Southern Political Science Association 2013-Jan-02 to 2013-Jan-06

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"A Helping Hand? When Women are in Charge do They Advance Women?"
 Bozeman, Barry. and Su, Xuhong.

"And the Medal Goes To...": The Politics of the Presidential Medal of Freedom
 Kopko, Kyle., McClellan, Fletcher., Devine, Christopher., Casey, Jillian. and Ward, Julia.

"Blues for Mama": Resisting Black Women’s Dislocation from Jazz and Politics
 Gregory, Sarita.

"E-Campaigning and Participation in the 2012 Election”
 Gibson, Rachel., Cutts, David. and Cantijoch, Marta.

"Flaming and Blaming in the 2012 Presidential Election: An Experimental Analysis”
 Calfano, Brian.

"International Human Rights in American Law"
 Simon, Stephen.

"PAC Contributions and Roll Calls: A Case Study on the 2008 Emergency Economic Stabilization Act"
 Gendal, Joshua.

"Pushing Back Neoliberal Agendas via Women's Coalitional Lobbying"
 Woliver, Laura.

"The Persistence and Survival of Campaign Controversies in Blog and Mainstream Media Coverage”
 Gruszczynski, Michael.

(Dis)Ableism in John Locke's Liberalism
 Knight, Amber.

[Re]Framing Masculinity and the “Epidemic of Suicides”: Analyzing Gendered Outreach to Afghan/Iraq War Veterans
 Ross, Jon.

'The Art of Rhetoric' as Civic Education
 DiLeo, Daniel.

``Party-talk: rhetoric and party cohesion in 19th century Britain''
 Moser, Scott., Scott, James. and Sun, Liang.

“An Examination of the ‘Evolving Standards of Decency Doctrine’ During The Warren Court: The Case of Criminal Procedure”
 Hermann, John.

“Comfucianism”: the New Theory of the CCP’s Political Legitimacy in China
 Zhang, Wanfa. and Sun, Feng.

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A Butleresque Concept of Agency in Relation to Sex-Workers
 Kallock, Sara.

A Critical Test of Habitual Voting: Tracking Mobilized Voters in Future Elections
 Shineman, Victoria.

A Cross-National Analysis of Gender Effects on Judicial Outcomes
 Masood, Ali. and Songer, Donald.

A Dynamic Model of Endogenous Political Power
 Jeon, Jee Seon.

A Hawk for a Hawk: Why Leaders Choose Foreign Policy Advisors with Similar Personal Characteristics
 Ausderan, Jacob.

A League of Their Own, or How City Mayors Form Inter-City Relationships
 Howell, Matthew.

A Look at Housing Corporations Doing Performance Management
 Sussman, Steve. and Loutzenhiser, Kirsten.

A Man's Gun is his Castle?: Reexamining the Implications of Incorporating the Second Amendment
 Christensen, Colin.

A Missing Link in International Politics: The UNSC, International Organizations, and Cooperation in IR Theory.
 Wilford, Allan. and Wilson, Christopher.

A Model of Multi-Party Factional Competition: The AOT Model and Solution
 Brierly, Allen.

A Non-Gendered Lens: The Absence of Stereotyping in Contemporary Congressional Elections
 Hayes, Danny. and Lawless, Jennifer.

A Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow? Intraracial Coalitions and Black Political Empowerment
 Evans, Maya.

A Republican or Liberalized Aristotle?: Undomesticating the Conception of Citizenship in the Politics
 Roberts, Aaron.

A Social Policy Analysis of the Alabama Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act (HB56)
 Davis, Brandon.

A Tale of Two States: Death Penalty Abolition in Connecticut and Maryland
 Brown-Dean, Khalilah. and Jones, Benjamin.

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Balancing Budgets and Briefs: Solicitor General Responsiveness to Congressional Preferences
 Gleason, Shane. and Nicholson, Chris.

Balancing Hard and Soft Power in a Global Spectrum: American Dominance in International Relations
 Wisenor, Zachary.

Balancing the Budget but who’s Left to Budget the Balance: Networks within Toronto East LIP
 Bejan, Raluca. and Black, Chris.

Ballot Order Effects and Direct Democracy: First-Come, First-Served?
 Binder, Michael. and Kousser, Thad.

Bandwagons in Policy Agendas?: A Computational Model of Agenda-setting Dynamics
 Thomas, H.

Barack Hussein Obama: Read the Following Before Reelecting in 2012
 Haire, Sydny.

Barack Obama and the Partisan Presidency: Four More Years?
 Skinner, Richard.

Beginning in Place: Arendt and the Space of Recognition
 Gingerich, Brian.

Behave or else? Aid and voting on the UN Security Council
 Thorvaldsdottir, Svanhildur.

