Southern Political Science Association 2012-Jan-11 to 2012-Jan-15

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"All the Body Politick": The Political Relevance of Bernard Mandeville's Early Fables
 O\'Bannon, Cameron.

"Clubs of Clubs'': A Networks Approach to the Logic of IGO Membership
 Lupu, Yonatan. and Greenhill, Brian.

"Nanny State" and the Return to Home: The Rhetoric of Economic Crisis
 Steele, Jamie.

"News They Can't Use": Chicago Dailies Framing of Corruption
 Davis, Leniece.

(Re)Drawing the African Map: A Critique of the Africa’s Secessionist Deficit Argument
 Ba, Oumar.

3C Analysis for Human Social Behavior: Which is More Empirically Predominant, Conflict, Cooperation, or Consensus?
 Meyer, John.

527 Committees and the Formal Parties
 Skinner, Richard.

'Lip Service' for Girls: Policy Implementation and Evaluation in the Juvenile Justice System
 Yon, Rachel.

 The Women's Movement and Foreign Aid: Current Assessments of Russian Civil Society
 Shabliy, Elena.

“Deudores” en Accion – The Use of Courts to Contest Credit Policies in Latin America
 Sanchez Urribarri, Raul.

“Governing” Transitions During Conflict: Decolonization, Counterinsurgency, and “Lessons Learned”
 Smitson, Scott.

“How Plain Language Affects Candidate Understanding of Campaign Finance Regulations.”
 Shepherd, Mary Jo.

“Man Up?” “Man Down?” Man Overboard? The New Male Identity and “Mascu-Lingo” of the 21st Century
 Ross, Jon.

“On Loss and War: Suicide in the American Military”
 Hill, Samantha.

“Political Networks in Bangladesh: A Test Case of the Rajshahi Region”
 Lippert, Owen. and Rahman, Ataur.

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A Bark Without a Bite? Why Bo Won’t Fetch Many Votes for Barack Obama in 2012
 Jacobsmeier, Matthew. and Lewis, Daniel.

A Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Hierarchical Model of Partisan Effects on Deindustrialization at the State Level
 Witko, Christopher. and Gill, Jeff.

A Behavioral Model of Asymmetric Retrospective Voting
 Kappe, Roland.

A Case Study of Dubai: Implications for Federalism, C.P.E, and IR
 Fuller, Clay.

A Case for Registering Political Studies: An Application in the 2010 House Elections
 Monogan, Jamie.

A Contextual Analysis of FM 3-24 and the Call for a New Counterinsurgency Theory
 Ellington, Sidney.

A Crisis of Opportunity: The Diversionary Implications of Conflict Diffusion
 Sanford, Amanda. and Wilson, Marissa.

A Deliberative Theory of Ethical Bargaining
 Miller, Joshua.

A Formal Model of International Litigation
 Carrubba, Cliff.

A Hierarchy of Values : Two Case Studies of Norms Influencing State Behavior
 Worth, Robert.

A Historical Analysis of State Government Bond Ratings From 1970-2002: Convergence, Collusion, or Confusion?
 Collins, Brian.

A Landmark Left Un-Covered? State & Local Newspaper Coverage of West Coast Hotel v. Parrish
 Knowles, Helen.

A Less Partisan State of the Union?
 Freund, Elizabeth.

A Measurement Model for Synthesizing Multiple Comparative Indicators: The Case of Judicial Independence
 Linzer, Drew. and Staton, Jeffrey.

A Modern “Team of Rivals”: Internal vs. Parallel Competitive Staffing Structures in the Obama Administration
 Harder, William.

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Back to the Black Belt Again
 McKee, Seth. and Springer, Melanie.

Backlash as Policy Diffusion: Anti-Gay Marriage Amendments in the Wake of the Supreme Court's Ruling in Lawrence v. Texas
 Murib, Zein.

Balancing "Latino" Identities: The Effects of National Origin, Racial, Pan-Ethnic and American Identities
 Jensen, Grace.

Barriers to Democracy in the EU Neighborhood? A Network Approach
 McGrath, Erin.

Better to Have Litigated and Lost than Never to Have Litigated at All
 Gambitta, Richard.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Southern District Court Judges’ Use of Precedent
 Moyer, Laura. and Williams, Jerel.

Beyond Bracing for the Next Wave: Toward a Global Prohibition Regime Against Transnational Terrorism
 Worth, Robert.

Beyond Ideology: Examining Polarization using Political Outgroup Rating
 Myers, Brandon.

Beyond Natural Law Talk
 McCormick, Bill.

