Biennial Conference of the Society for Community Research and Action 2017-Jun-20 to 2017-Jun-25

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"We Are Not Those Stories": Social Identities, Social Justice, and Educational Success
 Silva, Janelle.

#yesallwhitemen: White Masculinity, Critical Consciousness, and Solidarity
 Majzler, Robert.

360 Leadership Challenge
 Meeks, Rome.

‘Definitely she used the word poison’. Elderly Sikh immigrant’s experience of a preventative health intervention
 Bhatti, Krishna.

‘I didn't know I could do that' : Creating Art and Organizational Change in a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Clubhouse
 Gonzales, Sabrina. and Stein, Catherine.

“A Qualitative Analysis of Racial and Gender Microaggressions in the Sciences”
 Anderson, Amy.

“Dark Rainbow” – An Experiential Intervention Study to Promote Critical Consciousness and Collective Action for LGB Rights
 Fu, Amanda., Chan, Cadence., Jong, Toby. and Mak, Winnie.

“Evaluation Justice”: Conceptualizing a New Model for Evaluator Collaboration with Community Partners
 Hilgendorf, Amy.

“Everybody puts their whole life on Facebook”: Identity management and the online social networks of LGBTQ youth
 Mcconnell, Elizabeth., Korpak, Aaron., Clifford, Antonia. and Birkett, Michelle.

“I can’t take this any more!” Charting the affective politics of emotional endurance among a youth organizer
 Fernandez, Jesica.

“I don’t think my child would be alive if I didn’t go”: Exploring Participant Experiences of Community Impact Programmes
 Dzidic, Peta., Leitao, Suze., Claessen, Mary., Boyes, Mark., Lee, Fiona. and Roberts, Justine.

“I thought Ghettos Just Happened”: Classroom-Based Participatory Action Research for the Development of Curriculum on Systemic Racism
 Coleman, Brett. and Bonam, Courtney.

“I vlog…to get out of my head and into yours”: Transgender Knowledge Sharing on YouTube
 Etengoff, Chana.

“It All Comes Down to Communication”: High School Students’ Perceptions of the Baltimore City School Police Force 
 Emery, Lindsay., Esparza, Patricia., Godsay, Surbhi., Hamilton, Veronica., Hosler, Jennifer., Beason, Tiffany., Link, Natasha., Darden, Taylor., Henderson, Loren. and Maton, Kenneth.

“No Place Like Home”: How Adolescents Define Their Neighborhoods Spatially and Conceptually
 Swaminathan, Sindhia., Pratt, Mercedes. and Tompsett, Carolyn.

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A Community Psychology Systems Theory: Third-Order Change
 Beasley, Christopher.

A Community-based Participatory Research Project to Build Resilience in Latino Youth: Your Life.Your Story
 Bigatti, Silvia. and Diaz, Virna.

A Creative Community Practice for Economic Empowerment of Women in Tehran
 Tahmasebi, Maryam.

A Critical Evaluation of Youth Wellbeing: A Process for Understanding Youth Needs Within Local Contexts
 Puente-Duran, Sofia., McShane, Kelly. and Aliweiwi, Jehad.

A Formative Evaluation of a Complex Interdisciplinary Pain Assessment Program
 Louw, Alyssa., Cherner, Rebecca., Ecker, John. and Aubry, Tim.

A Head-Start-University Partnership
 Reich, Stephanie., Jenkins, Jade. and Nyugen, Tutrang.

A Mixed Methods Examination of a Novel Mentoring Intervention for First-generation College Students
 Schwartz, Sarah., Kanchewa, Stella., Stark, Abigal., Gowdy, Grace., Horn, John Paul., Cunningham, Jessica. and Parnes, McKenna.

A Multi-Informant, Socioecological Investigation of Neighborhood Danger and Cohesion on the Development of Rule-Breaking Behaviors
 Hofer, Meret. and Wilson, Melvin.

A Multisource Source Review of City-Academic Partnerships
 Thomas, Fiona., Mutschler, Christina., Puente-Duran, Sofia., McShane, Kelly. and Tandon, Reena.

A Participatory Social-Network Mapping Tool for Investigating Systems-level Learning in a Network Linking Afterschool Program Providers and Schools
 Bess, Kimberly.

A Participatory Study of the Health and Social Impact of a Novel Community Food Centre
 Enns, Aganeta., Kristjansson, Elizabeth., Milley, Peter. and O\'Sullivan, Tracey.

A Privileged Perspective: How a Racially Conscious White Male Teacher Interacts with his Students
 Bennett, Jacob.

A Process Evaluation of an Educational Program for Peacebuilding/Conflict Prevention among Southeast Asian Nations
 Ikeda, Mitsuru., Fukuda, Aya. and Miyaghi, Toru.

A Regenerative Model for Sustainability
 Dreyer, Bianca.

A RetrospectiveProject Envision: Evaluating a Community Mobilization Program to Prevent Sexual Violence in New York City
 Glen, Lily., Frye, Victoria., Fidler, Laura., Fry, Deborah., O\'Connor, Meghan., St. John, Chris., Pollak, Tamara. and Haviland, Mary.

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Barriers and facilitators influencing access to traditional Aboriginal medicine in the dominant health care system
 Ouellet, Caroline., Sit, Vanessa., Rapinski, Michel., Saias, Thomas., Lise, Lamothe., Alain, Cuerrier. and Pierre, Haddad.

Best Practices for Safe Data Handling for Community Psychologists
 Czechowski, Konrad. and Sylvestre, John.