Belief Formation During Wartime Elections: Accurate and Biased Signals
 Nicoletti, Nicholas.

Between The Power and Institution Construction in the Framework of European Integration:The Study of EU Common Foreign and Security Policy
 Chen, Chung-yi.

Beware the Barnacles: Competition Between Organized Labor and Progressive Reformers and Construction of the New Deal State
 Martens, Allison.

Beyond Phronesis
 Selinger, William.

Beyond Principles: Are Leading Corporations in India Socially Responsive?
 Jain, Shalini.

Beyond Who Wins and Who Loses: Federal Campaign Spending and the Quality of Democracy
 Lupfer, Jacob.

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Calculating Response Rates and Correcting for Selection Bias in Experiments
 Barabas, Jason. and Jerit, Jennifer.

Campaigns as Facilitators: Presidential Campaigns & Correct Voting in 2000 & 2004
 Holbrook, Thomas., McClurg, Scott. and Bergbower, Matthew.

Can Google Data Improve Election Forecasts Prior to the Election
 Stephens-Davidowitz, Seth.

Can Sexual Difference Be Measured?: A Lesson from Primatology
 Caughell, Leslie.

Can We Talk?: The Solicitor General and Oral Amicus Arguments
 Szmer, John., Ginn, Martha. and Pacelle, Jr., Richard.

Can an old dog learn new tricks?: How the electoral context influences interest group spending
 Suthammanont, Christina. and Owens, Christopher.

Can bureaucrats shape political preferences?
 Serritzlew, Søren.

Candidate Ambivalence, Exposure to Third Party Stances and Vote Intention.
 Mendoza, Jorge.

Candidate Strategy and the Dynamics of Issue Convergence
 Banda, Kevin. and Moore, Monica.

Candidates and their Religion: Do Candidates use their Beliefs Strategically?
 Bohm, Tiffany. and Piker, Katherine.

Caring for the self, caring for others: a conversation between care theorists and Michel Foucault.
 Bourgault, Sophie.

Carnivalization, Democracy, and Representation
 Jungkunz, Vince.

Casting and Verifying Provisional Ballots in Florida
 Merivaki, Thessalia. and Smith, Dan.

Causal Heterogeneity in Support for the European Union
 Hoepfner, Danial.

Changes in the Level of European Identification in Turkey: The Impact of the International System on Domestic Politics
 Binette, Aja.

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DISSERTATION PROPOSAL "The Legacy of Legislative Experience"
 Graham, Katherine.

DISSERTATION PROPOSAL - Making Up Their Minds: Decision Making on State Supeme Courts
 Kimel, TJ.

DISSERTATION PROPOSAL - Parties and Leaders in Senate Legislative Obstructionism
 Howard, Nicholas.

DISSERTATION PROPOSAL The Secret to Secret Senate Holds: Historical Analysis and Quantification of the Impact of Holds
 Box Steffensmeier, Janet. and Butters, Ross.

DISSERTATION PROPOSAL/ The Interdependency of Judicial Appointments: An Analysis of Appointments to the Federal Bench
 Uribe, Alicia.

DISSERTATION PROPOSAL: Why Do Governments Institutionalize Their International Agreements? Gender Equality in the European Union Accession Process
 Page, Douglas.

 Masood, Ali.

DISSERTATION PROPOSAL: Judicial Institutionalization of International Human Rights Laws
 Reid, Rebecca.

DISSERTATION PROPOSAL: The Politics of Policy Precision
 Turner, Ian.

De-territorializing Citizenship in the U.S.: The Cosmopolitans versus the Patriots
 Momen, Mehnaaz.

Decentralization and Mass Attitudes about Representation
 Shockley, Bethany.

Deckplate Management: A Leadership Theory in Practice
 Shreck, Brian.

Deeper than Red vs. Blue: The Clustering of Politically Like-Minded Individuals in the 2012 Primary
 Kinsella, Chad.

Defeating Authoritarian State Structures in Semi-Democratic Countries: Lessons From Turkey's AKP
 Saglam, Gulcan.

Defensive Spending: Congressional Response to Public Support of Defense Spending
 Baron, Kevin. and Sellers, Mitchell.

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Economic Accountability and Executive Authority
 Carlin, Ryan. and Singh, Shane.

Economic Uncertainty, Competition, and the Millennial Generation's Attitudes Toward Immigration
 Ashley, Ross. and Rouse, Stella.

Economic inequality, electoral participation, and government redistribution
 Oh, Hyunjin.

Effect of Public Health Care Access on Immigrant Children’s Health Outcome in Los Angeles Area
 Lee, Soomi.

Effects of State Institutions on Funding Flows from Individual Contributors to State and Federal Candidates
 Supalla, Susanna.

