall, Richard.

“AGILE” Voices: Connecting personal and collective empowerment through authenticity, groundedness, intentionality, liberation, and engagement
 Harrell, Shelly.

“Bounded” Empowerment: Analyzing the Tension Between “Traction” and Original Inquiry in School-based YPAR
 Ozer, Emily., Newlan, Sami. and Douglas, Laura.

“Captain Save-A-Hoe”: How college men expect party gang rape offenders to perceive male bystanders
 Darnell, Doyanne. and Cook, Sarah.

“Cuentos From My Childhood”: The Use of Culturally Relevant Folktales to Support the Healthy Development of Hispanic Girls
 Anderson, Riana.

“Equal” and other near equivalences: Challenges and benefits of PAR/CBPR
 Brodsky, Anne.

“In-and-Out”: Paths to Connection on an Urban Commuter Campus
 Stowell, David., Lee, Felicia., Lewis-moss, Rhonda., Kirk, Chris., Brown, Kyrah., Scott, Angela. and Nilsen, Kari.

“It’s about give and take”: Adolescent experiences of parental felt obligation
 McAuliffe, Christine., Stein, Catherine. and Fogo, Wendy.

“Rebuilding our Community”: Culturally Relevant Risk and Resilience Factors for Promoting Indigenous Mental Health
 Walls, Melissa.

“Somos los campeones” : Chilean Perspectives on Depression
 Cuthbertson, Courtney.

“We’re isolated, ‘cause we’re invisible:” Civic engagement in an unincorporated area.
 Fernandez, Jesica.

“What we call empowerment”: A process evaluation of Access Art
 Scheibler, Jill.


A Broad Overview of GIS and its Utility in Community Research and Practice
 Asiamah, David. and Meyers, Duncan.

A Collaborative Study to Develop Clinical Outcome Measures to Assess Effectiveness of Mental Health Interventions for Refugee Youth
 Poff, Meredith. and Birman, Dina.

A Cross-Cultural Examination: Parents Reporting Symptoms of Autism in South Korea and United States
 Daley, Elizabeth. and Keys, Christopher.

A Randomized Design Involving Changing Environments to Reduce Addictive Behaviors
 Adams, Monica. and Jason, Leonard.

A System Dynamics Analysis of HIV Care Services for Women of Color in the Rural South
 Lounsbury, David., Blank, Arthur., Messer, Lynne. and Quinlivan, Evelyn.

A University-Community Model of Technical Assistance: The PROSPER Project
 Chilenski, Sarah., Perkins, Daniel., Feinberg, Mark., Greenberg, Mark., Welsh, Janet. and Crowley, D Max.

A Visioning Process for Generating Research Questions
 Freedman, Darcy. and Whiteside, Omar.

A case study of the technical assistance using the GTO for school evaluation in Japan
 Ikeda, Kotoe., Ikeda, Mitsuru. and Wandersman, Abraham.

A cross-site study of planning a multi-site Housing First initiative for homeless people with mental illness
 Nelson, Geoffrey., Macnaughton, Eric., Goering, Paula., Eckerle Curwood, Susan. and Piat, Myra.

A psycho-sociopolitical approach to cultural competence in healthcare
 Hernández Plaza, Sonia., Padilla, Beatriz. and Masanet, Erika.

A qualitative analysis of place attachment among individuals with serious mental illness in community settings
 Kurzban, Laura., Townley, Greg. and Kloos, Bret.

A qualitative data analysis of parental investments in a sample of low-SES Latina mothers
 Enchautegui-de-Jesús, Noemí.

A sociological observer’s outsider perspective of SHARE!
 Borkman, Thomasina.

A time-trend analysis of the sexualization of girls in music videos and magazine advertisements
 Vokey, Megan.

AIDS-related stigma and aggression toward sexual minorities: Effects of race and prior contact
 Vincent, Wilson., Peterson, John. and Parrott, Dominic.

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Basic Skill Building for GIS Analyses: How to Geocode Your Data Using Free Web-Based Tools
 Meyers, Duncan.

Batterer intervention group support, majority status, and interpersonal dependency as predictors of intimate partner violence
 Gray, Mary. and Mankowski, Eric.

Beautiful Butterflies: Considerations for Culurally-Relevant Community Interventions for African American Girls
 Mance, GiShawn.

Being a Partner and Evaluator: Our Role and Our Findings on the West Virginia National Youth Leadership Initiative
 Foster-Fishman, Pennie. and Lichty, Lauren.

Beliefs about economic equality and opportunity among members of disadvantaged groups
 Godfrey, Erin.

Better Beginnings, Better Futures: An Ecological Approach to the Promotion of Child, Family, and Community Well-being
 Nelson, Geoffrey., Pancer, Mark., Hasford, Julian. and Loomis, Colleen.

