87th SPSA Annual Conference 2016-Jan-06 to 2016-Jan-10

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"A New Case Is Born in the City": The Political Teaching of Machiavelli's Comedies
 Riley, Jack.

"Americans Hate Welfare": But How About When Facing Globalization Risks?
 Xu, Ping.

"Are You Too Busy to Listen Up?" Exploring the Effects of Race on Local Legislators' Proclivities to Engage in Distractions in Public Meetings
 Hoang, Bai.

"Do we Like Them?" Exploring the Determinants and Implications of Political Consumerism
 Snell, Steven.

"Economic Security Issues in the American Women's Movement"
 Woliver, Laura.

"Generational Membership, the Impressionable Years Hypothesis, and White Vote Choice in Bi-Racial Elections"
 Nteta, Tatishe. and Greenlee, Jill.

"Learning Where We Stand: How School Experiences Matter for Civic Marginalization and Political Inequality."
 Soss, Joe. and Bruch, Sarah.

"Liberal" Toleration: From Concordia to Tolerantia and back again
 Bejan, Teresa.

"Money and Control: Rebel Groups and the Forcible Recruitment of Child Soldiers"
 Faulkner, Christopher.

"Multiple Religious Belonging and American Politics"
 Olson, Laura.

"So What If I Did: LGBT rights and choice"
 Caldwell, Anne.

"The Limits of Constraint: The Originalist Jurisprudence of Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas."
 Staab, James.

"U.S. Foreign Policy and Paramilitarism: El Salvador and Iraq"
 Mazzei, Julie.

"Vows are but breath:” Political Education in Shakespeare's Love's Labor's Lost
 Nichols, Mary.

#Like a Girl? An Experimental Investigation of Whether the Presence of Women in Elected Office Increases Female Empowerment
 Kraybill, Jeanine., Merolla, Jennifer. and Sellers, Abbylin.

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A Bayesian Approach to Inference with Instrumental Variables: Improving Estimation of Treatment Effects with Plausibly Exogenous Instruments
 Montgomery, Jacob. and Hollenbach, Florian.

A Bayesian Explanation for Incumbency Advantage
 Fowler, Anthony.

A Capabilities-Based Understanding of Property
 Peterson, Gregory.

A Causal Effect of Employee Empowerment on Organizational Performance, using a Propensity Score Matching method.
 Ha, Hyesong.

A Cause Worth Fighting For: Female Fighters and Rebel Group Legitimacy
 Wood, Reed. and Thomas, Jakana.

A Crisis of Opportunity: Do Pre-Existing Disputes Present Diversionary Incentives to Leaders?
 Sanford, Amanda. and Wilson, Marissa.

A Cure for an Ailing Ireland: Joyce on Militarism, Globalization, and Art in Dubliners
 Wagner, Elizabeth.

A Day In The Life Table: Estimating Turnout Using Survival Analysis In Early Voting States
 Haenschen, Katherine.

A Feminine Peace? Female Leadership and the Propensity to Go to War
 Englehart, Neil. and Miller, Melissa.

A Formal Model of Voting and Location Decisions with Local Jurisdiction
 Brierly, Allen.

A Herculean Semi-Fictional Dissident: A Political Analysis of Václav Havel’s Unconventionally Powerful Dramatic Literature
 Strong, Carol.

A Linear Programming Model of Legislative Apportionment
 Brierly, Allen.

A Longitudinal Examination of the Determinants of Social Capital in the American States
 Hawes, Daniel.

A Man’s Phone is his Castle: Applying Fourth Amendment Theory to Recent Technology Cases.
 Evans, John. and DiSarro, Brian.

A Model of Citizens’ Perceptions of Public Service Equity
 Choi, Heungsuk.

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Backlash as Narrative
 Tipler, Kathleen. and Shipper, Joshua.

Bad Choices: The Impact of Political Structure on the Urban Pension Problem
 Grynaviski, Jeff. and Baybeck, Brady.

Bad analogical reasoning and post-war operations in Iraq after 2003
 David, Charles.

Ballots, Bans, and Bombs: Terrorism, Spoiling, and the Quality of Elections
 Braithwaite, Alex. and Braithwaite, Jessica.

Banning Dog Breed Bans: Explaining State Policy on Breed-Specific Legislation
 Berry, Michael.

Barack Obama and The Racial Context of Electoral Malfeasance
 Wilson, David. and King-Meadows, Tyson.

Bashir’s dance-tease with the ICC: Rehashing a familiar theme about African leaders and human rights abuses
 Bamfo, Napoleon.

Battle in the Bluegrass: Incumbent and Challenger Communication in the 2014 Kentucky Senate Election
 Smithson, Anne-Bennett.

Becoming Appointed: The Men and Women Appointed at the State Level
 Sidorsky, Kaitlin.

Benefits of Undergraduate Involvement in Moot Court Programs
 Fisher, Taylor.

