88th Annual SPSA Conference 2017-Jan-11 to 2017-Jan-15

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"Are You Too Busy to Listen Up?" Exploring the Effects of Race on Local Legislators' Proclivities toward Distractions in Public Meetings
 Hoang, Bai.

"Dereification" and "Reflective Practice" as Keys to Better Political Theorizing--and ActionEIFICATION
 Edwards, David.

"Federalism and Executive Action: Memoranda, Executive Orders, and Vetoes."
 Slupski, Ashley.

"For civil fellowship of humane things": John Cotton and Continuity in Early American Political Thought
 Wolfe, Stephen.

"Give them Toys?": Military Allocations and Regime Stability
 Powell, Jonathan. and Faulkner, Christopher.

"Stronger Together”: Political Ambition and the Presentation of Women Running for Office
 Kanthak, Kris. and Bonneau, Chris.

"The Composition of IMF Conditionality During the Eurozone Debt Crisis: A New Dataset"
 Castater, Eric. and Leming, Andrew.

"The Law and Order Candidate": Perceptions of Law Enforcement by Trump Voters
 Manzo, Whitney. and McLennan, David.

"Therefore Think Him as a Serpent's Egg": Putin and His Plans for the Western Liberal Order
 Hampton, Mary.

"Welfare" as Racial Dog Whistle
 Dahan, Charles. and Ste Claire, Casey.

“Capacity, Strategic Choice, and Fiscal Performance: Scaling the Peaks of Public Management in Appalachia.”
 Hall, Jeremy. and Larson, Sarah.

“Federalism in the transition from the Articles of Confederation to the U.S. Senate.”
 Hail, Michael.

“Founders and Legislators: The Lawgiver in Classical Political Thought”
 Collins, John.

“Freedom and Equality Are Not Just Policy Goals, They Are Procedural Goals Too”
 Corey, David.

“Going Public” in comparative perspective: Presidents’ public appeals via speechmaking in modern Latin America
 cockerham, alexandra., Driscoll, Amanda. and Joseph, Joan.

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A Case Study of Urban Sprawl and Community Capacity: Water for Waukesha, Wisconsin
 Guehlstorf, Nicholas. and McCready, Molly.

A Change of Heart? Explaining Stability and Change in European Party Systems
 Koedam, Jelle.

A Commentary Upon Alexandre Kojève’s Notion of Authority: Context and Interpretation
 Frost, Bryan-Paul.

A Competition for Legitimacy: Security Approaches to Transnational Organized Crime in Latin America
 Martin, Ana.

A Constitutional Defense of Prerogative: Taft’s Our Chief Magistrate and His Powers
 Burns, Kevin.

A Difference in Translation: Alexis de Tocqueville and Francis Lieber on Human Nature in “On the Penitentiary System”
 Ferkaluk, Emily.

A Dynamic Model of Primaries
 Slough, Tara., Ting, Michael. and York, Erin.

A General-to-Specific Approach to Unobservable Individual Effects in Dynamic Panel Models with a Very Small T
 Pickup, Mark.

A Japanese Holy War?: the Devastation of the Religious Effects during the Second World War
 Yokotsuka, Shino.

A Jungle of a Jungle Primary: Louisiana’s 2016 Open Senate Election
 Stockley, Joshua.

A Look at Socrates' Motive in Plato's Laches
 Lund, Jason.

A Nativist Countryside: Rural Resentment and the Radical Right in Austria
 Long, Jeffrey.

A New World Order: The End of Communism and the Continuation of Unilateral Executive Action
 Burns, Sarah.

A Novel Heuristic For Assessing Social Network Data Reliability with Survey Non-Response
 Olson, Jarrod., Rose, John. and Sitaker, Marilyn.

A Radical Right Party Family? Cluster Analyses of European Party Manifestos
 Simons, Jennifer.

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Backward Induction in the Wild: Evidence from the U.S. Senate
 Montagnes, B Pablo., Magleby, Daniel. and Spenkuch, Jorg.

Ballot Initiatives and Minority Rights
 Lascher, Edward.

Bang For Our Buck: American Foreign Aid and the International Context
 Romero, Richie.

Basho's Pond: A Poem Only Possible in Japanese
 Ross, Haj.

Becoming Blue: Deconstructing Asian American Vote Choice in the 2008 Presidential Election
 Raychaudhuri, Tanika.

Becoming Local: Naturalization in China’s Household Registration System
 Vortherms, Samantha.

Beijing’s Winning Hand: Russia, the West, and the Competition over Eastern Europe
 Davis, G Doug. and Slobodchikoff, Michael.

Being in Rousseau's thought: A system in the Discourses and Emile
 Gross, Benjamin.

Belief in Ideological Conspiracy Theories: Situational or Dispositional?
 Schneider, Stephen., Peterson, Johnathan. and Haas, Ingrid.