Efficiency and Effectiveness in Civil Rights Enforcement
 Wilk, Eric. and Lamb, Charles.

Egypt in Transition: Explaining the Muslim Brotherhood's Activities in the Post-Mubarak Era
 Leapley, Brian.

Electing or Appointing Public Utility Regulators?: The Politics of Institutional Choice on PUC regulatory regimes, 1955-2010
 Kim, Junseok.

Electoral Competition and Candidate Behaviour in Comparative Perspective
 Karp, Jeffrey.

Electoral Participation and Leader's Survival
 Jung, Changkuk.

Electoral Systems as Party Career Systems: Comparing Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine
 Moraski, Bryon.

Elite cues and factions in public opinion formation
 Schnakenberg, Keith.

Empirical Arguments for Social Justice in Environmental Management
 Tarrant, Seaton.

Empowerment of Women Through Family Planning in Bangladesh
 Haroon, Upohar.

Endogeneity Problems and Games of Incomplete Information
 Basinger, Scott.

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FARMily Ties: Collaborating with a Community to Teach Ag Policy
 Halva-Neubauer, Glen., Roberts, Nancy. and Neubauer, Dennis.

Factors Affecting County Reliance on Nonprofits in the Provision of Human Services
 Farmer, Jayce.

Faith Matters: Religion and Politics in Rousseau
 Morgenstern, Mira.

Fathers, Roles, and Identities: Cultural Constructions and Media Reinforcement
 Ross, Jon.

Federalism and Voter Turnout: Comparing Spain and Germany
 Hamann, Kerstin. and Pollock, Philip.

Female Political Leadership and the “War on Women” in the 112th Congress
 Burrell, Barbara.

Female State Attorneys General: Breaking the Mold or Following Suit?
 Gordon, Elizabeth.

Field Burning Politics in the Pacific Northwest: The Relative Costs and Benefits of Policymaking in the Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary
 Ley, Aaron.

Field-Level Soldier Adaptation--Why We Forgot Vietnam but Will Remember Iraq
 Kollars, Nina.

Filling the Information Gap: How Emigrant Networks Mitigate Problems in Human Rights Abuse Reporting
 Miller, Gina.

Finding Religion in the Strangest Places: American Religiosity and Presidential Party Platforms, 1900-2012
 McLennan, Lindsey.

First Ladies as First Women: Analyzing Michelle Obama and Ann Romney's Convention Speeches
 Ellsworth, Gwyn.

Fixing the Meaning of Victory and Defeat: Lessons from the Wars in Vietnam and Algeria
 McHugh, Kelly.

Florida Congressional Redistricting in 2012: An Assessment of Fairness
 Jewett, Aubrey.

Forced Religious Homogenization in the 15th Century Spain and the Making of the First Modern Nation-State
 Hudson, Ashley.

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Gay marriage opposition as predictor of racial bias
 Dahan, Charles.

Gender Gap(s) and the Latin American Voter
 Morgan, Jana.

Gender Quotas and Substantive Representation A case study of the Punjab Provincial Assembly
 Mohyuddin, Ameena.

Gender and Public Policy: An Assessment of Women Legislators Influence on Policy-making in Rwanda
 Mfizi, Reverien. and Sarwari, Mehwish.

Gendermandering: The Impact of Redistricting on the Success of Women Candidates
 Simon, Dennis., Palmer, Barbara. and Villarreal, Sara.

George W. Bush, National Security Policy and Party Leadership in the Modern Presidency
 Ong, Carah.

Georgia, Guns and Gynecology: An Analysis of Voting Behavior in the 2012 Georgia General Assembly
 Grant, Kathryn.

Get Fired Up: The Effects of Group-Based Emotions in the Political Arena
 Burge, Camille.

Getting Perspective on Polarization in Congress
 Asmussen, Nicole.

Getting to Yes: The Sustainable Energy Modeling Project (SEMPro) Model of Infrastructure Siting
 Yang, Zining., Abdollahian, Mark., Nelson, Hal. and Close, Brett.

God’s Will and Bad Character: Giving and Getting What You Deserve
 Wilkins, Vicky. and Wenger, Jeff.

Google as Gatekeeper: How Google's Search Algorithm Promotes Better Citizenship
 Richey, Sean. and Taylor, James.

Governing Corporate Non-Financial Reporting: The Role of European Private Regulators
 Maguire, Matthew.

Government Responsiveness: A Comprehensive Comparative Analysis
 Askham-Christensen, Jacob.

Green Litigation: Investigating EPA Success in the Court of Appeals
 Wheat, Elizabeth.

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Happiness, Turnout, and Vote Choice
 Fournier, Patrick. and Loewen, Peter.