Better For All Women? The Impact of Race and Gender on Negative Campaigns
 Lebrón, Liz.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Cognitive Processing of Norms and Interests on the U.S. Courts of Appeals
 Stobb, Maureen.

Beyond Abortion and Contraception: Representation and Women's Health
 Heidt-Forsythe, Erin.

Beyond Contestation: Citizens, Agonism and Democratic Renewal
 Tambakaki, Paulina.

Beyond Policy Adoption: Explaining the Diffusion Process with Policy Implementation
 Smith, Kelly.

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CWC17: Raising your Professional Profile: A Roundtable on Networking and Professional Development for Women in the Discipline
 Gershon, Sarah., Mitchell, Sara., McDermott, Monika., Gillespie, Andra., Key, Ellen., Merry, Melissa. and Sjoberg, Laura.

Calling on Europe? Networks of Communications between Independentist Parties and the European Union
 Boylan, Brandon. and Turkina, Ekaterina.

Calloused Hands: Consistency in Change in the Attitudes and Behaviors of the American Working Class
 Gaddie, R. Keith. and Goidel, Kirby.

Campaign Effects and Party System Institutionalization
 Castro Cornejo, Rodrigo.

Campaign Finance and the Top Two Primary in Washington
 Schnurr, Emily.

Campaigning for Conditional Issue Voters: Strategic Framing of Policy Positions
 Thaler, Daniel.

Can Caucuses Alleviate Partisan Polarization in the U.S. Congress?
 Victor, Jennifer.

Can Citizen Communication Hinder Successful Revolution?
 Shadmehr, Mehdi. and Bernhardt, Dan.

Can Common Knowledge Improve Common Goods? A Field Experiment in an African Democracy
 Adida, Claire., Gottlieb, Jessica., Kramon, Eric. and McClendon, Gwyneth.

Can Courts Protect Voting Rights in Polarized Times?
 Peretti, Terri.

Can Legislator Performance be Improved by Disseminating Performance Information to Citizens? Evidence from 20 Ugandan Local Governments
 Grossman, Guy. and Michelitch, Kristin.

Can Voter Communication Lead Elites to Hold Out?
 Anderson, Sarah., Butler, Daniel. and Harbridge, Laurel.

Candidate Evaluations: the Impact of Incumbent Race/Ethnicity and Challenger Experience
 Branton, Regina.

Candidate Framing and Sophisticated Voting in Primary Elections
 Kelly, Jarrod.

Candidate Quality in Electoral Agency Problems with Multiple Principals
 Hearn, Lindsey.

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De jure provisions for judicial independence in US states: 1776 to 2015
 Pilatovsky, Kimberly.

De-emphasizing Justice: Hope and Change in Francis Bacon
 Lowe, Evan.

Dealing with Separation in Logistic Regression Models
 Rainey, Carlisle.

Debating the Truth: The Impact of Fact-Checking During Electoral Debates
 Wintersieck, Amanda.

Debt and Hypocrisy: Reconciling Ideology and the Quest for Institutional Control
 Steger, Wayne.

Deciding to Run for Higher Elected Office: Evidence from California
 Connolly, Jennifer.

Deconstructing the "Democratic Peace"
 Haas, Michael.

Deconstructing the Hispanic Military Experience to Assess Political Behavior
 Lavariega Monforti, Jessica. and McGlynn, Adam.

Defection in Authoritarian Legislatures: Evidence from the Fujimori Regime in Peru
 Bullock, Jessie.

Delay, Delegation, and Obfuscation: The Politics of “No-Win" Situations
 Dynes, Adam. and Fox, Justin.

Delayed Gratification and Political Participation
 Schafer, Jerome.

Delegation and Bureaucratic Policymaking in the Presence of Binding Legal Constraints: Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There...
 Wiseman, Alan. and Wright, John.

Delegation or Unilateral Action?
 Lowande, Kenneth.

Delegation, Ideology, and Politicization
 Thrower, Sharece.

Deliberation and Motivation in Informal Discussion Networks
 Pietryka, Matthew.

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ESFERA PÚBLICA Y DELIBERACIÓN EN REGÍMENES AUTORITARIOS:El debate público sobre la actualización de la política migratoria en Cuba
 Padilla Herrera, Alexei.

Early Voting Effects on Pre-Election Poll Estimates
 Martinez, Michael., McCarty, Christopher., McDonald, Michael. and Smith, Daniel.

Economic Accountability and Foreign Policy Aggression
 Bassett, Matthew. and Williford, George.

Economic Development and Social Tensions: An Experimental Test of Tocqueville’s Thesis in Rural Pakistan
 Mo, Cecilia., Kosec, Katrina. and Healy, Andrew.

Economic Interdependence and Democracy Survival in Africa
 Chacha, Mwita. and Powell, Jonathan.

Economic Voting and Issue Ownership in Emergent Democracies-Lessons from Korean Recent Presidential Elections
 Kang, WooJin.

