SCRA Biennial Meeting 2013-Jun-26 to 2013-Jun-30

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"You feel like you're not gonna make it": Stress Experiences of Latino Immigrant Youth
 DeJonckheere, Melissa.

“He asked how my hangover was”: A qualitative study of parental response to substance use
 Cohen-Serrins, Julian., Knight, Emily. and Kingston, Sharon.

“Helping Clients to Reach Wellness: Applying Getting to Outcomes ® to Clinical Psychology”
 Knies, Katherine., Scaccia, Jonathan., Castellow, Jennifer. and Wandersman, Abraham.

“I Deal with it in My Own Little Way”: Understanding How Economically-Disadvantaged, Young, Black Men Respond to and Recover from Traumatic Loss
 Smith, Jocelyn.

“It’s not just about smoking”: Understanding the factors that influence whether people who have a mental illness engage and succeed in smoking cessation treatment
 Rae, Jennifer. and Aubry, Tim.

“I’m Not Just Runnin’ the Streets”: Exposure to Neighborhood Violence and Risk-Avoidance Strategies among Urban Youth of Color
 Dill, LeConté. and Ozer, Emily.

“Should I feel sorry for myself?” The Social Construction of Adoption in Ireland
 McGrath, Judy. and Greene, Sheila.

“We’re Still in a Struggle:” The Paradoxical Value of Historical Trauma in Promoting the Well-being and Healing of Native Youth
 Goodkind, Jessica., Gorman, Beverly., Hess, Julia. and Parker, Danielle.


A Behavioral Health Care System’s Public Health Approach to Improving Individual and Community Health
 Matlin, Samantha. and Evans, Arthur.

A Case Example in Practical Online Learning: Developing a Tool Box for NGOs in Egypt
 Shahin, Hana.

A Community's Response to Suicide through Public Art: Using Art to Re-Script Narratives of Stigma and Loss
 Mohatt, Nathaniel.

A DVD-Based HIV/HCV Prevention Intervention for Latino Offenders in Miami
 Ibanez, Gladys., Martin, Steve., O\'Connell, Daniel. and Whitt, Elaine.

A Literature Review of Racial Socialization in African American Families
 Thomas, Dominique. and Smalls, Ciara.

A Matter of Gender: using audio-visual tools to promote gender awareness and empowerment.
 Esposito, Francesca. and Teixeira, Erika.

A Multilevel Modeling Approach to Examining Systems Change in the Coordinated Response to Intimate Partner Violence
 Allen, Nicole., Todd, Nathan., Javdani, Shabnam. and Anderson, Carolyn.

A Recovery and Community Integration Narrative of a Mental-Health Community-Based Organization
 Aguiar, Rita. and Ornelas, Jose.

A Social Policy Perspective For the Current Study
 Medvene, Louis.

A Socio-Ecological Assessment of Unemployment Interventions in Cairo, Egypt
 Fahmy, Hana.

A Survey Study on community well-being, a case study of Pingho community
 Hsieh, HuiChun., Hsieh, Leko. and Huang, ShuHsien.

A little goes a long way: Assessing distal social support for individuals with psychiatric disabilities
 Townley, Greg. and Kloos, Bret.

A moderated mediation analysis of parents and peers predicting delinquency among solo and co-offending juveniles
 Hassan, Sarah., Amrhein, Kelly., Dynes, Morgan., Domoff, Sarah. and Tompsett, Carolyn.

A social justice approach of migrant wellness: The case of Moroccan in Spain
 Garcia-Ramirez, Manuel., Paloma, Virginia. and Camacho, Carlos.

Activists Identify Avenues For Societal Change To Address Social and Environmental Injustices: Elders of the anti-nuclear movement in Georgia
 Ogley-Oliver, Emma. and Culley, Marci.

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Batterer Intervention Programs’ Response to State Standards
 Boal, Ashley.

Beliefs About Work: Entry-level Employment Model
 Cominsky, Cynthia., Howe, Steven. and Clements-Brod, Naomi.

Bridging multiple worlds? Examining relational empowerment via social networks in a yPAR program
 Langhout, Regina. and Collins, Charles.

Bridging the Gap: Improving Health Communication between African-Americans and Health Care Providers
 Springer, Carolyn.

Bringing migrant and ethnic minority users’ perspectives into health policy and health care: The ADAPT program
 Garcia-Ramirez, Manuel., de Freitas, Claudia. and Ingleby, David.

Building Coalition Capacity for Community Change: Community Problem Solving for Substance Abuse Prevention
 Yang, Evelyn., Foster-fishman, Pennie., Watson, Erin. and Reyes-Gastelum, David.

Building Future Expectations of Low-income urban preadolescents through Youth Development: “Value-added” benefits of mentoring
 Felmet, Kandi. and Kuperminc, Gabriel.

Building Nashville Promise Neighborhood: The Use of Research and Data-Driven Decision Making in a Yearlong Planning Process
 Bess, Kimberly.