Beyond the Incident Command System: The Structure of Effective Governance of Disaster Response Networks
 Nowell, Branda. and Steelman, Toddi.

Black Boys’ Critical Consciousness in a Post-Michael Brown America
 Smith, Chauncey., Lozada, Fantasy., Gale, Adrian. and Jagers, Robert.

Breaking Down Barriers to Community-Based Research: The Community-Engaged Scholars Program
 Hostetler, Andrew., Toof, Robin. and Wall, Melissa.

Bridging the Gaps in Bringing in the Bystander: An Intersectional Approach to Campus Sexual Violence
 Rudzinski, Anne.

Bringing it to the People: Findings from a Focus Group with Public Housing Residents
 Salim, Khalil., Griswold, Caroline., Tynan, Jacqueline., Edwards, Levon. and Cook, James.

Brokering Models for Successful Community-Campus Partnerships: Examples from North America and the UK
 Stack-Cutler, Holly. and Levkoe, Charles.

Building Campus-Community Partnerships in Civic Engagement: Perspectives from Undergraduates
 Taylor, Kayla., Chung, He. and Reyes, Cristal.

Building Long-Term Collaborations and Creating Opportunities for Student Engagement in Public Policy
 Campbell, Rebecca., Shaw, Jessica. and Feeney, Hannah.

Building Resilience and Promoting Wellness through Person-in-Culture-in-Context Transactions
 Harrell, Shelly., Parker, Francesca., Sorenson, Caitlin., Styles, Jessica., Rowland, Lily. and Girma, Eneyew.

Building Resilience in the High School Transition: Context Matters in Project Arrive Group Mentoring
 Joseph, Hannah., Seitz, Scot., Wilson, Christyl., Hale, Katie., Chan, Wing. and Kuperminc, Gabriel.

Building Trauma-Informed Schools using Social and Emotional Learning
 Strambler, Michael., Matlin, Samantha., Heberle, Amy. and Tebes, Jacob.

Bystander Interventions for Disrupting Microaggressions in the Academy
 Bond, Meg., Haynes-Baratz, Michelle. and Metinyurt, Tugba.


Campus Connections Aotearoa: Towards a Culturally Responsive Framework
 Ualesi, Yvonne., Bullen, Pat., Webber, Melinda. and Deane, Kelsey.

Campus Connections: A Campus-Community Initiative
 Haddock, Shelley. and Weiler, Lindsey.

Can Community Psychology Principles Enhance Consulting Practice in Egypt?
 Hassanein, Noha., Shiaty, Farah., Forden, Carie. and Shahin, Hana.

Canada's Failing Grade: Assessing human rights compliance
 Smith, Jackson.

Case Study: Building a Restorative Community
 Rodriguez, Lizzie.

Centering Indigenous women ways of knowing and being: Making decolonial pedagogy and building transformative partnerships
 Ciofalo, Nuria.

Challenges and implications of community-based responses to violence against women in indigenous communities
 Meno, Camarin. and Allen, Nicole.

Challenges and strategies of refugees’ Colombian women in Quebec City: transition, empowerment and identity
 Garnier, Séverine.

Challenges to Implementing Evaluation tools and Collecting Outcomes in a Community Action Agency
 Squitieri, Helen. and Matlin, Samantha.

Challenging the dominant story in 160 characters: Muslim American voices
 Oberoi, Ashmeet. and Thatcher, Kelci.

Childcare services as agents of innovation explored after the presentation of their practices through the lenses of CLASS.
 Hayotte, Paul., Brunet, Elizabeth., Brunson, Liesette. and Cantin, Gilles.

Citizen Engagement – the Case of Parents of Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) in Ontario
 Ouellette-Kuntz, Helene., Martin, Lynn., Raymer, Nicole., Habash, Mara., Lysaght, Rosemary. and Cobigo, Virginie.

Civic participation and empowerment in immigrants: the role of a civically active neighborhood
 Lenzi, Michela., Paloma, Virginia., Santinello, Massimo. and Furlanis, Nicola.

Clients as Experiential Experts in Evidence-Based Practice in Europe
 Karlsson, Magnus.

Coalition-Building for Trauma-Informed Communities
 Matlin, Samantha., O\'Brien, Caitlin. and Tebes, Jacob.

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Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t: Exploring pregnant Aboriginal women’s oppression within continued colonisation.
 Prandl, Kelly.

Dance and Sex: A qualitative study
 Espenshade, Katelyn.

Deconstructing Critical Conciousness: Empirical insights on critical social analysis, social identity, and it implications for youth sociopolitical development
 Watts, Roderick. and Halkovic, Alexis.

Developing Experiential Knowledge of Self-Help Groups under the Influence of Professional and Indigenous Knowledges
 Oka, Tomofumi.

Developing and Implementing a Stress Intervention with Latino Immigrants: A Community-Based Participatory Research Approach
 Jacquez, Farrah., Vaughn, Lisa. and Suarez-Cano, Gabriela.

Developing and Redeveloping the Win-Win: A Tool for Community-Academic Partnership Development
 Hilgendorf, Amy., Roland, Hugh. and Christens, Brian.

Development of the commitment scale for social change
 Takahashi, Naoya.

Developmental Pathways to Well-being in Young New Americans Presentation title: Discrimination, Language Acculturation and Alcohol Use
 Arce, Maria., Murtaza, Zahra. and Chan, Wing.

Disability status, access to benefits, and housing interventions among families experiencing homelessness
 Mccauley, Erin. and Glendening, Zach.

Discrimination and academic outcomes among Latino students: Do gender and critical intersectional awareness matter?
 Uriostegui, Marbella. and Molina, Kristine.