Economic and Cultural Differences: Ethnic Diversity and Public Goods Provision
 Magat, Janica.

Economic and Political Networks and Firm Openness: Evidence from Indonesia
 Shimamoto, Daichi. and Todo, Yasuyuki.

Ecosystem Vitality and Environmental Health in Latin America: A Political Institutional Explanation of Performance
 Rey, Denis., Ozymy, Joshua. and Jarrell, Melissa.

Educating Digital Citizens: The Influence of High School Civics Instruction
 Owen, Diana., Doom, Jilanne. and Riddle, G. Isaac.

Education Reform after NCLB: Popular Support and Partisan Divisions
 Johnston, Travis.

Education and Democratic Values across Different Regime Types
 Kim, Yeaji.

Education and Errata in Franklin's Autobiography
 Kellow, Geoffrey.

Education and Social Mobility among China's Muslim Minorities
 Tang, Wenfang.

Effective and efficient representative bureaucracy: An application to immigration enforcement
 Pedraza, Francisco. and Calderon, M. Apolonia.

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Factors Affecting Six-Year College Graduation Rates in the Southeast
 Hightower, Benjamin.

Fail-Safe Federalism
 Gordon, Sanford. and Landa, Dimitri.

Failed Party Realignments in the South
 Aistrup, Joseph.

Falling on Deaf Ears or Forming Conscience? The Effects of Pastorals on Catholic Public Opinion
 Kraybill, Jeanine.

Family Matters, for Women: The Effects of Familial Status on Female Candidate Vote Support
 Theel, Tyler.

Family Size, Investment in Daughters, and the Politics of Gender Equity
 Shotts, Kenneth.

Federalismo Fiscal de la Política Seguridad: El caso de México y sus Modificaciones administrativas
 Smith, Heidi Jane. and Almaraz Calderón, Bernardo Jorge.

Feeling inequality: Understanding the self within the politics of the other
 Espada-Brignoni, Teófilo.

Female Candidates' Gendered Physical Attributes and Voters' Use of Stereotypes
 McDermott, Monika. and Jones, David.

Females and Mortgage Lending
 Tillman, Elizabeth.

Fighting the Good Fight, Losing the War: interviewing in times of crisis
 Jones, Cara.

Filibustering, Cow-Walking, and Long-Winded Speeches: Legislative Delay in Comparative Perspective
 Bell, Lauren.

Filling in the Blanks: Interbranch Coordination of Executive Orders to Supplement Legislation
 Evans, Kevin. and Mayo, Mark.

Finally Ripe for Rivalry? Nationalism and War Willingness in East Asia
 Furia, Peter.

Flying the Primary Colors: When Veterans Choose to Run
 Scott, Frederick., Hill, Gilliam. and Haglund, Evan.

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Gender Differences in Governors' Press Releases: Priming Media Coverage of Gubernatorial Speeches
 Herrera, Richard. and Shafer, Karen.

Gender Neutral Housing Options in the USG
 Gill, Kimberly.

Gender and Legislator Performance: Evidence from Uganda's Local Government Gender Quota
 Grossman, Guy. and Michelitch, Kristin.

Gender, Distribution, and Conflict in Global Politics
 Sjoberg, Laura.

Geopolitics and the Aiding of Political Violence
 Ahmed, Faisal.

Getting the Vote by the Vote: Women's Suffrage in Switzerland
 Thomas, Dakota.

Gilt By Associations: Interest Group Appointments to National Security Federal Advisory Committees
 Levinson, Chad.

Gimme Shelter. On the Political Determinants of Vulnerability.
 Ahlbom, Tove. and Povitkina, Marina.

Global (In-) justice in Critical Theory
 Kreide, Regina.

Global Attitudes Towards FDI
 Ahmed, Faisal.

Global Governance and Institutional Adaptation: The Evolution of the Arctic Council
 Auger, Vincent.

Global Power Movements, Uncertainty and Democracy
 Guner, Selin.

Going Astray: A Theoretical Foundation for Assessing Principle-Agent Problems in Lobbying and an Empirical Test
 Holyoke, Thomas.

Going it Alone: The Competing Effects of Tenure Potential and Executive Experience on the use of Unilateral Action
 Cockerham, Alexandra.

Governing on the Cheap: Structural-temporal magnification of Republican power in contemporary American politics
 Schaller, Thomas.

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Haitians Seeking Refuge in Brazil: Earthquakes, Denationalization, and International Law
 Kingston, Lindsey.

Hand Up, Don't Shoot: Innovative Tactics Used By #BlackLivesMatter
 Solop, Frederic. and Schnurr, Emily.

Having it Both Ways: Cross-Pressured Senators and the Bureaucracy
 Ritchie, Melinda.

Health Care Case Management: Delegation or Abdication
 Jeffrey, Swanson. and Weissert, William.

Health Care Policy in New York in the Age of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
 Kraus, Jeffrey.

