Southern Political Science Association 2014-Jan-08 to 2014-Jan-12

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"Killing Me Softly": Undermining Opposition Parties by Gerrymandering in Competitive Authoritarian Regimes
 Wong, Stan Hok-wui.

(Re)Conceiving citizenship: Linking feminist political theory and social work policy and practice
 Jones, Susanna.

‘Something’s Got to Give’: Recidivism versus Rehabilitation in the Criminal Justice System
 Worthen, Reba.

‘Up’ in Smoke: A Tradeoff Study on Tobacco as an Economic Development Tool or Public Health Liability in an American Indian Tribe
 Orr, Raymond.

“A Bench That Looks Like America”: The Changing Demographics of Appellate Judges of the United States
 Lanier, Drew. and Hurwitz, Mark.

“Access and Aggregation: Coding Formal Citizens Input Mechanisms and Mayoral Powers in Local Government Charters.”
 Deslatte, Aaron. and Curley, Cali.

“Ambitious Souls and Political Disorder: An Insight from Plato’s Alcibiades I”
 Romanello, Julianne.

“Assessing Civic versus Ethnic Notions of American Identity”
 Barreto, Amilcar Antonio. and Barboza, Gia.

“Eric Voegelin’s Critique of Political Ideology”
 Corey, David.

“Fair Districts” in Florida: Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game
 Jewett, Aubrey.

“Free From the Law: Christianity and Political Order”
 Russell, Jeremiah.

“Gender Representation and the Gender Gap in Political Knowledge”
 Clifton, Jesse. and Garand, James.

“Keyboard Warriors” and Polarization: Does Social Network Website Use Conform to the “Spiral of Silence?”
 Placek, Matthew. and Russo, Salvatore.

“Seeing Red?”: Municipal Level Voting Patterns and Projections for 2014
 Gregory, Sarita.

“The War on Ideology: Coming to Terms With Radical Islamism”
 Segrest, Scott.

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A "Sorted" America?: Elections, Registration, and Geographic Polarization
 Strickler, Ryan.

A Broken Psyche and Absent Nurse: The Peace Process and UN Involvement in the Third World
 Perry, Micah.

A Case For Violence: Political Party Competition and Terrorism
 Danzell, Orlandrew. and Nemeth, Stephen.

A Case Study of New Urbanism: The Political Development of Serenbe
 LaPlant, Kristina.

A Citizen Safety Valve? Direct Democracy and Political Activism in the United States
 Forster, Diana.

A Comparative Analysis of the political Institutions and Governing Styles of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah
 Berna, Dustin.

A Comparative Study of Women's Political Participation in Post-soviet Czech Republic and Post-Soviet Russia
 Wilson, Alex.

A Computational Approach to the Language of Politics in Volatile Economic Times
 Graesser, Art., Windsor, Leah., Myers, John., Dowell, Nia. and Duke, J..

A Constituent-Level Analysis of Fenno's "Home Style"
 Tucker, Patrick.

A Constitutional Framework for a Free Cuba
 Cuzan, Alfred.

A Crisis and Reduction of the Cognitive Dissonance: The New Democratic Revolution and the Chinese Communist Party
 Lee, Yong-Jae.

A Critical Test of Habitual Voting and Residual Mobilization: Efficient Mobilization as a Long-Term Pursuit
 Shineman, Victoria.

A Cultural Explanation of the Interaction between Democratic Models and Satisfaction with Democracy: A Cross-National Study
 Maleki, Ammar.

A District at a Time: Party Polarization and the Allocation of Electors
 Cizmar, Anne. and Morris, Irwin.

A Dynamic Model of Endogenous Political Power: Rule by One, Two or Many
 Jeon, Jee Seon.

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Balancing Act? Testing a Theory of Split-Party US Senate Delegations
 Donnelly, Christopher.

Ballot Position Effects under Compulsory and Optional Preference Voting PR Systems
 Marcinkiewicz, Kamil. and Stegmaier, Mary.

Bangladesh: Fragile Democracy and External Influence
 Chowdhury, Faiz.

Barack Obama's Shrinking 2008 Rhetoric on Global Warming
 Cook, Zachary.

Base Strategies on the Message Composition of Acceptance Speeches in 1992-2012 Elections
 Sung, Jaeyun.

Batman: America's Lockean Superhero
 Baily, Alan.

Becoming the Party of the Future
 Ferguson, Michael.

Beginning and Winning: Initiation and Outcome in Militarized Interstate Disputes
 Hutto, Wes.

Benefit or Burden? African-American Immigration Attitudes
 Smith, Leniece.

Better to Steal Than Score: News Coverage of House Financial and Sexual Scandals
 York, Chance. and Padgett, Jeremy.

Between exemption and excuse: do the experiences of some child soldiers impact their culpability for crimes they later commit in conflict?
 Souris, Renee.

