87th SPSA Annual Conference 2016-Jan-06 to 2016-Jan-10

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Packing the Courts: An Examination of Expansions to the Federal Judiciary from 1937 to 2012
 Feldman, Adam., Giallouri, Thora., Menounou, Elli. and Peterson, Jordan.

Para-church organizations in the modern state
 Muniz-Fraticelli, Victor.

Pardon the Cynicism: The Insignificance of Political Capital in Gubernatorial Pardoning Decisions
 Parish, Kalind.

Parental Socialization and Media Choice of Young Adults
 Purkeypyle, Dan.

Participation in the Policymaking Process: Which Federal Advisory Committees Report the Most Traction
 Ginsberg, Wendy. and Williams, Raymond.

Partisan Deviation or Misperceived Self-Interest? An Evaluation of the Economic Voting Hypothesis
 Bowler, Shaun., Ojeda, Christopher. and Segura, Gary.

Partisan Gerrymandering and the Florida Supreme Court
 McDonald, Michael.

Partisan Politics and the Tragedy of the Commons: Groundwater Depletion in India's Breadbasket
 Alkon, Meir., Kennedy, Ryan. and Urpelainen, Johannes.

Partisan Politics, Agency Budgets and Political Appointments
 Dahlstrom, Carl. and Holmgren, Mikael.

Partisan Social Identity, Electoral Accountability, and Congressional Representation
 Strickler, Ryan.

Partisanship of Young Hispanics: The Influence of Immigration Opinion
 Vieux, Andrea.

Party Animals in the Age of Polarization: Ideological Constraint among Democratic and Republican Party Activists
 Lupton, Robert., Myers, William. and Thornton, Judd.

Party Institutionalization in Authoritarian Regimes: Theory and Evidence
 Meng, Anne.

Party Pressure In Congress: A (New) Data-Based Approach
 Powell, Eleanor.

Party Systems and Public Goods: The Dynamics of Good Governance in the Indian States
 Banerjee, Sayan. and Hankla, Charles.

Party, Faction, and the Anti-Corruption Campaign in China
 Grafstein, Robert., Han, Rongbin. and Xie, Luyan.

Pass the Pork Barrel: Representative Type and Discretionary Spending in the Philippines
 Tumaneng, Laurie.

Pass the Salt and Turn Up the Speakerphone: Member Presentation of Self in a Digital Age
 Evans, Jocelyn.

Passion and Political Engagement
 Hostetter, Joshua.

Passion, Principle, and the Arendtian Politics of Anger
 Kim, Juman.

Pattern of Chinese political institutionalization: "responding" verses "planning"
 Kong, Liang.

Paying for Pirates: Foreign Aid as a Policy Tool for Combating Maritime Crime
 Rohrer, Sam. and Tirone, Daniel.

Penholder vs. Peacekeeper – A Case Comparative Analysis of Robust-Mandate UN Missions
 Mezzell, Ann.

People on Streets: The Impact of Social Pressure on Protest Participation
 Bryan, Rebecca.

Perceptions of Coworker Age and Performance on Job Satisfaction: An International Approach
 Granberg-Rademacker, Scott.

Personally, I Don’t Care: Party Polarization and Seniority in the U.S. House of Representatives
 Cox, Adam.

Physical Vulnerability and Ideological Worldviews: Motivated Reasoning in the Case of Water Scarcity
 Switzer, David. and Vedlitz, Arnold.

Picture-Perfect Candidate: The Use of Instagram in Campaigns
 Pingley, Allison.

Polarization, Fraud Perceptions, and Electoral Reform
 Beaulieu, Emily.

Polarized Words in Polarized Times? Value-Based Language of Political Elites in a Polarized Government
 Neiman, Jayme. and Gonzalez, Frank.

Polarizing Rhetoric and Coalition Building on the Supreme Court: The Case of the Disrespectful Dissent
 Hume, Robert.

Policemen and the Rule of Law: Enforcing Human Rights Reforms in Democratizing Regimes
 Little, Erin.

Policies as Species: Understanding the Life of Policies through an Evolutionary Developmental Perspective
 Mosier, Samantha.

Policy Output, Party Positions, and/or Media Coverage: A Test of Competing Mechanisms in the Thermostatic Theory of Representation
 Williams, Christopher. and Schoonvelde, Martijn.

Policy (Mis)Representation and the Cost of Ruling: The Case of US Presidential Elections
 Wlezien, Christopher.

Policy Assumptions and Implementation: Consumer Assistance and the Affordable Care Act
 Plein, Leo.

Policy Biteback: Self-Undermining Rhetoric and the Queer Politics of Same-Sex Marriage
 Levine, Adam., Proctor, Andrew. and Strolovitch, Dara.

Policy Content Typologies and Media Framing: The cases of Same-Sex Marriage and Elian Gonzalez
 Wessel, Harry.

Policy Implications of People Analytics and the Automated Workplace
 Sharp, Brett.