Health Care Reforms and the Japan Medical Association in the 1950s
 Yamagishi, Takakazu.

Healthy Hubris: A Greek Lesson in Turning Subjects into Democratic Citizens
 Gray, Stuart.

Hegel and Marx on Embodiment, Labor, and Property
 Duncan, Samuel.

Herbert Marcuse Stalks the Walking Dead for Political Science
 Wadsworth, Nancy.

History, Ideology, and Regulation: The Multiple Facets of a Production Based Materialism in Marx, Althusser, and Aglietta
 Koch, Andrew.

Hitting the Bullseye: Constituencies of Women and Descriptive Representation
 Cuevas-Molina, Ivelisse. and Johnson, Kaylee.

Hitting the Target: A Meta-Analysis of Presidential Election Forecast Models
 DeSart, Jay.

Hostility Toward Hospitality: Asylum and the Radical Right
 Long, Jeffrey.

House Committee Gatekeeping: Polarization or Party Cohesion?
 King, Dave.

How Citizens React to the European Union’s Human Rights Agenda
 Page, Douglas.

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IJs, ALJs, and the APA: A Case for Increased Independence for Immigration Judges
 Chand, Daniel. and Schreckhise, William.

IO Autonomy and Issue Emergence: The World Bank's Roma Inclusion Agenda
 Ram, Melanie.

ISIS's Western Recruits: Understanding Jihad's Appeal to Youth in Liberal Socieites
 Pidluzny, Jonathan.

I'm Every Woman? How Identities Influence Conceptions of Women's Issues
 Sentementes, Amy.

Ideas or People? The Relationship between Feminist Values and Representation
 Redman, Shane.

Identifying and Measuring Congressional Intent
 Randazzo, Kirk. and Davis, Stephanie.

Ideological Bias in Global Perceptions of Climate Change
 Kennard, Amanda.

Ideological Media: Cinema and the State in Maoist China and Nazi Germany
 Decker, James. and Brennan, Patrick.

Ideological Motivated Reasoning and Beliefs about the Bible
 DeSante, Christopher. and Malina, Gabrielle.

Ideological Resonation: Partisan Isolation in Modern Political Media
 Dagnes, Alison.

Ideological or Strategic? Using Electoral Loss to Understand Contribution Motivations
 Hamel, Brian.

Ideology and Hegemonic Party Rule in South Africa, Hungary, and Turkey
 Yildirim, A.Kadir. and Lancaster, Caroline.

Ideology, Appointments, and Battlefield Outcomes
 Arnold, Jeffrey., Chatagnier, Tyson. and Hollibaugh, Gary.

Ideology, Beliefs, and Personality: Exploring the psychological variation between leaders of terrorist-groups.
 Besaw, Clayton.

Ideology, Litigant Advantage, and Appeals to the US Supreme Court
 Smith, Andrew.

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James Madison and Religious Factionalism
 Colman, John.

James Madison and the Emergency Powers of the Legislature
 Fatovic, Clement.

Japan’s Colonial Legacy in Korea and Taiwan: 21st Century Implications for Security Relations in Asia
 Ku, Daniel.

Jesus Saves, Should We? Christian financial advice and attitudes toward government spending and debt
 Gaskins, Ben. and Moore, Joseph.

Judges and their Friends: The Influence of Amicus Briefs in State Courts of Last Resort
 Perkins, Jared.

Judges, Labor, and Economic Inequality
 Frymer, Paul.

Judging Senators' Character: The Impact of Scandals
 Basinger, Scott.

Judging the Justices: How Citizens Make Decisions about Supreme Court Nominees
 Bryan, Amanda. and Chen, Philip.

Judicial Diversity and Decision Making
 Haire, Susan. and Szmer, John.

Judicial Independence: Evidence from the Philippine Supreme Court, 1970-2003
 Magat, Janica.

Judicial Reform as Political Stabilizer: Evidence from China’s Quasi Natural Experiment
 Li, Zeren.

Judicial Selection and Diversity on Bench: an Analysis of the Circuit Court of Cook County
 Harris, Allison. and Linton, II, Allen.


K Street on Main: How Advocacy Costs and Competition Cultivate a Professional Lobbying Elite
 Strickland, James. and Crosson, Jesse.

Kan Bing Nan, Kan Bing Gui: Local Governance and Health Service Delivery in Multiethnic China
 Newland, Sara.

Kant’s Use of the Noble in the Pursuit of Right
 Little, David.

Kennedy’s Right to Privacy Jurisprudence through the Lens of the Social Contract
 Pope, Thomas.

Kleptocrats for hire? Self-selection into post-communist bureaucracies
 Gans-Morse, Jordan.

Know Thyself? The Effects of Expressed versus Observed Emotions in Political Communication Experiments
 Maestas, Cherie. and Pope, JoEllen.


La federalizacion de la politica publica de Puerto Rico.
 Ruiz, Elsie.