Beyond Citizenship: Home and Belonging in the Transnational Politics of Community Centers
 Boryczka, Jocelyn.

Bias in a Small-Town Newspaper
 Yawn, Richard.

Birth Control Politics? A Content Analysis of Partisan Divergence and the 2012 Presidential Election Campaign
 Williams, LaTonya.

Black Mayors and Republican Governors: Contempt or Cooperation?
 Reeves, Sr, Shannon.

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CHIMPS in Congress: Assessing New Tactics for Modern Budgetary Policy
 Lowande, Kenneth. and Clarke, Andrew.

California and South Carolina Training Program Expansion in Response to Economic Recessions
 Chaffin, LaTasha.

Campaign Professionalism in South Carolina - A Rising Tide?
 Smith, Jonathan.

Can Egypt Survive as a Democracy?
 Phillips, Stephen.

Can it Make My Red State Blue? The Latino Vote and the future of Texas Elections
 Smith, Brian. and Beech, Thomas.

Candidate Evaluation of Black Women Candidates’ Hair Style and Texture
 Brown, Nadia. and Orey, B. D\'Andra.

Candidate Evaluations: The Impact of Gender and Party
 Branton, Regina., Harada Cameron, Alisa. and Pettey, Samantha.

Candidate Momentum in the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary
 McGowen, Ernest. and Palazzolo, Daniel.

Capital Market Liberalization: Anticipating Democratization
 Pond, Amy.

Capitol Gains: Retired Members of Congress and Corporate Boards
 Schneer, Benjamin. and Palmer, Maxwell.

Captured or Captor? Partisan Mobilization and the Religious Right
 Forster, Diana.

Capturing the Effect of Investments on the Quality of Potable Water in Developing Countries
 Pusok, Krisztina.

Casting Off the Third Wheel: Rethinking the Dance Between Immigration, Inequality, and Congressional Polarization
 Worth, Robert.

Cause You Gotta Have Faith: The Role of Green Tape in Creating Organizational Trust
 DeHart-Davis, Leisha. and Borry, Erin.

Centralized? Decentralized? Loosely Coupled?: The State Court Governance Debate Viewed through the Lens of Devolution
 McDowell, Amy.

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Dancing in Another Ball Room? What Are the Roles of China's Democratic Institutions?
 Kamo, Tomoki. and Takeuchi, Hiroki.

Darwinism, Christianity, and the Meaning of Progress
 Lynerd, Benjamin.

Deadly Premonition: Does Terrorist Leader Psychology Affect Group Violence?
 Besaw, Clayton.

Dealing with Multicollinearity in Economic Voting Models
 Park, Taeyong.

Debating "Don't Ask, Don't Tell": A Critical Analysis of Elite Discourse in the Congressional Record
 Shields, Charles.

Deception and Public Reason
 French, Craig.

Decommissioned Commissions: Holdover Capacity, Confirmation Dynamics and Independent Regulatory Commissions
 Ostrander, Ian. and Madonna, Anthony.

Deconstructing Assad: Human Rights and Objectivity in War-Torn Syria
 Azarvan, Amir.

Deliberate Delegation?Subnational Political Economy and Social Health Insurance in China
 Huang, Xian.

Deliberative Authoritarian Governance
 Chen, Jidong. and Xu, Yiqing.

Democracy and the Problem of Hate Speech
 Nix, Nacona.

Democracy or Hypocracy: Power, Ideology, and Politics
 Steger, Wayne.

Democracy's Antithesis: African Ethnic Identity and Electoral Politics
 Magu, Stephen.

Democratic Contestation and Politics of Space: Kreuzberg, the Divided “Turkish Neighborhood” of Berlin
 Turam, Berna.

Democratic Folly? The Compromises of 1850
 Kautz, Steven.

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E-Monitoring and Regime Improvement in China: Technical Capabilities and Systemic Limitations
 Göbel, Christian.

Economic Conditions and Partisan Biases in Economic Evaluations
 Dickerson, Bradley.

Economic Crisis, Party Polarization, and the Partisan Trust Gap: Panel Studies of Spain and Portugal
 Carlin, Ryan., Love, Gregory. and Torcal, Mariano.

Economic Nonvoting: How Partisanship and the Economy Condition the Decision to Vote
 Loepp, Eric.

Economic Reform in Communist States: Vietnam, Cuba, and North Korea in Comparative Perspective
 Ku, Yangmo.

Economic Sanctions are Bad News: The Domestic Political Consequences of Economic Sanctions
 Webb, Clayton.

Economic Status and Political Participation: Assessing the Role of Poverty
 Ojeda, Christopher.

Economic and Political Predictors of Unemployment in the States
 McCracken, William. and Baldwin, Norman.

Education in Mississippi: 30 Years Since the Passage of the Education Reform Act of 1982 and the Case Against Charter Schools
 Cooper, Rhonda.