Beneath the Surface: Do Gender and Race Influence Publication and Authorship in the USCOA?
 Tillman, Elizabeth. and Hinkle, Rachael.

Benevolent/Malevolent Colonialism: The Social, Religious, and Political Origins of Contradictory Perceptions of Colonial Experiences and Their Effects on National Identities of India and Pakistan
 Lashari, Samee.

Besieging and Eliminating Terrorists: Bureaucratic Capacity, Cooperation and Terrorism
 kirisci, mustafa.

Between Marx and Weber: The Return to the State in American Political Science
 Khachaturian, Rafael.

Between the Hammer and the Anvil: Muslim Americans vote in the 2016 Presidential Election
 Nada, Ayman.

Beyond Appointment: Presidential Influence in the Federal Judiciary
 Mattioli, Lauren.

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Calculation and Repression: Chiang Ching-kuo and Deng Xiaoping
 Lin, Zhen. and zhang, zhu.

Call Me Maybe? Varying Patch-Through Scripts to Optimize Advocacy Programs
 Mayhew, Genevieve.

Campaign Contributions: Another way to capture the Food and Drug Administration
 Das, Sophiya.

Can Fear Empower Citizens to Bring Down Regimes?
 Aldama Navarrete, Abraham., Vasquez, Mateo. and Young, Lauren.

Can Populism Trump Ideology?
 Jackson, Matthew., Kelly, Jarrod. and Zhao, Fanghui.

Can moral values predict attitudes towards petty bribery?
 Abilova, Dariga.

Candidate Rhetoric and the Gender Gap in American Presidential Campaigns
 Beyer, Marcia.

Candidates’ Twitter Content as an Election Results Indicator: The Case of the US 2014 Senate Election
 Pham, The Anh.

Carl Schmitt’s Premium Blend Constitution
 Ette, Freke.

Casino Gaming and Tribal Turnout
 Peterson, Geoffrey. and Seeger, Geneva.

Catalan Nationalism : The Secessionist Turn
 Lecours, Andre.

Catholic Politicians and the Politics of Abortion Discourse
 Marchetti, Kathleen. and O\'Connell, David.

Causing a Crisis: Simulating Interstate Crisis Conditions as a Learning Exercise in Crisis Diplomacy
 Clary, Matthew., Clary, Virginia. and Owsiak, Andrew.

Celebrity Endorsements and Voter Emotions
 Nownes, Anthony.

Challenge accepted - Conflict expansion as a successful interest group strategy in the European Commission consultations
 Hermansson, Henrik.

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D.W. Winnicott and the Pathologies of Democracy
 LeJeune, John.

Dalit Women Political Participation and Empowerment through Panchayat Raj Institutions in India: Study in Telangana

Daniel Webster on Republican Reverence and Populist "Man-Worship"
 Kellow, Geoffrey.

Decentralization, Regional Identity and Economic Performance: Ideologies of Regionalist Parties

Deceptive Self-Signals: Activating Political Identity to Affirm a Positive Self-Image (An Experiment on MTurk).
 Haas, Nicholas.

Deconstructing Victory (or, The Origins of Military Effectiveness)
 Carroll, Robert.

Deep-Seated Resentment: The Contribution of Core Values to Affective Polarization
 Lupton, Robert., Enders, Adam. and Smallpage, Steven.

Defining Purple: A quantitative analysis of Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District elections
 Miller, Evan.

Deinstitutionalizing Power of Decision-Making Personalization: The Paradigmatic Case of the Serbian Communist-Successor Party
 Vukovic, Ivan.

Democracy and Caste Politics in India: A Study in Andhra Pradesh

Democracy and Prophecy: Whitman's Compound "I" and Democratic Faith
 Fridkin, Dustin.

Democratic Incumbent Resilience in the Post-1980 Senate: A Theory of Issue Competence and Polarization
 Goedert, Nicholas.

Democratization and the Property Qualification for Voting: the Southern States
 King, Ronald. and Moeller, Justin.

Deterrence Theory: A Degenerative Research Program?
 Robinson, Todd.

Deterrence and Information Flows in Counterterrorism
 Di Lonardo, Livio.

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EU and Turkey: Is application as rewarding as actual membership?
 Dicle, Betul. and Dicle, Mehmet.

Economic Perceptions and Electoral Choices: A Design-Based Approach
 Visconti, Giancarlo.

Economic Sanctions as an Impediment to Democratic Transition
 Vafaei, Razieh.

Edgar Allan Poe's 'American Nightmare' as Satirical Alternative to the Transcendentalist Movement
 Jarvis, Douglas.

Effective Monitoring of Agents? An Empirical Investigation of the U.S. Attorney Firings of 2006
 Miller, Banks. and Curry, Brett.

Effects of Restrictive Voter Identification Laws on Voter Turnout and Democratic Party Victories
 Winters, Scarlett.