Dissemination in community based participatory research with Mexican immigrants: A community engaged review of the literature
 Hernandez, Sarah.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Higher Education: Advancing an Agenda for Mattering in College
 Kohn-wood, Laura. and Anderson, Ivann.

Does High-School Diversity Predict Racial Identity and Mental Health among Black and Latino College Students?
 Silverman, David., Wittrup, Audrey. and Hurd, Noelle.

Drawing on Tradition and Innovation to Connect Research and Practice
 Agans, Jennifer., Turner, Andy., Burrow, Anthony. and Pillemer, Karl.

Dynamic risk exposure and adolescents' daily mood and risk-taking behavior
 Roy, Amanda.


Educational Experience of “Late Entering” Refugee Students
 Birman, Dina., Barrenchea, Ignacio., Haarlammert, Miryam. and Addae, Dorothy.

Educational Pathways Among Intergenerational Women in the Dominican Republic
 Tull, Peggy. and salusky, ida.

Efficacy of Internet-based mindfulness-based training and rumination-focused cognitive behavioral therapy in preventing depression and anxiety
 Mak, Winnie., Tong, Alan., Fu, Amanda. and Watkins, Edward.

Elders wisdom: Older adults as co-researchers
 Partridge, Erin.

Emotional Support from Family and Friends: Longitudinal Trends among Sexual Minority and Heterosexual College Students
 Sumontha, Jason. and Hurd, Noelle.

Empowering Early Childhood Teachers: A Community Based Participatory Research Approach
 Jones, Kourtney. and Wilcox, Amanda.

Empowering Students Through School Garden Action Groups
 Gormley, Catherine.

Empowering emerging adults for greater civic engagement and better well-being
 Chan, Randolph. and Mak, Winnie.

Empowerment in the medical realm: A qualitative review of studies from 10 countries
 Agner, Joy.

Engagement and Disengagement in Mutual-Help Addiction Recovery Housing: A Test of Affective Events Theory
 Beasley, Christopher. and Jason, Leonard.

Engaging Silences that Speak of Things Unspoken: Identifying Conditions for Dialogue among Southeast Asian Refugees and their Children
 Nguyen, Angela.

Engaging Youth in Suicide Prevention: A Community-based Model
 Lindquist-Grantz, Robin.

Enhancing Skills and Providing Opportunities for Researchers’ Policy Engagement: Lessons Learned from a Pilot of the Research-to-Policy Collaboration Project
 Scott, Taylor., Larson, Jacqueline. and Crowley, D. Max.

Enhancing Success for People in 12-Step Programs
 Darden, Alexandria. and Francisco, Vincent.

Enhancing the support provided to unaccompanied youth through needs assessment and evaluation (Global Alliance for Behavioral Health and Social Justice)
 Gadaire, Andrew., Cook, James. and Kilmer, Ryan.

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Facilitating the Implementation of a Model for Increasing Well-being Within a District School Board
 Beals, Ann Marie., Coleman, Tiyondah., Fernandes, Devon., Gritzan, Maddie., Luis Zatarain, Carlos., Ranco, Sarah. and Rudzinski, Anne.

Facing the Music: The Short-Term Effects of Exposure to Sexually Objectifying Music Lyrics
 Froemming, Maren., Emley, Elizabeth., Hartl Majcher, Jessica. and Dubow, Eric.

Factors that strengthen professional organizations that contribute to social change
 Rodríguez Medina, Soélix. and Serrano-garcia, Irma.

Family Homelessness and Child Welfare Involvement: Housing Stability is Key to Positive Outcomes
 Palmer, Geraldine.

Family homelessness in child welfare: Community-based system dynamics
 Marcal, Katherine. and Fowler, Patrick.

Family use of homeless services: National trends and community-level determinants
 Fowler, Patrick., Rogers, William. and Winkler, Anne.

Fidelity Assessment of a Young Programme: Dublin’s Housing First Team
 Greenwood, Ronni.

First-Generation Punjabi-Sikh Elders’ Experiences of Social Inclusion, Community Engagement, and Social Support in Calgary, Alberta
 Singh, Amandeep.

First-generation college student perspectives on support programs and pathways to success
 Lien, Ashlee., Fyne, Alicia. and Jalloh, Ramatoulaye.

First-generation college students and stress measurement and management
 McCabe, Katherine., McCorkle, Angela. and Lien, Ashlee.

Fostering compassion satisfaction among college and university Title IX administrators
 Klein, LB.

From Analysis to Action: Family Homelessness Typology Transforms Service Provision
 Archie, Douglas., Snow-hill, Nyssa. and Kloos, Bret.

From Practice to Policy: psychologists’ experiences of macro-level policy work
 Browne, Niina.

From Students to Students: Using Photovoice to Assess Students' Strengths and Needs at the American University in Cairo
 Shahin, Hana., Hafez, Nada., Osman, Azza. and Afifi, Alia.

From harassment to healthcare to inclusion: Results from an LGBTQ needs assessment in Waterloo, Ontario
 Travers, Robb., Coulombe, Simon. and Wilson, Ciann.

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Gender differences in the relationship between self-silencing and mental health outcomes in juvenile justice-involved youth
 Granski, Megan., Javdani, Shabnam., Sichel, Corianna. and Rentko, Morgan.

Getting Started in Policy Work
 Maton, Kenneth.

Global Approaches to Youth Mental Health Engagement
 Anam, Seeba. and Jayaswal, Kavita.

Goats and Gardens: A Qualitative Case Study of a Neighborhood Youth Program
 Roberts, Lindsey., Hartl Majcher, Jessica., Stein, Catherine. and Tompsett, Carolyn.