Effects of News Cues and Citizen Self-Expression on Causal Absolutism
 Pingree, Raymond.

Effects of Supreme Court Vote Counts on Public Support of Court
 Martin, Joshua.

Election Fraud in the South: Southern Democrats and Electoral Support for the Poll Tax, 1870-1910
 Ferrerosa-Young, Carolina.

Electoral (In)security and Judicial (In)dependence: A cross-national test of the Insurance hypothesis
 Driscoll, Amanda.

Electoral Accountability for State Legislative Roll-Calls and Ideological Representation
 Rogers, Steven.

Electoral Accountability in South Korea: Do Campaign Promises Matter?
 Ryu, Sooh-Rhee. and Johnson, Gregg.

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Fact check this: The Effects of Media Fact-checking on Coverage, Attitudes
 Searles, Kathleen., Tawadrous, Fady. and Zimmerman, Joy.

Fact or Fiction: Campaign Messages and the Decision to Run
 Kanthak, Kristin. and Woon, Jonathan.

Factional Conflict and Local Rents
 Bueno de Mesquita, Ethan.

Factors influencing political party identification in Ukraine
 Shymonyak, Andriy.

Factually Mapping Canada's Revised Policy of Immigration Control
 Bejan, Raluca. and Lightman, Naomi.

Faithful Agents? Electoral Platforms and Legislative Behavior
 Rogowski, Jon.

Famine: The Future of Genocide in an Era of Climate Change
 Murray, Elisabeth Hope.

Far Right but Conservative: Burkean ideology in the U.S. Senate
 Díaz Sierra, Sergio.

Federal Redistributive Programs and State Strategic Economic Development Policy Innovation
 Shin, Geiguen.

Federalism Principles in Action? Assessing Robustness of Regional Common-Pool Resource Governance in New York
 Hanlon, Jeffrey.

Federalism and State Prerogative Powers: An Analysis of Early Administrative Structures in State Government
 Hail, Michael. and Ruggiero, Ashley.

Feminism and the Identity Quandary: Possibilities for Articulating a Post-Subjective Politics
 Leach, Brittany.

Fifty Years Post Gideon: Policy Variability of Public Defender Programs Across States
 Jordan, Marty.

Fifty-Four Durand Lines: The Importance of Persistent Security Assistance in Africa
 Grespin, Whitney.

Fighting fire with fire: the implications of (not) going negative in a multiparty election campaign
 Roy, Jason. and Alcantara, Christopher.

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Gender Revolutionary Politics: Women’s Activism and Gender Emancipation in the Contexts of Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico
 Sladek, Sarah.

Gender and Local Political Campaigns
 Holman, Mirya.

Gender, Liberalism, and Jurisprudence: Between Lochner and Muller
 Baer, Judith.

Gendered Policy: Handling Military Sexual Assault
 Gabryszewska, Maria.

Gendering the Political Impact of HIV/AIDS: Grandmothers reconstructing village political structures in rural Africa
 McOmber, Chesney.

Generalizing the Study of Media Effects on Public Opinion across Time, Space, Outcomes, and Methods
 Barabas, Jason., Jerit, Jennifer., Pollock, William., Banducci, Susan., Stevens, Daniel. and Schoonvelde, Martijn.

Geometry of Expansion and Exclusion: Growth and Surveillance in Laredo
 Momen, Mehnaaz.

George Washington and the War on Terror
 Thompson, Lucas.

Georgia School District-Consultant Partnerships: A Public Values Approach
 Rimes, Heather. and Welch, Jennie.

Getting the Congress You Pay For: Legislative Staffing and Organizational Capacity
 Madonna, Anthony. and Ostrander, Ian.

Getting the balance right? Conflicting ideological ‘pulls’ and party competition on immigration in Britain and Sweden
 Odmalm, Pontus. and Super, Betsy.

Gezi vs. Tahrir
 Saglam, Gulcan.

Global Climate Change and Geopolitics in Mekong River Basin.
 Akakpo, Jean-Marc.

Global Justice and the Exportation of American Capitalism and Culture
 Abel, Charles.

Globalization and global environmental policy: case of Japan's climate change policy
 Yokota, Masatoshi.

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HEY YOU? Revolutionary Aesthetics within Social Media Based Images
 Bejan, Raluca. and Noori, Behzad.

Hailing the Black Citizen-Worker: Articulating Labor and Race in the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike
 Baribeau, Erin.

Hannah Arendt, Ideology, and the Quantitative Research Template in Political Science
 Davis, G Doug.

Hapas, Mestizos, and Biracials: A Theory on Multiracial Political Behavior
 Lemi, Danielle-Jacqueline.

Health Information Technology Policy in the United State: A Multiple Streams Approach
 Kandara, Mehtap.

Hear Her Speak about Her Run: Latina Candidates and How their Campaigns Handle Stereotyping Based on Gender and Race/Ethnicity
 Cargile, Ivy.