Effects of Same-Sex Legislation on Attitudes Toward Homosexuals
 Redman, Shane.

Effects of Urban Growth on Sustainability: An analysis of energy and material flows in Colombian cities
 Pardo, Clara. and Alfonso, William.

Effects of elections: A panel data analysis of political trust among winners and losers
 Steenvoorden, Eefje. and Van der Meer, Tom.

El Lenguaje y la Politica: Four Literary Artists and Their Linguistic Contributions to Puerto Rican Poetry and Political Philosophy
 Alfaro-Rodriguez, Monica.

Electing Bureaucrats: Analyzing the Public Utility Commissioners (PUCs)’ Elections in American States.
 Kim, Junseok.

Electing Women to the Japanese Lower House: The Impact of Electoral System
 Kubo, Miyuki. and Lee-Glasure, Aie-Rie.

Elections, Public Awareness and the Efficacy of Constitutional Review
 Krehbiel, Jay.

Electoral Competition in Judicial Elections
 Nelson, Michael.

Electoral Vulnerability and Presidential Support
 Hickey, Patrick.

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FOIA at 50: An Examination of Records Access in a Digital World
 Ginsberg, Wendy. and Richardson, Daniel.

Facing or Forgetting the Past: Variations in Truth Recovery and Accountability in Aceh and Timor-Leste
 Guthrey, Holly.

Failing Norms: Case Studies Exploring How International Democratic Standards Have Undermined Meaningful MENA Reforms
 Snow, Jonathan.

Faith, Foreign Aid, and Fearless Leaders: George W. Bush’s Presidential Decision-making Model and PEPFAR
 Verardo, Elizabeth.

Faith, Freedom, and Foreign Policy: The Religious Rhetoric of Harry S. Truman and George W. Bush
 Verardo, Elizabeth.

Family Matters: The Role of Ethnic Identity in Interstate Conflict Management
 Wayne, Rachel.

Fantasy vs. Reality: Examining State Legislation Involving Fantasy Sports
 Toner, Brendan. and Mitchell, Joshua.

Federal Judicial Selection in Legislative Context
 Steigerwalt, Amy. and Martinek, Wendy.

Female Constituents and Judicial Nominees: An Examination of Gender Representation in Judicial Confirmation Voting
 Eckelman, Andrea. and Ross, Robert.

Female Suffrage through State and Federal Constitutional Revision, 1865-1920
 Woodward-Burns, Robinson.

Filling the Amendment Tree: How Procedures Harm Electoral Prospects
 Chaturvedi, Neilan.

Flunking the Electoral College? Comparing Normative Critiques with Empirical Analysis of Alternative Presidential Election Models, 1952-2016
 Conley, Richard. and Shields, Charles.

Follow the Leader: Rebel Leaders and Anti-Civilian Violence in Civil War, 1989-2014
 Doctor, Austin.

For God and Party: Descriptive Representation, Religion and the American Party System
 Pearson-Merkowitz, Shanna. and McTague, John.

Foreign Policy in the American Founding: Social Compact Theory and the Barbary Wars
 Lund, Conner.

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Gandhi and the Indian War of Independence: Religious, Secular, and Realist Influences
 Sheehan, Ivan Sascha.

Gaps in the Digital Democracy: Strategic Candidates and Issue Obfuscation
 Niven, David.

Gender Bias in Student Evaluations
 Mitchell, Kristina. and Martin, Jonathan.

Gender Dyanmics and Justice-to-Justice Interruptions in Supreme Court Oral Arguments
 Feldman, Adam. and Gill, Rebecca.

Gender Images and Strategies in the Korean Political Campaigns: The Case of the 2016 National Assembly Election
 Yoon, Jiso. and Moon, Kyoung-hee.

Gender Perceptions in Taiwan
 Neeper, Hannah.

Gender Stereotypes and Women's Rights Issues in Congressional Election Negative Advertisements
 Hayden, Jessica.

Gender and Presidential Elections: How the 2016 Candidates Played the “Woman Card”
 Evans, Heather., Brown, Kayla. and Wimberly, Tiffany.

Gender and Public Engagement in Political Science via The Monkey Cage blog
 Jasperson, Amy. and Smith, Elizabeth.

Gender and Terrorism: The influences of Education on Acts of Terrorism among African States
 Danzell, orlandrew. and Yeh, Yao-Yuan.

Gender, Race and Majority Opinion Assignment: A Cross-Court Perspective
 Szmer, John., Christensen, Robert. and Kaheny, Erin.

Gendered Self-Presentation and Electoral Success
 Preece, Jessica., Karpowitz, Chris. and Monson, Quin.

Gendered Vulnerability and State Supreme Court Elections
 Norris, Mikel. and Glennon, Colin.

German Political Discourse and the Principle of Linguistic Relativity
 Olsen, Jonathan.