Bio-fuels, Droughts, Fires, Floods and Market Speculation: Exploring Agricultural Price Volatility and its Global Consequences.
 Kauffman, Brenda.

Black Group Consciousness Across Nation-State Boundaries: Advanced Marginalization, Linked Fate, and Diasporic Authentication
 Hayes, Robin. and Greer, Christina.

Booker T. Washington’s Education for Freedom
 Jagmohan, Desmond.

Born Digital: Using Media Technology in the Political Science Classroom
 Mancillas, Linda. and Brusoe, Peter.

Breakdowns and Supreme Court in Argentina and Brazil: Trajectories of Institutional Change (1930-1985).
 del Rio, Andres.

Breaking News: The Effects of Media Choice and News Urgency on Public Attitudes Toward Congress
 Forgette, Richard., Morris, Jonathan. and Platt, Glenn.

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Cabinet Instability in Poland and Russia: The Impact on Economic Transition in the 1990s
 Romine, Jennifer.

Campaigning With Class: The Effect of Candidate Social Class on Voter Evaluations
 Sadin, Meredith.

Campaigns and the Mitigation of Framing Effects on Voting Behavior
 Binder, Michael., Childers, Matthew. and Johnson, Natalie.

Can All Christians be Good Americans? 19th Century Roman Catholics and Presbyterians in Doubt
 Wedgeworth, Steven.

Can States ‘Bury the Hatchet’?: How Conflict Termination Affects Trade Resumption
 Dryden, Jacob.

Candidate Religiosity and Electoral Support: An Experimental Assessment
 Castle, Jeremiah., Layman, Geoffrey., Campbell, David. and Green, John.

Caribbean Politics In New York City: Subgroups Matter
 Ginsberg, Beth.

Cartoons with a view?
 Pfetzer, Emily., Kirzinger, Ashley. and Christensen, Britt.

Catholic Social Teaching and American Political Development: Fr. John Ryan and the American Welfare State
 Stoner, James.

Cementing Rules and Norms on the Arkansas Court of Appeals
 Hacker, Hans. and Blake, William.

Centralization and Decentralization in Nicaragua: Subnational Contributions to Democratization
 Anderson, Leslie.

Centrifugal Forces of Patronage Politics and Their Impacts on Party Nationalization
 Lee, Helen.

Challenges to Democratic Consolidation in Southeast Asia: A Case Study of Cambodia
 Bhagat, Renu.

Citizen Attitudes Toward Legislative Bargaining Procedures
 Lazarus, Jeffrey.

Citizen Attitudes and Civic Participation in African Local Goverment
 Krawczyk, Kelly.

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Dealing with Dead Zones: Sustainability Concerns, Policy Frameworks, and the Problem of Hypoxia
 Morris, Mary.

Decolonization as Democratic Self-Formation in Franz Fanon's Work
 Jagmohan, Desmond.
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Deficit at the Ballot Box: How Informal Institutions Keep Islamist Parties at Bay
 Lindamood, Holly.

Defining North Korea’s Political System: Implications for Foreign Policy
 Woo, Jongseok.

Delegation and Compliance in the United Nations Human Rights Council
 Draguljic, Gorana.

Deliberate (In)Discretion? Political Corruption and the Determinants of Discretionary Policy-Making
 Loftis, Matthew.

Deliberation as a Game of Giving and Asking for Reasons
 Minozzi, William., Neblo, Michael. and Siegel, David.

Democracy and Public Knowledge. An Issue for Social Indicators
 Parra Saiani, Paolo.

Democracy, Policy, and Inequality: Efforts and Consequences in the Developing World
 Yi, Dae Jin. and Woo, Jun Hee.

Democratic Repression of Non-Violent Islamist Groups and the Migration of Radicalized Activists
 Vining, Peter.

Democratic Stabilization and Economic Voting: A Case Study of South Korea Focusing on the 2007 Presidential Election
 Lee, Sophie.

Democratization and Globalization in Former Soviet States: Access to Global Information Flows
 Rosca, Alla.

Democratizing Disability: Grounding Equality in Our Shared Vulnerability
 Knight, Amber.

Demographic Change and Voting Patterns for Black Statewide Candidates
 Lee, Jongho., Boeckelman, Keith. and Day, Jonathan.

Descartes' Winter's Tale
 Warner, Stuart.

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Early Mass Pardons and the Presidential Rhetoric of Reconciliation
 Dodds, Graham.

Early Voting: Does it Mobilize or is it Just a Convenience?
 Shafer, Rebecca.

Economic Development Strategy and City Leadership: Central-City, Suburban and Rural Community Leaders in Texas
 Vanderleeuw, James., Sowers, Thomas., Sides, Jason., Davis, Terri. and Pennington, Michael.

