Southern Political Science Association 2015-Jan-14 to 2015-Jan-18

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"Arms Around the World: United States Importing and Exporting of Firearms"
 Sirgo, Henry.

"Constructing Constitutional Politics: The Reconstruction Experience"
 Graber, Mark.

"Lincoln's Civil Theology?"
 Smith, Steven.

"Social justice and the rentier in Picketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century"
 Ingham, Sean.

"The Fiscal Crisis of the Local State: Take Detroit...Please!"
 wang, richard.

. Rorty, the Public Sphere, and the Future of Religion
 Gibbons, Michael.

'The Time Is Always Out Of Joint': Democratic Time and Frustration
 Kim, Juman.

¡No Más! Latin American Challenges to the War on Drugs
 Scherlen, Renee.

‘Reaping What Someone Else Has Sown’: A Regional Assessment of the Impact of Western Influence
 Trigleth, James.

“Increase and Diffusion of Knowledge”: Constructing the Relation of the Smithsonian Institution to Politics, 1835-1866
 Adcock, Robert.

“Quote a Female Scientist”: Science Press Releases and Science Writers’ News Judgment
 Brown, Paige. and Mann, Christopher.

“The Rise and Decline of Congressional Moderates: Ideological Change of Southern Democrats and Eastern Republicans”
 Whisenant, Travis., Bond, Jon., Fleisher, Richard. and Graham, Cole.

“Visual Politics and ‘Uses of Civility’ in the Early Republic”
 Mink, Joseph.

“Who You Callin’ A Hoe?”: How The Jezebel Stereotype Adversely Cripples Progressive Black Female Politics
 Osagie, Osamagbe.

“Who's Running Against Me?: Do more primary challengers run more often in black influence districts compared to majority-minority districts?"
 Carter, Stacy.

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A Case Study: Teens’ Linguistic Paradigm& Language Repertoire through Political Socialization in South Taiwan
 Kao, Peter.

A Comparative Time Analysis of Iranian Women and Her Sociopolitical Rights
 Berna, Dustin. and Wellman, Heather.

A Duty to Listen?
 Gustafson, Emily.

A Jewish Approach to Prison Reform
 Bolts, Shlomo.

A Last-Minute Cue in a High-Information Setting: An Experimental Investigation of the Effect of The New York Times Presidential Endorsement
 Neddenriep, Gregory. and Nownes, Anthony.

A Law Within Themselves: An Understanding of John Locke's Paraphrase
 Kearns, Kevin.

A Mixture Modeling Approach to the Study of Inter- and Intra-Party Cleavages in the American Electorate
 Bakker, Ryan., Hare, Christopher., Lupton, Robert. and Poole, Keith.

A New Elections Federalism: Dual Election Administration Systems in 2014
 Fincher, Brandon. and Hale, Kathleen.

A Note on the Significance of Timaeus’ Locrian Citizenship
 Roberts, Veronica.

A Panel Study of Attitudes toward Economic Equality
 Paolino, Philip.

A Particular Set of Skills: The Influence of Virtual Group Membership on Political Participation
 Gross, Benjamin.

A Partisan By Any Other Name: Assessing the Impact of Congressional Caucuses as Party Sub-Brands
 Clarke, Andrew.

A Playbook for Going First: Preemption and the SIOP
 Bzostek, Rachel.

A Policy Analysis of Militarization within Municipal Police Departments in the United States
 Quinlan, Parker.

A Realist Theory for the Digital Age
 Avery, Brenton.

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Bad Batman: The Case against the Dark Knight
 Baily, Alan.

Balancing Alliances: France's Geopolitical Shift while in NATO and the CFSP
 Howard, Rebecca.

Ballot Reform and the Decline of Third Parties in State Legislatures
 Reed, Daniel.

Ballot proposition awareness among voters.
 Bowler, Shaun. and Nicholson, Stephen.

Ban the Bomb: Growing Support for a Nuclear Weapons Convention
 Lindamood, Holly.

Bankruptcy Reform and Congressional Action: The Role of Special Interests in Shaping Policy
 Hayes, Thomas.

Barack Obama and the Clemency Power: Reform on the Way?
 Crouch, Jeffrey.

Bargaining and Command: The President, the White House Entourage, and Department Secretaries
 Holden, Matthew.

Because they can: state capacity and autocratic survival
 Wang, Erik H.. and Xu, Yiqing.

Behavior and Search in Contests with Asymmetric Valuations
 Woon, Jonathan.

Best for Business: Worker Rights and International Capital
 Bagwell, Stephen.