Beyond School Spirit: The Contribution of Youth-Led Participatory Action Research In Two Urban High School Settings
 Ozer, Emily. and Wright, Dana.

Beyond homogeneity: Examining transgender resident experiences in Oxford House
 Yang, Charmaine., Dekhtyar, Michael., Beasley, Christopher., Jason, Leonard. and Ferrari, Joseph.

Bilingual/Bicultural Oxford House: The impact cultural factors may have on Latino residents in recovery
 Alvarez, Josefina. and Contreras, Richard.

Blogged Suicide in Contemporary Urban China: Cultural and Personal Construction of Self
 Chai, Xin.

Building Capacity to Sustain Evidence-Based Prevention Programs
 Flaspohler, Paul., Meehan, Dawna-cricket-martita. and Keller, Kate.

Building Collaborative Capacity for Systems/Community Change Using a Community Problem Solving Model
 Yang, Evelyn.

Building resilience: Lessons learned from emergency medical workers
 Heller, Robert. and Kurland, Talia.


C.L.A.S.S.: A preliminary look
 Scott, Angela., Lewis-moss, Rhonda., Brown, Kyrah., Lee, Felicia., Kirk, Chris. and Stowell, David.

CADCA’s Abstract: CADCA’s National Youth Leadership Initiative: Building Current and Future Systems Change Agents
 Abdullah, Kareemah. and Yang, Evelyn.

Can the family environment impact the effectiveness of after-school programs?
 DiMeo, Michelle., Faust, Loren. and Kuperminc, Gabriel.

Casas Primeiro Program in Portugal: a community approach
 Ornelas, José. and Duarte, Teresa.

Catalyst Miami: Building a New Organizational Model to Support and Promote Collaboration for Social Change
 Evans, Scot. and Levine, Daniella.

CeaseFire in Theory and Practice
 Kane, Candice. and Perez, Frank.

Change -4- Good: Student Engagement and Identity Construction in School-Based yPAR
 Kohfeldt, Danielle.

Changes in Oregon Batterer Intervention Program characteristics following adoption of state standards
 Boal, Ashley. and Mankowski, Eric.

Child Trauma Mediates the Relationship between Parental Racial Discrimination and Behavior Problems in Young Children
 Crusto, Cindy., Finley, Megan., Money, Roy. and Tebes, Jacob.

Civic Engagement in University Students
 Hakim, Sharon., Greenleaf, Justin., Keele-lien, Ashlee., Kirk, Chris., Lee, Felicia., Rowley, Rochelle. and Burdsal, Charles.

Civic engagement in a Native American community: Lessons from the field
 Norquest, Jan. and Borden, Lynne.

Clarification of the Conceptual Definition of Collaboration
 Darnell, Adam., Kuperminc, Gabriel. and Emshoff, James.

Classroom Management, School Staff Relations, School Climate, and Academic Achievement: Testing a Model with Urban High School Teachers
 Back, Lindsey., Polk, Liz., Keys, Christopher. and McMahon, Susan.

Coaching as a development framework
 Gutierrez, Robert., Keys, Christopher. and McMahon, Susan.

Coding the context of incarcerated women’s descriptions of “typical incidents” of physical intimate partner violence
 Niolon, Phyllis., Tusher, Chantal. and Cook, Sarah.

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Defining and Assessing Community Cultural Competence
 Garci­a-Ramirez, Manuel., Albar, Maria-Jesus. and Sevillano, José-Manuel.

Demographic correlates of college student-parents’ outcomes and stressors: Implications for well-being and intervention
 Williams, Justin., Smalls, Ciara. and Saleem, Farzana.

Designing Multi-Level Community-Based Research: A Discussion of Theoretical and Practical Implications
 Collins, Charles.

Developing Evidence-based Practices in Youth Substance Use Prevention in Rural Hawai`i.
 Helm, Susana., Okamoto, Scott., Delp, Justin., Stekiewicz, Jenifer. and Stone, Kristina.

Developing Recovery Homes in Rural Kenya
 Kithuri, Elias.

Developing Young Scholars: The academic and social impact of a project-based learning afterschool program five years later.
 Timpo, Phyllis. and Caldwell, Ticola.

Developing a Research Consultation Group for Research with Vulnerable Populations
 Bothne, Nancy.

Developing an organization to promote community integration of individuals with psychiatric disabilities
 Davis, Betsy., Kurzban, Laura. and Kloos, Bret.

Developing and Piloting a Measure of Empowerment
 Chapman, Aliya., Dunn, Jessica. and Cattaneo, Lauren.

Development and facilitation of an on-campus disability awareness campaign
 Rottenstein, Adena. and Gutierrez, Lorraine.

Development of a Measure for Evaluating the Implementation of an Evidence-Based Bullying Prevention Program
 Fritz, Rochelle. and Flaspohler, Paul.