Has Left Stopped Being Left? Evidence of Fiscal Policy in Developing Countries
 Kim, Julia.

Hegemonic Power and the Nonintervention Norm
 Muck, William.

High-Stakes Political Judgment: An Analytically Eclectic Framework for 'Thinking What We are Doing'
 Perez, Celestino.

History and Judgment in The Origins of Totalitarianism
 Selinger, William.

Honeymoon on the Court? Chief Justices & Their First Years
 Corley, Pamela., Steigerwalt, Amy. and Ward, Artemus.

Hope That's Not So Hollow: Inter-Institutional Agenda Leadership in American Politics
 Larsen-Price, Heather. and Rutledge, Paul.

Housing Policy, Abahlali BaseMjondolo, and the Liberal State in Post-Apartheid South Africa
 Baldwin, Eric.

How Accurate Were the Polls in the 2012 Presidential Election
 Maynard, Margaret.

How Deep Is Mary Wollstonecraft's Democracy?
 Bracewell, Lorna.

How did the Primary Vote Forecasts Perform in 2012?
 Steger, Wayne.

How the ‘Inside’ Decides the ‘Outside’ Effect: External Circumstances, Nature of Extreme Right-Wing Parties, and Electoral Outcomes
 Han, Kyung Joon.

How to Steal Elections: An Empirical Analysis of the Choice of Electoral Manipulation Strategies
 Rueda, Miguel.

Hows and Whys of Party Manifestos in South Korea
 Harmel, Robert. and Koo, Sejin.

Human Rights Organizations and Information Politics
 Park, Baekkwan.

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Identity After Apartheid: Afrikaners and New Media
 Jacobs, Sean.

Ideological Labels in America: Self-Identification of Ideological Positions on Issues and the Operational-Symbolic Ideology Problem
 Claasen, Christopher., Tucker, Patrick. and Smith, Steven.

Ideology and Perceptions of Democracy
 Dunn, Kris.

Ideology and the Illusory Correlation Revisited: Group Identity as a Mediator
 Neiman, Jayme. and Gonzalez, Frank.

Ideology and the Latin American Voter
 Zechmeister, Elizabeth.

Ideology as Theology
 Caverly, Matthew.

If a Drone Falls in the Forest—A Definitional Framework for Military Innovation
 Kollars, Nina.

If you build it, they will come. Open candidate selection mechanisms and political participation in Mexico
 Manteca Melgarejo, J. Esteban.

Immigrants, Nonprofits, and the 2012 Election
 Brown, Heath.

Immigration: The Progressive Party's Path to Change the Presidential Election of 1912
 Geras, Matthew.

Impact of Information and Communications Technology on Outward Flows of Official Records: Towards Transparency and eGovernance
 Lewis, Jeremy.

Impacts of Concealed Carry Licenses on Crime: A New Decade and Approach
 Binder, Michael. and Carter, Jeremy.

Implicit and Explicit Gender Targeting in Political Advertisements
 Schneider, Monica., Holman, Mirya. and Pondel, Kristin.

Improving Public Outcomes in the Face of Managerial Incapacity: Elected Officials in Program Development and Implementation
 Terman, Jessica. and Feiock, Richard.

Improving the Educational Outcomes of Minorities: A Study of the Interactive Effects of Representative Bureaucracy and Personnel Stability on Black Student Discipline Rates
 Morton, Tabitha.

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Journey to the West
 Sollien, Therese.

Judicial Retention Election and Crime
 Park, Jee-Kwang.

Just How Securitized are European News Portrayals of Immigration?
 Caviedes, Alexander.

Just Saying No to 'Just Say No': The States and Abstinence Only Education Funding
 Rom, Mark. and Blum, Rachel.


Kant on Cosmopolitanism and its Limits
 McGuire, Steven.

Knowledge Scales and the Measurement of Political Sophistication
 Wilson, James.

Knowledge, Policy and Practice: A case study of how the nation of Ghana is attempting to manage its environmental issues as developing state balancing local and global governance concerns.
 Kauffman, Brenda.


Laggards, Pioneers, or Outliers? The Welfare State and Education Policy in the United States, Germany and Switzerland in Comparative Perspective.
 Hega, Gunther.

Last In the Nation: The Effect of political Culture on the Prospects of Women Electoral Candidates in South Carolina
 Ruff, Dan.

Latino Attitudes toward Ballot Propositions that Target Illegal Immigrants
 Stringer, Amy.

Learning Outcomes in the Affective Domain: Quantitative and Qualitative Evidence from Thee American Politics Courses
 Gelbman, Shamira.

Learning from Crystal Bridges: A Random Assignment Evaluation of School Visits to an American Art Museum
 Kisida, Brian. and Bowen, Daniel.