Building Our Future: Undergraduate Recruitment and Graduate School Readiness in Community Psychology
 Mills, Kristen. and VanDyke, Erika.

Building System Capacity through Effective Knowledge Utilization
 Foster-fishman, Pennie., Wattenberg, Abby., McAlindon, Kathryn., Lawlor, Jennifer., Blough, Joan. and Parks, Alissa.


Cafe Technology
 Mullons, Gloria.

Can There Be a Universal Online Resource for Community Development?
 Fernandez, Cesareo.

Capturing Context: The Role of Data Analysis and Feedback in Understanding and Improving School Climate
 Nixon, Carol., Geller, Joanna., Rodriguez, Asenat. and Nation, Maury.

Capturing Psychosocial Transformation in a Youth Development Program
 Deane, Kelsey.

Capturing power: Qualitative and quantitative approaches to measurement
 Ronayne, Michelle. and Harkins, Debra.

Casas Primeiro Portugal: An Innovative Program for the Homeless with Mental Illness: Changing Public Policies
 Almas, Inês., Martins, Paulo. and Ornelas, Jose.

Challenging audience mis-perceptions about addictions mutual self-help groups
 Borkman, Thomasina. and Zemore, Sarah.

Changing Nutrition and Exercise Related Attitudes and Behaviors of Minority Youth: A School-Based, Participatory Approach
 Bruck, Demaree., Tirumala, Lakshmi. and Jacquez, Farrah.

Chronic maltreatment and sexual risk behaviors in adolescence and transition to adulthood
 Fowler, Patrick. and Motley, Darnell.

Civic attitudes among immigrant and refugee adolescents: An exploration of ethnic identity and racial discrimination.
 Chan, Wing.

Client Engagement in Preventive Interventions: The Role of Stress and Social Support
 Stok, Sasha. and Formoso, Diana.

Closing the Evaluation Loop: Helping Community Partners Effectively Plan for, Interpret, and Act on Their Results
 Tasker, Timothy.

Collaborative Planning for Reducing Poverty in a Community Health Improvement Effort
 Hassaballa, Ithar., Fawcett, Stephen., Holt, Christina., Collie-Akers, Vicki., Dvorske, Erika. and Tilden, Chris.

Community Based Practice - Culturally Biased Perspectives: Challenges Associated with Outsider Interventions
 Guillaume, Casta.

Community Coalitions as a Tool for Fostering Participatory Development in Urban Informal Settlements.
 El-Sayeh, Salma.

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Dance4Life: A Photovoice project with Bajan Secondary Students
 Cloutier, Katherine.

Danshu-do (“The Way of Abstinence”): Reincorporating spiritualism into a Japanese self-help organization for alcoholics
 Oka, Tomofumi. and Chenhall, Richard.

Dating Violence: The Impact on Friends
 Sigurvinsdottir, Rannveig.

Depression, Suicidality and Emerging Adulthood
 Kenneally, Jennifer.

Developing a Community Psychology Programme at all Hallows College in Dublin, Ireland
 Ivers, Mary.

Developing a family-based intervention to reduce HIV risk for adolescents in rural Kenya: A community-based participatory approach
 Puffer, Eve., Pian, Jessica., Broverman, Sherryl. and Ogwang-Odhiambo, Rose.

Developing and Evaluating Research-Community Relationships with Marginalized Youth Living with HIV in the U.S.
 Lemos, Diana.

Developing the Rapid Synthesis and Translation Process
 Thigpen, Sally., Puddy, Richard., Singer, Helen. and Hall, Diane.

Development and Initial Validation of the Perceptions of Sex Trafficking Scale
 Houston, Jaclyn. and Todd, Nathan.

Development of a conceptual framework delineating the Communimetric tool development and implementation process
 Jamshidi, Parastoo.

Development of a theoretical model of knowledge transfer to promote access to traditional medicines
 Ouellet, Caroline. and Pierre, Haddad.

Differences Within Juvenile Offenders: Using Latent Class Analysis to Predict Degree of Offending.
 Bonadio, Francis., Amrhein, Kelly., Tompsett, Carolyn. and Dynes, Morgan.

Dimensions of Parenting Influencing Incarceration Effects within the Child Welfare System
 Chavira, Dina. and Fowler, Patrick.

Direct and indirect contributions of social capital to health and well-being
 Elgar, Frank.

Distress and Healing from an Invisible War: Idioms of distress amongst youth exposed to prolonged, acute violence and ‘atmospheric’ terror
 Watson, Aran.

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Early Findings of Participant Outcomes from the Moncton Site of the At Home / Chez Soi Demonstration Project
 Aubry, Tim., Bourque, Jimmy. and LeBlanc, Stefanie.

Educating for the Third Age: An Evolving Social Movement
 Kintz, David.

Effects of Scattered Site Supportive Housing on the Social and Economic Integration of Men Formerly Homeless
 Palmer, Geraldine.

Effects of city planning using mascot characters on local communities
 Takahashi, Naoya.