Hierarchical or Horizontal Emergency Management Networks for Building Resilient Communities: Rethinking the Bonding and Bridging Strategy in Interorganizational Collaboration
 Song, Minsun., Jung, Kyujin. and Feiock, Richard. C.

Hoisting Leviathan With His Own Petard?: Hobbesian Absolutism and the Problem of Private Judgment
 McCollum, Malcolm.

Holding City Council Members Accountable: How Electoral Institutions Affect Economic Voting
 Angello, Dana.

Home Style and Conditional Party Government
 Evans, C. Lawrence.

Hoping for the Best, Unprepared for the Worst
 Van Weelden, Richard.

House Heavy: The Rising Influence of the GOP’s House Caucus on National Politics
 Schaller, Thomas.

Housing Policy, Abahlali BaseMjondolo, and the Liberal State in Post-Apartheid South Africa
 Baldwin, Eric.

How Broad Is the Learning from Bureaucratic Incorporation? Evidence from Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claims
 Chattopadhyay, Jacqueline. and Porter, Petra.

How Deep is Your Democracy? The Mexican citizens in 2012
 Manteca Melgarejo, Esteban., Ruiz Funes Molina, Mariano. and De Erice, Alonso.

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I Hear You Loud and Clear: The Politics of Party Policy Agendas in the House, 1987-2012
 Hughes, Tyler.

I am Woman, Hear me Tweet? Gender Differences in the Use and Effectiveness of Twitter among Congressional Candidates
 Wagner, Kevin., Holman, Mirya. and Gainous, Jason.

Identifying Causally-Dependent Multiple Mechanisms: An Application of Ugandan Survey Data
 Kim, Hye Sung.

Identity Based Political Inequality: The Dynamic Relationship Between Political Power and Protest
 Bodnaruk Jazayeri, Karen.

Identity Politics in Hybrid Regimes: Explaining Ethnic and National Appeals in post-Soviet Russia and Ukraine
 Hauser, Megan.

Identity and Institutional Negotiation in Europe: the Case of the Roma
 Scherer, Danielle.

Ideological Master Frames and Public Opinion Change
 Goode, Jess.

Ideology and Threat Perception: Americans’ Views of China and Iran
 Mirilovic, Nikola. and Kim, Myunghee.

Ideology or Administration? An Analysis involving Congressional Expansion of the Federal Judiciary
 Tecklenburg, Henry.

Ignoring the Obvious: US Debt Restrictions in the 50 State Legislatures
 Mitchell, Nathan.

Illiberal Democracy in Actions: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Politics in Russia
 Ballard, Perry.

Impact of Defense Spending on Subjective Well-being: Cross-Country Evidence
 Kwon, Chang.

Implementing Social Provisions in Preferential Trade Agreements: The Case of the EU-Chile Association Agreement
 Postnikov, Evgeny.

Improving forecasts using equally weighted predictors
 Graefe, Andreas.

In Gun We Trust: Focusing Events and Agenda Setting in the U.S. Congress, 1948-2010
 Fleming, Anthony., Dixon, Gregory., Peralta, Jesus. and Rutledge, Paul.

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Jamming Insurgents: Consequences of Limiting Information and Communication Technologies in Nigeria
 Rogers, Sean.

Jeremiad or Strategic Weapon? The Impact of Emotive Language in Supreme Court Opinions on Case Salience
 Bryan, Amanda. and Ringsmuth, Eve.

Joining the Tea Party Caucus: a Survival Strategy
 Sin, Gisela. and Hendry, David.

Judicial Policymaking and the Public Trust Doctrine: Reconciling the Public Policy and Legal Literatures
 Motta, Michael.

Judicial Rhetoric about Executive Power: Supreme Court Opinions and Limits on Presidential Authority.
 Cobetto, Joseph.

Jumping Out of the Pool: The Strategic Timing of Candidacy Decisions in US Senate Primaries
 King, Aaron.


Kant's Relation to the Noble and the Good
 Little, David.

Kelo v. City of New London and Deference to Governments in Eminent Domain Decisions
 Camuto, Scott.

Kids These Days: An Analysis of the Political Knowledge of Young Voters
 Starling, Anderson.


LGBT movements in Latin America: Structures, Setbacks and Progress
 Caceres, Jetsabe. and Longaker, Jacob.

Land Rights in the Developing World
 Hanson, Margaret.

Large-Scale Land Acquisitions, Property Rights, and Food Security
 Dye, Jennifer.

Larger Donors from Fewer States?: Is the Distribution of Campaign Contributions in the Presidential Preprimary Changing Post-BCRA
 Sebold, Karen.

Latent Variable Analysis of Judicial Nominee Ideology
 Dean, Stephanie.

Latin American perspectives of the world-system: the actuality of the Dependency Theory
 Vieira, Victor.