Development of the Racial Microaggressions Scale (RMAS)
 Andrade, Alejandro. and Torres-Harding, Susan.

Developmental and clinical implications for children of incarcerated parents
 Carpenter, Gloria., Harris, Yvette. and Graham, James.

Differences and similarity in cultural perception of elderly needs.
 Remaschi, Laura., Meringolo, Patrizia., Gavrilovici, Ovidiu. and Loubat, Christophe.

Differences in perceptions of community problems by income level: Results of a county-wide needs assessment
 Hayman, Jennifer., Domoff, Sarah., Bradbury, Stacey. and Tompsett, Carolyn.

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Economic Cost Analysis for Community-Based Interventions
 Jason, Leonard.

Effects of Positive Action, a school-wide Social-Emotional and Character Development (SECD) program, on academic outcomes: Results from two cluster-randomized trials
 Flay, Brian., Snyder, Frank., Bavarian, Niloo., Acock, Alan., Vuchninch, Sam., DuBois, David., Silverthorn, Naida. and Day, Joseph.

Effects of Prior Exposure on Sexual Abuse Prevention Education
 Arsenault, Brenda.

Effects of victim sexuality on domestic violence attributions
 Gaskins, Jennifer.

Electoral preferences, expression of social participation or oppression? The control of the vote in Italy
 Carbone, Agostino.

Emergency youth shelters: Agents of positive change
 Heinze, Hillary.

Empowering multicultural hospitals to prevent health disparities among migrant populations: The “Hospital Punta Europa” experience.
 Paloma-Castro, Olga., Garci­a-Ramirez, Manuel. and Albar, Maria-Jesus.

Empowering settings: Organizational practices that support diversity in community health centers
 Bond, Meg., Haynes, Michelle., Toof, Robin., Holmberg, Michelle. and Reyes Quinteros, Johana.

Empowerment from a distance: Fostering critical consciousness in youth through an online photovoice method
 Lichty, Lauren., Foster-Fishman, Pennie., Kornbluh, Mariah. and Mortensen, Jennifer.

Empowerment on a shoestring: Integrating democratic procedures into a rapid statewide needs assessment
 Miller, Robin. and McNall, Miles.

Enabling independence at home: Older people, technology and activity monitoring
 Sixsmith, Judith. and Pratesi, Alessandro.

Engaging youth in environmental change: A theoretical model
 Riemer, Manuel. and Lynes, Jenn.

Enhancing community coalition functioning through a university-sponsored feedback support system
 Brown, Louis., Feinberg, Mark. and Greenberg, Mark.

Environmental Forces and Individual Resilience: Creating a Value Driven Public Health Response to Injection Drug Use
 Janulis, Patrick.

Essential influences on the psychological sense of community among college students
 Watson, Amaris.

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Factors of External Validity of Social-Emotional Learning Programs
 Rowe, Hillary.

Family Intervention Effects on Social Networks of Parents
 Henry, David., Schoeny, Michael., Tolan, Patrick. and Gorman Smith, Deborah.

Family child care homes as a catalyst for social change
 Bowers, Susan.

Family ties in tough times: How young adults and parents view the U.S. economic crisis
 Leith, Jaclyn., Abraham, Kristen., Bonar, Erin., Hoffmann, Erica., Kraus, Shane. and Stein, Catherine.

Formal and informal group influences on women and young children living in poverty
 Lake, Elizabeth., Walling, Sherry., Pope, Jay., Linkowski, Kara. and Romero, Maria.

From Margin to Centre to Margin Once More – Against an “Inclusion Model” of PAR
 Klein, Kate.

From Youth Commission to Youth Infusion: A Case Study of Youth-Adult Partnership in Local Government
 Petrokubi, Julie.

From recruitment to reciprocity: Embracing the challenges of conducting research with Caribbean populations in the Midwest
 Joseph, Nancy.

Further examination of categorical twelve-step Involvement among a randomized sample
 Droege, Jocelyn.


Gender and risk assessment: An analysis of female juvenile delinquency and the YLS/CMI
 Anderson, Valerie., Petersen, Jodi., Campbell, Christina. and Davidson, William.

Gender interactions: Childhood sexual abuse and substance use in mutual-help recovery homes.
 Ponziano, Frank., Beasley, Christopher., Jason, Leonard. and Ferrari, Joseph.

Gendered mobility: Personal control in mobility, difficulty of meeting needs, and quality of life in a sample of homeless women.
 Matson, Amanda Elizabeth. and Mitchell, Roger.

GenerationPulse: Social Networking for Social Justice
 Arntz, Diana.

Geographic Information Systems: A pathway for guiding mental health service delivery and support
 Johnson, Virginia., Lott, Frances., Kilmer, Ryan., Cook, James. and Wilson, Candace.

Getting a HEAD START on living tobacco free: Educating Head Start staff and families on the importance of smoke-free environments
 Ryan, Katelin.