Effect of Role Choice Orientation on Female Communication Effectiveness in the Public Paid Work Setting
 Purcell, Margaret.

Effect of Undocumented Hispanic Immigrant Population on Voter Turnout Based on Voting Age Population
 Alfonso, Brittany.

Effective Parties and Voter Choice: Revisiting Sociotropic and Pocketbook Voting
 Acree, Brice.

Effects of Judicial Attitudes on Human Rights Cases Under the U.S. Alien Tort Claims Act
 Burnside, Ashley.

Effects of Legislative Professionalization on Legislator Attitudes and Behavior
 Edelstein, Alexandra., Lasley, Scott. and Turner, Joel.

Effects of Prior Atrocities and International Intervention on Truth and Reconciliation Commissions
 McQuaid, Thomas.

Efficiency Requires Fairness: Evidence from an Experiment
 Kang, Myunghoon.

Electing or Appointing Public Utility Regulators? : The Politics of Institutional Choice on PUC Regulatory Regimes, 1955-2010
 Kim, Junseok.

Electing the President: A Monte Carlo Comparison of Plurality Rule and The Electoral College.
 Dougherty, Keith.

Elections, Policy Availability, and Mediation: Substitutability of Diplomacy
 Todhunter, James.

Electoral Rules and Their Effects on Elite Recruitment
 Altuglu, Murat.

Electoral Systems and Volatility: Evidence from Russia's Ethnically-Based Regions
 Rybalko, Mikhail. and Robbins, Joseph.

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FTAs and Development: The Case of Chile
 Huelshoff, Michael.

Facebook: The Electoral Connection
 Auter, Zachary. and Fine, Jeff.

Failure of Social Contract and Ethnic Conflict
 Panwar, Namrata.

Familial Government: Monarchies and American Political Development
 McDonagh, Eileen.

Family Man?: The Natural Bases for the Family in Rousseau’s Second Discourse and Emile
 Cook, Benjamin.

Family Ties: Diasporas and their Influence on Civil Conflict
 Miller, Gina.

Fangs for the Memories: Stoker's Dracula and its Filmic Incarnations as Cultural Palimpsests and Political Barometers
 Williamson, Justin.

Far-Sighted Minority Governments: The Rationality of Self-Enforcing Coalitions
 Bassi, Anna.

Female Heads of State/Government
 Fisher, Sarah.

Fifty Interest Groups: The U.S. States in the Intergovernmental Lobby
 Creek, Heather.

Filtering the Filterers: Wisconsin and Media Bias
 Ross, Jon.

Fishing, Food Security and Piracy: Comparing East and West Africa
 Biziouras, Nikolaos. and Probasco, Emelia.

Forecasting State-Level Outcomes in the 2012 Presidential Election
 Gurian, Paul-Henri. and Cann, Damon.

Forecasting the 2012 Presidential Election with the Fiscal Model
 Cuzan, Alfred.

Foreign Christian Influence In Developing World Domestic Social Policy
 Harrison, William.

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Game Changer: The Politics of Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania
 Atherton, Michelle. and Lehman, Daniel.

Garbage and the Machine
 Sullivan, Kathleen. and Strach, Patricia.

Gatekeeping Trust: A New Media Trust Measure That Moderates Agenda Cue-Taking and Agenda Reasoning
 Pingree, Ray., Quenette, Andrea., Tchernev, John. and Dickinson, Ted.

Gauging the Impact of Ethnicity on the Expression of Gender By Congresswomen in the 111th & 112th Congresses
 Kress, Adam.

Gender Differences in Political Behavior during the 2010 Mid-Term Elections
 Swain, Randall.

Gender Discrimination in Media Coverage: Four Case Studies of National-Level Female Politicians
 Shastri, Anand.

Gender Inequality and Terrorism: An Analysis of the Effects of Socioeconomic Gender Gaps on Domestic Terrorism
 Dumas, Jennifer.

Gender Roles and Gender Differences in Politics
 McDermott, Monika.

Gender and Perceptions of State Legislators
 Reyes-Barriéntez, Alicia. and Ayee, Gloria.

Gender and Representation: The Structure of Gender Cosponsorship Networks
 Clark, Jennifer. and Caro, Veronica.

Gender and the Politics of Response to Climate Change
 Fisher, Sarah.

Gender, Campaigns, and Organizational Culture: The Case of the 1992 Clinton Presidential Campaign
 Sebold, Karen., Dowdle, Andrew. and Parry, Janine.