Lawmaking and Policy Change in American Legislatures: The Case of Charter School Laws, 1996-2012
 Clinton, Joshua. and Richardson, Mark.

Learning and Policy Diffusion: Experimental Evidence
 Volden, Craig. and Butler, Daniel.

Learning from Iowa: How Voters Update Perceptions in Response to Early Primaries
 Dudley, John., Gedman, Sam. and Henderson, Michael.

Learning from Mitch: Disaster management that addresses vulnerability posed by gender and social exclusion.
 Loutzenhiser, Kirsten. and Sussman, Stephen.

Legislative Institutions and Pareto Efficiency
 Ragan, Robi.

Legislative Term Limits and Voter Turnout
 Kuhlmann, Robynn. and Lewis, Daniel.

Legislative Voting and Environmental Policy in the States
 Hogan, Robert.

Legitimacy, Ideology, and the Court’s Roller Coaster Week of Salient Decisions
 Christenson, Dino. and Glick, David.

Legitimate or not Legitimate? That is the Question: A Reappraisal of Legitimacy in Authoritarian Regimes
 Fowler, Hunter.

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Maclean for Mayor – At the Forefront of Integration and Desegregation in the Deep South.
 Smith, Carry.

Making History and Playing Politics:Oveta Culp Hobby turns from WAC leader to pioneer at HEW.
 Markley, Gregory.

Making The Norm Work: How Civil Society Drives the Cluster Munition Taboo with Evidence from the United Kingdom & the Netherlands
 Benjamin-Britton, Taylor.

Making a Point: Stacking the Deck Through U.S. Senate Appointments?
 Lynch, Timothy.

Making the Electoral Connection to Judicial Review
 Myers, William.

Managers Under Pressure- Examining the Impact of Performance Information and Accountability Pressures on the Attrition of Public Executives
 Harrington, James.

Managing Social Media in Campaigns
 Cronin, Christopher.

Many Faces of Political Islam: Party System Religiosity and Democratic Quality in Muslim Countries
 Oztas, Buket.

Maoists in the Mountains: Explaining Insurgency Trajectories in Peru and Nepal
 Adhikari, Prakash. and Rowell, Nick.

Mapping Climate Change-Related Opinion: Analysis on Possible Reshaping of Public Perceptions for Policy Coalition Building
 O\'Sullivan, Terry. and Emmelhainz, Roger.

Mapping Legal Rules to Outcomes: Adversarial Litigation and Litigant Expertise
 Walson, John.

Martin Luther, the Bible, and Temporal Government
 Carty, Jarrett.

Measuring Change in the Electoral Performance of Congressional Leaders
 Schraufnagel, Scot. and Walter, Evan.

Measuring Happiness: Evaluating Life Satisfaction versus the State of the World
 Husser, Jason. and Fernandez, Kenneth.

Measuring State Ideology with Bayesian Hierarchical Spatial Modeling
 Monogan, James. and Gill, Jeff.

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National High Courts as Power Players? International Human Rights Laws and Domestic High Courts
 Reid, Rebecca.

National Supreme Courts and Inernational Law: Glocalizing the Judicial Settings
 Sommer, Udi.

Naval Power and International Conflict
 Souva, Mark. and Crisher, Brian.

Nearly-Just Societies and Public Sexuality
 Thomas, Jerry.

Negative or Positive Peace: An Analysis of ‘Peacefulness’ and application of Just Peacemaking in Uganda
 Curtice, Travis.

Neighborhood Effects on Party Loyalty in the U.S. Congress
 Williams, R. Lucas. and Lawrence, Lonnie.

Neighbourhood Associations in Japan and Uzbekistan: a Comparative Analysis of Their Impact on Local Governance and Developing Social Capital
 Ismailov, Murod.

New Actors and Old Pressures: How Governments of Newly Liberalized Latin American Democracies Make and Prioritize Decisions Based on Demands of Pressure Groups.
 Bromfield, Brittany.

New Arrivals in the New South
 Espino, Rodolfo. and Jimeno, Rafael.

New Democratic Institutions and State-Society Relations: Evidence from Participatory Budgeting in Brazil
 Touchton, Michael.

New Governments and Investor-State Disputes
 Silva, Pedro.

New Politics of Redistribution? The Financial Crisis and Redistributive Policy in the US and Canada
 Boychuk, Gerard.

New York Campaign Finance Post Bloomberg
 Kraus, Jeffrey.

News Coverage of Campaign Issue Positions: Causes and Consequences
 Milita, Kerri. and Ryan, John.

News Coverage of Voter Fraud in the 2008 and 2012 Elections
 Fogarty, Brian., Kimball, David., Vorst, Eric., Gouzien, Pat., Curtis, Jessica. and Wiedlocher, Laura.

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Obama’s Unprecedented Coalition and the Future of American Party Competition
 Zingher, Joshua.

