15th Biennial Conference of the Society for Community Research and Action 2015-Jun-24 to 2015-Jun-29

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50/50 Initiative: Being a scientist and having a life too
 Haynes, Michelle., Bond, Meg., Chen, Julie., Dean, Brita., Ruths, Marina. and SobkowiczKline, Margaret.

“But Why Can’t We?” Reflections on the Complexity of Research in a Middle School
 Silva, Janelle.

“Doing Your Best Until You Know Better”: Attending to researcher positionality amidst multiple constituencies in a continuation high school
 Hernandez, Ruby.

“It’s a puzzle!” Elementary School-Aged Youth Concept-Mapping the Intersections of Community Narratives
 Nguyen, Angela. and Fernandez, Jesica.

“It’s crazy how I forgot about all the bad stuff we’re surrounded by:” Exploring youth perspectives on community safety
 Green, Jamila., Dutta, Urmitapa., Colak, Burhan., Prickett, Sadie. and Cox, Katherine.

“Our mural, it talks”: Children’s public art as a de-ideologization tool
 Kohfeldt, Danielle.

“The next best things to freedom, is the struggle for justice”: Critical consciousness among Youth Making A Change (YMAC)
 Fernandez, Jesica.

“They think we’re just kids”: Learning from Elementary School Students’ Grassroots Campaigns for Social Justice
 Torres-harding, Susan., Hilvers, Julie., Baber, Ashley. and Maly, Michael.

“We Live Here Together, but we aren’t All the Same”: Using Latent Class Analysis to Uncover Community Diversity
 Anglin, Ashley.

“Youth Empowerment Aotearoa”: Empowering youth through a collaborative, community-based, critical literacy program
 Farvid, Panteá.


A Behavioral Health Care System’s Public Health Approach to Improving Individual and Community Health
 Evans, Jr., Ph.D., Arthur.

A Community Approach Towards Understanding Food Access
 Clifford, Dan.

A Community Psychologist’s Tale: Bridging Academia, Grass-roots Efforts and Policy Development to Strengthen the CHW Infrastructure in the Midwest
 Bate\'-Ambrus, Venoncia.

A Community-Based Participatory Evaluation of a Health Disparities Diabetes Initiative among Boston Public Housing Residents
 Hassaballa, Ithar., Osagie, Ebekozien., Schultz, Jerry., Hunter-Skidmore, Jenna., Fawcett, Stephen. and Watson-Thompson, Jomella.

A Foot in Two Worlds: Understanding Psychological Sense of Community Among Biracial Women
 Emery, Lindsay.

A Peer-Led Approach towards a Mindfulness Intervention with Veterans
 Clifford, Dan. and Meissen, Greg.

A Possible Solution to College Student Food Insecurity
 Shroll, Teresa. and Tauras, Mary.

A Public Health Approach to Interpersonal Firearm Violence: Identification, Risk Assessment, and Strategies for Prevention
 Kinscherff, Robert.

A Qualitative Assessment of the Impact of a Lay Counseling Intervention in Traumatized Sudanese Refugees in Cairo on the Counselors
 Ibrahim, Baher.

A Zoomed In Look at a Unique Environment: Healthy Eating in School Cafeterias
 Johnson-Hakim, Sharon.

A community-university approach to using visual methods for substance use prevention
 Helm, Susana., Lee, Wayde., Emhof, Daniel., Lee, Adele. and Hanakahi, Vanda.

A culturally-Grounded Violence Prevention Intervention for Urban African American High School Students
 Lopez Tamayo, Roberto., Robinson, W. Lavome. and Jason, Leonard.

A mutli-method, multi-level examination of the implementation of rehabilitative practices in juvenile detention
 Walden, Angela. and Allen, Nicole.

A school-based needs assessment with newcomer immigrant adolescents
 Patel, Sita., Del Cid, Margareth. and Macciomei, Erynn.

A systems dynamics approach to understanding community mobilization for community health improvement
 Francisco, Vincent.

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Beliefs about the Self and the World: Predictors of Civic Engagement among Young Adults
 Moore, Stephanie., Hope, Elan., Eisman, Andria. and Zimmerman, Marc.

Betwixt and Between: Examining the role of Social Support in Postsecondary Access
 Doykos, Bernadette.

Beyond Acculturation: Stressors Faced by Low-Income, Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Youth in South Florida
 Formoso, Diana. and Pooch, Abigail.

Blazing the Trail: Strengths and Challenges of First Generation College Students at SUNY College at Old Westbury
 Chotkowski, Melanie. and Lien, Ashlee.

Breaking the Community Corrections Cycle of Reincarceration
 Chavira, Dina. and Lopez Tamayo, Roberto.

Bridging the Gap Between Campus Resources and Mental Health Awareness on a College Campus
 Holness, crystal.

Building Capacity to Address Youth Homelessness
 Snow-Hill, Nyssa., Floyd, Anita. and Kloos, Bret.

Building Community Partnerships to Increase Mental Health Services: Challenges, Barriers, and Lessons Learned
 Tung, Frances. and Francis, Susy.