Gendered Presentations of Self in Congressional Elections
 Rohr, Lia.

Generation Meme: Social Networking and the Conception of Self
 Kiernan, Matthew.

Getting Answers Without Asking Questions: The Practicality of an Auditory IAT
 Hedrick, James. and Ksiazkiewicz, Aleksander.

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HHS Departmental Appeals Board: Protecting Institutional Interests
 Sievert, Jacqueline. and Boston, Joshua.

Harvesting Hope and Change? The Politics of Food and the Obama Administration
 Lester, Julie.

Heidegger and Strauss on the Prephilosophical
 Duff, Alexander.

Hoping for the Best, Unprepared for the Worst
 Fox, Justin.

How Does Political "Control" Depend on Trust? Examining Bureaucratic Discretionary Effort
 Resh, William.

How Electoral Incentives Shape Women’s Legislative Behavior: Evidence from the Argentine Provinces
 Barnes, Tiffany.

How Good is Your Network? The Effect of Network Quality on Organizational Outcomes
 Capers, K. Juree.

How Have Maritime Casualties Been Effectively Controlled in the Straits of Malacca?
 Jeong, Kevin (Keunsoo).

How International Shame Affects Citizens’ Perceptions of Their Own Government’s Human Rights Practices
 Ausderan, Jacob.

How Intra-Cabinet Variation Conditions Perceptions of Government Parties
 Fortunato, David. and Adams, James.

How Moral Disagreement Shapes Trait Attributions
 Clifford, Scott.

How National Ideas Shape Foreign Policy in Malaysia
 Yu, Ya-Wen.

How Organizations’ Investment in Political Lobbying Departments Affects Policy: A Signalling Model
 Wolton, Stephane.

How Party Polarization Affects the Relationship between Party Control and Presidential Success Differently in the House and Senate
 Bond, Jon., Fleisher, Richard. and Cohen, Jeffrey.

How Will The Wolf Survive? Reform or Repression and the Survival of Political Leaders Facing Domestic Challenges from 1945 to 2000
 Garrison, Steve. and Lowe, Daniel.

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Ideas, Networks, and Educational Policy: A Case Study
 Miranda, Dayse.

Identifying a Network and its Effects
 Patty, John. and Penn, Elizabeth.

Identifying with the South
 Dickey, John.

Identity and Trust in Government in the US
 Martin, David.

Immigration and the Evolution of the Welfare State in Western Democracies
 Xu, Ping.

Immigration in Films: A Reflection of Changing Reality?
 Momen, Mehnaaz.

Improving the Likelihood of Successful Policy Outcomes: A Theory of Policy Diffusion Policy Analysis
 Stoutenborough, James. and Oxley, Douglas.

In Perception We Trust: Public Opinion of Deception Cue Use in Politicians
 Haglin, Kathryn.

In Pursuit of Liberty or Conformity: Authoritarian Values, Perceived Threat, and Social Norms
 Gutting, Raynee. and Velez, Yamil.

In the Crosshairs: Second Amendment Cases in State Supreme Courts
 Taylor, III, Harry.

Incentives to Vote, Political Preferences and Information: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Peru
 Leon, Gianmarco.

Income and Democratic Citizenship: A Multilevel Reassessment
 Kennedy, Ryan.

Incumbents before the Circus: Presidents & Convention Nominating Speeches
 Cobetto, Joseph.

Individual vs. Societal Responsibility: The Root of Partisan and Ideological Conflict
 Brewer, Mark. and Stonecash, Jeff.

Industry, Initiative, and Independence: Tocqueville on Liberty and the Taste for Material Well-Being
 Vosburg, Sarah Beth.

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Jamahiriya: A Theory of Radical Democracy
 Brown, Justin.

Jefferson County, AL’s Sewage System Debt Crisis: Magical Municipal Financing and Its Implications
 Rosell, Ellen., Sun, Feng. and Reese, Catherine.

Jobs, Re-election, and Mobilization: The Congressional Political Economy of Firm Location
 Moore, Ryan., Powell, Eleanor. and Reeves, Andrew.

John Stuart Mill and the Problem of Leadership in Modern Democratic Societies
 Thompson, Drew.

John W. Burgess, the Racial State, and the Origins of U.S. Political Science
 Blatt, Jessica.

Judges on TV: Candidates and Role Orientation
 Wood, Frederick. and Duff, Jeremy.

Judicial Decision Making and the Supreme Court: The “Judge Mention” Effect
 Wallander, Zachary.

Judicial Elections in Texas 1988-2008
 Monroe, Billy.

Judicial Selection and Institutional Legitimacy: A Framework
 Gill, Rebecca.