Empowering Homeless Service Consumers: The Role of Choice in Multi-System Care
 Manning, Rachel. and Greenwood, Ronni.

Empowerment and its Conceptual Cousins
 Mcauliff, Kathleen.

Empowerment in Community-Based Participatory Research: Perspectives of Community Researchers with and without Developmental Disabilities
 Stack, Erin.

Empowerment: An Interdisciplinary Idea
 Liao, Lynn.

Empowerment: History, Theory, Values and Definitions
 McConnell, Elizabeth.

Encouraging Assessments of Risks and Strengths among Offending Girls
 Oudekerk, Barbara.

Engaging the Digital Generation: Youth Employing Photo- and Videovoice as Strategies for Critical Inquiry and Reflection
 Muchmore, Melissa. and DeJonckheere, Melissa.

Engaging youth in environmental activism through community service learning: Perspectives from a community partner
 Wicks, Sara.

Enthusiasm for the Unknown: Traditional Healing Among for an Urban American Indian Community
 Hartmann, William. and Gone, Joseph.

Equity and social justice in Don Peppe Diana lands
 Arcidiacono, Caterina. and Natale, Alfredo.

Evaluating Self-Care Attitudes among Well Siblings of Adults with Serious Mental Illness: Implications for Growth and Loss
 Leith, Jaclyn., Jewell, Thomas. and Stein, Catherine.

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Facebook, Holding Hands, and Hooking Up: Dating in the Adolescent World
 Rowley, Rochelle.

Factors Leading to Treatment Entry and Initial Reactions to 12-Step Recovery Among Young Adults
 Williams, Justin., Kingston, Sharon., Gordon, Hannah. and Cohen-Serrins, Julian.

Families Experiencing Housing Instability: The Effects of Housing Programs on Family Routines and Rituals
 Satterwhite Mayberry, Lindsay. and Shinn, Marybeth.

Family Resilience: How Salvadoran Immigrant Families Navigate Complex Acculturation Gaps
 Buckingham, Sara.

Family homelessness and social support: Qualitative findings from a housing intervention in child welfare
 Chambers, Saidah., Rufa, Anne., Motley, Darnell. and Fowler, Patrick.

Fidelity to Housing First: Assessing California’s Full Service Partnerships
 Stefancic, Ana.

Finding pathways from home to community: Social environment and social inclusion for persons with psychiatric disabilities
 Kloos, Bret., Davis, Betsy., Kurzban, Laura. and Townley, Greg.

Focus on Prevention: Public Mental Health Spending, Services and Policy in Hamilton County, Ohio
 Walton, Kellana. and Howe, Steven.

Food environments surrounding schools and overweight/obesity among adolescents
 Platts, Jane., Kristjansson, Elizabeth., Flament, Martine., Henderson, Katherine., Goldfield, Gary., Buchholz, Annick. and Vitoroulis, Irene.

Fostering Relational Empowerment through Qualitative Participatory Methods
 Kornbluh, Mariah.

Fostering Responsibility in Adolescents through a Community Organizing Youth Program
 Garza Sada, Gabriel.

Fostering Strengths in Incarcerated Youth: The Construction of a Measure of Psychological Empowerment for Youth in Correctional Facilities
 Patterson, Lindsey. and Kaufman, Keith.

From Agency To Self-Exploitation: Media, Production, And The Operationalization Of Sex-Positive Post-Feminism
 Kozma, Alicia.

From Powerpuff Girls to We Are Powerful: Building Relational Power Through Art-Based yPAR
 Kohfeldt, Danielle.

From the Margins to the Center: Understanding Empowerment of Racial Minority College Students
 Back, Lindsey. and Keys, Christopher.

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Gender Differences in the Spatial Distribution of Juvenile Offenders
 Anderson, Valerie., Petersen, Jodi., Campbell, Christina., Barnes, Ashlee., Davidson, William. and Onifade, Eyitayo.

Getting Creative: Adapting Methodologies to the Realities of Community-Based Research
 Rae, Jennifer., Bassi, Aman. and Ecker, John.

Green Classrooms: Exploring an Example of Community-Based Learning in the Context of a University Couse on Environmental Issues
 Dittmer, Livia.

Group Identity and Action towards Empowerment in the Deaf Community
 Hamill, Alexis.

Growing relationships: Reflections on a community-based participatory project
 Castell, Emily.


Hearing the voices of local parents: Using participatory research to increase parent involvement in community coalitions
 Brunson, Liesette.

Ho`ouna Pono: School-based substance use prevention in rural Native Hawaiian communities
 Helm, Susana. and Okamoto, Scott.

Housing First: Holding True or Are Hybrids in Order?
 Palmer, Geraldine.

Housing First: Program Fidelity and Adaptation in the Irish Context
 Greenwood, Ronni.

How Many Persons Who are Homeless are Also Mentally Ill Depends on How You Ask the Question
 Howe, Steven., Budzek, Michelle. and Stewart, Erik.

How interdisciplinary interactions with the voice hearing community can change public attitudes and research paradigms
 Schrader, Summer.