Legal and Legislative Landmarks: Exploring Majoritarian Trends between Branches
 Hendershot, Marcus., Hurwitz, Mark., Lanier, Drew. and Pacelle, Jr., Richard.

Legislating in the U.S. States
 Jenkins, Shannon.

Legislative Appeals in Presidential Signing Statements, 1933-2008
 Evans, Kevin. and Marshall, Bryan.

Legislative Oversight: Two Decade History of the Ukrainian Legislature
 Khmelko, Irina.

Legislative Pay in the American States: Reservation Wages and the Decision to Voluntarily Retire
 Melusky, Benjamin.

Legislative Professionalism and Gubernatorial Vetoes
 Prince, David.

Legislative Strength and Coup Vulnerability in Democracies and Hybrid Regimes
 Hiroi, Taeko. and Omori, Sawa.

Legislative Thinking: Responsibility, Motivation, and Cognitive Complexity in U.S. Statehouses
 Mooney, Christopher.

Legislators’ Support of the President: An Individual-level Comparison of Foreign/Defense and Domestic Policy Decision Making
 Shin, Youseop.

Let Me Be Clear: Experiential Search, Informative Messages, and Membership Activity in Volunteer Organizations
 Klingler, Jonathan.

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Macropartisanship in Florida
 Martinez, Michael.

Madisonian Veneration
 Hunsicker, Jacqueline.

Making ‘Parchment Guarantees’ Real: 20 Years of Costa Rica’s Constitutional Chamber’s Jurisprudence
 Wilson, Bruce.

Managing in a Constrained Environment: The Case of Segregated Schools
 Capers, K.

Market Competition, Policy Reforms, and Managerial Responses to Environmental Changes
 Johansen, Morgen. and Zhu, Ling.

Markets and Freedom: What Hegel Can and Cannot Teach Us about Neoliberalism
 Feola, Michael.

Mastery, Freedom, Friendship: Tutor and Pupil in Rousseau's Emile
 Englert, Gianna.

Measure for Measure: An Experimental Test of Online Media Exposure Self-Reports
 Guess, Andrew.

Measuring Issue Distances When Voters Have Nonseparable Preferences
 Lacy, Dean.

Measuring Social Trust in the Former Soviet Union: Making the Case for Particularized Trust
 Ford, Nicole.

Measuring the relationship between development and corruption: A comparative study of developed and developing countries
 Peyton, Kyle. and Belasen, Ariel.

Media Coverage of State Legislatures: Analyzing Variation in Tone
 Rosenson, Beth.

Media Effects and Breaking News
 Forgette, Rich., Morris, Jonathan. and Platt, Glenn.

Media and Politics - The Iranian Regime's Narratives
 Feizi, Hiva.

Mediating Communities in Locke's Political Thought
 Alzate, Elissa.

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NGOs Under the Wing of IGOs: An Effective Relationship?
 Armendariz, Veronica. and Mills, Doneen.

National Military Glory or “Dangerous” Compromise?: Nationalism and the Outcome of International Conflict
 Schrock-Jacobson, Gretchen.

National characteristics and anti-Americanism: Testing Turkmen’s theoretical model
 Kamal, Mia.

Natural Philosophy and Love: The Speech of Eryximachus in the Context of Plato’s Symposium
 Cook, Benjamin.

Nazi Militarism
 Caverly, Matthew.

Negative Campaign Advertising, Vote Choice, and Voter Turnout: A Field Experiment in a Congressional Campaign
 Mann, Christopher. and Bryant, Lisa.

Neither purse, nor sword – the media will do: Media coverage of the Court’s value frames
 Searles, Kathleen., Ginn, Martha. and Smith, Glen.

NetStyle: Members of State Legislatures and Social Networking
 Mitchell, Nathan. and Booth, Eric.

Network Governance: An Element Of The State Strategy In Human Trafficking Policy In Thailand
 Le, Minh Thieng.

Networking Management, Social Capital, and Student Performance in Physical Fitness: Evidence from Texas School Districts
 Zhu, Ling., Allison, Angela. and Meier, Ken.

New Media and Political Communication; The Differences Between Websites and Social Media Networks as Tools in 2012 U.S. Senate Campaigns
 Spence, Drew.

New Perspectives on Assessment
 McClellan, Fletcher.

News Sensationalism and Framing Effects on Public Policy Opinions
 Robinson, Amy.

No Democracy for Old Men? Archê, Vitality, and Finitude in Aristophanes
 Markovits, Elizabeth.

No Longer Welcome: Explaining Anti-Immigrant Attitudes in Africa
 Whitaker, Beth. and Giersch, Jason.