Justice and Commerce in Republic, Book I
 Baily, Alan.

Justice and Happiness in the Nicomachean Ethics
 Guest, James.

Justice and Political Education in Shakespeare’s "King Lear"
 Nee, Laurence.

Justice in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
 Arnn, Kathleen.

Justices’ Right Hands: Influence, Ideology, and Law Clerks on the U.S. Supreme Court
 Bryan, Amanda.


Katrina+6: What Have We Learned?
 Howell, John.

Knowledge and Error in Plato's Theatetus
 Blake, Jane Louise.

Knowledge, Accountability, and Congressional Roll-Call Voting
 Wilson, James.


Land Conflict and Religious Conversion in Rondonia, Brazil
 Johansen, Amber.

Latinos and Political Sophistication
 Leal, David. and Ibarra, Joanne.

Leadership Tenure, Coalition Size and the Logic of Ethnic Exclusion
 Choi, Hyun Jin.

Lean on Us: Public Managers and Representation for Nonprofit Services
 Thomas, Breanca.

Learning or Projecting? Issue Voting or Rationalizing? The Role of Issue Importance
 Henderson, Michael.

Leaving the Working Class Out of the Conversation? Class, Legislative Entrepreneurship, and Economic Agenda Control in Congress
 Carnes, Nicholas.

Legal Dimensions of Assisted Reproduction
 Shapiro, Julie.

Legal Doctrine and Self Imposed Constraint: Exploring the Politics of Stare Decisis
 Craig, McKinzie.

Legalization of Personal Integrity Rights and Public Opposition to the State
 Hill, Daniel.

Legalization of Personal Integrity in International and Domestic Law
 Hill, Daniel.

Legislative Apportionment in Southern Politics: Structured Induced Equilibrium in District Magnitude
 Brierly, Allen.

Legislative Behaviour in an Emerging Consociational Democracy:
 Conley, Richard. and Dahan, Charles.

Legislative Institutions and Pareto Efficiency
 Ragan, Robi.

Legislators and Parties: Examining Discipline in the Multi-Level Party Structure of the European Parliament
 Aldrich, Andrea.

Lesotho:A Peculiar Case of Environmental Justice
 Gordon, Frederick.

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Machiavelli and Spontaneous Order
 Turner, Brandon.

Machiavelli on the Malleability of Human Nature
 Black, Jeff.

Mad Money: Television News and Economic Anger
 Kirzinger, Ashley., Weber, Chris. and Goidel, Kirby.

Magnified: Citations of Foreign and International Law
 Yankle, Allyson.

Maintaining Central Power in China: One-Party Rule in the Post-Tiananmen Square Era
 Rosenbaum, George.

Maintaining Intra-Party Cohesion: Examining Unrecorded Amending Activity
 Madonna, Anthony., Owens, Mark. and Gelman, David.

Majority Party Power and Procedural Motions
 Smith, Steven., Ostrander, Ian. and Pope, Chris.

Making it Personal: Female Students and Running for Political Office
 Greenlee, Jill. and VanSickle-Ward, Rachel.

Management of the Supreme Court
 Ura, Joseph. and Flink, Carla.

Management of water systems and the uses of climate data
 Case, Carl.

Managing Change: A Bayesian Approach to Organizational Buffering
 Zhu, Ling. and Meier, Ken.

Managing Education Performance: A Look at Outside Intervention
 Rutherford, Amanda.

Manipulating the Individual: How Parties Use Ideology to Draw Support
 Walls, Stephanie.

Mapping the Delegation Process to the IAEA on Establishing Nuclear Power Safety Regulations
 Binette, Aja.

Mapping the Dual Legacy of Deconstructive Feminism
 Taylor, Liza.

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Narratives, Demolitions, and Identity: How the Demolition Mission (Re)Constructed the Lower 9th Ward’s Identity
 Hatcher, Laura., Strother, Logan., Burnside, Randolph. and Hughes, Donald.

National Leaders, Political Security, and Interstate Coalitions
 Wolford, Scott. and Ritter, Emily.

National Party Strategies in Local Elections: A Theory and Some Evidence from the Israeli Case
 Nachmias, David., Rosenthal, Maoz. and Zubida, Hani.

Natural Law and Right in "The Spirit of the Laws"
 Samuel, Ana.

Natural Law in American Constitutional Jurisprudence
 Stuart, Kevin.

Natural Science and Political Science: Jefferson's Views on Slavery in "Notes on Virginia"
 Gish, Dustin. and Klinghard, Daniel.