Human and Sex Trafficking Representation in the Media: A Preliminary Exploration
 Cavender, Avery., Crandall, Jessica., De los Reyes, Wendy. and Elias-Rodas, Dina.


Identities, communities, and attitudes: The impact of M-PSOC in immigrant and U.S. born populations
 Brodsky, Anne. and Buckingham, Sara.

If it’s not a nail, put down the hammer: The new LARK regression procedure for testing your linear assumptions
 Relyea, Mark. and Mercurio, Lara.

If that’s David and that’s Goliath, who am I: How the discourses of terrorism silence the majority
 Mccarthy, Sharon.

Immigrant Women and Vocational Skills; Advocacy for Action, Integration and Inclusion: A Social Justice Approach
 Waweru, Pauline.

Implementation Evaluation of a Transition House Implemented as Part of Housing First Services in the At Home/Chez Soi Project
 Yamin, Stephanie. and Aubry, Tim.

Implementation of the Assessment of Preferred Alternatives for Youth (A-PLAY) in Urban Areas to Increase Physical Activity Engagement During Leisure Time
 Taylor, Erica., Watson-thompson, Jomella., Anderson-Carpenter, Kaston., Huan, Luke., Yan, Kaige. and Jones, Marvia.

Implementing Consumer-Driven Services: A Comparative Qualitative Investigation of Service Provider Attitudes and Practices in California’s Full Service Partnerships with High and Low Fidelity to Housing First
 Katz, Marian.

Implementing State-wide Anti-Bullying Policy: A System-level Change Perspective
 Martinez, Andrew., Coker, Crystal., Mroczkowski, Alison., Freiberg, Jo Ann. and Wedge, Kathleen.

Implementing a “Healthy Restaurant Award” Program through the Multi-Sector Latino Health for All Coalition
 Pandya, Sheetal., Fawcett, Stephen., Collie-Akers, Vicki. and Brown, Nozella.

Improving access to care: Evaluation of a low-cost, online family-based adolescent eating disorder prevention program
 Lebow, Jocelyn., Celio Doyle, Angela., Stiles-Shields, Colleen., Mitchell, Ellen., Hopkins, Joyce., Sher, Tamara. and Le Grange, Daniel.

Improving health literacy
 Kirk, Chris.

Increasing Physical Activity and Access to Healthy Foods: The Creation of a Community Health Improvement Plan
 Holt, Christina., Sepers, Charles., Bryan, Charlie., Partidge, Dan. and Collie-Akers, Vicki.

Individual and Community Transformation through Public Art
 Ansell, Sara.

Individual and School-level Determinants of Student Office Disciplinary Referrals
 Martinez, Andrew., Mcmahon, Susan. and Todd, Nathan.

Integrated Knowledge Translation and Knowledge Mobilization in the ONS, methods, tools, and outcomes
 Kristjansson, Elizabeth., Hole, David., Sawada, Michael., Russell, Katherine., Ali, Amira., Jordan, Cathy., Schnarch, Brian., Maggi, Stefania., Steeves, Paul. and Thibault, Simone.

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Keeping up with the Joneses: Neighborhood economic position and children’s development
 Tubbs, Carly., Godfrey, Erin. and Roy, Amanda.


LGBT Civil Rights Inclusion Under Michigan Law
 Reed, Sarah.

Landlords in Supported Housing Programs
 MacLeod, Timothy. and Nelson, Geoffrey.

Latent growth curves: Capturing non-linearity and diversity in change over time
 Greeson, Megan., Adams, Adrienne. and Kennedy, Angie.

Learned course maps as a basis to explore how students learned community psychology practice competencies in a community coalition building course
 Sarkisian, Gregor. and Taylor, Sylvie.

Learner evaluation of the ‘Suicide Shouldn’t Be A Secret’ school outreach programme in South Africa.
 Taljaard, Lian. and Wilson, Zane.

Learning how to learn: Using qualitative methods to address multicultural issues in preventive interventions
 Formoso, Diana. and Stok, Sasha.

Leveraged Dollars and Systems Changes in Community Collaboration
 Harper, Christopher., Kuperminc, Gabriel. and Weaver, Scott.

Leveraging Systems Change within the Early Childhood Arena: The Great Start Approach
 Blough, Joan., Foster-fishman, Pennie., You, Mei., Collins, Charles., Mortensen, Jennifer. and Chen, I-Chien.

Life as we hope it: The story of story-telling in a yPAR classroom
 Ellison, Erin.

Listening to the Voices of Collaboration
 Erickson, Steve. and Johnson, Marcell.

Littering and recycling behaviour in a school social network
 Long, Jenny. and Harre, Niki.

Living on the border: an ecological glimpse on migrant-related administrative detention centres.
 Esposito, Francesca., Arcidiacono, Caterina. and Ornelas, Jose.

Long Term Consequences of Policy Reform in Children’s Mental Health Services
 Cohen, Robert. and Ventura, Alison.