Beyond Personal Distaste: Justice Alito’s Principled Approach to First Amendment Freedom of Speech
 O\'Malley, Deborah.

Beyond Service: How National Party Organizations Influence Party Brands
 Heersink, Boris.

Biased News and Political Learning During Elections
 Kelly, Dimitri.

Biased in Their Favor: Legislative Response to Collective Action by the Politically Marginalized
 Gause, LaGina.

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Cain and Abel in Torah and Qur'an
 Ealy, Steven.

Calculated Identity Positioning and Agency: Black Women Activists in the Environmental Justice Movement
 Simpson, Andrea.

Campaign Contributions and Judicial Decisionmaking: Does Money Buy Access?
 Soltoff, Benjamin.

Campaign finance and strategic opinion-writing on elected state supreme courts
 Min, Bennet.

Campaigns ‘Gone Viral’: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Social Media Advertising in Political Campaigns
 Harrison, Tyler.

Can We Frack and Have Renewables, Too? Natural gas as a bridge to carbon zero
 Zoorob, Michael.

Can we impute public policy preferences by age?
 Cook, Zachary.

Candidate-Centered Electoral Systems, Intra-Party Politics, and Cabinet Composition
 Kubo, Hiroki.

Career Concerns and Policy Choice in Federal Systems
 Yu, Tinghua.

Caring about Rights: Personification and Abstraction in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate
 Back, Laura.

Cavell, Levinas, and Graphic Memoirs: Comics and the Politics of Suffering
 Fletcher, Andrew.

Centralized Command and Coalition Success in War
 Morey, Daniel.

Centripetal and Centrifugal Electoral Incentives in Multidimensional Policy Spaces
 Ragan, Robi.

Challenges of Representation: An Analysis of Congressional Voting Behavior on Alzheimer’s Legislation
 Clarke, Andrew.

Changes in Amicus Curiae Activity in the State Judiciary
 Baxter, Christopher.

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Decentralization and Increased Debt: Accident or Strategy
 McConaughey, Meghan.

Decentralized Federalism and Conflict: What Matters?
 Pineda, Paula.

Deconstructing Valence: An Analysis of Variation in the Importance of Non-Policy Attributes to Voters
 Basu, Chitralekha.

Defection Vulnerability and Transaction Cost Characteristics
 Ki, namhoon. and KWAK, CHANG-GYU.

Degrading Democracy: The Effect of Deficient Sources of Political Information on American Democracy
 Bollich, Daniel.

Delegation, Ideology, and Politicization
 Thrower, Sharece. and Bolton, Alexander.

Demanding Policy: Purposive Goals and American Party Elites
 Conger, Kimberly., Cooperman, Rosalyn., Green, John., Herrera, Richard., Kalkan, Kerem., Layman, Geoffrey. and Shufeldt, Greg.

Democracy or Stability: An Analysis of Voting Behavior in the 2014 Egyptian Presidential Elections
 Hoyle, Justin. and Kostanecki, Ryan.

Democracy’s Disappointments: Lessons from Dewey and Foucault on World War I and the Iranian Revolution
 Dorzweiler, Nick.

Democratic Demonstration Effects and State Repression: Do Authoritarian Regimes Respond to Threats Outside Their Borders?
 Whittingham, Ryan.

Democratic Nostalgia in Neoliberal Times: Downton Abbey’s Political Affects
 Feit, Mario.

Democratic Responsibility and the Doctrine of Double Effect
 Tontiplaphol, Don.

Democratization and Political Socialization in Taiwan: An Age-Cohort-Period Analysis
 Weng, Lu Chung.

Democratizing Information: Web 2.0 Tools at Fort Hays State University
 Rackaway, Chapman. and Campbell, Carolyn.

Designing Foreign Aid Packages to Assuage the Public
 Heinrich, Tobias. and Kobayashi, Yoshiharu.

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Economic Interdependence and Coup Occurrence
 Powell, Jonathan.

Economic Interests and Congressional Voting on Corporate Tax Issues in the U.S.
 Shin, Mi Jeong.

Economic News Effects on the Public’s Opinion of the President
 Tozzi Jr, Gino.

Economic Threats, Social Threats, and Support for Authoritarian Leaders
 Miller, Steven.

Economic voting and welfare states: Does welfare system hinder economic voting?
 Shin, Jungsub. and Park, Beomseob.

Educating Students about the National Debt: A Multiyear Study of Civic Engagement in the University Core Curriculum
 Galatas, Steven. and Pressley, Cindy.

Education as a Security Threat
 Turner, Kimberly.

Effects of Natural Disasters on Local Government Finance: Window of Opportunity or Burden?
 Ismayilov, Orkhan. and Andrew, Simon.