Obama’s ‘Hidden-Hand’ Presidency: Myth, Misinterpretation, or Metaphor?
 Conley, Richard. and Baron, Kevin.

Occupy Wall Street through the Mind of Lenin
 Neuman, Nicole.

On Arbitrarity in Pettit and in Markets
 Turner, Brandon.

On Deliberative Authoritarian Governance
 Chen, Jidong. and Xu, Yiqing.

On Justice, Friends, and Enemies in Plato
 Hoffpauir, Mike.

On the nationalization of party systems in 50 democracies (1945-2012): determinants and measurement sensitivity
 Vasselai, Fabricio.

Open Thy Mouth: The Impact of Religious Participation on the Political Participation of black Americans in the Non-Metropolitan South, A Case Study of Hunt County, Texas
 Dent, Kelly.

Opening the Blackbox: The Internal Organisation of European Interest groups
 Shotton, Paul. and Braun, Caelesta.

Operationalizing the Vice Presidential Home State Effect
 Devine, Christopher. and Kopko, Kyle.

Opinion or Party Control? Partisan Effects of Policy Over Time
 Chapman, Stephen.

Opinions on Gun Control: Evidence from an Experimental Web Survey
 Treece, Mallory.

Optimal Dockets
 Staton, Jeffrey. and Clark, Tom.

Organizational Size, Structure and Social Capital in the Public Sector:
 Andrews, Rhys.

Organizational ecology and party density: Evidence from Canadian elections
 Raymond, Christopher.

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Para-militarization and Culture of Impunity in Policing: A Study on Human Rights Violation by State Elite Force in Bangladesh
 Uddin, Md. Kamal.

Paradise Lost: Green Development Aid and ‘Going Green’ in West Africa
 Ryneal, Marcelina.

Participation in the Rulemaking Process for the Authorization of Yucca Mountain and Previous Rules Shaping Yucca Mountain Policy
 Milojevich, Allyn.

Partisan Agendas or Just Following the Lead: Do Opinionated Programs Have Different Agendas than Straight News?
 Smith, Glen.

Partisan Blogging in the Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren Race
 Cunningham, Maurice.

Partisan Priming in Religious Political Ads: The Effects of Partisan Cues in Religious Political Appeals
 Thornton, Matthew.

Partisan Transmission in an Age of Polarization
 Steinberg, Alan. and Tedin, Kent.

Partisan Waves and Strategic Retirement From Congress
 Evans, Sean.

Partners for Peace: UN Peacekeeping Coalitions and Violence Reduction 1990-2011
 Morgan, Michael.

Party Activists and the God Gap
 Claassen, Ryan.

Party Capability Theory, Resource Inequality, and Judicial Legitimacy: A Cross-National Test of African High Courts
 Kimel, TJ. and Randazzo, Kirk.

Party Control at the 1878-79 California Constitutional Convention
 Kogan, Vladimir. and Binder, Mike.

Party Group Switching in the European Parliament: A Test of Party Motivations
 Perez, Lauren.

Party System Nationalization and the (Des)centralization of National Government in 42 Democracies, 1950-2010
 Vasselai, Fabricio.

Party Systems and Civil Society Organizations in Comparative Perspective: Evidence from Japan Interest Group Study
 Kikuchi, Hirokazu.

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Quality Matters: Science Translation from Press Release to News
 Brown, Paige.

Quantifying Legal Landmarks: Applying the Legislative-Accomplishment Approach to the Decisions of the Supreme Court
 Hendershot, Marcus. and Liang, Ye.


Race and Health Care Provision Inside Prison
 Olson, Jeremiah.

Race and Media Perception of Marion Barry
 Brown, Mitchell., Cole, Benjamin. and Lambert, Josh.

Race and the Tea Party in the Old Dominion: Down-Ticket Voting and Roll-Off in the 2013 Virginia Elections
 Hood, M. V.., Kidd, Quentin. and Morris, Irwin.

Race, Performance, and Bias: Judgments of Accountability
 Crawford, Nyron.

Racial Cues in the Black Press: How Online Newspaper Stories Prime Credibility Perceptions
 LaPoe, Ben. and Sullivan, Jas.

Racial Resentment or Old-Fashioned Racism? Explaining the Vote Choice of Southern and Non-southern Whites in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election
 Knuckey, Jonathan. and Kim, Myunghee.

Racial Resentment, Hurricane Sandy, and the Spillover of Racial Attitudes into Evaluations of Government Organizations
 Sheagley, Geoff., Chen, Philip. and Farhart, Christina.

Racial Stereotypes in US News Coverage of the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti
 Craemer, Thomas.

Racial Voting in the 2000s
 Ginsberg, Beth. and Khan, Haseeb.

Racial resentment, economic libertarianism, and Tea Party support
 Blum, Rachel. and Schorr, Christopher.