Management of social oppression and sources of protection in lesbian planned families
 Costa, Pedro., Tasker, Fiona., Pereira, Henrique. and Leal, Isabel.

Mastery matters: Consumer choice and decreased psychiatric symptoms in the context of problem-related substance misuse
 Greenwood, Ronni. and Manning, Rachel.

Measuring HIV risk behavior as a multidimensional construct using item response theory
 Janulis, Patrick.

Measuring Relational and Intrapersonal Empowerment: Testing Instrument Validity in a Former Soviet Country with a Secular Muslim Culture
 Cheryomukhin, Alexander. and Peterson, N. Andrew.

Measuring Sense of Community: Testing a Phrase Completion Format for the Brief Sense of Community Scale
 Peterson, N. Andrew.

Measuring Synergy and Member Satisfaction in Community Collaboration
 Kuperminc, Gabriel., Weaver, Scott., Darnell, Adam. and Barile, John.

Measuring Youth Cognitive Empowerment
 Speer, Paul. and Christens, Brian.

Measuring the Impact of Racial Microaggressions in a Diverse Sample
 Torres-harding, Susan., Cochran, Casey. and Gallo, Diane.

Media Representation as a Component of Rape-Prone or Rape-Free Cultures
 Dworkin, Emily.

Meeting the Cultural and Other Challenges of Online Learning Expansion
 Sasao, Toshiaki.

Mental Health Historians: Understanding Community Mental Health Care Reform from Adults with Schizophrenia
 Stein, Catherine., Leith, Jaclyn., Osborn, Lawrence., Kraus, Shane., Jesse, Samantha., Petrowski, Catherine., May, Michael. and Greenberg, Sarah.

Mentoring Relationships in Context: Perceptions and Experiences of Paid Mentors
 Lakind, Davi., Patel, Darshan., Eddy, J.. and Atkins, Marc.

Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center: A Multi-Level Approach for Preventing Youth Violence
 Zimmerman, Marc., Aiyer, Sophie., Reischl, Thomas. and Morrel-Samuels, Susan.

Militarism in Textbooks: An Alarming Threat in Psychology
 Degirmencioglu, Serdar.

Minds in Motion: Exploring the Impacts of Social Physical Activity on Well-being for Consumers of Mental Health Services
 Dittmer, Livia.

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Needs Assessment In Troubled Times: Designing Mental Health Services for Trauma Following the Egyptian Uprisings
 Kafafi, Seham., Khalil, Rana., Abdelmonem, Deena., Mohamed, Salma., Abdel Malek, Tiya., Khalifa, Salma., Abdelaziz, Basma. and Amer, Mona.

Needs Assessment as a Stepping Stone for Community Development: An Example from a Squatter Community
 Fikry, Marwa. and Alsharif, Khadiga.

Neighborhood Context as a Mediator in Predicting Criminogenic Risk
 Petersen, Jodi., Onifade, Eyitayo., Campbell, Christina., Anderson, Valerie., Barnes, Ashlee. and Davidson, William.

Neighborhood Disadvantage: Implications for Perceived Control and Contingency among African American Youth
 Lopez Tamayo, Roberto. and Robinson, W. LaVome.

Neighbourhood environment and mental health of residents: Empirical evidence from a Canadian Study
 Pearce, Sean., Kristjansson, Elizabeth., Sawada, Michael., Russell, Katherine. and Ali, Amira.

Nested or Networked? Rethinking Ecological Systems Theory
 Watling Neal, Jennifer. and Neal, Zachary.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Religious Questioning in a Diverse Culture
 Odahl, Charlynn., Weiterschan, Kari., Gordon, Nirit. and Suzuki, Lisa.

Now I Know: Lessons Learned from Evaluating a New Service Learning Course
 Gibson, Jennifer.


Obesity/overweight and the role of working conditions: A qualitative, participatory investigation
 Champagne, Nicole., Abreu, Marlene., Nobrega, Suzanne., Goldstein-Gelb, Marcy., Montano, Mirna., Lopez, Isabel., Arevalo, Jonny., Bruce, Suezanne. and Punnett, Laura.

Older Adults as Community Leaders in the Context of Disaster: A Case Study of the 2009 South Pacific Tsunami in American Sāmoa
 Binder, Sherri.

On the Construct of Stigma – Developing a Measure for Research, Community, and Policy Settings
 Amer, Mona.

One Strong 'Ohana: Strengthening Families to Promote Child Wellness and Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect
 Cardazone, Gina.

Online and Offline Social Support and Health among Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Players
 Patry, Justin., Burgess, Charles., Laporte, Thomas. and Haber, Mason.

Optimism and Sense of Community at the Occupy Protests
 Permut, Magda. and Brodsky, Anne.

Oral History and Theater in a Mayan, Lacandon Community: Indigenous Protagonists Raise their Voice for Social and Environmental Justice
 Chambor, Mario.

Organizational Critical Consciousness
 Evans, Scot.

Organized Activities as Contexts Shaping Student Outcomes
 Coker, Crystal. and Mcmahon, Susan.