Effects of photo primes on motivating campaign volunteers: Results from 4 randomized field experiments.
 Lenoir, Brandon.

Eighteen Reasons Why the Democratic Party Needs to Learn the Lessons of the Machine
 Easton, Nicholas.

Election Administration in the Southern States
 Creek, Heather.

Elections, Public Awareness, and Judicial Decisionmaking
 Krehbiel, Jay.

Electoral Concentration and Polarization in Turkey
 Kalkan, Kerem. and Ozen, Ilhan.

Electoral Context and Presentation of Self
 Tucker, Patrick.

Electoral Cycle Fluctuations in Partisanship Intensity: Global Evidence
 Michelitch, Kristin. and Utych, Stephen.

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Factional Competition and Organizational Competition
 Ting, Michael. and Bendor, Jonathan.

Failed Party Systems in Southern States
 Aistrup, Joseph.

Failed States in a Federal Country? The current Mexican security situation and new challenges for a trite concept
 Manteca Melgarejo, Esteban.

Fair Play in the Assembly
 Gibilisco, Michael.

Falando de Virtù: O “Criador” e a “Criatura”

Falling into Quicksand: Social Welfare Policy’s Fight against the Inequalities of Poverty
 Lawrence, Ashley.

Fed Speak on Main Street
 Binder, Carola.

Federalist No. 37 and the Challenges of Founding
 Carty, Jarrett.

Felony Disenfranchisement: A Study of the Racial, Class, Constitutional and Partisan Impacts
 Wilson, Carter. and Watry, Ruth.

Fighting Back: Analyzing the Use of Social Media for Counterterrorism
 Calice, Mikhaila.

Filling Pews and Voting Booths: The Role of Politicization in Congregational Growth
 Audette, Andre. and Weaver, Christopher.

Finally, Nebraska: A Synthetic Control Analysis of Nebraska's Switch to a Unicameral Legislature
 Hankins, William.

Finding (a Protestant) Christ in the Constitution
 Farrelly, Maura.

Food Stamps, Phones, Freeloaders, and Fraud? President Obama and the Politics of the New American Welfare State
 Conley, Richard.

Forecasting the 2015 British General Election in a Fragmenting Party System
 Lebo, Matthew. and Norpoth, Helmut.

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Gauging Judicial Quality and Selection Methods in State Supreme Courts: Is there Merit in Merit Selection?
 Savchak, Elisha.

Gendered Budgeting: Examining the Spending Behaviors of Women and Men Executives
 Funk, Kendall.

Gendered Language and Female Empowerment: How Syntax Affects Political Realities
 Baldwin, Maisie.

Gendered Legislation: Effects of Percentages of Females in Legislatures on Policy
 Gribbins, Elizabeth.

General Bayesian Approach for the Estimation of the Varying Choice Logistical Model
 Labzina, Elena.

Generalized Synthetic Control Method for Causal Inference in Time-Series Cross-Sectional Data
 Xu, Yiqing.

Getting Paid to Play: The Financial Implications of Contributing Troops to United Nations Peacekeeping
 Freeman, Joshua.

Global Citizens’ Perceptions of Obama and Putin
 Mirilovic, Nikola. and Kim, Myunghee.

God and the Good Citizen: Rousseau and Plato on Civil Religion
 Cusher, Brent.

God, Law and Nation; or Sacred Sovereignty from the King’s Two Body’s to the People’s Writ
 Edwards, Pamela.

Going Green: Medical Marijuana Laws in the US States
 Hannah, Lee.

Governance between Governments: Civil War, Rebels, and Authority
 Gibb, Ryan.

Government Revenue Collection, Expenditure Outlay and the Economy
 Stephens, G..

Gracias por Votar: Mobilizing Washington’s Latino Voters to the Mailbox
 Mann, Christopher. and Lebrón, Liz.

Grade Inflation
 de Figueiredo, John., Bolton, Alexander., Cameron, Charles., Lewis, David. and Li, Frank.

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Habermasian Reflections on Solidarity: Elements of a Theoretical Account
 Carrabregu, Gent.

Hamilton on Plurality and Presidential Power
 Kellow, Geoffrey.

Handshake 2.0: Uses and Limits of Twitter Engagement across 50 U.S. Governors
 Jain, Anshul. and Katz, James.

Hard Cases, Inconsistent Law: The Correlates of Judgment-Rationale Inconsistency in the U.S. Supreme Court
 Hitt, Matthew.

Hawai'i as a Model for Race Relations
 Haas, Michael.