Radical Populism and Cartel Dynamics in Southern Europe: The Case of Greece
 Toloudis, Nicholas.

Radical Son: The Apprenticeship of John Stuart Mill
 Taylor, Quentin.

Rally ‘Round the Governor: Understanding the Political Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey
 Koning, Ashley. and Redlawsk, David.

Rawls, Dworkin and the Idea of Public Reason
 Al-Hakim, Mohamad.

Re-estimating the Causal Effects of Human Rights Treaties Using Multilevel Propensity Score Stratification
 Nguyen, Sinh.

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Salience and Legitimacy Theory in State Courts
 Adelsperger, Ryan.

Scandal, Party Pressure, and Resignations from the US House of Representatives
 Gross, Matthew.

Scandals' Effects on Opinions of Congress and Its Members
 Basinger, Scott.

School Lunches in Europe: Women and Agriculture
 Rutledge, Jennifer.

Searching for the Bomb: the Divergent Effects of Nuclear Weapons on Leader Stability Across Regimes
 Price, Paige.

Secular Walls and Sacred Temple: The American Nehemiad during the Early Nineteenth Century
 Patterson, James.

Securitization Beyond Established Democracies: The Uprisings in Tunisia and Bahrain in Comparative Perspective
 Robinson, Leonard.

Self-Interest Indicators as Sources of Information among Partisans
 Pacheco, Julianna.

Separating Party and Ideology in Roll Call Data
 Noel, Hans.

Separation of Powers and Standing in Windsor v. United States
 Devaney, Joseph.

Service Learning and Community Engagement: A Success Story of Regional Partners
 Goldberg, Abraham.

Service of Civil Society in Developed and Developing Countries: A Cross National Analysis of Japan Interest Group Study
 Kobashi, Yohei., Ahmed, Shakil. and Tsujinaka, Yutaka.

Setting the Agenda for Competitive Innovation: Gubernatorial Climate and Clean Energy Policy 2001-2012
 Deitchman, Benjamin.

Sex at Work: Title VII and the Application of “Because of Sex” to LGBTQ Employees
 Anthony, Deborah.

Sex, Covered: Media Treatment of Sex Education Controversies
 Rom, Mark. and Dagnes, Alison.

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Tacit Consent and Default Entitlement: Lessons from Brandom
 Gray, Sean.

Talking and not being heard: The challenges facing women in their fight against discrimination and sexism in Africa at the 2014 SPSA
 Bamfo, Napoleon.

Tea Time: An Analysis of the Tea Party Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives
 Phillips, Stephen.

Teaching Terrorism: Mapping Contemporary Terrorism Courses at Universities and Colleges in the U.S.
 Sheehan, Ivan Sascha.

Teaching for Domestic and International Civic Engagement: Environmental Politics and Policy
 Walker, Teri.

Teleworking in US Federal agencies: Organizational climate factors determining teleworking decision
 Cherkaoui, Hanane.

Term Limits Across Different State Policy Arenas
 Dometrius, Nelson.

Terrorism Psychology Project
 Williams, Jonathan., Besaw, Clayton. and Payne, Jeff.

Terrorism and Political Survival
 Park, Johann.

Testing a Theory of Prerogative Power in the Office of Governor in the US
 Crew, Robert. and Cockerham, Alexandra.

The 2012 Debates: How Do Knowledge and Perceptions Affect Real-Time Evaluations?
 Hoffman, Lindsay., Holden, Tracey. and Broomell, Laura.

The Advantages of Backwardness? Globalization and Developing Country Welfare Regime Transformation
 Cemen, Rahmi.

The Ambivalence of Isaiah Berlin
 Babbitt, Paul.

The Arab Spring: Explaining Arab Military Behavior through State Security Apparatuses
 Hazen, Timothy.

The Authority of Natural Law in the American Founding
 Lund, T..

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U.S. Women’s Rights Organizations and the Global Women’s Rights Movement
 Burrell, Barbara., Walker, Rachel. and Von Hagel, Alisa.

US-Caribbean Relations in the 21st Century: Challengers in an ‘American Lake’
 Vanderbush, Walt.

Undermining the State? Democracy and Administrative Reform in Senegal
 Sigman, Rachel.

Understanding Americans’ Perceptions of Local Courts: Would Voters Know and Love Judge Judy More If She Were to Run for Election in a Small Town?
 McKenzie, Mark., Rugeley, Cynthia., Bailey, Daniel. and McKee, Seth.

Understanding Bureaucratic Responsiveness in Africa: Do Existing Theories Apply?
 Keiser, Lael. and Agyapong, Elijah.

Understanding CIA counterinsurgency innovation in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam
 Strandquist, Jon.

Understanding Honduras’ Ereba Makers: Challenging the Primacy of Individual Agents in the Capabilities Approach
 Hall, Kia.