Governing mechanisms of a regional framework: A network analysis of free, prior, and informed consent in resource development on Indigenous territories
 Arseneau, Courtney.

Grabbing hold of our wise mind: Pilot evaluation of a multilevel intervention for incarcerated youth
 Berezin, McKenzie. and Javdani, Shabnam.

Growing Youth Community Change Researchers in STEM
 Jacquez, Farrah. and Vaughn, Lisa.

Growth and Develoment in the Red Lake Tribal Nation: The Virtues of Apple Trees
 Hoffman, August., Downs, Rich., Veldey, Shawn., Paseka, Destiny., Weins, Desiree., Hernandez, Sarah. and Blair, Lesli.


HIV/AIDS stigma within MSM community: Impact on mental and social health in HIV-positive MSM
 Chan, Randolph. and Mak, Winnie.

Health Needs and Service Use of Newly Arrived Syrian Refugees in Toronto
 Agic, Branka.

Highlighting the way forward: A review of community mental health research and practice published in AJCP and JCP
 Terry, Rachel. and Townley, Greg.

Histories and Developments in (South) African Community Psychology
 Carolissen, Ronelle.

Holding the Wisdom of Difference in Place
 spencer, Madeleine.

Homelessness across 10 European and North American Nations:
 Toro, Paul.

Homelessness and child welfare: A longitudinal randomized controlled trial testing the Family Unification Program on formal and informal out-of-home placements
 Fowler, Patrick., Schoeny, Michael., Brown, Derek. and Chung, Saras.

Housing and Wellbeing: Advocating for Improved Housing Conditions by Local Roma Neighbors
 De La Morena Lopez, Irene., Miranda, Daniela., Garcia-ramirez, Manuel. and Escobar-Ballesta, Marta.

How Young Queer Women Find and Evaluate Sexual Health Information Online
 Flanders, Corey., Dobinson, Cheryl. and Logie, Carmen.

How do we measure gender equitable practices to transform health care settings? Using case study design, of course!
 Siebold, Wendi. and Wasco, Sharon.


IRB/REB Barriers to Community-Based Participatory Research: Examining Current Forms and Guidelines
 3, Cohort.

Identifying Barriers and Facilitators to Successfully Obtaining Housing Among Rural Homeless Populations
 Brott, Holly. and Kornbluh, Mariah.

Identifying health inequity using an interdisciplinary approach in a community health assessment
 Clifford, Dan.

If you build it, will they come? Data-Use Behavior in an Out-of-School Time Program Network
 Bess, Kimberly., Phillips, Charrise. and Malpert, Adele.

Imagining possible worlds: Design as interventional research in communities
 Campbell, Tara.

Impacts, Outcomes, and Developments: Evaluation as Community Psychology Practice
 Hoessler, Brian.

Implementation and Evaluation of a Jail-to-Community Continuum of Care for Adults with Behavioral Health Problems (Global Alliance for Behavioral Health and Social Justice)
 Desmarais, Sarah., Rade, Candalyn., Burris, Elizabeth., Cuddeback, Gary., Johnson, Kiersten., Comfort, Megan., Mueser, Kim. and Van Dorn, Richard.

Implementation and Perceived Benefits of a Mobile Food Market in Low Income Neighbourhoods in Ottawa, Ontario
 Platts, Jane., Enns, Aganeta. and Kristjansson, Elizabeth.

Implementation of a Community-Based Program for Frequent Emergency Department Users with Mental Health or Substance Use Concerns
 Cherner, Rebecca.

Implementing Best Practices in Challenged Urban Schools: Closing the Gap Between What Should and Does Happen
 Elias, Maurice., Hatchimonji, Danielle., Linsky, Arielle. and Nayman, Samuel.

Indigenous Governance: The case of Matawa communities in the Northern Ontario

Innovations in Testing Measures of Sense of Community Responsibility and Sense of Community
 Peterson, N. Andrew. and Treitler, Peter.

Insights from an Evaluation of a Sexual Health Youth Leadership Council: A Bi-Directional Model of the “5 Cs” of Positive Youth Development
 Wilson, Christyl., Seitz, Scot., Broomfield-Massey, Kim., Pridgeon, Keri. and Kuperminc, Gabriel.

Integrating Positive Psychology Concepts into Preventive Mental Health Interventions for College Athletes
 Gillespie, Janet. and Hayden, Dorian.

Integrating mental health and psychosocial support services into physical rehabilitation programs for Syrian refugee youth in Jordan
 Cardeli, Emma. and abdi, saida.

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LGB People’s Support for Transgender Rights: Effect of LGB Group Discrimination and its Mechanism
 Chong, Siu Kwan. and Mohr, Jonathan.

LGBTQ Adults Who Have Experienced Homelessness
 Ecker, John.

Learning and working together: Invoking systems’ change through inter-organizational collaborative principles and a Learning Community framework
 Hey, Brandon. and Riemer, Manuel.

Lessons Learned: Survivors of domestic violence explore the intersections of their faith and abuse
 Ponce-Rodas, Melissa. and Pozo, Jose.

Leveraging Networks in Promoting Sustainable Economic Development in the American West
 Nowell, Branda., Hano, Mary Clare., Davis, Emily., Mosely, Cassandra. and Abrams, Jesse.

Libera nos a malo: homosexuality in the Roman Catholic Church discourse
 Zoli, Anna.

Lifted Weight or Added Burden? Understanding the Complexities of Social Support within Underserved Communities
 Formoso, Diana., Pooch, Abigail. and Augustin, Josie.