Hawkish or Dovish: Quantifying America's Hawkishness and its Effects on United States-North Korean Interaction
 Ganczak, Kimberly.

Hawks and Doves? Latina and Latino attitudes toward the War in Iraq
 Pantoja, Adrian. and VanSickle-Ward, Rachel.

Hayek on Planning and Dignity
 Maiorano, Jonathan.

Hayek on the Limits of Democracy: The Case of the ACA’s Contraceptive Mandate
 Barracca, Steven.

Hearing The Angry Roar: Are there gender differences in the strategic use anger?
 Phan, Ngoc.

Her Today, (Humans) Gone Tomorrow?
 Savage, Stephen.

Hispanics in the South: the Dixie GOP and Latino Voters
 Ginsberg, Beth. and Bailey, Daniel.

Home Rule or Judge Rule? State Supreme Court Justice Behavior in Local Government Regulation Cases
 Zalewski, Matthew.

Hookworm Eradication as an Instrument for Schooling in the American South
 Henderson, John.

Horizontal or Vertical diffusion? Understanding Adoption of Medicaid Waivers
 Weissert, Carol. and Weissert, William.

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IMF Programs and the Risk of a Coup d'etat
 Casper, Brett.

ISIS: How do we stop them
 Berna, Dustin.

Ideas of Power: The Politics of American Party Ideology Development
 Lewis, Verlan.

Ideological Extremism of U.S. Presidential Primary Candidates
 Bitecofer, Rachel.

Ideology and Voter Turnout: How Partisan Effects of Increased Voter Turnout Vary Across the Left.
 Wilford, Allan.

If a poll is released and Fox doesn’t cover it, does it make a sound? Understanding partisan news bias in election poll coverage
 Searles, Kathleen. and Ginn, Martha.

Immigration Federalism: Study on State Resistance to Federal Exclusivity on Immigration Policymaking
 Sun, Jaisang.

Immigration Frames and Metaphors in the UK Election for the European Parliament
 Cristea, Alexandru.

Immigration enforcement and removal as a net: concepts, measures and research agenda
 Pedraza, Francisco. and Calderon, M. Apolonia.

Immigration, Citizenship, and the Political Participation of Asian American Women
 Harvie, Jeanette.

Immunity, Individuality, and Modern inside/outside Dialectic
 Birol, Ali Fuat.

Impact of Goal Ambiguity on Job Satisfaction in U.S. Federal Agencies.
 LEE, JEKYUNG. and Rainey, Hal.

Impacts of federal funding program on network change among local governments in green economic development policy

Impediments to policy developments in parties in developing countries
 Svasand, Lars.

Implementing the New Government Core Curriculum at Kilgore College, a Two-Year College in Texas
 McLennan, Lindsey.

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Job insecurity and Attitudes towards Redistributive Policies in South Korea
 Lee, Soomi.

John Marshall, Marbury v. Madison, and the Construction of Constitutional Legitimacy
 Ray, Clyde.

Judicial Decision Making in Cases dealing with the Patenting of Processes
 Kesari, Aniket.

Judicial Diversity: The Pre-Bench Experiences of Federal Appellate Judges
 Hurwitz, Mark. and Lanier, Drew.

Judicial Independence as a Latent Variable: A Cross-National Measure and Analysis of Judicial Independence
 Bodnaruk Jazayeri, Karen.

Judicial Partisanship in Voter Identification Litigation
 Peretti, Terri.

Jumping Ship: The Causes and Consequences of Governors Turning to Third Parties
 Chamberlain, Adam.

Jurgen Habermas's "Religious Turn" and the Evolution of American "Public Reason" Scholarship
 Areshidze, Giorgi.

Just a Spoonful of What?: Policy as prescription for reducing race-based STI health disparities
 Allison, Angela. and Meier, Ken.

Justifying Participatory Budgets with Public Philosophy: A Moral Limits of Markets Approach
 Brannon, Jeremy.


Keep in Corps: An Analysis of the Decisions to Close Peace Corps County Programs
 Nisley, Thomas.

Korean Party Manifestos: Roles of Party Members
 Koo, Sejin.


Labor's Last Stand? The Great Recession and Collective Bargaining Reform in the US States
 Wade, Magic.

Latin America's Paradoxical Majority Voter
 Castillo, Alexandra.

Lavender Untouchables: Why some Countries still Shun Homosexuals
 Shea, Michael.

Learning About Voter Rationality
 Ashworth, Scott. and Bueno de Mesquita, Ethan.

Learning Management Systems: The Impact of Race and Gender on the Learning Process
 Dooley, T Price.

