87th SPSA Annual Conference 2016-Jan-06 to 2016-Jan-10

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U.S. Climate Policy in Transition: Exceeding Low Expectations
 Karapin, Roger.

U.S. Image in East Asia: A Cross-National Analysis of China, Japan and South Korea
 Kim, Young.

U.S. Presidential Cabinet composition: Historical shifts
 McNulty, John.

U.S. Presidents, Human Rights, and Economic Aid from Truman to Obama: A Mixed Effects Approach
 Miller, Steven.

U.S. – Cuba Agricultural Trade: Recent Developments and Future Prospects
 Gonzalez-Corzo, Mario. and Nova Gonzalez, Armando.

US Trade Policy and the Militarization of Intellectual Property
 Farley, Robert.

Uncertain Uncertainty in Crisis Bargaining
 Bils, Peter., Smith, Bradley. and Judd, Gleason.

Under Friendly Fire: An Experiment on Partisan Press, Fragmented Opposition and Candidate Evaluations
 Castro Cornejo, Rodrigo.

Under Pressure: Rivalry and the Adoption of Gender Quotas
 Schroeder, Theresa.

Under Pressure: The Decline of Unions and Working Class Access to Government
 Mermer II, Robert. and Shields, Charles.

Under a Rebel Flag: Social Resistance to Insurgent Rule in Aceh
 Barter, Shane.

Understanding Presidential Recess Appointments: The Role of Agency Politicization
 Cizmar, Anne. and Morris, Irwin.

Understanding authoritarian trajectories: A sequence analytic approach
 Wilson, Matthew.

Understanding the Impact of Descriptive Representation on Public Opinion towards Supreme Court Nominees
 Stauffer, Katelyn. and Badas, Alex.

Understanding the Latino Presidential Vote: Evidence from the 2008 and 2012 ANES
 Casellas, Jason., Leal, David. and Shaw, Daron.

Undisclosed Donations in Political Campaigns
 Schnakenberg, Keith. and Turner, Ian.

Unilaterally Unitary: How presidents utilize unilateral directives to control the executive bureaucracy.
 Dodds, Graham.

Unusual Bedfellows? PRI-Green Electoral Alliances in Mexican Legislative Elections
 Spoon, Jae-Jae. and Pulido, Amalia.

Urban fiscal distress, loss of trust, and political participation
 Holman, Mirya.

Using Human Rights Frames to Support and Oppose Women's Rights: A Comparative Analysis
 Hunt, Kate.

Using Solutions to Understand/Misunderstand Health Care Problems
 Garlick, Monica.

Using Spending Preferences as Policy Preferences to Support Partisanship and Ideology
 O\'Brien, Sean.

Using remote sensing to measure the quality of local governance
 Landry, Pierre.
87th SPSA Annual Conference 2016-Jan-06 to 2016-Jan-10
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