La fraternidad una exigencia para la política pública de protección, asistencia, atención y reparación integral a las víctimas del conflicto armado interno colombiano
 Baquero, Javier., Barrero Nieto, Yuly. and Garcia Velasquez, Yuri.

La sostenibilidad fiscal y el rol del alcalde en el desempeño municipal: El caso de los Gobiernos Autónomos y Descentralizados Municipales del Ecuador
 Avellaneda, Claudia. and Zambrano-Gutiérrez, Julio.

La violencia en Costa Rica (2014-2015)
 Cascante Matamoros, María.

Lame Duck Foreign Policy
 Potter, Philip.

Land Use, Party Politics, and the Repeal of Proportional Representation in Cincinnati
 Santucci, Jack.

Land concentration in Colombia and the escalation of the conflict. Property-regime as a mechanism of control, dispossession, and primary accumulation
 Lugo Vivas, Diego Andres.

Las crisis economicas como agente catalitico para reformar los procesos de politica publica en Puerto Rico
 Vera, Hernan.

Latino Voting in the 21st Century
 Ginsberg, Beth.

Laughing Our Way to a Stronger Democracy: Political Comedy's Potential to Equalize Political Interest in Community College Students
 Lawrason, Lisa.

Lawmaking and Agenda Setting in a Centralized Congress
 Lewallen, Jonathan.

Lawsuit-Incentivizing Reforms Miss the Mark: An Explanation for Variation in Private Citizens’ Rights Filings
 Nanamaker, Bethany.

Legislating Judicial Independence in the States
 Wininger, Phillip.

Legislative Bargaining with Accountability
 Hughes, Niall.

Legislative Candidacy in Electoral Authoritarian Regimes: Evidence from Tanzania
 Weghorst, Keith.

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Machevil and Machiavellianism in Marlowe's The Jew of Malta
 Picariello, Damien.

Maclean for Mayor – At the Forefront of Integration and Desegregation in the Deep South
 Smith, Carry.

Madam Secretary: Gender, Media Narratives and Power in the Executive Branch
 Dolan, Julie.

Magic Beans: Transforming Rwanda's and Uganda's Coffee Sector
 Koss, Erika.

Magnifying Insecurities: How Contexts Temper Worries and Policy Preferences in Latin America
 Compton, Mallory.

Majoritarianism in the Age of Environmental Crisis
 Ellis, Elisabeth.

Making America Safe for Democrats: FDR and the Greatest Generation
 Norpoth, Helmut.

Making Sense From Nonsense: How the U.S. Legally Justifies its Drone Campaign
 Pearce, Jon.

Making a Career Out of Politics?: Women's Representation and Legislative Professionalization
 Erler, H. Abbie.

Managing the Gaps: How Performance Gaps Shape Managerial Decision Making
 Zhu, Ling. and Rutherford, Amanda.

Mansplaining or Candidate-Splaining: A Large Scale Text Analysis of U.S. Senate Debates
 Grassett, Emily. and Kropf, Martha.

Mapping Discontent in the U.S. Policy Space: An Analysis of Major and Third Party Manifestos
 Lem, Steve.

Mapping the Landscape of Public Montessori in South Carolina
 Roberts, Julia. and Fleming, David.

Marbury v. Madison 2.0: Agency Independence and Judicial Review of Bureaucratic Policymaking
 Selin, Jennifer., Russell, Carrie. and Grogan, Claire.

Marginalized Bodies, Unimaginable Lives: Cultivating a Habit of Ethical Imagination in Emergencies
 Leach, Brittany.

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NGOs and Participation in Voluntary Environmental Programs
 Pusok, Krisztina.

National Power: Measuring What Matters
 Beckley, Michael.

National Security or Civil Rights? Conditions of Support for Racial Profiling after 9/11
 Merseth, Julie.

Nationalism and nativism: Varieties of other in China
 Weiss, Jessica. and Wallace, Jeremy.

Natualisms in Politics
 Gibbons, Michael.

Natural Resources and the Quality of Peace
 Mitchell, Sara.

Nature and Politics in "The German Ideology"
 Martin, Kelly.

Neoliberalism and the Erosion of Democratic Citizenship
 Thompson, Michael.

Networks of Chinese Social Organizations
 Kojima, Kazuko.

New Approaches to Studying Representation: MRP Estimates of Issue Salience
 Ballard, Andrew. and Lerner, Josh.

News Media Literacy and The Daily Show: Effects on Media Skepticism and Political Efficacy
 Vraga, Emily. and Tully, Melissa.

Newspaper Endorsements for Ballot Measures: Do They Make A Difference?
 Weissert, Carol., Fahey, Kevin. and Uttermark, Matthew.

No strings: Is the performance effect of increased managerial autonomy contingent on managers’ implementation strategies?
 Holm, Jakob. and Guul, Thorbjørn Sejr.