Policy Making in the Shadow of Executive Action
 Moraguez, Ashley.

Policy Outcomes of Politicians’ Cognitive Biases: How Sunk Costs, Status Quo Preference and Future Discounting Affect Elite Decision Making
 Sheffer, Lior. and Loewen, Peter.

Policy Preferences in Coalition Formation: Instability, Minority, and Surplus Governments
 Bassi, Anna.

Policy Rigidity
 Hearn, Lindsey.

Policy and Popularity: How Politicians Forge Disaster Policies for Reelection Purposes
 Cahill, Rachel.

Policy and organizational effectiveness: examining state's attempts to mitigate prescription overdose deaths
 Neeley, Grant., Richardson, Lilliard. and Neeley, Sabrina.

Policy-making with Outside Options
 Lewis, Garrett.

Polish conceptions of national identity and support for ethnic and national minorities’ rights
 Golebiowska, Ewa.

Political Communication and Knowledge Bias
 Dounoucos, Victoria.

Political Control and the Presidential Spending Power
 Lewis, David.

Political Crises and Their Effect on Generational Cohort Public Opinion
 Hayes, Katelyn.

Political Culture, Economic Conditions, and the Adoption of Morality Policy in the American States
 Sukala, C.M.., Vitela, Bertha. and Ball, Jacob.

Political Disagreements and Judicial Decision-making on the Bulgarian Constitutional Court
 Bagashka, Tanya. and Tiede, Lydia.

Political Dynamics of Critical Executive Orders in Presidential Unilateral Governance
 Nuñez, Gilbert.

Political Economy and Public Lands Policy in the Early United States
 Gailmard, Sean. and Jenkins, Jeffery.

Political Economy of Parcel Tax in California School Districts
 Lee, Soomi.

Political Ideology and Knowledge Self-Assessment
 McGee, Japheth.

Political Information and the Costs of Turnout: Reconsidering the Calculus of Voting
 Endersby, James.

Political Institutions and Policy Responsiveness to Minority Protests in 17 Latin American Countries
 Muraoka, Taishi. and Avellaneda, Claudia.

Political Islam: Institutional Sources of Moderation
 Yildirim, A.Kadir.

Political Manipulation and Fiscal Maneuvering in Electoral Authoritarianism: The Case of Kazakhstan
 Higashijima, Masaaki.

Political Mechanisms of Deliberations with Ideology and Party Identification?: An Experimental Study
 Endo, Masahisa., Mimura, Norihiro. and Yamazaki, Arata.

Political Protest in Southeast Asia
 Denton, Ginger.

Political Reformation of Social Coalitions for Elections
 Yanai, Yuki.

Political knowledge en español: Spanish-language media and Latino political knowledge
 Medina Vidal, D. Xavier.

Political parties, party systems and Capital Flight
 Owens, Daniel.

Politicians Matter: Legislature Size and Welfare with Evidence from Brazil
 Cepaluni, Gabriel. and Mignozzetti, Umberto.

Politicians as Rats? Communication with Elite Experiment Subjects on What It Means to be Part of an Experiment
 Naurin, Elin. and Öhberg, Patrik.

Politicized Appointment Politics: A View from the Bench
 Holmes, Lisa.

Politics of Active Representation in Bureaucracy: The Tradeoff between Group Interest and Self-interest
 Yun, Changgeun.

Poll Watchers, Polling Stations, and Electoral Manipulation
 Rueda, Miguel. and Ascencio, Sergio.

Poor Democracy in Rich Nigeria
 Ilo, Saidat.

Poor Execution or Poor Policies: Human Rights, Policy Implementation, and IMF/World Bank Programs By Brendan Mark and Carl Kalmick
 Mark, Brendan. and Kalmick, Carl.

Popular Constitutionalism as Political Behavior: Analyzing State Constitutional Convention Referenda
 Blake, William.

Popular vs. Elite Democracies: A Class-Based Approach to Conceptualizing and Operationalizing Political Regimes
 Maloy, Jason.

Populist Management of the Electorate: Discourse and Presidential Approval in Chavez' Venezuela
 Love, Gregory.

Position Blurring as an Electoral Strategy: Voter Polarization, Issue Salience, and Political Parties’ Position Blurring
 Han, Kyung Joon.

Power Entrepreneurship in Congress: Institutional Reform through the Freedom of Information Act
 Baron, Kevin.

Power and Persuasion: Understanding the Relationship between Executive Orders and Legislative Proposals
 Dickinson, Matthew. and Gubb, Jesse.

Power to the People: The Electoral Targeting of Electricity in Ghana
 Briggs, Ryan.

Practical and Effective Approaches to Dealing with Clustered Data
 Esarey, Justin. and Menger, Andrew.

Pre-Colonial Kingdoms and the Coup-Civil War Nexus in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Paine, Jack.

Predicting Budgetary Change: The Effects of Performance Growth and Decline
 Flink, Carla.