Legislative Communication: How Electoral Safety Moderates the Frequency and Kind of Messages Sent to Constituents
 Loose, Krista.

Legislative Entrepreneurship and Reform Through the Congressional Cycle
 Baron, Kevin.

Legislative Institutions and the Power of Majority-Party Leaders
 Fouirnaies, Alexander. and Hall, Andrew.

Legislative Responsiveness to Public Opinion
 Ballard, Andrew. and Lerner, Joshua.

Legislative Studies at the Frontier: Analyzing the Congress of the Republic of Texas
 Musgrave, Robert.

Legislative Success and the Influence of Revolving Door Lobbyists
 LaPira, Timothy. and Thomas, Herschel.

Legitimating Massive Resistance: Using "Race-Neutral" Jurisprudence to Entrench White Supremacy
 Krell, Matthew.

Let’s Make a Deal! Bloc Voting and Bribery at the UN Human Rights Council
 Casper, Brett.

Let’s Talk About States, Baby: A Contextual Examination of “Women-Friendly” Districts
 Pyeatt, Nicholas. and Yanus, Alixandra.

Let’s talk about Diversity: The impact of diversity cues on political representation, redistributive policies, and racial threat.
 Phan, Ngoc.

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Machiavelli, The Hunger Games, and the Art of Dictatorship
 Faber, Michael.

Maclean for Mayor – At the Forefront of Integration and Desegregation in the Deep South
 Smith, Carry.

Mail Ballots: Divergent Definitions & Practices Across the States
 Brown, Mitchell. and Hale, Kathleen.

Majoritarian Response Mechanisms for Counter-Majoritarian Supreme Court Decisions
 Bridge, Dave.

Making a Point: Stacking the Deck Through U.S. Senate Appointments?
 Lynch, Timothy.

Male v. Female Religious Elite Influence: An Examination of Catholic Public Opinion
 Kraybill, Jeanine.

Managing Diversity, Social Capital and Organizational Performance
 Compton, Mallory. and Meier, Ken.

Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping: A Brief Comparison of Modern China's Most Influential Leaders
 Husain, Mir.

Mapping and Accounting for Attack Politics in Post-Communist Europe
 DeBell, Paul.

Marriage Migrants’ Political Participation in South-Korea
 Kim, Hee Jung. and HEO, Man-ho.

Maximizing the Vote: De-racializing Strategies of Minority Candidates
 Collingwood, Loren., Ben, Bishin. and Lauterbach, Erinn.

May it Please the Court: Finding Exciting Ways to Learn About Political Science
 Wheat, Elizabeth., Hoff, Erin. and Oleson, Taryn.

Measuring Judicial Independence in the American States: A Latent Variable Approach
 Johnson, Jeremy.

Mega-event strategy of downtown business elites: A case study of 1996 Atlanta Olympics
 Batuhan, Tuna.

Members and Leaders in Senate Obstruction
 Howard, Nicholas.

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Native, Foreign, or Both?: Capturing Common Threads in the Electoral Narratives of Asian Pacific American Candidates
 Won, Christina.

Natural Disasters and Political Survivability
 Garrison, Steven.

Natural Experiment Study of Elections to the U.S. House from the Insular Territories and D.C.
 Cain, Sean.

Natural Remedies vs. Modern Medicine: Rousseau’s Critique of Doctors and Modern Science in the Emile
 Gross, Benjamin.

Navigating Capitol Hill: Culture, Networks, and Political Identity Development of Congressional Staffers
 Smithson, Anne.

Neoliberalism and its Hobbesian Reversion: The Irrationalist Defense and its Antidotes
 Block, James.

Never Let Them Go: Education, Love, and Rage in Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go
 Mhire, Jeremy. and Hernandez, Rodolfo.

New Deal Rhetoric and Party-Building
 Mintz, Micah.

New Leaders and the Termination of Old Wars: How the Civil-Military Variable Moderates the Politics of Blame
 Cochran, Shawn.

New Paths to Major Policy Change: Alternative Dispute Resolution and the Advocacy Coalition Framework
 Maiden, Emily.

Newsfeeding: An Experimental Analysis of Agenda-Setting Effects Through Social Media
 Feezell, Jessica. and Ortiz, Brittany.

Nietzsche's Early Ethical Idealism
 Church, Jeffrey.

Nigeria: The Challenge of Governance and the prospects of State Failure
 Apam, James.

No Love for Doves? Foreign Policy and Candidate Appeal
 Kane, John. and Norpoth, Helmut.

No One's Ally
 caldwell, anne.

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Objective or Subjective? The impact of economic security on individuals' opinion towards affirmative action.
 Roomsburg, Amy., Toscano, Deborah. and Ballard, Joy.