Building Evaluation Capacity of Local Substance Use Prevention Programs Serving LGBTQ Populations: The Service to Science Initiative
 Valenti, Maria., Schoenborn, Nicole., Campetti, Randi. and Dash, Kimberly.

Building Pathways to Graduate Education for Underrepresented Students: An Evaluation of the McNair Scholar’s Program
 Williams, Shannon., Becerra, Brenda., Back, Lindsey. and Berardi, Luciano.

Building collaborative capacity: The role of change in understanding accessible, coordinated early childhood systems
 McAlindon, Kathryn.

Building evaluation capacity to engage in empowerment evaluation: A case of organizational transformation
 Suarez-balcazar, Yolanda. and Taylor-Ritzler, Tina.


CBPR to Transform Hospital Policies and Practices
 Villanueva, Sandra.

Calls to a Crisis Hotline: Relationship to Daily Temperature and the Chronic Caller
 DelVicario, Amanda. and Crosby-currie, Catherine.

Capacity building for professionals working with people affected by the political violence by Miryam Rivera-Holguín, Tesania Velázquez Castro, Elba Custodio Espinoza
 Rivera-Holguín, Miryam.

Challenges Of Assessing The Effectiveness Of Mental Health Interventions With Refugee And Immigrant Youth: Some Examples And Lessons Learned
 Birman, Dina., Bray, Emily. and Beehler, Sarah.

Challenges and Opportunities when Engaging Community Stakeholders in the Assessment of Organizational Readiness
 Alia, Kassandra. and Scaccia, Jonathan.

Challenges in building networks for community change
 Lawlor, Jennifer.

Challenging the traditional research roles: the collaborative work between consumers and researchers to construct a measure
 Sacchetto, Beatrice., Ornelas, Jose. and Calheiros, Maria.

Changed for Good: Young Women’s Accounts of Coping with Mothers’ Mental Illness
 Petrowski, Catherine., Gonzales, Sabrina. and Stein, Catherine.

Changing Attitudes about Homelessness: Visual Persuasion and Expert Opinion
 Asiamah, David.

Charting a different direction: A consumer resource network to promote social inclusion
 Davis, Betsy., Ojeda, Alexander. and Kloos, Bret.

Choosing a Graduate Program in Community Psychology
 Taylor, Sylvie. and Sarkisian, Gregor.

Civic Engagement among Somali Refugee Youth
 Lazarevic, Vanja. and Nimmons, Elizabeth.

Civic Engagement and Subjective Personal Identity: Measuring Identity and Identity Salience
 Shor, Rachel. and Cattaneo, Lauren.

Civic Participation Training: A Formative Evaluation
 Cherner, Rebecca. and Rae, Jennifer.

Clergy Chaplains: Understanding the Personality Profile of Community Change Agents
 Collins, Kelly., Vaclavik, Danielle. and Ferrari, Joseph.

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Dating violence and substance use: Exploring the context of adolescent relationships
 Baker, Charlene.

Debates and Challenges within Puerto Rican Social Psychology Community
 Rodriguez-Medina, Soelix. and Serrano-Garcia, Irma.

Defining Readiness in Community-Based Organizations: A Framework for Identifying Organizational Strengths and Overcoming Challenges in Program Implementation
 Markle, Robert., Cook, Brittany., Scaccia, Jonathan., Lamont, Andrea., Wandersman, Abraham., Castellow, Jennifer. and Katz, Jason.

Deportation of Mexican-born U.S. Veterans
 Arteaga, Jaime.

Deportations of Cambodian Refugees
 Rana, Dimple.

Determinants of quality of life for frail community-dwelling older adults
 Smith, Rachel., Nilsen, Kari., Ofei-Dodoo, Samuel., Medvene, Louis. and DiLollo, Anthony.

Developing a Community-Existential (CO-EXIST) group for culturally-responsive wellness enhancement: Utilization of a participant-researcher-practitioner methodology
 Harrell, Shelly., Bailey, Jessika., Adams, Tyonna., Beck, Diana., Stein, Jacob., Abou-Ziab, Hoda. and Clark, Kimberly.

Developing a Cross-Country Research Practitioner Partnership
 Faust, Loren. and Kuperminc, Gabriel.

Developing a Shared Outcomes Framework for Youth Programming
 Erickson, Amber.

Developing a self-management mental health recovery tool using a community-based research partnership
 Radziszewski, Stephanie., Coulombe, Simon. and Houle, Janie.

Developing individual and community capacity: A community-campus partnership to understand factors that promote engagement in a youth organizing program
 Dawes, Nickki., Garza Sada, Gabriel. and Hargrove, Jacqueline.

Development and Implementation of Outcome Monitoring Measures within Community-based Child and Youth Mental Health Agencies
 Jamshidi, Parastoo. and Sylvestre, John.

Development, Implementation, and Reflections of a Campus-Wide Suicide Prevention and Wellness Program: Utilizing the Action Research Cycle for Program Improvement
 Iwamoto, Darren. and Fryxell, Dale.

Did anything change? Communicating findings to inform action related to family engagement in education
 Geller, Joanna.

Differential HIV outcomes for survivors of sexual violence in Barbados
 Cloutier, Katherine.