Navigating Between the Two Dependencies: Regional Supplier Network Development of Chinese Automotive State-Owned Enterprises
 Oh, Seung-Youn.

Nearer My True Self to Thee: Rousseau's New Spirituality
 Cooper, Laurence.

Negotiating an Islamic Identity in Moroccan Public School Curriculum
 Witulski, Ann.

Neighborhood Walkability and House Prices
 Barrilleaux, Charles., Boyle, Austin. and Scheller, Daniel.

Network Centrality of Obama and His Cabinet Members as Predictors of Job Approval Over Time
 Cepela, Noah. and Danowski, James.

Networks and Considerations of Candidate Electability
 Sokhey, Anand.

Nominating Toward the Middle: The Ideological Relationship Between Presidents and the Supreme Court Justices they Appoint.
 Glennon, Colin.

Non-Profit Networking Effectiveness: The Impact of Networking Frequency and the Nature of Network Relationships in Non-Profit Organizations
 Johansen, Morgen. and LeRoux, Kelly.

Nonvoters: Are They Who We Think They Are?
 Hilty, Emily.

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Obama: the State Legislator People Vote Against
 Rogers, Steve.

Obstacles to Building Democracy Abroad
 Petkis, Stephen.

Odd vs. Even: Assessing the Impact of Timing on U.S. Mayoral Elections
 Mitchell, Joshua. and Toner, Brendan.

On Book IV of Plato's Laws
 Hoffpauir, Mike.

On CPG, Polarization, and the Measurement Thereof
 Sparks, David.

On Legitimacy and Violence: A Normative and Empirical Inquiry into Neopatrimonialism
 Vaidya, Ashish.

On Trust, It’s a Matter of Religion: The Effect of Religion on Political Trust
 Taylor, James. and Hall, Precious.

On the Side-Effects of Introducing E-Voting
 Llewellyn, Morgan.

One-Stop to Victory? North Carolina, Obama, and the 2008 Presidential Election
 Carlsen, Paul., Owens, Mark., Hood, Trey., Joiner, Perry. and Bullock, Justin.

Opening It Up to the Masses: Teaching Women and Politics as a Large Enrollment General Education Class
 Holman, Mirya.

Optimal Voting Rules for Contracts and Agreements
 Montagnes, B Pablo.

Opting Out of Patrimonialism? An Empirical Analysis of The Impact of Decentralized Service Delivery on Sub-national Electoral Politics in Post-conflict Sierra Leone
 Larizza, Marco.

Our Providential Mission: The Shifting of America’s Hebraic Narrative
 Moots, Glenn.

Overcoming Fiscal Gridlock: Institutions and Budget Bargaining
 Phillips, Justin. and Klarner, Carl.

Overconfidence in Political Economy
 Snowberg, Erik.


Parties and non-Partisans: Party Formation in Post-Conflict Democracies
 Omar, Marina.

Parties, Elections and Anti-Government Protests in Latin America (1978-2010)
 Su, Yen-Pin.

Partisan Differentiation via Parliamentary Speech
 Fortunato, David.

Partisan News, Partisan Agendas: The Persistence of Agenda-Setting Effects in a New Media Environment
 Smith, Glen. and Searles, Kathleen.

Partisan 'Get Out The Vote' Effectiveness (A Field Experiment)
 Lenoir, Brandon.

Partisanship, Economic Conditions, and Responsibility: Using Experiments to Determine Causal Directions
 Nawara, Steven.

Party Allocation Decisions and Candidate Characteristics: Who Gets What and Why
 Baker, Anne.

Party Brand Images and Partisan Tides
 Jones, David.

Party Competition, Turnover and Professionalism in U.S. State Legislatures
 Kim, Yong Jae.

Party Identification and Vote Choice in Partisan and Nonpartisan Judicial Elections
 Bonneau, Chris. and Cann, Damon.

Party Leadership Selection in Parliamentary Democracies
 So, Florence.

Party Organizations and the Congressional Agenda
 Waugh, Andrew.

Party Over Pulpit: The Cross-Pressured Religious Voter
 Schmidt, Eric.

Party Position Change on Gay Rights
 Karol, David.

Party Size Effects on Party Strategy in Western Europe
 Williams, Michelle. and Schmuck, Jeremy.

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Race and Resources Versus Excellence and Exams: Explaining Changing Party Positions on Education Policy
 Wolbrecht, Christina. and Hartney, Michael.

Race, Gender, and the Modern White Supremacy Movement: The Intersection of “Isms” and Organized Racist Groups
 McVey, Sarah.

Race, Religion, and Ambivalence Toward Same Sex Marriage: Voter Choice on State Ballot Initiatives
 Hines, Mark.