Oil, Polity And Civil Society; The Construction of the Hegemonic Apparatus in Iraq.
 Shuker, Zeinab.

Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area Projects: How OKC’s downtown went from desolation to destination.
 Campbell, Joseph.

Old Wine in New Wineskins? The Effect of Christian Conservatives on the Tea Party Social Agenda
 Peña-Vasquez, Andrea.

On Piketty's Capital
 Brand, Donald.

On the Development of the Congress of the Texas Republic
 Mitchell, Nathan.

On the Origins of Issue Frames: Adoption of News Media Frames in the U.S. Congress
 Shields, Charles.

On the Possible Origins of Kashmiri and Palestinian Revolt in the Late 1980s
 Bolts, Shlomo.

Online panel v. RDD sample: Two surveys of Illinois voters
 Kirzinger, Ashley.

Onward Townsend Soldiers: The Civil Religion and Moral Politics of the Townsend Movement
 Weinstein, Aaron.

Opportunism or Politicization? Exploring Roll Call Votes on Space Policy
 Steinberg, Alan.

Ordering Chaos: The Performance Consequences of Budgetary Changes
 Flink, Carla.

Organizational Decision Making: The Association Between EMS Ownership and Patient Transport
 Deziel, Jackson.

Out the Door in Four: Discovering the Keys to Success for African American Men in College
 Pruitt, DeVon.

Outlooks toward Democracy: Evaluating Orientations at Different Levels of Government in Quebec
 Kanji, Mebs. and Tannahill, Kerry.

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PR to Show Strength: The Choice of Electoral Systems in Dictatorship
 Higashijima, Masaaki. and Chang, Eric.

Parcel Tax Elections in California School Districts
 Kiewiet, D.., Hill, Sarah. and Arsneault, Shelly.

Partisan Election Administration, Personnel Allocation, and Voting Outcomes
 Herron, Erik. and Boyko, Nazar.

Partisan Polarization and Deliberative Democracy: The Role of Affect and Ideology
 Strickler, Ryan.

Partisan Voting in Nonpartisan Judicial Elections: A 2014 Case Study
 Dickey, John. and Smith, Andrew.

Party Competition and Turnout: A Federal Paradox
 Bruce, John. and Brown, Robert.

Party Entry in New Democracies
 Radin, Dagmar. and Shoup, Brian.

Party Identification, Issue Attitudes, and the Effect of Partisan Disagreement on Decision Making
 Sheagley, Geoffrey.

Party Over Preference: Candidate Cutpoints and Strategic Voting in Primary Elections
 Kelly, Jarrod.

Party manifestos production in Czech Republic
 Perottino, Michel.

Patriot or Terrorist? : Assessing the Potential to Transition from former Combatants to Political Actors
 Strong, Carol.

Patterns of North-South Investment in Farmland: Food Security or FDI as usual?
 Egan, Patrick. and Weinberg, Joe.

Peasants, Bankers or Parrots? The Role of Information Flow on Presidential Approval
 Whaley, Joshua.

Perceived Risk, Uncertainty, and Policy Preferences on Hydraulic Fracturing
 Shreck, Brian. and Vedlitz, Arnold.

Perception, Prioritization, and Proliferation
 Mintz, Alison.

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Quarantine: Public Health Necessity or Gateway for Oppression
 Crudo, Christine. and McConnell, Jason.


Race and Fair Housing Enforcement in the South and Non-South
 Wilk, Eric. and Lamb, Charles.

Race and Local Government Responsiveness: A Field Experiment Exploring Local Bureaucratic Accessibility
 Glick, David. and Einstein, Katharine.

Race and Representation: The Role of Congressional Staff
 Bailey, Mandi. and Dill, Sarah.

Race and the Tea Party in the Palmetto State: Tim Scott and the 2014 Senate Elections in South Carolina
 Hood, M. V.., Kidd, Quentin. and Morris, Irwin.

Race, Gender, Region, Representation and Anti-Abortion Policy: A Perspective from Two Southern State Legislatures
 Williams, LaTonya.

Race, Gender, and Let’s Move!: The Conditional Impact of Familiarity with Michelle Obama’s Campaign against Childhood Obesity on Beliefs about the First Lady’s Status as a Role Model for Black Women
 Block, Ray. and Haynes, Christina.

Race, Gender, and National Television News Coverage of U.S. House Members
 Padgett, Jeremy.

Race, Perceptions of Femininty and the Power of the First Lady: Comparative Analysis
 Gillespie, Andra. and Hartsough, Rebecca.