Parent participation in early childhood education in disadvantaged contexts
 Loomis, Colleen. and Akkari, Abdeljalil.

Participatory Action Research: An Approach to Engage Marginalized Youth
 Rodriguez, Rebecca. and Perilla, Julia.

Participatory Development of a Community-Friendly Canadian Walkability Assessment
 Takacs, Trista., Kristjansson, Elizabeth., Pearce, Sean., Sawada, Michael. and Maggi, Stefania.

Patterns of Acculturation and Adaptation of Elderly Former Soviet Émigrés: A Life Domains Perspective
 Genkova, Ana.

Patterns of Calls to a Rural Crisis Hotline
 Crosby-currie, Catherine. and DelVicario, Amanda.

Paying it Froward: Letter Writing and Program Evaluation
 Bullen, Pat.

Peer and Home Neighborhood Influences on Delinquency: A Moderated-Mediation Analysis
 Amrhein, Kelly., Veits, Gina. and Tompsett, Carolyn.

People with Apparent and Non-Apparent Physical Disabilities: Well-Being, Acceptance, Disclosure, and Stigma
 Hernandez, Michelle.

Perceived Racial Climate and Cultural Mistrust: Implications for College Adjustment
 Williams, Shannon. and Sanchez, Bernadette.

Perceived effectiveness and results on Community Coalitions: A multi-method study on Councils for the Protection of Children and Youth
 Vargas-Moniz, Maria.

Person-Environment Fit and Recovery Home Citizenship: An MSEM Path Model
 Beasley, Christopher. and Jason, Leonard.

Photovoice and empowerment, one year later: What lessons are there for community psychology?
 Ojeda, Alexander. and Chavez, David.

Physical health problems and individuals with psychiatric disabilities: Examining the impact of social-environmental factors, mental health, and recovery
 Kurzban, Laura., Townley, Greg. and Kloos, Bret.

Pilot Testing a Holistic Community Resource Guide for Promoting Community Engagement
 Davis, Betsy., Kurzban, Laura. and Kloos, Bret.

Popular Power and Contra Power: An Analytical Model to Promote Indigenous Community Empowerment
 Ciofalo, Nuria.

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Qualitative Implementation Evaluation of Housing First for People with Mental Illness: The Canadian At Home/Chez Soi Project
 Caplan, Rachel. and Nelson, Geoffrey.

Qualitative Theory for Research and Evaluation with Marginalized Groups
 Macias, R.. and Perilla, Julia.

Quantity or Quality? The Effect of Contact on Sexual Prejudice
 Daboin, Irene. and Peterson, John.

Quantity vs. quality: Residential mobility and children’s executive functioning
 Roy, Amanda. and McCoy, Dana.

Queers Helping Queers: An Investigation of Student-Run Pride Centres in Canadian Colleges and Universities
 Bassi, Aman., Ecker, John. and Rae, Jennifer.


Ready for PLAY: Assessing program readiness for the Positive Leisure Activities for Youth (PLAY) Program
 Cook, Brittany., Zarrett, Nicole. and Wandersman, Abraham.

Recognition of Prior Learning and Empowerment
 Miguel, Marta. and Ornelas, Jose.

Recognition of Prior Learning in Portugal: participants perspective
 Miguel, Marta. and Ornelas, Jose.

Recognizing the Importance of Context in the Examination of Racial Microaggressions
 Nnawulezi, Nkiru. and Sullivan, Cris.

Red gerontológica comunitaria: El camino hacia el empoderamiento solidario de la mujer
 Quiroga, Angélica. and Gómez, Sanjuana.

Redefining Citizenship for Latino Youth: Cultural Citizenship and Critical Civic Engagement as an Antidote to Invisibility
 Fernandez, Jesica.

Refining Empowerment as a Framework for Research and Evaluation in Intimate Partner Violence
 Cattaneo, Lauren. and Goodman, Lisa.

Reflecting on Research: Conceptual and Methodological Consideration of Latino Inter-Ethnic Diversity
 Gutierrez, Robert.

Reflecting on White Privilege: Strategies for Engaging Students in Productive Dialogue
 McConnell, Elizabeth., Todd, Nathan. and Suffrin, Rachael.

Reframing Resilience Among Arctic Inuit Youth
 Kral, Michael.

Religion in the Hallways: An Ecological Examination of the School Experiences of Muslim Adolescents in U.S. Public High Schools
 Oberoi, Ashmeet.

Remaking Senior Centers for Diverse Populations and a ‘New Old Age’
 Hostetler, Andrew.

Resident Perceptions of Project-Based Housing First: Tackling “Not in My Housing Program”
 Brown, Molly.

Resilience and Recovery in American Sāmoa: A Case Study of the 2009 South Pacific Tsunami
 Binder, Sherri.

Rethinking resettlement from a psychological perspective: A proposed critical (re)position of the Australian Psychological Society on the wellbeing of resettling refugees.
 Heiner, Ashley.

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 Mooss, Angela. and Hartman, Megan.