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Education, Enrollment, & Evaluation of the Affordable Care Act in Central Pennsylvania via a University-Based Action Structure
 Boyd, Neil., Green, Brandon., Milofsky, Carl., Martin, Eric. and Jones, Kristal.

Educational Barriers to Employment for Women in Recovery from Substance Abuse
 Callahan, Sarah. and Nisle, Stephanie.

Effect of Wraparound Supports for Families Involved with Child Protective Services
 Connell, Christian.

Elaborated, situated and expansive: Three trends in 21st century community psychology
 Keys, Christopher., Bond, Meg. and Serrano-Garcia, Irma.

Embracing intersectional identities in research: Utilizing collaborative partnerships and progressive methodologies to promote empowerment of LGBTQ immigrants
 Guerrant, Mary.

Empirically-Tested Interventions for Torture Survivors: A Systematic Review Through an Ecological Lens
 Salo, Corrina.

Employer Support and Skills Gained from Volunteering Among Canadian Francophones and Anglophones
 Gagnon, Myriam., Lemyre, Louise., Pinsent, Celine., Dugas, Tim. and Beaudry, Myriam.

Empowerment Evaluation in Action in SAMHSA’s Service to Science Initiative: Cultivating Ownership and Enhancing Sustainability
 Imm, Pamela., Biewener, Mathew., Oparah, Dawn. and Dash, Kimberly.

Empowerment and community integration in mental health: results from a community-university research partnership.
 Jorge-monteiro, Maria F..

Empowerment through citizen participation in grassroots organizations: Ukrainian and U.S. Perspectives
 Volevakha, Serhii. and Cook, James.

Ending things: Ethically completing a yPAR project
 Ellison, Erin.

Engaging Chinese Immigrants in Smoking Cessation
 Saw, Anne., Tong, Elisa., Tsoh, Janice., Fung, Lei-Chun. and Li, Chin-Shang.

Engaging Different Cultural Communities in Meaningful Ways: Lessons Learned in the Adaptation and Implementation of Trauma Systems Therapy for Refugees
 Miller, Alisa., Issa, Osob. and Benson, Molly.

Engaging Latino first and second generation immigrant youth through photovoice
 Kia-Keating, Maryam., Capous, Diana. and Adams, Jessica.

Engaging Stakeholders: Lessons Learned from the Process of Developing a Measure of Family Improvement
 O\'connor, Patricia.

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Facilitating Student Learning and Sparking Community Change: How to Develop and Sustain Successful Community-University Partnerships
 Kilmer, Ryan., Cook, James. and Safrit, Libby.

Facilitating the Transition from High School to Post-secondary Education: the Pathways to Success Project
 Legler, Raymond.

Facilitators and Barriers to Reductions in Substance use among Emergency Department Patients Receiving Brief Interventions
 Borgman, Robyn., Gilmore, Devin., Zorland, Jennifer., Emshoff, James. and Kuperminc, Gabriel.

Family Child Care Providers’ Challenges and Use of Social Support
 Mootoo, Candace., Romero, Sara., Varner, Fatima. and Rasmussen, Andrew.

Federal Careers for Applied Community Psychologists: Pathways and Roles
 Jenkins, Richard.

Feeling good and doing well through personal projects pursuit: Some results on the dynamics of well-being and implications for promotion
 Coulombe, Simon. and Little, Brian.

Female Juvenile Delinquency and Sex Trafficking: An Examination of the Juvenile Justice Systems Response
 England, Kara., Anderson, Valerie., Hoskins, Kayla., Walerych, Brinn. and Davidson, William.

Feminist Anti-racist Participatory Action Research with Maya Survivors of Sexual Violence in Postwar Guatemala
 Lykes, M Brinton. and Crosby, Alison.

Finding a Practice Job After Graduate School
 Boal, Ashley.

Flexible Funding as an Aid in Stabilizing Housing for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: An Examination of a Pilot Program
 Bomsta, Heather., Sullivan, Cris., Young, LaToya., Marcus, Suzanne., Jacobs, Crystal., Cozort, Emily., Drake, Megan., Hamilton, Elizabeth. and Smith, Kelsi.

Fostering classroom community through student disclosures in college readiness programs
 Powell, Melissa., Reich, Stephanie. and Burciaga, Edelina.

From Everyday Violence to Everyday Peace: Interrogating Structural Violence in Northeast India
 Dutta, Urmitapa.

From Riches to Rags: Community Narratives and the Story of Detroit Michigan
 Greenberg, Sarah., Merandi, Gabrielle. and Stein, Catherine.

From classrooms to chatrooms: A meta-analytic examination of the negative effects of cyber-victimization
 Gardella, Joseph. and Fisher, Benjamin.

From community assessment to critical conscientization and social action: A multi-site PhotoVoice project following the East Japan Disasters
 Yoshihama, Mieko.

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Gender in Context: A Framework for Community Psychology
 Bond, Meg. and Wasco, Sharon.

Gender-Responsivity in the Juvenile Justice System
 Anderson, Valerie. and Davidson, William.

General and Gay-Related Social Stressors and Their Complex Relationship to Sexual Behaviors among Gay Men
 Nettles, Christopher.