Give Fighting A Philosopher's Chance
 Savage, Stephen.

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Harbinger of liberalism?: Johannes Althusius’s pactio and social contract theory
 Kennedy, Simon.

Has the increased use of social media brought awareness to the general population about racialized police brutality?

Hate Speech: Framing the Debate
 Armstrong, Grant. and Wronski, Jule.

Helicopter Parenting: Political Ambition and Blame Attribution in College Students
 Bunch, Jaclyn. and Milita, Kerri.

Helping Comparative Politics "Feel The Bern." A Study Of Delegate Math That Isn't "Trumped Up."
 Tures, John.

Hierarchy and Leadership Decapitation: Assessing the Robustness of Terrorist Organizations
 Wagstaff, William. and Jung, Danielle.

Hillary Clinton’s Gen(d)eration: When and How Female Party Leaders Turn Women Into Strong Partisans
 Bankert, Alexa.

Hitting too Close to Home: Asylum Decisions as a Practice of Border Control
 Oltman, Anna.

Hollywood Meets Washington: Celebrity Endorsement of a Political Candidate
 Sanati, Mia.

Homines Economici: Judicial Decision-making and the Personal Financial Interests of Supreme Court Justices
 Giallouri, Thora., Peterson, Jordan. and Menounou, Elli.

Houses in Motion: Bicameralism and Partisan Coordination
 Lewallen, Jonathan. and Moser, Scott.

How Competition Changed Party Nomination in the South
 McGlennon, John.

How Democratic Do Ukrainian Citizens Think Their Country Is? Evaluation of the Views of Democracy Under Poroshenko and Yanukovych Using Anchoring Vignettes
 Erlich, Aaron. and Garner, Calvin.

How Do Online Discussion of Social Events Become Politicized? —A PRC Case Study
 Wang, Dapeng., Yue, Chunying. and Li, JuanJuan.

How Does the Chinese People's Liberation Army Utilize People's Congresses? Its Changing Relationship with Society
 Kamo, Tomoki.

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I Don't Know
 Little, Andrew.

I'm (Not) With Stupid: Do Extreme Candidates Help or Hurt Their Parties?
 Edelson, Jack. and Gonzalez, Frank.

Identical Goals, Conflicting Results: The EU’s Impact on Corruption Control and Minority Protection
 Kartal, Mert.

Identifying Panel Attrition through Comparison of Synthetic Panel
 Seo, Min Hee.

Identity sorting and political compromise
 Davis, Nicholas.

Ideological Change in Congress? Occasionally but Not Quickly and Not Everywhere
 Bond, Jon.

Ideology and Results: Litigation Outcomes in Enforcement Cases Brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
 Hazelton, Morgan.

Ideology, Inequality, and Water Scarcity in Private and Public Utility Rate Adoption
 Switzer, David.

Idioms of authoritarian stability: The technology of statecraft in the age of social media
 Warren, Camber.

Immigrant Diversity and Natives' Attitudes Towards Immigration
 Ward, Dalston.

Immigrant Opposition in a Changing National Demographic
 Arora, Maneesh.

Immigrant Skill-level as a Factor in Attitudes toward Immigrants in Europe
 Chasapopoulos, Panagiotis. and Williams, Michelle.

Immigrants and MIDs: Immigration and National Security: A Quantitative Approach
 Jac-Kucharski, Alicja.

Impact of Political Institutions and Ethnic Composition on Corruption and Policy Productivity: The Case of Latin America
 Quinones, Clemente.

Implicit Attitudes Towards an Authoritarian Regime
 Truex, Rory. and Tavana, Daniel.

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John Muir, Imagination and Environmental Politics
 Bowman, Joshua.

Joining the Great Majority: An Analysis of Senate Deaths, 1919-2014
 Brant, Hanna., Masthay, Theodore. and Overby, Marvin.

Judging Race and Gender: The Influence of Counsel’s Individual Traits on Court Decisions
 Hack, Jonathan. and Jenkins, Clinton.

Judicial Appointment and the Cloture Change of 1975
 Abshire, Roger. and Mallams, Sarah.

Judicial Nominations and Senate Rule XXXI
 Uribe-McGuire, Alicia.

Judicial Polarization on State Supreme Courts
 Hughes, David.

Judicial Response to Political Change: The South African Constitutional Court (1995-2014)
 Dumas, Tao., Chastant, Brooksie. and Haynie, Stacia.

Judicial Visibility and Accountability on State Supreme Courts
 Hughes, David.

Judicial selection and decision making: evaluating the policy impact of Obama’s appointments to the U.S. Courts of Appeals
 Haire, Susan. and Culver, Bryson.

Just Say ‘No’: Explaining the Electoral Fortunes of Niche Parties in Europe
 Humphreys, Carrie.

Justices and Their Multiple Audiences: How Context and Audience Shape Judicial Behavior
 Krewson, Christopher.