Non-Partisan Redistricting?: Inter-branch Bargaining Over Traditional Redistricting Principles
 Curiel, John.

Nongovernmental approaches to international issues in intergovernmental organizations
 Grigorescu, Alexandru.

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Obama and the Caribbean: Cuba Policy Changes, But Others Left Wanting
 Vanderbush, Walt.

Occam's Rusty Razor: Competing Conceptions of Parsimony in International Relations Theory
 Gunitsky, Seva.

Of Love and Hate: A Theory of Negative Party Identification
 Sumaktoyo, Nathanael.

Oil Discoveries, Civil War, and State Repression
 Bell, Curtis. and Wolford, Scott.

Oil Wealth, Risk Aversion, and Coups d'etat
 Powell, Jonathan. and Koga, Jun.

Oil and Interstate Behavior
 Gallagher, M. Liann.

Oil for Terrorism: The effectiveness of Western intervention in ISIS's oil smuggling operations
 Heuer, Rae.

Oil, authoritarian breakdown, and democratization
 Houle, Christian.

On Judicial Representation in the United States
 Romano, Michael. and Curry, Todd.

On the Initiation and Strategic Implications of Mass Killings
 Tyson, Scott.

On the Political Virtues of Aristotle's Poetics
 Sims, Stephen. and Amato, Elizabeth.

Operationalizing Socio-economic Status in Africa: Results from Surveys administered in Northern Ghana and Accra
 Anderson, Mary. and Fridy, Kevin.

Opinion Leaders of the American Right: An Affective Network
 Gross, Justin.

Opinions or Oppression? The Choice of Judicial Independence and Repression in Authoritarian Regimes
 Sievert, Jacqueline.

Opposition unity and cooptation in authoritarian regimes
 Gandhi, Jennifer. and Buckles, Grant.

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Packing the Courts: An Examination of Expansions to the Federal Judiciary from 1937 to 2012
 Feldman, Adam., Giallouri, Thora., Menounou, Elli. and Peterson, Jordan.

Para-church organizations in the modern state
 Muniz-Fraticelli, Victor.

Pardon the Cynicism: The Insignificance of Political Capital in Gubernatorial Pardoning Decisions
 Parish, Kalind.

Parental Socialization and Media Choice of Young Adults
 Purkeypyle, Dan.

Participation in the Policymaking Process: Which Federal Advisory Committees Report the Most Traction
 Ginsberg, Wendy. and Williams, Raymond.

Partisan Deviation or Misperceived Self-Interest? An Evaluation of the Economic Voting Hypothesis
 Bowler, Shaun., Ojeda, Christopher. and Segura, Gary.

Partisan Gerrymandering and the Florida Supreme Court
 McDonald, Michael.

Partisan Politics and the Tragedy of the Commons: Groundwater Depletion in India's Breadbasket
 Alkon, Meir., Kennedy, Ryan. and Urpelainen, Johannes.

Partisan Politics, Agency Budgets and Political Appointments
 Dahlstrom, Carl. and Holmgren, Mikael.

Partisan Social Identity, Electoral Accountability, and Congressional Representation
 Strickler, Ryan.

Partisanship of Young Hispanics: The Influence of Immigration Opinion
 Vieux, Andrea.

Party Animals in the Age of Polarization: Ideological Constraint among Democratic and Republican Party Activists
 Lupton, Robert., Myers, William. and Thornton, Judd.

Party Institutionalization in Authoritarian Regimes: Theory and Evidence
 Meng, Anne.

Party Pressure In Congress: A (New) Data-Based Approach
 Powell, Eleanor.

Party Systems and Public Goods: The Dynamics of Good Governance in the Indian States
 Banerjee, Sayan. and Hankla, Charles.

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Quality of Life and Direct Democracy
 Yonk, Ryan. and Hansen, Megan.


Race and representational priorities
 Hayes, Matthew.

Racial Gerrymandering and the United States Supreme Court
 Gaddie, R. Keith.

Racial Identity and Aff ect Among Biracial White-Blacks and White-Asians
 Davenport, Lauren., Iyengar, Shanto. and Franco, Annie.

Racial heterogeneity as a determinant of income inequality in Latin America
 Marcano Rivera, Rashid.

Racial/Ethnic Legal Advocacy Group Coalitions in U.S. Supreme Court Amicus Briefs: Analyzing the Causes of Cooperation, Concurrence, and Autonomy
 Hero, Rodney.

Raising the Stakes in East Asia: The PRC, Economic Growth, Nationalism, and Territorial Disputes
 McMahon, Ryan.

Re-estimating the Economic Cost of Civil War: A Synthetic Control Approach
 Li, Quan. and Morales, Norberto.

Reactions to conflict: How emotional and physiological responses to news predict political interest
 Jennings, Jay., Arceneaux, Kevin. and Anspach, Nicolas.

Reactive Devaluation and the Bomb: The Case of Iranian Nuclear Enrichment
 Millard, Matthew. and Porter, Chase.