Georgia Households and Returns to Homelessness: A Quasiexperimental Inquiry into the Effects of Homeless Interventions
 Rodriguez, Jason. and Eidelman, Tessa.

Getting in, being in, staying in, and getting out: Adolescents’ descriptions of dating and dating violence.
 Helm, Susana., Baker, Charlene., Berlin, Jeffrey. and Kimura, Shaye.

Giving a voice to residents in public housing: A Photovoice on residential environment and well-being
 Coulombe, Simon., Houle, Janie., Boileau, Geneviève., Robert, Stéphanie., Bohémier, Hélène., Morin, Paul. and Leloup, Xavier.

Global Climate Change: A Conceptual Model
 Riemer, Manuel. and Culley, Marci.

Going Solo: Community Psychology as a Small Business
 Wolfe, Susan.

Gun Violence: Understanding Diversity in Impact and Perpetration
 Mankowski, Eric.


Hashtag Social Justice: Exploring Social Justice Discussions in an Online Community
 Hartl Majcher, Jessica., Froemming, Maren. and Stein, Catherine.

Health and housing in transition: A qualitative study
 Polillo, Alexia., Sylvestre, John., Aubry, Tim., Hwang, Stephen. and Klodawsky, Fran.

Healthy Teens – Delivering a Public Health Intervention through Special Education
 Blank, Michael.

Help-seeking behavior and disparities in the mental health of sexual minority victims of intimate partner violence
 Schramm, Andrew., Swan, Suzanne., Fisher, Bonnie., Smetana, Alison. and Fairchild, Amanda.

Heterogeneity of Child Functioning in Homeless Families
 Brown, Scott.

Homebuyer Education and Foreclosure
 Brown, Scott.

Homelessness in Modern Times: The Interplay among Prevalence Rates, Public Opinion, Politics, Social Policy, and Media and Professional Coverage in the US since 1974
 Toro, Paul. and Carlson, Corissa.

Housing Stabilization among At-Risk Families: A Randomized Controlled Trial
 Fowler, Patrick. and Rufa, Anne.

Housing availability and homelessness in a gentrifying community
 Vandegrift, Cortney.

How Successful Have Our Initiatives Been?:
 Cardazone, Gina., Zimmerman, Lindsey. and Hill, Jean.

How should we rank them? Using research to help government officials prioritize education policy recommendations
 Doykos, Bernadette. and Stump, Erika.

Hurricane Evacuation Behavior in Coastal NC: Demographic Predictors and Qualitative Data on Perceptions of Storm Severity
 Deyoung, Sarah., Wachtendorf, Tricia. and Davidson, Rachel.


Idiosyncratic versus mutually shared experiential knowledge: The rise of the tōjisha (self-helper) in Japan
 Oka, Tomofumi.

Impacts of The Youth Leading Environmental Change Project: A mixed-method longitudinal study
 Riemer, Manuel.

Implementing Community Interventions: an Outreach Strategy
 Olaisen, Rho.

Implementing Getting to Outcomes® in Clinical Practice: Lessons Learned from an Initiative to Enhance Accountability in Training for Mental Health Services
 Markle, Robert., Knies, Katherine., Castellow, Jennifer., Abraczinskas, Michelle., Scaccia, Jonathan., Davis, Betsy. and Wandersman, Abraham.

Implementing Triple P: The role of practice models
 Brunson, Liesette., Daly, Sonia. and Gagné, Marie-Hélène.

Implementing and Evaluating Adaptations to Evidence-Based Programs: Integrating Research and Practice
 Seitz, Scot., Wilson, Christyl., Broomfield-Massey, Kimberley., Pridgeon, Keri. and Kuperminc, Gabriel.

Implications for Policy
 Barrett, Colleen.

Improving social support provision in chronic illness: the case of systemic lupus erithematosus in Italy
 Cicognani, Elvira. and Mazzoni, Davide.

Incorporating the voices of patients in policy work
 Brown, Abigail. and Jason, Leonard.

Increasing Parental Support and Protective Factors through Parent Cafés
 Strompolis, Melissa. and Wright, Birley.

Increasing the Role of Community-Based Partnerships in Addressing Youth Violence
 Dymnicki, Allison. and Thorngren, Mary.

Individual and Community Resilience Factors among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer and Questioning Youth and Adults in Israel
 Antebi, Nadav., Shilo, Guy. and Mor, Zohar.

Individual, Housing, and Neighbourhood Level Predictors of Psychological Integration Among Vulnerably Housed and Homeless Individuals
 Ecker, John., Aubry, Tim., Farrell, Susan., Klodawsky, Fran. and Hay, Elizabeth.

Individual- and Community-Level Impacts of Participatory Public Art: Results from the Porch Light Program
 Tebes, Jacob.

Influencing Prevention Policy through Effective Communication with Legislators and Advocates
 Strompolis, Melissa., Branham, Megan. and Tucker, Whitney.

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Key Findings: Connecting the Dots between the Pre-kindergarten Classroom Environment, Parent Involvement, and Students’ Performance
 Mihalski, Jaime., Scott, J. Taylor., Tynan, Jackie., Larson, Jacqueline., Strater Hogan, Katherine., Cook, James. and Kilmer, Ryan.