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Of zōion politikon: Carl Schmitt and Hannah Arendt on Political Friendship
 Kim, Juman.

On China in Africa: Critique of the Win-Win Policy
 Benabdallah, Lina.

On the Constitutional Revolutions of Israel (1992-95) and Hungary (1989-2011)
 Marasinghe, Kanishka.

On the Relation Between Ideals and Institutions in Democratic Theory: Crucial and Contingent
 Johnson, James. and Orr, Susan.

One Evolving Nation: Racial and Ethnic Categories in Presidential Election Year Rhetoric from 1964-2004
 Angelo, Nathan.

One Nation Under Dad: An Examination of State-Sponsored Fatherhood Initiatives in the US
 Baugher, Erin.

One Size Fits All? Political Control and NASA
 Whitman Cobb, Wendy.

Online Self-Selection: The Influence of Facebook on Youth Political Participation
 Martin, Kimberly., Schmeisser, Hans. and Hicks, William.

Operationalizing the Enemy: extraordinary lawgivers revised
 Kortukov, Dimitry.

Organizational diversity in neo-corporatist systems. On interest population dynamics in Belgium and the Netherlands.
 Fraussen, Bert. and Braun, Caelesta.

Outcomers and Jurisprudes: Strategic Interaction in Supreme Court Agenda Setting
 Li, Quan.

Outraged! - The MPAA, the NCAA, and the Political-Economic Benefits of Moral Legitimacy
 Weissburg, Paul.

Outside the system? Women’s informal political participation, oil, and Islam
 Holman, Mirya. and Hagler, Jeremy.


Panel Attrition: What's Sex Got to Do With It?
 Frankel, Laura.

Panel Conditioning in Online Survey Panels: Problems of Increased Sophistication and Decreased Engagement
 Adams, Alex., Atkeson, Lonna. and Karp, Jeffrey.

Parties and Pocketbooks: The Effect of Income Disparities on Public Confidence in Government
 Loepp, Eric. and Auter, Zachary.

Partisan (Non)participation in Judicial Elections
 Driscoll, Amanda. and Nelson, Michael.

Partisan Polarization and Public Attitudes About the U.S. Supreme Court
 Parsons, Bryan. and Sanchez Urribarri, Raul.

Partisan Polarization and the Presidential Vote: The Economic Foundations of Presidential Elections
 Morris, Irwin.

Partisans, Uncertainty, and Belief Updating
 Flanders, William.

Partisanship and Polarization in the Federal District Courts
 Manning, Kenneth., Sennewald, Marc. and Carp, Robert.

Partisanship and Public Opinion on the Supreme Court
 Clark, Tom. and Kastellec, Jonathan.

Party Finance Laws and Corruption: A Comparative Analysis
 Baek, Mijeong.

Party Identification in the 19th General Election in Korea: A Study on Voter’s Choice in Korea
 Gil, Jung-ah.

Party Manifestos in Russian Contemporary Politics
 Morini, Mara.

Party and Committee Leadership Behavior, 1949-2009
 Bekafigo, Marija.

Party manifestos in Malawi: The impact of weak parties and excessive presidentialism
 Svåsand, Lars. and Mpesi, Andrew.

Party manifestos in a new democracy: Hungary, 1990-2010
 Soos, Gabor. and Dobos, Gabor.

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Quantum Relations: A Look at the Philosophy behind Quantum Mechanics as Applied to International Relations
 Karimi, Shamsuddin.


Race, Class and State (Dis) investment in Political Equality: Examining Compliance with Section 7 of the NVRA
 Michener, Jamila.

Race, Performance, and Change in Post-Katrina New Orleans
 Montjoy, Robert. and Chervenak, Edward.

Racial Identity and Academic Climate
 Titani-Smith, Leniece.

Racial Resentment and Targeted Anger at Barack Obama and the Federal Government
 Wilson, David. and Davis, Darren.

Racial Triangulation of Whites/Native Americans/Blacks in the Context of Reconstruction and the Dawes Act”
 King, Athena.

Reach Out and Touch Somebody: Naval Power and Non-contiguous Conflict
 Crisher, Brian. and Souva, Mark.

Rebellion Funding, Capabilities, and the Use of Child Soldiers
 Lasley, Trace.

Rebuilding New Orleans
 Burns, Peter. and Thomas, Matthew.

Recognition or Reconciliation? Reconsidering the Normative Importance and Contemporary Relevance of Geist in Hegel's Phenomenology
 Novitsky, David.

Reflective Judgment in Rio de Janeiro
 Masin-Peters, Jon.

Regime Change: The South by the Numbers, 1948-2010
 Baumann, Zachary., Anderson, Robert. and Fogle-Miller, Carlene.

