87th SPSA Annual Conference 2016-Jan-06 to 2016-Jan-10

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La federalizacion de la politica publica de Puerto Rico.
 Ruiz, Elsie.

La fraternidad una exigencia para la política pública de protección, asistencia, atención y reparación integral a las víctimas del conflicto armado interno colombiano
 Baquero, Javier., Barrero Nieto, Yuly. and Garcia Velasquez, Yuri.

La sostenibilidad fiscal y el rol del alcalde en el desempeño municipal: El caso de los Gobiernos Autónomos y Descentralizados Municipales del Ecuador
 Avellaneda, Claudia. and Zambrano-Gutiérrez, Julio.

La violencia en Costa Rica (2014-2015)
 Cascante Matamoros, María.

Lame Duck Foreign Policy
 Potter, Philip.

Land Use, Party Politics, and the Repeal of Proportional Representation in Cincinnati
 Santucci, Jack.

Land concentration in Colombia and the escalation of the conflict. Property-regime as a mechanism of control, dispossession, and primary accumulation
 Lugo Vivas, Diego Andres.

Las crisis economicas como agente catalitico para reformar los procesos de politica publica en Puerto Rico
 Vera, Hernan.

Latino Voting in the 21st Century
 Ginsberg, Beth.

Laughing Our Way to a Stronger Democracy: Political Comedy's Potential to Equalize Political Interest in Community College Students
 Lawrason, Lisa.

Lawmaking and Agenda Setting in a Centralized Congress
 Lewallen, Jonathan.

Lawsuit-Incentivizing Reforms Miss the Mark: An Explanation for Variation in Private Citizens’ Rights Filings
 Nanamaker, Bethany.

Legislating Judicial Independence in the States
 Wininger, Phillip.

Legislative Bargaining with Accountability
 Hughes, Niall.

Legislative Candidacy in Electoral Authoritarian Regimes: Evidence from Tanzania
 Weghorst, Keith.

Legislative Collaboration and Institutional Advancement in the U.S. House of Representatives
 Craig, Alison.

Legislative Oversight of Policy Implementation Process: The Case of Bangladesh
 Khmelko, Irina. and Griner, Andrea.

Legislative Prayer in the House of Representatives: A Preliminary Analysis of Guest Clergy and Their Messages
 Straus, Jacob.

Legislative Productivity in the States
 Birkhead, Nathaniel.

Legislatures in Authoritarian Rentier Monarchies: The Case of Kuwait
 Allarakia, Luai.

Lessons Learned: How Unfunded Mandates Shape Parents’ Political Orientations
 Lavery, Lesley.

Leveraging Private Legal Power: The Development of Litigation Mobilization Strategies in the American Bureaucracy
 Mulroy, Quinn.

Liberals or Libertarians? Religious Millennials and Support for Same-Sex Marriage
 Porter, Chase.

Liberia and Mozambique: The Civil War is Over But Still No Rule of Law
 Keil, Julie.

Like, Share, or Comment: The use of facebook in a highly Contested Senatorial Campaign
 Teten, Ryan.

Lines with Power and Purpose: Political Analysis of Editorial Cartoons in Journalism’s Golden Age
 Sharp, Brett.

Litigation: The Next Partisan Arena
 Sasso, James.

Loaded Dice? Random Assignment on the U.S. Courts of Appeals
 Johnson, Jeremy. and Zorn, Christopher.

Lobbying Regulation in the States: Change and Continuity
 Newmark, Adam.

Lobbyists as Matchmakers in the Market for Access
 You, Hye Young. and Kang, Karam.

Local Government Performance in a Decentralized Context: The Case of Brazil
 Funk, Kendall.

Local Responses to State Fracking Policies
 Fisk, Jonathan.

Local taxation and public spending in historical Prussia
 Hollenbach, Florian.

Logrolling for a Leg Up: Presidential Elections and Power in the U.S. Senate
 Chupp, Benjamin.

Long-Run Impacts of State Integration Policies
 Nguyen, Mai.

Longing for the Republic: Rousseau’s Social Contract in Service of Civic Republicanism
 Dyer, Megan.

Low Information Campaigns: Strategic Ambiguity on Candidate Websites
 Chapp, Christopher.

Lying About Voting: A Panel Study of Voter Turnout Overreports
 Cuevas-Molina, Ivelisse.
87th SPSA Annual Conference 2016-Jan-06 to 2016-Jan-10
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