Knowledge Translation and Implementation of Housing First in Canada: A Qualitative Assessment of Capacity-Building Needs
 Hasford, Julian. and Worton, Kathleen.


LGBT Diversity in Community Psychology: Moving the Field Forward
 Harper, Gary. and Wilson, Bianca.

Latino youth with HIV: Challenges in healthy sexual and intimate relationship development
 Albright, Jamie., Hussain, Saida. and Fair, Cynthia.

Latinos Unidos por la Salud: Investigating Immigrant Healthcare Experiences with a Community Research Team
 Jacquez, Farrah. and Vaughn, Lisa.

Laughing Together: A Case for Humor in Community Psychology
 Paterson, Susie.

Learning from Organizational theory to Build Organizational Empowerment
 Francescato, Donata. and Aber, Mark.

Learning in Third Spaces: Community Art Studio as Storefront University Classroom
 Reilly, Rosemary. and Timm-Bottos, Janis.

Lessons learned from a community-academic collaboration on a participatory action research project with migrant families
 Bianco, Maria., Ferreira, Kevin., Bravo, Daniela. and Rubio, Doris.

Liberation psychology in a neo-liberal era: The de-ideologization of everyday life
 Majzler, Robert.

Like father NOT like son: engaging at-risk populations in research about intergenerational maltreatment discontinuity
 Richard, Marie-Claude. and Dessureault, Marie-Pier.

Listening to whispers: How critical ethnography can challenge dominant discourses about what is "good" for poor young women
 Salusky, Ida.

Living the border: Ethnography of everyday life in an Italian migration-related detention center
 Esposito, Francesca., Ornelas, Jose. and Arcidiacono, Caterina.

Longitudinal Outcomes for Homeless Youth: A Seven-Year Prospective Study
 Braciszewski, Jordan., Toro, Paul., Abar, Beau. and Stout, Robert.

Longitudinal predictors for sexual assault revictimization: Potential targets for prevention at multiple ecological levels
 Relyea, Mark. and Ullman, Sarah E.

Looking Out for the Youth: A Sexual Health Leadership Council Contributes to Long Term Positive Youth Development
 Wilson, Christyl., Seitz, Scot., Broomfield-Massey, Kimberley. and Kuperminc, Gabriel.

Looking back and looking ahead: The past and future of community psychology contributions to the field of implementation science
 Wandersman, Abraham.


Making Big Communities Small: Using Network Science to Understand the Behavioral and Ecological Requirements for Community Social Capital
 Neal, Zachary.

Making Use of Innovative Online Learning Tools in your In-Person, Blended or Face-to-Face Courses
 Fromm Reed, Suzette. and Ramos, Cheryl.

Making the Invisible Visible: Community-Engaged Art for Social Justice and Urban Regeneration
 Williams, Allegra.

Mapping Cyber Dating Abuse: Understanding How Gender and Gender Stereotypes Play a Role
 Passarelli, Rebecca., Flaspohler, Paul., Watts, Vanessa. and Smith-Millman, Marissa.

Measuring Empowerment in Racial/Ethnic Minority College Students
 Back, Lindsey. and Keys, Christopher.

Measuring Skills Acquisition Through Standardized Actor Methodology: Implications for Community Interventions
 Graham, Benjamin., Ruzek, Josef., Jordan, Katelin. and Sharma, Shivani.

Methodology of a Publically Funded Pre-kindergarten Program Evaluation: A Partnership Approach
 Larson, Jacqueline., Scott, J. Taylor., Tynan, Jackie., Mihalski, Jaime., Strater Hogan, Katherine., Kilmer, Ryan. and Cook, James.

Methods and processes: The elements of a cross national qualitative study of immigration and community
 Brodsky, Anne. and Scheibler, Jill.

Migration policies and social integration: the case of skilled migrant women in Switzerland
 Nunes-Reichel, Juliana.

Mismatch Between Families Experiencing Homelessness and the Homelessness Service System
 Shinn, Marybeth., Brown, Scott., Spellman, Brooke., Gubits, Daniel., Khadduri, Jill. and Wood, Michelle.

Most Significant Change as an Evaluation Tool for a Community-Based Creative Placemaking Project
 Terenzio, Marion. and O\'connor, Patricia.

Mothers' Perceptions of Neighborhood Disorder are Negatively Associated with Children's Home Environment Quality
 Lin, Joyce.

Moving out of the classroom and into the community: Real world evaluation
 Suarez-balcazar, Yolanda.

Moving toward a better understanding of the cost of housing people without housing
 Jetté, Jonathan.

Multilevel Structural Equation Modelling
 Beasley, Chris.

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Needs versus action: Perceived influence, empowerment, and resilience among 1st and 2nd generation Latino/a immigrants
 Godsay, Surbhi. and Ritter, Bethany.

Neighborhood structural variables and collective efficacy ten years later in a sample of delinquent youth.
 Amrhein, Kelly., Tompsett, Carolyn. and Ye, Xinyue.

No Freedom, No Rights: Latina/o Children Problematizing Rights Beyond Nurturance and Self-determination
 Fernandez, Jesica.