Linking Organizational and Community Capacities to Address Youth Homelessness
 Snow-hill, Nyssa.

Longitudinal investigation of service and family impact on recovery of mental illnesses through self-stigma
 Tong, Alan., Chan, Randolph., Chio, Floria H. N.. and Mak, Winnie.


M-PSOC and the acculturation process: A cross-cultural study on three different immigrant groups
 Mannarini, Terri., Rochira, Alessia., Fedi, Angela., Brodsky, Anne., Emery, Lindsay. and Godsay, Surbhi.

Making Connections to Facilitate Economic Empowerment Services for Domestic Violence Survivors
 Soibatian, Christina. and Wegrzyn, Annie.

Many-to-many group mentoring in schools: mentors’ perceptions of youth mentee developmental assets
 Ambry, Dallas.

Mass Incarceration, Power, and Determinants of Health
 Faust, Victoria.

Mattering: The Role of Power in Feeling Valued and Adding Value
 Prilleltensky, Isaac.

Measuring Implicit Classism
 Shor, Rachel.

Mechanisms and Outcomes of Recovery in a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program: Results from Progress Place
 Mutschler, Christina., Rouse, Jen., McShane, Kelly. and Habal-Brosek, Criss.

Mending Maya: An Analysis of Aging and Intergenerational Connection in Delhi, India
 Chandra, Aleksandr.

Mental Health Care in Developing Countries: Individual vs. Community Focus
 Sargent, John.

Mental Health and Wellbeing: Implications for Positive Change
 Turosak, Anna., Chinnes, Anna. and Meissen, Greg.

Mental Health on College Campuses: Insights from Students’ Lived Experiences
 Turosak, Anna., Brest, Brittany., Siwierka, Julia., Ojeda, Deborah., Aguila, Amanda., Schwanke, Columbine., Clark, Hilary. and Meissen, Greg.

Mental Health, Religion, Politics, and Guns: College Students Express Their Concerns
 Lewis, Rhonda.

Mentor Characteristics and Student Attitudes around College
 Parnes, McKenna., Stark, Abigail. and Schwartz, Sarah.

Mentoring and Social Justice
 Albright, Jamie., Hurd, Noelle. and Hussain, Saida.

Methodological Concerns for the Intersectional Consideration of Critical Consciousness Across Contexts
 Gordon, David.

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NYSINGOs: An Engaged Research and Teaching Project
 Appe, Susan.

Nature-based experiences for young people, viewed from a community psychology perspective
 Ward-Smith, Chesney. and Akhurst, Jacqueline.

Navigating Cross-Institutional Affiliations in Out-of-School-Time Provider Networks: A Case Study from the Nashville After Zone Alliance
 Malpert, Adele.

Navigating the Cultural Translation of Campus Connections through Pacific Waters using a Co-Designed Program Theory of Change
 Deane, Kelsey., Bullen, Pat. and Ualesi, Yvonne.

Navigating the Disability Determination Process from the Perspective of Incarcerated Adults with Serious Mental Illnesses
 Mccauley, Erin. and Samples, Leah.

Navigating the Historically White University as a "Nontraditional" Student: The Development of a Borderlands Scale
 Langhout, Regina. and Lopez, Leslie.

Neighborhood and Parental Mental Health: A Critical Review
 Cao, Yiwen.

Neighborhood and individual factors associated with undiagnosed asthma among urban adolescents
 Kingston, Sharon., Bruzzese, Jean-Marie., Bruzelius, Emilie. and Cespedes, Amarilis.

Network Canvas: A touchscreen optimized software suite for capturing complex data
 Janulis, Patrick., Phillips, Gregory. and Birkett, Michelle.

New Theory Development on Sense of Community and Community Responsibility
 Boyd, Neil., Nowell, Branda. and Larson, Sharon.

No More Health Research About Us Without Us: Establishing CERA
 Guishard, Monique., Korin, Daniel. and Smith, Nicky.

Nussbaum capabilities framework towards community mental health services
 Sacchetto, Beatrice. and Ornelas, Jose.


Online Tools to Support Equity-Focused Community Assessments
 Holt, Christina.

Our Power: Grassroots Resilience-Based Organizing on the Frontlines for Climate Justice
 Castillo, Katina.

Overcoming Health Inequities of Roma Silent Ranks from a Social Justice Perspective
 Garcia-ramirez, Manuel.

Overcoming marginalisation through community supported agriculture: The Streccapogn experience in Monteveglio, Italy
 Zoli, Anna. and Akhurst, Jacqueline.

Overcoming racism through resilience and empowerment: Perspectives and experiences of young Black men
 Godsay, Surbhi.

Overcoming the “Holy Hush”: Protestant Religious Leaders’ Understanding and Responses to Intimate Partner Violence
 Houston-Kolnik, Jaclyn., Todd, Nathan. and Greeson, Megan.

Overstudied and Understudied: Religious Experience of African American Emerging Adults
 Harris, Katina., Martin, Pamela. and McField, Ariel.


Paraprofessional parenting interventions in Haiti
 Gilbert, Gabrièle., Amédée, Melissande. and Gilbert, Sophie.

Parent-Child Relationships Among Homeless Parents Separated from their Children: A Scoping Review
 Caplan, Rachel.

Parental engagement in a community-based program targeting post-secondary education for low-income youth. Research findings and developments.
 Runnels, Vivien., Andrew, Caroline., Rae, Jennifer. and Whynot, Jane.