Regulatory Focus and Vote Choice: When Liking and Disliking Matter
 Deppe, Kristen. and Jacobs, Carly.

Religion and Voting Behavior in Latin America
 Boas, Taylor. and Smith, Amy.

Religion and the Hidden Gender Gap on Abortion
 Forster, Diana.

Religion as a Voting Cue Among Young Voters in US Congressional Elections
 Crawford, Shannon.

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Satisfaction with limits: Analyzing the views that Ontario university faculty have of their unions
 Butovsky, Jonah., Savage, Larry. and Webber, Michelle.

Screening for Success: The Effect of Firm Signaling on WTO Case Selection
 Brutger, Ryan.

Second Street Gangs: Ad Hoc Policy Commissions in the Senate
 Allen, Kristen., Auter, Zachary., Cook, Ian. and Victor, Jennifer.

Sector Imprinting and Managerial Perceptions of Organizational Risk Aversion
 Rimes, Heather.

Segment Electorates and Coalition Survival
 Marek, Paulina.

Selectorates, Resources, and Policy Agendas: Why Petroleum Only Sometimes Perpetuates Patriarchy
 Musgrave, Paul. and Liou, Yu-Ming.

Self Identification as a "Conservative" for Presidential Elections
 Bing, John. and Martinson, Cory.

Self-Disclosure Laws and Environmental Compliance
 O\'Keefe, Kristen. and Reenock, Christopher.

Self-reinforcing Mechanisms in Political Parties
 Soos, Gabor.

Senators as party builders in antebellum America
 DeWitt, Darin.

Separation of Church and State in Support of Limited Government and Virtue: A Catholic Perspective
 Sugrue, Seana.

Sequential, multilevel Research in Security Studies: The Promise of Combining Discourse Analysis and Survey Methods
 Kumar, Shivaji.

Sex Stereotypes, Gender Framing, and the Portrayal of Female Politicians in Borgen and Daemul
 Fadiga-Stewart, Leslie.

Sex-education, Individual Responsibility, and Optimism: The Stories Tea Partiers Tell, and the Narrative that Binds Them
 Blum, Rachel.

Shaping the State: The Impact of Federal Intervention on Antebellum Railroads
 Callen, Zachary.

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Taxation of E-commerce: Analyzing Determinants of Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Adoption by the States
 Gibson, James.

Taxes, Spending, and Deficits: Changing Relationships and Political Implications of Budgetary Politics
 Steger, Wayne.

Tea Leaves and Southern Politics: Explaining County-Level Tea Party Membership/Activism in South
 Morris, Irwin. and Hood, M.

Tea Party Influence and Congressional Gridlock
 Gooch, Donald. and Huffman, Logan.

Teaching Political Science: Don't be Afraid of Data
 Hoelter, Lynette., Detterman, Linda. and Laubepin, Frederique.

Teaching before the beep Predicting teaching performance from faculty phone messages.
 Hartlaub, Steve. and Hartlaub, Mark.

Teaching the Legislative Process: Exploring a Multitude of Student Learning Experiences in a Legislative Simulation
 Corbin, Tanya.

Technology Policy and Election Administration: Administering Voluntary Voting System Guidelines in the States
 Hale, Kathleen. and Brown, Mitchell.

Term Limits and the State Bureaucracy
 Dometrius, Nelson.

Terms of Engagement: Online Political Participation and the Diverging Effects on Offline Political Participation”
 Conroy, Meredith., Guerrero, Mario. and Feezell, Jessica.

Terrorism and Trade: Terrorism in China and Trade between China and Central Asian Republics
 Lee, Yongjae.

Testing Hypotheses of No Meaningful Effect
 Rainey, Carlisle.

Testing the Civic Duty-Performance Linkage with External Performance Indicators
 Petrovsky, Nicolai. and Gould-Williams, Julian.

Text, Principle, and Community: Jack Balkin's Postmodern Constitutionalism
 VanOpstal, Moryam.

The 2012 Charter Schools Constitutional Amendment in Georgia: A County-level Analysis of the Election Results
 May, Christopher.

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U.S. foreign policytoward North Korea under the Clinton and Bush administration (1993~2009):External threats, leaders’ perception and domestic politics
 Lee, Inyeop.

US Counter-drug Policy and its impact on Nationalism in Trinidad and Tobago
 Ramdathsingh, Krystel.

Uncertainty and the Desirability of Global Policy Harmonization
 Baniak, Andrzej. and Grajzl, Peter.

Uncertainty, Power Parity, and Conflict Initiation
 Crisher, Brian.

Understanding Lobbying and Interest Groups Using the Lobbying Disclosure Data
 Brasher, Holly.

Understanding Voter Turnout in Latin American Countries: An Individual-Level Analysis
 Garand, James. and Evans, Claire.