School as Strongholds in the Wake of Disaster: Building Capacities for Post-Disaster School Mental Health
 Taylor, Leslie.

Scope of Human Trafficking in Wyoming: A Pilot Study
 Grant, Emily. and Dewey, Susan.

Screening Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment in the Emergency Department: Enlisting the Strengths of Significant Others to Promote Resilience
 Zimmerman, Lindsey. and Kaysen, Ph.D., Debra.

Secondary Stigma for Professionals who work with Marginalized Groups: Experiences of Sex Offender Counselors
 Jesse, Samantha., Osborn, Lawrence., Greenberg, Sarah. and Stein, Catherine.

Secondary Victimization of Abused Mothers by Family Court Officials
 Rivera, Echo., Sullivan, Cris. and Zeoli, April.

Self-Determined Healthcare: Incorporating Individual Preferences in Treatment Planning
 O\'Connell, Maria.

Self-Monitors and the Advisor-Advisee Relationship in Graduate Community Psychology Programs
 Weston, Ryan.

Sense of community, multiple memberships and culture-based group relationships: A qualitative investigation
 Mannarini, Terri., Rochira, Alessia., Fedi, Angela., Gattino, Silvia. and Miglietta, Anna.

Service Learning Squared: Using Principles of Community Psychology to Assist in the Restructuring of a University Office of Civic Engagement
 Bynum, Lindsay.

Service Learning as a Tool for Community Change
 Ogley-Oliver, Emma.

Service Learning: Lessons Learned and Curriculum Developed
 Pellman, Julie.

Session Introduction
 Stefancic, Ana.

Sexual Assault Survivors’ Experiences With Services And Supports: Parallel Sources Of Harm And Healing
 Dworkin, Emily. and Newton, Emily.

Shifting from Pathology to Wellness: Community and Empowerment Approach To Addressing Addictions Amongst Kenyan Women
 Gaba, Ayorkor., Oketch, Seth. and Ross, Darren.

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Taming the unwieldy beast: Increasing control over media for parents and children
 Kotil, Cigdem., Degirmencioglu, Serdar. and Gezgor, Can.

Targeting Homelessness Prevention Services More Efficiently: A Targeting Model for Single Adult Applicants of HomeBase Prevention Services
 Greer, Andrew. and Shinn, Marybeth.

Teaching and learning community psychology by a theater workshop
 Meringolo, Patrizia., Lorenzini, Riccardo. and Bosco, Nicolina.

Technical Assistance is a Science: The Practice and Science of Technical Assistance in Community Implementation
 Katz, Jason., Wandersman, Abraham. and Scaccia, Jonathan.

Testing the Phrase Completion Response Option Format in a Measure of Intrapersonal Empowerment
 Peterson, N. Andrew. and Reid, Robert.

Testing the Predictive Validity of the Scale of Economic Abuse
 Adams, Adrienne., Beeble, Marisa. and Gregory, Katie.

The (In)Compatibility of Diversity and Sense of Community
 Neal, Zachary. and Watling Neal, Jennifer.

The Adams County Health & Wellness Coalition: A Community-Academic Partnership Delivering Obesity Interventions in Rural Appalachia.
 Jacquez, Farrah. and Basford, Becky.

The Capability Gain Questionnaire to explore the role of community based mental health organizations in users’ capability and community integration gains
 Sacchetto, Beatrice. and Ornelas, Jose.

The Centering of Black Girls Within a Mentoring Intervention: Project PUSH
 Cummings, Lawanda. and Lindsay-Dennis, LaShawnda.

The Challenges of Stay True to Community Psychology when conducting an International Evaluation
 Foster-fishman, Pennie. and Schultz, Jerry.

The Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ-SF): Development and Validation of a Spanish Version
 Garcia, Laura., Ojeda, Alexander., Limon, Amanda. and Chavez, David.

The Community Tool Box as a Global Online Learning Platform
 Holt, Christina.

The Developers
 Ezzeldin, Omar.

The Effects of Social Support and Community Activities on Psychological Distress for People with Psychiatric Disabilities
 Kurzban, Laura. and Kloos, Bret.

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Undergraduate Experiences in Service Learning and Field Work from the Perspective of a Professor
 Belyaev-Glantsman, Olya.

Undergraduate Service Learning: A Career Shaping Experience
 Lawlor, Jennifer.

Understanding Acculturation and Adjustment Among Vietnamese Refugee Adolescents Across Life Domains
 Blanton, Shanika.

Understanding Community Mobilization: A Literature Review Examining Community Mobilization as a Component of Community Violence Prevention Efforts
 Taylor, Erica., Watson-thompson, Jomella. and Jones, Marvia.

Understanding Discrimination in Three Tribal Communities
 Kavanaugh, Kathryn. and Boyd-Ball, Alison.

Understanding Policy Implementation: The Experiences of Batterer Intervention Providers
 Boal, Ashley., Russell, Kathleen., Cummings, Amber. and Mankowski, Eric.