Keeping the Lights On: Women and State Budget Impasses
 Melusky, Benjamin.

Knowing and Cheerleading: Circumventing Partisan Perceptual Screens to Improve Election Forecasts
 Anson, Ian.

Knowledge Hubris, Risks, and Vaccine Policies: Exploring the Effects of Knowledge Hubris on Vaccination Benefit and Risk Perceptions and Policy Views
 Tumlison, Creed. and Song, Geoboo.


Lame Duck Governors
 cockerham, alexandra. and crew, robert.

Landed Aristocrats and Legislation in Pakistan: A Case Study of Sindhi MNAs
 Abbas, Mazhar.

Late Night Political Humor and Presidental Candidate Favorability over Time
 Lichter, S.., Baumgartner, Jody. and Morris, Jonathan.

Law and Conflict Emergence
 Hanson, Margaret.

Leaders’ decisions to use violent/nonviolent methods when faced with popular protests or secessionist movements: 1989-2016
 Mitkov, Zlatin. and Thiagarajan, Karthikeyan.

Leaning In?: The Professional Development of Women and Women of Color Mayors
 Blackmond Larnell, Twyla.

Learning from Social Movement Failure: the Importance of an Integrated Theory in Assessing the INRA and the TIPNIS Conflict in Bolivia
 Buice, Melissa.

Legislative Capacity and Credit Risk
 Fortunato, David. and Turner, Ian.

Legislative Leadership and CPG in U.S. State Legislatures
 Shay, Laine.

Legislative Power and Constituent Preferences: The Incumbent Advantage
 Chupp, Benjamin.

Less is more? How demographic sample weights can improve public opinion estimates based on Twitter data.
 Barbera, Pablo.

Let’s (NOT) Meet Face to Face: Gender Differences in Online versus In-Person Political Discussions
 Sweet-Cushman, Jennie., Herring, Mary., Prough, Elizabeth. and Vultee, Fred.

Leveraging Local Change: State Initiatives to Promote Service Sharing and Consolidation
 Stenberg, Carl. and Morse, Ricardo.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics: Gender Diversity and Inclusion
 Mani, Bonnie.

Lineage or Legions? The Determinants of Reign Duration in Classical Rome
 Smith, Daniel. and Gray, Thomas.

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Madison, Calhoun and the Problem of Populism in the Age of Jackson
 Colman, John.

Mafia, Elections and Political Violence
 Dipoppa, Gemma. and Daniele, Gianmarco.

Making Coalitions. Picking Winners: How Political Organizations Influence Local Elections
 Benjamin, Andrea. and Miller, Alexis.

Making Young Voters: Policy Reforms to Increase Youth Turnout
 Hillygus, D. Sunshine. and Holbein, John.

Making the Grade? How Public School Accountability Systems Shape Perceptions of Quality
 Davis, Belinda. and Henderson, Michael.

Malapportionment and its Consequences to National Identity: White Overrepresentation in a Postracial America
 Rodrigues Vieira, Vinicius.

Man! I Feel Like a Woman: Socialization and Men’s Views of Women’s Issues
 Sentementes, Amy. and Christiani, Leah.

Managing Transitions the Ethiopian Way: A Closer Look at Transitional Justice Mechanisms in Contemporary Ethiopia
 Gedamu, Yohannes.

Marijuana Policy Reform Adoption in the United States 2000-2015: Factors and Politics
 Anguelov, Nikolay. and McCarthy, Michael.

Mass Incarceration and Reentry in the USA: Is The Prison State at a Cross Road?
 Minteh, Binneh.

Mass Purges: Top-Down Accountability in Autocracy
 Montagnes, B Pablo. and Wolton, Stephane.

Masters and Friends – Friendship’s Moderation of Liberalism in “Benito Cereno,” Go Down, Moses, and Huckleberry Finn
 Griffith, Joseph.

Meet the Narco: The Increase of Competition among Criminal Organizations and the Explosion of Violence in Mexico
 Ponce, Aldo. and Atuesta, Laura.

Mental Health Options for the Poor: Illuminating the Human Condition and the Creation of Communities of Care
 Parker, Jasmine.

Mentorship in State Bureaucracies
 Sidorsky, Kaitlin.

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NGOs in Terrorism Cases: Balancing Security and International Human Rights Law
 Davis, Jeffrey.

National Security Council Entrepreneurship: A Framework for Analysis
 Premont, Karine., David, Charles-Philippe., Boucher, Vincent. and Darveau Routhier, Florence.

Negative Gains? Exploring the Effects of Negative Messages on Party Identification
 Gomez, Katharine.

Negative Media Coverage of the Supreme Court: The Interactive Role of Opinion Language, Coalition Size, and Ideological Signals
 Denison, Alexander., Wedeking, Justin. and Zilis, Michael.