Undoing the Initiative: Why Are Ballot Initiatives Challenged in Court, and Why Do Judges Overturn Them?
 Lacy, Dean.

Uneven Democracy: Human Rights in Presidential and Parliamentary Systems
 Partin, Daniel.

University Electoral Politics in Bolivia:
 Centellas, Miguel. and Centellas, Katherine.

Unlocking the Secrets of the Temple: An Analysis of the Politics of the FOMC
 Puente, Lucas.

Unorthodox Corporate Policy Making: An Analysis of the American Legislative Exchange Council
 Farrar-Myers, Victoria. and Heldman, Caroline.

Using Music to Study Introductory and General Education Politics
 Hawn, Heather.


Vacancies, Vetting, and Votes: A Unified Dynamic Model of the Appointments Process
 Hollibaugh, Gary.

Value Choices and Value Structures: Locating and Analyzing Consistency in Importance Rankings
 Enders, Adam. and Smallpage, Steven.

Varieties of Politics, Varieties of Capitalism: The Effects of Political Institutions on Capitalist Diversity
 Arsenault, Matthew.

Venezuelan Foreign Policy: Chavez Tests the Limits of Soft Balancing
 Vanderbush, Walt.

Veto Override Rates: The Measure of Gubernatorial Policymaking Power
 Baker, Travis.

Virtually Real: How the internet has changed grassroots advocacy campaigns
 Stier, Marc. and Layendecker, Levana.

Virtually the Same: The Effects of Physical and Virtual Groups on Social Capital
 Gross, Benjamin.

Voluntary Compliance with Global Initiatives: Gender Balance in Security Personnel
 Karim, Sabrina., Beardsley, Kyle. and Robbins, Arianna.

Voluntary Compliance with Global Initiatives: Gender Balance in Security Personnel
 Beardsley, Kyle., Karim, Sabrina. and Robbins, Arianna.

Vote for Pastor Paulo: Religious Ballot Names as Heuristics in Brazil
 Boas, Taylor.

Voter Participation in a Transitioning Democracy: Examining Precinct and District-Level Returns in the 2010 and 2011 Kyrgyzstani Elections
 Huskey, Eugene. and Hill, David.

Voter Turnout in Latin America
 Carlin, Ryan. and Love, Gregory.

Voter Turnout in a Hegemonic Party System: An Analysis of Electoral Participation in Russia’s Regions
 Rybalko, Mikhail. and Robbins, Joseph.

Voter-Party Linkage Strategies and Democratic Survival
 Dugan, Amanda.

Voters and Judges: How the Texas Public Chooses High Court Judges
 Johnson, Jeremy.


Was Bill Clinton a Civil Rights President?
 Lamb, Charles. and Boston, Joshua.

Weak Parties,Weak Mandates? The Role of Mandates in a Poorly Institutionalized Party System
 Espana-Najera, Annabella.

What Are Aristotle's Treatises?
 Utter, Christopher.

What Helps Citizens to Have Consistent Attitudes? A Cross Country Analysis of of Attitude Constraint.
 Popa, Sebastian.

What Makes Primary Bonus in Korea? : Korean General Election 2012
 Song, Jungmin.

What do budget data tell us about the extent of bureau-shapingin UK regulatory agencies?
 O\'Leary, Chris.

What if You're Not a Suburban Soccer Mom? Social Capital Among Lower SES Women
 Wemlinger, Elizabeth. and Kropf, Martha.

When Do Stereotypes Matter? Women Candidates and Political Party Cues
 Dolan, Kathleen.

When Policy Trumps Ethics: The Helpless Bureaucrat
 Miller, Will.

When States Compete: Distributive Politics and Institutional Capacity in the Race-to-the-Top Program
 Loepp, Eric.

When Voters Are Watching: The Effect of Public Salience of EU on Party Behavior
 Spanihelova, Lucie. and Zicha, Brandon.

When the Aim is Practical Wisdom: Reflections on the Teaching of Professional Ethics”
 Sharpe, Barry.

When the Rubber Hits the Road: Outcomes of Socially Responsible Behavior among India’s Top 100 Corporations
 Jain, Shalini.

Where Are They Now? Former Authoritarian Party Performance in Competitive Elections
 Smith, Ian.

Where Are They Now? The Progressive Ambition of Southern Legislative Party Switchers
 McKee, Seth. and Yoshinaka, Antoine.

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Xenophobia and Forced Migrants: Explaining Insecurities in Modern Refugee Crises
 Manley, Anna.


Younger voters and partisan selective exposure: When the Obama generation meets FOX News
 Cook, Zachary.


Zero Tolerance has More than a Differential Impact
 Loutzenhiser, Kirsten.
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