Parents are the Missing Link: A Scan of State-Level Anti-Bullying Policies
 Martinez, Andrew., Martel, Justin. and O\'Connor, Kelly.

Participatory system dynamics modeling: Empowering stakeholders to implement system changes that increase access to timely, high-quality mental health care
 Zimmerman, Lindsey., Lounsbury, David., Rosen, Craig., Trafton, Jodie., Kimerling, Rachel., Bernard, Cora. and Lindley, Steven.

Partnering with a Campus Diversity Office to Assess Diversity Education Efforts
 Boeh, Brett., Todd, Nathan. and Wantland, Ross.

Pastoral action research: Promoting a strengths-based understanding of urban churches
 Hosler, Jennifer.

Paternalism in the Justice System’s Response to Court-Involved Girls
 Anderson, Valerie.

Pathways into Homelessness for Foreign-born Families Living in Ottawa’s Family Shelters
 Polillo, Alexia., Sylvestre, John., Kerman, Nick., Lee, Catherine., Aubry, Tim. and Czechowski, Konrad.

Patient-Centered End-of-Life Research: Navigating Ethics and Design
 Boeh, Brett. and Todd, Nathan.

Patterns and Outcomes of Parent Participation in Flexible Paraprofessional-led Services
 Lakind, Davielle., Atkins, Marc., Mehta, Tara., Rusch, Dana., Cua, Grace. and Walden, Angela.

Patterns of participation in the Umbrella Movement and its psychosocial consequences across the first year following the movement
 Chan, Randolph. and Mak, Winnie.

Pedagogy and Institutional Pressures on Community Based Research Brokers
 Tough, David., Marris, John. and Changfoot, Nadine.

Peer-research implication in a mental health program evaluation
 Lauzier-Jobin, Francois., Bordeleau, Julie., Pelletier, Jean-François. and Houle, Janie.

Peer-research in social housing: Lessons learned from a multi-site Photovoice study
 Radziszewski, Stephanie. and Houle, Janie.

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Qualitative Content Analysis of Images of Children in the Islamic State Propaganda
 Kaczkowski, Wojciech.

Quality Improvement at Fatherhood Programs: Use of Individual and Organization-level Readiness to Implement PDSAs
 Kenworthy, Tara., Domlyn, Ariel., Imm, Pamela. and Philp, Joel.

Queen of Angels: Reimagining the “warrior” to liberate homelessness from a police-state in Los Angeles
 Orduna, Alisa.


Race, (anti)Immigration & Police Brutality in the U.S.: Centering the Political Subjectivities & Voices of Young People
 Fernandez, Jesica.

Racial Discrimination Experiences and Black Youth Adjustment: The Role of Parenting Profiles Based on Racial Socialization and Involved-vigilant Parenting
 Varner, Fatima., Hou, Yang., Hodzic, Tajma., Hurd, Noelle., Butler-Barnes, Sheretta. and Rowley, Stephanie.

Racial Oppression Analysis and Activism among Black Women: A Latent Class Approach
 Riddick, Kristen., Hope, Elan. and Pender, Kristen.

Rape Survivor Advocates with Lived Experience: Considerations in Disclosing Survivor Status to Clients and Staff
 Mihelicova, Martina., Hobgood, Hope. and Brown, Molly.

Re-Conceptualizing ‘Successful Aging’ from the Older Adults’ Vantage Point - A Public Deliberation
 Vaccarino, Oriana., Yen, Jeffery. and Wilson, Kimberley.

Readiness to Integrate Primary Care and Behavioral Health at a Federally Qualified Health Center
 Domlyn, Ariel., Kenworthy, Tara., Godly-reynolds, Erin., Scott, Victoria. and Wandersman, Abraham.

Receiving Community Service Increases Self-Esteem and Optimism, but not Life Satisfaction: A Longitudinal Study in a Low Income Spanish Speaking Sample
 Pichardo, Catherine. and Chaplin, William.

Redefining the “Red Zone”: A temporal and spatial analysis of sexual assault at HBCUs and PWIs
 Allen, Christopher.

Reducing Social Vulnerability to Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events: The Role of Risk Perception in a Social Environmental Context
 Hey, Brandon., Eady, Allison., Riemer, Manuel. and Wilson, Anne.

Reflection on DePaul University’s Undergraduate Concentration in CP
 Glantsman, Olya., RAMIAN, Katie., Lara, Jazmin. and Jason, Leonard.

Refugee Women and Employment
 Haarlammert, Miryam. and Birman, Dina.

Reimagining inclusion: Community participation amongst lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, and trans people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder
 Howison, Meg. and Pilling, Merrick.

Reintegration Matters: An Exploration of Youth Transition Experiences Following an Intensive, Residential Adventure-Based Program
 ., Mary Liya.

Relational labor among organizers: Implications for the measurement of empowerment
 Ellison, Erin.

Relative point of view about contextual factors influencing mental health
 Rioux, Marie-Eve., Grondin, Étienne., Mercurie, Mélanie., Barré, Anick., Laviolette, Zsolt., Poissant, Élaine., Pelletier, Jean-François. and Laporta, Marc.

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School-based Suicide Prevention Programs: Efficacy and Common Elements
 Smith-millman, Marissa. and Flaspohler, Paul.

Seeing the System You Want to Change: Simulation Modeling to Improve Implementation of Evidence Based Practices in a Complex Healthcare System
 London, Melissa.

Sense of Community Scale Development and Validation
 Jason, Leonard. and Stevens, Ed.

Sense of Community and Psychological Well-being Among Homeless Youth
 Stewart, Katricia. and Townley, Greg.