Getting to Outcomes® for the individual: Applying a systematic framework to treatment interventions for pregnant substance-abusing women
 Castellow, Jennifer., Metzger, Isha., Scaccia, Jonathan., Katz, Jason., Lamont, Andrea. and Wandersman, Abraham.

Global Investigations Using the Sense of Community Index-2: Potential and Challenges
 Chavis, David. and Lee, Kien.

Good practices in healthcare for immigrant populations: Psychopolitical validity and the role of power
 Hernández Plaza, Sonia., Padilla, Beatriz. and Masanet, Erika.

Green classrooms: A collaborative model of university course development for student engagement
 Dittmer, Livia. and Riemer, Manuel.

Ground rules in cultural approach and critical community psychology
 Arcidiacono, Caterina. and Procentese, Fortuna.


HIV Prevention among Persons with Mental Illness
 Blank, Michael.

HIV/STI risk among emerging adult ED patients screened for substance use: An additive risk model
 Tarantino, Nicholas., Orgeron, Jamie. and Kuperminc, Gabriel.

Head, Heart, and Hands in Social Justice Education
 Meyers, Steven.

Healthcare Reform, Community Psychology, and Creating Sustainable Organizational Change
 Neigher, William. and Hakim, Sharon.

Healthy diversity: Personal reflection on the importance of undergraduate involvement
 Thompson, Michelle.

Hispanic, a Woman, a Christian or an Academician? A Never-Ending Negotiation of a Researcher’s Identity with Community Members
 Ponce-Rodas, Melissa.

Hope as a predictor of reincarceration among mutual-help recovery home residents
 Dekhtyar, Michael., Beasley, Christopher., Jason, Leonard. and Ferrari, Joseph.

How We Label: Understanding Disability through Language References
 Back, Lindsey., Keys, Christopher. and McMahon, Susan.

Human rights based-advocacy: A strategy for community empowerment
 Bothne, Nancy. and Keys, Christopher.


IDEA Community Initiative: Mentoring and capacity building for scholarship through unique interdisciplinary communities
 Sladkova, Jana., Bond, Meg. and Mcduffie, Maria.

Icugg’, caarkalissiiyaakuvet? [You know, when you have too much to do?]: Challenges in Translating Meaning
 Lopez, Ellen., Orr, Eliza., Rivkin, Inna. and Johnson, Samuel.

Identifying meaningful factors in the study of local citizen participation: A conceptual guide to the participatory evaluation process
 Grayman, Justina.

Identity Formation Definition from a Cultural Psychological Inquiry
 Wynne, Melodi.

If you build it, will they come? Designing collaborative efforts to encourage participation
 Dworkin, Emily., Javdani, Shabnam. and Allen, Nicole.

Impact of 9/11 on Schools and School Experiences of Muslim Adolescents
 Oberoi, Ashmeet.

Impact of gender on the role of housing quality and family support on adolescent self-efficacy
 Hope, Meredith., Raffaelli, Marcela. and Koller, Silvia.

Impact of integrated health care on appointment logistics, staff efficacy, and client satisfaction
 Strompolis, Melissa., Kilmer, Ryan., Haber, Mason. and Cook, James.

Impact of sexual assault survivor disclosures’ on formal and informal support providers
 Ullman, Sarah.

Implementation of a Housing First Approach in a Small Canadian City
 Aubry, Tim., Cherner, Rebecca., Ecker, John. and Jetté, Jonathan.

Implementation of a Housing First approach in a rural area in Canada
 Jetté, Jonathan., Aubry, Tim., Ecker, John., Cherner, Rebecca. and Sirois-Leclerc, Héloïse.

Implementing School-Based Curricula on Sexual Violence Prevention: The Efficacy of Using a Train-The Trainer Approach
 Baker, Charlene.

Implementing a culturally-specific Oxford House
 Contreras, Richard., Jason, Leonard., Gomez, Daisy., Navarro, Sandra., Padilla, Gilberto., Ponziano, Frank., Ramirez, Randy., Rodriguez, Sandra., Sklansky, Laura., Digangi, Julia. and Alvarez, Josefina.

Implementing the Strategic Prevention Framework using action planning as a tool for measuring community change
 Anderson Jr, Kaston., Watson-Thompson, Jomella., Jones, Marvia. and Chaney, Lisa.

Improving After-School Program Quality through Team Competition: A Case Study
 Mekinda, Megan., Hirsch, Barton. and Serrano, A Christy.

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Judgments toward multi-minority applicants in employment hiring decisions
 Ong, Katherine.


Key Features of Pathways to Housing Inc.’s Housing First Program
 Shinn, Marybeth. and Tsemberis, Sam.

Knowing all and the All Knowing: Does higher education alter our approach to religion?
 Antler, Caroline., Mcauliff, Kathleen. and Ferrari, Joseph.


