87th SPSA Annual Conference 2016-Jan-06 to 2016-Jan-10

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James Madison and Religious Factionalism
 Colman, John.

James Madison and the Emergency Powers of the Legislature
 Fatovic, Clement.

Japan’s Colonial Legacy in Korea and Taiwan: 21st Century Implications for Security Relations in Asia
 Ku, Daniel.

Jesus Saves, Should We? Christian financial advice and attitudes toward government spending and debt
 Gaskins, Ben. and Moore, Joseph.

Judges and their Friends: The Influence of Amicus Briefs in State Courts of Last Resort
 Perkins, Jared.

Judges, Labor, and Economic Inequality
 Frymer, Paul.

Judging Senators' Character: The Impact of Scandals
 Basinger, Scott.

Judging the Justices: How Citizens Make Decisions about Supreme Court Nominees
 Bryan, Amanda. and Chen, Philip.

Judicial Diversity and Decision Making
 Haire, Susan. and Szmer, John.

Judicial Independence: Evidence from the Philippine Supreme Court, 1970-2003
 Magat, Janica.

Judicial Reform as Political Stabilizer: Evidence from China’s Quasi Natural Experiment
 Li, Zeren.

Judicial Selection and Diversity on Bench: an Analysis of the Circuit Court of Cook County
 Harris, Allison. and Linton, II, Allen.
87th SPSA Annual Conference 2016-Jan-06 to 2016-Jan-10
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