Negotiation, Impasse, and Crusade: Processes of Elite Frame Framing in Congress
 Shields, Charles.

Neoliberal Sovereignty and Segregation in Alabama
 Smith, Lindsey.

Network political participation activity and political trust in China.
 Yue, Chunying., Wang, Dapeng. and Li, JuanJuan.

Networks and the Early Congress
 Dumas, Nicolas. and Stewart III, Charles.

New Deal or No Deal?: How “Right to Work” Laws Affect Voter Turnout
 Terrio, Stacey.

New Orleans Politics and Policy More than 10 Years after Katrina
 Burns, Peter., Thomas, Matthew. and Bieganski, Matt.

New Wave of Mobilization in the Kashmir Valley since 2008: Religious or Political?
 Mohanty, Simple.

Next Door or Next of Kin? Disaggregating Contagious Conflict & Preemptive Repression
 Clay, K. Chad.


Of Rents and Rumors: Government Competence and Media Freedom in Authoritarian Countries
 Huang, Haifeng. and Yeh, Yao-Yuan.

On Message: Party Loyalty and One Minute Speeches in the House of Representatives
 Hughes, Tyler. and Koger, Gregory.

On Stability of SCOTUS Legitimacy: A Dynamic Panel Analysis of Individual-level Evidence
 Zhao, Fanghui.

On the relationship between Vote or Seat Margins and Two-Party Competition
 Brierly, Allen.

One Bite at a Time: Cybersecurity Policy in Congress
 Lewallen, Jonathan.

Opening the Door: The Role of Conflict in Security Sector Gender Mainstreaming Policy Adoption
 Huber, Laura.

Opting Out: A Multidimensional Analysis of the Political Behavior of "Party Non-Conformers"
 Albert, Zachary.

Outside the Binary
 Riley, Margaret Mary.

Overcoming The Learning Curve: The Use Of Facebook By Members Of Congress
 Lothamer, Lucas.


Pan-politicization in the cyber society in China
 Li, JuanJuan.

Parents, Teachers, Principals, and Students in Centralized System: Judging the Quality of Schools
 Song, Miyeon. and Meier, Kenneth.

Parochial versus programmatic legislators and duration of legislative initiatives: Evidence from Colombia
 Vela Baron, Mauricio.

Participation, Competition and the Quality of Democracy in Greece
 Danopoulos, Constantine.

Partisan Confirmation Politics and Filibuster Reform: Examining the Senate's Response to Procedural Change
 Lynch, Michael. and Shay, Laine.

Partisan, Accuracy, and Prosocial Motivations in Political Communication Networks
 Pietryka, Matthew.

Partisanship as One of Many Politically Relevant Social Identities
 Munger, Kevin. and nagler, jonathan.

Party Crashers
 Way, Christopher. and Blings, Steffen.

Party Institutionalization in East Central Europe (1990-2010)
 Casal Bertoa, Fernando.

Party Loyalty, Presidential Endorsements, and Committee Assignments: Inter-Branch Influence within the House of Representatives
 Russell, Lindsay.

Party Polarization, Member Incivility, and the Structuring of Policy Conflict in Congress: House/Senate Contrasts
 Dodd, Lawrence. and Schraufnagel, Scot.

Party-citizen linkages in the U.S. and Argentina: Beyond the clientelistic-programmatic dichotomy
 Meade, Rachel. and Itzigsohn, Jose.

Patterned Inequality: The Effect of County Institutions on Participation in TANF, Medicaid, and SNAP
 McBrayer, Markie.

Patterns of Conventional and Un-Conventional Political Participation in Global Perspective
 Haerpfer, Christian. and Kizilova, Kseniya.

Patterns of Financial Gain: Evidence of Legislative Shirking?
 Fahey, Kevin.

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Race and Retrospective/Prospective Voting in Catastrophic Politics: New Lessons from New Orleans
 Chervenak, Ed. and Montjoy, Robert.

Racial Disparities in Criminal Appeals: Evidence from Texas
 Gray, Thomas.

Radicalization of state and society: Development of uncivil society in the Middle East and South Asia
 Rahman, Tahmina.

Raising a False Alarm? An Empirical Analysis of Refugee Flows and Domestic Terrorism
 Sharma, Hemant. and Ghatak, Sambuddha.

Rational Design of the Allocation of Confucius Institutes
 Xiang, Jun. and Huang, Wei-hao.

Reagan, the Peace Corps, and the Civil Wars in Central America
 Nisley, Thomas.

Reagan's Constitutional Vision vs. Reagan's Political Vision: The Lasting Legacy of the Asymmetry
 Izquierdo, Richard.

Reagan’s Ghost: Space-Based Defense Policy in the 21st Century
 Harding, Robert.

Recasting Ronald Reagan: The Politics of Rhetoric, Reproach, and Redemption
 Conley, Richard.