Service Learning as Violence Prevention in Faith-Based Settings: Creating a Sustainable Model for African-American Youth Exposed to Community Violence
 Dinizulu, Sonya.

Service-Learning That Works: The Role of Student Support
 Kozak, Kathryn. and Harkins, Debra.

Sex Education Needs of High School Students in Miami, FL
 Oberoi, Ashmeet.

Social Capital and Well-Being in Homeless Families
 Kerman, Nick., Sylvestre, John., Polillo, Alexia., Lee, Catherine., Czechowski, Konrad. and Aubry, Tim.

Social Class and Attitudes toward Poverty in a Diverse University
 Cattaneo, Lauren., Shor, Rachel., Gebhard, Kris., Hargrove, Stephanie. and Calton, Jenna.

Social Factors Associated with Sexual Decision Making
 Burash, Jessica., Swaminathan, Sindhia., Pratt, Mercedes., Waite, Tabitha. and Dubow, Eric.

Social Housing Communities as Educational Leaders
 Gardner, Morgan.

Social Identity Model of Collective Action in the context of the Umbrella Movement
 Tong, Alan., Chan, Randolph., Mak, Winnie. and Chan, Wing.

Social Identity Theory Predicts Behaviors and Attitudes Congruent With In-Group Identity
 Guerrero, Mayra. and Jason, Leonard.

Social Justice Bloggers: Activists or Slacktivists?
 Hartl Majcher, Jessica., Froemming, Maren., Jimenez, Viridiana. and Stein, Catherine.

Social Justice Warriors: Consciousness Raising on the Digital Front
 Hartl Majcher, Jessica., Roberts, Lindsey., Emley, Elizabeth. and Stein, Catherine.

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Taking Up the Call for Psychopolitical Education: Developing the ESOL Know Your Rights Tool Kit
 McGillen, Gloria.

Taking tikanga home: The integrative role of dynamic contemporary of New Zealand whānau Māori practices and the association to their children's school readiness
 Neha, Tia.

Teacher-Directed Violence: Impact on Teacher Mobility
 Peist, Eric. and McMahon, Susan.

Tenant organizing as community psychology practice: Where liberation, empowerment, and public policy intersect
 Hosler, Jennifer.

Testing Assumed Processes in a Multi-Component Youth Development Program
 Chapman, Cassandra.

The Achievements and Challenges of a Youth Empowerment Health Coalition
 Chavez, Noe.

The Activism Project (Social Science Abstract)
 Fernandez, Cecilee.

The Assertive Community Treatment Transition Readiness Scale© (ATR): A resource to support transition from Assertive Community Treatment to less intensive services
 LeFebvre, Andrea., Dare, Bill., Farrell, Susan. and Cuddeback, Gary.

The Attitudes and Reading Behaviors of Parents
 Siwierka, Julia., Lewis, Rhonda. and Ojeda, Deborah.

The Baby Books Intervention: Decreasing the Depressive Symptoms and Stress of Low-Income, First-Time Mothers
 Ochoa, Wendy. and Reich, Stephanie.

The Challenges of Capacity-Building for Child Protection Staff in Egypt
 Forden, Carie. and Saleh, Yasmine.

The Ecological Perspective of Hidden Barriers: How Health-Related Stereotype Threats affects LGBTQ Populations.
 Ojeda, Deborah. and Lewis, Rhonda.

The Ecoresilience of Intentional Communities
 Koziol, Carol.

The Education Engagement Partnership: using evidence to inform local youth work practice
 Ambry, Dallas. and Lawrence, Jessica.

The Effects of American and Ethnic Identity Formation on Emotional and Behavioral Problems
 Kaczkowski, Wojciech., Swartout, Kevin. and Chan, Wing.

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Unapologetically Black and Outspoken Christians: The Black Lives Matter Movement within African American Churches
 McField, Ariel., Adkins Weathersby, LaTrese., Bowles, Tuere. and Martin, Pamela.

Understanding Barriers that Prevent Post-secondary Students from Accessing Mental Health Services and An Evaluation of Two On-Campus Mental Health Campaigns
 Schmidt, Heather., Carrigan, Tess. and Vickers, Mark.

Understanding Black College Students’ Psychological Well-Being: A Cultural Asset Approach
 Lewis, Ciera.

Understanding Faculty and Staff Reactions to a University-Sponsored Implicit Bias Training
 Mekawi, Yara., Todd, Nathan., Boeh, Brett. and Heller, Wendy.

Understanding System Dynamics to Create System Change
 Mushiana, Swap.

Understanding the Impact of Evaluation for both Community Partners and Community Psychology Students
 Hernandez, Sarah., Bray, Emily., Suarez-balcazar, Yolanda. and Kraft, Amber.

Understanding the Integration of Foreign Educated Cuban Physicians in the U.S. Medical Field
 Moore, Wendy.

Unintended Consequences: Impacts of Home Buyout Programs on Non-Participating Adjacent Households
 Binder, Sherri Brokopp., Bender, Rose., Baker, Charlene., Barile, John., Weir, Paige. and Badillo, Emily.

Unleashing the Potential of Senior Centers: Toward Holism and Empowerment in Programming
 Hostetler, Andrew. and Hamilton, Chris.

Unpacking ‘Rape Culture’: What it means, how it is experienced, and why it matters
 Holland, Hope.

Using Evaluation to Support an Evolving Counselling Program for Frequent Emergency Department Users
 Jamshidi, Parastoo.

Using GIS Mapping to Measure Neighborhood Experiences, Community Violence Exposure, and Protective Community Assets Among Latino Youth
 Deane, Kyle., Richards, Maryse., Treering, David., Onyeka, Cynthia. and Rabadan, Edwin.