Obesity Prevention Programs in Egypt: Why Are They Ineffective?
 Shahin, Hana.

On an ecological and collaborative approach to individual intervention
 Ornelas, Jose. and Amaral, Sónia.

Online Support Groups: Some Barriers to Engagement for People with Depression
 Barker, Chris. and Breuer, Louise.

Operationally Engaged: The Evolving Role of Local Landowners During Large Scale Wildfire Disasters
 Hano, Mary Clare., FitzGerald, Clare., Nowell, Branda. and Steelman, Toddi.

Opportunities for Prevention and Intervention: The Essentials for Childhood Framework
 Ford, Derek., Merrick, Melissa., Barile, John., Smith, Anna., Scarbrough, Stevy. and Thompson, William.

Orchestrating Epiphanies? Training Reluctant Evaluators at the Master’s Level
 Morris, Michael.

Out of Exclusion and into Community: Examining Psychological Well-being and Sense of Community among Homeless Youth
 Townley, Greg.


Paper 1: Líderes Comunitarias: Self-Empowerment and Community Engagement of Immigrant Latina Survivors of DV
 Serrata, Josephine. and Macias, R. Lillianne.

Paper 2: Engaging Latino Men to End Violence Against Women: Te Invito Primary Prevention Initiative.
 Hernandez-Martinez, Martha. and Serrata, Josephine.

Paper 3: En la Familia: Process and Results from an Empowerment Evaluation of a Domestic Violence intervention for Latino Families.
 Macias, R. Lillianne. and Rodriguez, Rebecca.

Paraprofessional Service Providers in Urban Schools: Redefining Roles in an Iterative Service Model
 Lakind, Davielle.

Parent and Colleague-generated Poly-victimization: Identifying Teacher Demographic, Cognitive, and Environmental Correlates
 Martinez, Andrew. and Mcmahon, Susan.

Parent and Youth Hopefulness at Intake as a Predictor of Treatment Outcomes
 Hassan, Sarah., Swaminathan, Sindhia., Sedlar, Aaron. and Tompsett, Carolyn.

Parent-Focused Services: Key-Informant Perceptions at the Community level.
 Dynes, Morgan.

Parents' Perceived Community Supports in Two School-Based Interventions in Oregon
 Patterson, Lindsey., Green, Beth. and Lambarth, Callie.

Parents' role in community-based relationship education for youth
 Chan, Alexander.

Parents’ Perceptions of their Involvement with Adult Children with Serious Mental Illness: Parental Ambivalence, Personal Loss, and Individual Well-Being
 Gonzales, Sabrina., Petrowski, Catherine. and Stein, Catherine.

Part I: A Framework for Understanding Community-Level Context and Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs)
 Greeson, Megan., Houston, Jaclyn. and Soibatian, Christina.

Part Three: Community Structure and Collaborative Group Effectiveness
 Houston, Jaclyn., Soibatian, Christina. and Greeson, Megan.

Part Two: The Role of Community Sociocultural Attitudes and Norms in Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Effectiveness
 Soibatian, Christina., Houston, Jaclyn. and Greeson, Megan.

Participatory Action Research with Correctional Populations
 Droege, Jocelyn. and Ram, Daphna.

Participatory Evaluation of a Community Mobilization Effort to Enroll Residents of Wyandotte County, Kansas through the Affordable Care Act
 Fawcett, Stephen., Sepers, Charles., Jones, Jerry., Jones, Lucia. and Wesley, McKain.

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Qualitative Insights from the Youth Leading Environmental Change Study: Dimensions of Transformation and Connection
 Voorhees, Courte. and Dittmer, Livia.

Quantifying Hope and the Holy Spirit: Lessons Learned Evaluating a Spiritual Retreat for the Homeless
 Vaclavik, Danielle. and Ferrari, Joseph.

Quantitative Insights from the Youth Leading Environmental Change Study: Assessing Program Implementation, Participant Characteristics, and Impacts
 Riemer, Manuel. and Alisat, Susan.


Racial Microaggressions toward African American Students Attending a Predominantly White Institution
 Mills, Kristen.

Reasons for Oral Sex among Latino/a Adolescent
 Kouyoumdjian, Claudia.

Rebuild or relocate? Resilience and postdisaster decision-making after Hurricane Sandy
 Binder, Sherri., Baker, Charlene. and Barile, John.

Reconciliation of Conflicting Paradigms: Integrating Evidence-based Treatment into Correctional Settings
 Salina, Doreen.

Recovery Capital: A systematic review and application to adolescent recovery
 Hennessy, Emily. and Finch, Andrew.

Reducing Social Vulnerability to Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events: The Role of Risk Perception in a Social Environmental Context
 Eady, Allison., Riemer, Manuel. and Alton, Derek.

Relationships between lived and desired multicultural experiences and diversity of friend network
 Bailey, Tiffany.

Religion in the Hallways: Does being a Muslim makes things harder in Public High Schools?
 Oberoi, Ashmeet.

Religious Commitment Moderates the Effect of Racial Discrimination on Civic Engagement
 Chan, Wing.