Redemption and Republican Politics in the South, 1880-1896
 Jenkins, Jeffery. and Heersink, Boris.

Reexamining Party Influence: Evidence from Minnesota's Natural Experiment
 Williams, Robert.

Reflection, Recognition and Reconciliation: Demarcating Rawls's Intellectual Life Using Hegel
 Simpson, Sidney.

Reforming SNAP: Punitive Policies, Moral Failings and the Creation of Social Policy
 Gritter, Matthew.

Refugee Cascades and the Spatial Spillover of Fleeing in Civil War
 Laughlin, Benjamin.

Refugees, Asylum Determination, and the European Welfare States
 Knight-Finley, Misty. and Rodda, Patricia.

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Same Old Story: How Coverage of Diplomatic Immunity Skews Public Perception and Why It Matters
 Carroll, Olivia.

Sanctioning the Homeland: Diasporas affect on US economic sanctions policy
 Kustra, Tyler.

School Board or Springboard? The Politics of Running for Mississippi School Board Seats
 Shrader, Nathan.

School Closures and Civic Engagement: How Social Policies Influence Identity and Participation
 Nuamah, Sally.

Scientific culture in Colombia. A proposal of an indicator system for science technology and innovation
 Pardo, Clara. and Alfonso, William.

Secretary Clinton or Charlotte's Grandma? The Evolution of a Candidate
 Smith, Aidan.

Securitization, Regime Survival and Mass Killings: The Case of Syria
 Robinson, Leonard.

Seeking a Causal Inference of Employee Empowerment on Organization Outcomes: Panel Data Analysis
 Ha, Hyesong.

Selection and Sequencing of Movement Strategies: A Case Study of Legal Activism in India
 Heuer, Vera.

Self-Reliance and Political Activism in Emerson
 Savage, Daniel.

Sending a Message: A Model of Judicial Signaling in Authoritarian Regimes
 Sievert, Jacqueline.

Sex, Drugs and Faith: Morality Politics and Issue Ownership in the American States
 Foster Shoaf, Nicole.

Shared Determinants Within the Typology of Morality Policy
 DeBruin, Eric.

Shoring Up Autocracy: Participatory Technologies and Regime Support in Putin's Russia
 Chapman, Hannah.

Should Audiences Cost?: Optimal Domestic Constraints in International Crises
 Ashworth, Scott. and Ramsay, Kristopher.

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Taiwanese Perceptions of Refugees: Results of an Experimental Survey
 Treumann, Stella.

Taking Care of their Own: Armed Forces and their Business Enterprises
 Prina, David.

Taking Voters Seriously: Electoral Cycles of Audience Costs
 Yasui, Kiyotaka.

Taking advantage of political bias: How media photographs can persuade conservatives to not participate in a rally
 Friedman, Michael. and Gomez, Katharine.

Talking the Talk? Descriptive Representation of Latinos and Congressional Speech
 Kowal, Michael.

Taming the Philosopher
 Boersma, John.

Targeted Advertising, and an Inverse Relationship Between Media and Political Polarization
 Gupta, Samarth. and Ogden, Benjamin.

Targeting Inconsistency: The Why and How of Studying Disagreement in Adjudication
 Copus, Ryan. and Hubert, Ryan.

Tax Treaties, Risk, and Financial Markets
 Johnson, Austin.

Temporal and local variation in climate change opinion in the United States, 2006-2012
 Scruggs, Lyle. and Vickrey, Clifford.

Terrorists of Our Making: Social Constructionism in Designations of Foreign Terrorist Organizations

Testing Broader Notions of Representation and Accountability in São Paulo's Participatory Councils
 McCoy, David.

Testing the Effects of Compounded Redistricting, Competition, and Voter/Candidate Displacement on Turnout
 Hunt, Charles.

Testing the Multiplicative Effect of Mid-level Managerial Size and Turnover on Subnational Government Performance
 Bello-Gomez, Ricardo. and Avellaneda, Claudia.

The "Obamacare" contradiction in New York: Access versus Cost Containment
 Kraus, Jeffrey.

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U.S. Human Rights Policy in Post-Soviet Region: The Case of Azerbaijan
 Bashirov, Galib.

U.S. Senators on Twitter: Partisan Rhetoric in 140 Characters
 Russell, Annelise.

US Arms Control Dynamics in the Era of Humanitarian Disarmament
 Benjamin-Britton, Taylor.

US Drug Policy Today: Peace at Home, War Abroad?
 Scherlen, Renee.

Unbelievable Lies
 Little, Andrew.

Undemocratic Participation: Authoritarianism, Attitude Strength, and Political Engagement
 Ward, Matthew.

Understanding Children’s Rights – Study about the Childs Right to Participation in Decision Making in Child protection Mechanisms systems in Telangana State
 Kumar, Padibandla.