LAPD New Curriculum Evaluation Design and Survey Findings from Recruits at Graduation and Their Subsequent Field Training Officers
 Meese Putman, Katherine. and Pannell, Luann.

LENS: A Participatory Approach for Educating Others about Photovoice Results
 Freedman, Darcy., Pitner, Ronald., Powers, Meredith. and Hastie, Shanna.

Land under sea: Climate change and the new displacement of indigenous peoples
 Corlew, Kati.

Lessons Learned from High Capacity Communities I: Coming together for community change
 Gaffney, Joel.

Lessons Learned from High Capacity Communities II: Expanded leadership
 Morgan, Geof.

Lessons Learned from High Capacity Communities III: Dynamic and responsive systems
 Silveanu, Sasha.

Letters from teachers: Narrative inquiry in the service of teacher training
 Kotil, Cigdem.

Let’s Blog! Using the Internet to Facilitate Photovoice
 Lichty, Lauren., Pollard, Matt., Foster-Fishman, Pennie., Mortensen, Jennifer. and Kornbluh, Mariah.

Life meaning among rural Alaska Native and American Indian college students
 Quaintance, Tonie Marie.

Lights, camera, action research: An 'e-PAR' approach to youth engagement
 Blythe, Charlotte. and Harre, Niki.

Listening to new voices, lending new ears: Conversations within the immigration community
 Talwar, Gitika., Makhzoumi, Saniha., Brodsky, Anne., Baugh, Stacey-Ann., Gopaul, Alisha., Collins, Jessica. and Bachu, Munisa.

Listening to psyche: Dialogues with Chornobyl returnee Babas
 Panchuk, Myron.

Longitudinal Applications of Multilevel Modeling for Community-Based Research
 Todd, Nathan., Poteat, V. Paul. and Spanierman, Lisa.

Looking through their eyes: Community assets for African American youth
 Elias Rodas, Dina.


Making Art as an Exercise in Problem Definition
 Thomas, Elizabeth.

Meaning making and personal loss in well siblings of adults with serious mental illness
 Leith, Jaclyn., Jesse, Samantha., Herman, Patricia. and Stein, Catherine.

Measurement of person-environment fit in community settings: Industrial-organizational perspectives
 Beasley, Christopher.

Measuring Empowerment: Theoretical and Methodological Considerations
 Hunter, Bronwyn.

Measuring and predicting engagement in a peer-run self-help center
 Brown, Louis.

Measuring kindergarten, first, and second grade students’ perceptions of school climate: A Rasch analysis
 Ji, Peter., Christensen, Claire., Rothenbach, Katrina. and Apan, Garmina.

Measuring social and emotional content in educational children’s television programs
 Christensen, Claire.

Mental Health Impact Assessment
 Todman, Lynn.

Mental Health and Cancer (MHC) Connection: A CBPR partnership to improve access to mental health care and promote timely, age-appropriate cancer screening
 Williams, Abigail., Erb-Downward, Jennifer., Weiss, Elisa., Bruzelius, Emilie., Maysonet, Nicole. and Lounsbury, David.

Mentoring Teachers to Improve Classroom Management: Effective Coaching Strategies
 Martinez, Andrew., McMahon, Susan. and Keys, Christopher.

Methodological Pluralism: Implications for Consumers and Producers of Research
 Barker, Chris. and Pistrang, Nancy.

Mission-identity perceptions and faith maturity: Can a faith-based university's mission strengthen students' faiths?
 Koenigs, Angela. and Ferrari, Joseph.

Mixed Methods Evaluation of the Multi-Level Impacts of Community Mural-Making: The Porch-Light Initiative
 Matlin, Samantha.

Modeling partner violence: Results of a collaborative intervention for the college classroom
 Warren, Peter., Swan, Suzanne. and Allen, Christopher.

Motivators, Stressors and Sources of Support for Foster/Adoptive Parents in a Large Urban Area
 Meese Putman, Katherine., Girguis, Sam., Quagliana, Heather. and Foy, David.

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Natural Mentors and Educational Attainment: Exploring Pathways among Academically At-Risk African American Adolescents
 Hurd, Noelle., Sanchez, Bernadette., Zimmerman, Marc. and Caldwell, Cleopatra.

Natural mentoring as a buffer against the negative effects of stressors on the academic outcomes in low-income urban Latino adolescents
 Feuer, Rachel., Rivera, Claudio., Lemos, Diana. and Sanchez, Bernadette.

Natural mentoring in an academic setting: Predictors of mentoring and the role of mentoring in students’ adjustment to college
 Berardi, Luciano.

Navigating the charter school experience: Examining the marginalized voice from the inside
 Henderson, Dawn.

Needed Directions for Research with Sense of Community
 Stevens, Ed.