Using Intersectionality to Examine Mental Health Risk and Protective Factors Among Black Women
 Mihalski, Jaimelee. and Case, Andrew.

Using Research as a Tool for Transformative Policy Change: The Role of Evidence in Sustaining and Spreading the Housing First Model
 Macnaughton, Eric. and Nelson, Geoffrey.

Using Social Media for Social Change
 Athineos, Christina. and Harkins, Debra.

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Victimization and Suicidal Ideation Among LGBQ Youth and Students with Disabilities: An Examination of Intersecting Identities
 Grant, Nickholas., King, Matthew., Merrin, Gabriel. and Espelage, Dorothy.

Violence against women in video games: How is it related to players’ bystander behavior?
 Borgman, Robyn. and Swartout, Kevin.

Visualizing Racial Disparities in HIV Among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men in Chicago
 Mcconnell, Elizabeth., Janulis, Patrick., Phillips, Gregory., Mustanski, Brian. and Birkett, Michelle.

Voluntary Civic Engagement in Egypt; a Pathway to Employability?
 Fanous, Karen.


Walking through and being with nature: Meaning-making, benefits and community applications
 Freeman, Elizabeth. and Akhurst, Jacqueline.

What are the ways in which gender — and other elements of diversity — get embedded in community settings?
 Bond, Meg.

What do we talk about when talking about participation? Connecting SoC and Social Representations Theory
 Rochira, Alessia., De Simone, Evelyn. and Mannarini, Terri.

What makes a neighborhood? Examining the ways that urban youth interact with residential space
 Roy, Amanda.

What's There to Say About Those Little Libraries?
 Siwierka, Julia.

When Communities Respond: Transformative Justice and Community Accountability Approaches to Gender Violence
 Macquoid, Ahjane.

When Less IS More: The Rural Community College
 Phillips, Suzanne.

Why Hire Canadian Newcomers? A Knowledge Translation Project on the Social and Financial Benefits of Being a Diverse and Inclusive Organization
 Jassi, Ashna.

Why and how community psychologists may use policy briefs as tools to enhance social changes?
 Pigeon-Gagné, Émilie. and Saïas, Thomas.

Why is the Expertise-By-Experience Formed within Mutual Aid Groups Missing from the Conceptualization of Evidence-Based-Practices: A Challenge and Some Solutions
 Noorani, Tehseen. and Borkman, Thomasina.

Wolf Lost & Found: The Arts, Radical Imagination, and Human-Wildlife Co-Existence
 Grelock, Susan.

Women's Help-seeking and the Formal Systems Response to Violence against Women in India
 Menon, Suvarna. and Allen, Nicole.

Words matter: Constructing and communicating meaning and goals across diverse cultural contexts
 Pacheco, María., Rosales Modenessi, Claudia., Kilmer, Ryan., Gadaire, Andrew., Gil-Rivas, Virginia. and Quinlan, Margaret.

Working with Community-Based Health Care Providers to Prevent Domestic Violence: Why Should They Care About Gender Equity in Their Clinic?
 Selover, Brandy. and Siebold, Wendi.


Young Adults Accounts of Death of a Close Friend: Continuing Bonds and Digital Remembrance
 Stein, Catherine., Hartl Majcher, Jessica., Petrowski, Catherine., Gonzales, Sabrina., Mattei, Gina., Froemming, Maren., Dulek, Erin. and Benoit, Matthew.

Young Adults’ Aspirations and Lay Theories for Social Change: Examining Critical Civic Development in a Community-Based Leadership Program
 Pykett, Alisa. and Flanagan, Constance.

Young and Queer in San Bernardino: Reflections and Action
 McMullen, Sarah., Barriga, Martin., Maldonado, Raul., Marquez, Krystalyn., Rojas, Martin., Sanchez, Giovanni., Thompson, Jennifer. and Wollard, Marissa.

Youth Enlightening Research Methodology: Using Empowerment Evaluation to Inform Measurement of Youth Participatory Action Research
 Baker, Jack., Flaspohler, Paul. and Schwartz, Tammy.

Youth Involvement in Community Decision Making: A Requisite for Sustainable Youth and Overall Community Wellbeing in Rural Ghana
 MBAYIWA, KIMBERLEY., Olopade, Christopher. and Hulland, Kristyna.

Youth Participatory Action Research to Explore Complex Problems with Adolescents
 DeJonckheere, Melissa.

Youth health outcomes from the Connect-to-Protect Coalitions to prevent adolescent HIV infections
 Miller, Robin., Santiago-Rivera, Olga., Chiaramonte, Danielle. and Acevedo-Polakovich, Ignacio.

Youth personal and sociopolitical development: Reuniting the inseparable
 Watts, Roderick.

Youth transition to adulthood in a Mediterranean metropolitan city. Powerless attachment and affiliation desire
 Carbone, Agostino. and Arcidiacono, Caterina.

Youth-Adult Partnerships in Organizations: Contributions to Positive Youth Development
 Lucchesi, Micaela.

You’re doing what? Delphi study describing usual care for youth with autism and externalizing behaviors
 Stewart, Danielle., Gordon, Lindsey., Rauk, Leigh., Kerns, Connor., Rosen, Tamara., Marro, Bianca., Moskowitz, Lauren., Wainer, Allison., Soorya, Latha., Cohn, Elizabeth., Lerner, Matthew. and Drahota, Amy.
Biennial Conference of the Society for Community Research and Action 2017-Jun-20 to 2017-Jun-25
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