Understanding Political Trust: Evidence from Survey Experiments
 Martin, Aaron., Faulkner, Nick., Peyton, Kyle. and Raymond, Orr.

Understanding and Using Ideology
 Barber, Michael. and Pope, Jeremy.

Understanding the Implications the Participation of Lesser-Developed Nations in Global Climate Agreements.
 Yonk, Ryan., Smith, Joshua., Wardle, Arthur. and Stevens, Landon.

Understanding the Mechanisms Driving the Evolution of Obscenity Law in Five Common Law Countries
 Fix, Michael.

Understanding the New Tactics Used Against Transgender Rights: An Analysis of Competing Rights Claims
 caldwell, anne.

Understanding the conflict between International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law
 Reid, Recha.

Unilateral Delegation: A Principal-Agent Model for Presidential Use of Executive Orders
 Culp, Derek.

United States Supreme Court Review and Support for State Court Decisions
 Howard, Robert., Kingsland, Justin., Montgomery, Matthew. and Bolsen, Toby.

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Varieties of National Bureaucracies and Governance Outcomes
 Choi, Seoyoun.

Varieties of Naturalism in Politics
 Gibbons, Michael.

Vested Interests: Amicus Curiae Influence on State High Court Opinions
 Trochesset, Allison.

Vetting Lifetime Appointees: Confirmation Hearings for Lower Court Nominees
 Dancey, Logan., Nelson, Kjersten. and Ringsmuth, Eve.

Vice Presidential Influence/Presidential Needs
 Mannes, Aaron.

Violence as a Method of Ethnic Polarization
 Hadzic, Dino.

Virtual Classrooms: Analyzing student learning and instructor online collaborative teaching experiences
 Chadha, Anita.

Visibility & Inequality: Same-Sex Marriage & Reports of Anti-LGBT Discrimination
 Cravens, Royal.

Voluntary Associations in the Late 19th Century: An Exploratory Study of Delegates to National Conventions
 Chamberlain, Adam.

Voter Apathy in Jamaica: An Assessment of the 2016 General Election
 Johnson-Myers, Tracy-Ann.

Voter Placement of Candidate Ideology: A Test of Competing Theories
 Marshall, Brandon. and Peress, Michael.

Voter Response to Senate Scandals: Newer Techniques for Analyzing Aggregate Electoral Behavior
 Basinger, Scott., Cann, Damon. and Ensley, Michael.

Voting Rights Doublespeak: How Good Government Frames Obscure the Racial Implications of Electoral “Reforms”
 Rhodes, Jesse. and Barney, David.

Voting as a Natural Duty of Justice
 Maskivker, Julia.

Vulnerable White Men and Sexual Citizenship: Charles Ray Sculptures
 Thomas, Jerry.


Walking the Walk? The Effect of Pledging to Vote on Turnout
 Costa, Mia., Schaffner, Brian. and Prevost, Alicia.

Watching the News and Support for Democracy: Why Media Systems Matter
 Goidel, Kirby. and Gaddie, Keith.

What Can (and Can’t) Participation Shocks Teach Us About Political Violence
 Bueno de Mesquita, Ethan. and Tyson, Scott.

What Determines the Political Stability of Africa? A Cross-National Analysis
 Tiruneh, Gizachew.

What Do African American Women Voices Say To Us About Democratic Civic Engagement in Indiana
 kriese, paul.

What Motivates Reasoning? A Goal-Oriented Theory of Political Evaluation
 Groenendyk, Eric. and Krupnikov, Yanna.

What Publius Knew and Didn’t Know
 Stoner, James.

What Race is Your Member of Congress? Racial Awareness among White, African-American, Hispanic, and Asian-American Survey Respondents
 Burmila, Edward.

What is a Free Spirit?: Primo Levi and Italy’s Fascist Experiment
 LeJeune, John.

What's In a Name: Partisanship and Vote Choice by African-American Evangelicals in East Texas
 Wink, Kenneth.

When Anti-Labor Policies Succeed: The People or The Politicians
 Bucci, Laura.

When Civilians are Attacked: Gender Equality and Terrorist Targeting
 Huber, Laura.

When Committees Can Harm: Cross-Pressured Senators and Senate Committee Assignments
 Chaturvedi, Neilan., Benson, Evan., Davis, Thomas. and Smith, Gabriel.

When Do Networks Enhance Municipal Performance?
 Avellaneda, Claudia. and Muraoka, Taishi.

When Do Parties Target the Poor? Inequality and Party Strategies
 Ozdemir, Elif.

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You Research Like A Girl: Gendered Research Agendas and Their Implications
 Sumner, Jane. and Key, Ellen.

You can’t have women in peace without women in conflict and security
 Best, Rebecca. and Hunter, Kyleanne.


Zombies, Pandora, and the Future of Human Evolution in M.R. Carey’s "The Girl With All The Gifts"
 Dolgoy, Erin. and Hale, Kimberly.
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