Racial Burden vs. Electoral Integrity: An Empirical Study of the Texas Voter Identification Law
 Umana, ImeIme.

Racial Gerrymandering and Turnout: The Effect of Racial Gerrymandering on Voters
 Odom, Brett.

Racial Resentment and the Party Identification of Southern Whites: The View From the States
 Knuckey, Jonathan.

Racial Risk in Privacy Exposure on Social Media
 Dech, Evangeline. and Moore, Bianca.

Racial Violence and the Contested Nature of “Law and Order” in the Postwar South
 Taylor, Kirstine.

Rain and Representation: The Effect of Margin of Victory on Incumbent Legislative Behavior
 Henderson, John. and Brooks, John.

Raising Political Women: Exploring the Relationship Between Gender, Partisanship, and Religious Identification
 Yanus, Alixandra.

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Saint Benedict's Place in Classical Political Thought
 Varacalli, Thomas.

Salafi Women in Post-Revolution Egypt
 Selim, Hebatullah.

Same Sex Marriage in Maryland: The Saliency of Religiosity in Determining Voter Support
 Hutto, Sr., Jonathan. and Seltzer, Richard.

Science use in Regulatory Benefit Cost Analysis: The Effects of Political Attention and Controversy
 Costa, Mia., Desmarais, Bruce. and Hird, John.

Second-Order Elections and Cabinet Reshuffles
 Di Lonardo, Livio.

Securitization and the Maintenance of Minority Rule: The Case of Syria
 Robinson, Leonard.

Securitization of the Regime in the Post–Arab Spring Countries
 Ikeuchi, Satoshi.

Seductress, Storyteller, and Subject: Helen of Argos and the "Feminine" Complex of Dialectic of Enlightenment
 Bermingham, Katherine.

Self-Reliance and Citizenship: Using Surveys to Reveal Implicit Expectations Regarding American Citizens
 Pankiewicz, Nicole.

Sequential Adjudication
 Beim, Deborah., Clark, Tom. and Patty, John.

Shadow Balancing
 Daniel, John.

Shakespeare and Bureaucratic Reform
 Herbel, Jerry.

Shame on Who? Examining the Economic Side of Naming and Shaming
 Walter, Steven.

Shaping The Political Self: College Environments and the Racialized Dynamics of Civic Engagement
 Slaughter, Christine.

Shifting Preferences and Moving People: The Partisan Divergence of Urban and Rural Areas
 McBrayer, Markie.

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Taking the Law to Court: Citizen Suits and the Legislative Process
 Dumas, Marion.

Taming the Public: Locke's Call for Rights via a Philosophical Refinement of the Desire for Immortality
 Hunt, Bruce.

Taxing Firms: How Partisan Politics Affects Tax Rates
 Shin, Mi Jeong.

Teaching Constitutional Law Online
 Prentiss, David.

Teaching Law and the Courts: The Pedagogical Utility of Hollingsworth v. Perry
 Evans, John. and DiSarro, Brian.

Television vs. Twitter: Amplification or Different Message Altogether?
 Pingley, Allison.

Tell me something I don’t know: An experimental investigation of novel frames and expert attitudes
 Andrews, Amelia.

Tempting Fate: Threats, Red-Lines, and Conflict in Nuclear Monopoly
 Avey, Paul.

Terrorists and the Failed State: The Role of Terrorist Groups after State Failure
 Freeman, Joshua.

Testing the Interaction of Costs, Elite Conflict and Public Perceptions of Legitimacy during Wartime
 Hurley, Erin.

The "Other" Switch in Time: The Conservative Defense of the New Deal Constitution
 Izquierdo, Richard.

The (ir)Relevance of Immigration for Latino Partisanship
 Saavedra Cisneros, Angel.

The 1948 Realignment
 Norpoth, Helmut.

The 21st Century: A New Era in Latino Voting
 Ginsberg, Beth.

The Afghanistan Effect
 Turetzky, Marc.

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U.S. Presidential Nomination: Predicting Winners and Losers
 Elliott, Sam.

UNSCR 2098 and the Responsibility to Protect Principle
 Mezzell, Ann.

US Space Policy at a Critical Juncture: Russia and the Emerging Space Powers' Effect of US Space Dominance
 Harding, Robert.

Uncle Sam is Here to Help: an Analysis of American Involvement in International Crises, 1919-2007
 Millard, Matthew.

Underdevelopment and Racial Politics: Thinking Politically with Walter Rodney
 Douglas, Andrew.

Underpinnings of Perceived Immigrant Threat
 Sediqe, Nura.