Negotiation of service decisions when housing persons living with HIV/AIDS
 Hidalgo, Benjamin.

Networking for diversity in human service education
 Jones, Diana., Go, Tiffany., Rea, Louise. and Van Wingerden, Christina.

Nurturing Human Potential in the Context of Schooling: The Legacy of Seymour B. Sarason
 Weinstein, Rhona.


On thin ice: Domestic violence advocacy and law enforcement-immigration collaborations
 Rempe, Diana.

Organizational case study: Using a mixed-methods approach to triangulate evidence of organizational change
 Prilleltensky, Ora., McKenzie, Adrine. and Evans, Scot.

Our Lives in Pictures: A Photo Voice Project of Youth with Mental Health Issues
 Johnson, Virginia., Vishnevsky, Tanya., Cook, James. and Kilmer, Ryan.


POWER-UP: A Collaborative After School and Family Pilot Study to Prevent Obesity
 Burnet, Deborah., McClinton-Powell, Lori. and Choudhry, Shahid.

Parking, crime, and partying: A case study of community-university relations
 Eastburn, Melissa., Kerby, Faith., Staymates, Lindsey., Bolinger, Andrea., Phillips, Charlotte., Haines, Adam., Watson, Amaris., Daino, Paull., Zirimis, Sherri., Shaffer, Kristen., Grad, Jacklyn., Jones, Olivia., Harris, Earl. and Schlehofer, Michele.

Participatory Research in First Nations: Challenges and Opportunities
 Schmidt, Heather.

Participatory action research in the elementary school: A multiple case study of identity development
 Grace, Sarah.

Pathway beyond the prototypical: Screening for same-gender IPV in males seeking help within community mental health settings.
 Hidalgo, Marco A.

Pathways to antigay aggression: Comparing causal theories using SEM
 Goodnight, Brad.

Patterns in critical discourse: Examining narrative from an online Photovoice project
 Harfst, Sarah., Hockin, Sara., Jahr, Alisson., Pollard, Matt., Warsinske, Kelly., Mortensen, Jennifer., Kornbluh, Mariah., Lichty, Lauren. and Foster-Fishman, Pennie.

Peaceful interracial interactions using the contact theory
 Guillory, Ashley. and Angelique, Holly.

Peer Mentoring as an empowering setting: The benefits for both mentors and mentees
 Balcazar, Fabricio., Buelna, Christina. and Dimpfl, Shawn.

Peer Support, Prevention and Community Integration
 Tsemberis, Sam. and Harbus, Niel.

Peer perspectives: Expectations and satisfaction with Certified Peer Specialist services
 Keele-Lien, Ashlee. and Meissen, Greg.

Pentecostalism, Prosperity Gospel, and Black Liberation Theology: Are the Diverse Theological Orientations in Black Mega-Churches the Link to Social Outreach?
 Martin, Pamela. and Bowles, Tuere.

Perspectives on social change among community organizers and activists: A multi-model comparison
 Collura, Jessica. and Christens, Brian.

Planning, implementing and evaluating evidence-based programs in school mental health: A qualitative analysis of Getting To Outcomes® in schools
 Splett, Joni. and Maras, Melissa.

Post 9/11 Cultural Politics
 Dutta, Urmitapa.

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Qualitative Exploration of African American Men’s Attitudes toward Marriage
 Barrie, Rabiatu.

Quality improvement / quality assurance tools and logic: Implementation and support applications
 Katz, Jason., Chien, Victoria. and Wandersman, Abraham.


Racial Identity and Self-Esteem among African American College Students: Predicting Theological Orientations
 Caldwell, Ticola. and Martin, Pamela.

Radical Accountability: Anarchism and the Creation of Community-Led Violence Prevention and Response Strategies
 Klein, Kate.

Recent sexual partnerships among adolescent and emerging adult Black gay and bisexual men in Michigan
 Miller, Robin., Forney, Jason. and McNall, Miles.

Reconceptualizing Interventions for Refugee Traumatic Stress: A Community-Based Approach
 Goodkind, Jessica., Isakson, Brian., Hess, Julia. and LaNoue, Marianna.

Reconceptualizing the Healing Process after Torture: A Multi-Dimensional Model of Moving On
 Isakson, Brian. and Jurkovic, Gregory.

Recovery as a mediator of psychiatric distress and community participation for individuals with SMI
 Davis, Betsy., Townley, Greg. and Kloos, Bret.

Recovery, meaning, and mental illness: The impact of perceived losses, religious coping and community-based services
 Gumber, Shinakee., Cummings, Jeremy., Pargament, Kenneth. and Stein, Catherine.

Red Power: How the American Indian Movement Found Its Voice
 Corlew, Michael.

Reducing the Rate of Smoking during Pregnancy in Rural Pennsylvania
 Forden, Carie., Davis, Marietta. and McMillen, Amber.