Prejudice and Politics
 Kalkan, Kerem.

Presidential Approval in Louisiana: Performance and Race
 Chervenak, Edward. and Dai, Shih-chan.

Presidential Coordination as Supervised Collaboration: The Case of Ocean and Coastal Zone Management
 West, William.

Presidential Nominations and Coalition Politics: Detecting Internal Party Divisions In Network Data
 Blum, Rachel. and Noel, Hans.

Presidential Policymaking at the State Level: Revision through Waivers
 Mann, Elizabeth.

Presidential Rhetoric and Bureaucratic Responsiveness: Clarity and Influence of George W. Bush’s Signing Statements
 Watts, Deanna.

Presidents and Electoral Polarization
 Wood, B. Dan.

Presidents, Baseball, and Wins Above Expectations: What Can Sabermetrics Tell Us about Presidential Success?
 Bond, Jon. and Teodoro, Manny.

Press During Wartime: Conflict and Press Freedom in Democracies and Autocracies
 Wright, Thorin. and Berliner, Daniel.

Price and Variety Compensate Losers?: Non-Embedded Liberalism Mechanism to Free Trade
 Kume, Ikuo. and Woo, Yu Jin.

Privilege, Property, and Power in the Early Republic
 Moeller, Justin.

Problems of Virtue and Knowledge in Plato's Meno: Reversing Socrates' Turn and Approaching Science
 Lund, Jason.

Processes of Congressional Frame Selection, Adaptation, and Taxonomy: Theory and Methods
 Shields, Charles.

Procuring Sustainability
 Terman, Jessica. and Smith, Christy.

Progress or Posturing: Investigating the Integration of Cultural Competence into University Police Departments
 Burnside, Randolph., Fletcher, Michelle. and Pink-Harper, Stephanie.

Propaganda and Regime Change
 Horz, Carlo.

Propaganda, censorship, and credulity
 Little, Andrew.

Property Claims Resolution and the US - Cuban Relationship
 Witmer, Richard., Kelly, Michael. and Moreno, Erika.

Property, Place, and Identity
 Zavattaro, Staci.

Protest Variations And Government Repression via Martial Law and States of Emergency
 Rangel, Gabriela. and Johnson, Jaclyn.

Protest diffusion in autocracies
 Geelmuyden Rod, Espen. and Weidmann, Nils.

Protester Identity and Government Response
 Hummel, Sarah.

Protesting over Dissatisfaction or Policy Change: evidence from Kyrgyzstan
 Hummel, Sarah.

Psychological Models of Legislator Ideology
 Kelly, Jarrod., Loepp, Eric., Kim, Min. and Yuldashev, Farhod.

Psychological Motivations of Supporting Secessionist Movements. Evidence from Catalonia
 Barcelo, Joan.

Public Administration and Informal Institutions: the Case of Worker Cooperatives
 Brintnall, Michael.

Public Attention and Strategic Case Selection on the U.S. Supreme Court
 Bass, Leeann.

Public Constitutional Argument: Have Contemporary Liberals Abandoned the Field?
 Read, James.

Public Funding of Judicial Elections in the American States
 Gordon, Elizabeth. and Stricko, Tara.

Public Goods Provision and Bureaucracy in Francophone Africa
 Ariotti, Margaret.

Public Goods Spending and Political Incentives in China
 Deng, Kebin., Johansson, Anders., Luo, Danglun. and Rickne, Johanna.

Public Opinion and the Democratic Peace: A Global Observational Analysis
 Furia, Peter.

Public Opinion on the Relative Size of Government
 Branham, Alex.

Public Policy Obesity Index
 Reeves, Andree.

Public Prestige and Presidential Success in Congress: Testing the Marginal Effect of Electoral Vulnerability
 Euster, Seth.

Public School Closure and Citizens Beliefs about the Efficacy of Goverment
 Nuamah, Sally.

Public Sector Unions, Partisanship, and Pensions in the U.S. States
 Abott, Carolyn.

Public Support for Legislative Compromises
 Wolak, Jennifer.

Public and Private: Spaces for Political Dissent
 Smith, Lindsey.

Public-Private Partnerships: The Experience of Puerto Rico
 Saviak, Joe., Martin, Lawrence. and Lawther, Wendell.

Public-Private School Partnerships: Mission and Motivation
 Clark, Constance.

Publicizing Unilateral Executive Action
 Moraguez, Ashley. and Bass, Leeann.

Puerto Rico’s Status Debate and the Politics of American Identity
 Barreto, Amilcar Antonio. and Barboza, Gia.

Pushing cultural artifacts: Anti-American responses to globalization and power in the developing world, 2002 and 2013
 Kamal, Mia.

Pygmalion and Golem Leadership Effects on Followers’ Followers
 Winter, Soeren., Pedersen, Mogens., Nielsen, Vibeke. and Andersen, Simon.
87th SPSA Annual Conference 2016-Jan-06 to 2016-Jan-10
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