Racial Heterogeneity and Public Expenditure in the U.S. States: A Longitudinal Analysis
 Lee, Soomi.

Rawlsian Burdens of Judgment, Religion, and American Politics
 Wiseman, Christopher.

Reactionaries, Rational Actors, and Position Taking on Supreme Court Nominees
 Vining, Richard., Steigerwalt, Amy. and Trochesset, Allison.

Rebel Group Interdependence and the Duration of Civil War
 Metternich, Nils. and Wucherpfennig, Julian.

Rebel Recruitment, Rebel Finance and Civil War Duration
 Hardt, Brian.

Recession as a Window of Opportunity for Public Sector Recruitment
 Zehavi, Amos. and Mandelbaum, Ron.

Reconceptualizing Dyadic Peace: Politically Similar States do not Fight Each Other
 Ziogas, Ioannis.

Rediscovering the Tocquevillian Impulse: Local Politics and American Democratic Practice
 Fortner, Michael.

Redistribution and Corruption in Peru's Turn to the Left
 Kenney, Charles.

Redistributive Welfare in J.S. Mill’s 'On Liberty' and Justifications Thereof
 Towery, Matthew.

Redistricting and Incumbent Types: Which Legislators Are More Vulnerable to an Adverse Gerrymander?
 Yoshinaka, Antoine. and Murphy, Chad.

Reflections on Strauss and Heidegger: Socratic Skepticism and the Problem of History
 Velkley, Richard.

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Same Hymnal, Different Hymns: Variations of Pro-Life Frames in the 2010 Affordable Care Act
 Zeigler, Sara., Halva-Neubauer, Glen. and Zientek, Mark.

Save Haven or Facilitator, the Influence of Legislative Professionalism on Representation
 Rugeley, Cynthia.

Says Who? Moral Epistemology and the Mainsprings of Political Beliefs
 Gibson, M.. and Hare, Christopher.

Schooling and Attitudes toward Redistribution in the United States
 Bullock, John.

Scoring from Contests
 Penn, Elizabeth. and Schnakenberg, Keith.

Scrutinizing Statesmen: Lincoln's Understanding of Henry Clay and Stephen Douglas
 Alecusan, George.

Security Governance at Regional Level: The Case of Nuclear Proliferation
 Guney, Nursin.

Selective Party Response to Public Preferences: An Analysis of Party Policy Change in Ten Western European Countries
 Somer-Topcu, Zeynep.

Semiotics and Aesthetics for the Political Philosopher: An Analysis of Bertolt Brecht’s Life of Galileo
 Squiers, Anthony.

Seniority and Party Cohesion in the Romanian and US House of Representatives
 Hu, Weiwei. and Branduse, Diana.

Serving Many Masters: Principal-Agent Theory and Cooperative Sustainability
 Staples, Peter.

Shifting Rationales: The Effect of Compulsory Voting Laws on Voter Turnout Decisions
 Maldonado, Arturo.

Signaling Terrorist Intentions
 Wilson, Christopher.

Signing Statements and the Unitary Executive Theory: Obama, Bush, and the Constitution
 Crouch, Jeffrey. and Rozell, Mark.

Size, Structural Complexity and Administrative Intensity: The Case of UK Universities
 Andrews, Rhys. and Boyne, George.

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TV Did Not Kill the Radio Star: The Political Effect of Talk Radio
 Schulze, Corina.

Taking Matters into Their Own Hands: Presidents' Personality Traits and Executive Orders
 Gallagher, Maryann. and Blackstone, Bethany.

Taking a First Look into How Political Parties are Using Facebook
 Steinberg, Alan.

Taking a New Perspective to Latino Attitudes: Examining the Effects of Skin Color and Contact on Latino Perceptions of Commonality and Competition with Whites and Blacks
 Wilkinson, Betina. and Earle, Emily.

Targeting the Public: Executive Orders and the Unilateral Presidency
 Warber, Adam.

Tea Party Trickster Resonates the 2010 Midterm Elections: Newspapers' Crafting of the Palin Myth
 LaPoe, Ben. and Broussard, Jinx.

Teaching Authentically: Assessing Student Learning When Using ‘Authentic’ Texts in the American Government Classroom
 Albert, Craig. and Ginn, Martha.

Term Limits: Keeping Incumbents in Office
 Rogers, Steve.

Terrorism in the Islamic World: A Quantitative Analysis
 Berna, Dustin.

Textbook Methodology: Undergraduate Research Methods as Depicted in Textbooks
 Lawrence, Christopher.

The "Young Turks" and the Professionalization of the Louisiana Legislature
 Sirgo, Henry.