Reentry experiences of study abroad students
 Lynn, Brigid. and Mitchell, Roger.

Relationship skills for adolescents: Health promotion through a college service learning course
 McBride, Cami., Miller, Carrie. and Vorderstrasse, Valerie.

Relationships between outcomes of caregivers and youth with spinal cord injury
 Kelly, Erin., Anderson, Caroline., Garma, Sylvia., Russell, Heather., Klaas, Sara. and Vogel, Lawrence.

Relationships between sex beliefs and sexual health practice
 Wilson, Bianca., Alcala, Matthew. and Tellez, Lizzette.

Religious Diversity and Social Justice
 Mcauliff, Kathleen., Williams, Shannon. and Ferrari, Joseph.

Religious Latinas’ Beliefs about Secular and Church-based Helping Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence
 Ponce-Rodas, Melissa.

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SPEC in Practice Survey Tool: The Development and Piloting of a Quantitative Tool to Measure SPEC (Strengths, Prevention, Empowerment, and Community Change) Practices
 Huggins, Corinne., Mescia, Nick. and Christman, Seth.

School Climate and Academic Achievement: Unpacking the relations between school context and the academic achievement of at-risk students
 Nation, Maury., Voight, Adam. and Nixon, Carol.

School Climate and Staff relationships: How do they Relate to Student Problem Behaviors?
 Sorrentino, Sara., McMahon, Susan. and Keys, Christopher.

School sense of community: Assessing the role of first-generation citizen status among university students
 Williams, Shannon., Bottom, Todd. and Ferrari, Joseph.

Science-to-Service in Preventing Teen Dating Violence and Promoting Healthy Relationships
 Helm, Susana. and Baker, Charlene.

Screening and brief intervention for alcohol and substance abuse: Differential effects by individual characteristics?
 Zorland-Allison, Jennifer., Kuperminc, Gabriel. and Darnell, Doyanne.

Self-Reported Needs of Children and Families enrolled in a System of Care: Informing System Change and Advocacy Efforts
 Strompolis, Melissa., Strater, Katherine., Cook, James. and Kilmer, Ryan.

Self-help groups' effectiveness in mental health
 Petrini, Fausto., Meringolo, Patrizia., Vannucchi, Sandra. and Pini, Pino.

Sense of Community in a Mediated World
 Fremlin, Jenny.

Sense of community, social participation and the impact on well-being in individuals in low-income housing
 Reyes Quinteros, Johana.

Sexual Citizenship and the BDSM Experience: Working with Community Voices
 Graham, Benjamin.

Seymour Sarason and the Creation of Settings
 Cherniss, Cary.

Skin tone and achievement: The influence of skin tone on teachers’ perceptions of African American students
 Perry, Kai.

Social Action, Public policy and Seymour’s Influence
 Reppucci, Nicholas.

Social Networks, Dissemination, and Implementation: Lessons from the Promoting Academic Success Project
 Neal, Jennifer., Cabral, Giannina., Janulis, Patrick. and Farrell, Patricia.

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Tales from the ‘Hood: Lessons Learned in Implementation of the Family Involvement Component of the Positive Action Program in an Urban Context
 Day, Joseph., Silverthorn, Naida., DuBois, David., Flay, Brian., Gilmet, Kelsey. and Allred, Carol.

Targeting Homelessness Prevention Services More Effectively
 Greer, Andrew. and Shinn, Marybeth.

Telling Stories with Context about Immigrants and Others: Can We Take Community Psychology Into the Mass Communication Realm and Work Toward a Better Society?
 Berryhill, Joseph. and Rowley, Jacob.

Telling the TRUTH: Contextualizing HIV risk for LGBTQ newcomer youth in Toronto
 Travers, Robb., Munro, Lauren. and St. John, Alex.

The Better Beginnings, Better Futures Project: Child, Parent, Family, and Community Outcomes and Cost Savings at Ages 18-19
 Pancer, Mark., Nelson, Geoffrey., Hasford, Julian. and Loomis, Colleen.

The Community Mural: A Journey of Recovery for Adults with Serious Mental Illness
 Hamill, Alexis.

The Community Psychologists as a Volunteer Board Member: The Challenges of setting policies that work
 Balcazar, Fabricio.

The Community United to Raise Awareness: Asthma and Active Living (CURA 2)
 Martin, Molly., Ballesteros, Juana. and Echevarria, Raul.

The Complexities of Privilege: White Radical Identities and Everyday Anarchism
 Majzler, Robert.

The Creation of Settings: Its roses and thorns
 Langhout, Regina.

The Development and Evaluation of an Interpersonal Person-Centered Intervention for Geriatric Nurse Aides
 Coleman, Carissa., Nilsen, Kari., Runyan, Amanda., Kraus, Shane., Leith, Jaclyn., Gumber, Shinakee. and Hamill, Alexis.