Religious Narratives and their Implications for Coping, Recovery, and Disaster Risk Reduction
 McGeehan, Kathleen.

Research and Practice: Working Toward Improvements in Evidence-Based Mentoring Practices
 Felmet, Kandi. and Kuperminc, Gabriel.

Residents’ and staff’s perceptions on the personal projects of disabled persons living in residential care facilities: A social ecological perspective on well-being
 Jutras, Sylvie., Coulombe, Simon. and Taupier, Kathleen.

Resilience in Community: A Social Ecological Development Model for Young Adult Sexual Minority Women
 Zimmerman, Lindsey., Darness, Doyanne., Rhew, Isaac., Lee, Christine. and Kaysen, Debra.

Resilience, Sense of Community, and Syndemics among Young Black Gay and Bisexual Men
 Reed, Sarah.

Resisting exclusion in the neoliberal age: The role of a community organization in supporting Maasai women's political participation
 Dutt, Anjali. and Grabe, Shelly.

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Same city, different communities: The influence of Hukou registration status on the relationship between subjective social status and health for migrant workers in Shanghai, China
 Rarick, Jason.

Self-Expression and Elite-Challenging Activities: A Punk Rock Approach to Community Well-Being.
 Talmage, Craig.

Senior Center Utilization: Now and for the Future
 Nilsen, Kari. and Medvene, Louis.

Sense of community and attitudes towards immigrants’ acculturation processes. An application of the Relative Acculturation Extended Model
 Mannarini, Terri.

Sense of community in a voluntary organization: a nation-wide study
 Cunha, Olga. and Ornelas, Jose.

Service Learning in Psychology: A Graduate Student Perspective
 Kaitz, Jenesse., Athineos, Christina., Harkins, Debra. and Ray, Sukanya.

Service Supports for Community Living: Exploring the Role of Service Systems in Promoting Community Integration
 Davis, Betsy. and Kloos, Bret.

Sexual Health Promotion among African American Youth in Rural North Carolina
 Ritchwood, Tiarney.

Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young Bi Women in Toronto
 Dobinson, Cheryl., Logie, Carmen., Flanders, Corey. and Gos, Giselle.

Sexual orientation, social support and psychological outcomes of sexual assault survivors
 Sigurvinsdottir, Rannveig. and Ullman, Sarah E.

Sharing online space: the importance of creating community
 Ronayne, Michelle., Pendry, Heather. and Petrigno, Richanne.

Should Law Enforcement Apologize to Survivors for the Rape Kit Backlog?
 Gearhart, Cassandra. and Ahrens, Courtney.

So close so far: Acculturation and intergroup relationships in the discourses of Italian natives and Moroccans immigrants.
 Fedi, Angela., Gattino, Silvia. and Miglietta, Anna.

Social Class and Civic Engagement: Measurement Strategies to Build the Knowledge Base
 Cattaneo, Lauren., Calton, Jenna., Gebhard, Kris. and Shor, Rachel.

Social Media as Social Capital for LGB in Hong Kong: Examining its Protective Role through Group Membership
 Chong, Eddie., Mak, Winnie., Zhang, Yin. and Pang, Ingrid.

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Taking an international perspective to the development of community psychology
 Reich, Stephanie., Portillo, Nelson., Dzidic, Peta., Sasao, Toshiaki., Bishop, Brian., Stark, Wolfgang. and Carolissen, Ronelle.

Tapping the Potential of Webinars for Community Outreach, Organizing, and Research: A Skills-Building Session and Dialogue
 Benedict, Peter.

Targeting Homelessness Prevention to Individuals Most in Need of Services
 Greer, Andrew. and Shinn, Marybeth.

Teaching and Doing Community Psychology in Japan: Faculty and Student Perspectives
 Sasao, Toshiaki., Hatta, Naoki. and Ikebe, Rina.

Teaching and learning key concepts of Community Psychology by means of Photovoice
 Bosco, Nicolina., Donati, Camillo., Mazzarese, Mattia. and Meringolo, Patrizia.

Testing Alternative Conceptualizations of Psychological Empowerment
 Peterson, N. Andrew.

Text Emotional Analysis
 Carbone, Agostino.

The Campus as Community: Undergraduate Community Research and Action Projects Conducted on the College Campus
 Forden, Carie., El Sherbiny, Youmna. and Ibrahim, Baher.

The Co-Constitution of Persons and Contexts: A Cultural Psychology of American Indian Social Identity
 Gone, Joseph.

The Community Narrative Research Project: Participatory Approaches to Understanding Learning and Change
 Thomas, Elizabeth., Malabanan, Eann., Malpert, Adele., Emelue, Chigozie., Nwoko, Ginika. and Main, Natasha.

The Company You Keep: Social Support Utilization by Ethnic Minority Children
 Pooch, Abigail., Tarver, Sheree., Cordova, Mariana. and Formoso, Diana.

The Complex Role of Religion in Arab American Community and Individual Wellbeing
 Amer, Mona.

The Complexity of Discourses on Human Trafficking: Sex versus Labor Trafficking
 Gleason, Kristen.

The Crosstown Initiative: Art, Community, and Placemaking in Memphis
 Thomas, Elizabeth. and Pate, Sarah.