Understanding How State Legislators Define Problems: The Case of High and Rising Health Care Costs in Massachusetts
 Garlick, Monica.

Understanding Public Sector Debt: Blaming for Soft Budget Constraints or Shadowing Government Debt?
 Park, Sanghee.

Understanding Why Representation Gaps Form in Majoritarian Systems
 Raymond, Christopher.

Understanding the Racial Gap in Religion and Politics
 McDaniel, Eric.

Unintended Consequences of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act
 Yonk, Ryan., Harris, Kayla. and Larsen, Justine.

Unintended Effects of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Gender Bias in Discharge Rates
 Sellers, Mitchell.

Unionized Worker Cooperatives: A Global Comparison
 Michael, Christopher.

Unions, Partisanship, and Income Inequality
 Castater, Eric.

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Value Conflict, Ambivalence, and Electoral Choice: How ambivalence affects voter turnout and correct voting?
 Song, Hyunjin.

Values, Group-Centrism, and Attitudes Toward Campaign Finance Laws
 Elliott, Lauren.

Vanguards in Revolution: Sacrifice, Radicalism, and Coercion
 Shadmehr, Mehdi. and Bernhardt, Dan.

Vanishing Low-Skill Manufacturing and the New Political Economy: Implications for Policymakers
 Bolden, Nicholas.

Variation in the Influence of Political Concentration across High and Low Salience Legislation
 Kelly, Jason.

Varieties of Bureaucracy and Public Attitudes toward Government
 Choi, Seo Youn.

Ventriloquism or an Echo Chamber? Measuring the Strength of House Members’ Rhetoric on Local Newspapers
 Romano, Michael.

Veterans ‘Storming the Hill’ for their Rights: The Innovative IAVA Approach to Lobbying
 Davis, Willie.

Views of the gender gap in Japan: Disinterest toward the gender gap among successful workers
 Shinohara, Shugo.

Violence across the Chess Board
 Panwar, Namrata.

Violent Frames: The Impact of Candidate Assassination on Attitudes toward Hegemonic Regimes
 Beaulieu, Emily. and Levin, Ines.

Virtuous Shirking: Social Identity, Military Recruitment, and Unwillingness to Repress
 Johnson, Paul.

Vitoria and Las Casas on the Treatment of the “Barbarians” of the New World
 Varacalli, Thomas.

Vote Intent and Conceptions of Democracy
 Dunn, Kris. and Thornton, Judd.

Voting Ability and Disability
 Miller, Peter. and Powell, Sierra.

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War Exhaustion and the Stability of Arms Treaties
 Spaniel, William.

Was Tim Scott an Anomaly? Explaining Gubernatorial Appointments to the U.S. Senate
 Knotts, Heyward. and Cooper, Christopher.

Weibo, Baidu and Democratization in China: A study on the Post-Tiananmen generation's views on the Political Future of China
 Ho, Karl. and La Piana, Thomas.

Weighty Discourse or Cheap Talk? Disentangling the Effects of Campaign Rhetoric against the ‘Special Interests.’
 Norris, Justin.

What Does Wilt Chamberlain Owe to Society?
 Jankovic, Ivan.

What Goes Up Must Not Come Down: The Tweet Retraction Process of Politicians
 Settles, Paige.

What Good Citizens Don’t Do: Defining and Limiting American Citizenship in Terms of "Civil Disattendability"
 Pankiewicz, Nicole.

What Happens When Cloture Fails?: Senate Response to Failed Cloture Votes, 1975-2010
 Sievert, Joel.

What Makes Differences in Performance of Local Economic Development? and How?
 Park, Jongsun. and Oh, Youngmin.

What Motivates Japanese Nonprofit Decisions in Latin America?
 Avellaneda, Claudia., Johansen, Morgen. and Suzuki, Kohei.

What One Hand Giveth, the Other Taketh Away: Assessing the Impact of White House Climate-Related Policy Contradictions
 O\'Sullivan, Terry.

What Political Institutions Favor Indigenous People’s Rights? A Latin American Study
 Muraoka, Taishi. and Avellaneda, Claudia.

What Role Do Third-Party Actors Have in the Perceived Effectiveness of a Peacekeeping Operation?
 Verrill, Diane.

What factors affect Japan’s Policy Making Mechanism?: Focused on a Bureaucracy Dominant Model.
 Kim, Yoonho.

When Consumer Sentiment Matters: Outperforming Economic Indicators in Times of Political and Economic Uncertainty
 Linn, Suzanna., Kellstedt, Paul. and Hannah, Lee.

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Xi’s “China Dream” and the CCP’s Building of “Comfucianism” Political Ideology
 Sun, Feng. and Zhang, Wanfa.


You Want To Spend My Money How?: Framing Effects on Tax Increases via Ballot Initiatives.
 Braidwood, Travis.
Southern Political Science Association 2014-Jan-08 to 2014-Jan-12
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