Reason-Giving and Accountability
 Landa, Dimitri. and Guraieb, Marlene.

Reassessing Public Confidence in the Supreme Court
 Armaly, Miles.

Rebel Finance and Sexual Violence
 Conrad, Justin., Walsh, James. and Whitaker, Beth.

Rebels' Laws of War
 Jo, Hyeran.

Rebuttals as Deracializing Strategies for African American and White Candidates
 Tokeshi, Matthew.

Recognition and the Consensus Horizon in Democratic Politics
 Back, Laura.

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SCOTUS in a Tocquevillian Democracy
 Mermer II, Robert.

Salvation by Good Works? Corporate Philanthropy and Public Attitudes Toward Globalization
 Kerner, Andrew. and Sumner, Jane.

Scandals and Senate Elections, 1990-2014
 Basinger, Scott.

School Choice Vouchers: A “Get Out of Jail” Card?
 Wolf, Patrick. and DeAngelis, Corey.

Security-Building through Peacekeeping? UN Peacekeeping and Police Reform in Post-Civil Conflict States
 Lloyd, Gabriella.

Seeing Red: The Saga of the Red Wolf in North Carolina
 Fitzgerald, Edward.

Segregation, Ethnic Favoritism, and the Strategic Targeting of Local Public Goods
 Ejdemyr, Simon., Kramon, Eric. and Robinson, Amanda.

Seguridad Pública en Brasil: las políticas actuales y las perspectivas de un futuro más eficiente y sostenible
 Nogueira, Diego.

Selective Charity: Public Trust and Charitable Donations in the PRC
 Gueorguiev, Dimitar.

Selective Learning of Factual Information? Evidence from a Survey Experiment on the Affordable Care Act
 Khanna, Kabir.

Senate Confirmation of Foreign Policy Nominees in the Post-9/11 Era
 Kellermann, Michael.

Sentiment, Symbolism, and Stereotypes: Trait Coverage of Women and Minority Candidates in the States
 Dunaway, Johanna., Shah, Paru. and Paul, Newly.

Shifts in Environmental NGO Network Structure as a Response to UNFCCC Participation and Policy Development
 Binette, Aja.

Significant Proclamations, 1862-1944
 Williams, Raymond.

Signing Statements in a Less Partisan Era
 Conley, Richard.

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Taft to Trump: Religion in Presidential Primaries
 Cronin, Christopher.

Take a chance on me? A conjoint analysis of the factors voters use in evaluating candidate riskiness
 Theodoridis, Alexander. and Bassi, Anna.

Taking it Personally: Conflict Personalization in International Politics
 McHugh, Kelly.

Taking it to the Courts: Judicial Access and Welfare Reform in Colombia
 Webb, Jessica.

Talk is Not Cheap: Rhetoric, Issues, Ideology, and The 21st Century Pennsylvania Budget Impasses
 Strine IV, Harry. and Darr, Christopher.

Talking Past One Another: Trends in Republican and Democratic Elite Rhetoric
 Jordan, Marty.

Tax Complaints: Individual Response to the Federal Income Tax Rate Structure
 Walsh, Eric.

Teaching Case Briefing and Issue-Rule-Application-Conclusion (IRAC) analysis in Online Pre-Law Education
 Swanson, Rick.

Teaching Inequalities through Environmental Justice
 Walker, Teri.

Technological Disasters and the Survival of Political Leaders
 Garrison, Steve. and Lowe, Daniel.

Technologies and public health surveillance in the US: a policy appraisal
 Blouin Genest, Gabriel.

Term Limits and Voter Turnout in State Legislative Elections
 Jesuale, Anthony. and Lorentz, Kevin.

Terror and Feuding Neighbors: The Impact of Active Terrorist Organizations on Civil War Duration
 Willis, Christopher.

Testing Contact Theory and Attitudes on Transgender Rights
 Tadlock, Barry., Taylor, Jami., Haider-Markel, Donald., Flores, Andrew., Miller, Patrick. and Lewis, Daniel.

Testing The Efficacy of Judicial Councils On Judicial Independence: A Cross-National Analysis Supported With A Case Study Of Argentina
 Bodnaruk Jazayeri, Karen.

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U.S. Climate Policy in Transition: Exceeding Low Expectations
 Karapin, Roger.

U.S. Image in East Asia: A Cross-National Analysis of China, Japan and South Korea
 Kim, Young.

U.S. Presidential Cabinet composition: Historical shifts
 McNulty, John.

U.S. Presidents, Human Rights, and Economic Aid from Truman to Obama: A Mixed Effects Approach
 Miller, Steven.

U.S. – Cuba Agricultural Trade: Recent Developments and Future Prospects
 Gonzalez-Corzo, Mario. and Nova Gonzalez, Armando.

US Trade Policy and the Militarization of Intellectual Property
 Farley, Robert.