Understanding Advancement of Central Committee Members of the Communist Party of China: A Response to Shih, Adolph and Liu
 Shaughnessy, Daniel. and Zhang, Zhu.

Understanding Carl Schmitt's Political Theology
 Ette, Freke.

Understanding Carrots and Sticks in U.S. Aid Allocation: The Case of the Middle East
 Miller, Steven.

Understanding How Individual Differences and Political Context Shape Media Effects
 Arceneaux, Kevin. and Johnson, Martin.

Understanding Latin Americans’ Attitudes About the Rule of Law
 Salzman, Ryan.

Understanding Non-Metro Hispanic Partisanship: Rural Hispanics and the Republican Party
 Bailey, Daniel.

Understanding Social (In)Tolerance in Turkey
 Altınoglu, Ebru. and Ural, İçten.

Understanding Social Media and Protest Behavior in Latin America
 Salzman, Ryan.

Understanding the "Party Gap" in Women Elected to the US House of Representatives, 1946-2014
 Palmer, Barbara. and Simon, Dennis.

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Values and Conceptions of Democracy
 Dunn, Kris. and Lupton, Robert.

Varieties of Transnationalism: An Analysis of Less Visible Activities among European Migrant Inclusion Organizations
 Schnyder, Melissa.

Veto Bargaining in Iterated Games: LBJ, Ford, and the Freedom of Information Act
 Baron, Kevin.

Videomalaise and Assessment of American Government: 1998-2002
 Park, Jieun.

Visions of the City: Architecture and Citizenship in the work of Daniel Burnham, George Pullman, and Jane Addams
 Mink, Joseph.

Voter Decision-Making in Runoff Primary Elections
 Simas, Elizabeth.

Voter Photo Identification Laws and State Court Rulings: Multiple Cracks in the Federal System
 Ransom, Bruce.

Voters, Politicians, and Schools: Reassessing the Fiscal Effects of Direct Democracy
 Berry, Christopher.

Voting Behavior and the Tea Party Caucus
 Ragusa, Jordan.

Voting Rights Act: The Problem with the South Redistricting & Reapportionment
 Smith, Carry.

Voting with Easy and Hard Issues: A Conditional Approach to Spatial Modeling
 Thaler, Daniel.


Walker Percy and the Incompleteness of Community
 Smith, Brian.

Welfare Rules and State Responses to the Great Recession: A Mountain or a Molehill?
 Jennings, Edward. and Ewalt, Jo Ann.

Welfare in America: Humanities Obligation to Help the Helpless
 Beard, Leslie.

What Drives Network Slant? Reexamining Supply and Demand in Fox News’ Ideological Coverage
 Anson, Ian. and Toll, Benjamin.

What Drives the Relationship between Legislative Term Limits and Fiscal Policy?
 Lewis, Daniel.

What Introductory American Government Textbooks Teach and Don’t Teach Students about the Establishment Clause
 Rainey, Jane.

What Voters Believe Matters: Variation in Concepts of Representation in the Netherlands and Germany
 Leiter, Debra.

What fosters regional political parties? An analysis of existence, number and degree across 62 democracies (1945-2012)
 Vasselai, Fabricio.

What if Piketty is Right?
 Gottschang, Thomas.

What is Opposition Good For?
 Demirkaya, Betul.

What, according to contemporary classicists, is reasonably well established about Cleisthenes’ reforms?
 Tatarczyk, Dawid.

What’s So Mandatory about Compulsory Voting? Compulsory Voting and Electoral Turnout, 1970-2012
 Boersner Herrera, Adriana., Endersby, James. and Krieckhaus, Jonathan.

When Upside Down is Right-side Up: A Skills Based Flipped Classroom Approach to Political Science
 Steinberg, Alan.

Where's the Caucus? A Study of Minority Agenda- Setting Behavior
 Brenson, Lashonda.

Who Can Be Persuaded? An Online Town Hall Experiment
 Kennedy, Ryan., Sokhey, Anand., Lazer, David., Neblo, Michael. and Esterling, Kevin.

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Yemen: Theocracy and Hypocrisy, Constitutional Optimism within an Illiberal Democracy
 Rudnik, Nicholas.

Yoido Women: Gender, Parties, and Women-Friendly Bills in South Korea, 2004-2012
 Lee, Young-Im.

You Have Got Mail! A Field Experiment on Legislator Responsiveness in the European Parliament
 de Vries, Catherine.

Yu Gil-jun’s Doctrine on Modern Nation-Building and Polity: A Comparative Study with Fukuzawa Yukichi
 Kim, Miran. and HEO, Man-ho.
Southern Political Science Association 2015-Jan-14 to 2015-Jan-18
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