Understanding the Context of Teen Dating Violence among Youth in Hawai‘i: The Impact of Peers on the Dating Couple
 Baker, Charlene. and Helm, Susana.

Understanding young women’s sexual health behaviors and substance use practices to promote health and well-being
 Brown, Kyrah., Lewis, Rhonda., Kirk, Chris., Stowell, David., Maryman, JVonnah. and LoCurto, Jamie.

Understanding youth self-concept: How do we support youth in becoming and embracing the best version of themselves?
 Trawick, Elizabeth. and Aber, Mark.

Unhealthy Home, Unhealthy You? An Investigation of the Physical and Mental Health Status of Individuals Living in Vulnerable Housing
 Ecker, John.

Unpacking diversity: Moving toward an in-depth cross-cultural understanding
 Jimenez, Tiffeny. and Kent, Judith.

Unwavering support and endless possibility: The role of creative goals in youth driven advocacy with juvenile justice-involved girls
 Walden, Angela., Javdani, Shabnam. and Allen, Nicole.

Urban Renewal Initiatives and its influences on juvenile delinquency in The Bahamas
 Babb, Keturah., Bethell, Amanda. and Roberts, Robyn.

Using Framing Theory to Understand the Causes and Potential Solutions to End Child Hunger
 Freedman, Darcy., Jones, Sonya., Draper, Carrie. and Childers, Casey.

Using Hierarchical Linear Modeling to Examine Religious Networking Organizations as Settings for Empowerment
 Todd, Nathan., Houston, Jaclyn. and Suffrin, Rachael.

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Veterans Mental Health Councils as Empowering Community Settings
 Beehler, Sarah.

Violence Exposure and Internalizing Symptoms among Adolescents: The Moderating Effects of Parental Resources
 Hassan, Sarah., Veits, Gina., Brust, Amanda., Joy, Lendi. and Tompsett, Carolyn.

Vocational Rehabilitation Transition Outcomes of Youth with Disabilities from a Midwestern State
 Awsumb, Jessica. and Balcazar, Fabricio.

Volunteering in Canadian Youth: Key Gains and Levers
 Pearce, Sean., Kristjansson, Elizabeth. and Pinsent, Celine.

Volunteerism in Canada: An Empirical Appraisal from a National Survey
 Kristjansson, Elizabeth., Pearce, Sean., Lemyre, Louise., Andrew, Caroline. and Sylvestre, John.


Ways Past (and Around) Evidence-Based Practice
 Beehler, Sarah. and Trickett, Edison.

What are beneficial social exchanges in mutual self-help groups that enhance well-being?
 Brown, Louis. and Tang, Xiaohui.

What transformation? Empowerment, Recovery and Community Integration Outcomes of Users with Mental Illness in Community Based Organizations in Portugal
 Jorge-Monteiro, Maria F.. and Ornelas, Jose.

Wheelchair ramps aren’t enough: deconstructing ability discrimination using Photovoice
 Dzidic, Peta. and Bishop, Brian.

Who We are as Seen through Interactions with Dissimilar Others
 Pellman-Isaacs, Ellie.

Why are we part of CNE? Psychological sense of community in Scouting, a research in Corpo Nacional de Escutas (CNE)
 Cunha, Olga. and Ornelas, Jose.

Wisdom of Immigrant Youth: Culturally Relevant Interventions and Research in a Nontraditional Migration City
 Vaughn, Lisa.

Words from the New Champions for Social Justice: A Qualitative Study of Critically Conscious Young Black Male Leaders
 Smith, Chauncey. and Jagers, Robert.

Working Around Obstacles: Challenges and Solutions When Researching Hard-to-Reach Populations
 Collins, Kelly., Reppenhagen, Lisa., Nowosielski, Spencer., Pollard, Matthew., Arnold, Joel. and Collins, Charles.


YouThink: Engaging Students in Contemporary Issues and Civic Action Through Art.
 Orozco, Martha., Kalai, Caroline., Pena, Claudia., Skulstad, Hank., Thomas, Blaire. and Harrell, Shelly.

Youth Empowerment Implementation Project: Promoting Communal Thriving Through Prevention and Wellness for Low-Income Youth
 Lewis, Rhonda.

Youth Perceptions of Leadership: Comparing Youth and Adult Ideas of Leadership to Inform Future Youth Development Programs
 Mortensen, Jennifer., Lichty, Lauren. and Foster-fishman, Pennie.

Youth Stressors within the Context of Urban Neighborhood Disadvantage
 Westin, Anna.

Youth Transformations: Shifting Social Change Attitudes, Skills, and Behaviors following NYLI
 Foster-fishman, Pennie., Lichty, Lauren. and Mortensen, Jennifer.

Youth driven advocacy for juvenile justice-involved girls: Development and evaluation of the Girls Advocacy Project
 Javdani, Shabnam., Allen, Nicole. and Walden, Angela.

Youth empowerment: Adaptation and Validation of a Sociopolitical Control Scale for the Portuguese context.
 Cabral, Carina. and Ornelas, Jose.
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