Uncertain Uncertainty in Crisis Bargaining
 Bils, Peter., Smith, Bradley. and Judd, Gleason.

Under Friendly Fire: An Experiment on Partisan Press, Fragmented Opposition and Candidate Evaluations
 Castro Cornejo, Rodrigo.

Under Pressure: Rivalry and the Adoption of Gender Quotas
 Schroeder, Theresa.

Under Pressure: The Decline of Unions and Working Class Access to Government
 Mermer II, Robert. and Shields, Charles.

Under a Rebel Flag: Social Resistance to Insurgent Rule in Aceh
 Barter, Shane.

Understanding Presidential Recess Appointments: The Role of Agency Politicization
 Cizmar, Anne. and Morris, Irwin.

Understanding authoritarian trajectories: A sequence analytic approach
 Wilson, Matthew.

Understanding the Impact of Descriptive Representation on Public Opinion towards Supreme Court Nominees
 Stauffer, Katelyn. and Badas, Alex.

Understanding the Latino Presidential Vote: Evidence from the 2008 and 2012 ANES
 Casellas, Jason., Leal, David. and Shaw, Daron.

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Varying Organizations of Transboundary Policy Execution: British, German and Polish Answers to Obligatory Administrative Cooperation in the EU
 Heidbreder, Eva.

Venezuela, Violence, and the New York Times: Rethinking the Venezuelan Crisis and Democracy
 Ripley, Charles.

Venezuela’s Shifting "Democracy": A Case Study of Democratic Performance
 Bello-Pardo, Emily.

Vested Interests and State Healthcare Politics
 Disalvo, Daniel.

Veto players and term limits in authoritarian regimes
 Chang, Eric. and Higashijima, Masaaki.

Vetting Lifetime Appointees: Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings and Circuit Court Nominees
 Dancey, Logan., Nelson, Kjersten. and Ringsmuth, Eve.

Victimized without Legal Recourse: Putting the Spotlight on Bullying
 Kaur, Sanpreet.

Virginia Woolf’s Phenomenology of the Female Poet’s Mind
 DeLuca, Kenneth.

Virtual Civil Society: How Nigerian NGOs Utilize Social Media Platforms
 Butcher, Charity. and Douglas, Crystal.

Visions of Cuba: Comparing US and Canadian Coverage of Cuba
 Scherlen, Renee.

Visual Depictions of Poverty in the U.S.: Racial and Gender Patterns.
 van Doorn, Bas. and Bos, Angela.

Visualizing the American Electorate’s Political Polarization: Does it Mirror the Polarization in Washington?
 Liu, Naijia.

Voter Evaluations of Political Candidates from Diverse Professional Backgrounds
 Yanez Ruiz, Aldo. and Crisanti, Carlin.

Voter Turnout Across the 50 States
 Lugo, Isabella.

Voter Turnout and Political Competition in the Caribbean Basin : a Comparative Study
 Lioy, Alberto.

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Waiting for the Watchdogs: Strategic Vacancies and Inspectors General
 Haglund, Evan.

War On Washington: Racial Competition and the Public’s Perception of the Threat Posed by Government in the Contemporary U.S.
 Filindra, Alexandra. and Naplan, Noah.

War, Race, and Social Change in the Jim Crow South
 Parker, Christopher.

Was This Any Way to Frame a Presidential Candidate? Media Dismissal of First Lady Experience in 2008
 Wekkin, Gary.

Weaponizing famine as genocide: Mass atrocity in the climate era
 Murray, Elisabeth Hope.

What Determines the Liberal-Conservative Orientations of College Students? A Comparative Study of Two Universities
 Tiruneh, Gizachew. and Dooley, Ty.

What Do People Choose When Racial Solidarity and Class Interests Conflict?
 Hochschild, Jennifer. and Weaver, Vesla.

What Does A Woman Bring to the Bench?
 Tillman, Elizabeth.

What I Like About You: Personality Trait Valence Versus Congruence as Determinants of Congressional Job Approval
 Klingler, Jonathan., Hollibaugh, Gary. and Ramey, Adam.

What Is Equal Protection of the Laws?
 Kaufman, Whitley.

What Moves Consumer Sentiment in Latin America?
 Carlin, Ryan., Love, Gregory., Hellwig, Timothy., Martinez-Gallardo, Cecilia. and Singer, Matthew.

What can ‘ideal theory’ do for politics?
 English, William.

What does to be responsible in a global age mean? Towards a new approach to the right to food
 Calloni, Marina.

What is a Wave?: Defining Congressional Wave Elections Throughout History.
 Smith, Jacob.

What next for Self-Determination?
 Andreopoulos, George.

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You're Hot and You're Cold: Language and Feeling Thermometer Evaluations of Social Groups in Surveys
 Kilibarda, Anja. and Dufresne, Yannick.

Youth, austerity politics and culture shift: has the global downturn triggered the demise of post-materialism?
 Henn, Matt.
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