The Development of Disability in Community Psychology Research
 Gutierrez, Robert. and Keys, Christopher.

The Empowering Schools Project: Exploring the school as an empowering setting
 Kirk, Chris. and Lewis-moss, Rhonda.

The Enemy Far Away: Positioning the War Factor in Community Psychology
 Degirmenciouglu, Serdar.

The Enemy Within? Post-9/11 Impacts on Muslims and Multiculturalism
 Abdul-Adil, Jaleel.

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Understanding Nunavimmiut youth’s concepts of mental wellness: a community-based participatory research
 Vrakas, Georgia.

Understanding Yup’ik Conceptions of Stress within the Context of Rapid Cultural Change
 Rivkin, Inna., Johnson, Samuel., Lopez, Ellen., Orr, Eliza. and Trimble, Joseph.

Understanding environmental context: Oregon state policy and changes in characteristics of batterer intervention programs
 Boal, Ashley.

Understanding how communities with limited access to external resources recover from disaster: Resilience and recovery among special populations
 Brokopp Binder, Sherri.

Understanding women’s use of violence in the context of their victimization among a sample of incarcerated women.
 Rivera, Echo., Kubiak, Sheryl., Bybee, Deborah., Fedock, Gina. and Kim, Woo Jong.

Understandings of Mental Health Recovery
 Keele-Lien, Ashlee., Lemke, Michael., West, Corinna., Schrepel, Sam., Hunter, Jeffery., Banta, Adrienne., Gregory, Tara. and Meissen, Greg.

Unintended negative consequences of study abroad on college attachment and sense of college community
 Davis, Steve.

University of Hawai`i Rural Health Collaboration – Telehealth Initiatives
 Helm, Susana., Alicata, Daniel., Chun, Ian., Fukuda, Michael., Helm, Kim., Horton, Michelle., Koyanagi, Chad., Onoye, Jane., Puhi, Desiree. and Salvador, Darryl.

Unseen consequences of community violence: Advocacy and action in early detection of traumatic brain injury
 Smith, Kimberly., Harrell, Shelly. and Lopez, Enrique.

Untangling the Wires: A Computerized “Virtual” Model for LGBT Speaker Panels.
 Beasley, Christopher.

Using Strengths, Prevention, Empowerment, and Community Change (SPEC) for Organizational Development: Action Tools
 Prilleltensky, Isaac.

Using a Participatory Evaluation Framework to Examine Aim4Peace, a Community Anti-Violence Initiative in Kansas City, MO
 Jones, Marvia., Schober, Daniel. and Watson-Thompson, Jomella.

Using the balanced scorecard approach to mangage a large scale public health capacity building project: An example of a practice tool
 Julian, David.

Utilizing GIS in an Investigation of Community Integration for Persons with Serious Mental Illness (SMI)
 Townley, Greg. and Kloos, Bret.


Valuing Inclusion: Collaborative Research with Persons with Disability
 Patka, Mazna., Kidney, Colleen., Stack, Erin. and McDonald, Katherine.


Wellness, identity, service, and empowerment: A “WISE” intervention developed in collaboration with a Native American community organization
 Parker, Francesca.

When University and Community Partner: Engaged Scholarship and System-level Change
 Primavera, Judy. and Martinez, Andrew.

Why so serious?: Examining the minimization of same-sex domestic violence.
 Gaskins, Jennifer.

Women’s Use of Violence in Relationships: The Role of Attachment Style and Peer Validation in the Relationship between Jealousy and Intimate Partner Violence
 Davis, Shara., Lehrner, Amy., Javdani, Shabnam. and Allen, Nicole.

Working against youth violence everywhere: An evaluation of a peer-led bullying prevention program
 Pister, Rebecca.

Worldview: A filter between expectations and attitudes toward nuclear energy?
 Carton, Adam., Street, Jalika., Ogley-Oliver, Emma., Kanso, Sammy., Vincent, Patricia. and Culley, Marci.


Young Black gay men’s experiences accessing health information and services: “They just help you to get you out of there”
 McNall, Miles., Miller, Robin. and Schmidt, Chelsea.

Youth Advocacy for Obesity Prevention through Environmental and Policy Changes
 Millstein, Rachel., Sallis, James., Edwards, Christine., Linton, Leslie. and Woodruff, Susan.

Youth Empowerment Implementation Project: A Report on the Results
 Lee, Felicia., Stowell, David. and Lewis-moss, Rhonda.

Youth Voice, Participation and Empowerment for Violence Prevention
 Wong, Naima.

Youth motivation in art and leadership programs: How do peer relations influence psychological engagement
 Dawes, Nickki.

Youth-adult partnerships: Youth civic engagement for integration and global well-being promotion
 Lucchesi, Micaela. and Ornelas, Jose.
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