The Day to Day of Nonprofit Support
 Goldstein, Marc.

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Understanding Debt in Migration: Considerations from a Participatory Action Research project between Boston and Zacualpa
 Ferreira, Kevin. and Chicco, Jessica.

Understanding Oppression During the First Year College Transition
 Berardi, Luciano. and Williams, Shannon.

Understanding and Overcoming Barriers in Unhealthy Settings: A Phenomenological Study of Healthy Truck Drivers
 Lemke, Michael.

Understanding the Ways in which Liberation and Pedagogical Practice differ for High Schools Students in Schools of Different Cultures and Incomes
 Ericka, Mingo.

Unpacking “URM status” and its Implications for Service Access in a Local Community
 Clements, Kathryn.

Untold Stories: Qualitative results regarding teachers’ most upsetting experiences of victimization
 Mcmahon, Susan., Reaves, Samantha., Mcconnell, Elizabeth. and Ruiz, Linda.

Use of Social Network Analysis in Congregational Research and Consulting
 Todd, Nathan.

Use of physical activities to enhance well-being among Japanese college students: An ecological approach
 Hatta, Naoki., Ikebe, Rina. and Sasao, Toshiaki.

Using Findings from Alternative Learning Programs to Shape Out-of-School Suspension Practices.
 Henderson, Dawn. and Davis, Dazzmen.

Using Global Positioning Systems to Examine Community Mobility and Participation of Persons with Psychiatric Disabilities: A Pilot Study
 Brusilovskiy, Eugene., Klein, Louis. and Salzer, Mark.

Using Gospel Music to Cope with Racial Discrimination
 Kohn-Wood, Laura.

Using Interactive Theater to Create Socioculturally Relevant Community-Based Intimate Partner Violence Prevention
 Yoshihama, Mieko. and Tolman, Richard.

Using Participatory Evaluation to Assess Different Community Efforts to Improve Diabetes Self-Management among African-American Women
 Schultz, Jerry., Watson-Thompson, Jomella., Hunter-Skidmore, Jenna., Hassaballa, Ithar. and Sepers, Charles.

Using Social Media to Advance SCRA’s Mission
 Cardazone, Gina.

Using Street Teams and Time-Limited Motivational Interviewing to Influence Community Smokers
 Steltenpohl, Crystal. and Saw, Anne.

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Validating the Ohio Scales: A Practical Measure of Childhood Emotional and Behavioral Symptoms
 Bonadio, Francis. and Tompsett, Carolyn.

Visual methods and responsible togetherness
 Procentese, Fortuna.

Voice and a seat at the table: Navigating stakeholder participation in university-community partnerships
 Delale-O\'Connor, Lori.


WRITE ON: A Creative Writing-Based Intervention for Incarcerated Youth
 Greenbaum, Chloe., Javdani, Shabnam. and Caires, Roxane.

Waking Up in Our Own Home: Homeless Mothers' Perspective on Housing Stability and Child Functioning
 Brown, Scott.

Walking in our shoes: Understanding Latina/o immigrant and U.S. receiving community perspectives on acculturative processes
 Emery, Lindsay., Buckingham, Sara., Godsay, Surbhi. and Sheldon, Taylor.

Wanting to be important, with someone: Exploring the construction of close relationships, sexuality and ‘intellectual disability’
 Castell, Emily.

Welcoming Unaccompanied Minors: Community Approaches to Easing their Transition
 Kindel, Laurie.

Well-Being among HIV-Affected Youth in China: The Impact of Community, Family, and Individual Level Factors
 Weinstein, Traci., Li, Xiaoming., Du, Hongfei., Chi, Peilian., Zhao, Junfeng. and Zhao, Guoxiang.

Wellness following trauma: Torture survivor recovery, growth, and resilience
 Salo, Corrina.

What It's Like for Me: Transgender Students' Accounts of College Life
 Merandi, Gabrielle., Greenberg, Sarah. and Stein, Catherine.

What child-centered empowerment-based research can contribute to conceptualizations of freedom and liberation
 Langhout, Regina.

What if a stitch in time only saves six?
 Lorion, Raymond.

When and Why “Small and Intensive” Trumps “Large and Expensive” Community Intervention: Community Psychology, Philosophy of Science, and Samples of Inconvenience
 Trickett, Ed.

When do Close Friendships Promote Resilience among Sexual Minorities?
 Mereish, Ethan. and Poteat, Paul.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Teaching Community Psychology Students Program Evaluation
 Campbell, Rebecca.

Who is Responsible for Poverty? The Development of a Victim Blaming Measure
 Calton, Jenna. and Cattaneo, Lauren.

Who we are and what we do: Community psychologists as leaders in the field of implementation science
 Lesesne, Catherine.

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Youth Violence, Sound the Alarm! Save our Youth and Future
 Alexander, Glenda.

Youth disclosure and parental monitoring: The associations between lying and delinquency.
 Dynes, Morgan. and Tompsett, Carolyn.

Youth-led Participatory Action Research
 Ozer, Emily.
15th Biennial Conference of the Society for Community Research and Action 2015-Jun-24 to 2015-Jun-29
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