The 2010 Gubernatorial Election in South Carolina
 Knuckey, Jonathan.

The American Internet Voter: Primary Elections and Voter Informedness
 Hall, Thad. and Sinclair, Betsy.

The Atlanta Public Schools Test Cheating Scandal: Implications for Organizational Reputation
 Smith, Robert.

The Biden Vice Presidency: Perpetuating Influence or Restoring Historical Insignificance?
 Yon, Richard.

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US Cyber Security Policy: Keeping the Open Door Internet
 Kiggins, Ryan.

Unbundling Tasks in Political Agency Framework
 Ashworth, Scott. and Bueno de Mesquita, Ethan.

Uncertainty about Relative Power and War
 Fey, Mark.

Unconventional Political Participation as Supplements to Party Politics
 Hwang, Sunghye.

Understanding the Effect of Extreme Media on Attitudes and Information Processing
 Taylor, James.

Understanding the Gap between Citizen Expectation and Actual Performance of E-Government: The Case of China
 Zhang, Jian-Chuan.

Uneven Democracy: Human Rights in Presidential and Parliamentary Systems
 Partin, Daniel.

Unlikely Allies: The logic of national toleration of subnational authoritarian regimes
 Rebolledo, Juan.

Unorthodox Power: Conference Committees and Policy Outcomes
 Alexander, Brian.

Unpacking Reputational Power: Which Actors are Considered as Powerful, and Why?
 Fischer, Manuel.

Unrealized Partisan Rervisited
 Steinberg, Alan. and Tedin, Kent.

Ushering in a New Era of Oppression: American Policy and its Impact on Women Internationally
 Wellman, Heather.

Using ‘Words as Data’ to Estimate Supreme Court Nominees’ Ideology
 Owens, Ryan., Tahk, Alexander. and Wedeking, Justin.


Veterans and Americansim in Health Care Reform in the 1940s and 1950s
 Yamagishi, Takakazu.

Volatile Food: Predicting Civil Conflict Onset through Food Security
 Murph-Schwarzer, Ashley.

Voluntarism and Associative Political Obligations
 Song, Edward.

Voter Learning About Candidate Characteristics: A Lab Experiment
 Kearney, Matthew. and Fernandez-Vazquez, Pablo.

Voter Registration Laws and the Problem of Low Voter Turnout
 Cole, Jeffrey.

Voters in Context: Attitudes, Socialization, and Elections
 Nelson, James.

Voters’ Reactions to Economic Crises and Government Turnovers
 Yanai, Yuki.

Voting Behavior in an Unstable Party System: Colombia 2006, 2010
 Botero, Sandra.

Voting on Marriage: Direct Democracy and Gay Marriage
 Gracey, Jessica.


War Before the Floor: Committee Leaders, Preferences and Parties in the U.S. House
 Collens, Jack.

War, Gender, and the Polarization Process: Gender as an Intervening Variable in Attitude Formation Toward Outgroups
 Dawson, Kristen.

Was the Rehnquist Court Really Conservative
 Masood, Ali. and Songer, Donald.

What Does Queer Theory Teach Us About Intersectionality?
 Duong, Kevin.

What Drives Preference Formation and Survey Response for Moderates?
 Jackson, Natalie.

What Ever Happened to the Pocket Veto?
 Franklin, Daniel.

What Factors Can Facilitate Cooperation on Environmental Problems in Northeast Asia?
 Lee, Miji.

What God hath Joined Together: Neoliberals, Evangelicals, and the Neoconservative Blessings of Bush 43
 Walsh, Catherine.

What Traits Do Citizens Want Public Bureaucracies to Possess in Democratic Societies?
 Choi, Seo Youn.

What do Voters Know about Cabinet Formation?
 Fortunato, David., Stevenson, Randolph. and Spiegelman, Andrew.

What is “Humanity”?: Eric Voegelin and Pierre Manent on the Uses and Abuses of a Concept
 Shelley, Trevor.

What the History of the Concept of Dignity Implies for its Current Status
 Stacey, Simon.

What's in Your Wallet? Citizen Investors and the Origins of the Two Recoveries
 Rahn, Wendy. and Chen, Philip.

What's the Matter with Arizona?
 Masket, Seth. and Miller, Michael.

When Clashes Spur Rules: Domestic Politics of Sovereign Wealth Funds Institutionalization
 Wang, Di.

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You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure: The United Nations and Peacekeeping Efficacy.
 Sanchez, Alfonso. and Payan, Tony.
Southern Political Science Association 2012-Jan-11 to 2012-Jan-15
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